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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In Alistair’s office, Fox asks Julian if there is anything at all he can tell him that would help him to understand what’s going on with Whitney because he is at a total loss. Julian kind of chuckles uncomfortable, telling his son he’s glad he felt he could come to him, and Fox says he’s his father, that he knows they’ve never been close but he didn’t know who else to go to for advice. He says he hates himself for wondering but he’s starting to think the baby Whitney is carrying isn’t his, and he’s said the same to her. Julian asked what she said, and Fox tells him she said nothing, just got mad and ran off. He says he can’t figure it out, then asks if Eve had said anything to Julian about what might be wrong with Whitney. Julian remembers Eve telling him he can’t tell Fox and Chad about the baby, and when he tried to tell her it is a secret that needs to be told, Eve told him it’s her secret, not theirs, and she has to make the decision. Fox watches his father musing and asks if he knows something, then asks him if the baby is his.

On the wharf, Whitney tells Eve she can’t keep lying to Fox, letting him think the baby is his, and lying to Chad, letting him think it isn’t his. She says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Eve says she doesn’t know either, but they will come up with something together, that she is there for her. She hugs her daughter and tells her “Mommy’s here.”

In the Crane mansion, Alistair and Katherine enter the library and he asks if she will join him in a drink. She says no, she just wants an answer to her question, will he help her or not. He says yes, he will help her disappear as he pours his own drink, then adds he will do it so that her children and Martin will never see her again, ever.

Outside the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Luis is telling someone on the phone to call as soon as they hear anything. He hangs up and Martin asks if there’s any news about the baby and Gwen. Luis tells him no, and he says he wishes there were something he could do. Luis looks at him for a minute, then says if he wants something to do he can monitor the police calls, handing him his two-way radio and telling him to stay outside because he doesn’t want him upsetting Theresa any more than she already is. Martin agrees, saying the last thing he wants to do is upset her any further. Luis tells him to call his cell phone if he hears anything, and he agrees, then watches Luis go back inside. He silently prays to God to let his granddaughter be all right.

In the cabin, Gwen is walking with the baby. She tells her she will try to find some music on the radio, telling her the reception isn’t usually so good in the mountains but that she will see. She turns it on and hears the announcer giving the Amber alert for the baby and her.

She turns it off and tells the baby she isn’t Jane, she is Ashley, her very own baby, and soon her daddy will come up there with them and take them far, far away and they will be the family they were always meant to be.

Luis checks on Theresa, then goes to his mother’s side and tells her he hates to see his sister going through all this, that it reminds him of him and Sheridan….Pilar nods and tells him her baby will come home safe and alive. He says he hopes so, then adds he doesn’t know if Sheridan will ever get over losing their baby.

In Beth’s living room, Sheridan is holding Marty on the sofa. She sets him on the floor and tells Beth she doesn’t know how she managed to do it but somehow she took her child away from her and that Marty is her son. Edna looks surprised, but Beth tells her not to say that, but Sheridan tells her it’s true and she’s known it all along. Beth tells her that he baby died, but Sheridan says no, her baby did not die, and somehow she stole him from her. She says she doesn’t know how, but Luis will find out, that all she knows is Martin is her son. Beth looks stunned while Edna smiles, happy that Sheridan has figured it out. Sheridan asks Marty if he wants to read another book and picks him up to go read it to him. Beth tells her mother that Sheridan has figured it out, that she can’t let her take Marty away from her and she won’t, so she has to die. Edna is horrified, but Sheridan is oblivious to it all as she reads to Marty. (commercial)

Julian asks Fox if he talked to Whitney about it, and Fox says yes, that he already told him he had and she just ran away. He walks over and leans on a table, then starts telling Julian about when he first found out she was pregnant and Ivy thought the baby might not be his. He says if it isn’t, it means it’s Chad’s, and both men look pensive.

As Whitney and Eve sit on a bench, the girl tells her mother she can’t even imagine the hell she’s been through. She tells her she knows she told her she hates the baby, but she didn’t mean it, asking how she could possibly hate this innocent little baby. Eve says of course she doesn’t hate it and she will be a wonderful mother, but she’s just sorry her lies have robbed her of the joy she’s supposed to be having with her first baby. She asks if she thinks she can ever forgive her for not telling her she and Julian had a son and for not knowing that the son was Chad. Whitney tells her she can’t just forget everything she’s done. Eve looks hurt.

Luis gets off the phone and Theresa asks if there’s anything yet. He says not yet, but tells her to have faith, that they will find the baby.

She tells him if anything happens to the baby she doesn’t know what she’ll do, but Pilar tells her they will find her. She excuses herself to go make coffee, and as she passes the front door she sees Martin sitting out on the porch through the window. She walks on into the kitchen. Luis sits by Theresa and explains they are doing a house-to-house search, the FBI is in on it, an Amber Alert is going out, there’s an APB on Gwen, that they are doing everything humanly possible and they will find the baby. She tells him she remembers when he told Sheridan the same thing when their baby was missing, but they never found it and it died. Crying, she tells him her baby can’t die, too.

Beth tells Edna she knows what to do, that she will lure her down to the basement, she’ll kill her and bury her, then put in a new cement floor so there will be no evidence she was ever there. Edna keeps telling her no, then says she can’t do that. Beth grins maniacally and says yes, she can, then walks over to where Sheridan is reading to Marty on the sofa and asks if she will help her bring a box of Marty’s favorite books up from the basement. Edna silently urges her not to do it, as Sheridan looks at Beth as if she is out of her mind. Which she is. (commercial)

Fox paces as he asks his father if he understands what it means if Whitney is carrying her own brother’s baby. He says “My God, what a nightmare”, then says it would explain why she’s upset all the time and why she hates the baby. Julian says he has to understand the pressure she’s under, and Fox jumps on that, saying that explains it, that of course the baby is his since Eve ran the test and said it is his. Julian looks upset that his son really hadn’t figured Whitney’s problem out after all.

Whitney tells Eve she’s right, she knows she didn’t mean to hurt her, but it’s hard to forget about it and let go of all the anger she feels toward her. Eve says she knows, she just wants her daughter to know how sorry she is and that she would do anything to make up for it. She asks her to let her help, let her be the mother she used to love and trust and may be able to feel that way about again some day. Whitney cries and says ok, then tells her she’s felt so alone as she leans into Eve’s waiting arms. Eve, crying too, hugs her daughter close to her, telling her it’s ok, they will get through this together, that she is here for her.

Alistair says Katherine isn’t willing to leave the peasant she ran off with but she’s willing to sacrifice herself to make him happy, and she says it isn’t a sacrifice when you do it for someone you love. Alistair sarcastically says that’s noble, then asks who she crawls back to every time she needs help, and says it’s the husband she ran away from, saying he is her go to guy instead of Martin. She says he’s the only one who can help her go somewhere no one will ever find her, that she will be gone and that will make him happy. He says that’s a pity, that he could give her so much more, but she tells him there’s nothing more she wants. He says he will help her disappear tonight, but she tells him she needs one more night with Martin. He tells her he will help her leave tonight or not at all.

Martin walks to the front door and looks in at the family. As he turns around, Pilar walks up from the back and startles him. He apologizes, saying he knows she doesn’t want him here, but.… She stops him, telling she didn’t come out there to run him off, she thought he looked cold and might want some coffee. He tells her that’s very nice of her, then says he’s staying out there because he doesn’t want to upset Theresa, but he wants to help in some way, if he can. He then proudly tells her Luis asked him to monitor the police calls. She says that’s good, then goes on to say she’s been thinking and realizes that his leaving isn’t all his fault, that Katherine took advantage of his good nature. He tells her not to blame Katherine, but she gets upset and tells him not to defend the woman to her. Inside, Theresa tells Luis she’s sorry, that she didn’t mean to bring up about his baby. He tells her it’s all right, that he knows she has a lot to deal with right now, then swears they will find the baby and says he’s going to get back out there and join the search. She thanks him, then says she’s really sorry, but he tells her not to be, then says he’s going to go tell their mother good bye. He walks to the kitchen, and Theresa hears her mother yell at Martin that she can’t believe he’s defending that woman. She starts wheeling herself toward the front door as Martin tells Pilar she has to understand, it’s not …Pilar jumps in, saying she doesn’t understand how a woman can steal another woman’s husband, and the door opens. They turn to look as Theresa wheels herself out, yelling at her father, asking what he’s doing there and telling him to get out.

Beth asks Sheridan again if she wants to help her bring the box upstairs from the basement as Edna quietly urges her to say no. Sheridan asks if she said they are Marty’s favorite books, and Beth says yes, then Sheridan asks why on earth they are in the basement, then. Edna looks hopeful, saying to herself that she is on to Bethie, but Beth tells the woman she painted the baby’s room and stored them down there. She tells her she can read him more books once they bring them upstairs. Sheridan says she will go, and Beth says Marty will love it. Sheridan sets Marty on the sofa, telling him to stay right there and she’ll be right back, that he is to stay with Auntie Edna.

She heads toward the basement, but Edna stops Beth and tells her taking her down there will trigger her memory about being held down there, asking if she’d thought about that, but Beth tells her it doesn’t matter, she will be dead. Edna is horrified. (commercial)

Fox looks at Julian and realizes he knows something. He asks what he knows that he’s not telling his son, and Julian tells him he just worries about him stressing out like this, then says he should talk to Whitney about it. Fox tells him he’s right, that he has to talk to her and get over himself and all these crazy thoughts. Julian asks if he does love her very much, and his son says “Beyond all description.” Julian says he remembers telling Fox to stay away from Whitney, and Fox says it was because he thought he would hurt her. Julian tells him he didn’t have a very high opinion of him, but he sees he was wrong, that Fox is a good man. Fox thanks him, but says to be honest, if she were just any other woman he probably would have just tried to put the moves on her, but Whitney isn’t any woman, she is perfect. He says if he ever found out she was lying to him, deliberately keeping the truth from him, it would kill him.

Whitney sits up and tells her mother the first thing she has to do is stop stressing out, that it’s not good for the baby, trying to laugh as she says it. Eve tells her it really isn’t, and it’s not good for her, either. She says that’s why good prenatal care is so important and offers to set up an appointment with a really good OB/GYN. Whitney freaks again and says no, she’s not seeing a doctor, then gets up and walks to the railing. She says she can’t let anyone know she’s pregnant with her brother’s baby. Eve joins her, saying ok, then asks her to let her help her and be her OB/GYN. Whitney looks at her and asks if she would do that for her, and Eve says of course she will, and Whitney, touched, says she doesn’t know what to say. Eve tells her she’ll do some research and find out what genetic tests they need to do to insure the baby is healthy, and Whitney thanks her, telling her she doesn’t know how alone she’s been feeling. She thanks her again. Eve tells her she’s not alone, Eve is right there, then says she’s a wonderful daughter and a wonderful woman. Whitney says she’s not a wonderful woman, and Eve tells her she certainly is, but Whitney says if she were, she wouldn’t still be in love with her own brother. She turns away from Eve, who looks at her with love and pain in her eyes.

Gwen rocks the baby and sings a ghastly lull-a-bye to her about how Theresa isn’t around, she’s gone bye-bye, and if she comes around Gwen will cut her heart out, smiling broadly at the last part, and then continues rocking while she hums to her.

Theresa rolls over to Martin and says she told him to get out of here. She yells that he didn’t come here to help find her baby, he only came to fight with her mother.

He tells her he wants to find her baby as much as anyone else. Luis comes out, asking what’s going on, and Theresa asks him why Martin is here. Luis damns him, says he told him to stay out of sight and asks for his radio back, then tells him to get the hell out of there. Pilar joins in, telling him to go back to his slut, and Theresa rants about how dare he come here just to fight with her mother, then asks hasn’t he done enough to this family already. She turns to go back inside and pulls a Keystone Kops move, rolling one wheel off the ramp and falling over into the snow. Luis ran to her, as did Pilar and Martin, but instead of picking her up, Luis takes the time to yell at Martin again, telling him to get the hell away, all he does is cause the family pain.

As Sheridan walks down the stairs to Beth’s basement she feels it is familiar to her.

She gets to the bottom and looks around, remembering running up those same stairs when she tried to escape, only to have a clown tackle her back down. She says there’s something about this place, yet can’t tell Beth what it is, even though she just had the memory. She asks where the books are and Beth takes her into the room where the pit was. Again, she feels something, but ignores it. She asks where the box is and Beth shows her a small box. She asks why Beth couldn’t have taken the box upstairs herself and the woman says she remembers the box as being bigger. She reaches for a shovel and holds it over her head, getting ready to hit Sheridan with it as the woman again looks around the room as if she wants to remember it, totally unsuspecting of the fate Beth has in mind for her. Beth silently tells her to say goodnight. (commercial)

Julian asks Fox if he isn’t being a little harsh, and the young man asks if he means about finding out Whitney lied to him about the baby and it really isn’t his, then says maybe, but it’s how he feels. Julian tells him that a strong relationship hinges on more than just one situation. Fox says no, it hinges on trust, then tells him he should know that, reminding him that when he found out Ivy had lied to him about Ethan being his son he had disowned them both. Julian says he regrets what he did to Ethan, but as for Ivy, there were a lot more problems than just that one, starting with the fact they had never loved each other. Fox says he loves Whitney and values her honesty, and that would make it even worse to find out she’s been lying to him because it would mean she’s not and never has been the woman he thought she was.

Eve asks Whitney what she said, and the girl tells her she said she still loves Chad. Eve moves in front of her daughter with a stunned look on her face, and Whitney, seeing that, says she knows that it’s wrong and she’s a monster for even thinking that way, but she can’t help it, she still loves him and she even still thinks about being with him. Eve tells her it’s ok, but she says it’s not. Eve tells her she fell in love with him before she knew he was her brother, that the feelings were strong and true and deep and you can’t expect them to just go away overnight. She tells her they will go away, over time. Whitney asks if she thinks she’s terrible for thinking those things, and Eve says no, of course not, then tells her she loves her and she will be there for her now and when the baby comes. She tells her she’s not alone, then asks if she understands. She says she does, and Eve tells her they are going to handle it all together, the baby and her feelings for Chad. She goes on to say there is one thing that could help her feel better, and Whitney says ok, then asks what it is. Eve tells her she needs to tell Fox and Chad the truth about the baby. Whitney looks at her and starts shaking her head, saying no, she can’t do that.

Katherine tells Alistair she’s giving him everything he wanted, she’s leaving Harmony and never coming back, but she just needs this one night. He says that’s too bad, but if she wants to leave it will have to be tonight or no deal. She tells him if he won’t help her, he can’t try to find her, because if he does, she will go to the press and tell them every dirty little secret of Crane Industries, and she’ll charge him with rape. He laughs and says she’ll never prove it, and she says no, she won’t, but the publicity will kill him, then says goodbye and walks to the door.

He pushes a button on his desk and it locks. She tries to get out and can’t, then tells him to open the door. He stands and walks toward her, asking if she ever thought of reconsidering and staying there with him, saying after all, they are still married. She tells him to stay away from her. He stops, telling her she wins, then says she if she keeps her silence he will help her disappear, and she can have her last night with Martin. She asks what he’s up to, and he says nothing, that he will just be very happy to have her leave as he walks back to his desk. He says that way he won’t have to be reminded of all the humiliations she has put him through, and that he will contact her when all the arrangements are made, then unlocks he door and she walks out.

Luis and Pilar have gotten Theresa into her chair and he tells Martin to leave, again, saying he’s not wanted here. Martin turns and takes a couple of steps and Luis and Pilar roll Theresa inside. Martin steps out from the trees and watches them through the window. Inside, Pilar tells her children she will go get the coffee she made and heads to the kitchen to get it. Luis kneels by his sister and tells her not to let their father upset her. She tells him she just wants her baby back, and he tells her they will find Jane. He says he’s going to get back out there and join the search, then says he loves her. She tells him the same and he takes off. As he leaves the house he looks around, and not seeing Martin, says good, that he’s finally gone. He goes and gets in his car, and as the engine starts, Martin steps out from behind a tree and goes back to the porch where he watches his daughter and asks what he’s done to his family.

As Beth is about to bring the shovel down on Sheridan’s head, Edna comes in and yells “Hold it!”, startling Sheridan and making Beth put the shovel down. Sheridan tells laughs and says she didn’t hear her coming down the stairs, and she says she thought Sheridan could use some help. Sheridan tells her the box isn’t even heavy, then asks about Marty, telling the old woman she can’t leave a baby alone like that and running toward the staircase. Edna runs out after her, saying he’s in his playpen and he’s perfectly fine, and Beth tries to go after the woman but Edna blocks her as best she can. Beth asks what she’s doing as she struggles to get by the old woman, and she tells her she’s trying to stop her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Beth says she should just kill her, too, and bury her along with Sheridan, then says she is going up to kill her and she warns Edna not to try to stop her. Edna does, of course, but Beth manages to get past her anyway. (commercial)

Fox tells Julian thanks for listening to him, that he does feel better. Julian says he knows he hasn’t always been there for him in the past but he does want to be a good father. Fox says he just was, and thanks him again for listening. He nervously says he needs to get back to work, that he has a lot to do and he doesn’t want to get fired again. Julian agrees, with a nervous laugh of his own. As his son leaves, he says to himself that if he ever learns the truth, he doesn’t think he will recover.

Eve asks Whitney if Fox doesn’t deserve to know the truth, and if Chad doesn’t deserve to know he’s going to be a father. Whitney says this is better, but Eve tells her it would lift a huge burden from her heart, and once it’s gone she’ll be able to concentrate on the baby and what’s best for it, and she won’t have to worry that Fox and Chad will discover the truth some other way, then asks if she doesn’t see that this would be better for her, the baby, everyone. Whitney says she’s right, then says she will go tell Fox first. Eve says he loves her very much and he might react better than she thinks he will. Whitney doesn’t look too sure about that, but says they’ll see, and maybe after it’s over she might be able to get a good night’s sleep finally. Eve tells her that she will be able to sleep and everything in her life will feel so much better. Whitney tells her mother thanks for everything, and they hug each other again, then Whitney walks away, turning to look at her mom one last time. As she leaves, Eve quietly says thank God she won’t have to live her life looking over her shoulder, just afraid all the time, like she did.

Katherine walks to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and sees Martin looking in the door. She asks if he’s all right, and he says he’s fine, then asks how she knew he’d still be there. She tells him she knew he was worried sick about Theresa and the baby, then asks if they wouldn’t let him in the house. He says no, but he didn’t try to go in because he knew it would upset Theresa. He tells her the girl saw him out there and got upset anyway, then says they are right, all he does is cause them pain. Katherine goes to him, telling him she’s sorry, and he thanks God he has her, that he knows he can always count on her. They embrace.

Beth comes running into the living room with the shovel held up to hit Sheridan, who is sitting on the sofa holding Marty again. She hears Beth’s clomping footsteps and sees her, asking what she’s doing with the shovel. Beth tells her there’s a pest in the house and it’s giving her trouble so she needs to take care of it once and for all, as Edna tries to get the spade away from her but can’t. There is a knock on the door that startles the two women, and then Luis calls to Beth, asking if Sheridan is there. Edna silently thanks God as Beth just stands there frozen with the shovel in her hand. Sheridan asks if she’s going to let him in, then gets up to do it herself. Beth hides the shovel behind the door. Luis comes in, happy to see Sheridan, and she asks how he knew she was here. He says Gwen taking Jane reminded him of their baby and affected him so he figured it affected her, too, and she’d want to see Marty.

She says that’s exactly why she came there, for their son. He is shocked, asking what she’s talking about, and she tells him Marty is their son. (commercial)

Gwen is walking with the baby still, and talking to her about how wonderful their life is going to be. She says they can go to Europe, maybe, or New Zealand, then decides they should go to New Zealand, that it must be a wonderful place to raise a baby and they can live on a sheep farm way far away where no one will ever find them. The door knob starts to turn as she continues walking with the baby, and the door finally opens, no showing who is there, but Gwen sees them and says “Oh my God, it’s you.”

Martin tells Katherine that when everything else goes wrong, at least he knows he has her, and that he loves her so much. They hug each other, and Alistair walks up, watching them. Katherine sees him, and he looks at them, telling Martin quietly that she won’t be there much longer, he’s going to send her away forever.

Julian sees Eve on the wharf and walks over to her. He tells her he’s glad he found her, and she’s glad to see him. They kiss and he asks where Whitney is. She tells him that she went to find Fox to tell him that Chad is really the baby’s father. Julian says he will be destroyed, but it’s the right thing to do, he needs to know the truth no matter the consequences, and she agrees, then they embrace.

Fox is working at his desk when there is a knock at the door. He looks up to see Whitney standing there, and she asks if she can come in. He says of course, goes to meet her and give her a kiss, then asks if she’s ok. She says she needs to tell him something, she needs to tell him the truth.

Luis asks Sheridan what she’s talking about, thinking she’s gone loony, and she tells him Marty is their son and she’s not going to let anyone take him from her again. She says she knows he’s their son. Luis looks at Beth, who seems to be having a major stroke.


Gwen, to Jane: “I want you to be at your best when your daddy gets here.”

Eve, to Whitney: “What did Fox say when you told him that Chad is the father of the baby?”

Sheridan, to Luis: “And Beth did this. Beth kidnapped me and stole my child!”

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