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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In Tabitha’s kitchen, she is sitting with Endora on the window seat, looking outside. She tells her daughter that soon Spring will be here with all the flowers coming to life, the trees growing new leaves, and gooey-eyed loves walking hand in hand in the park. She tells her she hates Spring, but she love Autumn, when all the leaves and everything die. She tells her there is always human doom and gloom to cheer them up, then suggests they go see what’s going on in the town.

They look into the water bowl and see Endora’s evil grandfather, Alistair, in bed with his aide, Tina. She tells her that he thinks he’s the only one who is wired to see what all is happening in Harmony, but he is on Coven News Network at that very minute. He and Tina are kissing and carrying on and she tells Endora to hide her eyes, that there are some things to gross for even little witchling eyes.

Alistair says he wants to see what’s going on, turning on his monitors. He yells “Damn that woman!”, and Tina asks if he means the Queen. He says no, that Katherine, his wife, had said she wanted to leave Martin, yet there she is, thrashing around like the slut she is in Martin’s bed. He says he doubts Martin would be so enthusiastic if he knew it was his last time with her, then curses her again as she tells Martin she loves him.

Sheridan is sitting in her bed, reading to Marty. She reads the living happily ever after part, then laughs with him, saying she loves him so much and she’ll never let anyone take him away from her, ever. Then she is sleeping in bed and Luis comes in, telling her to rise and shine. She wakes up, smiling at him, then looks around and gets upset, asking where their son is.

In Theresa’s house, she is sleeping on the sofa as Ethan dozes in an armchair. She is dreaming about her baby, then wakes up and tries to see if anyone left a message on the phone for her during the night.

She can’t reach the phone or lift her shoulders up enough to see over Ethan’s feet propped on the coffee table, so she wakes him up and asks him to check for her. He does and sees there are none. She gets upset and asks where Gwen could have taken the baby.

In the cabin, Gwen finishes feeding the baby and says that her fever is gone, asking if she’s feeling better. She answers her own question, saying of course she is, that she’s away from Theresa and her ranting and raving would give anyone an earache. Rebecca comes in and tells her to come on, that they have to leave and they will use her car since the police know Gwen took Ethan’s. Gwen says ok, but she wants to call him first and tell him where to meet them. Rebecca asks if she’s crazy, then realizes what she’s said and tells her never mind, then says she can’t call Ethan. Gwen asks why, saying he’s her husband and “Ashley’s” father, and they love him very much. Rebecca tells her she knows she loves him, but they can’t trust him now. Gwen asks why, and Rebecca says he’s looking for the baby so he can give it back to Theresa. Gwen looks at her like she’s lost her mind and asks why he’d want to give their baby to that terrible woman. (commercial)

Ethan sits Theresa in her wheelchair, and she thanks him. He asks if she needs him to do anything else. Pilar comes in, happy to see they are both awake, and asks if there is any news. Theresa says no, and you would think someone would call since they have an APB and the Amber Alert and it’s been on all the TV and radio stations in town. She says she doesn’t know how Gwen could be gone this long without being found. Ethan says she has no clothes, no money, and she didn’t get a good head start, so he doesn’t know how she could have gotten very far. Pilar says it’s confusing, and Theresa says she doesn’t know what she’ll do if they don’t find Jane soon. Ethan tells her that Luis and Sam will find her so she doesn’t need to worry about it, but she says if Gwen has done anything to hurt Jane she will…but Pilar cuts in, telling her to stop thinking that way, that there’s been enough violence already. Ethan says Gwen would never hurt the baby because she loves her, but Theresa tells him not to defend her, that he knows she stole their baby. He tells her she isn’t in her right mind, and Theresa agrees, saying she tried to kill her multiple times and left her in the wheelchair, so she deserves to die for what she’s done.

Gwen tells her mother that she will kill Theresa if she tries to take her baby. Rebecca agrees, saying she hates her, too, but Ethan has some kind of immune deficiency when it comes to her, that she is like some kind of foot fungus, always getting under his skin.

Gwen says that’s how it used to be, but now it’s different, that now they have their baby and he would never turn her in for trying to spend time with their own daughter. Rebecca tells her not to be so sure, and Gwen asks why. Rebecca tells her that since she’s been up here Theresa has managed to convince him that the baby is really hers and connived him into working with the police to get the baby back. Gwen calls Theresa a lying little slut, and Rebecca says she knows, but for the time being they can’t tell Ethan what they are doing because he will report it to the police and they will take the baby away and put Gwen and her in jail and they’ll be in a lot of trouble. Gwen says she can’t go to jail, that she has to be free to take care of “Ashley”, and Rebecca agrees, saying that’s why they have to go somewhere far, far away where no one will ever find them, including Ethan. Gwen agrees to do that. (commercial)

Sheridan is looking all over for Marty, asking Luis where he is. He tells her he isn’t here, he’s home with his mother, Beth, that their baby died. She reminds him they never found his body and that means he could still be alive. She says she knows he loves her and would never lie to her, but every fiber of her being is telling her Marty is her son. He tells her he’s not, and she says she doesn’t know what to think, she’s so confused. She says maybe she wants a baby so badly that she isn’t thinking straight, and he says that’s what it is. She says she needs to have a baby, that it scares her when she thinks about Gwen, a competent businesswoman until she found out she couldn’t have a child of her own, and then she lost her mind. She wonders if that’s what’s happening to her.

On Alistair’s monitor, he watches Martin and Katherine making love and hears her tell Martin how much she loves him. He turns the sound off , saying his slut of a wife should have stayed dead. Tina asks why he turned off the sound and he tells her that Katherine’s cries of “Oh, Martin, Oh Martin” were driving him crazy, as if he could satisfy his wife like Alistair could. Tina asks why he cares since he supposedly hates her. He agrees, he does detest her, but she’s still his wife, his property, and no one steals from Alistair Crane, especially that thief, Martin Fitzgerald.

Martin tells Katherine that she was amazing, even better than usual, but she says being with him is always magical. He asks if he’d be right to say she was more ardent than usual this time, and she tells him she just wants him to know how much she loves him, then asks him not to forget or doubt that, ever. He asks why she’s talking this way, saying she seems so driven. She tells him she doesn’t mean to be, and he says he knows what this is all about. (commercial)

Martin tells Katherine he knew there was something driving her, giving her such urgency that she had to be with him. She remembers asking Alistair to help her leave Harmony and go where no one will ever find her again, and he agreed. She tells Martin that nothing is making her act any differently than usual. He tells her not to deny it, that he knows her too well and can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. He says she’s trying to help him get his mind off of Theresa and her baby by making love to him more passionately than ever to show him he has her no matter what. She tells him he will always have her heart, and he says she will always have his, and nothing will ever separate them if they don’t let it. Katherine silently says to herself that there is nothing but her, that she has to leave him and her children forever.

Luis tells Sheridan she is not losing her mind, but she says she did before, and it was over the baby. She says she can’t shake the feeling he’s alive and out there needing her, or maybe it’s her that needs him. Luis tells her they are trying to have another baby, and someday they will. She says she hopes so, because as much as she loves him, she really needs a baby to love, too, one just like Marty. He says he’s no shrink but he bets a lot of this goes back to her childhood, having her mother leave her, that she never got over that and having Katherine come back to town now has just stirred it all up again. She says that still doesn’t explain why she feels so connected to Marty.

The phone rings and Luis answers it to find his mother on the other end. She asks if there’s been any news about the baby yet, and he tells her no. She tells him that Theresa is beside herself and she nor Ethan can calm her down. She asks if he would be able to come over and see what he can do. He tells her Sheridan is upset, too, and he can’t leave her, but Sheridan tells him she’s fine and he can go over to his mother’s if he wants to. He asks if she’s sure, and she says yes, so he tells his mother he will be right there. She says to hurry because she’s out of control.

Theresa tells Ethan to stop trying to change her mind, that she doesn’t care what made her do it. She says the facts are that she stabbed her, tried to kill her, paralyzed her, chased her around with scissors, stole her baby, and she wants her to pay for what she did. She says she will pay with her life. He tells her he understands, but Gwen would never hurt the baby and he’d stake his life on it.

Gwen asks how Ethan could believe Theresa over her, saying the baby is hers, it’s her little “Ashley”, that she and Ethan went through hell to have her but she’s here, she’s beautiful, and she’s perfect. She says she loves her with all her heart, that she is her flesh and blood and she doesn’t see how Ethan could believe Theresa when she has lied to him over and over again. Rebecca tells her she doesn’t know, then stops to think about it and says maybe Theresa is double-jointed, then gets serious again and says the point is they can’t trust Ethan right now. Gwen looks around, then says she can tell Rebecca this because she’s her mother, that sometimes she hears people behind her back telling her she’s crazy. Rebecca is upset at this, but Gwen goes on, saying they aren’t saying Ethan is crazy for believing Theresa. Rebecca says of course not, then ticks down all the things Theresa supposedly did to Gwen, and Gwen says that now she’s trying to say the baby is hers. She wonders what movie was on TV after she gave birth, then tells the baby that she should feed Theresa a rat like Bette Davis did to Joan Crawford. Rebecca tells her to stay focused, that they can’t tell Ethan where they are going or what they are doing. Gwen tells her she loves Ethan and knows he loves her and the baby and she just doesn’t understand why Theresa had to come into their lives. She says of all the fate-spewing, freaky women in the world, why did it have to be Theresa, that she hates her because she’s given them nothing but grief. She then says it’s all her fault, and Rebecca asks what is. Gwen says the situation with her and “Ashley”, that she should have killed Theresa a long time ago. Rebecca says maybe she should have killed her for her. Gwen tells her that’s very sweet, and that if she ever lays eyes on her again, she will finish what she started. She tells her that “Ashley” will then go to her first funeral. (commercial)

Tabitha talks to Endora in her high chair as she sees she’s finished her breakfast. She says she has a nice, full tum-tum and now they can start their day. She watches Alistair again, saying he is really angry today. She calls him a silly old coot, then says he thinks he owns the town and everyone in it. She says it’s lucky for them he doesn’t know Endora is his granddaughter, thanks to an exotic, erotic encounter with Julian after a very potent pitcher of martimmys. She says if Alistair ever found out where she came from he would try to take her away from Tabby, but she wouldn’t allow him to do that because losing her would be like losing Timmy all over again and she couldn’t suffer that heartbreak twice in one lifetime. A light starts shining and she sees it’s Angel Timmy, then tells him she misses him so much. Music plays and she tells the light she loves him, too, and then it goes away. Afterward she gets back to what she had been talking about and tells Endora that she will never allow Alistair to take her away from her, that she will take him out first, and she doesn’t mean to dinner.

Alistair is in a suit, and Tina tempts him by opening the sheet she’s wrapped in to show off her naked body. He tells her she is very tempting but it’ll have to wait, business before pleasure. As she leaves the room, he watches Katherine and Martin on his monitor and tells her to get it while she can because when he helps her disappear no one will ever find her again.

Katherine tells Martin she wishes it could be like this forever, just the two of them in each other’s arms. He says he does, too, but as much as he loves it there, he has to go check on Theresa and see if there’s been any word on the baby yet. She tells him she understands as he gets dressed, then thinks to herself that this will be the last time she ever sees Martin, ever makes love to him, that when he gets back from Theresa’s she’ll be gone for good. Martin sees her face a realizes something is bothering her, then asks what it is. She tells him she loves him so much and asks him to promise he’ll never forget that. He swears he won’t, then adds that he loves her, too. Again he sees she’s upset and asks about it. She tells him she’s just being emotional, that he needs to go to Theresa and tell her that even if she is angry with him, he will be there for her anyway. He says he will, and leaves, as she says good bye to him, and adds forever.

Theresa rolls into the living room, damning Gwen for stabbing her and leaving her paralyzed. She says she bets that was part of her plot to kidnap her daughter so she wouldn’t be able to go look for her because she’s stuck in the wheelchair. Ethan tells her that’s not what happened, but she tells him to stop defending her over and over again. She says she’s just like her mother, that she thinks because she is rich she can have anything she wants, but she can’t have Theresa’s baby, she wants her back. Pilar tries to calm her, telling her she doesn’t want Little Ethan to wake up and find her having a fit like this, that it wouldn’t be good for him. Theresa says she knows, but it’s just that Rebecca and Gwen stole her son from her, and now Gwen has stolen her baby, and she wants her back. Ethan tells her Jane is his daughter, too, and Pilar tells her she will go get coffee for them and make a cup of chamomile tea for her. Theresa calms down and thanks her, and Ethan says that would be nice as Pilar heads to the kitchen. There is a knock on the door and Theresa thinks it might be word about the baby and sits anxiously as Ethan goes to open the door. Luis comes in, saying he forgot his key. Ethan asks him if there’s been any news about Gwen and the baby, but Luis says he wishes.

He goes to Theresa and asks how she’s doing. She gets more upset, talking about how they’ve been gone all night and no ones seen them, that they could be anywhere by now and the baby could be lying in a ditch after they wrecked, etc. Luis tells her to calm down, that she isn’t helping matters doing that. He tells her he and Sam are doing all they can, they have put out an APB, an amber alert, and they are doing a house-to-house search throughout the county. He tells them they will find her. She thanks him and he asks where their mother is. They tell him she’s in the kitchen making coffee and tea and he says he’s going to let her know he’s here. He goes into the kitchen where Pilar has poured several cups of coffee and is making the tea. She tells him thanks for coming so quickly, and he says he told Theresa they are doing everything they can to find the baby, picking up a cup of coffee. Pilar tells him no, not that one, it’s for….. He asks for who, and she says it’s for Theresa. He tells her Ethan told him she was making tea for her, then takes a sip and says it has cream and extra sugar, like his dad liked it. He tells her not to tell him he’s here. She says no, and he asks if she’s expecting him as the teapot starts to whistle. (commercial)

Luis asks if Martin is coming back today, and she says “yes….no…I don’t know.” He asks why she made him a cup of coffee, and she said in case he comes over to check on Theresa and the baby. He says as he recalls, the last time he was here he made things worse, but she says that he didn’t, Theresa did when she flipped over in her wheelchair. He gets angry, asking why she’s taking Martin’s side, and she says she isn’t, that she is saying he still loves them and wants to be part of the family again. He reminds her the man walked out on them, and asks if now he’s just going to walk back in, sit in his easy chair and have her bring him coffee. She says it’s not that easy, that she doesn’t know what’s going to happen, but she knows him and can read him and she knows he wants to reconnect with the family. She tells him that deep inside he knows that, too. He tells her he thinks she’s being foolish to think he’s just going to walk back into the family again, reminding her he served her with divorce papers. She says he did that at Luis’ urging. He says he couldn’t force him to divorce her if he didn’t want to, could he, and she says he’s right. He asks if she’s signed the papers yet, and she says no, she doesn’t think she can do that. He tells her she has to sign the papers in order to get on with her life, but she says even if she does sign them, she will still be married to him in God’s eyes and she could never remarry or she’d be committing adultery and it would be a sacrilege. He tells her to get an annulment, that there are grounds for is since he walked out on them. She tells him she doesn’t know, that so much has happened she just doesn’t know. He asks what’s happened, and she tells him she doesn’t know, just things. She says like how he was when Paloma was in the hospital and how worried he’s been about Theresa and the baby and even him and Sheridan. He tells her to stop, then asks if she’s saying she would let him back into the house after everything he’s done to them. She says no, she’s still angry at him for what he did and upset that they still don’t seem to have the whole reason why he left. Luis sarcastically talks about his “big secret”. She tells him as a devout Catholic it’s her duty to practice forgiveness, and if she can’t forgive her own husband, what kind of Christian is she. There is a knock on the door and Martin walks in. Seeing him, Luis says “Speak of the devil”, and tells him his coffee is getting cold.

Theresa asks Ethan if there’s anyone they can call, and he tells her Luis is here and he’s heard nothing, and he’s sure if his father had heard anything he would have called them by now. She asks about Rebecca, and he asks what she means. She says she’s Gwen’s mother and asks if she wouldn’t have called her to tell her where she went. He says he doesn’t know about that, then thinks about it and says maybe, he just doesn’t know. She says they need to call her to see if she’s heard from Gwen.

Gwen tells her mother she can’t believe Ethan would betray her to Theresa. Rebecca says she seduced him into sleeping with her so maybe she messed with his head, too. Gwen says she guesses anything is possible, and Rebecca tells her that’s all she’s saying, that they can’t take the chance. She tells her there are too many people out there looking for her and if they find her they will put her in prison for the rest of her life. Gwen tells her that’s ridiculous, that she stabbed Theresa in self-defense because she was trying to take her baby from her. She says no one will blame her for trying to kidnap her own baby. Rebecca tells her not to be too sure of that, then says she hears Morocco is lovely this time of year and suggests she get the baby into the car seat and they can go. Gwen does as she’s told.

Alistair is in his bedroom with Tina brushing the lint off his suit. Katherine walks in and he tells her it’s the second time in as many days she’s showed up in his bedroom and if she wants him to make love to her she only has to ask. He tells her not to play the timid ingénue act, saying she’s much too old for that. Katherine says she’d rather leave that displeasure to his assistant, then tells her it’s amazing that she doesn’t seem to bruise too easily. Alistair tells Tina to stop brushing his coat and go on and have a nice day. She walks out, giving Katherine a smart-alecky look. He asks if she wants to disappear, never to be seen by Martin or her kids again, and she says she does. He tells her it didn’t look that way to him, and she asks what he means, then looks where he’s gesturing and sees her bed at the B&B. She calls him scum and slaps him across the face. (commercial)

Theresa asks Ethan to call Rebecca and see if she’s heard anything from Gwen. He says he thinks if she had heard something she would have called him, but Theresa says she doesn’t believe that since she’d been making excuses for Gwen at the hospital, blaming the whole thing on her. He tells her they are both responsible for Gwen’s mental state, that she had wanted to have a child of her own and they had practically robbed her of that chance. She tells him that if Rebecca and Gwen hadn’t stolen her son, none of this would ever have happened, then says she wouldn’t doubt that Rebecca helped Gwen steal the baby while they were busy filling out the papers. She tells him to call her and see if he can catch her off guard about Gwen. Ethan says Rebecca was worried about Gwen having to go to prison and says he wouldn’t doubt she’d help her get away as he dials the number.

Rebecca’s phone rings and Gwen picks it up. She sees it’s Ethan and tells her mother she told her he loves her and “Ashley”. She asks if she should tell him to meet them there or to meet them in Morocco. Rebecca tells her not to answer the phone and Gwen looks at her as if she is out of her mind.

Martin closes the door and walks over to Pilar and Luis, asking what he meant about his coffee getting cold. Pilar says it doesn’t matter, and Luis asks why he’s here and why he came in the kitchen door. He says he wanted to come over and see if there’s any word about the baby and after the problem last night he didn’t want Theresa to know he’s here so he came in the back way. Pilar says see, he does care about us, but Luis says so what, he would never leave Sheridan’s mother to come back to them.

Katherine says she can’t believe he watched her and Martin making love. He asks if that’s what it was, that he had thought it was a special on Bloopers and Practical Jokes. She tells him he’s hateful, and he tells her she’d better watch herself if she wants his help. He asks if she wants to disappear, and she says she does, it’s the only way to save Sheridan, Julian and Martin more pain, so he tells her to go to the airport, that a Crane jet is waiting for her. She says she has to go back to the B&B and pack some things, but he says she’s a wealthy woman, she can buy whatever she needs when she gets where she’s going. She says these are personal things, things Martin gave her and pictures of the ones she loves. He tells her if she wants to disappear she has to go to the airport right now, because if she goes back to the room she will wimp out and stay. She says he’s right, and he tells her the jet is waiting. She says she never thought she’d say this, then tells him thank you. He tells her to get out of there before he changes his mind.

Tabitha carries Endora away from the water bowl, telling her she’s had enough of Alistair’s bluster for the moment. She thinks he might need more fiber in his diet, but says they don’t care, it’s his cruelty to others that matters to their side. She says as a mother she does feel sorry for Katherine, having to leave her children and never being able to see them again. She says she could never make that kind of sacrifice, that she loves her daughter way too much. Endora says “I know”, and Tabby laughs, saying there’s no way she could leave her baby, that she loves her too, too much.

Sheridan is walking in the park, asking God to help her. She says she feels like she’s losing her mind, that she knows Luis says their baby died when the car it was in drove off the bridge, but she reminds herself they never found the body and wonders if that’s why she keeps thinking her baby is alive and Beth has him. She says that’s impossible, because Luis says it is, then wonders if that’s true. She asks what’s happening to her. She sees her mother walking toward her and asks what she’s doing there. Katherine says she was just going… then sees she’s crying and asks why.

Sheridan jumps up and runs to her arms, telling her not to leave because she needs her so much.


Ethan, to Rebecca: “When we were on the phone earlier I swear I heard Gwen’s voice. I think she’s here and I think you’re trying to protect her.”

Martin, to Pilar: “If it weren’t for Katherine I’d still be here with you.”

Pilar’s reply: “I knew you cared. I knew you still loved me.”

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