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Passions Update Monday 3/7/05
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By Boo
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Police Station:

Pilar continues to try to get Martin to tell her exactly why he left Harmony all those years ago. Martin continues to hold his secret even when Sam tries to persuade him too. Sam tells him that he now has a chance to recapture his first love with Pilar like he has done with Ivy. Pilar finally gives up and tells Martin that she will continue to go on faith that he did what he feels was right for the family. Martin is grateful for this.

Pilar does need to know what his plans are from here on out though. She wants to know if he plans on trying to become a part of her family again, or will he take off in hopes of finding Katherine. Martin reminds her that he did build a life with Katherine after they left Harmony and he does still love Katherine. Pilar understands that, she knows they went through a lot together. She also knows that Martin never stopped loving her either. She tells him that she overheard him telling Sam that he didnít believe Katherine would ever come back. She wants him to do just what he said he needed to do and move on with his life. Martin needs time to think. Pilar doesnít understand why, she thinks everything is very clear. She tells him that in spite of all that has happened, she still loves him. She believes that they now have the same chance that Sam and Ivy had. She thinks they can rekindle their love if Martin is willing to give it a try too. She demands to know if he is coming back to her. Martin thinks it is too soon for Theresa and Luis to deal with this. Pilar counters that it is not too soon for her. She has waited a lifetime wondering what will happen next. Martin tells her that he is sorry, but he canít give up on Katherine just yet.

The Bennettís:

In the front yard, Jessica has managed to stumble her way home. She is relieved that she has made it, but before she can make it to the front door, she stumbles and falls beside the sidewalk. It is snowing all around her as she hits her head again in the fall. She lays in pain, moaning for quite some time. When Sam comes home, he hears her moan as he starts to unlock the front door. He turns to see what the noise is that he heard.

Upstairs, Simone and Kay continue to worry about Jessica and wonder where she is. Kay doesnít understand Jessicaís behavior lately. Or Palomaís for that matter. Kay thinks that Paloma just wants to drawn negative attention to herself, but she admits not understanding what is going on with Jessica. She thinks that Jessica has just gotten totally out of control since Grace left.

In the backyard, the group continues to badger Whitney about why she wonít marry Fox. Fox totally doesnít understand why she is so unhappy with so many around her that love her. Tabitha also continues to watch from behind the bushes and reports to Endora all the lovely misery that Whitneyís pregnancy is causing the mortals. Whitney tries to explain that no one understands what she is going through. Chad and Fox start to argue again about who is bothering Whitney the most. Whitney tells them both to stop and announces that she needs to be alone. She takes off. Fox, Chad and T.C. all start to go after her, but Ivy, Eve and Liz all stop them, telling them to respect Whitneyís request and give her some time alone.

Tabitha confides in Endora that Liz has a whopper of a secret that she is keeping too, and wonders whose secret will be revealed first. She is betting that it will be Whitneyís. Chad and Fox exchange accusations again and almost come to blows. Ivy agrees that Whitney isnít making sense right now, but she reminds them all that Whitney is pregnant and her hormones are playing hell with her. She has also been dealing with morning sickness and really hasnít gained much weight. Tabitha reminds Endora that Whitney has been trying to starve the baby. T.C. hates to agree with Ivy on anything, but admits that she is right this time. Whitney is going through a lot; she doesnít need Fox or Chad being in her face all the time.

Lopez-Fitzgerald home:

Theresa and Ethan have both fallen asleep with Little Ethan between them on the bed. Theresa dreams of her baby and wakes up wondering where Gwen could have taken Jane. Ethan wakes and asks what is wrong. Theresa tells him what a wonderful dream she had with her, Ethan and both of their children being happy. Then she woke and realized that Jane is still gone. Ethan tries to calm Theresa down before she wakes Little Ethan, but he wakes and wonders what is wrong. Theresa tells him that Jane is missing, but not to worry about. They both assure their little boy that they will find his sister and bring her home where she belongs. Ethan tells him to go back to sleep while he and Theresa go and talk in the living room. Little Ethan agrees and lays back down and quickly falls back asleep. Theresa asks for reassurance from Ethan. Ethan tells her that they canít break their promise to Little Ethan and promises that they will have Jane back in her crib before she knows it.

In the front room, Theresa continues to cry about missing the baby. She knows that she barely got to know her own baby because of all the things that Gwen has done. Ethan tries to remind Theresa that Gwen is mentally sick, but that doesnít bring the baby back to her. He assures her that they are in this together.

Whitney comes in the two of them fill her in on all that has happened with Gwen, the baby and Katherine all leaving on the jet. Ethan explains all that they did to stop the jet, and now to track it. Whitney is horrified by all this terrible news. She tries to comfort Theresa too. Theresa also blames Rebecca for lying to them. If Rebecca hadnít lied, they might have been able to stop Gwen from taking the baby. Ethan again reminds them both that Gwen is sick. Whitney also comments that Rebecca is just trying to protect her daughter, which is what any mother would do. Theresa tells them that she canít protect her daughter because another woman has her.

Crane Compound on some Island:

Gwen, Katherine and the baby arrive to a beautiful home of Alistairís. The maid tells them that they will get their rooms ready.

Gwen is very pleased that Theresa will never be able to find them here. Katherine acknowledges that no one from Harmony would ever be able to find them here. They discuss how far the island is from the mainland, and that the home is built into a cliff. Gwen feels very safe here and thinks that her and the baby will be very happy here. Katherine tries to tell Gwen that she needs to take the baby back to Harmony and give her back to her mother, Theresa. Gwen gets upset and very defensive as she tells Katherine flat out that the baby is not Theresaís baby. Ashley is her baby and she is never taking her back to Harmony. She threatens Katherine that if she tries to make her take the baby back, she will disappear and no one in the world will ever find them. Katherine again attempts to make Gwen see that Theresa is Ashleyís mother. Gwen tells her that just because Theresa gave birth to her, does not mean that she is the mother. She tells Katherine that she will not abandon her baby like Katherine abandoned Sheridan and Julian. Katherine tells her that she had good reason for leaving Harmony. Gwen tells her that she devastated Sheridan when she left, and Gwen will not do that to Ashley. Katherine tells her that she couldnít have taken her children with her because Alistair would have tracked her down and killed her. Possibly killed both of the children too. Gwen tells her that Alistair didnít kill Sheridan and Julian, but he did torture them both their whole lives.

Katherine wishes she could go back and change things. Gwen tells her that she isnít judging her. Katherine felt she was protecting her children when she left, Gwen is protecting her daughter by taking her with her. She wonders why Katherine left this time, she is sure Sheridan was overjoyed to have her back in her life. Katherine explains that she was tearing Sheridan and Luis apart and she had to leave because she wants Sheridan to be happy with the love of her life. Katherine tells her that she also left Harmony so that Martin could get back with Pilar and they could have their family back together. Gwen tells her that she doesnít know about Martin and Pilar, but Luis and Sheridan have been through too much for her to be able to break them up just by being in town.

Bethís house:

Sheridan and Marty are asleep on the bed while Beth tries to open a gas valve on the room heater.

Edna tries to talk Beth out of what she is doing, but Beth is determined to make it look like Sheridan committed suicide. Beth comments that she should just lock Sheridan in a room with her mother. Edna admits that senior citizens have a unique aroma. Beth tells her that she just flat out stinks. She tells Edna to get Marty out of the room because she doesnít want him to get any of the gas fumes. Edna again tries to talk her loony daughter out of this, telling her to look how peaceful Sheridan sleeps with her son. Beth threatens to kill Edna if she doesnít get Marty out of the room. Edna realizes that she will get no where with her daughter and puts Marty in the stroller. She tells him to take one last look at his real mother, and to look at the crazy person that is his fake mother. Edna takes Mary out of the room and Beth continues to struggle with the gas valve. She has trouble getting it to open and resorts to hitting it with a hammer. She has a rag over it to muffle the sound. Sheridan continues to sleep through all of this. Beth hammers away at the valve and finally ends up breaking it into. She is happy that she was finally successful. Soon Sheridan will be dead.

She gets a big whiff of the gas, and it knocks her out for a short while. When she wakes, she realizes that she needs to get out of the room too, before the gas kills her also. She pulls herself to the door and manages to get outside the room and close the door. She sits on the floor, leaning against the door patting herself on the back for a job well done. She stumbles into the kitchen where Edna, Marty and Precious wait for her. She tells them that she was almost overcome by gas. The gas is deadly, and soon they will have Sheridan to prove that for them.

On the docks:

Luis is alone and remembering all that he and Sheridan have been through. He blames it all on Katherine. He canít believe that Sheridan got so upset that Katherine left. He just knows that he canít live without Sheridan. He remembers all that Alistair has done to them and everything else they have been through. He flashes back to the many happy times he and Sheridan have shared. He knows that they have always managed to get through everything together; they must get through this together also. They just have to. Father Lonigan is out for a stroll and finds Luis. Luis asks if the Father has talked to Sheridan since she left the house. Father Lonigan tells him that he hasnít. He tells Luis that he is happy that Sheridan didnít do something foolish, as she was very upset when she left the church. Luis tells the Father how much he loves Sheridan, and that he just canít live without her.

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