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Passions Update Thursday 3/3/05

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By Boo
Pictures by Boo

Police Station:

Martin and Sam are still trying to track the Crane jet, with no luck. They both realize that with all of Alistairís money, he could have paid off hundreds of people to keep the jets whereabouts a secret. Martin gets very frustrated and slams his hand on the desk. Sam reminds him that his grand-daughter is on the jet too. Martin shows a bit of vulnerability when he admits that he is very hurt that Katherine just up and left him. Pilar walks in behind Martin and hears him tell Sam what it feels like to have your loved one up and vanish on you. Pilar tells him that he now knows how she felt when he left. She knows all too well what Martin is feeling right now. At least he knows that Katherine is still alive.

Martin tells her that he doesnít want to argue again, they have been over all of this for weeks now. Pilar corrects him and tells him that it has been months, and he still hasnít told any of them why he left. Martin wonders why she is there, he thought she was at home with Theresa. Pilar explains that she couldnít sleep so she took a walk. Martin is surprised, she never used to take walks at night. She tells him that there is a lot about her that has changed. She also tells him to forget all of that for now, she doesnít want to argue either. She asks Sam if there is any news at all. Sam admits that it is like the jet just vanished. She begs Sam to keep looking because Theresa is beside herself with worry. An officer comes to shake Martinís hand and wish him luck in finding his Ďwifeí. Pilar comments that she thought she was his wife. She again tries to get Martin to just tell her the truth about his leaving Harmony. He has hinted for months that something horrible happened and she deserves to know the truth. Sam is interested also if it is something that will help them put Alistair away. Pilar tells Martin that they all know what a horrible person Alistair is, nothing he could tell her would shock her. Martin tells both of them that what he knows would indeed shock the hell out of all of them. Martin convinces her to go home and be there for Theresa. She agrees but lets him know that sooner or later his secret will come out. After she leaves, Sam tells Martin that Pilar is right. All secrets do come out eventually. Martin knows that may be true. Sam tells him that if he ever wants to talk about anything, Sam will always be there for him. Sam admits that he knows what it feels like to lose the woman you love. Martin remembers seeing the article in the paper when Ivy and Julian married. Sam admits that it hurt him when he lost Ivy, but then Grace came into his life. He sadly remembers that he lost Grace too.

Martin comments that things have come full circle for Sam. Pilar comes back into the station and hides behind a wall to listen to their conversation. Martin thinks Sam is lucky to have his first love back in his life. Sam asks Martin if he wants his first love, Pilar, back. Martin sidesteps the question and tells Sam how funny life can be sometimes. Sam agrees saying that he thought he and Grace would grow old together. He tells Martin about Grace having amnesia and completely forgetting that she was married and had a son. He explains that Grace was strong in her beliefs in the church and chose to abide by her vows to her first husband. Martin again reminds Sam that he has Ivy back now and life is good for him. Sam agrees that things with Ivy are wonderful, but it is his kids that are giving him problems. Pilar continues to listen as Martin marvels over what a great job she did raising their kids as a single parent. Sam agrees with him saying that everyone in Harmony is very proud of Pilar for the way she raised her kids. Martin wishes he could have met Antonio, but he is looking forward to meeting Miguel. Sam admits that he doesnít know everything that went on between Miguel and Kay, but he does know that Miguel sends money home like clockwork. They both praise Pilar again for raising such a fine group of kids. Sam confides in Martin that he is worried about Jessica. Kay isnít living at home anymore, and Noah has become very distant. Jessica used to have a good job with good friends, but lately she has started drinking and smoking. He tells Martin that Jessica is at home tonight because she is grounded from trying to sneak out to go to that club where Paloma almost got raped. Martin comments that they need to burn that place to the ground. Sam admits that he wishes they could too. He worries what will happen to Jessica now. He just doesnít know what he will do if she gets hurt.

Pilar wonders to herself why she is eavesdropping. That is more like something that witch Rebecca would do. Martin tells Sam that he is sure Jessica will be okay, and even if something does happen Sam canít blame himself for what his daughter does. He knows it must be hard being a single parent. He ruffles Samís feathers when he comments that Grace couldnít have done any better of a job if it had been Sam that left. Sam angrily tells him that there is nothing that would have ever made him leave Grace and his family. When Sam realizes what he has said, he quickly apologizes. Martin tells him to forget about it. Sam knows that Martin and Katherine really loved each other. He thinks Katherine must be a hell of a good woman since she was willing to sacrifice her own happiness so that Martin could be with his family. Martin agrees that Katherine is a wonderful person. Sam shows Martin a missing personís flyer for Katherine and asks him if he thinks Katherine will ever come back. Martin sadly tells him that he believes Katherine is gone for good. Sam wonders what that means for Martin. Martin tells him that he will have to learn to move on with his life. Sam remembers that Martin never answered him before and asks again if Martin wants to get back with Pilar.


Jessica lies naked on the bed, totally passed out. The man at the door knocks and tells Randy that his time is up in the room. He has had to turn two other couples away. Randy quickly hands him more money to buy more time in the room.

He then goes back to the bed and starts kissing on Jessica again. Jessica tells him now more right now, she isnít feeling too well. He brings out the stamp again and tells her to lick it a couple of times. It will make her feel better. After she does, he goes to work on her again. When he is finished with her, the man at the door again tells him that his time is up. He has a line of couples waiting for their turn in the room. Randy offers the man a chance at Jessica saying that she is ready for anyone right now. The man declines and tells him to just get her dressed and out of the room. Randy goes back in and dresses her. When they come out of the room, he sits Jessica down on a stool and then turns his back for a few to talk to the man guarding the door again. Jessica slips away while his back is turned. Randy quickly looks around and decides not to worry about her as another woman passes and gives him the eye. He quickly runs off after the girl telling the man at the door that he will be back with her in a little bit. Jessica stumbles outside and bumps into a couple of girls. She is really messed up and can hardly stand. She keeps telling herself that she needs to get home. Somehow she manages to get her jacket on and continues to stumble towards home. She gets close to the street as some boys drives by in a car. They talk about stopping to party with her, but decide that she might be underage and they should leave her alone. She trips and hits her head on a light pole and knocks herself out for a bit. When she comes to, she tries to get back up, but stumbles again.

She lays on the ground with her forehead bleeding. A couple driving a vehicle are kissing and talking about what a great party they have just been to. The driver pays more attention to the woman kissing him than he does to his driving. Jessica wakes up just in time to see the headlights barreling down on her. She screams as the driver realizes too late that she is lying in the road. He slams on the brakes and yanks the wheel to miss her. Jessica screams for her mommy.

The Bennettís:

Inside, Kay has come to the kitchen to get her and Simone a cup of coffee. She hears the argument going on in the backyard. She is thankful that at least Miguel isnít her brother and wonders what Whitney will do. Her mind then turns back to Jessica. She worries where Jessica is and hopes that she is okay. She returns upstairs and asks Simone if there is any change with Paloma. Simone has tried to wake Paloma, but she is really out of it. Kay shares her worry with Simone about where Jessica is. Simone asks for any new developments from the back yard. Kay tells her that they just finished round seven and are taking a break. Simone decides that T.C. should know what is going on. Kay reminds her of her fatherís temper. Simone knows he has a temper, but she thinks he still has a right to know what is going on. She calls T.C. at home and tells him that Whitney is in trouble at the Bennettís and that he should get over there right away. When T.C. hears that it involves Chad, he gets angry and tells her that he will be right over. Liz wants to know what is going on. T.C. tells her to grab her coat and he will explain on the way. He is determined to put Chad in his place. After Simone hangs up, she worries that her father will really go off on Chad. She thinks that she should go to the backyard and be there when he arrives. Kay convinces her to stay upstairs with her. They both need to be there for Paloma. Simone thinks that they should call her mother up there and let her take a look at Paloma. Kay tells her that isnít a good idea. Pilar would find out then and would put Paloma in a nunnery till she turns 90. Kay again worries about Jessica. She has a really bad feeling about tonight. Kay checks Palomaís breathing and hopes that wherever Jess is, someone is taking care of her too.

The two of them sit on the bed and reminisce about how simple life used to be before their families split up. Simone admits that even though she is mad at her mother, she still misses her. She complains that her aunt Liz always puts her mother down, calling her a whore all the time. Kay says that at least Ivy doesnít do that. Whenever Graceís name comes up, at least Ivy says positive things. They both remember when they were little and used to watch Ivyís limo drive by. Kay just thinks it is ironic that Ivy Winthrop Crane is now living in her humble home. Simone decides that what they both really need is a grandmother. Kay reminds her that you canít just go out and buy a grandmother. She is happy to think that Pilar will be baby Mariaís grandmother though. Simone imagines what her grandmother would look like. Kay thinks it is a little silly, but agrees to go along with the little game. Simone encourages her to close her eyes and imagine what her grandmother would look like. As soon as Kay closes her eyes, she is startled by something and quickly opens them.

Simone encourages her to try again. Close her eyes and imagine that she is on her way to see her grandmother. Kay closes her eyes and sees herself walking down the street where Jessica lays unconscious. In her imagination, she approaches Jessica and turns her over. She opens her eyes and tries to explain to Simone that she thinks she just had a Ďvisioní like her mother and Charity used to have. She is horrified as she remembers what she saw. She tells Simone that Jessica is dead.

In the backyard, Tabitha and Endora continue to revel in the chaos that is going on. Fox wonders why Whitney turned down his proposal of marriage. Ivy doesnít understand it either. Eve worries to Julian that Whitney will choose to be with her half-brother. Chad tells Eve that is exactly why Whitney turned Fox down. She wants to be with him. Julian reminds him what Father Lonigan said about them living together. Chad is sure that he and Whitney would be able to resist the temptation. Tabitha comments that Julian should know about temptation since he has had a child with every woman there, except for Whitney. Fox overhears Chad proclaiming his love for Whitney again and the two get into a shoving match again. Tabitha is disappointed when Whitney breaks them up.

Eve encourages Whitney to tell them all why she turned down Foxís proposal. She canít believe that Whitney would choose to have a relationship with her own brother. Tabitha tells Endora that all of this reminds her of the good olí days in Egypt. The Pharaohís always had relationships with their sisters. Some of them even had a thing for their mommyís. Just as Whitney is about to try to explain, T.C. comes bursting onto the scene with Liz in tow. He yells at Chad that he will kill him calling him a disgusting bastard. He will not allow Chad to hurt Whitney anymore. Eve wants to know what T.C. is doing there. T.C. reminds her that he is Whitneyís father, he canít believe that she didnít call him and let him know what was going on. Eve admits that she didnít call because she knew he would act just like this. She tells him that his anger never has served any good. Tabitha thinks his anger is very entertaining. Liz tries to get Whitney to come home and sit down and talk things out like a family should. Chad tells them all that Whitney and he will decide what they are going to do with their lives. When he turns to grab Whitneyís hand, T.C. erupts and grabs him. The two exchange a few blows with T.C. ending up trying to choke Chad. Julian and Fox finally pull T.C. off, much to Tabithaís disappointment. When she mentions that she at least wanted to see some blood, Endora accommodates her and makes both of the menís noses bleed. Tabitha is touched. Chad yells that T.C. can beat him all he wants but he will still love Whitney. T.C. informs him that he would enjoy trying to beat the love out of him. He then turns on Fox and tells him that all of this is his fault saying that all Cranes are bastards. Fox takes offense and tells him that he tried to do the right thing. He asked Whitney to marry him and she turned him down. T.C. is happy to hear that his daughter finally got wise. Being involved with any of the Crane men does nothing but ruin a womanís life. He reminds them all what Crane men did first to Ivy, then to his ex-wife, and now to his daughter. Julian tries to step in but T.C. threatens him with a punch in the face. T.C. has had enough, he grabs Whitney by the arm and tries to take her home. Whitney stops him and tells him that she isnít going anywhere. Fox and Chad both claim that she has decided to stay to be with them. Eve again appeals to Whitney to just tell them all why she turned down Foxís proposal. Ivy insists that Whitney owes her son an explanation. Whitney agrees that Fox does deserve that. She shocks everyone by telling them that she turned Fox down because she never wants to be married to anyone. Eve canít believe that she wants to grow old being single, a single mom on top of that. Chad tells them all that the two of them canít get married, but she wonít be alone. She will be with him.

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