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Passions Update Thursday 2/10/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Eve and Julian are sitting in her office at the hospital, and she says Whitney is right, that it is her fault she’s having her half-brother’s child. He says they had no way of knowing Chad was their son, but she says if she had just told her family the truth a long time ago, everyone would have been on guard. He calls it a horrible stroke of fate, and she asks what now, saying Whitney hates her. She says she doesn’t blame her for that, then goes on to say she is scared to death to have this baby fathered by her brother, and worst of all, she refuses to tell Fox and Chad the truth. He asks if she told her that wasn’t the right thing to do, and she says the only thing to do, but she rejects her advice every time. She says she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep the secret to herself. He suggests they may have to do it for her, and Eve asks what he means. He says if she won’t tell Fox and Chad who the real father is, they may have to do it themselves.

In the church, Fox looks upward and says hi to God, reminding Him of who he is, then says it’s been a while but he’s been busy. He figures that wasn’t a good thing to say, but it’s out so he goes on. He says he wants to talk about Whitney, that He knows her and she’s always been a good person. He hears Father Lonigan call his name and goes to speak with him. He says he bet the priest never thought he’d see him in the church, then says he’s trying to get through to “the guy upstairs”, but he doesn’t think he’s having much luck. Father Lonigan asks why he says that, and he tells him he figures God wouldn’t pay much attention to a guy who never paid Him much attention before. The priest says it doesn’t work that way, that God listens to all our prayers, then asks if there’s some way he can help him. Fox says he doesn’t know, that something is going on with Whitney, but he can’t get her to open up and thinks it has something to do with the baby. The priest noncommittally says “I see” and Fox goes on, saying every time he tries to talk to her about the baby she shuts down and won’t say anything, and it’s starting to scare the hell out of him, then apologizes for his language and changes it to “heck”. Father Lonigan asks in what way, and Fox says he’s afraid to admit it, but he’s starting to wonder if he’s even the baby’s father. The priest looks stoic, saying nothing, while Fox watches him with a quizzical look on his face.

In Chad’s office, he and Valerie are making love on the sofa as Whitney stares in disbelief. Valerie tells Chad to make love to her, and Whitney steps out the door, leans against the wall, and says she can’t tell him he’s the father of her baby now.

Martin is sitting on the steps of the Lopez-Fitzgerald home and asks himself what he’s done to his family. Sam steps out and asks why he’s out there, and Martin says they sure don’t want him in there with them. He asks if there’s any word on the baby, and Sam says no. He tells the man he just realized they are both the baby’s grandfather. Martin says he knows, and isn’t it wonderful, then says he prays that Jane is all right, wherever she is. Sam agrees, saying he’s never seen Theresa so upset. Martin says he just wishes there were some way he could help. Sam reminds him Pilar is in there and they are going to put her in her room and try to get her to rest. He looks at Martin and says he can tell he is really upset about all this, and Martin says he really is, that no matter what his family thinks of him, he still loves them, that for over 20 years he wished he could come back and help them, and the funny thing is, now that he has, they wish he’d stayed dead and he still can’t help them.

Inside the house, Luis and Ethan are studying maps. Luis says they are going to have to expand the search, that they’ve been through this area with a fine tooth comb and found nothing. He leans back against the back of the sofa and Ethan asks what’s wrong. Luis says it’s exactly what he and Sheridan went through when they lost their baby. Ethan says he’s sorry, that it has to be tough to have it all dredged up again. Luis says it is, and he’s glad Sheridan is at home resting, that he doesn’t think she could bear this considering how the kidnapping turned out for their baby.

At Bethís house, Sheridan sets down the picture of Marty and goes over and lifts him out of Bethís arms, saying ďMy son, my little boy!Ē, then carrying him across the room.

Beth is mortified, but Edna is thrilled, telling her daughter she should wake Precious up because she loves emotional reunions, then decides sheíll wait until breakfast so she wonít miss a minute of it. Beth tries to catch Martyís eye, get him to call for her, but her mother says ďI told you soĒ twice in a sing-song, muffled voice. Beth swats at her, but she tells her that Sheridan has figured out that Martin is her son and thereís nothing, then spelling out the word, that she can do about it. Sheridan is holding her son in her arms happily, unaware of the turmoil behind her. (commercial)

Luis says for a long time he thought Sheridan would never get over the loss of the baby, and Ethan says it must be terrible, not knowing if your child is alive or not, then realizes itís not something Luis wants to hear. Luis, however, says the hardest thing was never finding his or her body, that it left a sliver of hope for Sheridan to hold on to and made it more difficult for her to believe the baby died when the car went off the cliff. They get off the sofa and Ethan says if they lose this baby it will kill Theresa, too. Luis says at least he knows who has their baby, and even though Gwen is unstable, the chances of her hurting Jane ÖEthan cuts in and says she wouldnít do it, sheís not capable of that, and she will treat the baby very well because she believes itís hers. Luis tells him they are going to find Jane, that what happened to his and Sheridanís baby wonít happen to Jane.

Sam comes in and Luis asks if thereís any news. He says not yet, but every badge on the force is out there and they will find them. Ethan says he believes him but he just doesnít know how much longer Theresa can hang on. Luis excuses himself to go outside for some air, and as he approaches the door he sees through the window that Martin is outside. He asks himself what the hell heís still doing here. Sam comes up to him and says he should go out and talk to him, saying heís pretty broken up. Luis asks about what, himself, and Sam tells him no, about Theresa and the baby, and that believe it or not, he really loves them, and he loves Luis, too. Luis says he doubts that, but he still needs some air, and heads out the door. Martin sees him come out the door and says hi, but Luis tells him he didnít come out to talk to him, itís just stuffy in there. Martin says of course, as Sam watches the two men through the door. Ethan walks up to Sam and asks if he thinks Luis will ever forgive his father for leaving them, and Sam says he doesnít know, but heís already lost Antonio, his baby, and now his niece, and if there was ever a time he should spend time with his old man, itís now. Outside, the two men look at each other uncomfortably.

Sheridan carries Marty to the sofa, calling him her beautiful child. They sit and she hugs him lovingly. Beth watches in horror as Edna reminds her that she thought she could steal Sheridanís baby and pass him off as her own, but anyone can see they are mother and child. Beth tries to shush her, but she goes right on, telling her even if he wasnít the spitting image of her, which he is, there is a bond between them that Beth canít sever with any of her malicious machinations. She says that Sheridan knows it and tells her that she is going down. Beth says no and runs over to the sofa, trying to get him to come to her. She says ďCome to MommyĒ, and Sheridan says heís with his Mommy as Beth pulls her from her arms. She tells him she made his favorite cookies this afternoon and grandma will take him to the kitchen and give him one. Edna says itís awfully late to be giving him sweets, but Beth asks him in baby-talk voice if heíd like a cookie, then says of course he would.

Sheridan says to let her take him, but Beth tells her no, to let her mother do it, that the she and Sheridan should talk, alone. Edna says sheíd like to be a fly on that wall, but Beth orders her to go now, pushing her toward the kitchen. Edna tells Marty to come on, saying sheíll bring him back to see his mommy in a minute. Once they are gone, Beth tells Sheridan that she canít have Sheridan coming in and upsetting her sonís schedule like this. Sheridan looks at her and says heís her son, and Beth starts acting like Sheridan is going crazy again. She says she was doing so well after she got out of the institution, but Sheridan tells her she can feel heís her son when she sees him, and even more when she holds him, that heís her child. Beth says she doesnít know if she gave birth to a boy or girl, but Sheridan says she knows now, she had a boy and his name is Marty. Beth tries to explain it away by saying her baby was born around the same time Marty was, so they would be around the same age, but Sheridan tells her that before that awful woman took her baby away she held him for a few minutes and she looked into his eyes. She says they were Martyís eyes. She shows her his picture, saying those are her sonís eyes, that Marty is her child. Beth looks like she is going to explode. (commercial)

Father Lonigan asks Fox if he has reason to believe heís not the father of Whitneyís baby, and Fox says nothing substantial, just a feeling. He says every time he wants to talk about the baby she gets mad or shuts down completely, and that he had heard her say she hates the baby tonight. The priest is shocked, asking if she actually said that, and Fox says yes, that he knows she didnít mean it and thereís a lot going on with her family now and her plate is full. He says he tried to get her to talk about it but she told him she wanted to be alone and not talk, so he came here. He asks the priest why he thinks he canít get her to open up to him.

Father Lonigan remembers hearing her tell him that she had found someone to be her babyís father, Fox, that he loves her and is a good friend and she knows he will make a great father for her baby. The priest asks if he knows the truth and she says no, and sheís not going to tell him. Fox sees the way the priest is looking and asks what is it, does he know whatís wrong with Whitney.

Still spying on Chad and Valerie making love, she says again that she can’t tell him he’s her baby’s father now. She starts to leave when Chad hollers “Hey, wait. Not so fast.” She’s afraid she’s been caught.

Father Lonigan tells Chad that the things Whitney is dealing with now are a lot for a young woman to handle, and his relationship with her is very young. Fox says he knows that, he loves her and she claims to love him, too, and she knows he would do anything for her. The priest says he should show her that, maybe through actions instead of words. A woman comes in and tells Father Lonigan he has a phone call and he says he’ll be there in a moment. He then tells Fox he hopes and prays everything works out for him. Fox thanks him, then wonders why he can’t get through to Whitney. He says it can’t be because he isn’t the father of the baby, can it, then says he knows how he can find out. He leaves the church.

Eve tells Julian he can’t tell Fox and Chad about, that it’s her decision. He says it’s one that’s tormenting her, one she obviously can’t make on her own. She says it’s her choice, it’s not their secret but hers to make. She says she knows Whitney hates her but every once in a while she gets a little glimmer of hope that maybe one day she will forgive her, but if he or Eve break her confidence, she’ll never get over it and she’ll just write her off. Julian tells her she doesn’t know that for sure, but she says she can’t risk it, that Whitney needs her more than even she knows, not just as her mother but as a doctor since she’s not consulting any other doctor about her pregnancy. He says Eve must be so worried, and she says she just can’t stand feeling so powerless. She tells him that her being pregnant is a constant reminder that she’s been intimate with her own half-brother, and no matter how often Eve tells her that she nor Chad are to blame for it, she doesn’t accept it, she thinks she’s committed the greatest mortal sin and God won’t forgive her. He tells her that’s not true, and she says she knows that, but Whitney won’t believe her, and she’s so scared for her. He says that’s exactly why Fox and Chad should know the truth, get everything out in the open so they can all make the best decisions. Eve says no, she can’t take that chance.

Whitney stammers as Chad says “What are you doing?”, then realizes he’s not talking to her when Valerie asks what he means. He says there’s no reason to rush. Whitney watches them as he strokes Valerie’s face, then, seeing Whitney’s, tells her she’s so beautiful. It’s Valerie’s voice that asks if he really thinks so, though, and he sees he’s really with her. He says yes, but only half-heartedly. Whitney watches them kissing deeply, putting herself in Valerie’s place, then coming back to reality and asks what’s wrong with her and telling herself she’s a disgusting, horrible person and running out, leaving her scarf on the floor.

Martin tells Luis he’s proud of him, but his son says to save it for someone who cares. Martin says he doesn’t care how he takes it, it’s something he needs to say, then tells him he’s proud of the way he’s looked after his sister. Luis tells him not to be, he’s had a lifetime of practice. Martin says he knows it can’t be easy after he and Sheridan lost their baby to a kidnapper, and Luis chuckles, telling him if he’s trying to bond, forget it because he has no idea what it’s like. Martin says he does, that he lost all his children, but Luis says he ran out on them on purpose, that he and Sheridan would have done anything to save their baby, then asks if he thinks Theresa planned on having Gwen kidnap Jane. He tells him not to compare himself to them, ever.

Beth tells Sheridan she’s just upset, that Gwen taking Theresa’s baby has stirred up all these memories for her and she’s not thinking straight. With Edna listening at the kitchen door, Sheridan tells her she knows what she knows, and Beth says about most things she probably does, but Marty isn’t her son, he is hers. Sheridan says she would know her own son, that she held him in her arms after she gave birth to him, before he was taken away from her. Beth stutters, then reminds her she got locked up for saying these very things, and Sheridan says she does remember and it turns out she was right, she wasn’t crazy, that her son didn’t die. She tells the woman that Marty is her son and she’s going to prove it, leaving Edna with a smile on her face and Beth trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. (commercial)

Martin tells Luis to blame him for leaving them, chalk it up to being his choice, and Luis asks if that’s not true. Martin says now is not the time for that discussion, and Luis sarcastically says “Right.“ Martin goes on, saying the point is that he knows what it’s like to long for his children and miss out on their growing up, to miss out on all the important things in their lives. He knows how it feels to stand next to his son and have him act as if he were a complete stranger, and see his daughters in pain, powerless to help them. He says Luis may not believe him but he loves him, and Theresa and all his other children, and it’s tearing him apart that he can’t help them out. Luis looks at him as if he is seeing something new, then tells him sometimes at night he hears Sheridan crying into her pillow, acting like she doesn’t want him to hear her, but he does. He says she lost her baby and he wants to help her but he doesn’t know how, and he wants to take away all her grief but he can’t. Martin says all you can do is never stop loving them, and Luis looks at him with a little less anger in his face.

Eve asks Julian to promise her he won’t say anything to Fox or Chad about the baby. He asks if she knows he loves her, and she says yes. He tells her he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her and add to the stress she’s under, and she asks if he promises. He says at the same time, if either of them asks him about it he doesn’t want to lie. She says she doesn’t want to put him in this position, and he tells her she has his word that he won’t bring it up on his own. She thanks him for understanding and he says her troubles are his, that’s what it means when you love someone. She says she wishes she could lighten Whitney’s burden, that she’s an innocent, that all she did was make love to someone she was in love with and because of Eve’s lies it’s been turned into something dirty and frightening for her. He tells her she had no way of knowing Chad was Whitney’s half-brother and that they have to hope it will all turn out for the best. Eve says Whitney’s future as the mother of a baby born of incest is very precarious, especially if she keeps the secret. Julian says maybe at some point she’ll be willing to turn to them for help, even if it means telling Chad and Fox the truth, because the baby’s paternity can’t be kept a secret forever. Eve wants to protest, but Julian says just as she wants to protect her daughter, they also have to do what’s best for their sons, and they embrace.

Sitting on the floor by the sofa after making love, Chad and Valerie kiss. She says they are really good together, and Chad agrees, not seeming too convinced of it. She tells him she is a big girl, and just because they just finished making love she doesn’t want him to think she is rushing him into some kind of commitment he isn’t ready for since she knows that’s not where his head’s at right now. He thanks her and she asks if he would like some water. He says sure and she goes to get it. His thoughts go to Whitney, and he asks himself what’s going on, saying he can’t keep his half-sister out of his mind. He asks himself what is wrong with him. On the wharf, Whitney stops walking and asks herself why she keeps thinking about her half-brother that way, especially since she has his child inside her. She wonders what kind of monster she is, getting more upset. (commercial)

Julian is in Alistairís office, deep in thought. Fox walks in and says hi, and Julian answers. Fox tells him he heard he was there, then asks what heís doing in his grandfatherís office. Julian says he was looking for new numbers on a project they are working on, and ask Fox the same thing. The younger man says he was actually looking for him, that he could use some fatherly advice. Julian says thatís a new one, then asks how he can help. Both men look a little uncomfortable, but Fox presses on. He says heís not sure Julian can help him, but heís run out of ideas. He says itís about Whitney. He tells his father that she seems so upset lately, even angry, and Julian says he heard that at the hospital but itís not very surprising considering the state of her relationship with her mother. They have both seated themselves on the sofas by this time.

Fox tells him he doesnít think it has anything to do with Eve, that he thinks itís the baby, that she seems like she doesnít even want to have it. He asks if most women arenít excited when they find out they are pregnant, wanting to go out and buy cribs and pick out names and stuff. Julian says he really doesnít know, that he was never there for his mother. Fox says he knows that, but that Julian knows what he means anyway, and then says tonight he even heard her say she hates the baby. Julian asks if he tried to get her to tell him what she meant, and he says he did but she wouldnít talk about it, she just got mad and ran out. He tells him heís having all kinds of crazy doubts now. Julian asks what kind of ideas, and Fox says like whether heís the babyís father or not. He asks what if the baby isnít even his.

Sam and Ethan have come out of the house and tell Martin and Luis they are doing a house-to-house search all over Harmony and they are bringing in bloodhounds, too. Martin says it sounds ominous, but Luis tells him it’s standard procedure, then asks where that freak took the baby. Ethan gets defensive, saying he’s well aware of his wife’s mental state, and Luis jumps on him, saying she tried to kill Theresa twice and now she’s taken off with her baby. Ethan reminds him she’s his baby, too, and Sam says she’s precious to all of them and they just need to hope Gwen isn’t crazy enough to harm her. Ethan insists Gwen would never hurt the baby, she’s not capable of that, even if she is still confused about whose baby Jane is. Luis asks if she still thinks the baby is hers, and Ethan says yes. Martin says no offense but delusional people can be dangerous. Ethan insists she won’t hurt the baby, won’t put her in harm’s way. The phone rings and Sam figures it might be them calling, running in to answer it. Martin follows, leaving Luis and Ethan alone. Ethan tells Luis Gwen is not the monster he thinks she is, but Luis tells him he doesn’t know what to think any more. Ethan says it’s just that she never really got over Sarah’s death yet, and then finding out the baby was Theresa’s and not hers sent her over the edge. He confides to Luis that he’s afraid, saying he doesn’t know what’s going through her mind right now.

Sheridan tells Beth that all this time she thought her baby was dead, but he isn’t, he’s alive and she found him, and she’s taking him home with her. Beth looks scared silly, but Edna breaks he tension, bringing Marty back into the room with a book to read. Sheridan turns to him and puts out her arms, calling his name, but Beth pulls her around, telling her not to talk to him like that, that she will scare him to death. Sheridan says he needs to know who she is and how much she loves him. Beth tells her if she loves him she won’t scare him with all this nonsense, then says she’s going to confuse him and asks her not to do that. Sheridan watches Edna bring her son in and sit him on the sofa, then she goes to sit by him and asks if he wants her to read his book to him. She puts him on her lap and looks at the book, seeing it’s called “Am I your Mother”, and saying she remembers that book, it was one of her favorites. (commercial)

Chad quickly pulls his pants on, then sees the scarf on the floor by the doorway. He says it looks like Whitney’s, then walks over and picks it up, then smells it. He says it is hers, that’s her perfume, and it wasn’t there when he came in. Valerie comes back, telling him not to get dressed, she wants him to take a shower with her. He says in a minute, and she asks if he’s ok, then sees the scarf in his hand and asks what it is. He says it’s a scarf that he found over by the door, and she says it wasn’t there when they came in. He says it wasn’t there, and she asks whose it is. He tells her it’s Whitney’s.

On the wharf, Whitney is crying, telling her baby sheís sorry and she really doesnít hate it. She says she hates the situation, that sheís having Chadís baby and sheís still in love with him, then asks what sheís going to do.

Eve walks by, sees her daughter, and calls her name. She walks around a bench and comes up behind her, and Whitney turns, looks at her, and runs into her arms. Eve tries to comfort her daughter.

Julian looks at Fox, trying not to show anything on his face. Fox says his thoughts are crazy, and Julian manages a small smile along with him. Fox goes on to say the first time they made love they didn’t even use protection, and Julian asks why he’s becoming so doubtful now. His son tells him that Whitney is not acting like herself lately, that he’s gone over everything he’s said and everything they’ve done since finding out she’s pregnant and he’s got nothing. He says when she first found out she was pregnant she didn’t even tell him about it and even argued with him when he first thought she was. He says he had to keep pressing her until she finally admitted it, and that just doesn’t seem to be how women usually are at these times. Julian smiles and tries to say something, but Fox continues, saying he doesn’t know why he tracked Julian down tonight, but he has no one else to talk to and he’s hoping Julian might have something, anything he could give him to try to figure this out. He says he’ll take anything.

Ethan thanks whoever is on the phone and tells them to keep him informed of anything they find out. Martin asks why they canít find the baby, and Sam says he knows itís frustrating, but at least they are narrowing the search. Martin looks out the window and sees Ethan and Luis talking, then tells Sam they seem to need time to themselves. Sam says thereís no need interrupting if thereís no news, and Martin agrees. He says itís strange, both of their sons going through so much. Martin says at least his son lets him help.

Sam says he doesnít want to get involved in his estrangement from Luis, and Martin says he wouldnít ask him to since itís not like he doesnít deserve it. Sam says itís a shame for a father to miss out on so much of his sonís life, then tells him that he missed out on most of Ethanís life, too. Martin tells him he remembers reading about it, that Ethan grew up thinking he was Ivy and Julianís son. Sam says he was devastated when he found out Ethan was really his son, and Martin asks how he got through it. Sam tells him time and patience. He says it was rough going at first, but they worked through it. Martin says that at least it wasnít his fault, but Sam tells him thatís too rational, that feelings between fatherís and sonís donít have much to do with logic. Martin asks if heís saying that maybe in time Luis will forgive him, too, and Sam says it worked for him and Ethan. Martin says before tonight he would have said it could never happen, but when they were outside talking there was this moment between them. Sam says thatís a start, then tells him not to cut and run this time. Martin tells him he wonít.

Sheridan reads Marty’s book to him, ending with “And then he found his real mommy.” Edna is almost brought to tears by the sight, but Beth can barely stand up. Edna tells her she is shaking like a hung over barfly because she knows Edna is right and Sheridan knows Marty is her son. She says it won’t take her long to figure out the rest because she’s not a dummy and when she gets all the pieces together, Beth is done for. She says they need to get out of there now. Beth tells her she’s not leaving. Edna asks her if she’s nuts, but Beth, almost in a trance, says she just has to get rid of her. Edna asks what’s she going to do, walk her to the door and say see you around sometime, and Beth tells her she wasn’t thinking about saying good bye to her. Edna catches on and turns to look at her daughter, and the look she sees in her eyes almost knocks the wind out of her. She says “Uh oh” as Beth tells her she was thinking of a more permanent removal. Edna is horrified, but Beth says it’s back to the basement for Sher-Sher, and this time she’s never coming out. Sheridan continues to read to Marty on the sofa, unaware of the insane plot Beth is cooking up for her.


Eve, to Whitney: “What did you say?”

Whitney’s reply: “I said I’m still in love with Chad.”

Fox, to Julian: “I should, I should go talk to Whitney. If I found out she was deliberately keeping the truth from me, it would kill me.”

Sheridan, to Luis: “Marty is our son and I know it. He’s our son, Luis.”

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