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Passions Update Wednesday 2/16/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In Eve’s office, Fox and Whitney listen to the baby’s heartbeat. He is thrilled as Eve explains what they are hearing, saying he can’t believe he is actually hearing their baby’s heartbeat. Whitney looks conflicted by that.

In the Crane cabin, Gwen wants to answer the phone and tell Ethan they are safe and sound. Rebecca tells her if she does she will be signing her own death warrant, then asks for the phone. Gwen says that’s silly, that he’s her husband and she wants him to know they are all right. Rebecca tells her if she tells him where they are she won’t be all right, she will be arrested, then tells her not to answer it. In the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room, Ethan listens as the phone keeps ringing, and Theresa eagerly asks if anyone has answered. He says it’s still ringing. Gwen asks Rebecca why Ethan would tell the police where they are, and her mother says that Theresa has her claws in him and he’s trying to help her, not Gwen.

She asks why he would do that, and Rebecca grabs the phone to take it from her, pressing the on button. Ethan hears the commotion, and Gwen’s voice. He says her name, and Theresa goes crazy thinking she is there with Rebecca. She starts yelling, asking where her baby is, and Ethan tells her to be quiet, but not before Gwen hears her voice. She hands the phone to her mother, asking why Theresa is with Ethan, saying she wants to know why she’s there with him and that she wants to kill her, and Rebecca looks very much afraid.

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Pilar tells Luis that Martin is there because he loves Theresa and the baby. Luis says he doesn’t give a damn about any of them, and Martin asks why he thinks he’s there, then. Luis says he doesn’t know and doesn’t care, then tells him to leave. Martin says that he thought last night they had started to bond, but Luis says he was out of his mind with worry about Theresa and her baby, and if something gave him the impression things were ok with them, he needs to get over it because they aren’t. Pilar asks what’s wrong with him, that his father is there because he cares as much about Theresa and the baby as any of them, maybe more so because of his guilt. Luis tells his mother if she believes that then …. but Martin says it’s true, that he hates what he did to them all those years ago, how he hurt all of them, and Luis tells him to give him a break. Pilar tells him she believes Martin, but he tells her to tell him she didn’t just say that. She says she hasn’t forgiven Martin for walking out on them, but she believes he had good reason. Luis mockingly agrees, saying he has some big secret having to do with the Crane gazebo. He tells him for once in his life to stand up like a man and tell them the truth.

In the hospital, Beth comforts Marty, telling him he’s just there for a checkup as Edna watches. Beth reminds the boy that the doctor gives him a “lolly”, any flavor he wants, if he’s a good boy. Edna tells her she’d better hope he never gets really sick or she’s done for. Beth tells her if she’s trying scare her about Sheridan…but Edna interrupts and says forget about her, that she’s foisting herself on her own petard. She says if he ever gets sick enough to need a blood transfusion her goose is cooked because his blood doesn’t match hers and they’ll have to figure out who his real mommy is.

In the park, Katherine and her daughter are hugging, and she asks Sheridan what’s wrong. Breaking apart, her daughter tells her it’s everything, saying it’s both of them, that she just doesn’t know what to think about anything anymore. Katherine apologizes, saying her coming back has caused Sheridan nothing but heartache and pain, that she would be married to Luis by now if she hadn’t come back.

Sheridan says she just doesn’t know where to turn right now, that Luis hates his father, her best friend has kidnapped Theresa’s baby, and her doctor has been charged with three attempted murders, and everything is a mess and there’s nothing she can do to stop it, and she thinks she’s losing her mind. Katherine tells her she’s not losing her mind, that she’s sane and competent and just going through a lot right now, but she’s not alone because she has Luis by her side through thick and thin and he supports her in every way. Sheridan says yes, except for the most important one, that the baby she had and everyone thinks is dead is alive and she knows he is. Katherine looks shocked at that, and Sheridan asks if she still thinks she’s thoroughly sane. (commercial)

Katherine asks if Sheridan thinks the baby she gave birth to is still alive, and Sheridan says she knows he is and she had a boy. Katherine reminds her she had said she didn’t know if it was a boy or girl, but Sheridan tells her the kidnapper took the baby away from her so quickly that she never knew what it was, and Katherine says she understood that Luis managed to save her but it was too late for the baby. Sheridan tells her that Luis said the baby was strapped into the baby seat in the back seat and everyone saw the car go off the bridge, and Katherine says they searched for days and only found the baby seat. Sheridan points out there was no body, they never found the body, but Katherine assures her there is no way a baby that age could have survived that fall into the water. Sheridan says that’s right, and that makes it impossible, meaning her baby was never in the car to begin with, they were all wrong. Katherine asks how she can know that, and Sheridan tells her it’s because she knows he’s alive and strong and beautiful today. Her mother tells her it’s just what she wants to believe, but Sheridan says no, it’s true, and right now he’s with Beth Wallace and she says he’s her baby but Sheridan knows he isn’t. Katherine tries to stop her, but Sheridan goes on to say she keeps thinking it over in her head but she has no proof but knows Beth had to be involved with her kidnapping and stealing her baby. She says the only thing that is confusing her is that she knows Beth was pregnant at the same time. Katherine tells her it’s logical that Marty is Beth’s son, but Sheridan tells her no, he’s not, that he’s her son. She says maybe Beth’s baby died, but she does know that for the few seconds she held her baby they stared into each other’s eyes and she memorized them, can still see them clearly, and Marty has those same eyes. Katherine asks if she realizes Luis believes Marty is his son with Beth, and she says yes, and Katherine says if that’s so then it would mean he was in on it all, too, and asks if she’s suggesting he would knowingly keep her away from her baby. Sheridan vehemently says no, he wouldn’t, and Katherine asks how her theory is possible, then, and Sheridan tells her she doesn’t know, that all she knows is what she believes, and the only reason she hasn’t pushed Beth for a DNA test is because Luis believes so strongly Marty is his son with Beth. She says she knows he is her son, but she doesn’t want to argue with Luis any more. She asks her mother if she thinks she’s losing her mind.

Beth pulls Edna into a corner, with the old lady struggling all the way, and tells her to keep her mouth shut or she will figure out a way to shut it for her. Edna tells her it won’t be long before Marty figures it out for himself, and just like his mommy he will know the truth. Beth asks if Sheridan is so damn bright, how did Luis convince her she was delusional.

Edna says it’s because she loves him, but that doesn’t mean she will forget what she knows, that she recognizes Marty as her own and she knows that Beth kidnapped him. Beth gets a manic look on her face and tells her mother she had better zip it or she can see a broken hip or two in her very near future, and they say that’s the beginning of the end for old folks like her. She then acts like she remembers something, saying she has to call Sweet Serenity and see if they have a free bed. Edna, unlike her usual submissive self, tells her to go right on ahead, lock her up and throw away the key, but it won’t change the fact that Sheridan knows deep in her heart that Marty is her son and one of these days she will claim him. The expression on Beth’s face is a cross between being really angry and really scared.

Luis is still browbeating Martin, asking what his excuse is for running out on them now that he can’t put it off on Sheridan or Katherine or Theresa. He asks what was such a big deal at the Crane gazebo site that he had to abandon his family, then yells at him to tell them. Pilar tells him to stop, that he won’t gain anything by badgering his father that way, and that she knows him better than Luis does and knows he’s a good man. Martin tells her she doesn’t have to defend him, and Luis says that’s something they can agree on. Pilar says the one thing that’s never wavered over the years is her faith in her good judgment, and she knows the man she married was a good man, a man who knew right from wrong and worked very hard to take care of his family in every way. Luis says he’s not going to stand here and listen to this, then starts out of the room. Pilar tells him he’s not going anywhere, that he started it and he’s going to stay here and listen to what Martin has to say. She says she believes he left because he felt he had to, to protect the family. Luis asks if he was protecting them by running off with another man’s wife, then says no, something happened that prompted him and Alistair to go to that gazebo, then asks what it was. He asks if he killed someone and buried them under the gazebo, and Martin remembers Katherine telling him that Alistair had said if he tells anyone the truth he would destroy Sheridan. Luis tells him not to be shy, tell them the secret of the gazebo and why he had to leave them. Martin says he just can’t, and Luis mockingly says “Yeah.” (commercial)

Gwen tells Rebecca to give her the phone, but she tells her daughter she is trying to protect her. Gwen says she doesn’t need protection from her own husband, but she damn well wants to know what he’s doing there with Theresa. Rebecca says she tried to warn her, and Gwen asks what, that she sunk her claws into him again, then tells her to give her the phone and let her ask him herself. Rebecca tells her no, if she does it herself she’ll end up in prison. Ethan is still holding on the other end of the line as Theresa starts pushing her way into getting the phone. She tells him to give it to her but he tells her to stop it. This only causes the Mouth that Roars to continue yelling louder and louder, saying she wants to talk to Gwen. He says he doesn’t know if she’s there but Theresa says she does, stretching even further, grabbing into his face, trying to hook it with her talons and screaming at Gwen to bring her baby back to her. Ethan finally tells her to stop it, that she will hurt their chances of finding out where they are and the lunatic backs down some, but doesn’t seem to be happy about it. He walks away from her, asking if Gwen is there. Rebecca answers and he asks if Gwen is there with her. She nervously says no, that she wishes she knew where she is. He tells her he could swear he heard Gwen’s voice, but she continues to tell him that’s impossible because she’s not there. She says she didn’t sleep last night and was taking a nap, that he woke her up. He asks what all the commotion was on her end and she says she dropped the phone. She asks if he’s heard anything and he tells her no, then asks if she’s sure Gwen isn’t there with her. She says she’s sure, and he tells her if he hears anything to call his cell. She says yes, and he should do the same. He asks where she is and she says she’s in bed, then hangs up quickly. He tells Theresa that Rebecca swears she’s not with Gwen, and she asks if he believes her. He says he really doesn’t know. Gwen asks why Ethan is with Theresa and why she was saying all those things, telling her Ethan is supposed to be there with her. Rebecca reminds her Theresa is paralyzed and Gwen says it’s good enough for her, but Rebecca goes on to say he’s there to help her out. Gwen says he should be there with her, but that he loves her and that should be enough to ward off anything Theresa might try, then asks why she always gets him to do everything she wants when she’s the one who has his baby. Rebecca tells her to forget about all that, not to get all worked up because they have to worry about Jane now. Gwen gets a hateful look in her eyes and coldly tells her mother the baby’s name is Ashley. Rebecca nervously agrees, and Gwen smiles and asks if she isn’t just so precious. She turns to the baby, telling her that Mama is going to take good care of her as Rebecca looks on uneasily.

Fox is holding the listening device to Whitney’s stomach and tells her he can’t believe he’s hearing their baby’s heartbeat. She says yes, they can all hear it, and he asks if it isn’t incredible. She halfheartedly agrees but seems to begin believing it, too. He says it’s the baby’s way of saying he/she loves them, and Whitney laughs at him, saying he’s crazy. He says he’s crazy about his baby, and adds that it’s like they say, a miracle how two people’s love can create a whole new life. Eve tells them she remembers when she first heard Whitney’s heartbeat and tells him he’s right, it is a miracle. Whitney looks uncomfortable as Fox says it sounds ok to him, then asks Eve if she thinks it’s ok. She says it sounds good to her, too, and so far there’s nothing to worry about. He asks about Whitney not gaining weight, and asks if that’s what the vitamin shots are for. Eve says she thinks they can do without the shots for now, covering for her daughter’s lie, and saying she thinks the prenatal vitamins she is giving her will do the job. She hands Whitney the bottle and tells her to take one every day, and Fox tells her he will make sure she does whatever it takes to make sure their baby is born healthy and strong. There is a knock on the door and Eve goes to see who it is. A nurse hands her some paperwork, telling her it’s the information she requested for her new patient and it looks like the baby might have some major birth defects. Fox hears this and asks if she said their baby will be born with serious birth defects. Whitney looks at her mother nervously. (commercial)

Gwen is fussing with the baby as Rebecca gets all her stuff and tells her they have to get out of there. Gwen says she doesn’t know where they are going, that it is so cozy and warm here and if she leaves Ethan won’t know where to find them. Rebecca tells her it’s for the best, then says she has to stock up on some more supplies. She heads into the other room, then stops as Gwen talks to the crying baby, telling her they will be so happy and have such a good life with her, Gwen and Ethan all together.

Theresa tells Ethan she wouldn’t trust Rebecca as far as she could throw her, and Ethan agrees, adding especially when they are talking about Gwen. After a moment of thought, he says she’s right, they would be crazy to trust anything she had to say. He starts dialing the phone and Theresa asks who he’s calling. He tells her he’s calling the Cranes, and talks to the maid about Rebecca. He hangs up and says Rebecca is not at the mansion, that she lied, and Theresa says that means she lied, then asks where she could be. He says he doesn’t know but he has a couple of hunches and stands up to go. She says she’s going with him but he tells her no, he can cover more ground without her and she should stay here. He tells her Pilar is in the kitchen if she needs anything, and he will be in touch. She asks if he does care about their little girl and he says he loves her as much as she does, heading out the door. Theresa tells him to find the baby and bring her home.

Katherine tells Sheridan she doesn’t think she’s crazy at all, that she is just terribly upset because of the events of the last few weeks, saying anyone would be. Sheridan asks if that means she doesn’t think she’s losing her mind, and Katherine says not at all, she thinks she strong, and brave, and very sane. She tells her there is nothing wrong with holding on to hope. Sheridan says she feels so certain about Marty, and Katherine tells her she understands. She tells her to sit so she can tell her a story. Katherine then tells her that every night for years after she left she dreamed of her children and that she was with them. She said she could feel them in her arms and hear their voices in the next room, and sometimes in her dreams she and Sheridan would snuggle and she would tell her how much she loves her. Sheridan asks if that means it’s true that they were very close, that she didn’t just make it up, and Katherine tells her she didn’t make it up, it was very real, and that she’s loved her with every fiber of her being always. Sheridan says she can’t tell her how long she’s been waiting to hear her say that, and Katherine hugs her tightly and repeats “I love you” over and over as they hug and cry together.

Luis says Martin just made it all up, and the older man asks what he made up. Luis says the garbage about the gazebo, that he just made it up to throw them off. He says they already know why he left Harmony, it was another woman. Pilar tells him that’s enough, that she is still his mother and he doesn’t make decisions for her, that she wants him to leave her alone with his father. Luis warns Martin not to bring one tear to her eye, but she says she can take care of herself and he should go. He starts to leave, telling his father that he heard what he said and he means it and walks out of the kitchen. Pilar turns to Martin and he looks very uncomfortable. (commercial)

Fox asks what’s wrong with their baby and the nurse apologizes to Eve, saying she thought the doctor was alone. She leaves and Fox asks again what she’s talking about. Eve tells him to calm down, it is another patient the nurse was talking about, and he asks if she’s sure. She says yes, Whitney isn’t her only obstetrical patient, and laughs.

Fox thinks about it, then accepts it, making a joke about almost having his heart stop on him. Eve asks him to wait outside while she finishes the exam and he goes. Whitney thanks her for covering for her, and Eve tells her she doesn’t like to lie. Whitney says she can’t tell Fox or Chad right now, and Eve tells her it’s her body, her choice. She turns to get something and Whitney looks a the papers, realizing they are about her and her baby, that they are about baby’s of incest. She reads more and is shocked by what it says.

Sheridan pulls away from her mother, saying she supposes Katherine is waiting to hear her say how much she loves her, too. Katherine tells her no, but Sheridan says she’s sorry, she just doesn’t know how she feels right now. She says she missed her and needed her so much when she was a child, a teen, and even these last few years when her life has been so complicated. Katherine tells her she understands, and Sheridan goes on, saying her father had made her feel responsible for Katherine’s death, and the guilt was with her every day of her life. Katherine tells her she did nothing wrong, she was wonderful, perfect, and the joy of her life, and she still is. Sheridan says she doesn’t know how she feels but she’s waited all her life to hear her say that and to feel her arms around her. Katherine hugs her again and tells her she’s right here.

Luis comes out to the living room and asks Theresa where Ethan is. She tells him about the call to Rebecca and the fact she lied about where she was and now he’s gone to try to find her. She says they think she’s with Gwen. He asks where he went, that he’ll catch up with him, but she says he didn’t say, only that he had a couple of hunches. Luis says it would have been nice if he would have told them what those hunches were before he left. She says he’ll call when he’s close, that she’s just worried about her little girl. Luis tells her she is fine, and if Gwen thinks the baby is fine she won’t hurt her. Theresa says she keeps calling her Ashley, but she’s whacked out, capable of extreme violence, and as if he didn’t already know, she told him again that Gwen put her in the wheelchair.

Luis tells her he knows, but they are going to get through this as a family, together. She agrees, then asks how Sheridan is. He says she’s not taking it too well, it’s bringing back memories of her own baby’s kidnapping. He tells her she’s obsessing about Little Marty again, and Theresa asks if she thinks he’s hers. He says yes, she thinks their baby never died and somehow Beth ended up with him. Theresa says she’s sorry, and he tells her he tried to talk her out of it and thinks he got through to her but he’s not sure. Theresa says she doesn’t blame her, that she knows what they went through when their baby was taken, then says she doesn’t know what she will do if her baby dies. Luis promises her that won’t happen and she takes his word for it. She asks where Pilar is, and he says she’s in the kitchen with their father. She is surprised to hear he is there and says Pilar shouldn’t have let him in their home. He tells her he tried to tell their mother to give Martin the boot but she gave Luis the boot instead and he’s in there now trying to convince her to let him back into her life. Theresa is upset at that.

Pilar apologizes to Martin for Luis’ outburst, but he says no, he’s entitled to his feelings, that he was only a youngster when he left them. Pilar tells him she’s still angry with him, too, but she has something Luis doesn’t, personal knowledge of the man he was when they married. She says she fell in love with a man with a clear conscience who knew right from wrong and practiced his morality in everything he did. She says that’s why she believes he had some other reason for leaving other than just taking up with Katherine Crane. He says her faith means a lot to her, and she goes on to say that if she finds out he only left to be with her, she will have no use for him, either, so if there is another reason he needs to tell her now. He tries to stop her, but she says no more stalling, that she deserves the truth after everything he’s put her through and asks if their marriage was a lie and whether he loved her as much as she loved him. She asks if it weren’t for this secret he claims to have, would he have left her and their children. (commercial)

Pilar urges him to tell her the truth, saying there is no one else there with them. He says if it weren’t for the secret he would never have left, that he loved her and his children with all his heart but he was caught up in something against his will, something so powerful he had no choice. He says it was to help Katherine, yes, but mostly to protect her and the kids. She says she had a feeling it was something like that, then asks about Katherine, if it is true he wasn’t in love with her until after they left Harmony. He says absolutely, that he cared about her as a friend, but he loved Pilar with all his heart, he swears. She then asks if it weren’t for his relationship with Katherine right now would he still be with her and the children.

Theresa asks Luis what will happen if she forgives him and takes him back. He says not to worry about that, he won’t let it happen, then wonders if he was thinking he would inherit all of Katherine’s millions or something. Theresa doesn’t know, either, and Luis tells her one thing is for sure and that is that he won’t allow him or the other woman to cause any more havoc for any of them. He decides to go check on Sheridan and tells his sister good bye, saying he will call if he hears anything about Jane. She thanks him and he leaves, then she sends Ethan a mental message to find their baby and bring her home soon.

Rebecca walks into the living room where Gwen is waiting and asks her if she got everything. Gwen says she thinks so, and Rebecca tells her to make sure, that she can’t leave anything behind, no one can know they were here. They hear a car driving up and Rebecca says she hopes it’s not the same cop that was there last night because she doesn’t think she can get rid of him again. She tells Gwen to take the baby and hide. As she goes she drops a baby blanket on the floor. Rebecca opens the door to find Ethan and asks what he’s doing there. He tells her he was about to ask her the same thing.

Whitney reads the paperwork and tells her mother she doesn’t know what half of that stuff is but she doesn’t want her baby born with it. Eve tells her she told her there was some risk involved, but Whitney says she had made it sound like her odds were better than the paperwork says. Eve tells her she believes that and she’s gathering as much information as possible so she can help her daughter through this. Whitney accepts that, then asks what she should do now. Eve tells her to take the vitamins she gave her every day, eat at least three good meals a day, preferably more, and then they will keep testing her and make sure they don’t pick up on anything worrisome. Whitney says she can’t believe this is happening, that most women get to be excited about having a baby and the day it’s born, that they can’t wait. She says she can’t wait, either, but only for it to be all over with. Eve says she wishes she could make it easier for her. There is a knock on the door and Fox pops in, saying it’s boring out there and wondering if they are through yet. Both say they are through, and Whitney tells him to take her home. He looks at her and asks if she’s been crying, and she says she’s fine. He says he understands, that he got a little teary eyed himself listening to their baby’s heartbeat, saying it does something to a guy. Eve says she will give them some alone time and leaves, handing Whitney the vitamins as she goes. Fox thanks her, then tells Whitney he loves her, calling her mommy, and says the baby will love her, too. (commercial)

Fox thanks Whitney for letting him come to the hospital with her, saying he never would have thought he’d be one of those sappy fathers-to-be, but bring on the Lamaze classes or whatever they do from here. She says that doesn’t sound like the Fox she knows at all, and he tells her to get used to it, it’s the new him and he kind of likes it. He says he likes the fact he gets to be part of the baby’s life before it’s born, that way by the time their roly-poly comes out they will already have a relationship. He says he’s going to take the stuff out to the car, and after he leaves, she tosses the vitamins in the trash can, saying it’s not going to make her baby roly-poly so what’s the use.

Eve walks to the waiting room and tells Beth she’s sorry for keeping her waiting. Edna says Beth is about to bust a gut. Beth laughs and tells Eve not to listen to her mother as Eve takes Marty and walks to an exam room. Edna tells Beth she understands why she brought the baby to the serial killer doctor, and she doesn’t know which is worse, Beth or Dr. Death. She tells her daughter she is going to stay out there and pray, that he can certainly use it.

Theresa rolls her chair to the front door window and looks out, urging Ethan to find their baby and bring her home.

Ethan walks into the cabin and tells Rebecca she lied to him. She says she didn’t lie, she told him she was in bed but he assumed she was at the mansion. He tells her she could have told him she was here but she didn’t, and she snippily tells him she didn’t know she had to account for her whereabouts. He tells her to stop playing around and asks her to explain why she’s at the cabin. She tells him probably for the same reason he is, that she was worried about Gwen and came here to check it out. He asks if she’s here, and Rebecca says no, but he tells her she’s lying. She acts upset, and he tells her that when they were on the phone he could swear he heard Gwen’s voice, that he thinks she’s here and that Rebecca is protecting her. She gets huffy, asking how dare he, then says she knows he doesn’t like her and she has her doubts about him, but he must trust her, Gwen is not here.

Gwen is peeking out the door of the room she’s hiding in and sees the blanket she dropped on the floor.

Martin tells Pilar that without a doubt, if not for Katherine, he’s still be here with her and they would still be a family. She takes his hand, saying she knew he still cared about her, that he still loves her. He pulls his hand away, telling her that Katherine is still here, she’s not going anywhere and he’ll never leave her. Pilar looks taken aback by this.

Katherine holds Sheridan, saying she can’t believe it’s true that she is there with her, holding her precious daughter in her arms after all these years. She tells her she has to believe her when she says she’s missed her all this time and wanted to be with her every minute. Sheridan tells her to just hold her, that she feels so safe in her arms, like she can make everything all right.

Luis comes up and grabs Sheridan, pulling her away from Katherine and yelling at the woman to stay away from her.


Theresa, to Pilar: “Papa doesn’t love you, Mama, and even if he did once, he’s in love with another woman now.”

Rebecca, to Ethan: “You are wasting your time. Gwen and the baby are not here.”

Sheridan, to Katherine: “Shut up! Just shut the hell up!”

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