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Passions Update Wednesday 2/23/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

The first scene was a repeat of Fox asking Whitney if the ring is too big or the diamond too small, etc. Chad comes in looking for Whitney, and Fox gets upset, asking if he canít see they are trying to have a private moment.

Chad says heís sorry, then tells Whitney he needs to talk to her, that itís important. Eve is upset, telling Julian she canít stand this, but he tells her they need to stay out of it. Fox tells Chad he has the worst timing of anyone heís ever known, but Chad tells him thatís tough. Fox says in case he hasnít made himself clear, he wants Chad to beat it. Chad says heís not going anywhere until he talks to Whitney, but Fox tells him heís not talking to her, that she hasnít even answered his question yet. Chad asks what question, and Fox asks Whitney again if sheíll marry him. Chad tells him no, she wonít marry him.

At the airport, they have Theresa trying to get Ethan to stop the plane and him saying it’s too late, then Theresa sees Rebecca and they all stop her and ask how she managed to get Gwen and the baby on the plane. Sheridan sees her father with the black box and remembers when Antonio was blown up on the Crane jet, and Luis said Alistair caused it.

Gwen calms the baby and Katherine tells her they can still stop the plane since they are only taxiing down the runway. Gwen says no, she’s going wherever the plane takes them, then says she thinks Ashley would like to see Paris. Katherine tells her the baby is too young to be happy anywhere except with her mother, and Gwen says that she’s a lucky girl, then, since she’ll be with her mother no matter where they land. Katherine says she doesn’t seem to understand, that she doesn’t have a round trip ticket, she’s not coming back. Gwen says that’s fine with her, she doesn’t care if she never sees Harmony again, that the people there don’t understand her and she thinks she and Ashley will be better off somewhere else. Katherine tells her Ashley is not her child, she belongs in Harmony with Theresa, her mother. Gwen tells her she doesn’t want to hear it, but Katherine says it’s the truth, that the police have an all-points bulletin out on her and they will call this an abduction. She tells her to listen to her, even though she doesn’t want to, then says it’s not about Theresa, it’s about Ethan, that he’s worried about her and the baby, and that he will be her attorney and help her when she gets back. Gwen tells her to stop talking about Ethan and that Ashley isn’t hers, that she is hers and no one will come between them again. As the plane starts moving faster, she tells Katherine that it’s too late anyway, since they are accelerating for takeoff. Katherine cries “NO!” and Sheridan does the same on the ground. Alistair is counting 3, 2, 1 and then pushes a button on the little black box he’s holding. Luis asks Sheridan why she screamed, and she tells him that Alistair is going to blow up the plane, just like he did Antonio’s. Ethan and the others are shocked, and Martin goes after Alistair, calling him a bastard. Sheridan tells him it’s too late, as soon as the plane gets up in the air it will blow up. They all cry about the loved ones that are on board, then start running to try to stop the plane. Alistair stands back, telling them all to run all they want to, it’s too late to stop it now. (commercial)

As they all chase the plane, yelling for it to stop and bemoaning the fact their different loved ones are on the plane that will explode shortly, they realize they are too late and there is no way to stop it.

None of them can believe itís happening, and they pray to God that their loved ones donít die. Martin tells Alistair he should have killed him when he had the chance, that he could have saved Katherine and Theresaís baby. Alistair asks about all his theatrics, saying he thought heíd be happy to only have one wife to answer to now. He acts like he is going to beat the tar out of him, but Pilar steps up to stop him. Alistair tells him to get his mitts off him, and Martin does, telling him his time will come. Alistair mockingly says ďReally?Ē, and Pilar tells Martin to calm down, then calls Alistair a cold-blooded killer. Alistair says they are all running around like blathering idiots, that he isnít trying to kill anyone. Luis asks what that remote in his hand was for, and he shows them itís a lighter for his cigars. Alistair starts to ask if any of them would like to apologize, then realizes they wouldnít and laughs as he lights his cigar.

As the plane lifts off, Gwen bounces Jane around and tells her they did it, they are in the air and everything is ok, that Theresa will never find them and it will just be the two of them forever. Katherine tells her gently that she can’t do this, that she is kidnapping the baby and that is a serious offense. Gwen asks if she’d like her to list some of the offenses Theresa has done to her, but Katherine tells her that’s not the point, but Gwen says it is the point, and if she doesn’t get Ashley as far away as she can Theresa will come after them and there’s no telling what she will do. Katherine tells her the baby isn’t hers, but Gwen ignores her, talking to the baby, telling her they need to get far, far away, maybe not to Paris, maybe Italy is better because they like babies. She sets the baby in the car seat and tells her it doesn’t matter where they go as long as it’s far, far away and Theresa can’t ever find them again. Katherine is watching this in horror, and Gwen turns to her, telling her she doesn’t know what Theresa is like or what she is capable of when she doesn’t get her own way. She says she might even come after them and kidnap the baby, and she would have to do it over Gwen’s dead body. Katherine gets up and Gwen tells her to stay in her seat. Katherine tells her that kidnapping is a serious offense and she’s left her no choice, heading toward the phone. Gwen jumps up and grabs her, holding a knife to her throat and saying the way she sees it, Katherine has no choice at all.

Fox asks Chad what the hell he’s doing, that he has no right answering for Whitney. Chad says he thinks he does, but Fox says he’s completely off his rocker, that he and Whitney already live together and it’s only a matter of making it legal, that he needs to get over it because he and Whitney are going to be a real family before their baby is born. Chad tells him he didn’t hear Whitney say that’s what she wanted. Whitney tries to stop him, but Chad asks her to go somewhere quiet with him so they can talk. Whitney says there’s nothing left for them to say, but he says there is and she needs to hear it tonight, now. Fox tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him and he can get it straight as he heads on down the road. Chad says he’s going nowhere until he’s talked to her, but Fox says it’s a grave misunderstanding, that she is with him now and has been ever since the two of them broke up. Chad says they didn’t break up because they wanted to, only because they found out Eve is his mother, too. Fox says that’s right, she’s his sister, then asks if that’s something he’s forgotten, too. Chad tells him he hasn’t forgotten it, that he lives with it every minute of his life, that he wishes he could forget it, and that’s why he has to talk to her now. She tells him they’ve been through this before, that it’s over, and Fox asks how many ways she has to say it to him, then tells him to get lost. He says it doesn’t matter, that it’s important and he needs to talk to her. Fox tells him he doesn’t, then slugs him. (commercial)

Whitney and Eve rush to help Chad, as Eve tells Fox to stop it. Julian asks what’s gotten in to him, and he is upset, asking what he’s talking about, that he’s here trying to propose to Whitney , the woman who is having his baby in a few months, and Chad comes barging in as if she’s his girlfriend or something. He tells Chad that he has nothing to say about what Whitney does anymore, then asks if he understands. Chad tells Whitney he still needs to talk to her, but Eve tells him to leave it alone. Julian asks if he is ok and he says he will be once he can talk to Whitney. Fox starts to call Chad a son of a….but Julian stops him, telling him that’s enough. Fox gets angry, saying here he goes again, then asks why it’s copasetic with Julian whenever Chad does anything, but if he does something, he gets a black mark. Julian says he has no idea how wrong he is, but fighting his brother won’t solve anything. Fox says the hell it won’t, that it will make him feel better if nothing else. Julian reminds Fox that tonight was supposed to be about making Whitney feel better, and fighting with his brother isn’t going to do that. Fox says Chad is trying to come between them, that he’s on his knees proposing to the woman of his dreams so when their child is born it can have his name and Chad comes barging in as if he has anything to say about it. Julian tells him he can only imagine how hard it must be for him, but Fox says he has no right to be there during one of the most important times of his life and asks how he can see it any other way. Julian tells Chad he hates to take sides but Fox is right, he really shouldn’t be there, but Chad says that’s tough, because he’s not going anywhere until he talks to Whitney. Everyone looks at her.

Katherine yells for help as Gwen holds her with the knife to her throat. Gwen says one more word out of her and she’ll use it, pushing the woman away from her and asking if she really wants to distract the pilot, saying it could be dangerous. Katherine catches her breath, then tells Gwen she really isn’t her enemy, and in fact, she’s liked her since she first met her. Gwen says she barely knows her, but Katherine says she does know her, better than she thinks. She tells her that Sheridan has talked about her a lot, about how she’s meant so much in her life, and that despite what’s gone down between them lately, she still considers her to be her best friend, and that makes Gwen very important to Katherine. Gwen says Sheridan was the only one who understood how hard it was on her when she lost Sarah, and Katherine says she told her about that. Gwen goes on, saying when Theresa tricked her and took the place of her surrogate, Sheridan felt bad about it because she knew it was her only chance to have her own biological child. Katherine says that’s because of her own loss, and Gwen says it all worked out ok, because the baby is hers and Ethan’s. Katherine says she’s glad it turned out so well and that she thinks Sheridan would love to hear that, that she thinks they should call her and let her know about it. Gwen asks if she thinks she’s seriously an idiot, then tells her she knows what Katherine is trying to do and it’s not going to work, that she won’t let her, or Sheridan, or anyone else take her baby from her again, she’d rather die.

Luis tells Alistair he should arrest him right now, but Alistair asks for what, smoking a cigar in a private airport, then says he doesn’t think Luis has much of a case. Pilar says he let them believe he was going to blow up the plane, but he tells them it was his daughter who planted that little nugget in their miniscule brains. Martin tells him he’s garbage, but Theresa tells them to stop, saying her daughter is on that plane. Pilar says at least the baby is all right, but Theresa says they don’t know where Gwen is taking her. Sheridan says her mother is on the plane, too, and who knows what’s going on in that cabin. Luis asks Alistair where the plane is headed and he says it could be going just about anywhere. Martin tells him he’s a liar, that he owns the plane and he damn well knows where it’s headed. Alistair says this time he doesn’t, but Ethan tells him to tell them where the plane is taking their daughter. The old man says he really doesn’t know, but Ethan says he controls everything in town and he has to know. Alistair agrees that he does control everything, but this time he doesn’t know where the plane is going, that his guess is as good as Alistair’s. Luis tells him either to tell him where the plane is headed or else, and Alistair tells him they don’t have time for violence and he has no idea where the plane is going. Martin tells him he doesn’t believe him, then asks where he’s sending Katherine. Alistair says it amazes him that Martin is still in love with the woman he himself thoroughly despises. He says he never wants to see her again, and that he told Katherine that when she came to him for help to leave Martin. Theresa says someone has to know where the plane is going, and Ethan says someone does, then asks Rebecca where it’s headed. She says she has no idea, that she just wanted to help Gwen get away and never thought to ask where they were going. Theresa calls her a liar, then rolls to her and pins her against a counter and starts beating on her, telling her to tell them where the plane is going. (commercial)

As the others stand watching, Theresa beats and shakes Rebecca, demanding she tell her where Gwen and Jane are at, asking how she could have helped her get away and calling her a bitch, among other things. Rebecca screams and hollers ow, telling them to get this banshee off of her. Reluctantly Luis goes over and separates the two, allowing Rebecca to get away. She tells him he certainly took his sweet time as Theresa begs him to let her beat it out of her. Ethan says it wonít help anything, but she says she wants her daughter back and she knows Rebecca knows where they are. Alistair tells them she is telling the truth, that she doesnít know where they are going, either. Luis yells that someone has to know where they plane is going. Alistair says someone does and when they asks who, he says his wifeÖ.or, rather, Martinís mistress. He says when she came begging him for help getting away from Martin, he acted like a man of generosity and forgiveness and decided to help her. Sheridan asks where she wanted to go, and he tells her she wanted to get as far away as possible, a place where she and Martin would never be able to find her, and that she didnít even tell him where that was.

Martin says he believes that, and Alistair tells them that unless she decides to contact one of them they will never know where she went and theyíll never see her again.

Katherine tells Gwen she doesn’t want to hurt her, but Gwen says she’s lying, that everyone is on Theresa’s side and she wonders why everyone listens to her over Gwen. Katherine says that isn’t so, but Gwen says it is, then lists all the things she blames Theresa for, saying she isn’t the criminal, Theresa is. Katherine tells her she understands and is sorry for all her losses, that if she will just let her tell the captain to turn the plane around she will stand up for her against the police, or even in court, if it goes that far. Gwen doesn’t believe her, saying Luis is an officer and he’s Theresa’s brother, and he will lock her up and throw away the key and she’ll never see Ashley again. Katherine says not if people understand why she broke down, that they will get her the best doctors to help her. Gwen isn’t interested in shrinks, that she wants to get away from Luis and Theresa and anyone who wants to keep her from her baby. Jane starts fussing and she tells Katherine that her baby needs her now.

Fox tells Chad he doesnít understand, what more does he want, that Whitneyís already told him there is nothing more to say to each other. Chad says he has a lot to say, and Fox suggests he save it for another day. Chad says heís sorry, but he canít, it will be too late, then begs Whitney to talk to him. Fox says if itís that important he can just spit it out right there and then be on his way and they can get back to what they were doing. Chad says itís private, and Fox tells him to forget it. Chad asks what heís scared of, that if he talks to Whitney for five minutes he will lose her. Fox sarcastically says he is horrified and petrified by that thought.

Chad asks whatís the problem, then, and Fox says the problem is he is sick of him harassing them, that heís acting like some sick stalker who canít move on with his life. He tells him to get over it. Chad says maybe he will after he talks to Whitney, and Fox tells him no. Whitney, however, says yes, she will talk to him for a few minutes, only because she wants the arguing to stop. Chad thanks her, and Fox asks if sheís sure she wants to do this. She tells him sheíll be right back and walks away with Chad. Fox watches them go, then asks what is so important that he has to interrupt the biggest moment of his life. Ivy says she doesnít know, but once itís over they can get back to his proposal. Eve asks Julian if he saw how intense Chad looks, and he tells her it can only mean one thing, that heís figured out the baby Whitney is carrying is his. (commercial)

Eve tells Julian he can’t be right, then asks how he could have found out he is the father of Whitney’s baby. He tells her he doesn’t know, but it looks like he put it together. Eve says she was hoping Whitney would tell them the truth in her own way, and Julian says he doesn’t know if she would ever have gotten there, but to have it come out like this is….Eve asks what he thinks will happen now, and he says he’s sure Fox will be crushed, that he’s so in love with Whitney and he’s looking forward to being a father to the baby he thinks is his. They hear Fox yell “What the hell?”, and he complains to Ivy that Chad just barged in on his marriage proposal. She tells him she doesn’t blame him for being upset, but with any luck he’ll be gone in a few minutes. Fox says it won’t be soon enough for him. Ivy agrees, but says Whitney and Chad have a long history and it’s not easy for him to let her go. He tells her when you find out you’re dating your sister, you just let go.

Chad tells Whitney he’s sorry he barged in like this, but he knew if he waited he would lose his nerve and his chance, and it looks like he was right. She asks what’s so important he had to barge in on her and Fox that way, that she meant what she said, they have nothing left to say. He says that’s where she’s wrong, that they never got closure on their relationship. She tells him you don’t get closure when you end a relationship like this, it’s kind of done for you. He says that may be so, but shutting someone out and moving on with other partners doesn’t exactly deal with their feelings. He reminds her they were everything to each other for a long time, and were even going to marry, then asks if she has forgotten all that. She says no, then remembers their time together and how much in love and happy they were. Music plays, something about wishing she could turn back time, as the scenes of them together flash across the screen and in her mind. When it’s over, she asks how she could forget some of the happiest times of her life, and why he’s making her remember something they can never have again. He tells her that’s just it, they can have it again. (commercial)

Theresa tells them they have to find where that plane is headed, because once it lands, Gwen will take the baby and disappear forever. Ethan agrees, saying they need answers, and they need them now. Sheridan tells Luis that he mother said such hateful things about him earlier because she was trying to make it easier for her to hate her, and Martin adds that Katherine thought her presence was a huge impediment to her and Luis’ relationship and that was a big motivation for her to leave. Sheridan is thrilled to hear that, saying it means her mother does love her, that she’s trying to do what she thinks is best for her and that she’d do anything to have her back again. She tells him she hates her father for taking her mother away from her again. Luis tells the others that every pilot has to file a flight plan, and Ethan agrees, so they take of to Air Traffic Control to find out what their plan says.

Gwen is calming the baby down, and Katherine picks the knife up from where Gwen had laid it when she picked the baby up. Gwen turns and sees her holding it, getting scared and asking her not to hurt them. Katherine says she’s not going to hurt them, that she wants her to sit down so she can talk some reason into her. Gwen tells her to promise she won’t make her go back to Harmony, and she sits. The captain comes out and grabs Katherine, taking the knife away from her and asking what the hell is going on. Katherine tells him she took the knife away from Gwen, that she was threatening her with it. He says he should have stayed with FedEx. Gwen asks who’s flying the plane, saying she doesn’t want to crash, and he says it’s on auto pilot. Katherine tells him she wants him to turn the plane around and go back to Harmony, but

Gwen says she promised her. Katherine tells her she’s sorry, but in time she’ll understand it’s for the best, then asks the captain what he’s waiting for. He tells her they are on autopilot and they are not going back to the airport. She says he doesn’t understand, but he says he understands he’s working for Mr. Crane and his orders are not to go back to Harmony. She tells him this is a kidnapping in progress, that the baby doesn’t belong to Gwen and unless he wants to be charged with aiding and abetting a capital crime…. He tells her he’s just doing his job, but she says his job is obeying the law, not breaking it, then tells him to turn the plane around. He tells her to make up her mind, that he was told she needed to leave the country. She says she did, and she still does, but she had no idea Gwen would be on the plane with that baby and he needs to turn the plane around and go back now. He says he’s sorry but Mr. Crane is his boss and he will have his hide if he disobeys him. She asks where they are headed, and he says he doesn’t know, that she is supposed to be the one telling him. (commercial)

She says she thought Alistair was giving him the instructions, but he says he only gave him some envelopes, telling him his instructions were inside and that she was to pick one and that would be where they were going. She tells him that’s crazy, that she wants to go back to Harmony, but he says that’s not an option so she’d better pick one or they ran the risk of running out of fuel over the ocean. She asks if he’s seriously going to transport a woman committing a kidnapping to God knows where. Gwen tells her if she’s not going to pick one, she will, and grabs one, handing it to the pilot and telling him to take them wherever that says. Katherine tells him no.

Luis walks into the controllers office and tells the man he needs some information about the Crane jet that just left. The man says he has to go through the proper channels, that no one is allowed in there except airport personnel. Luis flashes his badge, then tells the man that the others are with him, and asks where the jet was headed. He says he canít tell him that. Luis tells him heíd better unless he wants to be arrested for aiding and abetting a kidnapping. He says he still canít, but Alistair tells him to tell Luis all he knows.

The man says he doesnít know where or when the plane is landing. Ethan asks why not, and he says he just looked at the paperwork and found that the pilot didnít finish it, there is no destination or flight plan listed. Theresa asks if heís sure, saying her baby is on the plane and she canít lose her. Ethan asks if he can check the radar to see where itís headed, and the man does so, saying itís going north by northeast, heading towardsÖÖthen stops. Ethan asks whatís wrong, and the man says the plane just disappeared from their radar. They are all upset, and Pilar asks if it means the plane crashed. The man says he doesnít think so, itís more like the pilot turned off all communication with flight control, and without that, they donít know where heís at.

Julian tells Eve it will kill Fox to find out the baby isn’t his. Eve says she knows it will turn his world upside down, then asks about Chad and Whitney, how they will handle it. Julian says he doesn’t know, but it’s best it come out now rather than after Whitney marries Fox. Ivy is comforting Fox as he says he can’t believe Chad is still trying to pull the possessive with Whitney, that she’s his sister and what could he possibly have to say to her.

Whitney tells Chad she can’t believe he just said what he did. He says he never meant anything more in his life, that he got a job at Crane Industries and gave it his all, but he couldn’t get her out of his head. She tells him she knows that’s not true because she knows he was hot and heavy with Valerie. He says that’s how her scarf got to his office, and she says yes, they were making love and it looked like he was enjoying himself. He tells her he was thinking about her, and she tells him not to say that. He says he’s sorry if it upsets her, that he started seeing Valerie to get over her, but it didn’t work, she can’t get him out of his mind. She tells him to stop saying those things, that they have the same mother and he has to stop thinking of her like that. He says it’s not that easy. She says to let it be hard, then, but they have to get on with their lives and stop thinking about each other that way. He tells her he can’t, that he loves her too much. (commercial)

The captain reads the contents of the envelope, then tears it to shreds. Katherine asks what he’s doing, and Gwen asks where they are going. He tells them no one told him he had to tell them until they were there, then excuses himself, saying he has a plane to fly. Katherine follows him to the cockpit, banging on the locked door and telling him to open it and tell her where they are headed. Gwen comes in and says who cares, as long as it’s far away, which it probably is. She says she thinks it’s brilliant of Alistair to keep their destination a secret until they get there, then tells her to sit down and relax, and that she hopes they are going somewhere warm so Ashley can get plenty of fresh air and sunshine.

Martin tells the man he has to get the plane on his radar, and he says he’s doing the best he can. He calls the plane over the radio and there is no answer. He says the pilot has everything shut down, just as he thought. Theresa cries about their baby, and Rebecca says “Oh, please!” Theresa asks if she’s enjoying the fact that her bitch of a daughter has stolen her baby. Rebecca says she’s always believed in an eye for an eye. Pilar tells her she’s done a lot of horrible things to Theresa, but this is by far the most heinous. Rebecca asks if that’s what she really thinks, because she thinks it pales in comparison to what Theresa has done to her Gwennie, and in fact, if anyone caused Gwen to snap, it was Theresa.

Pilar asks how dare she, that Theresa is in a wheelchair because of Gwen and she may never see her baby again. Theresa is overcome, and Ethan kneels beside her, telling her it will be ok, they will find the baby. Rebecca says if itís any consolation, sheís sure Gwen will treat the baby well, that she actually believes she is hers so thereís no reason for all this moaning. Theresa cries for her baby, and Martin is heartbroken that Katherine is gone. Pilar says he told her heíd never leave Katherine, but it appears sheís left him, so whatís he going to do now. Sheridan says she just found her mother again, then asks what sheís going to do now that sheís lost her again. Luis goes to her and says heís sorry, but she pushes him away, telling him he is not, that heís wanted her gone ever since he found out who she was. She says she bets heís happy now that heís gotten what he wants. He tells her he isnít, but she calls him a liar and walks away from him. He is shocked.

Eve tells Julian that one thing has been made clear tonight, and that is that their kids still need them more than ever. Fox decides time is up and gets up. Ivy asks where he’s going, following him toward the house. He says he’s going to go find out what’s so important that Chad had to interrupt his proposal to Whitney. Eve watches them, telling Julian they can’t let them go in there since there’s no telling what they’ll walk in on. Inside the house, Whitney tells Chad she doesn’t want to hear him say those words again. He says that’s too bad, because they are true, that he still loves her now as much as he ever did. She tells him to stop it, that it is disgusting. He says that’s the only lie that’s been told tonight, that there is nothing about his love for her that is disgusting, it is real, it is deep, and it is true. He says he wants to get back together with her and that he needs to be with her. Fox and the others come in and hear the last of Chad’s words, and Fox tells him he’s a sick bastard, then runs and tackles him as Whitney screams at him.


Sheridan, to Luis: “I lost my mother once before and now I’ve lost her again, and it’s because of you! This is all your fault!”

Jessica, to Randy: “I’m free to do anything I want tonight, Randy, anything.”

Rebecca, to Ethan: “Gwen is gone for good, and Theresa is never going to get her baby back!”

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