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Passions Update Wednesday 2/9/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

At Beth’s front door, she asks Sheridan what she just said. Sheridan tells her she wants to talk about her child, that she wants him back, and inside, hearing this, Edna is thrilled, saying she told Beth that someday Sheridan would realize that he is her son and today is the day. She says Bethie is busted. Sheridan walks inside, leaving a speechless Beth to watch her go.

In the hospital waiting room, Chad tells Fox he wants to talk to him about how he let Whitney get so upset, talking about hating her baby and all. Fox says it wasn’t him, he has no idea why she’s so upset, and he’s doing the best he can. Chad says it’s not good enough, but Fox tells him it’s not his business, she’s his girlfriend now. Chad says that’s true, but she is his sister and he wants to make sure Fox takes good care of her. Valerie walks in, asking what’s going on, and Fox tells her Chad is butting his nose in where it doesn’t belong. He starts to leave, but Chad stops him, saying he’s going nowhere until he talks to him about how he’s treating Whitney.

Julian asks Eve why she’s so upset, and she says it’s because Whitney is going to need her now more than she ever has before. He asks if it’s because of the baby, and she tells him she won’t be there for her because she’ll be in prison, convicted of three attempted murders. She says there has to be a way to make Alistair tell them who tried to kill him, but Julian says he believes Alistair doesn’t know who tried to kill him. He asks why Whitney is so upset, saying she hates the baby and wants to move away. She tells him it’s complicated, but he tells her to let him help her and Whitney.

Whitney is outside Theresa’s front door when she stops and tells herself that the guilt she feels about passing Chad’s baby off as Fox’s is tearing her up inside, but maybe helping Theresa deal with Gwen taking her baby will help her forget her own baby, then wonders for how long.

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room, Theresa asks her mother where Gwen could have taken her baby. Pilar says she doesn’t know. Theresa tells her she wants her back as she starts to cry, then says she needs her. She sighs loudly and pensively asks where Gwen could have taken Jane.

In the Crane cabin, Gwen is feeding Jane on the sofa, telling her the mountain air makes her hungry and that makes Mama very happy. She says she is happy to be here with her and knows she is glad to be with her Mommy, too, that they are safe here, especially from that crazy Theresa. She says her daddy isn’t going to let anything happen to them, that he will be here really soon.

In Alistair’s secret bedroom, Ethan looks at the monitors and says “Oh, my God”, and Tina asks Alistair if Ethan saw Gwen and the baby on the monitor. The old man says he’s not sure if he got the monitors turned off before he saw it or not. Ethan says “Gwen and Theresa’s baby - you know where they are”, looking at Alistair. He looks back, saying nothing, and then Katherine walks in, asking what they are all doing there. Martin says he thought she was staying at the hospital, but she tells him Sheridan left, then asks if they’ve had any luck finding Gwen and the baby. They tell her no, not yet, and Luis tells her they are there to see if Alistair knows where they are. Katherine asks him if he does, then saying maybe his bunkmate knows. She is told the woman won’t say anything, and Alistair adds that he has nothing to say, either, except for them to get out of his bedroom. Ethan tells him he’s not going anywhere, that his secret is out and using the bank of monitors Alistair has, he’s going to find his wife. (commercial)

In Eve’s office, Julian asks Eve what’s going on with Whitney and her baby, and with Eve herself. He asks if she’s upset because her little girl is all grown up and on the brink of becoming a mother, too. She says yes, that’s part of it, but he tells her Whitney is a fine young woman and she’ll make a wonderful mother, and Fox will make a great father as well. She wishes it were only that simple, and he tells her to tell him why it isn’t and help him understand. She says Whitney needs her to be here and she won’t be able to be here when she needs her most if she’s in prison. Julian says he will do everything he can to make sure that doesn’t happen, but regardless, Whitney will never be alone, she’ll always have TC, Ivy, Fox, and even Chad. Eve is more upset at that, and he asks what’s going on, what is it she’s not telling him. She says she can’t keep it a secret any longer, then tells him that Fox isn’t the father of Whitney’s baby.

Chad tells Fox he isn’t going to let him neglect Whitney. Fox asks what’s wrong with him, asking if he’s feeling all right today. He says he’s doing the best he can, and again Chad says it’s not good enough. Fox tells him to get off his case and stop acting like she’s his other half. He says she’s his half-sister and turns to leave. Chad tells him they aren’t through, but Valerie stops him, telling him Fox is right, Whitney is none of his business. He tells her he knows Whitney better than Fox does and he knows something is wrong with her. Valerie says she’s pregnant, her hormones are all over the place, but he tells her that she was talking about how she hates her baby, then asks if that sounds like hormones to her, and the woman says no. Chad says something is wrong with her and he doesn’t know what it is but she needs help and he’s got to find out what’s tearing her apart.

Whitney knocks on Theresa’s door and Pilar answers it. The girl says hello, then asks if they’ve heard anything yet. Pilar tells her no, and Whitney walks in to the living room where her friend is sitting in her wheelchair. She hugs her and Theresa tells her it’s unbearable. Whitney asks if there’s anything she can do, and the woman says she can tell her why this is happening, why something as wonderful as having a baby can be so painful. Whitney looks uncomfortable and tells her sometimes it just is.

Ethan tells Alistair it’s no secret that he’s keeping an eye on everyone in Harmony, that Luis proved that at the Founder’s Day dance. He says he knows where Gwen and the baby are and he wants him to admit it. Alistair says he knows nothing, but Luis says that’s a lie, to tell him where Gwen’s taken his niece. The old man says as they can see, he and his assistant weren’t watching TV when they burst in. He adds that, as they say, he’s tuned in, it’s ridiculous, that he has no interest in seeing how President Putin puts on his trousers each morning. Ethan asks if he’s trying to say if they turned on the monitors they wouldn’t see what’s going on in Harmony, D.C, foreign capitals. Alistair says absolutely not, but Martin tells him to cut the crap and tell them if they would see where Gwen and the baby are, right now. Again, Alistair says no. Ethan tells him he doesn’t believe him, and grabs the remote off the bed. Alistair tells him to put it down, and Luis asks what he’s afraid of now, and Ethan says he thinks they are about to find out, then uses the remote to turn the monitors on. He looks at the screens and says “I don’t believe it!”

Beth asks Sheridan if she said she wants her baby back, and she tells her yes as Beth picks up a letter opener and looks like she’s getting ready to use it on her rival. Sheridan goes on, asking if they heard about Gwen stealing Theresa’s baby, and Edna acts horrified, saying a girl would have to be bonkers to steal another woman’s baby, asking Beth if she agrees. Sheridan goes on, saying ever since she heard about it she’s been thinking about what happened to her child, that she wants her baby back so badly but knows it will never happen. She turns quickly to face Beth, who quickly grabs a letter and opens it with her “weapon”. Sheridan said that’s why she wanted to come over and spend some time with Marty. She asks Beth how he’s doing as the woman jerkily opens more mail and says he’s doing fine. Sheridan asks if she can see him, but Beth says no, he’s sleeping and she doesn’t think they should disturb him. Sheridan says she understands, then asks if she would mind if she went into Marty’s room and looked in on him. Edna hollers that it’s a great idea and Beth wouldn’t mind, but Beth says no, that Marty needs his rest and as his mother she has to insist that he isn’t disturbed. Sheridan asks Beth why she’s acting this way, and Edna says to herself that it’s because she’s a crazy freak, but Beth asks what way. Sheridan asks why she’s so reluctant to let her see Marty. Beth reminds her she told her he is sleeping, but Sheridan says it’s not only now, that actually she’s never wanted Sheridan to be around him, even though she is the one who saved his life by nursing him. Edna raises her fist in the air and yells “YEAH!”, then quickly adds now that Sheridan mentions it, Beth never wants her to see Luis’ son. Beth laughs, saying she doesn’t know what the two of them are talking about, and Sheridan tells her she’s not stupid, that she has always tried to keep Marty away from her and asks why she won’t let her get close to him. (commercial)

Sheridan says it’s almost like she’s afraid to let her see Marty, and Edna again yells “YEAH!!”. Sheridan asks why, what harm can come from her seeing Luis’s son. Beth says she’s sorry if it seems she’s trying to keep him away from her, but she hasn’t, then says it’s just that she worries about her getting to close to him will just upset her because she’s missing her baby that died. Sheridan says “My poor baby.” while Edna thinks to herself that Beth is wicked and shameless. Beth goes on to say that as for tonight, she’s not trying to keep him away from her, that Marty’s just tired and needs to sleep, no matter what her mother said. Sheridan apologizes to her for questioning her motives, saying she’s just so upset over Gwen taking Theresa’s baby. Edna tells her she’s sure it does, and it must remind her about that when that sicko kidnapper tore her baby away from her. Sheridan says she knows exactly what Theresa is going through, that it’s a terrible thing for any mother to go through. Beth says she’s sure Luis would want Sheridan to be with his mother and sister at a time like this, telling her she should go over there right now and tell her they are thinking about her, pulling her by the arm to get her to leave. Sheridan just talks about having her baby ripped from her arms, saying it was the most horrible thing she’s ever been through, and Edna says she’s sure it was. Sheridan goes on to say she tried to hold on but was too weak and scared to stop them, and she feels ashamed that she couldn’t protect her own baby. Beth is not wanting to hear all this, but Edna urges her on. Sheridan says when she saw the kidnapper’s car go off the bridge with her baby in it she never felt so much pain in her life. Beth is rolling her eyes at this point, as Sheridan gets some tissues for her tears. Edna tells her she’s so sorry, more than she can say, and she and Beth give each other mean stares.

Theresa tells Whitney if Gwen hadn’t stabbed her in the back and left her paralyzed she’d be out there now looking for her baby, but instead she has to sit and wait. Whitney says Gwen doesn’t have much money, then asks how far she can get in a prison uniform. Theresa asks what about Jane, that Gwen can’t nurse her like she was doing, and she is sick. Whitney tells her Gwen won’t let her starve, and she took the medicine Jane needs, too. Theresa tries to take comfort in that. Pilar brings soup, but Theresa says she can’t eat knowing her baby could be out there starving because Gwen is too crazy to feed her. She says if anything happens to Jane, she will personally tear Gwen apart.

Gwen is holding Jane on the sofa, asking if her bottle was good. She tells her she is her sweet girl, then puts her on her shoulder to burp as she wonders what’s keeping her daddy.

Ethan says Gwen and the baby are not on the monitors, and Sam says it’s just the stock market reports from around the world and news. Alistair says that Crane Industries is a global company. Sam says he doubts what was on the monitors when they came in was what they were looking at now, and Luis says it wasn’t, that the monitors must revert to normal programming when they are turned on so whatever was on them so whatever he has under surveillance is kept secret. Alistair laughs, saying Luis should be writing spy novels, providing he can write. Ethan asks what was on the monitors before, and Alistair says he couldn’t say, that he and his assistant were otherwise occupied. Martin calls him a liar, and asks where Gwen and his granddaughter are, but Alistair asks how he would know. Sam says because he is Alistair Crane, and he thanks him for the flattery, but says it won’t get them anywhere, then insists they leave. Luis walks to him, damning him and saying if he doesn’t tell them where his niece is he will be leaving in a body bag. (commercial)

Luis says he means it, to tell him where Gwen took his niece, but Sam says he’s wasting his time, that even if he knows he won’t tell them. Paloma says he’s not a nice man, and Martin agrees, saying he’s the Devil himself. Sam tells them they need to get out there and keep searching, telling Luis to come on, but Luis takes the time to tell Alistair that if he finds out he knows something and hasn’t told them, he will make him pay. Alistair tells him to get in line, and they start to leave. Martin tells Paloma to go on out there, he will be with her in a minute, and Rebecca goes to Alistair, telling her for old time’s sake, please don’t let anything happen to Gwen. He looks at her and she turns and leaves. He then asks what Martin and Katherine are waiting for, then says to get out. Martin tells him his granddaughter is missing and it’s Alistair’s fault. The old man sarcastically says it’s not like he’s ever dressed up like a woman and kidnapped a baby, but Martin says he helped Rebecca and Gwen go after Theresa and take her little boy away from her and everything that’s happened since is a result of her trying to get him back. Alistair tells him he’s an Irish idiot, that it’s not his fault Theresa can’t control her lust for Ethan, then adds that evidently the inability to control carnal urges runs in Martin’s family. He says him and Katherine, Theresa and Julian, Miguel and Kay Bennett, and now Paloma trolling nightclubs trying to find “it” wherever she can find “it”. Martin jumps at him as Katherine tries to stop him.

Fox has come to Theresa’s house, too, and he tells her not to worry, that they will find Jane and she needs to stay strong. Pilar begs her daughter to have a little soup, and she agrees, as Fox takes Whitney across the room. He tells her he’s upset about her, that she got so upset at the hospital and ran out again, saying she hates the baby, then asks her to tell him what’s going on. She says she knows he’s worried and wants to help, and she loves him for that, but there are some things she has to work out on her own and they have nothing to do with him. He asks how that is, saying anything that has to do with her and the baby has to do with him, but she says no, it doesn’t, the baby has nothing to do with him. He is shocked and says it sounds like she’s saying he isn’t the baby’s father. She looks at him without saying anything.

Julian is trying to understand what Eve told him, asking if Fox is not the baby’s father. She tells him that’s true, and he is still confused, saying Whitney and Fox have been together ever since she and Chad….then says “Oh, my God, it can’t be.” She says the most horrible thing imaginable has happened to her daughter and their son, that Chad, Whitney’s half-brother, is the father of her baby, not Fox.

In his office, Chad tells Valerie that part of the problem he has with Fox is that he hooked up with Whitney. He says he knows he can’t be with her, but he’d be lying to say he isn’t jealous that Fox can be. Valerie says she understands, and he chuckles, asking if she really does. She says just because his brain tells him he can’t be with Whitney, his heart can’t stop feeling what it has felt for years. Chad is surprised that she really does understand, and she says it surprises her that Fox and Whitney don’t. He tells her not to get him started on Fox, and she says she knows he’s angry at him because he feels he’s taken away the one thing he loved most, and Chad agrees. She says he must want to get even, and that’s why she came to the hospital, that she knew the three of them would be at the hospital once they heard about Theresa’s baby and she didn’t want him to lose his cool in front of Fox and make him think he’s out to get him at Crane industries. He thanks her, but says that’s the last thing on his mind right now. She tells him he can’t get back at Fox for taking Whitney, and he can’t get Whitney back because she‘s his half-sister, but there is a way to make Fox feel some of the pain he’s been feeling. He asks how he can do that, and she says by hurting him at work like he set out to do, that is the way he can get back at Fox.

Sheridan picks her purse up from a table, saying she feels so much empathy for Theresa. Beth is thrilled, thinking she is finally leaving, but quickly finding out that isn’t the case as Sheridan sets the purse on the sofa, takes of her jacket, and sits down. Beth’s face contorts at every move. Sheridan keeps talking all the while, saying all Theresa can do is sit and pray and hope she gets her baby back. At the same time, she says, she understands how Gwen feels at having lost two babies, knowing she can never have another, and says while what Gwen did was wrong, she does understand because losing a baby changes a woman, that it’s like how she was when she thought Marty was her son and tried to take him away from Beth. Beth laughs and says “How crazy was that?”, and Sheridan agrees, then says at the time she totally believed Marty was hers, probably the same way Gwen thinks Theresa’s baby is hers now, except that Theresa knows who took her baby and why, while all she knows about her baby’s kidnapper is what Alistair’s investigator found out, that her name was Charlene, that she kidnapped her, stole her baby, and caused it to die. Edna says it‘s amazing that she managed to do all that on her own, then says maybe the woman had an accomplice. Sheridan says if that‘s true and she ever finds that person, she will kill them and anyone else who helped them. (commercial)

Katherine steps in front of Martin, keeping him from attacking Alistair and telling him not to do it. Martin tells Alistair to keep his filthy mouth shut about Paloma, that he had his goon kidnap her in Mexico and he almost raped her. Alistair smirks and says that tonight Paloma claimed to have almost been raped again, saying it sounds like a pattern to him. Martin lunges for the old man, calling him a miserable son of a bitch, but Katherine is still between them and stops him, as Alistair laughs. She tells Martin he has to help find Theresa’s baby so forget about Alistair. He says all right, but tells Alistair it’s not over as they walk out of the room. Outside the room, Katherine tells him the others must be downstairs by now, that he should follow them and see if they have any more ideas about where Gwen could have taken the baby. He agrees and she gives him a big kiss, then says God bless him, calling him her love. He pulls back and asks what that’s for, and she remembers Father Lonigan telling her Martin will follow her and her saying he won’t because by the time he realizes she’s gone, he won’t know where to look and he’ll never find her. She comes back to the present and tells Martin he’s a noble man and he should never forget that, then says she feels lucky to have gotten to spend her life with him. He tries to ask her what’s going on again, and she says she just wants him to know that. He asks where it’s coming from, and she says from her heart, that she admires him and loves him even more. He tells her if he didn’t know better, he’d think she was telling him goodbye, but she says no, she just wants to make him feel better, as he’s made her feel better all these years. He tells her that once they’ve found Theresa’s baby they need to sit down and discuss their future together, and she agrees, saying they don’t want to put it off too long, then tells him to go back and join the search. He agrees, then tells her he’ll call her on the cell phone. As he walks away, she softly says “Good bye, my love.” Alistair comes out of his room, clapping, and saying it’s touching for her to send her lover off to find his missing granddaughter and it’s too bad Norman Rockwell isn’t there to paint the lovely moment. She tells him his sarcasm is duly noted, then says she wants him to know Martin is twice the man he is, in every way. He smiles, then asks if that’s the reason she finds herself coming back to him all the time. He then asks the real reason she’s there. She tells him she needs a favor from him.

Downstairs, Paloma tells Martin that Luis and Sam are going to join the house-to-house search, and he takes her hand and says they will go help. They walk out the front door as Rebecca tells Ethan she hopes he’s planning an insanity defense for Gwen when she’s found, recounting the charges she has against her and adding there could be another attempted murder count for choking Sheridan. Ethan tells her he hasn’t even been thinking about that now, but yes, Gwen is definitely not in her right mind. Rebecca says “Duh!”, then asks what woman in her right mind would want to take Theresa’s baby. Ethan reminds her that she’s his daughter, too, and she says the point is Gwen can’t go to prison, that she needs help, not punishment. He tells her to focus on finding her and the baby first. They walk out of the house to join the others.

Gwen is wondering where Ethan is, telling the baby her daddy should have been here by now. She lays the baby in her crib and tells her to rest, that she will stay up and wait for him, then walks over to the waste basket and pulls the photo of Ethan and Theresa out. She tears Theresa out of it, then looks at it and tells the baby her daddy’s been there the whole time, showing her the blood-stained picture of him.

As the three women are talking, they hear Marty cry upstairs. Edna is thrilled he’s awake now, but Beth is not happy at all. Sheridan says since Marty’s awake would it be all right to see him, and Beth says no, he usually goes right back to sleep. Edna says that since he’s awake, he might as well come down and visit Sheridan, saying she will go up and bring him down. Beth tells her she can’t manage to carry him down with her walker, but Edna snappily reminds her she can if she puts him in his stroller. She then whispers to her daughter that if Sheridan does remember he’s her son she wants her to remember her as someone who tried to help her so she won’t kill her, too. Beth decides she will help her, and Edna tells Sheridan to wait right there while they go get him. As they start up the stairs, Edna tells her daughter that is just a matter of time before Sheridan realizes Marty is her son and Beth was in on the kidnapping. Beth says this is no different from the other times she’s hollered “the jig’s up”, that Sheridan will never find out Marty is her son. Downstairs, Sheridan picks up his picture and looks at it. (commercial)

Whitney says she never said the baby isn’t Fox’s and then asks him to give her some space, that she told him at the hospital that she wanted to be alone for a while. He says he just didn’t want her to feel he was neglecting her, but she says right now it feels like he’s smothering her. He is hurt but says he sees, and she tells him she’d appreciate it if he would give her the space she needs. He tries to say something, but she tells Theresa that she has to leave now but Fox is going to stay to help them. Pilar says that’s very kind, and Theresa says she just wants everything to be all right with her baby. Silently, Whitney says she wants her baby to be all right, too, then tells her friend goodbye and leaves. Outside she takes out a picture of Fox and Chad together, saying she hates lying to them, that she thought it was the right thing to do but it wasn’t, and that it’s hurting her and her baby. She asks what she is going to do, then remembers Chad asking her to let him be a father to her baby. She figures that if she tells him the truth, he can help her raise her baby.

Chad tells Valerie that he’s kept his eye on his brother at work, and Fox doesn’t know it but he’s sinking in quicksand. She says slow and steady gets him first place, and Chad says Fox has been so distracted with Whitney and the baby that he hasn’t had to do anything to make him look bad at work. Valerie agrees, then says they need to plan their next move, but first he needs to take his mind off his problems. He tells her his only problem is Fox and how he‘s not treating Whitney right, and she says he’d think a lot better if he weren’t so tense, rubbing his chest and telling him to let her help him relax and release the pressure that’s built up in him. She kisses him, but he pulls back, trying to say no, but she tells him she’s not asking for a commitment and he doesn’t have to make her breakfast, but he is a man and she is a woman and they can help each other forget their problems for a little while, then begins a full-out seduction of him.

Julian repeats that Chad is the father of Whitney’s baby, not Fox’s, and she says yes, and that she lied to everyone because Whitney begged her not to, and she’s her daughter, adding that she loves her. He worries about poor, poor Whitney and says she’s in a horrible situation. Eve says yes, that’s why she can’t go to prison, that she has to be here for Whitney and her baby. He understands, saying it’s a child of incest, and she tells him it could be born with a wide range of mental and physical problems that will just leave Whitney an emotional wreck and that’s why she has to be here for her daughter and their grandchild.

Beth picks Marty up, saying “Mommy’s here.” Edna laughs and says actually, she’s down in the living room, and Beth shushes her, telling her not to say that. Edna says she’s sorry, she knows how Beth hates the truth. Beth says no, she hates her, and Edna asks Marty if he isn’t a lucky fella that this loon isn’t his real m-a-m-a. Beth tells her to shut up, calling her a hag bag and saying Sheridan and Luis will never know the truth. Edna says she’s wrong, that the truth, like half of Hollywood, is bound to come out. Beth shushes her again, and the old woman adds it will be sooner than she thinks. Downstairs, Sheridan is looking at the picture of Marty and goes back to when she was holding her baby in the pit, telling him she will never forget his face, his ten toes and fingers, and his sweet baby smell. She comes back to the present, shocked, and says Marty is her son. (commercial)

Julian is still trying to accept that Chad is the baby’s father, not Fox. Eve says that’s why Whitney keeps saying she hates the baby, because of the burden she feels of keeping the father of the baby a secret. He asks who else knows about it, and she says no one, that everyone in town thinks it’s Fox’s. She says she tried to get her to tell the truth, but she’s dead set against it and as her doctor, she has to keep her confidentiality. Julian says maybe she will have a change of heart at some point, and she says that’s what she’s been praying for. She says Chad has a right to know he‘s going to be a father, even if the child is Whitney’s.

Whiney arrives at Chad’s door, telling herself he had said he wanted to be a part of her child’s life, and if she tells him the truth he really can be. She says he can help her carry the burden, that it’s not their fault they are having a child of incest, but it happened and now they can deal with it together. She says even though they can’t be together anymore, they do still love each other. After psyching herself up, she opens the door to see Chad making love to Valerie on the sofa.

Alistair walks behind Katherine, seductively rubbing his hand across her arm and shoulders, making her wince. He asks what he can do for her, and she tells him she wants to help her disappear without a trace so Martin nor Sheridan can ever find her. He seems interested in her idea.

Luis, Ethan, Paloma and the others file into the house and over to stand in front of Theresa. They have a hang-dog look about them, and seeing them, she realizes they didn’t find her baby. She asks them, and then asks Ethan where her baby is and starts crying.

Gwen has taped Ethan’s picture to the back of a dining chair, and she brings two plates of food and sets them on the table, telling “Ethan” she hopes he likes it. She goes and picks the baby up, then goes back to the table, asking her if it isn’t just wonderful to have Daddy there. She tells Ethan their family is just picture perfect, then sits down and tells the picture she loves him, then says the same to the baby.

Sheridan is still looking at Marty’s picture as the other women come downstairs with Marty. Edna whispers to Beth that she knows, and Sheridan turns around, looking at them and saying “My son.”


Fox, to someone: “Well, I hate to say it, but I’m starting to wonder if I’m even the baby’s father.”

Eve, to Julian: “If you love me as much as you say you do, tell me you won’t mention a word of this to Fox or Chad or anyone .”

Sheridan, to Beth: “My baby didn’t die. He lived. Marty is my son and I’m going to prove it.”

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