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Passions Update Monday 2/28/05
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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In the Bennett backyard, Chad, Whitney, Fox, Ivy, Julian, Eve, and Father Lonigan are still talking about Chad’s idea to move in with Whitney. The priest tells Chad it’s not a good idea, that it would create too much temptation for them to slip back into their old relationship and they would be lost. Ivy and Fox say it’s too gross for words, and Julian and Eve agree, with Eve trying to talk Whitney into saying no. Chad is determined to go through with it, and Whitney can’t decide what to do. Ivy wonders what would happen to Fox’s baby, whether he would have a part in it’s life, but Chad assures her he would. Tabitha walks up with Endora in her stroller and they hide behind some bushes while listening to the arguments.

Beth wakes up from the sleep caused by the drugs she spiked Sheridan’s tea with to find Edna waiting to make fun of her. As she tries to clear her head, Edna rubs in the fact Precious changed the tea cups so Beth would drink the poisoned tea, but Beth says Sheridan would be dead if Edna had stayed out of it. Edna says it could have made Sheridan sleep, like it did Beth, but Beth says she knew the drugs were there and deliberately threw them up, which Sheridan wouldn’t have done, so she would have died.

In the airport, Sheridan is mourning the fact Katherine is gone, as is Martin, while Theresa is still carrying on about her baby being missing. Sam tells them all there’s no way to find the plane, and everyone but Rebecca is grief stricken. (commercial)

Fox tries to talk Chad out of his idea again, telling him it’s sick, again. Chad says he disagrees, and Ivy says that’s obvious, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s just wrong. The arguing goes on back and forth, with Tabitha and her baby watching and enjoying it very much. Father Lonigan tells him they will open themselves up to evil that could destroy them and those that love them, but Chad isn’t buying it. He tells Whitney he just wants to be friends while living the life they had planned to live before they found out they were siblings, and he says he wants to take care of the baby. Fox tells him to watch it, and Tabitha is beside herself with glee. The priest says evil is all around them, and he can feel it there with them at that very minute. Tabby tells Endora that the priest may be blind, but he has radar that always knows when she’s around. The priest tells Chad he can’t change his mind for him, but he will pray that God gives him the strength to resist the evil, and he tells Chad to pray, too.

Sam tells the others that he has done everything he can but no one can find the Crane jet. He says they turned everything off so no one can contact them and they probably have some device that keeps radar from spotting them. Sheridan is very upset and Luis tries to support her, but she wants no part of him, still accusing him of being happy Katherine is gone since he hates her anyway. She walks out and Luis tries to follow her, but Sam holds him back, telling him to let her have some time alone, that she doesn’t mean what she’s saying and will realize it when she calms down. Luis agrees, and they go outside together for some fresh air.

Theresa is very upset about her missing baby, saying they will never find her now, but Ethan keeps telling her they will find her. He suggests it’s time to go home, and Pilar agrees, telling her daughter she will be there in a little while. Rebecca thinks Gwen has done a good thing, saying she needs to get as far away as possible and leave her husband and his tramp to Mama. Pilar goes over to Martin and asks how it feels to lose someone you care about. He doesn’t want to talk about it, but she goes on, wondering if the pain he feels at losing Katherine is as great as the pain she and the kids felt when he abandoned them. She keeps asking if he’s hurting like he made her hurt for all those years. (commercial)

Pilar asks Martin again if he is hurting, and again he asks her to stop. She wonders if he means to stop feeling happy at his pain, then says she wants to feel that way, wants to enjoy it. She tells him his pretend wife has left him and although he didn’t want to say it in front of Theresa, the plane will never be found. He tells her they have to find the baby, but she says God will decide whether Theresa will see her baby again, but Katherine will never come back.

She says she decided she wanted to leave him, and she’s a strong woman with a lot of money and Alistair will help her stay hidden forever. He agrees with her, and she asks again how it feels to lose so great a love suddenly, with no warning, then says at least she left him a note, something he didn’t do for Pilar. He tries to say he’s sorry, but she goes on, saying at least she gave him a reason for leaving, another thing he never did for her, that even after all these years she has no idea why he really left her.

Sheridan is in the church, praying. She asks Mary to give her strength, that she feels she’s been mourning for years, first for her mother, who she thought was dead, then for her baby, and now for her mother again. She says she just doesn’t know if she has the strength to do this again. Father Lonigan walks in, realizing someone is there, and asks who it is. She tells him it’s her and then talks to him about what she’s feeling. She says her mother left and Luis doesn’t understand, that he hates her mother and she told him some hurtful things, blaming him for her leaving. The priest tells her he loves her and will understand she’s speaking from her pain, and she says she loves him, too, but he doesn’t understand, that when she wants to forgive her mother he gets upset, and when she talks about how their baby is still alive he doesn’t believe her. The priest asks if she really thinks he is, and she says she knows he is.

Beth comes downstairs from showering and changing her clothes to find Marty on the sofa with Edna. She is surprised to see him awake, but Edna says she must have made so much noise in the shower that she woke him up. Beth says he wanted to see his mommy, and Edna asks if Sheridan is here, making Beth angry. She reminds her mother she isn’t supposed to talk like that since Marty is older and understands what the words mean, but Edna says he will never understand this mess. Beth takes him back upstairs to bed, telling Edna again never to talk like that in front of him again.

Once they are upstairs, Edna takes her liquor bottle out from the seat cushions and takes a big swig, enjoying it immensely. When Beth comes back down, they talk about how her plan to kill Sheridan backfired on her and Edna tells her she will never be able to convince anyone she committed suicide. Beth says she has a foolproof plan, and soon Sheridan will be d-e-a-d. (commercial)

Eve tells Julian she feels sick, then says it’s a nightmare, that their kids can’t be together. He says they have to hope Father Lonigan’s words got through to Chad, but she tells him it’s Whitney’s choice, too, and asks what if she wants to live together, too. Julian says he can’t believe she would do that, but Eve isn’t so sure. She reminds him Whitney had told them she still has feelings for Chad and she doesn’t seem repulsed by the idea, hasn’t even said no to it. He says he can’t believe she’d do it and asks what about Fox, saying he believes her baby is his and is looking forward to raising it with her. Eve asks what if she chooses to be with Chad instead. Fox tells his mother that this is all too creepy, wondering what on earth ever caused Chad to believe he would let her go with him, adding that it’s out of the question. Ivy says she’s not sure he can tell Whitney what to do, then tells him if he comes on to strong with her it might backfire and make things much worse. He asks how it could be worse, they are living in Hell now. She reminds him that Whitney hesitated and said nothing when Chad asked her about it, but Fox says she’s just confused. Ivy tells him he needs to prepare for the worst, in case she actually tells him yes and goes to live with him.

Tabitha is thrilled by the events, telling Endora it would be wonderful if it happened, that it’s so evil it even makes her skin crawl. Chad asks Whitney what she’s thinking.

Pilar says Katherine gave Martin something else other than the reason she left him. She set him free from their fake marriage, giving him the right to move on without her. He says he knows, and she takes the divorce papers he gave her from her purse and shows them to him. She says he gave them to her years too late, after she prayed for him, waited for him, and saved herself for him all those years, that she’s been carrying them around with her since he gave them to her to sign, then hands them to him, telling him to take them. He reaches for them, but she pulls them back and tears them up. He asks what she’s doing and she tells him that he is her husband, that God put them together and no lawyer on earth can ever tears them apart.

Ethan tells Theresa he checked on Little Ethan and he’s sound asleep, then he made her some tea, hoping it will help. She says nothing will help until Jane is back with her. He agrees. She says when Gwen and Rebecca took Little Ethan from her, at least she knew where he was, but now she has no idea where Jane is, if she’s ok or not, or if they will ever see her again. He tells her they have to have faith, and hope. She says she’s not sure she can, she just wants Jane back, and he agrees. She says all they have is hope, but he says they have each other.

Luis tells Sam he just wants Sheridan to talk to him, let him help her. Sam says he needs to give her time. Luis tells him she said some horrible things to him, and Sam assures him she didn’t mean it, that people who are hurting often say things they don’t really mean because of their pain. Luis agrees.

Father Lonigan reminds Sheridan her baby went off the bridge in the kidnapper’s car, but she says he didn’t, he either wasn’t in the car or something, but he is alive. The priest wonders about her use of the word “he”, and she says she remembers she had a son. He says sometimes in grief we convince ourselves of things that can’t be out of desperation, but she tells him it’s true, her son is alive. He wants to call Luis but she says no, he doesn’t believe her either and she doesn’t want to talk to him about it. The priest insists and Sheridan leaves. (commercial)

Martin asks why Pilar is tearing up the divorce papers, and she says they took vows before God and he’s turned his back on them long enough. He tries to talk, but she cuts him off, telling him his children are in pain and he needs to make it up to them. He says he’s tried, but they don’t want anything to do with him, but she says he has to try anyway, maybe get on his knees and crawl to them for forgiveness, whatever it takes. She says if he believes Katherine left so he could reconcile with his family, then he needs to do whatever it takes to get that life back. He asks if she means taking her back, too.

Luis walks into the church, telling Father Lonigan he got his message. The priest tells him he’s worried about Sheridan, that she was talking about the baby they lost, convinced he is still alive, and he is worried about what she might do. Luis asks if he knows where she went, and he says so. Luis tells him he will go look for her, and leaves. The priest prays to God not to let it be too late.

Edna drinks from her bottle, then puts it in a cupboard and takes out a big jug, taking a swig from it. Beth comes downstairs, telling her that Marty is sleeping like an angel. Edna says he is an angel and doesn’t deserve what Beth is doing to him, keeping him from his real mommy. Beth tells her she loves him more than life, and he loves her, and one day Luis will come live with them and they will be one big, happy family. Edna tells her the sleeping pills must have done something strange to her head because there is no way Luis is going to come join their “happy family” since he is in love with Sheridan. Beth says she won’t have to worry about Sheridan once she’s dead, and she’s already planted the idea in Luis’ head that she’s suicidal. She says she’s an emotional wreck and it’s not a stretch to believe she would kill herself, and this time she won’t allow Edna to sabotage her plans. Edna asks if those are the plans she had to go kill Sheridan, put her in her cottage, and leave a suicide note on her computer. Beth says it is the same plan, only she will kill her here, with no note, and they will tell the police they weren’t surprised to find she’d done it. Edna asks if she really believes they will accept that Sheridan came over here for some tea, then killed herself, and Beth says she does. Edna tells her the only way that would work is if Sheridan spends a lot of time there, and that’s something she will never do.

Tabitha goes into the backyard and asks if they are having a party. Ivy says no, then asks why she’s out at that time of night with a baby. Tabby tells her Endora was fretful and she didn’t want her waking Maria, who she is babysitting, so she took her out for some fresh air. She says she’s glad to see her neighbors are still up at this hour, that a single mother gets lonely and looks for a good cup of coffee with friends for a respite. Ivy says ok, then says she will go make the coffee. Tabby says ok, if it’s not too much trouble, and Ivy says it isn’t, that she and Fox need to take a break from all that’s going on anyway and they go in the house to make coffee as Tabby quietly says they will want to be as far away as possible when the bomb goes off. Chad tells Whitney he didn’t want to upset her, he is just having trouble walking away from what they had, that they were soul mates. She says she felt the same way, and he says he still does, that he can’t just walk away from that and he asks if she wants to be with him as much as he wants to be with her. Eve is mortified, but Julian shushes her.

Ethan is hugging Theresa, telling her they are together and will be until they find their daughter. She says she needs him with her because she doesn’t know if she can handle it alone. He says he’s here and always will be.

They hear a noise outside and Ethan goes to see what it is, finding Rebecca outside. (commercial)

Martin asks if Pilar is wanting him to get back with her, and she says all she knows is all the hate inside her is making her forget her Christian duty, that to be forgiven, she has to forgive. He asks if she’s saying she forgives him, but she says she has to try, and then tells him he has to find a way to earn his children’s forgiveness, too.

Ethan asks Rebecca why she’s lurking outside Theresa’s house, and she says because she knew he’d be there, that his wife in missing on an airplane that disappeared and yet he’s here, with Theresa, where she knew he would be. He tells her he knows Gwen is her daughter and she loves her, but she’s not well and kidnapped their baby. Rebecca says she’s glad about that, that she hopes they never find her, and he tells her she can’t mean it. She tells him she does, that he isn’t worthy of her daughter and Theresa isn’t the only one to blame for the state Gwen is in, that he is to blame, too, and should be ashamed of himself. Theresa calls him, saying she needs him, and Rebecca tells him to run to her, the woman who destroyed his wife.

Fox tells his mother he just wishes this whole thing would be over so he and Whitney can get on with their lives and only think about the baby. Ivy says she hopes that happens, and he asks if she thinks Whitney might actually go with Chad. She says she doesn’t think so, that she has to believe there is nothing in the world that would bring Whitney and Chad back together. Fox seems satisfied with that answer.

Outside, Chad asks Whitney again to tell him how she feels, what she’s thinking. Eve crumbles, saying this cannot be happening, and Tabby reminds her baby that she had told her things would get more exciting. Whitney starts to say something to Chad, but Eve rushes over, blurting out that she cannot possibly be thinking of living with Chad, asking if she is willing to risk having a second child with her own brother. Everyone is stunned.

Luis is looking for Sheridan and comes to the wharf. He wonders where she is, then dials her number and hears her phone ringing.

At Beth’s, Edna tells her daughter to give up her dreams of killing Sheridan, that no one will believe she came over and just killed herself. Beth says she can get her to come over more often, that she’s always wanting to spend more time with Marty, something Beth isn’t real happy about. Edna says that’s because she believes Marty is her son, then says she about died when she asked for DNA tests. Beth says she did, too, and Edna says that was obvious, that he fact turned several shades of purple. She tells her she’s lucky Luis still believes Sheridan’s baby is dead. Beth tells her that’s how it’s going to stay, that once Sheridan is dead Luis will start loving Beth and he’ll want to be with his son. Edna says it’s a nice dream, but the fly in the ointment is that Sheridan will never come over there. There is a knock on the door, and Beth opens it to find Sheridan, who asks if she can come in. Beth says yes, then asks if she’s ok. Sheridan tells her she’s sorry for bothering her, but she doesn’t want to go home because Luis will be there and she has no where else to go, so she’s wondering if she could spend the night with them. Beth is thrilled and tells her of course, she can stay as long as she wants to.


Beth, to Sheridan: “You can never see Luis again.”

Luis, to Pilar: “You’re just willing to forgive Papa for everything he’s done to us?”

Pilar’s reply: “I’m willing to try.”

Fox, to Whitney: “Is Chad the father of your baby?”

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