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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Kay joins Simone and Jessica on the sofa at the Bennett house, saying Tabitha agreed to watch Maria for the night and that she’s still upset over what happened at the nightclub. The three girls are in their pajamas. Jessica asks who knew some harmless flirting would lead to a bar brawl and end up with Paloma in the hospital. Ivy, who’s been standing by the window, watching for Sam, says she wishes he would hurry up and let them know how Paloma is. Kay says she’s sure she will be ok, since she’s no stranger to the bar scene since she went to them all the time in Mexico. Simone says she can take care of herself, and Jessica says whoever messed with her probably wishes he hadn’t, while Simone says she probably left him in worse shape than he left her. Ivy is upset at the girls for thinking that way, saying it’s wishful thinking. She reminds them of what Sam told them, that she was beaten, left for dead, and probably raped, then asks if that sounds like a girl who gave as good as she got. They meekly say no, and she goes on to tell them that if Paloma thought she could handle men who went to bars for only one thing, tonight proved her tragically wrong, and if the three of them didn’t wise up soon they could end up just like her.

In Paloma’s room, Pilar is sitting by her bed, holding her hand. She prays, saying “Holy Mother of Heaven, I plead with you as a mother…”, saying they’ve lost too much time together already, begging her not to take her baby girl. Martin is also praying at the door of the room as he watches them, saying it’s his fault that all this happened, and asking forgiveness for hurting his family so much, saying he is the one to be punished, not his daughter. He asks that she survive the ordeal, and that she won’t have been raped. In the hallway, Luis tells Sheridan he will make the scum who did this pay if it‘s the last thing he ever does, and Sheridan wishes him luck. He leaves with a police officer to look for the guy. Katherine is talking to Father Lonigan, and he tells her she shouldn’t say things would be better if she weren’t here. She tells him it’s true, saying all she’s done since leaving Alistair is cause everyone pain, especially Sheridan. She tells him she’s made her daughter’s life a nightmare. She looks at the scalpels and says it would be better for everyone if she were really dead. He tells her not to talk that way, that only God can decide when it’s our time to die, and she says he’s right, that she could never kill herself. She then thinks to herself that it would be easier for her than what she might do to spare her loved ones any more pain.

The nurse watching Theresa and Ethan’s baby is called away and she leaves the baby unattended. Gwen, also unattended, seizes her chance to kidnap her and take off with no one realizing what she has done.

Eve is in her office alone, talking to herself and saying that if Ethan weren’t picking up all the charges for her and the baby she doesn’t know what Theresa would have done. She is glad Whitney has insurance for herself and her baby since an incest child can have a host of problems. She hears someone come in and sees Whitney, telling her she was just thinking about her and the baby.

Theresa and Ethan finish filling out the papers and go to get the baby, only to find her missing. Theresa gets upset when the nurse comes back alone and asks them where Jane is. Theresa yells at her that she was supposed to be watching her when Rebecca walks in, asking what all the commotion is about. They ask if she took the baby, but she scoffs at that, saying she wouldn’t touch Theresa’s spawn. Theresa is now totally psycho with fear. Gwen is in Ethan’s car with the baby, telling her she’s taking her to a place where no one will ever find them and calling her Ashley. (commercial)

Theresa is still trying to figure out where the baby is, causing a commotion, and Sam comes in, asking what’s going on. Theresa tells him his granddaughter is missing, that the nurse was supposed to be watching her. The nurse says she only stepped away for a minute, but Theresa tells her that’s enough time for something terrible to happen to the baby. Ethan tells her they don’t know anything has happened to her yet, and the nurse suggests maybe another nurse came by and took her to the nursery. Ethan agrees, and Sam says it makes sense, so they all go running to the nursery to check.

Rebecca makes fun of her for getting so upset because her baby is missing. She laughs and tells Gwen she’s surprised they didn’t accuse her of taking the baby, then sees that Gwen is no longer in the wheelchair. She calls her, asking where she is. Meanwhile, Gwen is driving the baby somewhere, listening to classical music and telling her that from now on it’s only the best for her. She likes the Vivaldi music playing on the radio.

Whitney tells her mother she isn’t there to talk about her baby, she only came because she heard Theresa was there because the baby was sick and she couldn’t get the receptionist to tell her what was wrong so she came to find out for herself. She asks her mother what she’s doing out of jail, and Eve tells her Julian bailed her out. Whitney snidely remarks she should have known he’d stick up for her, no matter what. Eve says she’s innocent and Julian is trying to help her prove it. Whitney says it doesn’t matter to her either way. Eve tells her that Theresa’s baby just had an ear infection and a course of antibiotics will clear that up in no time. Whitney says that’s good and she will call Theresa tomorrow, that she’s sorry to bother her. Eve asks her not to go, but Whitney says she only came to check on the baby, and Eve says she knows, then asks if she can’t stay to talk about how things are going. Whitney says that Eve is charged with three counts of attempted murder and she is having her own brother’s baby, so it looks like everything is peachy. Eve tells her she knows it’s embarrassing for her and Simone, but she hopes she won’t let it affect her pregnancy. Whitney says she just doesn’t think about it, but Eve says it could still affect her subconsciously. Whitney asks what that means, and Eve says she can’t help but notice Whitney hasn’t gained any weight. She asks what her ob-gyn says about it, and Whitney tells her she’s fine. Eve says she finds that hard to believe since as far along as she is in her pregnancy she should be showing more than she is. Whitney tells her she hasn’t been to see a doctor, and Eve asks why not, telling her she’s in her second trimester and it’s very important that she be under doctor supervision. Whitney says she’s taking care of herself, and Eve asks how. She tells her she’s being careful and Eve asks what that means. Whitney says this is why she doesn’t talk to her and asks her to leave her alone. She turns to leave, but Eve takes her arm and stops her. Whitney tells her not to touch her, but Eve says she just wants to take her pulse and her blood pressure to make sure she and the baby are all right. Whitney says she’s fine and tells her to leave her alone, turning to leave again. Eve jumps in front of her, stopping her again, and saying she may not want to hear it but she is going to listen to her, that she loves her and the baby that’s inside of her. Whitney tells her to get away from her, but Eve tells her not to fight her on this, that she is her mother and she’s a doctor and she has to make sure both of them are OK. Whitney asks how can she be OK when she’s carrying her half-brother’s child inside her and starts to cry, then says she hates that she has this “freak” growing inside her. Eve feels badly for her and tries to comfort her, but the girl says there’s nothing she can do to fix it so just leave her alone. (commercial)

Simone tells Ivy they’ve learned their lesson, and Kay adds they won’t put themselves in situations they can’t handle with guys they don’t know, asking Jessica if that isn’t right. She nods in agreement and Ivy says she hopes they mean that and that they don’t end up like Paloma. Kay says she thinks Paloma will be all right, that it can’t be as bad as what happened to her in Mexico, saying that must have been a lot worse. There is a knock on the front door and Ivy goes to open it, finding Luis and an officer there. She invites them in and Luis says they’ve just come from the hospital. Ivy asks how Paloma is and he tells her she’s not good, that she’s still unconscious and her blood pressure is all over the place. Ivy tells him she is so sorry and Kay says they all are. Simone asks if there’s anything they can do for her, and Luis says they can answer the questions he asks them. Ivy says she’s sure they will do whatever they can, but the girls look a little hesitant. Luis asks if they were with Paloma earlier at the club, and Kay says they were there for a while but decided to leave, that the place was really jumping when they left. Simone adds that when they got outside they noticed Paloma wasn’t with them. Luis asks why they didn’t go back and get her, and Kay says they tried but the door was stuck or jammed or something. He then asks if they saw anyone hanging around her and Kay says the place was really crowded. Luis tells them if they are holding out thinking they are doing Paloma a favor, they don’t have to. He knows how she was dressed, he knows how she was dancing with the guys, and that there are guys who don’t know the difference between flirting and foreplay and those who won’t take no for an answer. He tells them whoever did this to Paloma is one of them. He shows them a picture of her in the hospital and they are shocked to see her all bruised and bandaged. Simone says Chief Bennett told them she’d been assaulted, but…Luis adds she was possibly raped, and Ivy asks if the know for sure. He says no, and they won’t until she regains consciousness. Luis begs the girls to tell him what they know about what happened to her. Kay remembers the guy that got upset when Kay talked Paloma into leaving, and then the girls describe him to Luis. He asks about piercing or tattoos, but they say no. He asks if any of them ever saw him before, and Jessica says she had seen him on the docks before and thinks he worked on one of the boats there. Simone remembers someone might have called him Vic or Nick, and Luis thanks them for their help. He says he won’t take the time to lecture them now, and they tell him Chief Bennett already talked to them about it and they aren’t going to make that mistake again. He says he hopes not, because he’d hate to see this happen to one of them. Ivy goes to see him out as the girls look at the picture he left there.

Pilar talks to Paloma about what they will do once she is better, saying they will redo her room and she can pick the colors, and buy new linens. She says she will knit a blanket for her and every time she uses it, it will feel like a warm hug from her. She starts to cry and says she can’t lose her now, that they have so much to look forward to. In the hallway, Father Lonigan tells Katherine not to do anything rash, and she tells him she won’t, that she isn’t impetuous now and she knows how important it is to think things over and know what it is you are going to do. Martin overhears her and asks what it is she’s going to do. She says to be strong in times of trouble, that the priest has been helping her understand that, and she thanks him. To herself she says that soon Sheridan will thank her, too. Sheridan is watching her, then turns away and wonders to herself how Paloma’s doing. Pilar sees the daughter open her eyes and she is thrilled, running out to the hall and calling the doctor, telling her she’s awake. As she goes back, Paloma calls her, and she is so happy to see her daughter awake she takes her hand and tells her how much she loves her, etc.

Paloma looks past her and sees Katherine, then calls to her and to Martin, pushing Pilar’s hand out of the way and reaching for them. She thanks God they are there and says she was afraid she’d never see them again. She holds out her hand and Pilar takes it, but the girl slaps her hand away and reaches out for Katherine. Pilar is crushed. (commercial)

Eve closes her office door and walks over to Whitney, telling her she doesn’t really know if there will be anything wrong with her baby, that she hasn’t been tested. Whitney says she doesn’t want to know, but Eve says it’s better to know so they can be prepared. The girl asks why, what difference it makes to know ahead of time what kind of freak she is going to have. Eve tells her she doesn’t know, but Whitney tells her she does know, that she’s researched it on the internet and knows exactly what can go wrong, and it makes her sick. Eve says she’s being overly dramatic, but the girl asks if it’s dramatic or realistic. She says she’s come to expect the worst, and thanks to Eve’s past she’s never been disappointed. She says she’s having her first baby and it’s supposed to be the happiest time in her life, but she just keeps worrying about how horrible it’s going to be. Eve tells her with the test results they will be ready for whatever might be wrong with the baby, but Whitney says thanks to the genes it has, it would probably be best to have a stun gun in the delivery room for him.

Eve is horrified, but Whitney says Chad is the father and Eve is both their mother so the baby will have twice the dose of her in it, an attempted murderer three times over. Eve tells her she knows she never tried to kill any of them, and Whitney asks if that’s like she knew Eve was the perfect wife and mother, then says “Yeah, right!” Eve cries and says she’s sorry for covering up her past, but Whitney says it’s too little, too late, and because of her and her sordid past, she alone is the reason she’s having her brother’s baby. Eve says she can’t change the past but she can try to make up for the mistakes, then says if she will let her she knows together they can solve any problems the baby might have. Whitney says no, she will have to manage them by themselves because Eve will be in prison.

Sam, Ethan, and Theresa arrive at the nursery and search the bassinettes to see if Jane is there. They can’t tell so they go inside and are met by a nurse who tells them they can’t be there. Sam shows her his badge and says they are looking for a baby that is missing. The nurse tells him it’s the nursery, not lost and found, but he says another nurse said someone might have brought her in there. The nurse tells them they have no extra babies, but they can try pediatrics or NICU. They leave, hoping to find the baby in one of those places.

Rebecca is still looking for Gwen, and tells her if she’s hiding because she’s embarrassed by the way she looks she shouldn’t be, that the lights make everyone look bad. The guard walks in and she asks him what he did with her daughter. He says nothing, and when she asks where she is, then, he says he doesn’t know, she was sitting in the wheelchair when he left. She squeals that this is the second time he lost her, and he asks how he was supposed to know she would leave since the doctor said she was comatose. Rebecca tells him the word is catatonic, and he says he’s sorry she’s missing. Rebecca starts to cry and whine about her poor baby, then feels the guards chest and starts having other thoughts. She says “Oh, baby”, then the thought hits her that Gwen might have taken the baby.

In the car, Gwen is happy that the baby likes classical music. She says that when Ashley grows up she might play the violin or the piano. She talks about the Mozart song that is playing, saying there is a story behind it. She says Mozart was locked in a closet and no one knew it, then says Salieri locked him in there because he was jealous of him, insanely jealous of Mozart. She says it’s just like Theresa is jealous of her. (commercial)

Martin is beside Paloma, along with Katherine. He says he’s so glad she’s awake, and Katherine tells her she gave them all a scare. Martin says especially her mother, who was at her bedside the whole time. She tells him it was awful, worse than when she was kidnapped in Mexico. Katherine tells her she’s sorry, but they know she will be better in no time, and adds that he family loves her so much. Paloma tells her she loves her so much, her and her dad. Pilar is outside the door and hears it all. She is hurting badly, and Sheridan tells her she’s sorry for what she’s hearing. Pilar says she can’t take any more and walks away with Sheridan following.

She asks if there’s anything she can do, but Pilar says every time she hears her daughter talking to Katherine, knowing she cares more about her than she does her own mother, it drives a stake through her heart. Sheridan holds her and says she’s sure Paloma will come around soon, and Pilar says she hopes she does because she doesn’t know how much more she can take. Sheridan embraces her and Pilar sees Martin and Katherine come out of the room. He says he is going to go get the doctor and as he walks away, Pilar goes to confront Katherine. She tells her she’s a horrible woman, that not only did she abandon her daughter Sheridan but she stole Pilar’s daughter from her as well as her father, Pilar‘s husband. She says God forgive her but she hopes she rots in hell for what she’s done to Pilar’s family.

Ivy paces as the girls talk about the night they had. Simone says she still can’t believe one night out turned into such a mess, and Kay tells Jessica it’s all her fault. Jessica says it isn’t, that she didn’t even go with them. Ivy says no, she snuck out all by herself. Jessica says yes, she was alone and that nothing would have happened if Kay hadn’t had such a fit when she saw her there. Kay says she wouldn’t have got on her case if she wasn’t sucking face with that disgusting old man. Jessica says he isn’t that old, and he wasn’t disgusting or she wouldn’t have been kissing him, then said everything was fine until she forced them to leave. Kay asks if it’s her fault that Paloma got hurt, and Jessica says she just admitted it and everyone heard her. Kay said she did not, but Jessica tells her it’s true, that everything was fine until Kay forced them to leave with her and then the guy Paloma was with got mad and took it out on her. Simone asks how any man can do that, especially to someone they know. Ivy tells her women are battered every day and it’s just a sad fact of life. Kay says she thought that Paloma could handle herself with men, and Ivy says maybe she could, until tonight. She says she hopes it’s a wake up call for them, that too many times people, young and old, think they can do things they shouldn’t even try to do, like her climbing the tower in the middle of a hurricane to help Sam and she was struck by lightening and paralyzed. She says Paloma may have thought she could handle herself with men, too, but now look what happened to her. She says she hopes Luis will find the person who did this to her as she looks at the picture again.

On the docks, Luis and the officer stop a man walking by and ask if he knows a man named Vic or Nick. He says he doesn’t, so the officer tells him thanks and they move on. They ask the next guy they meet the same question, giving him a description of him, and the guy says he doesn’t know him but he thinks there is someone named Vic working for a Captain Arnold, and points the way to his trawler. They thank him and go to find the Captain. They find him and he tells them Vic is supposed to be there any time, that he’s late, then he sees him coming down the dock. He hollers to him that these men want to talk to him and he takes off running with Luis and the officer in pursuit. Vic trips over a cage and falls, allowing them to catch him and put the cuffs on him. He says he didn’t do anything, but Luis tells him he did plenty, and that the girl he attacked tonight is his baby sister, and if the system doesn’t give him the justice he deserves, Luis will. (commercial)

Eve tells her daughter she has hurt her so much and she wishes she would let her help her now. Whitney tells her not to make promises she can’t keep, that she will be in prison and won’t be around to help her or the baby. Eve is hurt, but Whitney continues, saying she will be able to handle any problems with the baby and she’ll be a better mother than Eve ever was. Eve says she’s sorry this turned out so badly, but she still wants her to take care of herself. Whitney says she is. Eve says she usually has to caution her pregnant patients to not eat too much, then asks if she’s been eating, saying she hasn’t gained any weight. Whitney says she is eating, but Eve says not enough. The girl tells her she’s had morning sickness, and she’s nervous and her stomach is tied in knots. Eve says there are things she can take to alleviate that, but her daughter tells her she doesn’t need her help, she’s not stupid, and to leave her alone. Eve tells her she never said she was stupid, so Whitney tells her to leave her alone, then, that she knows what she’s doing. Eve asks if she’s deliberately not eating, and Whitney says that’s ridiculous and she’s getting out of there. Eve realizes she’s hit on the truth, saying she is trying to starve herself and her baby.

Martin tells Pilar to stop attacking Katherine, that he’s to blame, not her. Pilar tells him she blames them both, that there is enough blame to go around. She says they destroyed her life and stole her children’s carefree childhood, let Julian and Sheridan think their mother was dead for years, giving Alistair the opportunity to make Sheridan believe she had killed her own mother, and that their leaving Harmony left all of them at Alistair’s mercy. She says that Julian turned to drink and drugs to dull his pain, and she and her children were left to love in poverty. She laments the fact that she sent Paloma away so she could have a better life because of the two of them, and now she loves them and hates her own mother. She tells them she curses them for what they’ve done to her and her family. Luis comes in with the officer and Vic, telling them he caught the scum who attacked Paloma. Martin jumps at him, but Luis tells him no, he doesn’t want to give his lawyer the grounds to get him off on a technicality. He says as soon as she is conscious he will have her ID him, and Pilar tells him she is awake. He asks if she’d coherent, and they say yes, which he says is even better, that he will have her make the ID now. He has the officer hold Vic outside Paloma’s room while he goes in to see her. She takes his hand and tells him it was awful, that a man attacked her, and he says he knows, then asks if she’d be able to identify him if she saw him again. She says yes, and he tells her to wait a minute and goes to get Vic.

He brings him in and asks if it’s him, and she looks at him, moving herself away from him on the bed, and then remembers the attack and what led up to it, seeing him clearly. She then screams and starts telling Luis to take him out of there over and over.

Ethan is pushing Theresa down the hallway, stopping everyone they see to ask if they’ve seen a baby with a pink hat and sleeper set on. No one has seen her, and they are more and more worried. Sam finds them and asks if they’ve had any luck. They say no, and Theresa asks where she could be. Meanwhile, Rebecca is doing the same, looking for Gwen. The guard calls headquarters to report Gwen has escaped and Rebecca tells him it’s his fault and if anything happens to her she will make sure he doesn’t enjoy what she’s going to do to him. He tells her to take it easy, then quietly reminds her she said she likes what he looks like in his uniform, and she says yes. He then says for her to wait until she sees him out of it. She starts to melt, but catches herself and says no, he’s just trying to seduce her with those broad shoulders and big hands….and starts to melt again. She stops herself again, however, and tries to be angry with him again, saying he was supposed to be watching her daughter and now she’s gone. Sam and the others come in and she asks if they found Theresa’s spawn. Sam says no, they haven’t found his granddaughter yet, and he’s getting worried. The guard wonders if the baby being gone has anything to do with the missing prisoner, and Sam asks what he’s talking about. Ethan asks if he means Gwen, and Theresa is horrified. Rebecca tries to play it down, saying she’s sure there is no connection between the two missing persons. Sam tells the guard this is the second time he’s lost her, and Rebecca say maybe Gwen just went to take a nap somewhere. The guard tells his boss that she was comatose when he went to get his coffee, and Rebecca again says it’s “catatonic.” The guard then says when he came back, Gwen was gone. Theresa says both Gwen and the baby are missing so that must mean Gwen took Jane. Sam gets on the phone and orders a perimeter set up around the hospital, saying no one is to leave. (commercial)

Kay tells Ivy they don’t need another lecture, that they know they messed up tonight and Paloma paid the price. Ivy tells her she isn’t going to lecture them, that she remembers being young and impetuous, that they all make mistakes. She says the trick is to learn from those mistakes. She goes and locks the chain across the front door, saying it’s better safe than sorry, then says she’ll be in the kitchen if they need her. The girls talk about Paloma again, saying they hope she’ll be all right and they can’t believe what happened to her. Kay says they will never do anything stupid like that again or they could end up like Paloma, or worse.

Paloma tells Luis that is the man who attacked her as Pilar and the others run in to make sure she’s ok. Luis tells her he will never hurt her again, but says he needs to know one more thing. She asks what and he asks if he raped her. She looks frightened to say anything with Vic staring daggers at her and everyone else in the room now.

Eve asks Whitney if that’s it, if she’s starving herself and the baby, thinking that if anything happens to it, it would be the best possible ending, that she won’t have to worry about a baby with genetic defects or raising a sick child or having a secret from Chad and Fox. She sadly asks if she’s trying to get rid of the baby, and Whitney looks as if she’s ready to talk to her about it. The phone rings and she tells Whitney she has to go talk to Sam and find out why he doesn’t want anyone to leave the hospital. She leaves and Whitney slowly follows her out. In the waiting area, she asks why the hospital is locked down, and Theresa tells her that Gwen kidnapped her baby. Eve is shocked, but Rebecca tells her they don’t really know if it’s true yet. Ethan explains that the baby came up missing and now Gwen’s gone, too. Rebecca tries to say maybe Gwen just took the baby somewhere to rest, away from all the bright lights and screaming cripples. Eve stops her, and Theresa says no one has seen her baby and no one has seen Gwen, either. Eve asks if this is true, and Ethan says they’ve looked everywhere and no one can find Gwen or the baby. Theresa says that psycho has her baby and tells Ethan to find her and get Jane back to her.

In the car, Gwen tells the baby that everything is going to be all right now, that she’s gotten her away from Theresa. She says it’s funny that Theresa thought she was her baby, but now she’ll never have to worry about her again, that there will be no more Theresa for them, ever. She says it will just be her and her mommy, and they will be happy living someplace that no one will ever find them.


Sam, to Paloma: “Did he rape you or not?”

Luis, to Sheridan and Pilar: “I just can’t believe this is happening.”

Sheridan’s reply: “It’s horrible.”

Theresa, to Whitney and Eve: “I know Gwen kidnapped my baby!”

Rebecca: “Gwen, what have you done?”

Gwen, to Jane: “No one’s going to be able to find us, especially Theresa!”

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