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Passions Update Tuesday 3/1/05
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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Ivy and Fox talk in the Bennett kitchen as they make coffee for everyone. Fox can’t believe Chad really thinks Whitney would agree to live with him and that he thinks they could live together platonically. Ivy agrees, saying again that it’s sick, and Fox says even Father Lonigan couldn’t talk Chad out of it, but he is going to go out, finish his proposal to her, they will marry and raise their baby the way it should be raised.

In the back yard, Eve again tells Whitney she is putting herself in danger of having a second child with Chad, and Tabby is happy about it. Julian and Whitney try to stop her, but Chad asks if she’s saying he is the father of Whitney’s child.

Pilar finds Luis on the wharf as she is walking and asks if he’s ok. He says he’s worried about Sheridan, that she talked to Father Lonigan and he is worried about her, too. He says he’s been trying to find her and even called her but she isn’t answering her phone. Pilar tells him she was very upset with him and needs time, and he says she was more upset than he’s ever seen her and blames him because her mother left. Pilar tells him to let her calm down, she didn’t really mean what she said, but he tells her he is worried about what Sheridan might do, to the point of suicide, but she tells him Sheridan loves him too much to do anything foolish.

In the Wallace living room, Sheridan thanks Beth for letting her spend the night with her. Beth says that’s what friends are for, while Edna whispers that if Beth is a friend, no enemies need apply. Beth asks why she wants to spend the night, and she says she and Luis had a big fight and she just doesn’t want to see him now. Beth tells her to make herself comfy on the sofa and she’ll bring her an afghan. Edna tells Precious if Beth has her way, it will end up being a shroud. She stops Beth as she goes to get the afghan and asks if she’s planning on killing Sheridan, telling her it won’t work. Beth tells her she said it wouldn’t work because Sheridan would never be around there enough to make it seem plausible, but now she’s here to spend the night and in the morning when they wake up, she won’t. She is very happy with the turn of events.

Ivy is happy with how her coffee turned out and tells Fox so. He says itís strange to see her playing the happy homemaker, but she tells him sheís not playing, that she likes what sheís doing and feels sheís contributing. Fox tells her he just wishes Whitney would say yes so they could start their life together, and Ivy starts to say she wants them to be happy when she sees whatís going on outside and stops, mid-sentence. Fox asks whatís up and she tells him something must have happened because they all look very upset. They head out the back door with the coffee. Outside, Chad asks again if Eve said heís the father of Whitneyís baby.

Tabby urges her to go ahead and spill the beans as she and Endora watch. She sees Ivy and Fox coming and tells her daughter the plot thickens. Fox asks what happened and Julian tells him that Chad was pressing Whitney to live with him and Eve erupted and misspoke. Ivy asks how, and Chad tells them what Eve had said. Ivy and Fox are both stunned as Chad continues, saying it sounds as if he really is the babyís father. Ivy is shaken and drops the tray with the cups of coffee on it. Tabby is upset at this, since she really did want that cup of coffee, but Endora conjures one up for her. Fox turns to Whitney and asks if Chad is really the father of her baby.

Luis is still trying to call Sheridan, but there is no answer and he’s upset. Pilar tells him to calm down, she’s probably walking to clear her head and he agrees she’s probably right, but says she blames him for forcing her mother to leave and he thinks it could be true, that he lumped her together with Martin leaving them. Pilar tells him he should explain that to Sheridan when he sees her, that she will understand. He hopes so. She says she thinks his father’s leaving scared him more than she had realized, and he asks where that’s coming from. She tells him when we lose someone we love, sometimes we are so afraid of losing someone else that we keep them under our thumb instead of our wing, smothering without even meaning to. He says he was only trying to keep her mother from hurting her again, and Pilar says she understands that, but maybe Sheridan was willing to forgive her for that and give her another chance, then asks if it’s really his place to tell her she couldn’t. He gets a little hurt, saying that obviously his mother doesn’t think so, and she reminds him of what Father Lonigan told Precious when he was marrying Sheridan. He chuckles and remembers the orangutan grabbing his leg and acting hurt, then Father Lonigan telling her that it is hard, but sometimes loving means letting go. Pilar tells him that includes him and Sheridan, and even her and his father. He asks what happened at the airport after he left, and she says they talked about the implications of Katherine leaving. He asks if she’s thinking of forgiving him, and she says she is, that forgiveness is the cornerstone of their faith, then says it is so hard to forgive but we have to, especially to those we love the most, and she really needs to get rid of the hate and anger she feels toward Martin and try to forgive him, just as Luis needs to do with Sheridan’s mother. He asks if he has to forgive her for all the pain she caused the family, and Pilar says if he wants Sheridan to forgive him, he does.

Edna asks Beth how sheís going to make Sheridanís death look like suicide, and she says she will crush the sleeping pills and put them in her tea. Edna says yeah, that worked so well last time, but Beth tells her it will if she and Precious donít switch the cups again. She gives Sheridan the afghan, and asks if she can get her anything else, maybe some tea. Sheridan says no, and then says maybe she shouldnít have come and that sheíd better go. Beth says no, telling her if she felt uncomfortable before, let her make up for it now. Sheridan agrees, and Beth tells Precious to go check Ednaís diaper while she talks to Sheridan. They leave, and Beth asks Sheridan if she feels like talking to her about her fight with Luis. Sheridan tells her they found out that the jet that had Katherine on it also had Gwen and the baby on it, too, and the note Katherine left said she didnít want to come between her and Luis. Beth asks if thatís why sheís upset, and Sheridan tells her itís all Luisí fault, that he blames Katherine for making his father leave all those years ago, but he doesnít seem to understand she loves her mother no matter what and keeps making her choose between her mother and him, and Katherine felt the same way and thatís why she left.

She says she is angry at Luis for that. Beth says she is so upset that they are upset with each other, and Sheridan thanks her for being such a good friend, as Edna tries not to vomit. Sheridan thanks Beth, Edna, and Precious for being so nice to her, and Edna says Beth will kill her with kindness. Sheridan tells Beth she needs her advice, and Beth acts as though she doesnít want to make things worse, but Sheridan asks what she should do, forget her mother or tell Luis to get over it or get lost. Edna tells Precious thatís like asking advice from Satan himself.

Luis tells Pilar he can understand Sheridan wanting her mother back in her life, but he doesnít understand how she expected him to take it, after what happened with Katherine and Martin. He says she ruined Sheridanís childhood and dragged his father away from his family, too. Pilar says thatís true, and thatís where forgiveness comes in, that we have to try to forgive those who hurt us. He asks if there arenít some things that donít deserve forgiveness, and she says not if the person truly regrets what they did. He tells her that lets Martin and Katherine out, since theyíve been doing the same thing every day for years, but Pilar tells him they regret it now, that Martin wants to come back into his familyís lives, do whatever it takes to win them back.

Luis says he wants nothing to do with him, but Pilar tells him thatís what love is, forgiving someone who hurts us even when itís really hard to do. He asks if sheís talking about him and Sheridan now or herself and Martin. She says both, that Martin told her if Katherine werenít in his life he would still be with her and the children, and he asks if she plans to forgive him all and welcome him back into the family now. She says sheís willing to try.

Beth tells Sheridan that before she can tell her anything, she needs to know exactly what she said to Luis. Sheridan tells her it was too horrible to repeat, that it was the worst fight they’ve ever had. She says he was dismissive of her feelings about her mother and he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t realize how she feels, having her mother dead all her life, then having her come back and him ordering her to stay away from her. She asks if she’s wrong for wanting her mother in her life. Beth says since she’s friends with both of them, maybe she shouldn’t say anything, but Sheridan says anything she says will be confidential. Beth asks if she promises, and Sheridan agrees, then asks if she should stand her ground and risk losing Luis, or promise never to see her mother again if she comes back to Harmony. Edna tells Precious whatever Beth says, Sheridan should do the opposite.

Julian tells Fox and Chad to calm down, that Eve simply misspoke, and Ivy asks if heís sure. He says yes, that Eve was understandably upset because Chad kept asking Whitney to move in with him. Fox tells Chad to stop it, itís weird, but Chad says that doesnít matter now, he wants to know what Eve meant. Eve says she did misspeak, that she didnít mean that Chad is the babyís father, only that Whitney canít risk having a second child with Chad, that it would be horrible.

Ivy agrees, and Eve reminds them that she already told them at the hospital that Fox is the babyís father. Tabby sarcastically says that Eve wouldnít lie about that, and Fox says sheís right, that all Chadís crazy talk has everyone upset and thatís why she misspoke. Fox asks him what is wrong with him, wanting to be with his sister, but Chad tells him itís not just him, Whitney wants to be with him, too, and he should ask her. Fox says he thinks he will, then goes to Whitney and asks if he can talk to her. She asks him to give her a few minutes, that everything has her very upset. He agrees, then tells Ivy that once Whitney settles down he will finish his proposal and all their problems will be dissolved. Ivy agrees, but Tabby tells her baby that they may think it will all be over, but even if Whitney says yes to his proposal, their problems might simmer for a while, but it wonít be long before they ignite .

Luis tells Pilar to go ahead and try to forgive Martin for what he did, but he can’t, but Pilar asks if he can’t or won’t. He wonders why they are even talking about him since it’s Sheridan he’s worried about. She says forgiveness, that Martin wants theirs and he wants Sheridan’s. He says they are two different things, that nothing justifies a man running out on his family, but she tells him they still don’t know why he left and he says he did it to protect them. He wonders how running out protected them, especially when he left with Katherine, and Pilar says she doesn’t know, but she’s had time to think about it, and even after all the changes and everything that happened, she sees the pain in his eyes that leaving them caused and she knows he’s still the same good man he always was, that somehow his leaving was meant to protect them. Luis says for the sake of argument, assume that is true, it still doesn’t explain Katherine running off with another man and leaving Sheridan and Alistair’s mercy, wondering how that was supposed to protect her.

Sheridan asks Beth to tell her what to do, saying she’s a woman. Edna whispers she’s a nasty, crazy one, and Beth asks if she still love Luis. Sheridan says yes, then explains why, telling them more than they needed to know, causing Beth to stop her mid sentence. She asks if she loves her mother, too, and Sheridan says yes, she knows she left for good reason and she just wants to make up for lost time with her. Beth says the bond between mother and child is really special, and Edna whispers that in their house, it’s Crazy Glue. Beth goes on, talking about the bond between Luis and Pilar, and Sheridan agrees they are close. Beth asks if it’s ok for Luis to tell her she can’t be with her mother, and then says if he has that right, then, in her opinion, she has the same right to tell him he can never see Pilar again.

Luis tells Pilar she can forgive Martin if she wants, but he can’t, that he saw how he hurt her when he left and how she suffered ever since. She asks if he’s saying he wishes his father had never left them, and Luis says of course he wishes that. She then says his anger at his father is because of the life he could have had if Martin had stayed, and Luis says nothing good came of his leaving. She asks if she could show him something good that came from him leaving, would he try to forgive him.

Sheridan tells Beth she could never tell Luis to not see Pilar again, and Beth asks if itís ok, then, for Luis to tell her she canít see her mother. Sheridan tells her that is different, that Pilar has never been anything but kind and loving to him, that she never hurt him the way Katherine hurt her, and that not only did she have to suffer during her absence, but Luis blames her for luring his father away, leaving the family high and dry. Beth says it looks like Sheridan has decided to do what Luis wants and never see her mother again, shocking the woman, then asks if she wants her to drive her back to her cottage so she can tell Luis he was right and she was wrong. Sheridan tells her thatís not what sheís saying, only that his relationship with his mother is much different than hers with her mother.

Beth asks if she wants to go on seeing her mother, then, in spite of what Luis wants, and she says yes, she loves her mother, then asks what if she never comes back to Harmony, saying the point becomes moot. Beth asks what if she does come back and calls, wanting to meet her someplace. Sheridan says she never thought about that, and Beth tells her the problem isnít fixed if she doesnít. Sheridan asks what she should do, and Beth tells her she will give her the advice she asked for. She starts by saying the bond between mother and child is strong, like her and Katherine, Luis and Pilar, and Beth and Edna. Edna wonders what would happen if Beth were hooked up to a lie detector, then daydreams about it, seeing her pass the question of hiding Ednaís gin, being a good fake mommy to Marty, and then, when asked by Officer Sheridan if she is a scheming psycho who is out to hurt her, she answers no and the machine explodes. Back in the present, Beth says if someone tried to make her not be close to her mother, sheíd have to believe they donít love her enough to want her happy. Sheridan says she canít believe Luis is like that, but Beth tells her she has to, that he says he loves her but wants to make her choose between him and her mother, and there is only one thing she can do. Sheridan asks what that is, and Beth tells her never to see Luis again.

Julian tells Chad that living with Whitney is wrong, but the younger man says theyíd be platonic. Julian says not for long, that even Father Lonigan had said they might live together just fine for a while, but eventually lust would win out, but Chad reminds him Father Lonigan is celibate and he can be, too. Julian says thatís different, that Father Lonigan isnít in love with a woman, but Chad is, with his sister, and thatís just wrong.

Chad says whatís wrong is being kept away from the woman he loves because people donít understand that Whitney loves him. Whitney thanks her mother for covering for her again, as Tabitha and Endora watch from behind a tree. Eve says they canít hide it forever, that sooner or later the truth will have to come out. Whitney hopes they never will, but Eve says the baby might be born with a lot of problems related to incest, if it ever makes it to term since sheís not eating and taking her vitamins. Whitney says she doesnít want to talk about it right now, that Fox is going to ask her to marry him again and she wants to know what to do. Eve says what she canít do is move in with Chad, that it makes no sense to raise a child with Chad that is supposed to belong to Fox. Tabitha tells Endora itís a shame conjuring togas for them would let the others know they are witches since there is no better way to watch a Greek tragedy. Fox comes over to the two women and asks if he can speak with Whitney, and Eve walks away. Fox sees Tabitha staring at them and tells Whitney itís not what he had in mind, with everyone watching and all. Tabby tells him not to mind them, and he continues, telling her he was just going to come over and state his case and then have her make her choice, but then says he just loves her, ever since he heard her singing. He says sheís perfect, then gets on one knee and asks her again to marry him, urging her to say yes. Everyone watches with bated breath.

Luis says nothing good came from Martin leaving them, that they had to scrape to get by, and that their lives would have been much better, and she would have had four college graduates now, with Paloma working on her degree, if Martin had stayed with them. She says that might be, but she’s not sure that would be better. Luis asks how it couldn’t be, and she says if Martin had stayed, Luis would probably be married to Beth right now and would never have met and fallen in love with Sheridan. She asks if he thinks that would have been better.

Sheridan tells Beth she could never not see Luis again, but Beth says she doesn’t necessarily mean never to see him, but that Sheridan has to get her own life, her own friends who love her, whether Luis likes them or not. Sheridan says she’s right, and she appreciates her honesty, then says there is one more person she wants to have in her life and that is a problem for Beth and Luis. Beth asks who, and Sheridan says it’s Marty, that she’s sorry but she still thinks of him as her son. Beth says to herself “So much for letting you live”, and then tells Sheridan she knows she’s had it hard, losing her baby and Antonio and her mother. Sheridan agrees, saying Luis keeps telling her Marty is Beth’s, then asks her if she can ever forgive her for all the times she’s accused her of stealing her baby. Beth says of course she will forgive her, and Sheridan thanks her for that, then gets her phone and starts to dial. Beth asks what she’s doing, and she tells her she’s calling Luis to tell him she wants to get things back on track, that she can‘t stand to be away from him for even one night. Beth tells her she can’t do that, and Sheridan asks why not.

Fox asks Whitney to give him an answer, will she marry him, and she very quietly says no. Everyone strains to hear her, not knowing what she said, and he tells her he couldn’t even hear her, so she says it again, no, she won’t marry him.

Luis tells Pilar she’s right, and she says if Martin had stayed, he would have been married to Beth and Marty would have several brothers and sisters and he would never have met Sheridan. Luis says by the time she came back to town he would have been married and they probably never would have crossed paths because he wouldn’t be a policeman. Pilar says that something good did come from his father leaving, and he says the worst thing that happened in his life led to the best thing that happened, and she asks if he’d rather have the life he would have had if Martin had stayed, or the one he had after he left, with the struggles everyone faces and Sheridan.

Sheridan ask Beth why she doesnít want her to talk to Luis, and Beth says sheís warn out after everything that happened and so is Luis and it would be better to wait until they are both rested to talk to each other. Sheridan agrees, saying sheís right. Beth tells her the guest room is made up, she only has to go up and get in bed, and Beth will bring her some tea. Edna tells Precious Beth is planning to kill Sheridan, and Sheridan tells Beth maybe she should just go to the mansion instead of imposing on them, but Beth says itís no imposition, that Luis might see her there, so she should just stay here and rest up. Sheridan says that sounds good, she is tired, tells them all good night and goes upstairs. Beth tells her mother this is perfect, and Edna says she told Precious she was going to kill Sheridan tonight. Beth asks what choice she has, and Edna tells Precious to make a list.

Beth says she still thinks Marty is hers and sheís obviously going back to Luis even though he will stop her from seeing her mother, and that just wonít do. Beth says she will give Sheridan a bunch of Ednaís sleeping pills in her tea, put a suicide note on the nightstand, and in the morning they will all go in and act shocked to see her dead from suicide. She has them practice looking shocked, and is pleased with the results. Edna tells her sheís evil and crazy, but it doesnít faze her as she celebrates the fact Sheridan will be dead and she wonít even be suspected of causing it. She then says she will get Luis to marry her, Martyís mother, and Edna says in her dreams, but Beth tells her it will be a dream come true when Sheridanís dead.


Pilar, to Luis: “Instead of being angry towards your father, you owe him a debt of gratitude.”

Kay, to Simone: “My kid sister’s gone from being Little Miss Priss to the next Paris Hilton.”

Beth: “I’m going to figure out a way to get rid of Sheridan.”

Luis: “Sheridan! Where are you?”

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