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Passions Update Tuesday 3/8/05
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By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Kay and Simone worry about where Jessica is and that Sam will find that Paloma is in her bed.  Sam asks about Jessica and they assure him that she is asleep and not anywhere else.  He reminds them that Jessica is grounded for sneaking out to clubs.  They try to stop him from checking up on Jessica, so he gets suspicious.

Fox, Chad, T.C., Liz, Ivy, Eve, and Julian are outside near the cottages, arguing.  Mostly Fox and Chad argue about Whitney, but the others get involved, too.  Ivy and Julian separate the guys.  Tabitha and Endora are nearby, happy to see that everyone is so upset.  Ivy leaves to get Sam for his help.  Ivy goes inside and asks Sam to help.  Ivy goes upstairs to check on Jessica for Sam, so Kay and Simone rush to stop her.  Ivy sees that someone is in the bed but doesn't see that it's Paloma.  Kay and Simone get her out of the room, saying they are worried she might wake Jessica.  Kay and Simone wonder where Jessica could be and hope she's not at the underground club.

Eve asks T.C. if she can speak with alone, but Liz objects.  They all argue.  Everyone is arguing again when Sam arrives back at the fighting.   T.C. explains that Chad still wants to be with Whitney.  Chad says he just wants to help her raise her baby.  Sam tells Julian and Fox that Katherine has left in Alistair's jet and that he helped her leave.  They are shocked.  He also tells them that they have lost track of the plane and that Gwen stowed on board with Theresa's baby.  When Tabitha hears that Julian cares about his mother leaving him again, she wonders to Endora if her daddy has a soft spot after all.  Chad vows to convince Whitney to stay with him.  Fox won't give up on her.  Julian urges Fox to be patient.

Sam returns home, so Ivy tells him that she checked on Jessica.  They wonder what Kay and Simone were up to.  They hear a thud at the door.

Jessica lies on the ground near her home, unconscious and looking bloody.  She awakens but then falls back down.  She makes it to the door (she is the thud).  They hear her and open the door. 

Sam catches Jessica just as she falls.

Luis is on the docks with Father Lonigan.  He is worried about Sheridan being so angry at him.  They discuss their problems with Martin and Katherine.  It's killing Luis that Sheridan forgave her mother so easily.  Father Lonigan urges him to be patient and to give Sheridan some time.  Luis wonders if she will ever forgive him for losing her mom again.  He decides to go see her.

Beth has turned on the gas in Sheridan's room so she will die.  She inhaled some of it herself, so she gets her mother to open all the doors and windows, to air the place out so the baby doesn't get sick.  Mrs. Wallace worries about poor Sheridan dying.  Sheridan, lying in the bed, holding a stuffed bear, calls out for Luis and then her mother.  Eventually, she drops the bear. 

Beth and her mom are freezing from all the ventilation.  Precious wants to close the door, but Beth stops him and tells him to get Sheridan's coat.  Instead he gets Beth's coat and a bottle of gin.  He and Mrs. Wallace share the gin.  Beth and Mrs. Wallace argue about Sheridan.  Beth plans to "find" Sheridan dead the next morning and then phone 911.  She hopes Luis will make his way back to her after Sheridan is dead.

Theresa, with Whitney, tells Ethan how worried she is about Jane missing with Gwen.  They know that Gwen and Katherine were on Alistair's jet.  Theresa worries that Gwen will hurt the baby, but they don't think she will since she thinks it's hers.  Ethan promises Theresa that he won't rest until Jane is back.  Whitney stares at the fire.  Theresa thinks that Whitney should be heavier at this stage of her pregnancy.  She has Ethan bring some tea and pound cake.  Theresa notices that Whitney looks sad. 

Whitney tells Theresa that Fox proposed to her, but she turned him down.  Theresa is shocked.  She doesn't understand why Whitney would turn Fox down.  Ethan returns but then they hear Little Ethan on the baby monitor, so he goes to see him.  Whitney says she can't marry Fox because it wouldn't be right, or fair to him.  She admits that she still has feelings for Chad.  Theresa sympathizes.  She knows it's hard to let go of those feelings but she knows that Whitney will.  Whitney blames Eve and Julian for these problems.  Theresa advises Whitney to marry Fox, but she won't.  She tells Theresa that she hates her baby and wishes she could get rid of it.

Pilar argues with Martin and keeps begging him to come back to her and the children.  He doesn't know if he can because he still loves Katherine.  He is forced to admit that he still loves Pilar, also.  He is grateful that she can forgive him.  They discuss the past and their family problems.  She backs off, but then Martin has a flashback to talking to Sam.  As Pilar goes to leave, he stops her by grabbing her arm.  She goes back to pleading with him but he's still not sure.

Gwen and Katherine are at the Crane Compound with Jane, whom Gwen calls "Ashley".  Seeing Gwen with the baby reminds Katherine of Julian and Sheridan when they were babies.  Gwen suggests that Katherine make up for it by going back to Harmony.  She keeps urging Katherine to go, but Katherine keeps telling her that she can't.

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