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Passions Update Monday 2/14/05
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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In the Crane cabin, Gwen holds the baby close as she talks to the person who entered the cabin, asking why the person is there and wondering why they aren’t watching Little Ethan.

Rebecca is standing in the doorway, and she tells her daughter Happy Valentine’s Day, then tells her she came to take her and the baby away, saying they can’t stay there. Gwen is in no mood to go anywhere, and tells her mother “No.”

At a table in Harmony’s finest restaurant, Valerie has been chatting with Chad, then realizes he isn’t paying attention. She points out the fact he hasn’t heard a word she’s said, then asks if he’s still thinking about Whitney. He tells her he’s sorry but he can’t help it. She reminds him of the Luther Van Dross song, Love the one you’re with, and he understands what she’s trying to say. He asks her to forgive him again, saying making love to her earlier was amazing, but it’s just that he found Whitney’s scarf there and that means she was there and he’s worried about why. He tells Valerie that for Whitney to come find him something must be wrong, and he can’t help worry about what it is.

At another table, TC toasts Liz with his glass, but she says it should be cheers to them, to their future together. He tells her he’s glad Eve’s plan to poison her was foiled and he hopes this will be the first of many Valentine Days they have together. Liz thinks to herself that she would love for Eve to see her right now, sitting there with TC on Valentine’s Day, and he loves her. She says her revenge is almost complete, and hopes that wherever Eve is at that moment, all she feels is pain.

On the wharf, Eve tells Julian that it’s going to be hard for Fox to hear the truth, but Whitney is determined to tell him who her child belongs to. Julian says he will be devastated to learn he’s not the father, but it’s the right thing to do. Eve agrees, saying lies cause nothing but pain and grief, then uses herself, Ivy, and their kids as an example of what lying can do. She says Fox will be heartbroken that Whitney has lied to him. Julian hopes their love will survive, but Eve says whatever the consequences, she has to tell him the truth.

In Fox’s office, he asks Whitney what she means by having to tell him the truth. She says it’s time for her to tell him everything.

In Beth’s living room, Sheridan tells Luis that Marty is their son, then says she has to find his jacket and get him out of there. Luis, obviously thinking she has lost it again, tells her they need to talk about it. Across the room, Edna whispers to Beth that this is it, Luis is going to know the truth, that Marty is Sheridan’s son, that Beth kidnapped her and held her in a pit in the basement and stole her baby from her.

She adds that her buddy Alistair won’t be helping her this time. Beth is upset, saying “No” over and over, saying this can’t be happening, that Marty is hers and she loves him. Edna adds that having all this happen on Valentine’s Day is better than a five pound box of chocolates, then thanks God. Luis tells Sheridan she has to accept the fact Marty is not her child, but she tells him he is hers, that Luis has to believe her about it. (commercial)

Gwen tells Rebecca she can’t be here, that this is her place, hers and “Ashley’s”, and no one else can be here except Ethan. Rebecca tells her she’s here to help her, then asks about the baby and if she’s all right. Gwen says of course she is, why wouldn’t she be, then asks how she found them. Rebecca tells her that she knows Gwen has loved the cabin since she was 13 years old, how she always talked about the romantic weekends she and Ethan shared there and how it was a perfect hideaway, so she figured if she were a criminal on the lam and wanted a place to hide, this might be it. Gwen is incensed, telling her mother she is not a criminal, and a nervous Rebecca says of course not, but if she could find her here, the police can, too, and maybe very soon. Gwen is surprised to hear the police are looking for her, and Rebecca tells her she’s in a lot of trouble, that half the state is looking for her. Gwen tells her she’s talking silly, that she is just there for some rest and relaxation with her “Ashley”, then asks her mother if she isn’t the most beautiful baby in the world, saying she loves her. She adds that she now knows how a mother could kill for her child, telling her mother she would do it, too. Rebecca tells her to stop it, that she is only making it worse for herself. Gwen lies the baby down and tells her to get some sleep, saying babies need sleep and she wants her to be at her best when daddy gets there. A policeman walks up to the door just then and knocks. Rebecca gasps, then asks who it could be. Gwen is thrilled, telling the baby that daddy is here.

Someone walks by Julian and Eve with a Valentine’s Day gift and it dawns on him what day it is. Eve wistfully says Whitney will probably hate Valentine’s Day for the rest of her life, but Julian tells her there’s nothing they can do for Fox and Whitney right now and he wants to take her out for dinner. Eve says she doesn’t feel like celebrating now, but he says he wants to because there’s no way of knowing what next year will bring. She asks if he means because she could be in prison by then, then damns Liz, saying her telling the police a lie, that Eve got her punch for her, is why she’s in danger of spending the rest of her life in prison. Julian tells her to not think about it now, to let him take her out for a nice dinner. Eve agrees, and they walk toward the restaurant.

Liz is laughing at a joke TC told her, telling him he’s hilarious. He says he has a million of them, that his kids tell him the latest jokes and it keeps him young. Liz says he should let her keep him young, then the band starts playing a song she says she loves. TC offers to dance with her, and she tells him she never refuses such an offer and they go to the dance floor.

Valerie is enjoying her dinner with Chad, telling him he is spoiling her. Chad says he’s glad she’s enjoying it, but seems to be somewhere else. She asks if he’s worrying about his sister, and he says yes, that she came looking for him and he can’t help but worry about what. She tells him he’s done everything he can for Whitney, that they used to be a big item but now it’s over, for obvious reasons, and if whatever she came looking for him for is important, she’ll be back. Chad agrees, telling her she’s right, but that he just hopes whatever it is Whitney can handle it.

Fox asks what truth it is Whitney has to tell him, saying it sounds ominous. She tells him she doesn’t even know where to start, and he says whatever it is, it can’t be that bad. He asks if it’s money, if she’s been going crazy buying stuff for the baby, and if that’s it it’s ok since they are Cranes and have banks full of the stuff. Whitney tries again to tell him, but he butts in again, telling her to just spit it out, that he knows she’d never lie to him and he can handle just about anything else.

Back at the restaurant, Martin tells Katherine Happy Valentine’s Day, then adds no matter how brief, it’s good they can be alone, and he love’s her. She tells him she loves him no matter what, then says not to forget that. He asks how he could, that waking up next to her every day for all his life is all the reminder he needs. Katherine remembers asking Alistair to help her go away and hide where Martin and Sheridan can never find her. Back in the present, Martin tells her he hopes Luis and Sheridan can find the same happiness they have, then makes a toast that nothing will ever come between them.

Luis reminds Sheridan that they’ve gone over this before, then asks if something has happened to make her start believing Marty is hers again, then asks how she knows he’s theirs. She tells him to look at the boy, asking if he doesn’t look just like her. Edna chimes in, saying to a tee, just like princess Diana and William. Beth over-eagerly says it’s the blond hair, that a lot of babies have blond hair but it darkens as they age. Sheridan says no, to look at his eyes, his mouth, then tells Luis he looks just like her. Luis says maybe she just wants him to look like her, that he thinks the boy looks just like him, then tells her that they are all upset about Gwen taking the baby but she can’t go off the deep end, saying their baby is gone. She tells him no, he’s not. Luis says Marty is his son with Beth, and wishing isn’t going to change that, it’s impossible. Sheridan tells him it is possible, that Beth kidnapped her and stole her child, and she can prove it. (commercial)

Rebecca peeks out the door window and sees the officer knocking on the door. She turns and finds Gwen walking toward the door with a big smile on her face. She grabs her daughter and turns her around, and Gwen asks her what’s wrong, saying she has to let Ethan in. Rebecca asks where Ethan’s car is and Gwen says it’s parked behind the boathouse, which pleases the woman since it’s out of sight. Gwen tells her mother to let her go, saying she has to go open the door because Ethan has come to see her and the baby. Outside the door, the officer hears her and yells for them to open the door, saying he is there looking for the kidnapped baby. Gwen asks her mother if she didn’t just hear Ethan telling her he loves her, then asks her mother to let her go so she can open the door. Rebecca tells her to be quiet, that it isn’t Ethan, it’s a cop and he wants to throw her back in the pokey. Gwen looks confused.

Eve and Julian walk into the restaurant and are met by the maitre d‘, who says hello to Julian, saying he is surprised to see him since he had no reservation. Julian reminds him gently that he doesn’t need one, and the man goes to find a place for him.

Eve tells him they should go to the Lobster Shack instead of taking someone else’s place, since for a lot of people this is a special occasion restaurant. Julian tells her they will find a place and squeeze them in. She accepts that as he kisses her hand, then says she hopes everything is going ok with Fox and Whitney. Chad asks why, startling them since they didn’t know he was behind them. He asks what’s going on with them.

Whitney tries again, saying every since the night in the pool house, but he butts in and says it’s the night they made the baby since they used protection every other time, then begins a soliloquy that leaves no room for her to say anything. He talks about how he has something he wants to talk to her about, get off his chest, then goes on to say he talked to his father earlier about her and her reaction to the baby and he’s ashamed to say he wondered whether the baby was really his, that he knows that’s stupid but that’s what comes of living in a snake pit like he had, but then adds he knows she would never lie to him and her trusts her more than he’s ever trusted anyone else in his life, effectively keeping her from ever telling him the truth on her own. She does try to tell him, though, but again, he cuts her off, rambling on and on about apologizing to her because he knows his brain short circuits, keeping him from trusting people, but he knows he can trust her because she never lies and would never lie to him, etc. Then he asks what she had wanted to talk about.

Martin tells Katherine that he’s been thinking he’d like to stay in Harmony after all, that he’s lost all the years of his kids growing up but it would be nice to be able to build a connection with them so he could call them up or just hang out with them. He asks if she can imagine him hanging out with Luis, then says it may never happen but he’d like to give it a try. She says he deserves that and much more, and he asks what she’s saying, whether she thinks them staying there is a good idea. She says it’s a marvelous one.

Luis asks Sheridan what she means, does she have proof Beth is behind the kidnapping. Edna whispers to Beth that she is so done she could stick a fork in her, but Beth tells Luis she knows Sheridan is under a lot of stress. Sheridan tells her not to “Poor Sheridan” her, calling her a criminal. Beth acts like she’s being disrespected, telling Luis it’s happening in her own house, then says that maybe Sheridan is having another breakdown. Luis asks Sheridan if she honestly believes what she’s saying, that she can prove Beth is behind the kidnapping. (commercial)

Julian tells Chad there is nothing wrong, they are simply waiting for Fox and Whitney to join them. Valerie walks in, shaking Julian’s hand and telling him it’s nice to see him outside of office hours. He says it’s nice to see her, and Chad introduces her to Eve. She shakes Eve’s hand and tells the couple they have one heck of a son, Eve thanks her, then asks if the two of them are….Chad adds Valentine’s Day, saying they are just there for dinner, then he tells them to have a good evening. Julian tells the young couple to have fun, and Chad thanks him, then they walk away. Eve asks who Valerie is, and Julian tells her she’s an executive assistant at Crane Industries, saying she’s very bright and a hard worker and seems nice. Eve worries that she moved into Whitney’s shoes awfully quickly, hoping it’s not because he suddenly found himself to be a Crane. Julian kind of chuckles, saying he thinks Chad can take care of himself, and besides, it should straighten itself out once the news he’s the father of Whitney’s baby gets out, that even a gold-digger wouldn’t stick around when the news get hold of that one, adding “Poor Chad.” Eve says poor Whitney, that she can’t stop worrying about her. He tells her they will have a nice glass of wine, a good dinner, and try to enjoy Valentine‘s Day for a while. The maitre d’ comes back, telling them their table is ready, then leads them to their seats which are right next to TC and Liz. Liz notices TC looking behind her and turns to see her sister and her lover, giving Eve her smirk.

Fox again asks Whitney what it is she has to tell him. She says she’s been upset about their baby, but more about Theresa’s. He says he gets it, she’s worried about Gwen having Theresa’s baby and their baby being a Crane. She says yes, that’s it. He tells her he knows kidnappers usually target rich families, but she doesn’t need to worry about it because Alistair has an army of people, and besides, Fox will be there to take care of it and her. She thanks him, telling him he’s a special man. He says thanks, but that he’s also a late man, and they have to get going. He jumps up and runs to a cabinet as she wonders what he meant about going. He gets a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates and gives them to her, surprising her and telling her Happy Valentine’s Day. She laughs and tells him she couldn’t possibly eat all the candy, but he chivalrously says he will help her with it. He tells her she’s too thin anyway, that he wants his baby’s mama to fatten up a little, which is why he also made reservations at the Seascape. Whitney tells him she doesn’t deserve all this, but he says she does, that nothing is too good for the mother of his child.

The officer knocks on the door again, telling them to open up, that he hears them in there. Gwen hollers to Ethan that she’s coming, but Rebecca tells her to shut up. There is more knocking and Gwen tries to get to the door, but Rebecca won’t let her, telling her it’s not Ethan out there, it’s a cop, and he wants to put her back in jail, at which point she will be lost, since the psychiatrist told them she can’t get better if she’s locked up. She begs her not to let Theresa win, which seems to get through to her and she agrees to take the baby and hide in the kitchen. Once she’s out of sight, Rebecca opens the door, saying it must be her lucky day since there is a handsome policeman knocking at her door. He asks if she didn’t hear him, then says he’s looking for Gwen, that she kidnapped a baby from Harmony hospital and he’s checking door-to-door trying to find her. Rebecca says it’s sad, and he asks if she didn’t hear him knocking before, then asks who’s here with her, saying he heard voices. She says she was watching her soaps, that she tapes them all week then watches them all at one time. He looks around and says he doesn’t see a TV, and Rebecca is stumped until Gwen pops out, pointing to the bedroom. The officer picks up one of the toys off the sofa and says he does see baby stuff, then says he is going to have to search the whole house, then asks if Gwen is there with Theresa’s baby.

Luis sits on the sofa beside Sheridan and Marty and asks how she’s going to prove Beth kidnapped their baby. She tells him Marty is proof, that he is the spitting image of her. He tells her Marty can’t be proof, that she needs more than that. She asks why, then says he is their son and Beth took him, that she had to have known the clown that took him, she had to have known where the pit was, and she had to have known Charlie, and that means she had to have helped fake Marty’s death because he’s here and he’s alive. He tells her she knows how much he loves her, but says he can’t allow her to sit here and make wild accusations against Beth, that it is horrible, but their baby died and there’s nothing he can do to bring him back, adding that Marty is not proof that Beth kidnapped their baby. Sheridan tells him she’s right, that in her heart she knows it. She says if he wants more proof then he needs to finally do the DNA test on him to prove he is their son. (commercial)

A song plays at the restaurant and Martin asks Katherine if she remembers when they danced to this song before. She says it was at the Founder’s Day dance before they left Harmony. She says it makes her think of why they left. He says yes, they were doing the right thing to protect their children. She thinks to herself that she is doing the right thing now for him and his children by leaving.

Liz has to make a scene as Eve and Julian walk up, so she says it’s a surprise to see the woman who tried to kill her and her pimp. Julian warns her not to say another word, and TC stands up and tells him not to speak to his fiancée that way. The maitre d’ asks Julian if he’d like another table, and he says yes, any other one. The man says he’ll have to set something up and they go back and wait outside the dining room. Fox and Whitney are coming in at that point and they all say hi to each other. Whitney asks her mother if she can asks her a quick question, and Eve says it is, then they walk away from the men. Eve asks what happened when she told Fox the truth, but Whitney says she didn’t tell him, that she had wanted to but he started talking about how he suspected he wasn’t the father before and then went on telling her how much he trusts her and she just couldn’t do it.

Eve says she knows she needs to tell him the truth, and Fox overhears, asking what truth, and then Chad says the same thing as he has come out of the dining area with Valerie and overheard, too. Eve and Whitney just stare at them.

Rebecca is pulling the officer to the door, telling him there is no reason to search here, that it is Crane property and she is Mrs. Julian Crane. He says she’s the suspects mother, and she says yes, and that’s why she’s up there, that she’s worried about her daughter and looking everywhere she might be. He asks why she was watching soaps, then, and she tells him she’s addicted. He says his mother is about her age and she can’t get enough of them. He then asks what’s with all the baby stuff. She says it belongs to a young couple who borrowed the cabin, then starts taking him to the door again, telling him that there really is no need to search the cabin . As she gets him outside, Jane sneezes and starts coughing in the kitchen. He pushes back into the cabin and asks if she’s alone in here, who sneezed. In the kitchen, Gwen is trying to get Jane to quiet down. (commercial)

Sheridan tells Luis again they need a DNA test and should have done one a long time ago. Edna is happy with this turn of events, saying it’s just like Law and Order, telling them she’ll get the Q-Tips and plastic bag. Beth stops her, saying it’s no time to kid. Luis tells Sheridan that torturing herself and Beth will not bring their baby back, that she has to accept that and move on, but she can’t blame Beth, she’s completely innocent. Edna whispers to Beth that she’s completely insane. Beth tries to act supportive, telling Sheridan she can’t imagine what she’s gone through, and Luis begs her to come back to the cottage with him, saying it’s still Valentine’s Day and they can still have a nice romantic dinner. She tells him she knows she’s right, but he tells her to drop it, then asks if he’s ever lied to her. She says no, she believes him, but then says Marty is their son. He tells her he isn’t, then says to just believe him. She gives in, saying she believes him, but only because it’s him.

She lets go of Marty and let’s Beth take him, then gets ready to leave. Luis tells Beth Sheridan just isn’t herself right now, and Beth plays the sympathetic friend, saying it’s ok, after all she’s been through. He tells her sometimes he fears for her sanity, then tells Marty good night and leaves. Once they are gone, Beth has a cow, saying it was like she was going to call the FBI or something. Edna tells her the only thing stopping her was her love for Luis, and that one day nothing will stop her from knowing he is her son.

Rebecca tells the officer that she is the one that sneezed, then pretends to do it again, saying she hopes she isn’t catching a cold from the cold night air. She tries to close the door, but he stops her, tells her it sounded like it came from the other room, but she says it’s the acoustics. He tells her the Chief told him to check every cabin before moving on to the top, and this is that last one on the road. He tells her to stand aside, he’s coming in.

Fox asks Whitney what her mother is taking about, and she says if they need to know, her mother told her she needs to take vitamin shots plus the prenatal vitamins and she’s afraid of needles. She can take them at home but can’t give them to herself and asks him if he would do it. He says of course he would, if someone will teach him how, and she shouldn’t be embarrassed about that. He asks if that’s all, and she says her mother is worried that she hasn’t gained much weight , and he says then they are on the same page. He tells her they will have a good dinner and then he’ll take her home and force feed her some of the chocolates he bought her and they’ll fatten her up in no time. Chad tells them to hold on, then asks if she’s sure she’s not worried about anything else. Fox wants to know who asked him, but he says he has a right to be worried about his own sister, then says he has known her for quite a while and she’s never been afraid of anything, let alone shots, and as for gaining weight, she’s an athlete and knows all about nutrition and what she needs to eat, then asks why she’d be scared of that. She tells him to ask her mom if he doesn’t believe her, then turns to her and asks if she wasn’t afraid of the shots and if Eve wasn’t worried because she hasn’t gained enough pregnancy weight. (commercial)

The officer tells Rebecca he’s coming in now and tells her not to block his way. She turns and sees Gwen stalking in, holding a knife as if she’s ready to stab him. She shoos him outside and closes the door, and then his pager beeps. He looks at it and says they are telling him to move on, he has several more cabins to check. She tells him to go on, then, saying that she is Mrs. Julian Crane and they own the whole mountain, then says she swears she is there by herself, and adds that if her daughter were there she’d be calling the police because she needs help. He falls for it, and says from what he’s heard she’s plain nuts. She tells him not to believe everything he reads, then invites him to swim in their lake during the summer. He says great, his wife will love that, and she says good, then wishes him good night.

She says she’s surrounded by children, then walks into the cabin to find Gwen standing there with the knife ready to strike. Rebecca takes it away from her, telling her the man is gone now. Gwen turns and goes to the kitchen, getting “Ashley” and telling her grandma got rid of the salesman and everything is going to be fine. She says no one will stop them from being a family with Ethan now, and they will have a wonderful life. Rebecca watches her, saying to herself that they are in so much trouble.

Whitney asks her mom to back her up again, and she does, saying it’s true that Whitney was embarrassed and nervous about giving herself the new shots and she didn’t want Fox to worry about her not gaining any weight. Julian is watching her, knowing she’s lying. Fox tells Whitney she doesn’t ever have to be embarrassed to tell him anything, that the only thing he hates is a lie, then asks Chad if he isn’t finished here, saying he could ask Valerie to dance or something. She says she’d love that, and Chad agrees to go with her after making sure Whitney isn’t hiding something else. Julian asks Fox if he’s ready for the call to Tokyo tomorrow, and he says he’s on top of it. Meanwhile, Eve asks Whitney if she’s all right, and the girl thanks her for everything she’s done, then she sees Chad looking at her. Valerie notices it, too, as they dance, and she asks if he’s satisfied that nothing is wrong with his sister. He tells her he doesn’t know, it just doesn’t feel right. Julian tells Fox if he’s having problems with the chairman, he should call Alistair since he has them over a barrel. Fox tells him no more business, that it’s Valentine’s Day and he’s glad he and Whitney are back on track, and that they are giving Julian a grandchild. Julian thinks to himself that he is getting a grandchild, but wonders if anyone will ever know that Chad is the father. Eve tells Whitney she loves her and she covered for her, that she would do anything for her, but asks her to remember what happened to her. She tells her secrets and lies have a way of always coming out. Whitney says they will have to pray that day never comes for her and her baby‘s sakes.

Katherine tells Martin that the song brought back so much, about leaving Harmony and their families. They start to dance and he tells her they have hope now, hope that someday their children might forgive them and for a new life in Harmony, never to be parted again. She thinks to herself that she has to leave him or he will never have a chance to reconcile with his children.

In the cottage, Luis tells Sheridan he loves her, and she says she loves him, too, then thanks him for what he did for Valentine’s Day. He says anything for her, and then says he’s just glad she ….and she finishes “Came to my senses?” He says yeah, and she agrees. He promises they will have a baby of their own and then says Marty isn’t theirs and she has to believe him. She says she does, but only because it’s him. She adds that if Marty were hers she would kill to get him back, but he gave her his word and that’s good enough for her. Luis says he’s glad and she agrees, then he goes to get her surprise. After he leaves she looks at the picture of him and Marty.

Edna opens her box of chocolates, thrilled with it, as Beth comes downstairs. She says she finally got Marty back to sleep, that he’s had too much excitement for one night. Edna says he’s confused, with two mommies, and they don’t even live in Provincetown. Beth tells her to shut up about that, that it’s settled. She says Luis thinks Sheridan is crazy for thinking Marty is her son and there’s no way he will allow her to take him away from her. Edna tells her she doesn’t know how she managed to wiggle out of it this time, that Luis was on her side, then asks for how long. Beth says forever, but Edna tells her she may have won the battle but not the war. Beth asks what that means, and Edna says it means she has Marty but Sheridan has Luis and they are together for a romantic Valentine dinner, while Beth is stuck at home with her wonderful mother.

She says “Nut caramel for a nut job?” as she holds the candy box out to her. Beth hits it, knocking chocolates all over the floor, and Edna scrambles around picking them up as Beth tells her Sheridan may have him for now, but not for long because she has a plan and she’s going to get Luis and there’s no way anyone will stop her.


Katherine, to Alistair, with a slap: “You scum!”

Luis, to Theresa: “We will find your baby.”

Theresa’s reply: “Thank you.”

Rebecca, to Gwen: “I hear Morocco is lovely this time of year, so why don’t you get the baby in the car seat and let’s go.”

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