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Passions Update Wednesday 3/2/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Kay and Simone are still searching the nightclub for Jessica. Kay is very worried about what’s happened to her, or what could happen, reminding her friend of what happened to Paloma. Simone tells her Paloma almost got raped because she was acting in a slutty manner and didn’t leave when the rest of them did. Kay says she is afraid Jessica looks at Paloma as a role model, and that scares her.

Jessica and Paloma are in the Cellar, high on the sticker drugs Randy and Q gave them. The girls are having fun, not realizing what the guys have in store for them, but the guys are planning to get what they want and have the girls not remember any of it later.

Ethan joins Theresa in the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room, telling her he finally got Little Ethan to sleep. He tells her he’s a smart kid, asking where his baby sister is. She tells him they have to find their baby, that she’s been online, checking on private planes landing at small airports, but Ethan tells her that won’t help since so many of them aren’t listed. He says not knowing where the plane was going makes finding it like finding a needle in a haystack. She gets very upset, crying and saying she won’t let Gwen get away with kidnapping their baby. Ethan does his best to calm her down.

Pilar asks Luis whether he would trade having Sheridan for the life he would have had if his father hadn’t left them, which includes being married to Beth and never knowing Sheridan. He says it’s not that black and white for him, but she tells him it is, that because Martin left them, he had to give up going to college and become a cop, and that’s how he met Sheridan. He says he won’t thank his father for him finding Sheridan, that since the two of them came back all they’ve done is cause problems and he hates them for what they’ve done. Pilar tells him she doesn’t want to defend Katherine, but in her note she said she was leaving so Luis and Sheridan wouldn’t fight, but he tells her it didn’t work, since Sheridan won’t even talk to him now because she blames him for her mother leaving she might never talk to him again since he can’t even find her. Pilar assures him she will, but he asks how she can forgive him if he can’t even find her, then says he is worried about what she might do.

In the Wallace living room, Beth wrestles the pill bottle away from Precious and puts a couple more of the pills in Sheridan’s cup of tea. She wonder if she should have used something other than tea, since she might be suspicious after getting woozy the last time she drank tea there. Edna suggests using some of Precious’ gin, but Beth says no, the tea will work. She tells them there will be no cup switching this time, saying Sheridan is going to drink her homemade Mickey Finn, but won’t get a hangover since she won’t wake up, then calls Sheridan, telling her she’ll be right up with the tea. Edna calls her a monster, but she says she liked “genius” better. Edna asks how she’ll make it seem like a suicide, and Beth says she’ll print out a sad suicide note from Sheridan and put it and the empty pill bottle beside the bed where Sheridan will be found. She says that will be the end of it, no muss, no fuss. Sheridan, on the stairs, asks what muss and fuss there is about her tea.

Ethan suggests Theresa get some sleep, but she says she can’t sleep with her baby on a plane with a crazy woman. She asks what if they never see her again. Little Ethan comes out of his room, asking if his mommy is ok. She tells him yes, and that she and Ethan were just talking. She tells him to go back to bed, but he runs to her and hugs her, saying he loves her, and she says she loves him, too, then asks Ethan not to leave them, that they need him here.

Luis tries to call Sheridan again and her voicemail still doesn’t come on. He tells Pilar, and she says Sheridan is probably just out getting some fresh air. He says the last time he couldn’t get hold of her she was out sleepwalking, but Pilar says there’s no need to think the same thing is happening this time, that he just needs to calm down and give her time and she’ll call him soon. He says he doesn’t know how it came to this, then says yes, he does, that it’s because Martin and Katherine treated them all like yesterday’s garbage. Pilar says she’s disappointed in him, which shocks him, but she says he was taught that there is a reason for everything that happens, good and bad, and we have to accept that God has reasons for everything that happens to us and realize it’s a test of faith. He tells her that’s how she thinks, not him, but she tells him he needs to borrow some of her faith and realize that the path to true happiness is through forgiveness. He says he’s not made that way, but she tells him he needs to work at it because the truth is if Martin had never left, he would never have met Sheridan, and he owes his father a debt of gratitude, not hatefulness.

Beth tries to cover up her slip of the tongue that Sheridan overheard by saying she loves the tea she made because it comes in little muslin bags and there’s no muss or fuss. She tells her to drink her tea before she goes to bed. Sheridan tells her she doesn’t want tea, that even the little caffeine it has keeps her awake. Edna whispers to Precious that this tea won’t, three sips and you’re a goner. Beth tries to talk her into drinking it, saying she made it especially for her, but Sheridan tells her she really doesn’t want tea, then goes to get a glass of water. Edna mocks Beth because her plan isn’t working, but Beth tells her she will come up with some way to kill Sheridan, and tries to think of something.

Kay shows Jessica’s picture to a girl at the nightclub, asking if she’s seen her, and the woozy girl says she thinks so, but she was dressed differently. She tells Kay and Simone they can get some really good drug there, and Simone asks if it’s the kind you lick to get high. She says yes, and when Kay asks if Jessica had any, she tells them if she’s there, there is no way she wouldn’t have taken some. They get her to tell them where the Basement is, after a few threats to turn her in to the “narcs.”

Jessica is feeling the effects of the drug and tells Randy she needs to sit down. He says he knows just the place, then half leads, half carries her over to a back room. A guy standing there acts like he thinks Randy shouldn’t take her in the room, but after he gives him some money, the guy gives him the key and Randy takes Jess in and she lays across the bed.

She says her head feels funny, but he tells her he can fix that, and when she says she wants to go home, he says ok, but later. He asks if she likes the licker stickers he gave her and she says they taste like candy, barely able to talk at this point. He says she needs to take another one, but she says her mother taught her not to…but he says her parents don’t know how to have fun, and anyway, they aren’t even together any more. She agrees, and he gives her another sticker to lick, which she does. She tells him to make it stop, meaning the room is spinning, and he says he will do just that.

Q takes Paloma over to a bench against a wall and sits with her. She jumps back up, saying she wants to dance, not sit, and staggers back toward the dance floor. Q grabs her and says he just wants to rest a few minutes and talk, saying he wants to learn Spanish. She tells him she needs to improve her English, and he tells her it’s perfect now. He says he wants her to teach him some things, and she asks like what. He says like, he heard Latino girls were really hot. Kay and Simone come in the front door and walk down the steps, looking around in horror and realizing they are all high on something. Simone says she can’t believe Jessica would come to a place like this. Kay asks the manager if he’s seen Jess, showing him the picture, but he says he hasn’t. When they move on to ask others, he tells them they need to pay the cover charge first, and they do, then he goes to the door and knocks, telling Randy that Jess’ sister is here, looking for her. Kay and Jessica are looking around and Kay sees something, appearing to be looking at the room where Jess is half undressed on the bed, and cries “Oh, my God!”

Luis tells Pilar her logic doesn’t work for him, but he says it’s not logic, it’s the faith she raised him to believe in. He says he’s having a hard time with that one right now, that if God is watching over them then he must be distracted since Sheridan ran away from him and he can’t find her. He says he’s worried about her. Pilar says she understands and she won’t talk about his father anymore, and he agrees that’s a good idea. She says she is going to go home and see how Theresa is doing, and he tells her to tell Theresa to hang in there. She leaves and he tries to call Sheridan again, wondering where she is and why she’s not answering.

Edna takes advantage of being alone with Sheridan by telling her to go on home, that Precious will drive her. Sheridan says she didn’t know Precious could drive, but Edna says she can, she just has trouble with stop signs. Sheridan looks at Precious and sees her swigging from a bottle of liquor and says no thanks, she thinks not. Beth comes back with pillows and asks what she thinks not about. Sheridan tells her Edna’s suggestion, and Beth says that Sheridan has to stay at her house tonight because she’s exhausted and drained and doesn’t need to go have angry words with Luis tonight. Sheridan agrees, saying it might make him realize how serious she is about her mother, but she can’t stand the thought of not sleeping with him for even one night. Beth silently says not as much as she does. Sheridan tells them she is going to turn in, and Beth says there are some sweats in the drawer she can put on, and don’t forget to take her tea with her. Sheridan again says no thanks, then apologizes for the trouble Beth took to make it for her. She tells her if she wakes up in the morning and she isn’t there, it’s because she got up early and went back to the cottage. She hugs Beth and tells everyone goodnight and goes upstairs. Beth is upset, saying the tea would have done the job and that now she will have to figure out another way. She notices Sheridan left her pillows behind, and gets a gleam in her eye as she picks them up. Edna sees this, telling her she wouldn’t, but Beth says of course she would.

Little Ethan asks Ethan to stay there with them, but Ethan tells him he has to go to his own house and get some sleep. Pilar walks in and asks if there’s been news about the plane, and they tell her no. Ethan says he keeps telling Theresa the one thing they can be sure of is that Gwen will take good care of the baby, though. Little Ethan asks again where Baby Jane is, and Pilar tells him she’s on a trip on an airplane, but she’ll be back soon to be with her brave big brother. She then asks why he’s still up, and Theresa says he couldn’t sleep and she’s going to tuck him in now. He asks that Ethan help, too, and Ethan agrees to do that, saying he will stay with him only until he falls asleep. Theresa agrees, and they race to his bedroom.

Theresa watches them, then starts crying, telling her mother all she’s ever wanted was a husband, a family, and a happy home, asking why she can’t have what other women do. Pilar says she didn’t only want a husband, she wanted one particular one, and that’s been her problem.

Edna tells Beth she can’t smother Sheridan and make it look like suicide, and she agrees, saying she will have to go to Plan B. Edna asks what that is, then says no, don’t tell her. Beth says that’s good, she doesn’t want her to know, anyway, but it has to do with poisoning the other well. Edna is confused and tells her to let her in on the plan after all. Beth says she will make Luis believe that Sheridan really hates him, but Edna says she will never be able to convince Luis of that, calling her the evil spawn of the devil. Beth says she always wanted to know who her real father was.

Luis goes into the Book Café and asks the woman working there if she’s seen Sheridan. She says not tonight, then asks if anything is wrong. He says no, then his phone rings. He answers, thinking it’s Sheridan, but it’s Beth.

He tells her he will call her in the morning after learning Marty is ok, that he’s busy now. She says it’s about Sheridan, and he says yes, he can’t find her. She tells him she spoke with Sheridan and knows everything, and he asks if she is at Beth’s house. Beth says she can’t answer that, and he says he will be right over there to talk with her. She tells him Sheridan made it very clear she doesn’t want to talk to him, then says she will meet him where he is to talk about it. He agrees and she hangs up. Edna tells her she’s shameless, but she says she’s doing what she has to so she can get her man, then tells the two of them to be quiet, saying if they tell Sheridan where Beth has gone they will both end up in the harbor with cement shoes on.

Simone asks Kay what she’s looking at, but Kay just goes over where Paloma is with Q and tells him to get off her, calling him a pig. Q is upset, but Paloma is glad to see her friend. Kay realizes she is high and asks if she’s been licking the stickers. She says they’re like candy, but Kay says they aren’t candy and she can hardly stand up. Q tells her she’s just tired, then asks if there’s some law against being tired he’s not aware of. Simone tells him to go to hell, but he says if he can go with her it’s a good idea. She and Kay tell him off and he starts to leave, but Kay stops him, asking how many of the stickers Paloma had. He says he stopped counting at five, and Kay calls him a bastard. Simone steps in, telling her to ask about Jess, so she gets the picture and shows it to him, asking if he’s seen her. He says he can’t say he has, and Kay tells him if he’s lying she will make sure he is put in jail for giving drugs to innocent girls. He sarcastically says he’s so scared, but Simone tells him he’d better be because Kay and Jessica’s dad is the Chief of Police, and if anything happens to Jess, he’ll be coming to see him. That scares him, but he tries not to show it, telling them to get lost. Kay tells Simone they have to get Paloma home, but Simone asks what about Jess. Kay says it looks like she’s not here, so they need to get Paloma out of there. She asks Paloma how she didn’t learn her lesson after she was almost raped the last time, but Simone says she’s not going to get much of an answer to her question. Kay says Jess is probably home by now and they need to get Paloma out of there. As they leave, the guy by the back room knocks again and when Randy opens the door, tells him the coast is clear. Randy thanks him and closes the door, going back to what he was doing with Jessica, who is all but passed out on the bed, half undressed.

Theresa goes into her bedroom and finds Ethan and Little Ethan sitting on her bed. She says she thought they were going to Little Ethan’s room, and Ethan says they were headed that way but the little guy decided he wanted to sleep in Mommy’s bed. Theresa agrees he can, telling him to crawl under the covers. He says Ethan first, and they decide Ethan will stay with them just until Little Ethan is asleep. He lifts Theresa into the bed, then goes to the other side and lays down. Theresa tells him it’s not so bad.

Edna sees Sheridan sitting on the bed in her guest room and tells Precious her heart is broken. Sheridan says she loves Luis so much and she hates that they are fighting, but Beth is right, they both need to get some sleep tonight and then work it out tomorrow. She says it seems she’s lost everyone who matters to her. Precious brings in a pillow and gives it to Sheridan, who thanks her, and Edna comes in, walking Marty and saying he wanted to come in and give a hug to his…..Auntie Sheridan, catching herself in time. Sheridan is thrilled, and Edna tells Precious it’s the least she could do considering what Beth has in store for her.

Luis is waiting at the door and sees Beth coming, swinging the door open as she gets near. He asks if Sheridan is with her, waiting in the car. Beth says no, and she told him Sheridan doesn’t want to talk to him tonight. He is upset that she is still so angry with him, and Beth plays it for all it’s worth. He tells her they’ve never fought like this before, and she says she’s here to help. They go an sit on the sofa while Luis tells her it’s getting the best of him, that he hates that Sheridan would think he could want anything but her complete happiness. She says this thing with Katherine is very sensitive to her, she made it very clear, and he asks her exactly what she told her. She says she doesn’t want to get in the middle of it, since she’s friends with both of them, but he begs her to tell him what Sheridan said. She acts like she doesn’t want to, but tells him Sheridan made it very clear she doesn’t want him around her.

Luis says it’s all Katherine’s fault, that she started it by stealing his father away from the family and she abandoned Sheridan, too, and he doesn’t understand how she can forgive her for that. Beth says she doesn’t understand it, either, it’s just that Sheridan is different from them and for some reason she blames Luis for all of it, that she’s never seen her this angry. He says he’s going right over there to talk to her, but Beth tells him no, he’d be wasting his time, that she won’t talk to him and he’ll only make things worse. He decides she’s right, then says he needs for her to tell him what to do.

Pilar walks by Theresa’s open bedroom door and sees her, Ethan, and Little Ethan sleeping soundly. She smiles, saying it’s Theresa’s dream. She asks God if there’s anyway he can find to give Theresa the happiness she’s looking for, and to help her children find peace.

At the Bennett house, Simone asks Kay if there is any sign of Jessica. Kay says no, but it’s not as if any of the people in the back yard are looking for her, either. She says it’s a royal mess. Simone says she can’t believe she was ever in love with Chad and can’t understand why he could still have feelings for Whitney knowing she’s his sister. Kay says she doesn’t want to think about it, she is worried about Jessica and hopes wherever she is she’s safe.

Sheridan tells Marty she hates to say goodnight, but she’s sure it’s past his bedtime. Edna tells her he could bunk with her for the night, and Sheridan loves the idea, but wonders if Beth would mind. Edna says Beth is out for a while and what she don’t know won’t hurt her. Sheridan accepts that and gets ready to go to sleep with her baby.

Edna and Precious sit outside the room, drinking from bottles of booze, and Edna tells Precious once Beth gets through with Luis, poor Sheridan won’t even have him. They drink up. Sheridan says she’s lost her mother and Luis, but she has her son with her, at least for the night, and she doesn’t want to think about when they come to take him from her tomorrow morning. Edna tells Precious she regrets ever giving birth to her evil devil spawn, that even as they are drinking their delightful cocktails, she is twisting the man Sheridan loves away from her and toward Beth. She says it’s just plain evil, taking another swig.

Luis asks Beth if she thinks his feelings about Katherine are off base, and of course, Beth says she doesn’t. He wonders why Sheridan can’t see that, and Beth tells him she doesn’t know, but hints at a reason. He asks what it is and she acts like she doesn’t want to tell him, but he “drags” it out of her, and she tells him if Sheridan knows how he feels about her being with her mother and still wants to be with her anyway, she doesn’t need to tell him how she feels with words, she’s already told him. He asks what she’s trying to say, and she says Sheridan doesn’t have to say she doesn’t care about him since her being with her mother even after knowing how he feels about it shows she doesn’t care about him at all. She says if the woman he loves can’t support him in this very important thing, how can he consider spending his life with her.


Pilar, to Martin: “We all know what a monster Alistair is. Nothing you can say will shock me.”

Martin’s reply: “This would. It would shock the hell out of you.”

TC: “I’m going to straighten Chad out once and for all.”

Whitney, to Fox: “I’ll tell you why I turned down your proposal, Fox.”

Kay: “Jessica’s dead!”

Jessica: “Screeeeaaaaammmmm!!!!”

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