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Passions Update Thursday 2/17/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Fox and Whitney arrive in the Bennett kitchen and he tells his mother that the most amazing thing just happens. Ivy asks if they found Ethan’s baby, but Fox says no, they just got to hear their baby’s heartbeat during Eve’s examination of Whitney. She is thrilled to hear that and she and Fox keep talking about what a wonderful thing it is, and how happy Fox is. Ivy says she’s never seen him so happy before and he says he is just thrilled that soon they will be the parents of a perfect little girl or boy. Whitney doesn’t look so happy, however.

In Eveís office, there is a knock at the door and she tells whoever it is to come in. It turns out to be Julian, and she asks what brings him by.

He says heís worried about the baby, that heís been researching possible problems a child of incest could be born with, and that there are so many physical and mental problems their grandchild could end up with. He asks what they are going to do. She says they both love Whitney, Chad, and Fox, but there is nothing they can do to help.

In Theresa’s living room, she looks at the phone and wonders what’s happening. She remembers Ethan telling her Rebecca wasn’t at home, that she lied, and her saying that she could be with Gwen, then asking where. He said he had a couple of hunches and would go check them out, and she wanted to go, too, but he told her he could cover more ground without her. Back in the present, Theresa urges him to find Jane and bring her home.

Ethan is at the Crane cabin, telling Rebecca that when they were on the phone earlier, he heard Gwen’s voice, saying he thinks she’s here with the baby and Rebecca is trying to protect her. She gets a feigned indignant attitude, asking how dare he question her. She says she knows he hates her, and she has her own doubts about him, but that Gwen is not there. The camera shows the baby blanket Gwen dropped on the floor when she hid and her peeking out the door at the two of them. Rebecca asks why she would bring the baby up there since there isn’t even any where to shop. He tells her he doubts shopping would have been on her list of priorities as to where to hide out with the baby, and besides, he’s sure he heard Gwen’s voice when they were talking. She asks how he could have heard anything with Theresa screeching in the background, but he tells her now that he’s here he will look around. She says he’s wasting his time, that Gwen and the baby aren’t here as he starts looking through the rooms. Gwen closes the door quickly.

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Martin tells Pilar that he can’t lie to her, that the truth is, if it hadn’t been for Katherine he would still be with the family and they would still be happy, but that Katherine is in his life and he’s not going to leave her. Pilar looks hurt, like the wind was knocked out of her.

In the park, Luis tells Katherine to stay away from Sheridan. She tells him Sheridan was crying about her baby and she was just trying to help her, but he tells her Sheridan doesn’t need her help, she‘s got him. Sheridan is beside him, watching and listening to it all and looking very uncomfortable. Katherine says she’s her mother, and he chuckles, saying she let her grow up thinking she was dead and that she had killed her, but Katherine tells him that was Alistair’s doing, not hers. Sheridan meekly tells them to stop fighting, saying she didn’t mean to cause all the arguing. He tells her she didn’t, that it’s just her mother trying to worm her way back into her life. Katherine tells him that’s not true, that she’s her mother and she loves her. He says if she loved her she wouldn’t have left her all alone in the first place, that they don’t need or want her. He tells her to leave and not bother Sheridan or him again. Katherine starts to walk away, but Sheridan runs after her, telling her to please not leave her again and embracing her. (commercial)

Luis asks Sheridan what she’s doing, and she adamantly says she doesn’t want her mother to go. He asks why, saying she left her and Julian for Alistair to torture all those years, and Sheridan says she should hate her for that and part of her does, but she’s still her mother, the only one she has. She says she’s finally back in her life and asks how she can let her go. He tells her easy, the same way his father and Katherine left them and pretended they didn’t exist. Katherine says that’s not true, that they both thought about their children every day they were gone. He then asks Sheridan why she’s doing this, that she’s setting herself up for more pain and heartache. She tells him all she knows is she can’t ask her mother to leave and never come back. Luis says she can, that this woman stole his father away from his mother, but Sheridan tells him Pilar thinks there’s more to it and so does she. He tells her to believe that if she wants, but all he knows is this woman is responsible for destroying both their families, then tells her to stay away from her.

Pilar pours Martinís coffee down the kitchen sink, saying she guesses he wonít be drinking it after all. She tells him to go, and he tells her heís sorry for hurting her by saying he wonít leave Katherine, but that she needs to know the truth. She asks if thatís even though he wonít tell her the real reason he left with her in the first place, and he tells her he just canít. She says she needs to take Theresa her tea, then picks the cup up and tells him sheíll let him know if there is any word on the baby.

He asks her to let him take the tea to her, but she says Theresa made it perfectly clear she didnít want to see him last night. He says heíll take his chances, and she tells him to go ahead, handing him the cup. He heads toward the living room and the shaken Pilar follows. He kneels beside Theresa, telling her he brought her tea, and Pilar tells her that she told him not to do it but he insisted. She tells him where the door is and says to use it to leave, but he says he came over to check on her after her fall last night. He says he wants to know if thereís anything he can do to help. She says they donít need his help, but he wants to do something. She says Ethan has gone to look for their baby, then says thank God he is a good and decent man and nothing like Martin.

Rebecca tells Ethan he is wasting his time, that Gwen and the baby aren’t here and as Gwen’s mother she insists he go out and look for her himself. She sees the blanket on the floor behind him and calls it exhibit number one at Gwen’s kidnapping trial, then says she has to hide it before he sees it. She walks around the sofa and pushes it under a table with her foot. Ethan sees her and asks what she’s doing, to which she says her foot fell asleep and she’s trying to wake it up, giggling. He laughs, too, then says he doesn’t believe her and heads around the sofa, too, so she tells him it was some unmentionables she wanted to make sure he didn’t see. He still doesn’t believe her and, looking under the table, he sees the blanket and picks it up. He says it’s Jane’s blanket and that Gwen and the baby are here. (commercial)

Julian asks Eve what she means by saying they can’t help Whitney’s situation, that they have to do something, get her some counseling, and Fox and Chad, too. Eve says no, they can only stand by them and wait for this nightmare to play itself out. He says they are talking about their children’s futures, but she says that’s why it’s so difficult, that he is a powerful businessman and he’s used to managing everything towards a specific result, and she’s a doctor and is used to fighting disease with everything the medical community can offer, but in this case, Whitney isn’t under their control. He says she’s her daughter, and Eve says she’s an adult, with all her legal and ethical right to privacy, and she can’t override them. He says if their grandchild ends up with birth defects, both Chad and Fox are going to want to know why, and if she can’t explain it to them without betraying Whitney’s confidence they are going to research it themselves and the truth will eventually come out. She says she’s afraid so, and he tells her to remember what happened with them, that no matter how hard they tried to hide their past it all came out anyway, and the same thing will happen with Whitney, Chad, and Fox, and Fox will find out that she has lied to him about being the father of her baby and it will cause so much friction between them all that they will end up hating each other forever. She says she knows, that it’s just a disaster waiting to happen, but there is nothing they can do, that Whitney needs to come to grips with it herself and work it out.

Fox is chopping onions, saying that Whitney needs to eat more and take her prenatal vitamins and pretty soon they will have a happy, healthy baby. Ivy tells them that she and Sam get first crack at babysitting, and Fox tells her that’s fine with him. He asks Mommy if it’s ok with her and Whitney says sure. He says he just realized there will be three generations living in this house and asks how Walton’s is that. Ivy chuckles and says Grandpa Sam and she won’t be shearing their own sheep anytime soon, but they’ll help out any way they can. She says Sam loves kids and she’s looking forward to having a baby around the house again, that she loves all the clothes and toys and that sweet baby smell. Whitney says those things are nice, but sometimes baby’s can be a lot of work. Ivy says yes, but they will all pitch in and help, and Fox tells them like now, to prepare their pallets for his taco special. Ivy laughs and says she never even knew he could cook, but he tells her Pilar taught him some whenever he was at home. Ivy sighs, saying she really lost out on a lot with him, but he tells her it’s all right, that they are making up for it now. He says it’s amazing how a baby can bring family together, and she says yes, it is amazing in a strange but really good way. She then remembers when she was married to Julian she was angry all the time and took it out on the kids when they came along, didn’t give them the love and affection they deserved. She says she knew that was wrong but she couldn’t help it, she just kept seeing Julian’s face in theirs. She tells Whitney it won’t be that way with her baby because when they look at it they will see Fox’s handsome face. He asks who’s hungry, saying he knows he is. Ivy says she is, too, but Whitney tells him she’s not really that hungry. He says one bite of his tacos and she’ll be begging for more. Ivy says she does need to eat, that she hasn’t put on any weight. Fox says Eve told her she was supposed to be stuffing food into that pretty little face of hers, and Ivy says being pregnant gives you an excuse to eat, and you might put on some weight but it will come off. She looks at her and says she’ll have no problem, then goes over to the stove, telling him dinner smells good and that he needs to add more onions because she loves a lot. He throws another handful into the pan and Ivy says nothing brings a family together like some good food and a cute little baby. Whitney has been looking worse every minute, and Ivy finally notes it, asking if she’s ok. Whitney says yes, she thinks she’s going to be sick, and jumps up, running to the bathroom, leaving Ivy and Fox looking worriedly at each other. (commercial)

Rebecca tells Ethan Gwen and the baby arenít here as Gwen and Jane are hiding in the back room. He asks if they arenít here, what is the baby blanket she was trying to hide. She says itís not a baby blanket, itís her new wrap for Spring, fashion at itĎs finest.

He asks if sheís kidding, and she asks if she would joke about couture. She says itís the hottest new wrap for Spring. In the other room, Gwen listens and hopes he believes Rebecca and goes back to Theresa empty handed. He tells Rebecca itís not a trendy little shawl, that itís a baby blanket, and says Gwen and the baby are there. She acts like sheís confessing, saying itís really her blanket, that she is intensely insecure and latently infantile. He tells her this is ridiculous, then starts yelling for Gwen, telling her to come out and bring the baby. She says nothing and he tells her if sheís not coming out, he will have to find them.

Theresa tells her father to get out and stop bothering her mother. Pilar tells her he’s not bothering her, but Theresa says he’s bothering her, pretending to care about them. He says he does care, and she tells him to go find her baby, then. He says he will, he’ll go find Luis and see what the best thing for him to do is. He apologizes for how things turned out, not just this but everything, and then goes out the front door. Theresa calls him a lying jerk, saying he’s acting like he gives a damn. Pilar tells her he loves them very much, but Theresa asks why he ran off with another woman, then, and why didn’t they call or write to let them know where he was. Pilar explains that they were afraid that if they contacted anyone in Harmony Alistair would find out, and to send money to Aunt Maria anonymously would raise too many questions. The girl says she doesn’t understand how her mother can defend him, and Pilar says she thought she of all people would understand that, then tells her to look at her and Ethan, how she’s never given up on Ethan, no matter how much pain and suffering he caused her, that she’s always believed in her heart that the two of them will end up together. Theresa says they will, and Pilar tells her that’s what she means, that no matter how many times Ethan tells her that he loves Gwen or what he does to prove it, she says they have a future together. Theresa says she does, and Pilar tells her that he left her to marry Gwen and start a family with her, but the girl says this is different. Pilar asks how, and Theresa tells her that when she was in the hospital, before she gave birth to Jane, he told her that he still loves her, then says Papa doesn’t love her, and even if he did once he’s in love with another woman now.

Luis tells Sheridan her mother is nothing but a selfish slut, that she dragged his father to Mexico while they all lived here in hell. Sheridan says she understands his need to blame her mother for it all, but she didnít hold a gun to Martinís head to force him to go to Mexico, that he left on his own. Luis sarcastically says it must be because of that secret he has that Katherine doesnít know anything about. Sheridan tells him heís proving her point, that Martin left town for other reasons that had nothing to do with her mother. He says her mother dragged his father into this mess because of the problems she had with Alistair, but Sheridan says Alistair raped her mother, and when Martin tried to stop him, he almost killed him. She says he canít be trying to tell her he wouldnít want his father to try to help her. He says of course not, and thatís not what heís saying, that they both had choices, especially her mother, who was rich in her own right before she married Alistair. He says she had options most women donít have, but instead she used her father and took off to Mexico, and he doesnít think thatís a solution.

Sheridan says she isnít excusing her mother for what she did, and she still hasnít forgiven her mother for leaving her, but she didnít set out to hurt her or Pilar or Luisís family, that Martin left with her and maybe he didnít have a choice because of Alistair, but Martin didnít force her to leave with him any more than she forced him to leave with her. Luis tells her to stop defending her, and Sheridan says to stop blaming her for everything, that it isnít all her fault. Alistair is in the bushes again, listening and thrilled that Katherine has managed to cause friction between Sheridan and Luis and he didnít have to lift a finger. (commercial)

Sheridan tells Luis to stop attacking her mother, and he tells her to stop defending her. Katherine is listening, telling herself that this is exactly why she needs to leave Harmony, that she doesn’t want to come between Martin and his family or drive Sheridan and Luis apart, but she is. She says she has to find a way to stop this, that Sheridan can’t lose Luis because of her. Sheridan tells Luis she knows he blames her mother for causing his father to leave his family, but she didn’t set out to hurt them. She says maybe she is partly responsible, but Alistair is the one to blame, not her. He says Alistair tortured his family all these years because of her mother, and Alistair says that’s true. Luis goes on to say in his book that makes her guilty. Sheridan asks why he doesn’t vilify his father like he does her mother, and he says he blames him plenty, but Katherine started it, that if she hadn’t played damsel in distress for his father none of this would ever have happened. Sheridan says he makes it sound like they meant to run off to be lovers when he knows that’s not true, they didn’t fall in love until much later. Luis says that’s what they claim. Katherine tells her not to bother defending her to Luis, that after watching them fight it’s become very obvious that Luis is a very small-minded man who’s incapable of understanding the intricacies of human emotion. Sheridan tells her she’s not helping, but Katherine just goes on, saying she knows why she’s attracted to him, that their level of society have always found members of the lower class to have a certain animal magnetism that’s very hard to resist. Sheridan is shocked, telling her mother to stop. Alistair wonders what Katherine is doing, but she goes on, saying Luis is a very sexy man but you don’t bring them into your home, like a pet. She says his place is with other surface people like himself, not with her. Sheridan asks if she’s out of her mind, then says she loves Luis. Katherine says she loves making love to him, and she loves making love to Martin, but she’d never marry him and Sheridan shouldn’t marry Luis. She tells her they need to find her a very nice, wealthy, well-educated man, not a mere high school graduate with an illegitimate child and no credit. Alistair quietly urges her to shut up and go to the plane. Sheridan asks why she’s acting this way, but Luis tells her she’s not acting, that this is the real her, a rich witch who used Martin to keep her happy in the sack. He calls her a slut, and she replies “What poverty of language, Luis.” Sheridan tells her to stop acting this way, saying she knows she adores Luis. Katherine says it’s called Nobles Oblige, that they are always kind to their inferiors, just like being nice to animals. Sheridan tells her to just shut the hell up. Alistair comes out from behind the bushes and says she’s finally seen her mother for who she is. Sheridan looks crushed.

Fox goes to the bathroom door and knocks, asking Whitney if she is all right. She says yes, she’ll be out in a minute, and he asks if she’d like him to make her scrambled eggs instead. She says she’d like to not think about food right now, and he says ok and leaves. She says she doesn’t know how much more of this she can take, then tells the baby that the best thing for it would be if it doesn’t make it, and she hopes, for it’s sake, that it doesn’t.

Ethan is searching the cabin, calling Gwen and telling her to come out. Rebecca tells herself she can’t believe she couldn’t get Gwen away before Ethan showed up, but now he’ll probably find her and he and Theresa will raise the baby while Gwen spends her life in the wacky ward of the prison. She gets an idea, saying maybe she can convince him Gwen was here but left. He comes out of one room, headed for the room Gwen was in, and Rebecca runs and stands in front of the door, saying if she were here he might be scaring her off by his angry tone, but of course she isn’t so it doesn’t matter. He tells her to get out of the way, pushing her aside, and she says wherever Gwen is she is sure she’s taking good care of the baby so he can tell Sam and Luis not to worry and when Gwen calls she will let them know. He comes out of the room and tells her to stop covering for Gwen, that she’s not helping. She says neither is he, barging in here like some bounty hunter. He tells her Gwen is losing her mind, that she thinks Theresa’s baby is hers, and Rebecca retorts that if Theresa hadn’t seduced him and gotten pregnant the baby would have been Gwen’s. He says he’s not here to play “what it” with her, that Gwen has tried to kill Theresa twice and kidnapped a baby and she’s his wife so he has to make sure she doesn’t do anything else horrible. He says he’s looking outside, then walks out the door, and she runs from room to room, calling Gwen and telling her to come out, wherever she is. (commercial)

Rebecca runs into the kitchen and calls Gwen, telling her to tell her where she is so she can keep Ethan away from her. He comes in the front door and says enough of this, to tell him where she is now. Rebecca says she isnít here, but he says she is because his car, the one she stole, is behind the boathouse. She says Gwen probably heard her coming and took off on foot and could be in Canada by now. He tells her sheís lying, and she says she resents that. He says he canít search anymore in the dark so heís going to have his father bring out a canine unit and that will be that. He tries to call him and gets no service. He tries the house phone and it doesnít work either. He says heís going back to Harmony and tell his father Gwen is there. Rebecca tells him she never said Gwen is here, only that she might have been. He says ďYeahĒ, and walks out the door. Rebecca takes a few deep breaths, then gets her compact out of her purse and checks her makeup. Gwen and the baby come in the front door and Rebecca asks where sheís been. Gwen says she was hiding in the woods, and Rebecca says thank God she didnít try to run away. Gwen says in this cold, at night in the woods, no, sheís not crazy. Rebecca says at least now sheís heard what Ethanís doing, that heís helping Theresa and canít be trusted.

Gwen says she doesnít know that for sure, and Rebecca asks how she can say that, she heard him. Gwen says he doesnít trust Rebecca, but he loves her and ďAshley.Ē

Theresa tells Pilar she can’t trust Martin or believe a word he says. Pilar tells her she does, though, God help her. She tells her that her father still loves her, that he said it in the church, and earlier in the kitchen he said if it weren’t for Katherine he’d still be with her and they’d still be a family. Theresa asks if he said he’d leave Katherine for her, and she says no, he didn’t. Theresa asks where that leaves her. She thinks a minute and says at least now she knows the truth and can find a way to work through it and perhaps even forgive him. Theresa tells her she and Luis will never forgive him for what he’s done to them. Pilar says she hopes they will change their minds, but Theresa says she never will. Pilar goes to make her daughter a fresh cup of tea. Theresa tells herself that Martin and Katherine should be ashamed of themselves.

Katherine tells Alistair to stay out of it, that itís between her, Sheridan, and Luis. Luis tells him to hold on, that this is the first time theyíve actually agreed on something, that they both hate his two-timing slut of a wife. Sheridan begs her mother to take back the things she said about Luis, that he is good and kind and strong and has saved her life more times than she can count. Katherine says of course he has, that sheís of no use to him dead. Sheridan says ďExcuse me?Ē, and her mother tells her heís a gigolo, he wants her for her money. Sheridan says thatís not true, that they used to fight about the fact he wouldnít take a dime from her.

Katherine says he lives in the cottage rent free, letís the staff fill the refrigerator with his favorite food and beer, saying itís probably that canned, domestic swill. Sheridan is shocked, but Luis just laughs and says like her mother can stand there and judge him considering the life sheís chosen to live. He tells Sheridan she doesnít want her and he doesnít need her, so they should go back to the cottage so he can drink his beer. Sheridan asks her to undo the damage sheís done, but Luis says to ignore her, sheíll go away, and they turn and leave. Alistair calls Katherine a poor, pathetic fool. (commercial)

Rebecca tells Gwen she isn’t saying Ethan doesn’t love her, of course he does, but she says Theresa has worked her chili pepper magic on him and convinced him the baby is hers. She says he even tried to call the police on her but she unplugged the phone so he has to go back to Harmony so that gives them just enough time to get out of there before the police show up. Gwen tells her she will go with her, but as soon as they get to Morocco or wherever they are going she’s going to call him so he can come live with them. She says there’s no way Theresa is getting her baby or Ethan.

Theresa tells herself that Ethan has been gone a long time and she wonders whatís keeping him as she picks up the phone and dials his number. The door opens then and he walks in, and she asks if he found her. He says he didnít, but he came close and did find out she had Jane at the cabin. She asks how he knows that and he tells her he found his car hidden there and he found something else, then hands her the baby blanket. She says itís her blanket, then sniffs it and says she knows her smell.

He tells her Rebecca swears she didnít see Gwen, but itís possible she took off on foot before her mother got there. Theresa worries about Gwen taking Jane into the cold with her ear infection, but he tells her heís sure she wrapped her up. He says he doesnít want them wandering around in the terrain up there, so heí going to call his dad and theyíre going to get a search party up there and find them. As he dials the number, she asks God to let Jane be OK.

Whitney comes back into the kitchen where Fox is seated at the table while Ivy is doing the cooking. Fox tells her he didn’t mean to push her about eating, he didn’t know she wasn’t feeling well and he’s sorry. Ivy adds that he was just worried about her, that they both are. He suggests she take one of the prenatal vitamins her mother gave her, but she remembers tossing them out at the hospital and she says she took one there. Ivy tells her that since she just went in and threw up, it probably didn’t make it into her system. Fox says she makes a good point, then says Whitney can just tell him where they are and he’ll go get them for her. She says her mother told her they were fast acting so she’s sure it’s ok. Ivy says Eve knows best, and Fox says he just wants to make sure she and their baby are OK. Whitney thinks to herself that if her baby is born, it will never be OK.

Julian tells Eve Whitney’s baby could already be doomed to some horrible existence, with mental and physical defects. Eve says it’s possible, but until she’s run the tests she needs to they won’t know for sure. There is a knock on the door and a nurse comes in. She hands Eve a bottle of vitamins, saying they found them in the trash and they have Whitney’s name on them. Eve plays it off, saying she must have accidentally thrown them in the trash after Whitney’s exam. She thanks the nurse and she leaves. Eve says “Oh, my God”, and Julian asks what it is. She says they are the vitamins she gave Whitney to take and she must have just thrown them away, that she’s not eating and now she’s not taking care of herself like she should. Julian says maybe it’s more than that, maybe she’s deliberately trying to lose the baby before it’s born.

Luis is lying beside Sheridan in her bed and he tells her to get some rest, then says he’ll go in the kitchen and make something good for her to eat when she wakes up. She thanks him and he kisses her shoulder, turns out the light, and goes out. She lies there, tossing around, and sees the teddy bear over on a table. She gets out of bed and goes to get it, taking it back to bed with her and hugging it as she lays there, remembering again when her mother gave it to her and she named it Abigail. Back in the present, she asks the bear how her mother could change from being so sweet to being so mean and hateful, and how she could turn on Luis like she did. She asks how she could have said such hateful things to the man she loves.

Katherine tells Alistair that she had to say those things about Luis to keep from driving them apart, that she can’t leave Harmony knowing they’re estranged because of her. Alistair calls her his long-suffering, oh-so-noble wife, telling her she gave up Sheridan’s love and forgiveness so she could be happy with Luis, and then she attacked Luis so she would cling very, very, tightly to him. She says yes, and now she can disappear as she planned and never see Sheridan and Martin again. Martin walks out of the bushes and asks what the hell she’s talking about. Alistair smirks, but Katherine is shocked.


Rebecca: “We’re on our way to the airport. I’ve got to get you on that plane and away before someone tries to arrest you.”

Sheridan, to Luis: “You just don’t understand, I am going to see Marty. I am going to go see him right now.”

Beth, to Edna: “I’m going to kill Sheridan and make it look like a suicide. It’s perfect!”

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