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Passions Update Friday 2/25/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Kay and Simone walk towards Jessica’s room carrying ice cream and chocolate syrup. They figure it might cheer her up since Kay figures she’ll be grounded for years for sneaking out and going to the nightclub. Kay knocks on the door and gets no reply, then opens it and looks for her sister inside.

Jessica is nowhere to be found and the girls realize she has snuck out again. They decide they’d better go find her before Sam finds out she’s gone.

In the nightclub, Jessica is drunk, dancing with Randy and kissing him passionately. Paloma walks in and remembers the last time she was there and that she was almost raped, then wonders why she came back. A couple of guys see her and come over, asking if she isn’t afraid to come back to the scene of the crime. She tells them nothing scares her and she is a party animal from way back. One guy says if she’s looking for a party, he’s her boy, but she tells him she doesn’t need a boy, she needs a man. They are thrilled with that and the three decide to have some fun.

Fox and Ivy watch Eve and Whitney talking animatedly in the back yard of the Bennett house and he wonders aloud what they are talking about. He starts to go out and find out, but Ivy says to leave them alone, Whitney is very upset. He feels she should recognize he is upset, too, since he had planned this to be their special night, with candles and flowers in the back yard, and he had asked her to marry him when Chad busted in before she could answer. He is upset that Chad told them he still loves Whitney, saying she’s his sister and it’s sick and disgusting. Ivy agrees, but tells him not to go after him again, that violence won’t solve anything. She says as soon as Chad thinks about it he will realize that a relationship with his sister is out of the question.

Outside, Julian tells Chad his lack of judgment is appalling, but Chad tells him nothing he says will change his mind, that he’s thought it over and made up his mind, that he loves her and he knows she loves him, too, and they will be together, end of story. Julian reminds him she’s his sister, saying what he’s contemplating is not just wrong, it’s immoral. Chad says he one to talk, but Julian says that he has done things he shouldn’t have, but this is about Chad and incest, saying he and his sister can’t be together. Chad says they can, and he’s not giving up until she agrees.

Out back, Eve asks Whitney to tell her that she’s not contemplating Chad’s idea, telling her it’s sick and impossible. She begs her to tell her she’s not considering having a relationship with her own brother. Whitney says nothing, just looks at her mother.

Luis tells himself he can’t believe Sheridan believes he would lie to her, then remembers their earlier conversation where he apologized to her again and said he and Sam would find Katherine and bring her back to Sheridan, only to have her tell him she thinks he’d lie to her and say he never saw her. Sheridan walks by him and he tries to talk to her, but she tells him not to touch her, that she only came to get her purse. He tries to get her to listen, but she tells him to get away from her, saying she hates him for everything she thinks he did to her and that she never wants to see him again. Martin and Sam see this, and Martin says he should go to Luis, but Sam tells him to do himself a favor and let them work it out themselves. Martin says he might be able to help, but Sam tells him he thinks he might just make things worse. An airport employee comes up to Sam and tells him there is something he needs to hear, so he goes with the man. Alistair walks up to Martin, saying his daughter has finally come to her senses, that all the time she spent slumming with Luis has come to an end. Martin tells him she doesn’t mean what she said, she’s just confused because he spent his time since she was a child confusing her. He tells him he’s a sick bastard, saying he warped her mind. Alistair tells him that’s hardly news and her choice of lovers proves it. He says truth often comes out during the heat of anger and he’s sure she meant everything she said, that she now knows her father was right and she can’t trust Luis or anyone else of his ilk. Martin tells him he’s a sadist, and Alistair says he’s known him long enough to know this isn’t the worst of it, that it will get much worse for them, not only Luis and Sheridan but all of them. (commercial)

Rebecca tells Theresa to stop crying, that the plane is at 35,000 feet by now and she says adios. She says they will never find Gwen and the baby, and that after all the two of them have done to her daughter she deserves to have a baby of her own. Ethan tells her she’s being vicious, but she asks him what about the way they destroyed her daughter, that now they are paying the price and they will never see the baby again.

Theresa cries, saying she wants her baby, she needs Jane. Rebecca tells her “Ashley” is sleeping in her mommy’s arms right now, and she’s a lucky girl, then calls her a tramp and says she’ll never see her baby again, ever. Ethan tells her this is not the time, but she asks what better time to kick an enemy than when they are down and crippled. She adds that Theresa will never see her baby again, that Gwen and the baby are gone forever. Theresa tells Ethan she needs her baby, they have to find her, but Rebecca mocks her, saying “Oh, poor, pitiful me. I need my baby.” She tells her she must use tons of waterproof mascara. Pilar tells her to shut her mouth, asking how dare she talk to her daughter like that. She then tells Theresa not to listen to her, that they will find Jane and bring her back home. Rebecca tells her to dream on, they are out of US airspace by now and no one knows where they are, so they will never see Gwen or the baby again. She tells Theresa this is her day of reckoning, that all those “evil” things she’s done to Gwen are coming back to haunt her, then says “Sing glory Hallelujah!” Ethan tells her she’s being cruel, but she says no, and Theresa is going to sit in that wheelchair and listen to her because it’s payback time.

Luis tells Sheridan she’s making no sense, and she says he’s doing it again, making her doubt herself. She tells him to stay away from her because she can never trust him again, all he does is lie. She says that’s why her mother left, because every time she told Sheridan she loved her Luis would accuse her of every crime under the sun and she would believe him. She moans about the awful things she said to her, and that now she’s gone and it’s all his fault. Luis says she doesn’t mean what she’s saying, that he wouldn’t lie to her and in her heart she knows it. She says her heart is a liar. He tells her they need to talk about it, but she says not now and she walks away from him, leaving him calling after her. Martin has seen what’s going on and he comes over, telling Luis she doesn’t mean what she’s saying, just give her some time. Luis looks at him and asks what he’s talking about, that he and Katherine are to blame for all of it, that they tore their lives apart, then he walks out.

Julian asks Chad how he can get through to him that what he is planning to do is madness. Chad tells him to stop, he can talk until he’s blue in the face but he loves Whitney and is going to live with her and raise her child. Julian says it’s incest, but Chad says it isn’t if they don’t sleep together, and they love each other enough to give that up. He says it will do no good to keep talking, that he loves Whitney and he is going to be with her.

Fox hears this and says like hell he will. He says he and Whitney will never be together, that she is his sister and it’s sick. He tells him to take all his sick ideas and get out. Chad says he’s going nowhere. Fox says they’ll see about that, but Chad tells him he loves Whitney and she’s the only woman he wants to be with. Fox tells him she doesn’t want to be with him, that she is in love with Fox. Chad says the thing is, he doesn’t know that. He says Fox saw her the same as he did, when they asked her if she had feelings for him she said nothing and ran out. He says that’s what Fox is scared of, that Whitney wants to be with him the same as he does. Fox calls him a sick SOB, then jumps at him again.

Eve tells Whitney to tell her to say Chad’s plan is ridiculous, that she can blame her all she wants but he’s still her brother. She tells her to snap out of it and tell her she’s not considering Chad’s idea, but Whitney continues to just look at her. (commercial)

Julian separates the two men, saying fighting isn’t going to solve anything and asking what kind of sons he has. Fox says the kind that will end up killing each other, then motions to the door and tells him to go. Ivy tells Chad Fox is right, he should leave, but he says he’s going nowhere. Julian gets him and tells him to come with him, saying the two of them need to be kept apart until it’s all worked out. He takes him outside, while Fox and Ivy stay in the Bennett kitchen. Fox tells her it’s insane, and she says he’ll get no argument from her, that she hopes Julian can talk some sense into him. Fox says she is right, and he knows someone who might be able to do that. He says he has to make a phone call and leaves the kitchen. Ivy is alone in the kitchen and hears someone coming down the stairs. She turns and looks and sees Kay and Simone, asking what they are doing here. Kay says they just got here. Simone says they went upstairs to see Jessica, but she’s…..and Kay cuts in, saying she’s still grounded. Ivy says she is, and Kay asks where Sam is. Ivy says he’s out on police business, and she is watching Jessica. She says luckily she is quiet tonight because she has all she can handle outside. Kay asks what’s up, but she tells her she wouldn’t believe it if she told her.

In the nightclub, Jessica is still dancing with Randy, and he rubs his hands all over her. She giggles and says it tickles, but she likes it, and he tells her she’ll like it more when her clothes aren’t in the way. On the other side of the room, Paloma is on the table dancing, again, and the guys are liking it. She shows off for them, asking if they like it, and one guy says he’d like her better in his truck. She tells him no, she’s just here to dance. She sees Jessica dancing with Randy and tells her to come dance with her. Jessica tells Randy to give her a minute, she wants to go say “hi” to her friend. He asks if the friend is a dud like her sister, and Jessica asks if she looks like it as they watch her dance. She goes over to the table Paloma is on and her friend wants her to climb up and dance with her, but Jessica doesn’t want to, saying heights make her woozy. Paloma tells the guys to get her off the table, then, and they lift her down. She asks Jess how she got there since she is supposed to be grounded. Jessica makes a flippant answer, then asks why she’s here, saying she wouldn’t think Paloma would want to come back after what happened.

Paloma says look who’s talking, then says she goes where she wants, that none of them know her very well, but nothing will keep her from doing what she wants, and tonight she wants to have fun. Jess reminds her it’s the same place she almost got raped at, and Paloma tells her it’s like after an airplane crashes, that for a while it’s the safest time to fly. She says she’s tired of her brother and everyone else telling her what to do, that they never cared what she did before so they don’t have a right to do it now, that they are just hypocrites. Jess says it’s like her mother who always told her she had to be a good girl, and then her first husband shows up and it’s “Hasta la Vista, baby, I’m off to Europe”, leaving them behind like garbage, and then her dad shacked up with his old mistress. She says no one is ever telling her what to do again. Paloma celebrates her attitude, high-fiving her and telling her. She tells the bartender that the party girls need their drinks. The two guys Paloma was talking to join up with Randy and ask if he wants to go to Nancy’s and get high. He says no, he got lucky, showing them he’s with Jessica. They say it won’t happen, that she has tease written all over her, but he shows them some happy face stickers and says once she licks one of these she won’t even care what he’s doing to her. The girls are at the bar, laughing and having “fun”. (commercial)

Randy goes over to Jessica and asks what’s up. She says hi, then introduces him to Paloma. She says she remembers him, he’s her old guy, and he says he’s older, not that old. She tells him her name and he asks who could forget her. He tells them he’s bored with this dump and asks if they’d like to go somewhere else. Jessica asks where to, since they don’t have much choices in Harmony, and Paloma agrees. Jess goes on, saying it’s either this or watching the night shift gutting mackerel at the cannery. He says there is a new place at the pier that not many people know about, only serious party goers, and Paloma says count her in. Jessica says she’ll go if Paloma is going with them, and he says the more the merrier. They leave, with Paloma chanting “party, party, party” as Jessica laughs. The other guys watch them go, saying they have no idea what they are in store for tonight.

Ivy asks how this can be happening, saying it’s like a Greek tragedy in her own back yard. Simone asks what she’s talking about, but she says she wouldn’t believe it, that she doesn’t either and it’s all just sick. They ask what she means, but she tells them Eve is outside arguing with Whitney. Simone asks what’s new, and Ivy tells her Fox proposed to Whitney. Simone seems to think it’s great, but Ivy tells her that Chad came running in an interrupted them, saying he still loves her and wants to live with her, even though she’s his sister.

Simone and Kay are shocked and grossed out, but Ivy tells them no one can talk him out of it. Kay asks what Whitney said, and Ivy tells her she hasn’t said anything yet. Simone asks how things could get any worse in her family. Ivy tells her not to ask that question, that she doesn’t think any of them would like the answer.

Eve tells Whitney to answer her and say she thinks Chad’s plan is absurd. Chad and Julian walk by and the younger man wants to go to Whitney, but Julian holds him back, telling him to let them talk and work it out. Eve asks Whitney what’s wrong with her, why won’t she answer her. Whitney remembers Fox proposing to her earlier and Chad telling her he loves her as much now as he ever did, then her telling him it’s disgusting and him saying there’s nothing disgusting about his love, it’s real, deep, and true. Eve shakes her out of her daydream, asking what she’s thinking. Whitney tells her she doesn’t know what she’s going to do, and Eve asks how she can say that, that there is only one right thing to do, that she can’t go along with Chad and his horrific plan. Whitney says yes, he is her brother, but they were in love a long time before they found that out, that they had their whole life planned out before them and then all of Eve’s secrets and lies came out and she found out she was pregnant with her brother’s baby. She thanks her mother for ruining her life. Eve wants to say something, but Whitney doesn’t want to hear it, asking how she can sit there and pressure her as to what she’s going to do when it’s all her fault she is in this predicament in the first place, then tells her to back off.

Theresa says she can’t take this, but Rebecca says it’s time for her to put away the poor little victim bit, that Gwen is the real victim, that she tortured her for years, and she deserves everything that happens to her. Theresa asks how dare she blame her for what’s happened, that she and her bitch of a daughter stole her son from her and everything that’s happened since has been because of that.

Rebecca snottily tells her to watch her language, but Theresa goes on, saying she wants to claim Gwen is the victim, but she needs to look at Theresa, that she is paralyzed because her daughter tried to kill her. Rebecca comes back with another smart alecky response, telling her to look on the bright side, at least she gets to park in the handicap zones for the rest of her life. Pilar asks her in Spanish why she didn’t suffocate at birth, and Rebecca tells her to speak English. Pilar tells her she’s had it with her, starting toward her to smack her a good one, but Ethan steps in and stops her, saying it’s not even worth it. Sheridan comes around the corner and tells them to stop it, as if she has the right to tell them what to do, asking if they haven’t had enough pain for one night. Rebecca says she’s enjoying it, but Ethan tells her Sheridan is right, then says they are going to find the plane and it will all be all right. Luis comes in and Pilar asks if they’ve found the plane or had any word, but he says there‘s no word yet, that Sam is in talking to the controller. Ethan tells them again it will be all right, then says Sam will find the plane and bring the baby back. Rebecca mouths off again, saying it’s Alistair vs. the Harmony police, telling them she knows who she’d put her money on. Ethan tells her they will find it, then tells Theresa they will find Jane. Sheridan adds that they’ll find her mother, too. Theresa says she hopes so because she can’t lose Jane, and Sheridan again parrots her, saying she can’t lose her mother. Sam is on the phone in the control room, and asks the person on the other end if they are sure about what they said. He hangs up and the controller asks if there is word on the plane. Sam says yes, and he has to let the others know, walking out to where they are. (commercial)

Ivy tells the girls that’s what’s been going on tonight, and she’s been so busy she hasn’t had a chance to check on Jessica. She asks if she’s ok, and Kay says she’s quiet as a mouse, you wouldn’t even know she’s there. Simone says she can’t believe what’s going on with her family, first it was her mom and dad and aunt Liz, and now this. She says Chad is their brother and it was bad enough last fall when they found out he was related to them, but now they are wanting to get back together. Ivy says she doesn’t know about Whitney, she hasn’t said anything yet, but Chad has, and Fox is heartbroken. Simone says she has to get out of there, that if she has to listen one more minute she will be sick. She says she can’t let herself be pulled into this mess, then asks what her mother has done to her family.

Julian asks Eve if she’s ok, but she says she’s anything but. He asks what Whitney said, and Eve tells him she didn’t say no, she’s considering it, thinking about getting back together with him. This shocks Julian, and Eve says she knows how he feels, that her son might end up in a relationship with her daughter, then says she thinks she’s going to be sick.

Fox comes in the back gate with Father Lonigan, telling them he’s brought someone who can help them figure this mess out. The priest says Fox filled him in on the situation and he hopes he can help. Chad tells him he isn’t interested in what he has to say, that he can’t talk him out of what his heart feels for Whitney, no one can, that he loves her and it’s not going to change.

Ethan again says they will find the plane and the baby, but Rebecca says it’s not likely, then tells Theresa to bone up on wheelchair basketball because now that the baby’s gone she’ll have a lot of time on her hands. Theresa yells at her to shut up, and Sheridan again tells both of them to stop it, then says she can’t stand to see a mother separated from her child. Luis goes to her, asking her to listen to him, but she moves away from him, telling him to stay away from her. Pilar asks Luis what’s happening, and he tells her Sheridan won’t talk to him, that she blames him for Katherine leaving, which doesn’t make any sense, and he’s never seen her like this. Pilar tells him not to worry, to just give her time to sort things out in her mind, that she can’t blame him for anything.

Alistair moves over by Martin and asks if he’s worried about Katherine, then says he should be. Martin asks where she could be, where the plane is. Alistair says he has no idea, but he bets he’s wondering if he’ll ever see her again. Martin says of course he is, they love each other very much. Alistair tells him she has a strange way of showing it, but Martin tells him to shut up, saying he knows nothing about love. Alistair agrees, saying it’s such a sickly emotion prized by milquetoasts like him, but says he could teach the subject of pain to someone. He says Martin has no idea how much he enjoys watching him suffer, that he stole his wife from him and now he’s returning the favor. He walks away, chuckling. Sam comes in and they all mob him, each asking what he’s heard, if there’s news about the plane. He says yes, there is. (commercial)

Kay is on the phone telling Tabitha that Maria can have another bottle before she goes to bed, and warning her not to let Endora levitate her because it scares her. Simone comes in as Kay hangs up, holding her stomach and complaining about it. Kay asks if she threw up, but Simone tells her no, she just doesn’t think she’ll ever eat again. She asks what’s wrong with her family, and Kay asks where she should start. Simone says she’s very funny, but seriously, what’s going on with Chad and Whitney is like a nightmare. She says she’s lucky Whitney stole him from her or it could be her out there. Kay says it is pretty gross, but what about her family. Her mother took off to God knows where with David, Ivy clawed her way into Sam’s bed, and Jessica is taking off to dive bars dressed like a hooker, then tells her not to even get her started on herself and Miguel. Simone tells her she never thought they would be from broken homes, and Kay says it’s more like shattered into bits. She asks who cares, saying most families have problems, even if you can’t see them, and their families were supposed to be perfect once. She says now they are dysfunctional. Simone says that at least her brother and sister aren’t….and Kay tells her not to even say it. She tells her she’s grossed out enough for one night, then says they have to get out there and find Jessica. Simone says before her dad finds out she’s gone, and Kay adds before she gets herself into trouble.

Jessica and Paloma walk into the new club Randy took them too, looking around at the strange decorations and people. Jessica asks if Paloma believes there is a place like this in Harmony, saying this must be what New York is like.

Paloma agrees, saying this is more like it, a girl could have a lot of fun here. Randy says he’s glad they like it. The girls are absorbed in the club and what’s going on and don’t notice the man who comes up to Randy asking if he’s brought new victims for his dungeon. Randy says yes, he thinks they like the place, then tells the girls they look like the adventurous type. He gives them each a sticker, telling them to try it and join the party. Jess asks what they are, and the man asks Randy if they are for real. Randy tells the girls to take one, they’ll like it, that everyone has one and it’s kind of a club thing. Paloma and Jess take one and Paloma asks Randy if he doesn’t want one. He says he has his own. The girls ask if they are supposed to wear them and if they stick on. Randy says yes, lick them first, that they are sweet like candy, only much better, and no calories. Jess is impressed with this as Randy tells them to try it, they will fit in with everyone else if they do. They do as they are told.

Chad tells Father Lonigan he’s sorry Fox brought him all the way over there, but he knows how he feels and what his heart tells him, that he loves Whitney and she loves him, too. The priest tells him after all he’s learned the last few months, he knows he is hurting,…but Chad cuts in, saying he knows Whitney is his sister, half the town keeps reminding him, and they can’t have the relationship they had before because if they had kids……Fox says it’s disgusting. Chad tells him to shut up, then tells the priest he knows he and Whitney can’t be together that way again, but he wants to share his life with her, that they had so many plans and he still wants to do the things they’d planned to do, only as friends. Father Lonigan says that’s understandable, and it could work, shocking Fox and the others, too. (commercial)

Kay and Simone go into the nightclub they had gone to last time to look for Jess. Simone can’t believe she’d come back here, but Kay asks where else she would have gone, that if she wants sleaze this is all there is until the summer places open. Simone asks if she has a picture so they can show it to the people they ask. Kay says it’s a good idea and gets one out of her purse. They ask the two guys who had been with Paloma, but they just want to dance with them. Once Kay tells them they are only there to find her sister, she shows the picture to them, but they say she hasn’t been there, she’s too high class to go to places like this. Simone tells him she was in here before, but she was dressed differently. The guys say they’d still recognize her, then tell them that most of the girls in there are beer and shot girls, like from the frozen food factory in another town or from the fish cannery. Kay thanks him sarcastically, and one guy says they should go look at the country club. Kay thanks them, and they ask if the girls are sure they don’t want a beer. They say no thanks, then worry about where Jess could be. Kay says she doesn’t know, but she has a bad feeling that wherever she is she’s in trouble.

Randy tells the girls to lick the stickers, saying they will like them, everyone does it, and it’s like a game. The girls lick them, and Randy asks if they are good. Jess says she doesn’t taste anything, so Randy tells her to just keep licking, that they will love them. He tells his pal he will like what they do to the girls even better.

Ivy asks Father Lonigan if he’s lost his mind, and Fox asks him how he can say it’s ok for Chad and Whitney to be together, they are brother and sister and it’s disgusting. Chad asks the priest if he understands how he feels. He says of course he does, and wanting to be friend with Whitney is fine, but he’s kidding himself if he thinks it will always be that way, that if they are together day after day, they will be placing themselves right in the path of temptation. Chad says they will be strong, but the priest says it’s good to promise there will be no intimacy, but the temptation will always be there. Chad reminds him Jesus resisted temptation in the desert, but the priest asks if he has the strength of Jesus. Chad doesn’t answer, and Father Lonigan goes on, saying they didn’t end their relationship because they fell out of love with each other but because of things beyond their control, that the desire is still there and if they live together sooner or later they will give in to it and it could turn to tragedy. He tells him it’s a sin, then asks if he wants to hurt Whitney. Chad says he doesn’t, and the priest tells him he must let go of his love for her, then asks if he thinks he can.

Theresa asks Sam to tell her he found her baby, and Sheridan, ever the parrot, asks if he found her mother. He says no, they can’t find them on radar, that it’s like the plane has vanished. Rebecca is thrilled to hear it, but Theresa and Sheridan are heartbroken. Theresa asks Ethan where they are, and he again tells her they’ll find them. Pilar walks over to Sheridan, and the girl tells her she needs her mother, then hugs Pilar.

Martin asks why Katherine left him, and Alistair mocks all the whining, saying it took a while, but it was a good night’s work and he finally has his revenge. He laughs about all the pain he’s caused.


Beth: “Sheridan’s going to die. She’s going to be d-e-a-d, dead.”

Father Lonigan, to Sheridan: “You think your baby is alive?”

Sheridan’s reply: “I know he is.”

Pilar, to Martin: “You are my husband, and by heaven, no lawyer will ever tear us apart!”

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