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Passions Update Friday 2/4/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In the Bennett living room, Tabitha joins the girls, telling Jessica she put the babies down to sleep in her room. Jess said that’s fine, and Kay thanked her for bringing Maria over. The old woman says she wasn’t going to leave them over there alone and she wanted to make sure the girls were all right. Simone says they are ok, but says “Poor Paloma” as she hands Tabby the picture of her bruised face. Tabitha seems moved by the girl’s condition, saying she does look pitiful. Kay says she can’t believe a guy could do this to her, and Jessica and Simone talk about how she didn’t know how sexy she looked and she was just dancing and having fun. Jessica says she didn’t deserve this, and Kay tells her no girl does, no matter what they do. Tabby tells them she’s just glad they are all right, and they say they were just lucky, that they looked for Paloma but couldn’t find her, and that Sam said she might have been raped. Tabby says stories like that make her want to keep Endora at home until she’s old and gray, and Kay says she feels the same way about Maria, that this could have happened to any of them.

In her hospital bed, Paloma is screaming that the man with Luis is the one who attacked her. Luis tells her not to worry, that he won’t hurt her again, but he needs to ask her one more thing. She asks what, and Luis asks if he had raped her. She remembers the attack and starts crying, screaming that he hurt her over and over.

In another part of the hospital, Theresa is yelling that Gwen nor the baby are in the hospital and that means she kidnapped Jane.

Rebecca tells her to stop being so hysterical, that they donít know what happened yet. Theresa tells her she does know, that Rebeccaís crazy daughter took her baby. Whitney tries to calm her down, but she just asks her where her baby is, saying she was right here and now sheís gone. Eve asks Ethan if heís sure he searched the whole hospital, and he says he did and so did the police. She asks if he thinks Gwen might have taken the baby, and he says he does. Rebecca isnít happy to hear that. Theresa grabs Ethanís sleeve and turns him around, telling him to find their baby.

In Ethan’s car, Gwen drives along, telling “Ashley” that “mama” is going to take good care of her, that she thanks God she got her away from that crazy Theresa and then promises she will never have to see her again. She tells her that she should have had a sister but Theresa killed her. She remembers the events in Los Angeles when she lost Sarah, then tells the baby that she will protect her from that crazy woman and never let her near “Ashley” again. She tells her to say goodbye to Harmony because they are never going back there again. (commercial)

Theresa is upset and softly says “my baby.” Eve leans over her and says they are all worried about the baby but she needs to calm down. Rebecca says to stop getting so hysterical over nothing, and that only makes her worse. She yells at her that her daughter stole Theresa’s baby, and Rebecca sarcastically asks Ethan if he saw Gwen take the baby, then asks if anyone did. Ethan says no, but the baby is nowhere in the hospital and Gwen has disappeared, too. Theresa yells that of course Gwen took her, then asks why they are all standing there wasting time, telling them to go find her. Rebecca tells her she’s just assuming the worst, but Ethan tells her Theresa is right, that Gwen probably took the baby, and for her sake and the child’s they need to find them. Theresa yells that her daughter is in the hands of that maniac, and Rebecca tells her she’s the one that drove her insane. Whitney tells her that Gwen loves the baby and wouldn’t hurt her, and Ethan backs her up, saying Theresa knows she wouldn’t. Theresa says she knows nothing of the kind, and neither does he. She says Gwen is crazy and has tried to kill her two different times, that she tried to kill herself, and God only knows what she’s doing to herself or their child right now. Fox comes in, starts to tell Whitney he got her message, then asks what’s going on, that the police aren’t letting anyone leave the hospital. Theresa tells him that Gwen stole her baby, and he is shocked. Whitney tells him the baby is missing and so is Gwen. Fox again reacts with disbelief. Theresa says Gwen kidnapped the baby, and Rebecca again tells her to stop saying that, that Gwen didn’t kidnap anyone. Theresa says she did, and Rebecca probably helped her, just like she stole her son from her. Rebecca is dismissive of this, but Theresa says she knows where they are. Rebecca denies it, but Theresa grabs her hair and demands she tell her where they are or she will break her neck. Rebecca tries to get away but can’t and just keeps saying “OW!”

Kay looks at Palomaís picture and says this could have happened to any of them. Simone says not to think about it, but Kay says itís true, then says she hopes it taught Jessica a lesson. Jessica is shocked at that, but Kay says she is the one who was kissing that creepy, older guy, hanging all over him like a cheap suit, and it could have happened to her. Jessica says it wasnít her, and then tells Kay not to preach to her, that sheís in no position to judge anyone. Kay reminds her sheís only slept with one guy, Miguel, who sheís been in love with most of her life. Jessica says she still doesnít have the right to lecture her.

Tabitha tells them not to fight, to just be glad it wasnít them instead of Paloma who got attacked. She adds that itís a shame a girl canít go out at night without putting their lives in jeopardy. Then she says it could be worse. Simone asks how, and Tabitha says they should look at Nicky Hilton and Britney whatever, that they go out to have fun and end up getting married, then when they wake up the next morning they have to have their marriage annulled. Kay tells her she needs to stop reading those supermarket tabloids, that they are not Nicky or Britney, even though some may think they are, looking at Jessica. Little sister tells her to get off her back, and Kay innocently asks if she was talking about her. Tabby tells them to settle down, that sheís sure Jessica learned her lesson and wonít be sneaking out to the nightclub again. Jessica, with her fingers crossed behind her back, says of course not.

Paloma screams to her dad to not let the guy touch her as Luis is holding him, and Martin runs in and tries to attack him. Luis tells him to back off, saying he already told him he doesn’t want anything to go wrong with the arrest and let the guy off. He says once he’s sent to jail he’ll let the inmates take care of him, then asks if he will enjoy that. He again asks Paloma if he raped her, but she just keeps crying. The guy says he never touched her, that she was dancing all sexy and coming on to him. Luis is telling him to shut up, but he keeps on talking, saying she was teasing him and acting like she wanted it. Martin says he’s a liar, but the guy says the way she dressed, danced, and acted told him she was looking for action. Luis tells him to shut up or he’ll wish he’d never been born, and Martin moves toward him again, telling Luis to let him take care of it. Katherine tells him no, and Luis says not to touch him, that he doesn’t want some sleazy lawyer getting him off on a technicality. Sam comes in and asks Luis if he’s the guy who attacked Paloma, and the guy says he didn’t do nothing, that she wanted it, and he swears he didn’t rape her. Sam tells him to shut up, that he’s in enough trouble already, and the guy says he’s being set up. He ignores the guy and asks Luis if Paloma ID’d him as her attacker, and Luis says she did. Sam tells Vic he will be charged with assault and battery and that will keep him on ice for a long time, then asks Luis if there is anything worse they can charge him with. Luis tells Sam Vic says he didn’t rape her, but she hasn’t said anything about it yet. Pilar prays it’s not true as Sam sits by her daughter’s bed and tells her he knows it’s hard for her, but she doesn’t need to worry about Vic since he’s going to pay for what he did to her. He says he needs to hear from her whether he raped her or not. The crying girl looks at Vic and remembers his attack on her, but she just cries harder, looking at him. (commercial)

Theresa is still holding Rebecca by her hair as she wriggles and hollers “OW!Ē She says to tell her where Gwen took her child. Ethan pulls Theresa away and makes her stop, but she says the woman knows where Gwen took their child and he needs to make her tell them. Eve tells her the police were in the hospital when the baby went missing, that they wonĎt let anyone leave the hospital. Whitney tells her thatís right, and they will find her baby. Rebecca asks if they donít think she is worried about her own daughter, that she wants to find them as much as anyone else does. Theresa says thatís a lie. Ethan tells her to calm down, then asks if acting this way will help find Jane or Gwen. Eve says no, and Ethan tells her Rebecca doesnít know where Gwen and the baby are. Rebecca agrees.

Theresa wonders why Gwen was allowed to wander around the hospital anyway, asking if she wasnít under police guard. Rebecca says she was, but the guard thought she was catatonic and wasnít paying attention. Ethan says they all thought she was catatonic, and Theresa says obviously she was faking it. Fox asks what he can do to help, and Ethan tells him theyíve searched the whole hospital and no one can find them. He then remembers he needs to call Sam and tell him. Rebecca begs him not to call the police, but he tells her they can help find Gwen and the baby. He searches his pockets for his phone, saying he hopes Sam hasnít left the hospital, then says ďOh, God.Ē Theresa asks whatís wrong, and Fox asks if heís lost his phone, then offers the use of his. Ethan says no, his phone is there but his keys arenít. Theresa is horrified.

In the car, Gwen tells the baby, “Ashley”, she is being a very good girl, that it’s hard to ride in a car for such a long time, but she’s being very patient. She promises they are almost there. She says it’s a wonderful, cozy, safe place, where no one will bother them and no one will find them, especially Theresa. She says they are going to be so happy, that it will be just like it was supposed to be, just her and her baby, and no one will ever try to take her away from Gwen again. (commercial)

Tabitha gives each of the girls a cup of tea she made, and Kay thanks her. She says she just checked in on the babies and they are sleeping peacefully. Kay says on a night like this she needs to know Maria is close to her. Tabitha agrees, saying they are such a comfort and such good babies. Jessica asks if Tabby noticed whether Ivy is still awake, and the old woman says the door is closed, so Jessica says good, that maybe the witch is asleep. Tabby starts at the word “witch”, and Kay says Ivy caught them trying to sneak Jessica back into the house and told their dad. Jessica says she had no right to do that, but Simone says she was just worried about her. Jessica wonders who asked her to worry, that she isn’t her mother, and Kay says that’s right, that their mother ran off with another man. Tabitha delights in the tension between them and quietly says there are so many delightfully wicked feelings here tonight and there may even be more trouble. Simone tells Kay that just because their mother’s messed up their lives is no reason for them to do the same, and Jessica says “Thank you, Dr. Phil.” Simone tells her that her attitude sucks lately, and Jess asks who asked her. Kay tells them to cool it, that she just wishes her dad would call and let them know how Paloma is doing. Simone agrees, saying she is praying she wasn’t raped. Jessica says being beaten is bad enough, but to be raped is worse, and Kay agrees, saying she hates to think what it would do to Paloma, what it would do to any of them.

Sam asks Paloma again if Vic raped her. She says he hurt her, but he didn’t rape her. Everyone is relieved to hear that. She goes on to say he tried to force her to do it, that he hit her and told her he was going to do it, but then the police came and he ran away. She is crying harder now, and Pilar wants to go to her but Katherine does, telling her she’s so sorry for what happened. Paloma tells her that he hurt her so bad, and Katherine hugs her as Pilar watches, remembering how Paloma had turned on her and defended Katherine, breaking her heart. Sheridan sees Pilar’s pain and embraces her, giving her support. Luis tells Paloma not to worry, that he will take care of this slug and then tells him it will be a long time before he hurts any more little girls. Vic says that Paloma is a liar. Sam tells Luis there is a cop outside to read him his rights and take the piece of trash down to book him. Vic asks on what charges, and Sam tells him Assault and Battery and Attempted Rape, then tells him to go. As he leads him out of the room, Martin makes a move to intercept him, but Sam tells him to back off. As Luis watches Sam take the man away, Sheridan goes to him and hugs him, saying thank God Paloma has a brother like him to watch out for and protect her. He says yeah, but he never knew she was the kind of girl brought up to need this kind of protecting. He glares at Martin, who glares back at him. Katherine tries to comfort the shaken Paloma, saying thank God it wasn’t worse, as Pilar watches, wishing it was her with her daughter.

Theresa, realizing Ethan’s keys are missing, says they need to call Chief Bennett so they can send out a search party since Gwen kidnapped her baby. Eve says they don’t know that for sure, and Whitney tells her Ethan’s keys could have fallen out of his pocket while he was searching for the baby. Eve says she’s sure that’s it, that his car is in the parking lot right where he left it. Theresa tells her she doesn’t believe that, that she knows Gwen took the baby. Rebecca quietly asks what Gwen has done, then prays that Ethan’s car is still in the parking lot. Ethan walks in then and they ask about the car, and he says it’s gone. Fox says they have to get the police on this, and Ethan says he has to call Sam. Theresa, even more upset, says Gwen is running away with her baby.

Gwen opens the back door to get Jane out, telling her they are finally there, that she will love this place because it’s cozy and warm, and most of all safe from everyone, especially Theresa. She says no one will find them there, not Theresa nor anyone else. She lifts the car seat from the car and starts to carry her away. (commercial)

Tabitha, Kay, Jessica, and Simone are sitting in the living room drinking their tea, and bored. Tabitha says speaking of movies, she had seen a good one the other night. Kay tells her they werenít talking about movies, but Tabitha says itís time they did, then. She then says she marvels at the way a good movie can transport you to far away lands full of romance and adventure. Simone asks what it was, and Tabitha asks her what was what. Simone says the movie she saw, and Tabby tells them that itís odd but it has gone completely out of her mind and giggles. Simone says she was just talking about it, and Jessica laughs and says she is so funny, then says she hopes she never gets as old as she is. Tabitha tells her she probably wonít, then quietly says to herself unless she turns to the dark side.

The phone rings and Kay answers to find Sam on the other end of the line. She asks about Paloma and he tells her she is doing good and says she is going to pull through this. Kay is happy to hear it and tells the others, who are also relieved. Tabitha asks if they caught the guy who did it, and Kay asks her dad. He says yes, and heís being booked as they speak. She tries to ask if Paloma was raped but canít get the words out, but Sam understands and tells her no, she wasnít raped. Kay relays this message to the others, too, heaving a sigh of relief. Sam tells her it could just as easily have been the other way, and that it could have happened to her, Jessica, or Simone, too. She says she knows, and he goes on to say it could have been worse, that they had acted irresponsibly, and she says they understand that and have been discussing it . He says he still canít believe they were involved in this, and she tells him they are all sorry. He says ok, but itís not over by a long shot, that they are going to have a long talk when he gets home. His pager beeps and he tells her he has to go, but they will talk later. She says ok, and bye, then tells the others they are in for a big lecture when he gets home. Jessica isnít thrilled, saying as if she hasnít heard enough, but Kay says at least Paloma is going to be all right and they have the guy in jail. Simone says sheís glad their friend wasnít raped, and Tabby says that is good news. Jessica fakes a yawn, saying sheís dead tired and is going up to her room to sleep. Simone asks how she can sleep, that she herself is still so wired sheíll be up all night. Kay agrees, but Jessica says the tea makes her sleepy, and heads upstairs. Kay and the others say good night. Tabitha seems to be the only suspicious one there.

Whitney is comforting Theresa, saying it will all be all right. Theresa tells her that Jane needs her mother, that she’s sick and needs her medicine. Eve reminds her that the diaper bag is gone, too, and the medicine is in there. Ethan tells her Gwen will see the medicine and know the baby needs it. Rebecca says she can’t believe this, that he Gwennie would never do something like this. Whitney says the most important thing is Gwen will take good care of the baby, and Eve says that Gwen would never hurt Jane, that she will see the medicine and take care of her until they find them. Theresa asks what if they never find them. Sam comes in, saying he got Ethan’s page and asks what happened. Ethan tells him his car is gone and he thinks Gwen took it, and Theresa adds that she kidnapped Jane. He calls it in to the police, putting out an all-points bulletin on her. He gives a description of her, telling them it is the same one they had booked in jail for attempted murder, and she attempted suicide so they had brought her to the hospital under police guard, and now she’s gone, probably in his son’s car and describes that, giving them the license plate number. He says she probably has a baby with her and he wants this to be their top priority, to block all exits closed, including trains, airplanes, and tollgates. He says they have no reason to think she’s armed, but they should consider her dangerous.

Gwen carries the baby into the cabin, telling her they are here and they are safe, and far, far away and no one will find them. She takes the baby out of the car seat and carries her around the cabin, telling her all about it and discovering there is plenty of food there. She tells her the Cranes never come up there any more so they will be safe here. She says she will build a cozy fire and “Ashley” will fall asleep in her “mother’s” arms, just like it should be, like she’s always dreamed. She says it will just be her and the baby and no one will ever take her away from her mommy again.

The doctor checks the crying Paloma and tells Pilar sheís been though quite an ordeal so heís going to sedate her and give her some pain medication, too. He says she needs to rest, and Pilar says yes, that would be best. She tells Luis to come on and they walk to the door. Katherine and Martin are still at the girlís bedside, and Pilar seems upset they arenít going, too. Katherine tells Paloma they wonít leave the hospital, that they will be right outside, waiting. Pilar watches, still upset, as her daughter professes her love for Katherine and Martin, too. When they walk out, she walks over to the bedside and tries to hug her daughter, but the girl pulls away from her, turning her back. Pilar is devastated, wanting to help her child, and she leaves the room as the doctor brings in the injections.

She goes out to sit on a bench with Luis and Sheridan. Luis says he canít believe this is happening, and Sheridan says at least the worst is over. He says he wonders, and she asks what he means. He tells her he keeps thinking about how Paloma was acting in the nightclub down in Puerto Arena, and if what that scum said about how she was acting tonight was true. He says if it is, he wonders if itís over. Across the way, Katherine says thank God Paloma wasnít raped, and Martin tells her he would have killed him with his bare hands. Pilar walks over to them and says she hopes they are happy. He says yes, they are very glad she wasnít raped, but she says their daughter was acting like a common tramp and he just says itís lucky she was only beaten this time and not raped. He says of course not, that he never wants to see her harmed in any way. Pilar tells Katherine this is her fault, that she raised her, that she had taken that responsibility away from her when she ran off with her husband and left her alone to raise five children. She says she couldnít do it so she sent her to her sister in Mexico, thinking that there she would have a safe, innocent childhood. Katherine tells her that Maria tried to raise her like Pilar wanted, but Pilar says she tried, but she couldnít keep her from being an influence. She tells her she turned her innocent little girl into a slut just like her. She then says if anyone is lucky here it is Sheridan, because Katherine had abandoned her and wasnít around to influence her. She says otherwise she might have grown up to be a common tramp, like Katherine, instead of the wonderful person she is. She says no wonder she hates her mother, and emphasizes that she does hate her. (commercial)

Sam tells Theresa and Ethan that he has his men out with mug shots of Gwen, and they will be on it 24/7 until they find her and the baby. Rebecca wants to know they won’t hurt her when they find her, and Sam says no, they will bring her and the baby back safely. Theresa tells him to just find her baby. He promises her he will do all he can. Fox asks her if she wants him to notify her family, and Sam says he doesn’t have to call them, they are already at the hospital. Before he can tell her about Paloma, she assumes they must have heard about Jane and wheels off quickly to find them. Sam calls to her, trying to let her know about Paloma, but she keeps going, saying she has to go to them.

Pilar tells Katherine and Martin that itís their fault that her baby is lying in the hospital bed. Martin says he knows sheís upset, but they need to calm down before they make it worse. She says Katherine has already made it worse, that if she had been allowed to raise her own daughter, she would have raised her right and none of this would ever have happened. She says shame on both of them. Luis comes over and tells her she is going to make herself sick again, saying they arenít worth it, and she says she knows heís right as they walk back over to Sheridan.

He tells her that his mother is right, that sheís only acting out what she has seen growing up. She tells him itís just hard to believe, but he says Katherine ran off with another manís husband, and that heís glad sheís not going to be around when they have their children, that he doesnít want her to have any influence on them and doesnít want her anywhere near them. Sheridan looks at her, then tells him heís right, that her mother has no place in their lives or their childrenĎs, making sure she hears her. (commercial)

Tabitha is playing cards with Simone when Kay runs in and says she can’t find Jessica. Simone says she thought Jess had gone to bed, but Kay says when she went in to check on the babies, Jessica wasn’t there. Simone asks if they think she is dumb enough to have gone back out again, and Tabitha asks “At this hour?” Kay says she was thinking she left again, too, but Simone says after what happened, that would be crazy. Kay says she knows, and Tabby asks if she checked the bathroom to see if she was taking a quick shower. She says she didn’t, but she will go do that, and Simone goes with her. Tabitha takes the opportunity to check Simone’s cards, then hears a noise from outside and looks out the window to see a fully clothed Jessica running from the house. Tabby says she was right, that Jessica is on her way to the dark side and is headed for trouble, then says that’s very interesting.

Whitney says she’d better go with Theresa since she will need all the help she can get, and Fox says he’s going with her. Sam tells them the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s aren’t there because of the baby and they don’t even know Theresa is here. Whitney asks why he didn’t tell them the baby was sick, and he tells her he didn’t want to add to their worry. Fox asks about what, and Sam tells them about Paloma. They are all surprised to hear that, and he explains that she was assaulted at a nightclub and almost raped. Ethan asks if they got the guy, and he says yes, Luis did. He says he didn’t want to tell Theresa since she was so upset about the baby, but there’s no way to keep her from knowing now and says her family is on the other side of the E.R. Eve wonders how much more Pilar can take as Fox and Whitney go to find their friend. Ethan asks if things can get worse, and Sam tells him they will find Gwen and the baby. Rebecca tells Sam that he knows Gwen would never hurt the baby, and Ethan says she’s just not thinking straight, that finding out the baby wasn’t hers made her go bonkers. Sam says as his father, he understands, but as the Chief of Police he has to be honest, saying no matter the reason, Gwen is a kidnapper, and that’s a serious crime to add to trying to kill Theresa. Rebecca says she can’t believe the law would make her pay for being a victim since Theresa drove her crazy. He says to worry about finding them now and the rest they can worry about later. He says to hope to God they are OK.

Martin tells Katherine that he knows what Pilar said hurts, but it isn’t true, that she was a wonderful influence on Paloma. She says she doesn‘t know about that, but he says he does, that Pilar is just upset and lashing out and doesn‘t mean what she‘s saying. She says she does mean it, and she might be right. Theresa rolls in then, seeing her mother and calling to her and Luis. Pilar is surprised to see her, and Luis tells her to calm down, that Paloma is going to be all right. She is confused and says “Paloma?” They say yes and she asks what they are talking about. Pilar tells her Paloma is here, and Luis tells her she’s ok. Theresa asks what happened to her, and Luis tells her. She is shocked, and Pilar says she thought that’s why she was here, but Theresa tells her no, that she thought they were there because they had heard about the baby and Gwen. Pilar asks about it, and Theresa tells her Gwen kidnapped the baby. Pilar and Luis are alarmed to hear that, and Pilar says it can’t be true. Theresa tells her Ethan’s keys and his car are missing, that Gwen kidnapped her baby. Sheridan says “Kidnapped!” and Theresa says her baby is gone, crying and hugging her mother.

Gwen comes into the living room in some old clothes, telling the baby she found them in the other room, that they must have been Ivyís or one of the girls.

She says she also found some baby clothes and blankets for her in the closet. She lifts her out of the car seat and says she is going to change her and give her the medicine, then they will sit by the fire. She says she wishes she could have sat with her in the hospital, that she lost so much time with her because of Theresa, that she had robbed her of it, but from now on it will just be ďAshleyĒ and mommy.


Tabitha, to Endora: “Spring is lying in wait. Soon the little animals will waken from their winter nap.”

Valerie, to Chad, as Whitney watches: “Make love to me, Chad.”

Fox, to Whitney: “Will you marry me, Whitney Russell?”

Chad: “The answer is no!”

Whitney, to Eve: “Get your hands off me, Mom. Stop it!”

Eve’s response: “No, not until you understand exactly what you are doing to this little baby! He is starving to death!”

Theresa, to Ethan: “She’s our baby, Ethan. Our baby.”

Gwen, to Rebecca: “No one’s going to put me in prison for kidnapping my own baby!”

Rebecca’s reply: “Not if I can get you out of the country before they find you.”

Letter to Martin: “I’m leaving Harmony and you, Martin, forever.”

Pilar to Martin: “I knew you still cared. I knew you still loved me.”

Katherine, to Gwen: “My God, Gwen, what are you doing here?”

Gwen’s reply: “Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m going on a trip with my daughter.”

Ethan to Luis: “There it is. That’s the Crane jet, and the engine is running.”

Luis’ reply: “We’ve got to stop that plane.”

Sheridan to Luis: “Beth kidnapped me and stole my child, and what’s more, I can prove this!”

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