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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Whitney comes into the hospital waiting area where the Lopez=Fitzgerald’s are sitting and asks Theresa if she’s OK. Theresa says she’s not OK, that her baby is gone and crazy Gwen has her. Getting more and more hysterical, she says first Gwen put her in the hospital, and now she’s stolen her baby. Luis moves closer to her and tells her they are going to find the baby, then tells her she needs to calm down, asking if she can do that for him.

She says yes, and he asks what happened because the last he knew, Gwen was sitting in jail. Theresa says she was, but she slit her wrists and they transferred her to the hospital. Eve adds that she did a pretty good job of it, too. Sheridan, standing apart from them, wonders what has happened to her friend. Theresa goes on, telling Luis that they brought Gwen to the hospital where she got away from the guards and chased Theresa around the hospital with scissors, trying to kill her again. Luis asks what happened next, and she tells him that Gwen stole her baby and ran away with her, then says he has to find her because she brought Jane to the hospital in the first place because she had a high fever. Her mother tries to calm her down as she gets even more hysterical. Luis steps away to use his phone, and Sheridan again quietly asks herself what her friend has done. Across the way, Ethan tells Sam that Gwen isn’t in her right mind, saying he knows she wouldn’t have done this otherwise. Sam says he understands, but kidnapping is a felony and her mental state makes him even more worried for the baby. He adds “God help Gwen if anything happens to that child.” Rebecca says she’s had a complete mental breakdown, and Sam tells her he understands that, but it will be her attorney’s problem to establish her mental condition with the judge. His phone rings and he goes to answer it, as Rebecca tells Ethan that this is all Theresa’s fault. Ethan reminds her that Theresa is the mother of the baby, and that the two of them are the victims here, but Rebecca says Theresa has won, and no matter what happens, Gwen will never be the same again. Ethan tells her not to say that, then says as her mother she is very worried about her and horrified by what she’s done, but another part of her hopes no one ever finds her and she and the baby can just disappear into the sunset.

In the Crane cabin, Gwen lays the baby in a cradle and then checks to see what’s in her diaper bag. She finds out that she only has one more bottle of formula left and says that’s no good. She says after the baby has a “snack” they will go to a store and get a lot more formula and baby food, then come back to the cabin where they are far away and safe from anyone who can hurt them. (commercial)

Ethan tells Rebecca she can’t mean what she said, reminding her that Gwen stole a baby and we have to find her. She says she knows, but worries about what they will do to her when they find her. She mentions prison, handcuffs, and a trial. He says he doesn’t want to think about how it might affect Gwen when they find her, but he fact is, they have to find her because Jane is not her baby, she is Theresa’s. Chad walks in, saying he heard Paloma was attacked and asking what happened and how she is. Ethan says she is here, but he doesn’t know the details, only that his dad says she will be fine. He says he hasn’t seen her, that he has a bigger problem right now, then tells him Gwen is gone. Chad asks if she escaped from jail, but Rebecca tells him it’s none of his business, then says she tried to kill herself and they rushed her to the hospital. Ethan adds that she then took his and Theresa’s baby and she ran, that she has his car. Chad says Theresa must be freaked out, then asks if Whitney knows yet. Ethan tells him that Theresa went to tell her family and Whitney and Fax went with her. He adds that Theresa doesn’t know about Paloma yet, either, and says he doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Luis plans to call for a roadblock on Harmony, but Fox tells him Sam already did that, telling him he closed the bus station, boat docks, and airport, everything. Luis says he’s glad to hear it, that every minute counts in a kidnapping and he hopes they weren’t too late setting it up. Theresa is rocked by that, but Luis tells her they will get Baby Jane back, he promises. Hearing this, Sheridan gets upset, telling herself that is what they told her and she didn’t get her baby back. She excuses herself and hurries out of the room. Luis calls to her, but Katherine tells Martin she will go after her. When Sheridan doesn’t stop, Luis goes after her, too. Paloma, hearing all the commotion, comes out of her room, asking what’s going on. Theresa sees her and is shocked, telling her mother that she had told her she’d been attacked, then asks what happened to her, what’s happened to their family.

Sheridan is sitting on a sofa and Katherine sees her and heads her way. Luis catches up to her and stops her, telling her to stay away from Sheridan. She tells him to look at her, that she is suffering and being her mother she just wants to comfort her. He asks if she hasn’t hurt her enough for one lifetime and to just go away. He goes to Sheridan and Katherine, watching them, says he’s right, she should go away.

In the car again, Gwen tells the baby it will just be a few more minutes and they will be at the store, and then they have to get right back to the cabin, since that’s the only place the bad people can’t find them. She hears a siren, and gets scared, thinking she’s being pulled over. She tries to calm herself down, telling the baby it will be ok, that no one will ever take her away from Gwen again. Jane cries a little, but Gwen tells her it will be OK. (commercial)

Luis tells a despondent Sheridan that he knows all the talk of kidnapping is upsetting her. She stands and walks a few steps, then tells him the kidnapping, roadblocks, Amber Alerts…’s just all bringing it back to her. She says she’s reliving it all over again, seeing her baby go over that cliff, and every time she does it brings all those feelings back, breaking her heart in two all over again. Luis tells her he knows, that it’s hard for him, too, but that they have to be strong for Theresa, Pilar, and Jane. Sheridan, crying, begs him to find Jane so Theresa won’t have to live her life feeling the way she does. She starts to walk away, but he stops her and asks where she’s going. She tells him she just needs some time, and she walks away as he watches her with a worried look on his face.

Theresa asks Paloma if the man raped her as she holds her hand. Paloma says no, he heard the sirens and then stopped, but that he hurt her really badly, almost killed her. She is crying now, and Theresa tells her she’s just glad she’s alright. Eve says she really isn’t all right, that she shouldn’t be up, and tries to take her back to her room. Paloma insists on knowing what has happened, and Theresa tells her the baby was kidnapped, that “Crazy Gwen” took her and ran away and now they can’t find her. The girl says that is impossible, then tells her not to worry, that the police and Luis will find the baby. She says they already found the guy who attacked her and they will find the baby, too. Theresa asks if she will say a prayer that they do, and the girl says she will, more than one. As Theresa thanks her, Eve takes her back to her room. As Theresa cries, Pilar tells her she’s right there, that her family is there for her. Martin steps up and says he’s here for her, too, but she tells him to get away. He says he’s worried, that she’s his daughter, but she spits out that it’s a little late for that now. He says Jane is his granddaughter, but she tells him she isn’t, that she doesn’t want him around her or Little Ethan either, that he is to just stay away. She adds that should be easy to do since he has had a lot of practice at that all these years. He tries to plead with her, but Pilar tells him to go away, saying Theresa has a lot on her plate already and doesn’t need to be dealing with right now. He gives up and backs away, looking crushed. Katherine is watching and listening from across the hallway and tells herself that he needs his family so much, and even if they won’t admit it, they need him, too. She says this is all her fault, that she’s the one who’s torn them all apart. Sam, Ethan, and Rebecca come in, and when Theresa sees Sam asks him to tell her they’ve found her daughter. Everyone waits expectantly. (commercial)

Sheridan stands at the glass door to the nursery, watching the babies in their bassinettes. Luis walks up, saying he thought he’d find her there, and that he brought her some tea, just the way she likes it. She tells him she doesn’t want it right now, and he sets it down, telling her it’s there when she wants it. She says the babies are so beautiful, and he agrees. She is crying as she says she hopes the parents know how lucky they are that their babies are safe and sound in the nursery, and that someday they will be taking them home to love and care for them. She turns and walks a few steps away, with Luis right behind her, and talks about what they will be teaching their babies, talking about Santa and the Easter Bunny, and that soon they will be holding their hands on their first day of school because they are too scared to go alone. She says they will fight when they get their ears pierced and share all the major moments of their lives with them because that’s the way it’s supposed to be. She is crying harder, saying no one is supposed to be evil enough to take your baby away from you. Luis tells her Gwen isn’t evil, she’s sick, and Sheridan says she doesn’t mean Gwen, and he says he knows. She asks why someone had to do that to them, telling him that every time she thinks about it it’s like driving a dagger through her heart. He tells her it’s more than just being separated, that their baby died and they saw it happen. She says she knows that in her mind, but not in her heart, and there are days when she thinks she can hear him in the room right next to them. He tells her that’s probably not a good thing. She says losing a baby is the worst thing, then asks why her mother left her. She says she was a horrible mother, then wonders if their baby was taken from her because she was a terrible mother, too. He says no, that she’s going to be the best mother in the world, then reminds her of Marty and how much he loves her. She says that he’s not her son, but Luis tells her that any baby in the world would be lucky to have her for a mother and that none of it was her fault. She asks why it happened, then, and he says he doesn’t know and pulls her into his arms for comfort.

Theresa asks Sam to tell her they’ve found her baby, but he says they haven’t, and she asks why he’s here, then, that he needs to go out there and find her before Gwen does something awful to her. Rebecca says Gwen would never hurt a baby, but Theresa shoots back that she stole one. Sam tells her they are doing everything they can, they have the whole town cordoned off and every off-duty police officer is out there looking for her, that Jane is their number one priority. Rebecca adds “And Gwen, too.”, and he says yes, but they both have to have a little patience. Theresa is upset at the word patience. Chad comes in and sees Whitney, then goes to her and asks how she’s holding up. He tells her to sit in the chair, saying all the stress can’t be good for the baby. Fox tells him they are perfectly capable of taking care of their own baby, then says thanks. Whitney tells Chad she’s OK and wants to stay close to Theresa. He asks if he can go to the cafeteria and bring her some tea, and she thanks him for that, while Fox stews. Katherine starts walking away and Martin grabs her, asking where she’s going. She says she’s going to check on “our little girl”, and he says ok. She walks into Paloma’s room, and the girl calls her Aunt Ellie, then says she doesn’t know if she will ever be able to call her anything else. Katherine sits by her bed and asks how she’s doing. The girl says she very sore, but getting better. She tells the woman that she knows it will be a while before she is really well, though, then says Theresa is the one she’s worried about, and her baby. Katherine tells her she will say prayers for both of them, and Paloma says they have to find her baby or Theresa will lose her mind. Katherine says thank God Pilar is here for her, and the girl pouts that she is lucky, that their mother was never there when she needed her. Katherine tells her that she’s here now if she‘ll just let her help, but the girls says it’s too late. Katherine tells her it’s never too late, that she wouldn’t believe how much her mother loves her, but that Katherine saw how much when Paloma was in the coma, that she was afraid she would lose her. She goes on to say that when families are in trouble, they all pull together, and tells her she wouldn’t believe how many prayers were said for her, especially by Pilar. She says now she has Theresa and her granddaughter to worry about as well, then says she hopes Paloma realizes that Pilar would have done anything to keep her with them while she was growing up, but she couldn’t so she did the next best thing and sent her to Tia Maria. Paloma says she’s heard this too many times, and it isn’t true, but Katherine tells her it is true. She says Paloma is an adult now and after tonight, a sadder and hopefully wiser one. She tells her to put away the resentment and try to understand the sacrifice Pilar made for her from a woman’s point of view, not a child’s, then asks if she can do that. Paloma asks why, saying she is the only mother she has ever known. Katherine says they have always been close, and because of that she wants the girl to promise she will do something for her. Paloma says she will do anything, so the woman tells her to give Pilar a chance, saying she loves her so much and she needs her and her help. Paloma says she doesn’t think her mother needs her, but Katherine says she does, and that Paloma needs her, too. Paloma says she has her and always will, but Katherine begs her to give Pilar a chance, to do it for her. The girl tells her she will try, although she doesn’t look convinced. Katherine tells her it means so much to her, then says she needs to get some sleep. The girl says she will, but makes the woman promise to come back and talk to her in a while. Katherine says she will, and the girl closes her eyes to sleep. Katherine kisses her forehead before she leaves, then tells her goodbye and she loves her.

Ethan tells Rebecca that he’s feeling numb and helpless, wondering where Gwen could have taken his daughter. Rebecca tells him she doesn’t know, that the servants have been told to watch for her in case she shows up at the mansion, the guards are checking the grounds, and she even called her ex-husband, the first civil conversation they’ve had in years, and he hasn’t seen her, either. He again asks her where Gwen would take his little girl.

Gwen gives a sigh of relief as an ambulance goes by, telling the baby she was afraid it was the police. She says she’s sure Theresa is telling people lies about her, and she doesn’t want anyone to find them and take the baby away from her again. She says there are a lot of people looking for them, but they are so far away from Harmony that they don’t need to worry about anyone finding them, ever. (commercial)

Katherine is sitting alone in the hospital chapel, praying. She says some people says leaving is the coward’s way out, but she really thinks her leaving will be the best for everyone, no matter how much it hurts her. She asks God for a favor, that he would touch the hearts of all of them so they will forgive her once she’s gone. Father Lonigan walks in and says her name, startling her, then walks to her saying he hopes he’s not interrupting.

She says no, and he tells her they didn’t get to finish their talk, then asks if this is a good time. She says it’s probably the only time, and he asks if she is leaving, then, and asks if she thinks that’s the best thing. She says she is leaving, that it’s for the best. She wonders why she even came back, that it was only a pipe dream and she ended up causing pain for so many people. She tells him it’s an advantage for him to be blind so he doesn’t have to see the pain in the eyes of those he hurts. He asks if it isn’t better to stay and help those people work through their pain, and she tells him no, it’s best that she leave them all behind, including Martin.

Gwen walks into a small, country store, carrying Jane in her car seat. The man behind the counter is glad to see a customer, saying there hasn’t been anyone in for a couple of hours. He asks if she needs help, and she asks for formula and diapers. He shows her where they are, and she finds a lot of each. The man takes a shopping cart to her, saying she might need it, and she thanks him as he plays with the baby. He says he bets it’s a girl, and she says it is, then asks if he has any children. He says no, but he’s an A-#1 uncle, and she says she bets he is. He goes back to the counter as she begins loading up with baby things, telling Jane they have to hurry, that he seems like a nice man but she doesn’t like leaving the cabin and meeting people. She goes about grabbing things from the shelves, telling the baby that they have to stock up for a long, long time.

Ethan is pacing the floor as Chad brings Whitney her tea. He tells her it’s herbal, no caffeine, since that’s not good for the baby. She tells him thanks, and he notices Ethan, telling her he will wear a hole in the floor if he keeps it up. Whitney says he probably feels like the whole thing is his fault, and he says he hopes not, that he’s probably just worried.. She says he is Ethan’s best friend so he must be glad to have him there, and Chad says he’s here for her, too. He tells her he knows Fox is there, but he is, too, just in case. She thanks him as Eve walks in and sees them, looking worried. Across the room, Pilar tells Theresa to pray that they will find her baby, but she asks if that’s not the same thing she said when Sheridan’s baby was missing. She then tells her she’s sorry, that she’s trying to pray but twisted Gwen has her daughter, that she tried to kill her twice and also tried to kill herself, then asks what if she finds scissors or a knife and decides to go after Jane, too. Rebecca overhears and jumps on the girl, saying Gwen loves the baby and would never do anything like that. Theresa snaps back that she didn’t think Gwen would steal the baby, either, but she did. Rebecca tells her that’s because she drove her to it, and Pilar steps in, telling her that’s enough and to go away. Ethan comes over, pushing Rebecca away and telling them all to stop arguing, that they are all there to support each other, they are all worried about Gwen and Jane. He tells Theresa that the baby is his, too, and if there’s one thing he knows it’s that Gwen loves that baby and she would never hurt her. She tells him she hopes he’s right because she is scared. He says he is too, but they are going to find them, somehow. She softly tells him she’s their baby, and he strokes her hair and lays his head on her arm. (commercial)

Father Lonigan asks Katherine if it’s best for her to leave Martin, too, and she says she must. He tells her he doesn’t approve of him breaking his marriage vows, but that he knows she loves him deeply. She says she does, more than her own life, and that’s why she has to leave. She tells the priest that Martin saved her life when he rescued her from Alistair and in doing so gave up everything he cared about. The priest says he’s a good man. She says he did this without even loving her, that the love came much later, after they were thrown together so much. She says doing a good deed cost him everything he cared about in his life. She says one good thing about coming back is that she realizes how much his family needs him, and that he also needs them. She says he’s in a lot of pain because they won’t have anything to do with him, and that her prayer is that once she’s gone they will be able to mend the rift and be a family again. The priest tells her she’s making a noble sacrifice, and she tells him that if there’s one thing she’s learned in life it is that when you love someone you want what’s best for them, like when Pilar sent Paloma to live with Maria. He asks if she thinks her leaving is best for Martin, and she says it is, that if it weren’t for her, he would have stayed in Harmony and had a full, happy life with Pilar and his children. She tells him that when Luis and Pilar lash out at her she can’t say anything because she knows they are right, that she robbed them of a husband and father and she’s caused them all so much pain.

Sheridan is watching the babies again, seeing that the one nurse in there is having a hard time. She walks in and the nurse tells her she can’t talk to her, that she’s short handed and they have a full house. Sheridan introduces herself and says she was hoping she could help her, but the nurse says she’s not one of the regular volunteers, that they would have to get her clearance and she’d have to fill out a form. She sees the babies need help, though, and tells her to go ahead, pointing out a little guy that needed some loving right then. Sheridan picks him up, with the nurse watching her carefully to make sure she knows how to handle a newborn. Sheridan does it correctly, and the nurse asks if she has children of her own. She tells the nurse she is as she caresses the baby and rocks him gently. Luis watches all this, wondering if it’s a good or bad thing. (commercial)

Luis watches as Sheridan rocks the baby with a look of joy on her face. He goes to her and says this might not be a good thing to do, that he knows Jane’s kidnapping has brought up some painful memories. She tells him not to kid himself, that she feels this pain every single day, wondering why this happened to them and why God won’t bring their baby back to them. He reminds her that their baby died, but she says she is praying with all her might that God brings Jane back to Theresa, because if he does, that means there’s a chance for a miracle for them, too, and they will get their son back, also. Luis tries to reason with her, but she says she believes in miracles, that if she didn’t, she didn’t think she could get through the day. She walks with the baby and rocks him, telling him everything will be just fine.

Katherine paces the chapel, telling Father Lonigan that she’s not a bad person and never meant or wanted to hurt anyone, but her children carry lifelong wounds because of her and the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s have suffered so much that she has to make up for it, and the only way she can think to do that is by leaving and letting them get on with their lives, hoping that Martin will be able to do so, too. The priest tells her that Martin loves her, but she says he won’t know she’s leaving, that by the time he finds out she’s gone, he won’t know where to look for her.

Martin walks into Paloma’s room and closes the curtains, then sees she is looking at him. He sits by her and asks how she feels, and she says she’s still very sore. He says it kills him to see her like this, then says he’s a total failure as a father. She tells him that’s not true, he’s a wonderful father, that he’s been listening to Pilar and Luis too much. She tells him she loves him, and he says he loves her too, then asks if she knows what. She asks what, and he tells her she should be asleep. She says she knows, that she drifts in and out. He tells her to get some rest, that he didn’t mean to disturb her. She closes her eyes and he kisses her hand, then walks out. He sees the rest of his family across the waiting room and says he’s lost them, they want nothing to do with him.

Eve sees Whitney standing with Theresa and her family and tells her she knows just how Theresa is feeling, that she knows what it’s like to lose a baby, have him taken away. Whitney says she thought her baby was dead, and Eve tells her yes, saying later she found out Alistair had taken him from her and he was still alive. Whitney turns around and snottily asks if she has any more missing children out there, and Eve shakes her head, saying no. Whitney tells her she wishes it was her baby that was kidnapped instead of Theresa’s. Eve is stunned, but Whitney goes on, telling her she hates this baby, that it’s ruined her life and she hates it, as Fox and Chad walk up behind her and hear the words she’s saying.

Sam tells Ethan and Rebecca that he just got off the phone with the district judge. Rebecca says it doesn’t sound good for her Gwennie, and he tells her it’s out of his hands, that Gwen has already been charged with two counts of attempted murder, and if that’s not bad enough, now they have to add two counts of kidnapping. He tells them he hopes she hasn’t crossed the state line or she will be in big trouble. Ethan and Rebecca react to the bad news in anguish, with Rebecca asking what Gwen has done to herself. An officer comes in and tells Sam that they have reports from all the roadblocks that no one has seen Gwen anywhere, and the same for the docks, the bus station, and the airport. Sam figures she managed to get through the roadblocks before they had time to get them up. Theresa overhears and tells Sam that he has to find her baby, that she needs her.

Gwen is ready to check out at the store and likes the classical music playing in the background. He says he only plays two stations, classical and country. He asks if she has everything and she remembers she needs baby wipes. He tells her where to find them, then changes the radio to the country station in time to hear about the Amber alert looking for a woman with a baby.

He looks at her as the announcer talks about her having tried to kill someone and escaped from the police. She keeps on shopping, unaware of what the radio is saying.


Eve, to Whitney: “You’re about to expose your own secret.”

Whitney’s response: “I don’t care anymore, mom.”

Theresa, to Ethan: “You can find her, Ethan, I know you can.”

Ethan’s reply: “I won’t stop until we track them down.”

Gwen, to store clerk: “Why are you starting at me like that?”

Clerk’s reply: “You can’t go anywhere.”

Sheridan, to Beth: “I’m here because of my baby.”

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