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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Jessica is in her room putting on her streetwalker clothes and talking about how Reese doesn’t know what he’s missing. She heads out the window to “make up for lost time.”

At the airport, Luis, Ethan, Theresa, Pilar, Martin, Sheridan, and Rebecca are still waiting to find out where the Crane jet went with Gwen, Katherine, and Jane. Theresa asks Ethan to find it and not let Gwen get away with kidnapping their baby. Rebecca sidles over and tells her she’s too late because the jet is gone and Gwen and Jane are gone, saying only Gwen knows where they will end up so Theresa will never see them again. Theresa tells Ethan there has to be a way for them to find the plane, but Rebecca says there isn’t. Ethan, however, thinks there might be, and he calls his father. When he gets him on the line, he tells him to call off the search for Gwen and the baby and meet him at the corporate airport and he will explain when he gets there.

Martin answers Pilar’s question of what he is going to do by saying he’s going to wait for Katherine. Pilar asks for how long, and he tells her she will realize she’s made a mistake and come back, but Pilar reminds him that’s not what she told Alistair, that she said she wanted to go where no one could ever find her so she could be out of Martin and Sheridan’s lives forever. He says he doesn’t believe that, that she will come back. Across the way, Sheridan tells Luis to stay away from her, and he says he can’t believe she’s acting this way, that he loves her and would never do anything to hurt her. She says that’s bull, that he’s known since the day they met how much she missed her mother and would give anything to have her back, yet when she came back, he made her choose between her and him. He tells her he was trying to protect her, that he didn’t want her hurt any more by the fact she hadn’t died but had run off with Martin. She tells him her mother had no choice, but he reminds her they’ve talked about it before, that she had a lot of choices, but she tells him she doesn’t care, she loves her, and walks away from him. Alistair watches, happy to see their love going down in flames and laughing about it.

Whitney tells Chad not to say those things again, but he says he has to say them, they are true. She says it’s disgusting, but he tells her that’s a lie, there is nothing about his love for her that is disgusting, that it’s real, deep, and true and he wants to get back together with her. Fox and the others walk in and hear the last few words and Fox charges at Chad, tackling him to the floor, telling him he’s a sick bastard, and the others all try to separate them. They pull them apart, but Chad says he’s not through with Whitney, and Fox says he is and goes after him again. (commercial)

As they struggle to separate Chad and Fox, Julian tells them to stop fighting, they are Cranes, not common street fighters. Eve tells Chad to listen to him, and Whitney tells them to stop, she can’t take it. Ivy throws water on them and they separate, with Julian pulling Fox away. Eve asks Chad if he’s ok, and he says he is, he just isn’t finished talking to Whitney. Fox says he is through saying he still loves her and wants to be with her, that she just said no. Ivy yells that Whitney is right, all the talk has to stop or it will make everyone ill. Fox tells Chad he should be arrested for hitting on his sister, but Julian says he thinks they misunderstood, saying of course he still loves her, but as his sister, that he didn’t mean he wants to be with her. Chad says it’s exactly what he meant, he wants to be together with Whitney. She stares at him and he looks back at her.

Jessica’s phone rings as she is sneaking out, and it is a guy. She tells him to wait around the corner for her, she doesn’t want he family to see her going out. On the way out, she grabs a condom, saying she doesn’t want to catch a disease or get pregnant, only have a lot of fun.

Alistair mocks the fact that Katherine said she wanted to leave Harmony so Martin could be with his family and Luis and Sheridan could be together, saying she was wrong on both counts and laughing. Luis asks what Sheridan is saying, but she asks why bother to explain it to him, he never pays attention to what she wants anyway. He says it’s not true, but she says it is, calling him a liar again. He tells her to stop calling him that, but she says it’s true, that she should have told him to mind his own business the first time he told her to stay away from her mother because the only thing that mattered is that she loves her mother and her mother loves her, not what happened decades ago. Luis tells her he loves her, too, saying she has to know that. She gets upset, saying he’s telling her what to feel. He asks if she’s saying she doesn’t love him anymore, and she says she’s only saying it’s hard to love someone who puts their own needs and feelings ahead of your own. He says he wasn’t doing that, but she doesn’t buy it. He tells her they both agreed Katherine was a horrible, selfish person who stole his father away from his family and that she should steer clear of her because of what she had done to her as a child. She tells him she didn’t decide that, he did, that he gave her an ultimatum to choose between him and Katherine, then asks how selfish was that and how stupid was she to let him put her in that position. She says she lost her mother once before and now she’s lost her once again, and it’s all his fault.

Pilar reminds Martin that he said that if it weren’t for Katherine he would be with her and their children, then asks if that was a lie. He says no, it was true, but Katherine was in his life. She says she was until tonight, but she’s gone and her note says…he cuts in, saying he knows what the note says but he can’t turn his back on her, not after what they’ve been through together. She asks why, since he left her and his children in one night, why is it so hard to think she wouldn’t do the same to him.

Sam comes in, asking about Gwen and the baby. Ethan says they stowed away with Katherine on the Crane jet, and Theresa tells him they just took off and they canít find out where theyíre headed. Ethan says he has to help them, but Rebecca says he has better things to do with his time, like ticketing jaywalkers. Sam looks at her, then asks who knows where they are headed. Alistair says he has no idea and neither do the airport workers. One man says itís true, and Alistair says only Katherine and the pilot know where they are going. Sam says they canít be serious, but the flight controller says the pilot cut off all means of communicating with ground control. Sam asks if that isnít against FAA regulations, and the guy says it is, but the Crane employees answer to a higher authority. Alistair smugly tells Sam that would be him. Ethan says there has to be some other way to find it. He asks Sam if he can contact the Air Force or Navy and ask them to escort the plane back, but Sam says heíll call the Coast Guard and FBI for help. Rebecca says heís wasting his time, they are gone for good, but he tells the others heíll do what he can to get the baby back.

He leaves, and Theresa says she doesnít know what sheíll do if they donít get Jane back, and Rebecca tells her she votes for her to die of a broken heart so she can dance on her grave, then laughs. (commercial)

On the phone, Sam says the Crane jet has to be stopped before it leaves US airspace, then asks if the Feds won’t help, who will. Ethan tells Theresa that Jane is Sam’s granddaughter and he will move heaven and earth to find her. She says she hopes so because she’ll die if they don’t get her back. Rebecca snottily asks if she can have that in writing, and Ethan tells her to ease up, that Theresa is hurting. Rebecca says that’s good, that maybe she has an inkling of how her Gwennie felt when she lost both of her children because of Theresa. Theresa starts to say she didn’t mean for any of that to happen, but Rebecca cuts her off, saying she didn’t give a damn, she shed a few little fake tears and then it was back to business as usual, that all she ever wanted was to get Ethan back. Theresa says she doesn’t want to hear it, but Rebecca tells her that’s always been her problem, she hates the truth with a passion because the truth is she is a ruthless predator and because of her lust for Ethan two innocent babies have lost their lives and Gwen has lost any hope of ever having a child of her own. She says what’s worse, this wasn’t even about Gwen, that in her sick, twisted little mind it’s always been about her. She says she’s glad it’s come to this, glad Gwen stabbed her in the back and left her paralyzed, glad she took her baby, because Theresa took the lives of both of hers. She says it’s good Theresa believes in Fate, because this is her fate. She then grabs Ethan, telling him they need to talk, and he follows like the obedient little lap dog he is.

Martin tells Pilar Katherine would never abandon him, she couldn’t. She tells him she never would have believed he could have abandoned her and the children, either, but he did, and now Katherine has done the same to him. She says it cuts deep, doesn’t it. He just looks at her.

Sheridan goes and sits on a bench and Luis follows. She says she wants her mother, needs her back, that she’s the only one who understands how she feels right now. He tells her to tell him what she feels, he’ll understand. She says she lost her mother, lost her baby, and now has lost her mother again, and she’s the only one who knows what it’s like to lose a child you love with all of your being because she lost her and Julian when they were children. She says she is the only one who knows what a gaping hole it left in her heart. Luis, hurting in his own right, says he understands about losing a baby, too, that they lost their baby. Of course, she dismisses that fact as unimportant.

Whitney tells herself she wishes none of this had ever happened, that sheíd never been intimate with Chad, never lied saying Chadís baby is FoxĎs, but God help her, sheís still in love with her brother.

Eve tells Chad he canít mean what heís saying, that he canít be with his half-sister, but he says he doesnít care, he wants to be with her. Fox asks when he became such a twisted freak, and Ivy says heís right, that Chad cannot be with Whitney. Chad asks why not, and Fox asks if he wants a list. Chad tells them itís not his fault he fell in love with Whitney before he knew they were siblings, and Fox says fair enough, but he canít stay in love with her. Chad says itís not a crime to love someone, but Fox tells him it is when that someone is your own sister. Whitney listens to them, looking torn. (commercial)

Chad says he’s not sick to want to be with Whitney and he‘s no criminal, but Fox says he is, and it’s against the law, too. Eve says he’s right, and Ivy tells him she can’t imagine Fox wanting to be with his sisters. Fox agrees, saying he can’t imagine his father wanting to be with Sheridan, and Julian agrees, saying it’s unnatural. Chad says it would be unnatural for him not to love her, and Ivy turns away, saying she’s going to be sick. Julian tells him he knows he feels it’s unfair, that he feels the whole world has turned against him, but Julian’s to blame for the situation Chad is in, and Eve adds they both are. Julian adds his racist grandfather is to blame, too, for letting him and Eve believe Chad had died at birth. Eve tells him if they’d known then what they know now they could have saved both of them so much pain, and Julian says if they could turn back time or pay any price they would. Chad says they can’t, what’s done is done, and Julian agrees, saying in time he’ll come to terms with his situation with her and see it for what it is. Eve adds he’ll find the right woman, and Julian agrees. Chad says he doesn’t want any other woman, he wants Whitney, but Fox tells him he’s a freak, that he can’t have Whitney because he won’t let him. He charges Chad again and the others are left trying to separate them again as Whitney continues to listen quietly.

Jessica gets into Randy’s car, the older guy she was at the nightclub with, and she kisses him passionately, telling him she’s been waiting for this for a long time. He says he has, too, that things got crazy the other night, and she agrees. He talks about Paloma claiming to get raped, but she says who knows what really happened since she’s such a tease. She tells him her dad totally freaked out, but now he’s busy with a kidnapping and everyone else is doing their own thing, so now she’s free to do anything she wants, and stresses the “anything.”

Sheridan tells Luis he’s wrong, he doesn’t understand, that yes, he did lose their baby too but he has another one, with Beth, and can visit him any time he wants, but she can’t even visit her baby’s grave because there isn’t even a headstone since they never found the body. She says her mother understands the hole in her heart, and he tells her he does too, but she says she doesn’t think he does. She says if he did he would understand why she needs her mother so much right now, but he doesn’t, or he’s too selfish to care. He tells her he understands how he mother hurt her all her life, but she says she was trying to protect her and Julian, but he’s too busy blaming Katherine for his father leaving them to care. He tells her he was trying to protect her, too, but she won’t accept it, saying what he was doing was trying to tell her what to think and feel, then says he’s as bad as her father and walks away. Alistair is eavesdropping and quietly tells Luis that name calling can hurt.

Martin tells Pilar Katherine’s leaving was just a knee-jerk reaction and she’ll come back when she realizes she made a mistake. Pilar says they’ll see. Sam is talking to the Air Force, telling them he needs their help finding a private plane that’s heading out of US airspace. Theresa prays that God will let them find her baby and bring her back safely.

Rebecca tells Ethan he needs to get his priorities straight, that his wife should be his first concern, not Theresa and her baby.

He tells her Gwen is his first concern, and getting her back to Harmony safely. Rebecca says she wonders about that, but he tells her she would be here right now if she hadn’t covered for her at the cabin. She says she wouldn’t have to cover for her if he weren’t acting like Theresa’s lap dog. He says he wasn’t, but she tells him she actually thought he loved Gwen, but he doesn’t. She says he loves Theresa and the baby she cheated Gwen out of having, but he says no, he loves his wife and wants to get her back her to get the help she needs. Rebecca says she wouldn’t have gone ga-ga if Theresa hadn’t been lying in wait to destroy her with his help. He says he’s apologized a million times for what happened in L.A., and promised over Sarah’s coffin he would never cheat on her, and he hasn’t. She asks where he was last night, and he says he was with Theresa and he had told her that. She smirks and says God only knows what he didn’t tell her, but he says nothing happened. Rebecca crudely says Theresa’s legs may be paralyzed but there’s nothing wrong with her lips, and he tells her to stop it, that Theresa is sick over what’s been going on and he wasn’t about to leave her alone. She says of course not, and he yells that he’s tired of her insinuations. She says she’s tired of him listening to Theresa’s lies at Gwen’s expense, but he says he’s not. She says he is, that she knows how Theresa works, that she gets under his skin like some rash, and it itches, but when you scratch it, it spreads, and before long you have a full-blown case of Theresa-itis, and it’s a really bad disease because it gets to your brain first and then to another organ in particular. Ethan sighs, but says nothing, and she tells him this is not the first time he’s been infected, but it is the worst because now he wants to bring Gwen back and send her to the loony bin and give the baby back to Theresa. He tells her he certainly does. (commercial)

Rebecca says she knew he was back with Theresa, but he tells her he isn’t. He says he loves Gwen, but she is delusional right now and thinks Theresa’s baby is hers. She tells him it should have been hers and asks why he doesn’t hold Theresa to their agreement and make her give Gwen the baby as they agreed to so Theresa can have Little Ethan back. He tells her it’s a moot point since Gwen has her anyway, but she says he knows what she means. He says it’s funny because she constantly accuses him of blindly taking Theresa’s side, but she needs to look at what she’s done to Gwen, trying to get her out of the country with the baby when she’s psychotic, endangering her and the baby, then says Gwen needs to return the baby before she is caught and sent to prison for a long time. Rebecca tells him she’s glad Gwen isn’t here to hear him, that the whole time they were in the cabin Gwen kept saying how much he loves her, and she couldn’t wait to call him so he could come join them and be the family she always wanted. She says she’s glad she talked her out of it because it would kill her to see him give the baby to Theresa and then hand her over to the men in white. He says he’s not that insensitive, but she laughs and tells him to try to tell that to Sarah after he snuck around behind Gwen’s back, and to his son that is lost, tell him he didn’t mean to knock up Theresa while she was carrying Gwen’s embryo. He finally tells her to shut up, then says he wants Gwen back so she can get the help she needs, but Rebecca says he wants her back so he can have her committed and give the baby back to Theresa. She says it’s not going to happen because Gwen is gone for good and Theresa will never get her baby back, ever.

Theresa is still praying that God will let them find her baby and get her back safely. Sam is on the phone to Interpol, telling them about the jet that seems to be headed out of US airspace. Alistair laughs, saying it’s far out, as the kids used to say.

Luis tells Sheridan that saying he’s like her father is really low, but she says he can be controlling like him and he has been when it comes to her mother. Pilar comes over, asking Sheridan what’s wrong. She says she’s lost her mother again and it’s Luis’ fault. He tells her he didn’t force her to get on the plane, but she says he did everything but buckle the seatbelt for her. Pilar tells her the note she left said it was her choice, but Sheridan shrugs that off, too, preferring to whine and blame Luis, saying he made her feel it was useless for her to stay, that they would never be close again. He says he didn’t want her to hurt Sheridan again, but she tells him to stop trying to sound so noble, the truth is he hates her mother. He says yes, then asks why, telling her that her mother lured her father to Mexico and destroyed their family. She says she didn’t force him to leave, he left because he wanted to. Martin steps in, telling her not to fight with Luis, that Katherine left thinking her absence would bring them all closer. Luis says he doesn’t know how that would happen considering he doesn’t want her to come back and Sheridan does.

Jessica and Randy go to the nightclub and order drinks. The bartender asks for id from her and she tells him she left it in her purse. He says he won’t serve her beer so she orders a ginger ale and Randy says he’ll have two beers for himself. He gives the man a huge tip. He tells Jessica he wants to pick up where they left off last time, before Kay raised a big stink, and tells her not to confuse her soda with one of his beers. She teasingly says she’ll try not to. When the drinks get there, he switches her soda for a beer and they drink to a night they will never forget….or remember.

Julian pushes Fox into a corner and tells him to stop threatening his brother, that he needs help dealing with his feelings for Whitney, not going another round with him. Chad says he wants to be with Whitney and it’s as simple as that, but Fox tells him to shut his sick mouth up. Julian tells them both to settle down, that fighting won’t help anyone, then tells Chad to stop making these declarations of love for his sister. Eve says Julian is right, that they know it’s a confusing time for him and for Whitney as well. He says that’s because she still loves him, but she says no one doubts he’s hurting, that finding his parents cost him Whitney, but the truth has cost them all a great deal, but they have to live with the consequences, there is no other way, and that means he and Whitney can never be together again the way they once were. He tells her they can, too, and Fox says he’s turning into a little pervert. Chad tells them he doesn’t want to be intimate with her, he just wants them to live together so he can be there for her, help her raise her baby. Fox says it’s his baby, that he and Whitney will raise their baby. Julian says he’s right, that his ideas for him and Whitney are taboo in our society. Chad says to hell with taboos, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he wants to be with Whitney. He turns and they look at each other as Fox shakes his head. (commercial)

Fox tells Chad to stop saying he wants to be with Whitney or heíll kill him before he lets that happen. Ivy tells him to calm down, but he says he wonít, not while Whitneyís brother is still after her. Ivy says she agrees itís troubling, but itís also one-sided. Julian says thatís a good point, and Ivy continues, saying Chad may want to be with Whitney, but surely she doesnít want to be with Chad now sheís in love with Fox.

Fox tells her to tell Chad she loves Fox, that sheíd never choose Chad over her. Chad tells her to let her talk for herself, and she looks at them all, then starts walking away. Eve tells her not to do this, that she will never forgive herself, but Whitney tells her itís all her fault, that sheís ruined her life and Chadís, then runs out, with Eve following.

Jessica drinks the last of the beer, then says it’s good to the last drop. Randy takes her empty mug and moves her soda back in front of her, then motions for the bartender to bring him another beer. He tells her they are going to have one heck of a party tonight. He pushes his untouched beer to her and tells her bottoms up, then adds “The mug’s, for now.” She giggles, then starts gulping it down.

Luis tells Sheridan he loves her and he never meant to hurt her with the thing about her mother. She says he did, he drove her mother away and that hurt her more than she’ll ever know. He says he’s sorry, and she says she is too, sorry that she ever loved a man who could never listen to her, never understand what she wanted or needed. He says that’s not true, but she continues, saying what she’s most sorry for is the way he treated Katherine, that she wasn’t perfect but she had a good heart, full of love for both of them. Martin says that’s true, and Luis says no one asked him. Sheridan goes on, saying he made her mother feel they couldn’t be happy so long as she was around, so she left. She says he made her feel like he would never forgive her and now she will never forgive him. Alistair laughs and quietly tells Sheridan to go ahead and kick him out of her life.

Theresa asks Sam if he thinks Interpol will find the jet and bring Jane back. He says they have agreed to work with the military and the FAA to fix the position of the jet and it’s projected destination. She thanks him, saying Ethan told her he would come through for them. He tells her not to get her hopes up, it’s a big world and Gwen and the baby could be anywhere.

Ethan tells Rebecca that Gwen is not gone for good, that his father is working to track down the plane and they will bring them back to Harmony. She tells him Gwen is so much better alone with the baby than she ever would be with him, a husband who doesn’t love her. He says he does love her, but Rebecca screeches that he doesn’t love her, that he may pity her and maybe even care for her, but not in the way he should. She says he never loved her the way she deserved, that she was always just the nice, respectable girl on his arm, the future trophy wife who would be so good at business meetings. She tells him once he saw Theresa, Gwen didn’t stand a chance. He tells her that’s not true, but she says she saw the look in his eyes when he looked at Pilar’s daughter, that she knew she would be trouble but it was the kind of trouble he wanted. He says no, but she says she was the kind of girl who wasn’t too proud or squeamish to do whatever he wanted, and he tells her not to talk about her that way. She keeps on, saying she tried to warn Gwen that he couldn’t be trusted with Theresa but she ignored her, that she could never see beyond her love for him. She says even after Theresa drove her insane she thought of him as her champion, her wonderful, devoted husband, not Theresa’s next husband. She says she’s so glad she got her out of there before he found her, and that she hates him. She says because of his itch for Theresa she has lost her daughter forever, but at least she knows Gwen and the baby will be happy, and that he and his bitch from the barrio will never see that baby again. He tells her she is wrong, that he will bring back his wife and his daughter. She just stares daggers through him. (commercial)

Jessica glugs down the last of the beer and tells Randy to drink up, that she is ahead of him two beers to one. He tells her he would rather drink her up with his eyes, causing her to giggle and say that was corny, but cute. He tells her he means it, that she is so hot. She tells him he’s hot, too, and that she thinks she feels his temperature rising. He says it’s definitely getting up there, then says they should dance, show the people how it’s done. She agrees and they start dancing very suggestively.

Julian tells Chad he can’t have a relationship with his sister, that it isn’t natural. Chad says he’s not sure Julian is qualified to give him advice on what’s natural considering all the freaky sex games he and Rebecca used to play. Julian says Rebecca isn’t his sister, but Whitney is his. Chad says he doesn’t want to hook up with Whitney, just live with her. Julian says he can’t, but he asks why not, saying he loves her and wants to be with her, and he thinks deep down she still wants to be with him, too. Outside, Eve tells Whitney she can’t be considering Chad’s proposal. She says she can’t, that it’s not right, it’s unnatural, and that living in sin with her own brother flies in the face of everything the church has taught her. She tells her to please say she’s not considering it. Whitney says nothing, but Eve looks in her eyes and cries “NO!”

Rebecca tells Ethan he’s never going to win this one, that it’s too late for him to be Theresa’s Knight in Shining Armor because Gwen and the baby are gone for good, and she, for one, says “Bon Voyage.” She says Theresa destroyed Gwen’s marriage, her chance at being a mother, and finally her mind, that after all they’ve put her through she deserves to have a baby of her own, and what would be better than having her raise Theresa and Ethan’s baby, saying all’s well that end’s well. She says Gwen is a mommy now, and he and Theresa will never see the baby again. Theresa has rolled close enough to hear that, and she says “No!”

Sheridan tells Luis he could have kept this from happening, but he made her feel like she had to leave, but she didn’t want her to, and now she’s lost her mother again and it’s all his fault. He grovels at her feet, telling her he’s sorry he hurt her, that he will go find Sam and they will go find Katherine and he’ll bring her back to her, but she tells him she doesn’t believe him because she thinks he’d lie to her. She says he would just tell her he couldn’t find her, then tells Sam to go find her mother, that he is the only one she can trust. Luis tells her not to shut him out, that the last thing her mother wanted was to come between them. She tells him she has, and he made sure of that. Luis tells her he gets it, that he will go find Katherine and bring her back, but she tells him it’s just too little, too late and walks away. He calls her name and goes after her, and Alistair, still snooping around, crows that it should be better late than never.


Chad, to Fox: “You’re scared that maybe she wants to be with me just like I want to be with her.”

Kay, to bartender: “We’re looking for my little sister, Jessica. Has she been in here tonight?”

Rebecca, to Theresa: “Now that the baby’s gone, you’re going to have a whole lot of time on your hands.”

Theresa’s reply: “Shut up!”

Sheridan’s reply: “All right, shut up, both of you!”

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