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Passions Update Tuesday 2/22/05
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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In the Bennett living room, Fox, Ivy, and Julian wait for Eve and Whitney to get through talking in the kitchen. Ivy asks Fox who he called and he says he figured out a way to help get Whitney out of the funk she’s been in. They hear the women’s raised voices as Eve tries to get Whitney to understand she is killing her baby by not eating and taking care of herself and Fox wants to go in and help calm them down. Julian tells him to wait and give them a chance to work it out themselves, then tells him to work on his plan for Whitney. Fox tells Ivy he was hoping she would help him with it and she says she’d love to. They start to go when they hear Whitney yell “NO!” at her mother. Fox starts to go in there, but Julian again tells him to leave them alone, he will help them if it’s needed. Fox and Ivy go outside, as Eve and Whitney continue their battle. Julian wishes he could help her somehow, but doesn’t know what help anyone can give her since she’s carrying her brother’s child. Whitney tells Eve to leave her alone, but her mother tells her she can’t let her make the biggest mistake of her life. Whitney tells her the biggest mistake was the first time she slept with Chad, and Eve tells her she didn’t know he was her half-brother. Whitney says that doesn’t matter, that she is pregnant with his child and it will be a freak. Eve tells her not to talk that way, that the baby will have genetic challenges. Whitney tells her to be real, that the baby will be born with God knows how many genetic defects. Eve says they will only be exacerbated if she doesn’t give the baby the nourishment it needs to grow and thrive, and she is not going to let Whitney kill her grandchild.

Chad picks Whitney’s scarf up from the back of a chair. Valerie sees him and asks about it. He says he wishes he’d had more time with her so he could ask how it got by his office. Valerie tells him he’s freaking her out and he asks how. She asks if he remembers she’s his sister and he can never be with her again. He says he doesn’t know that at all.

Sheridan says she feels weird, and Beth says she hopes it’s not the tea, that hers was delicious. Edna whispers to her that Sheridan’s tea might have been bitter since she put enough sleeping pills in it to kill a horse. She calls her Lucretia Borgia, asking if she’s happy now. Beth smirks and says it’s about time she got rid of her for keeps, as Sheridan lays on the sofa, fighting sleep.

Martin walks into the room at the B&B, calling Katherine’s name. He looks around and doesn’t see her, then wonders what’s keeping her, hoping it’s not Alistair. There is an envelope addressed to him on a table.

In the airplane, Katherine thinks about the fact she will never see Martin again, or Julian. She wonders why they aren’t taking off, then takes out her phone and dials Alistair. He answers, saying he didn’t know she cared, and she tells him she doesn’t, she’s just wondering why the plane hasn’t taken off yet. He makes a smart-aleck remark about her being in such a hurry to get away from Martin and Sheridan. She says she isn’t, that she just wants to know why they haven’t taken off yet. He tells her he will find out and hangs up. She tells herself that it can’t have anything to do with her since Alistair is the only one who knows she’s leaving. Gwen, hiding in another compartment, worries that Theresa will find them and take the baby away from her.

Ethan and Luis jump out of their car and run toward the airplane as Pilar and Theresa wait inside, yelling at them to get the baby. Rebecca is worried when she sees someone heading toward the plane, and wonders if they are going to stop it and why. Alistair says he doesn’t know, then remembers when Antonio’s plane blew up, and him holding a little black box with a button he pushed to cause the explosion. He tells Rebecca not to worry, that the plane will take off as ordered. As Luis runs on the tarmac, yelling at the plane to stop, Theresa is in the car doing the same thing and telling Ethan not to let it take off. (commercial)

Valerie tells him he doesn’t mean what he said, but he says he’s sorry, but he does. He then asks why he and Whitney can’t be together. She says if she has to explain it to him, but he cuts her off, saying he knows she’s his sister, but it doesn’t mean he has to stop caring about her. Valerie says not in that way, that it’s gross, but he says nothing about his feelings for Whitney are gross. He tells Valerie he likes her and all, but even when they are making love he’s thinking about Whitney, that he still loves her. Valerie looks grossed out.

Whitney says her mother makes it sound like she wants to hurt her own baby, and Eve tells her if she doesn’t eat and take the vitamins she’s just as negligent as any parent who ever starved a child. Whitney is shocked, but even more so when Julian speaks up and tells her to listen to her mother, that the fact Chad is the father of the baby isn’t important, it’s still her baby. Whitney is shocked that he knows, asking Eve if she told him. Eve says he’s the only other person who knows. Whitney says she ratted her out to Julian, the father of both Chad and Fox, and asks how she could have done that to her. Eve says it just came out, but Whitney tells her that’s a lousy excuse, that she was so desperate for someone to talk to that she trusted her and now she’s stabbed her in the back. She screeches “Damn it!”, slaps her, and says she hates her.

Precious is sitting on the sofa, holding Sheridan’s hand, then jumps down and runs to Edna, who kneels down as Precious talks to her. She is very happy with what she hears, laughing and asking Precious to cross her heart and hope to die. Beth rolls her eyes and asks if her mother can understand what the orangutan tells her now. Edna says they have no trouble communicating, that she is more human than Beth is. Beth asks what she told her, and Edna says they will just say things may not turn out as Beth wants with Sheridan. Beth says they will too, then tells them to look at her and starts swooning, falling and barely hanging on to the back of the chair she was standing by. Edna laughs and tells Precious it was well done, that she had warned Bethie that whatever goes around, comes around. Beth hangs on the back of the chair, unable to move or open her eyes.

Martin paces the floor of the room, wondering where Katherine is. He finally sees the envelope, takes the letter inside out and starts reading. Katherine says it’s the hardest letter she’s ever had to write, but she feels it’s best to make a clean break and she’ s leaving Harmony and him forever.

Pilar helps Theresa into her wheelchair as the girl says she wants to be out there to hold her baby as soon as they get her off the plane. Katherine looks out the window of the plane and sees people running toward it, hoping one of them isn’t Martin. In the other compartment, Gwen says “Or God forbid, Theresa.” She says Theresa can’t stop the plane, not when she is so close to leaving with her baby. Ethan and Luis run after the plane, telling it to stop, turn off it’s engines. Alistair and Rebecca also run after it, telling it not to stop. Rebecca gets upset when she sees it is stopping. Ethan thinks the pilot heard them, and Theresa is excited that she is finally getting her baby back. Alistair is furious, and Katherine and Gwen, inside the plane, are both upset, too. Theresa and Ethan have a tender moment as she thankfully tells him he was right, she is going to get their baby back. (commercial)

Sheridan comes to, shaking her head and sitting up. She says she must have gotten a head rush when she stood up to quickly earlier.

She sees Beth hanging on the back of the chair, asking if she’s all right. Edna says it doesn’t seem so, and Sheridan gets up and rushes over to her. She picks her up and helps her to the sofa, then asks if she’s eaten anything today. Edna says that’s probably it, and Sheridan goes to make some toast. Edna says she’s just sweetness itself, and as soon as she’s out of the room she tells Beth she doesn’t think toast will do the trick, asking if she agrees. Beth asks what’s wrong with her, and Edna tells her she must have been so busy trying to poison Sheridan and make it look like an accident that she must have missed Precious switching the cups. Beth looks towards Precious and says she’s going to kill her, falling over instead. Edna sits her back up, then tells her once the pills take full effect she won’t feel a thing. Beth realizes she needs to get them out of her system and tries to stand and go to the restroom, but falls to her knees and crawls out. Sheridan comes in from the kitchen, passing her and asking what happened. Edna says it must have been something she ate….or drank. Precious sits in her chair with a big grin on her face.

Katherine’s letter continues: she tells him he sacrificed his family for her, and she hopes by leaving she will allow them to reconcile, so he can be the father and husband he would have been if she hadn’t interfered with his life. She tells him to stay in Harmony and then says that’s not the only reason she’s leaving. She says that she’s caused a lot of pain and friction between Luis and Sheridan and if she leaves they can have a chance for the future they deserve. Martin isn’t happy with what he’s reading. She goes on, telling him he can’t know how sorry she is for hurting him and Sheridan and saying she hopes her leaving will bring only good things for them, then says she loves him and always will, and signs her name. He quietly asks where she’s gone, then takes out his phone and calls her number. On the plane, her phone rings, and she sees who it is and turns it off, then tells him she’s so sorry.

A man tells Ethan and Luis that they can’t stop this plane and block the jet’s takeoff. Luis says they can because his sister’s baby is on that plane. Theresa tells him a psychotic woman kidnapped her baby and it’s on that plane and they need to get her off. The man tells her they have the wrong plane, that there are no passengers, only medical equipment. She says that can’t be true, and Ethan tells him the Crane jet can carry up to 16 passengers. The man says that may be, but this isn’t the Crane jet, that it’s the same model, but it’s not that one, then says Alistair doesn’t keep his planes here any more, he keeps them and the corporate airport across town, on Route 110. Ethan and Theresa are very upset.

Alistair demands to know why his jet was denied takeoff, and the man tells him it wasn’t him, the pilot remembered he hadn’t filled out the paperwork for customs he needs to have when they land. Alistair tells him to forget about paperwork, that he doesn’t need it, then reminds him of bribes. The man mentions International security, but Alistair tells him to forget it, he wants the plane off the ground right now, and the man says ok. Alistair tells him to get out, and Rebecca agrees, telling him to take care of her Gwen. Inside the plane, Gwen tells the baby they are finally going to take off, and they will go where no one will ever find them, especially Theresa. (commercial)

Whitney tells her mother she betrayed her, then asks why she should be surprised since she was a lousy wife to her dad, and not the mother she pretended to be to Simone and her. She asks why she should expect her to be a good friend to her. Julian tells her she will not speak that way to her mother, but she tells him he’s just as bad as Eve if not worse. He tells her he knows she’s upset but she’s going to shut that mouth of hers and listen to what he has to say. He tells her Eve kept her secrets for weeks, and it was only when she was in abject fear that Whitney would hurt herself or the baby that she spoke to him, and she never intended to betray her confidence. Whitney tells him she doesn’t care what the excuse, she broke her promise to her. He calls her a confused young woman and says she’s not exactly perfect herself. She gets huffy and says she doesn’t have to take this abuse from him, starting to push out of the room past them.

He grabs her arm and tells her yes, she does. She tells him to stop, but he tells her to listen to him, that her mother may have broken her promise to her, but she is in no position to judge her, calling her “Miss Holier-than-thou.” He reminds her she is lying to both his sons, Chad, the father of the baby, and Fox, who, sad to say, is madly in love with her and believes the baby to be his. She tells him he isn’t her father so she doesn’t have to listen to anything he says, and he tells her he knows that, but he believes this is the one time her father would agree with everything he said. He tells her no one wants her to feel worse than she already does, that she is in a horrible position through no fault of her own, and that he and Eve are only trying to give her the help she needs. She tells him she doesn’t need any help from anyone. He asks if that means she will keep on lying to two perfectly innocent young men when what’s at stake is about so much more than just her, then says if she doesn’t give a damn about herself, think about her baby. She asks what he thinks this is about, then asks if he wants her to put an ad in the Harmony Herald saying she is pregnant with her brother’s baby. She tells him she could do that if she wasn’t afraid her baby would grow up with a stigma for the rest of his life. Julian tells her she doesn’t have to make a public statement, just tell Chad and Fox the truth. She says if he wants the truth, she will tell it in all it’s living glory, then says she’s still in love with Chad. Eve is heartbroken, and Whitney goes on to say she loves him now more than she ever did, that she’s tried to forget him but just can’t, that it took her a long time to fall as in love with him as she did and it just won’t go away now. She says she can’t stop thinking about him and she still wants to be with him, then tells them there’s the truth, the whole, unedited, ugly face of it. She tells Julian there’s his truth. Fox asks what truth, having walked into the kitchen with Ivy without being seen. (commercial)

Chad says love isn’t something you can just turn off and on, and she says she knows that. He tells her not to judge him, then, and she says she’s not the only one who would think it’s wrong for him to be with Whitney. He tells her he doesn’t care what people think, but she says that’s fine for him, but what if they had kids, he wouldn’t want to put that burden on them. He says they don’t have to have kids, that they could be together and even get married in some states, so if they had no kids, who would it hurt.

Edna asks Beth if she wants to use her walker, saying it might help, as she comes dragging herself back into the room. Sheridan tells her she looks pale and says maybe they should call a doctor. Beth says no, she’ll be fine, wiping her mouth as she stumbles to the sofa and falls on to it. Sheridan’s phone rings, and Edna says it’s probably Luis. Sheridan thinks so too, but then looks and sees it’s his father instead. She answers it and he asks if she’s seen Katherine. She says no, not since earlier in the evening, then asks why. He says he can’t find her, she’s not answering her phone. Sheridan says he sounds pretty upset, and he tells her Katherine left him a note saying goodbye and she’s not coming back. Sheridan doesn’t understand, saying she knew they had talked about leaving Harmony together. He says yes, but she’s taken off on her own, thinking he and Sheridan will be happier with her gone. She tells him she doesn’t want her to leave, but he says she thought Luis and her would have a better chance at a happy future if she isn’t here. Sheridan says no, she doesn’t want her to leave, that she still has so much she wants to say to her and asks where she’s going. He tells her he doesn’t know, that he’s going to try the airport first and see if she’s there. Sheridan tells him she will call Luis and have him put out an APB on her like he did Theresa’s baby. He thanks her, and she says she has to go. She gets ready to leave and Edna asks if something is wrong. She tells her that her mother is leaving and she has to go stop her. She pulls her coat out from under the drowsy Beth, apologizing and thanking her for the tea. As Sheridan leaves, Beth says she’d better find Katherine or else her chances of breaking Luis and Sheridan up will go right down the…..Edna finishes for her, saying “Toilet”, and Beth decides she’s going to get sick again. She heads toward the bathroom as Edna laughs and asks if it was something she said. She and Precious celebrate as Beth crawls away.

In the car, Theresa says they have to get to the other airport before the plane takes off with Gwen and her baby. Pilar tells her it will be ok, then says they should pray. Ethan tells them the latest news, that Rebecca and Gwen were seen getting on the jet, and later Alistair was seen getting on the plane with a woman, but later he came off with Rebecca while the woman he went on with stayed on the plane.

Luis asks if there is a description, and Ethan says she’s tall, with red hair. Luis’ phone rings and he answers it. Sheridan tells him she got a call from Martin and she is in her car. He says he doesn’t care what he has to say, but she says it’s important, that he got a note from Katherine saying she was leaving town without him. He says good riddance. She tells him he doesn’t understand, that Martin is really upset and she’s going to help him look for her. He asks why, saying she’s not worth it. She tells him the note said she is leaving so Martin can make up with Pilar and his family, and so she and Luis can have a chance for a happy future. She says that explains why she was so cold to her earlier, hoping it would make it easier for her to hate her. He says he doesn’t know about that, but that he did hear something that might be a help. He tells her about the tall redhead that got onto Alistair’s jet earlier. She says she will tell Martin, that he’s on the way to the airport now. Luis tells her if he’s going to the public airport he’s going the wrong way, that the jet is at the corporate airport on the other side of town. She says she’ll tell Martin, then asks how he knows all this. He tells her that it looks like Katherine is on the same plane as Gwen and the baby. Luis tells her he’ll see her there and he hopes they aren’t too late, then hangs up. Sheridan tells herself she can’t let her mother leave her again.

Katherine wonders why they aren’t leaving, and when the captain comes out of the cockpit she asks if there is a problem. He tells her no, they’ve been cleared for takeoff and will be in the air in a couple of minutes. She thanks him as he goes back in. She wonders why it is that every time she leaves someone she loves she goes off like a coward, slinking into the night. She puts her phone in her purse and prays someday Sheridan will understand. Gwen tells the baby they are taxi-ing and that she should blow her grandmother a kiss wherever she is, that she really came through for them. She sits down, waiting for takeoff. The plane moves away and Rebecca blows a kiss toward it, saying good bye and safe trip. Alistair says he didn’t know she and Katherine had become such good buddies, but she tells him she doesn’t give a rat’s tail about her and he knows who else is on the plane. He asks if she means the unidentified female and baby, and she says he knows very well it’s Gwen and Theresa’s baby, and that she doesn’t know when or if she will ever see them again. He looks at her, then watches the plane taxi, looks at the switch in his hand, and says she will never see them again. (commercial)

Chad tells Valerie he’s sorry to upset her, but he thinks she should know the truth. She says talk about smart woman, dumb choices, saying she’s slept with a man who’s fantasizing about his own sister. He starts out the door, telling her he’ll call her later, and she asks where he’s going, or shouldn’t she ask. He says don’t ask and walks out.

Fox asks again what truth, and Whitney says they were talking about food, her appetite, or the lack of it. He asks if her stomach is still bothering her, and she says yes, she’s having trouble keeping anything down. He tells Eve he thought she had the magic elixir, but she says she tried, it just didn’t work. He says he heard the two of them fighting in here, and Whitney says it’s just about her not being hungry. He says he’s getting worried about it, that it can’t be good for the baby, but she tells him it’s going to be ok, she’s going to try harder to eat better and he shouldn’t be worried, it will be ok. He says he knows, and she is surprised to hear that, but he says he’s figured out what’s been bothering her and tells her to come with him. She tells him she’s not sure if she’s ready to go out, but he says they aren’t going out, they are going to the back yard. He tells her she’ll be fine and leads her to the back yard. Ivy tells Eve and Julian she doesn’t think Fox would mind if they watch, telling them to come on out with her. Outside, the yard is decorated with flowers and candles. Whitney asks what he’s done, and he tells her just a little exterior decorating. She asks why, and he says because he wants to put the smile back on her face. He asks if she likes it and she says it’s absolutely beautiful. As Julian, Eve, and Ivy watch, he tells her there is something else. She asks what that is, and he says it’s the reason he did all this, that he wanted it to be perfect when he formally popped the big question to her. He gets down on one knee, opens a jewelry box, and asks her if she will marry him. She is stunned.

Theresa asks Luis who he’s calling, and he says he’s trying to call his men to go stop the plane, but most of them are up at the Crane cabin, scouring the area for Theresa’s baby. Ethan says that’s his fault, that he told his father to send them up there, but Pilar tells him not to blame himself, that they knew Gwen and the baby were up there, but that they got away with Rebecca’s help. Theresa urges Luis to drive faster, saying they have to stop the plane and get her baby back. He tells her he’s doing the best he can.

Martin is stuck in traffic trying to get to the airport. His phone rings and he answers it, asking if it’s Katherine. Sheridan says no, it’s only her. He asks where she is and she says she’s on her way to the airport, that Katherine is on the Crane jet. He damns her father, then tells her he’s close to the airport but traffic is bottled up and he’s not moving. She tells him he has to go to the corporate airport and tells him where it is, then says she will meet him there. He hangs up, then asks why Katherine is doing this, why she left him.

On the plane, Katherine looks at Martin’s picture and tells him it’s ironic that the man he helped her leave is the man who is helping her leave him now. Outside the plane, Rebecca urges it to take off. She silently says she bets Katherine still believes she’s alone on the plane, then tells Gwen to stay hidden, saying she may be leaving Martin but she’d still be loyal to his daughter, “Terrorcita.” Gwen opens the door to the compartment she’s been in and looks around as the captain comes on the intercom and says he’s sorry for the delay on the runway, but to fasten their seatbelts and turn off any electronic equipment. Katherine starts to get seated when she hears Jane fussing. Realizing she’s hearing a baby she goes toward the sound and find Gwen, then asks what she’s doing here. (commercial)

Ivy asks Eve if it isn’t just so romantic, and Eve tells Julian quietly if only Ivy knew. He tells her to look how Fox loves Whitney, the same as he loves Eve, but she tells him that Whitney doesn’t feel the same way. She says she’s always wanted someone to love her this much, but not this way. Fox asks her what she says, asking if she will make him the happiest man in the world and be his wife.

Martin is still trying to get to the other airport, saying Sheridan has to get to Katherine before it’s too late. Ethan tells Luis they can’t get in because there is a gate, but Luis asks what gate, saying they have to get in there and stop the plane. He crashes right through the gate, and Rebecca sees them, saying that’s Luis’ car. Alistair looks and sees that Sheridan is right behind him. Rebecca tells Alistair he can’t let them stop the plane, saying it has to take off.

Inside the plane, Katherine asks Gwen what she’s doing here, and Gwen says not that it’s any of her business but she’s going on a trip with her daughter, and it looks like they are sharing the same flight. Katherine says no, it won’t work, that she can’t come with her. Gwen says she can, but Katherine tells her she can’t and she’s going to go tell the pilot to stop the plane. Gwen stops her, telling her she’s going nowhere, and neither are they.

Luis comes to a cement blockade and stops, saying he can’t bust through that one. Ethan says they have to get out there and flag the pilot down. Theresa asks if that’s it on the runway, and he says it’s going to take off. She says they have to stop it, but Luis says they can’t get there on foot. She asks if there is any other way to get out there, and Luis says it doesn’t look like it. She tells him they have to stop the plane, they can’t let it take off with her baby. Rebecca, on the other hand, is thrilled, saying they are too late, that it’s going to take off and Gwen will be safe. Alistair looks at the switch in his hand and silently says he wouldn’t go that far as they watch the plane taxi away. (commercial)

Whitney hasn’t said anything yet, and Fox asks if the ring is too big or if she thinks the diamond’s too small. He says he went crazy trying to pick out just the right size he thought she’d feel comfortable with. She still says nothing, and Ivy tells Eve she’s certainly taking her sweet time about it. Eve says it’s the most important decision of her life. Fox tells her she’s really making him sweat it out here, but still she says nothing. Finally she says she can’t believe he did all this for her, and he says actually, it’s for both of them, that there was a selfish motive for doing it, too, then tells her not to leave him hanging in the breeze, to just say yes. Chad runs in, telling Whitney he needs to talk to her.

Beth tells herself she has to stay awake, she has to stop Sheridan, then slides down and starts snoring. Edna tells Precious she can sure snore, then looks at her and seems stunned as she says she’s actually pretty when she’s sleeping , then says that’s how she does it, nobody sees the evil that lurks in her and Satan himself wouldn’t be safe in the same room with her. She says Beth won’t stop until she gets what she wants, which is Sheridan dead.

Sheridan says the plane is leaving and she’ll never see her mother again. Inside, Gwen tells Katherine that she isn’t leaving, that they are going with her wherever the plane is taking them. She says she won’t let Theresa take her baby away from her again. Outside, Theresa tells them they have to stop the plane, but Ethan says it’s too late. She says no, they have to stop the plane, Gwen can’t take off with her baby. She turns and then tells Ethan that Rebecca is standing over there. He runs toward her and Pilar pushes Theresa’s chair over, too, and the others follow. The woman starts walking away, but Ethan catches her and tells her to hold on a minute. He tells her she’s not going anywhere, that they know she helped Gwen get on the plane, but she says they don’t know anything. Theresa tells her she swears to God that she will personally make sure Rebecca is thrown in jail and never sees the light of day again. Luis asks Rebecca how she pulled this off. Sheridan looks around and sees her father standing beside a bush, then remembers when the plane with Antonio on it exploded. She remembers Luis telling her that it was no accident, that her father had tried to kill her, that he was behind it. Back in the present, she looks at her father and sees the little black box in his hand, realizing what he is going to do.

She yells that he’s going to blow up the plane, and the others look at him as he counts 3, 2, 1, and pushes the button. Sheridan screams “NO!”


Theresa, to Rebecca: “How could you help your daughter steal my child, you sick bitch!”

Sheridan, to Luis: “My mother is on that plane! My mother is going to die!”

Gwen, to Katherine: “One more word out of you and I’m going to use this knife.

Chad, to Whitney: “Whitney, I need to talk to you.”

Fox’s reply: “No, you don’t!”

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