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Passions Update Friday 2/18/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Ethan is on the phone in Theresa’s living room, telling the police that Gwen is in the woods around the Crane cabin and Rebecca is helping her escape. He says they need to get a search party up there right now. Theresa is hoping they will find her baby, and Pilar tells her at least now they know where Gwen and the baby were, thanks to Ethan. Ethan tells them not to worry, that his dad is getting teams together right now to go up there and scour the area and that they will find them. Theresa says they have to, they can’t lose their baby.

In the car, Rebecca is driving while Gwen sits in the back with the baby. Rebecca is on the phone, telling the Crane jet pilot to get the plane ready for two passengers by the time they get there or he will be flying cargo to Antarctica. She says she wants to go out of the country but she doesn’t have time to give him the details now. She says she knows he’s new, but tells him she is Mrs. Julian Crane and when she says “jump” she wants to see the soles of his feet. She tells him to get the baby seat ready, too, and she will give him the flight plan when she gets there, then hangs up and wonders why she has to do everything herself. Gwen asks her mother if she’s going somewhere, and Rebecca tells her no, that she and the baby are. Gwen is excited, saying it sounds like fun and asking where they are going. Rebecca says quietly to herself that it will be Neverland at this rate, then tells Gwen they’ll figure it out later. She tells herself that Ethan has probably called the police by now and that she can’t let Gwen go back to jail or she’ll lose her mind forever. Gwen giggles to the baby that her grandmother is silly, she’s never been to jail in her whole life. Rebecca tells her if she must, call her “grand-mere”. Gwen tells her she doesn’t care where they go as long as she’s never separated from her “Ashley” again. Rebecca says that’s the plan, and then says she has to get Gwen to the airport now.

Martin walks out from the bushes and Katherine asks how long he’s been there. He tells her it’s been long enough. She remembers what she and Alistair were talking about and how she said now she could get away from Sheridan and Martin forever, wondering if he heard that. Martin asks if she’s going to tell him why.

As Sheridan sleeps in her cottage bedroom, she dreams that Beth and Luis come into her home where she has Marty. Beth says hi to him and picks him up to take him away. Sheridan asks what she’s doing and Beth says she’s taking her son home. She and Sheridan argue over who’s son Marty is, and Luis steps in, telling Sheridan he is Beth’s son, but Sheridan keeps pulling on him.

As the two women pull on the boy, he turns into Sheridan’s bear, and in pulling it, the two women tear the bear apart, causing Sheridan to start screaming and wake up. Luis runs in to see what is happening and he asks if she’s had another nightmare. She says she has to go see Marty right now.

In Beth’s house, Edna, Precious, and Marty are playing Poker while Beth works on the computer. Edna says Marty won the hand, that he is such a smart boy. She shows Precious that he has three Kings, telling her to read ‘em and weep. Precious puts her cards down, however, and she has four aces. Edna is upset, saying they’ve been skunked again. She turns over a card by Precious and sees another ace, then says she should be ashamed of herself, cheating on a little toddler. Beth tells her she cheated on her when she taught her poker, but Edna reminds her she was 5 years old. She asks what Beth is doing. Beth says it’s a little research, and Edna asks what kind. Beth tells her to take a look, and shows her the screen that says “How to commit the perfect murder.” Beth says she has to figure out the perfect way to kill Sheridan, and Edna asks if she’s still trying to kill her. She tells Marty not to listen and Beth tells him to go play with his blocks. Edna tells her she shouldn’t be planning to murder his mother while he’s in the room, that she is insane.

She asks Precious why she’s shocked, then says she doesn’t know, that Beth makes Saddam Hussein look like Santa Claus. Beth tells her it’s her fault she has to kill her, and Edna asks why. Beth reminds her that she’s always telling her that some day Sheridan will figure out Marty is her son, and if that happens, they will take him away from Beth and put her in prison. She says the only way to stop it is to get rid of Sheridan. Edna asks why murder, and what kind of example is she setting for Marty, and Beth says she’s doing it for Marty, that she has to figure out a way to kill her and not have anyone find out she did it. (commercial)

Sheridan tells Luis she has to go see Marty right now, but he says they are probably asleep and reminds her the last time she went over there she got upset and so did Beth, and it’s not fair to her. She tells him she had a horrible dream, that he was there, and she was, and Beth and Marty, and Marty got hurt. She says she has to go make sure he’s all right. Luis says he’s sure Marty is fine, but Sheridan keeps looking for her clothes. He suggests they phone them, but she insists she is going over there, with or without him. He asks what happened, that he thought she’d believed him, that Marty isn’t hers. She tells him she does believe him, but it’s just that she can’t stop thinking about him. He reminds her that they talked about this and decided Gwen kidnapping Theresa’s baby brought back bad memories of losing their son. He says he doesn’t want her to go over there and upset Marty, that he is not their son. She says he doesn’t have to keep telling her that. He suggests they go for a walk, that the fresh air will do her good. She tells him she is going to go see Marty right now, and walks into the other room to get dressed.

Katherine starts to talk to Martin, but he cuts in, asking why she’s with Alistair, calling him a creep. He wants to know why she’s with the man who raped her, had just tried to rape her again the other day, and who abused her over and over while she was his wife. Alistair says she still is his wife, and Martin grabs him by the front of his shirt, telling him to shut up and get away from her. Katherine pulls him away, trying to get him to walk with her, to talk about Theresa and the baby or Luis. Martin says he will walk with her, but he doesn’t want Alistair around. Alistair makes a snotty remark about it being his estate, then says he has a plane to catch, it’s the last one and he can’t miss it, pointing the words at Katherine as he walks away. Martin asks her what he’s talking about, that he has a fleet of jets and they wait for him. He says something isn’t right here.

In the car, Rebecca is driving faster, trying to get to the airport before they get caught. Gwen laughs to the baby, saying Grandma has never driven this fast and it’s like NASCAR. Rebecca says she just wants to get her and Ja…”Ashley” to the airport as quickly as possible so they can have a nice restful trip. A siren sounds behind them and Rebecca thinks they’ve caught them. She speeds up and Gwen tells the baby it is so much fun. (commercial)

The siren is still going as Rebecca speeds down the highway. Gwen tells the baby grandma must be going 100 miles an hour, and asks Rebecca if it’s safe to do that with the baby in the car. Rebecca says yes, not to worry, that they will be stopping soon. The siren passes them, and Gwen remarks that he was going even faster than Rebecca was. Rebecca says they must be after some dangerous criminal, and then says to herself that she has her right there in the car with her. She then tells her she is going to get her to the airport and on the plane, on her way out of the country before anyone can find and arrest her. Gwen laughingly asks why on earth anyone would want to arrest her. She tells the baby that her grandmother is silly.

As Ethan stands leaning on the fireplace mantel, thinking, Theresa rolls over to him and asks if he’s thought of a way to help Sam find Gwen and Jane. He says maybe, then asks if he can use her computer. She says yes and shows him where to find it.

As he sets it up, he says he’s not sure but he may have come up with a way to figure out where Gwen is going.

Beth is still working at her computer, wondering how to kill Sheridan. She says there are so many ways, and names them off, stopping at “trash compactor”. She thinks that sounds interesting, but Edna tells her it’s too messy. Beth agrees, but says there has to be a way to kill Sheridan without it leading back to Beth. She imagines a scene from Law and Order, where a policeman finds Sheridan lying dead on a street, clutching a red glove, and Luis walks over and asks what he has. The patrolman tells him she did a swan dive from the penthouse, that she could have jumped, fallen, or been pushed, then tells Luis he has a nice suit. He thanks him, saying it’s Italian summer-weight wool. He looks around her and the area, saying he will go with pushed, and that the glove doesn’t match what she’s wearing so she wasn’t alone. He says she’s a pretty girl, then asks if there are any witnesses. The patrolman says not until she bounced. Luis tells him he knows the drill, to question everyone, starting at the top and working his way down. Beth sneaks out of the door, and Precious sees her and points. Luis looks, saying it‘s not couture, just off the rack. Beth starts walking away and Precious starts screeching and pointing at her.

Luis asks if she’s saying Beth is the killer, and he goes over and stops her after picking up the glove Sheridan had been holding. He asks if she’s missing a glove, but she says that’s crazy talk, that everyone only wears one. He says maybe on the East Side, but not here, and holds the glove in his hand next to hers, saying it’s a match. She admits she did it, but her penthouse is rent controlled. He cuffs her, telling her she’s going downtown, and tells Precious she did a good job and there will be an extra banana in her pay envelope this month. Beth comes back to reality and calls Precious a traitor, as the orangutan and Edna both look at her like she’s crazy.

As Sheridan finishes zipping her boots, Luis asks if she still thinks Marty is her son. She says no, she just wants to see him, to give him something. Luis asks what she wants to give him and she says her bear, Abigail. He’s shocked at that, but she says it gave her so much comfort when her mother was gone and she hopes it will do the same for him. Luis says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea, that she will just get upset again. She tells him that he’s told her over and over that Marty is his son with Beth, not her son and she knows in her heart who he is, that he is Luis’ son and she’s not going over there to upset Beth or herself, she just wants to see him. (commercial)

Ethan is still working on the computer as Theresa sits watching. Pilar walks in and sits beside him and asks what he’s doing. He says even though Gwen is having mental difficulties…and Theresa cuts in, saying she’s a homicidal maniac. He tells them that she’s still smart, and so’s Rebecca, so they will have to make some travel plans. If Rebecca made car or flight arrangements she might not know that Alistair insists on all of them being posted on his private Crane website, and Ethan still knows all the passwords. Theresa asks if he thinks he can find them, and he says he’s sure going to try.

Beth says it’s too difficult to decide how to kill Sheridan. She says there are thousands of ways she can off that simpering, blond ninny, reading off cement overshoes, plain old gunfire, a piano wire….she stops, saying that might be fun, and Edna tells Precious to remind her to keep her bedroom door locked. As Beth is reading, she comes across something she likes and starts reading about it. It says that because of a lack of nerves in a person’s back, you could stab someone with a stiletto-like object and they would never feel it or know they’d been wounded for several hours, assuring death. She is excited by this, saying she could do it in a crowded room and no one would know for hours so they’d never know it was her. She has another daydream, seeing her mother as a CSI person doing Sheridan’s autopsy while Luis watched, trying not to be sick. She checks over all the organs, then says “Hey, what’s this?” Luis asks if she found something, but she says it’s an organ she’s never seen before, then tosses it into a pan hollering “Mystery meat!” She says she must have been playing hooky that day. Luis is getting greener around the gills, and Edna pulls out the liver, then asks Luis if he and she could have dinner together when she’s through and have liver and onions. That’s the last straw for him, as he tries to find somewhere to throw up. She tells him not to let it get to him, that she is just trying to tell them who murdered her, then tells him to come help her turn the body over. He does and she starts inspecting her and finds something interesting. She shows him a small, discolored mark on her back, saying it was made by a stiletto-type weapon and she probably never even felt it. He asks who could have done such a thing. They walk into Beth’s kitchen and she’s standing there with an ice pick. She throws it down and tries to run, but Edna picks it up and says there’s the murder weapon, and Luis agrees, handcuffing Beth and telling her she’s going down. Back to reality, Beth points at Edna and yells she’s a traitor. Edna tells her she’s crazy and wonders where she got it from, then tells Precious it certainly wasn’t from her side of the family. Beth yells at her that if she could figure out who her father was maybe she would know, then tells her to shut the heck up and let her figure out how to kill Sheridan.

Sheridan tells Luis she’s going to go see Marty and asks if he’s going with her. He agrees to go, but tells her not to start in with Beth again. She says she knows, he’s told her Marty is not hers and not to get upset and she isn’t going to do that because she knows exactly whose he is. He says he is going to get his coat, and she says good, then quietly says to herself that she knows exactly who Marty is, that he’s her son with Luis.

Martin asks Katherine why she’s with Alistair and if he’s threatened her again. She says no, and he tells Alistair that he is to stay away from her, that he has no need to talk to her now. Alistair tells him he’s an imbecile, then asks if he really wants him to tell him what Katherine is talking to him about, warning him that it might shock him. Katherine says no, but he tells Martin that it gives him great pleasure and joy to see him in pain, but right now he wants him to shut up and he’ll tell him exactly why Katherine came to talk to him. (commercial)

Martin tells Alistair to tell him what he has to say, that he doesn’t frighten him any more. Alistair tells him that those who underestimated him in the past met their doom, but says they should get back to why Katherine came to talk to him. She begs him not to, and he says he’s tired of both of them, telling them to get out of Harmony now and stay out, forever, then walks away, slipping in behind a bush so he could still hear them. Martin asks her why she came to talk to the man, and she says she came to ask him to leave Luis and Sheridan alone, that they deserve to be happy and every bit of suffering they’ve felt has come about because of his hatred for her. Martin agrees the man is a creep, and she goes on, saying she also asked him to leave Martin’s children alone, and to promise not to follow them when they leave Harmony, just let them disappear and never come back. He says he thought they had decided to stay, that he wants to stay in Harmony and thought they‘d decided that at the Seascape. She tells him she thought it was just a lovely idea, but he asks how it could be, saying that asking Alistair to leave their children alone is a waste of breath and it would be better for them to stay in Harmony and watch over them themselves.

Behind his bush, Alistair wonders how Katherine will get out of this one.

Beth says there has to be a way she can kill Sheridan and not get blamed for it, but Edna tells her God will blame her, that she can’t escape His wrath, He knows all. Beth says she wishes He would tell her how to knock off Sheridan, and Edna is horrified, saying that is blasphemy, then asking what sin hasn’t she committed. She thinks about it, then says suicide, and thanks her mother, saying it is perfect. Precious bounces up and down on the sofa, and Edna tells her not to encourage her, that she’s done some horrible things but she’s still her Bethie. Then she says it will be bad enough when the authorities give her the lethal injection, which will be any day now. Beth tells them they are morons, then says it’s not her, it’s Sheridan, that she will make it look like suicide and no one will blame her. Edna is horrified, asking how she can do that. Beth tells her it’s perfect, that everyone knows Sheridan has some loose screws, that she’s been in the Loony bin for a while, that losing her baby affected her badly and having her mother come home after she thought she was dead all those years and finding out she’s run off with Luis’ father - she says she knows what a terrible mother can do to someone’s psyche, and no one would think twice if she committed suicide. She wonders how she can get close enough to her, then says she could ask her over and talk to her, make her feel worse about Marty. There is a knock on the door and Beth wonders what it is now. She opens the door and sees Luis and Sheridan, asking what they are doing here. Sheridan tells her they are there for Marty, and she says she thought they were past that. Luis tells her Sheridan knows Marty isn’t hers, and Sheridan tells her she just wants to give him her teddy bear. She says it meant so much to her as a girl and she just wants him to have it. Beth says she’s not sure that’s a good idea, but Edna says it’s a great idea, telling Sheridan to take him to the kitchen and give him a cookie, too. Sheridan gets Marty, telling him she has a present for him, and takes him to the kitchen. Luis thanks Beth for being so understanding, saying Sheridan is troubled tonight. She says it’s no problem, then tells him to sit down. He does, saying good evening to Edna, and Precious hands him something. He asks what it is and Edna says it’s a Valentine card she made for him and wanted to give to him personally. He opens it and finds a picture of Precious in a red feathery frame. He thanks her for it, saying it’s sweet. Beth tells her mother the timing is perfect, asking if she saw how depressed Sheridan is tonight. She says she’s going to fake her death, make it look like suicide, and no one will suspect murder. She says it’s pure genius. Edna, however, says it’s pure evil.

As Ethan works at the computer, Pilar asks if he’s found any travel arrangements for Gwen yet. He says he’s in the site now, then drearily says “This is not good, not good at all.”

In the plane, Rebecca sticks her head into the cabin and tells the pilot to shake a leg and get out there. He comes out and she is impressed by his looks, asking if he’s new. He says he is, then gives her his name. She says she wants this plane out of US airspace ASAP, saying she gave him orders. He says yes, she did, but the only person who can order the plane off the ground is Alistair, and he hasn’t heard from him, yet. She says that’s preposterous, but he tells her that until he hears from Alistair, the plane stays on the ground. (commercial)

Theresa asks Ethan what he’s found, and he says there’s a plane that’s fueled and waiting for takeoff. Theresa is frightened and asks if he thinks Gwen is taking Jane out of the country on that jet. He says she’s got it.

Rebecca tells the pilot that she is Mrs. Julian Crane and she’s taken the jet all over the world to go shopping so she doesn’t know why she can’t go now. He says that since one of the planes blew up, the only time one can leave the ground is when Alistair gives his OK. Gwen is listening and says too bad, then says they will have to take “Ashley” back home with Ethan now. Rebecca tells her not to worry, that she will be leaving the country soon. The pilot tells her not until Alistair gives his OK she isn’t, those are the rules. Rebecca gets an idea, and takes off her coat, saying rules are made to be broken. She takes his cup from him and calls him Mr. Ladish, then says it should be Mr. La Dish, working her wiles on him as she tells him he really disappoints her, that she’s only ever wanted ever so long to ride in the cockpit and push all those big buttons, make those engines roar. She takes his flight log away from him as he says “Really”, then tells him absolutely, to be the master of such powerful machinery, rubbing her hands up his arms and down to his chest. Flustered, he says maybe he can bend Mr. Crane’s rules. She suggestively says they could take a long, hard look at his manuals, and he says he could open that for her in the cockpit. She tells him she can’t wait to give him a hands-on…well, help him with his pre-flight procedures, then giggles. He heads toward the front of the plane and Rebecca tells Gwen to just relax, she will take care of everything, and once the pilot takes off, they can leave. She walks into the cockpit and closes the curtain, telling him to show her why they call it a joy stick.

Katherine tells Martin they can’t stay in Harmony, that they would only cause more pain for the ones they love. He says it probably is just a dream, then asks if she wouldn’t love to stay and make it up to everyone, make it work. She says she’d love to stay there, and Alistair, still listening from behind his bush, says “Listen to the lies drip from those sweet lips.” Martin says he’s useless to Pilar and Theresa, that he desperately wants to find the baby but they don’t want his help. She tells him to try again, to go to Theresa and Pilar and offer to do anything to help. He says they should be getting ready to leave, but she says not until he tries again, that they can make their plans to leave later. He tells her she’s remarkable, so selfless, always thinking about him instead of herself. He tells her he loves her and to come here, giving her a big hug. She silently says she prays he still feels that way when he finds she’s left him forever.

In Beth’s kitchen, Edna and Precious watch Sheridan with Marty, and Edna tells her to look at them, saying it tears her apart to see a mother separated from her son. She says she doesn’t know how she’s going to make it through the evening knowing her evil, devil-spawn Bethie is going to kill that lovely, lovely girl.

She looks at Precious and sees she’s swigging from a bottle of booze, and has another one gripped by her toes. Edna takes it and says she’s a girl after her own heart, an angel from heaven. She takes a huge swig and says it’s perfect, then says “Poor, poor Sheridan.”

Sheridan is holding Marty in the kitchen as he chews on the teddy bear. She quietly tells him she knows a big secret, then tells him that she’s his mommy, he’s her son. She says Luis doesn’t believe it yet and that’s why she has to hide her feelings, but her heart knows it and she just has to keep it a secret until she can prove she’s right and get him away from Beth. She asks if he likes the bear, and sees that he does. She tells him his grandmother gave it to her, that it’s name is Abigail and she loves her a lot, and she wants him to have it now. She says someday she will prove he’s her son.

In the living room, Luis sees the computer and asks Beth what she’s working on. She runs over to it and turns it away from him, saying it’s a surprise for him. He asks when he’ll be able to see it, and she says soon, she hopes. He says that’s cool, then sits down and tells her that Sheridan was dead set on coming to see Marty tonight, and it worries him. Beth says “Poor thing”, then adds that she did seem really depressed. Luis agrees, but says she will get over it, she’s a survivor. Beth tells him that while she was pregnant she read a lot about mothers and how they react when they lose a baby, and she says it’s a terrible depression. He tells her Sheridan is strong, she’ll be all right, but she keeps on, telling him that sometimes it’s the strongest women who are affected the most, since they try to hide so much, and that she hates to bring it up but a lot of women in Sheridan’s situation…..Luis asks what, and she says sometimes they take their own life. He tells her not to even think that way, and she tells him she’s sorry but it’s what she’s read, that sometimes women who lose a child commit suicide. She looks at the computer screen and punches to button to make the Sheridan look-alike the victim, then sneakily asks him if he thinks Sheridan would ever commit suicide. (commercial)

Theresa grabs Ethan’s arm, telling him the plane is fueled up and they have to get to the airport and stop Gwen before she leaves with their daughter. He tells her they will stop her, then goes for her coat. Pilar says she’s coming, too, that she will call the girl across the street to come watch Little Ethan. Theresa thanks her, and Pilar says she prays they will be on time.

Rebecca tells the pilot she is a long-standing member of the mile high club, but fooling around on the runway is a first for her. He tells her they will go around the world before the plane even lifts off, and they go into a clinch.

Rebecca says to herself “My, the sacrifices I make for my daughter.” In the main cabin, Gwen plays with the baby, telling her as soon as Grandma finishes helping the captain with his flight plan, she’ll be on her first plane ride, and it will be an adventure. She says the best part is they will be together forever and no one will ever take them apart, and that they’ll never have to see that horrible Theresa again.

Martin tells Katherine he will check with Pilar and Theresa and come right back to her. He starts to leave but she pulls him back, telling him she loves him and he’s the only man who’s ever had her heart and soul. He says he isn’t going anywhere, that he will call her cell phone. They kiss, and as he walks away she tells him she loves him. He looks back and says he loves her, too. She watches him walk away, and Alistair comes out of hiding, telling her that was worse than a bad Bette Davis movie, but if she wants to leave Harmony - waving and saying “Bye-bye, Martin”- she needs to go now, the car’s waiting. She says she’ll be right there, and he tells her Tempus Fugit - time flies - then walks away. She says she’ll be right there, still watching where Martin walked away, and whispers after him that she loves him.

Sheridan is still holding Marty, telling him that the bear was the only thing she had to make her feel better after her mother left her and says maybe she will help her get him back, that she owes her for all the lost time she had to spend without her. She says she will get him back, she doesn’t know how, but she will. Edna, still listening, is shocked to hear it, and tells Precious it’s a tragedy, worthy of Shakespeare. She asks how her evil daughter can do this, separate a mother from her little boy. The two cry at the thought.

Luis asks Beth how she could mention suicide, and Beth wonders if she went too far, but then he tells her that he’s read about that stuff, too, but that Sheridan would never do that, she’s too strong. Beth, seeing her plan stands a chance of working, silently tells him never to say never. She hit’s a button that has a gun shoot the Sheridan look-alike on her computer and it kills her, leaving a Beth look-alike standing over her grave, smiling, under the word “Congratulations!” The real Beth smiles, very pleased with herself.


Sheridan, to Beth: “I do love tea. What blend is it?”

Beth’s reply: “It’s a combination of things, but I promise you it’s a real killer.”

Beth, to Edna: “This is it, mother. Sheridan’s as good as dead.”

Eve, to Whitney: “If this baby dies because of your neglect, you will be a murderer!”

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