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Passions Update Wednesday 2/2/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In Paloma’s hospital room, Luis tells Martin his sister might die because of him. Pilar tells him not to raise his voice, but he says Martin is lucky he isn’t beating the daylights out of him. Martin says he knows he’s let the rest of them down, but he’s looked after Paloma since she was a baby and he loves her dearly. Katherine says they both do. Pilar tells her no one cares how she feels, that she’s not a part of the family. The doctor walks in and says there are too many people there and they will have to leave. Pilar tells him Paloma is her daughter, then asks how she is. He tells her she has internal bleeding from the beating and it’s causing her blood pressure to fluctuate, but for the moment, she’s stable.

Martin asks if the rape kit on the table means what he thinks it does. Luis tells him he has no right to asks anything about his sister, then says if he’s not going to leave on his own, Luis will gladly show him the exit. He pushes them out of the room, and Katherine says they are all worried about her, but he tells her no one wants her here, either, then asks why they came back to Harmony anyway, just to cause them all more grief. Martin says it’s just the opposite, but Luis says if he wants to do something nice for the people he claims to care about, then get out of Harmony and stay out.

Alistair asks since when does he take orders from his loser son. Julian tells him he said he knew who tried to kill him the night it happened, but Alistair fakes ignorance of that fact. Julian says the police think it’s the same person who tried to kill Liz and him, but Alistair says it’s a closed case, that they arrested his mistress for it. Julian says she’s innocent and Alistair knows it, then asks who tried to kill him.

Rebecca tells Ethan and Sam that she doesn’t think Gwen took Theresa anywhere as they come back into the hospital hallway after searching for the two women. Ethan says he wants to believe that, but it he does. She asks where they could be, that they’ve searched all over the hospital and haven’t found them yet. Sam sees Eve walking by and asks if she’s seen the women, but she tells them she just got there, then asks if Gwen hadn’t gotten the treatment she was sent there for. Rebecca tells her she disappeared, and Ethan says Theresa was there with the baby and she’s missing, too. Eve wonders if they think Gwen did something, and Sam says she’s already tried to kill Theresa once and she’s not in her right state of mind. Ethan tells them they have to find her before anything else happens.

In a room behind the one the three just got through searching, Theresa tells Gwen she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Gwen says she’s wrong, that she’s going to kill her. She lunges at the wheelchair-bound woman, trying to stab her with the scissors. Theresa moves out of her way and the wheelchair tips over. Gwen misses, then tries to get to her but can’t.

She tells her to get up, then keeps stabbing at Theresa, who uses the chair to protect herself from the scissors in Gwen’s hands. She tells Gwen this isn’t her, she’s not herself, but Gwen says she’s always underestimated her, that everyone always thinks Theresa is the one who hangs on until she gets what she wants, but this time it’s Gwen who will get what she wants, and that’s to have Theresa dead and her family back with her. She tries to pull the wheelchair away from Theresa, but the woman hangs on, screaming for help. Gwen keeps pulling on it, telling her to stop it. (commercial)

Luis tells Martin they don’t need him, that since he left, Luis has taken care of the family and he’s done a very good job. Martin says he’s here now, so Luis should let him take some of the responsibility. Luis says no, that since he’s been there things have gotten worse and he’s had to take his eye off the ball, then tells him to look what’s happened, motioning toward Paloma’s room. Pilar and Sheridan walk out of the room and stand beside Luis, and Martin and Katherine walk away. He tells her if he could only tell them why he left them, they might understand. Katherine says he can’t tell them anything, that he promised her. She reminds him that Alistair said it would absolutely destroy Sheridan. A nurse walks up to Pilar, saying she must be there with Theresa. She says no, she’s here with her other daughter Paloma who was admitted to the E.R. and that Theresa was released earlier that day. The nurse tells her that Theresa came back because the baby is sick, and Pilar wonders how much more the family can take, and she walks away to find her other daughter. Overhearing the exchange, Martin damns Alistair for what he’s done to their family.

Alistair looks at the liquid in his glass and tells Julian he must remember to compliment Sheridan on her choice of Scotch. He asks Julian to join him in a toast to his sister’s dubious future. Julian again tells him to name the person who tried to poison him. Alistair snorts, then says the scotch is so smooth, smelling it. Julian tells him he’s not leaving until he knows how to clear Eve, and the old man says even if he gives him a name, he’ll have to take it to the police and prove his theory. Julian tells him to give him the name now, and Alistair says he will tell him everything he knows.

Sam tells the others he’s going to recheck the rooms down the hall. Eve says she’ll go with him, it will be twice as fast, and they leave. Rebecca and Ethan walk back into the room under construction that they just came out of, and she says they have to find Gwennie, that she’s really scared. He tells her not half as scared as he is, then looks toward the door on the other wall. Rebecca asks what it is. He tells her it’s the door, that he doesn’t think they checked that room. She says it’s just a maintenance room as they walk over to it. He opens the door and then they hear Theresa yelling for help. Ethan recognizes her voice and heads toward the sound, with Rebecca right behind him. Meanwhile, Theresa and Gwen are still fighting over the chair as Theresa screams for help, telling Gwen to stop. She says she won’t until she finishes what she started, and Theresa tells her killing her won’t help, she’ll still lose everything. Gwen says they’ll see about that, then manages to pull the chair away from Theresa. The woman screams louder, trying to get away by pulling herself across the floor with her arms. Gwen leans over her, holding the scissors at her throat and telling her she’s not going anywhere. Theresa screams for someone to help her. (commercial)

Luis is on the phone, and he is upset. He tells whoever he’s talking to that he wants them to send someone down there who can give him answers. He hangs up as Sheridan tries to calm him down, telling him she knows it’s hard on him but Paloma will be all right. He says no, they don’t know that, some monster attacked her and she might die. Martin and Katherine listen to the conversation, saying nothing. Pilar walks in and asks if there are any changes. Luis says no, then asks about Theresa and the baby. Pilar says the baby will be fine, once the antibiotics kick in. She just has a little ear infection. Sheridan thanks God it wasn’t something worse, and says Theresa must be relieved. Pilar says she doesn’t know, she never saw her. Luis asks why not, and Pilar tells him a nurse said she went to sign insurance papers and never came back.

Sheridan says she was probably so shaken up by the baby’s fever that she needed some time alone. Pilar says that’s probably right. Luis sees her look at Martin and Katherine and says they are still here, he asked them to leave but they won’t go. Sheridan tells him he can’t begrudge Martin wanting to stick around, that no matter how Luis feels about him, he is still Paloma’s father and is worried about her, too. Luis scoffs at that, saying he’s the reason she’s in the hospital. He says if he hadn’t abandoned them, none of this would ever have happened, and that he never even had the courage to tell Paloma he was her father. He calls him coward. Sheridan asks him to stop, but he says not to try to defend them for what they’ve done. She tells him she’s not, that she’s just trying to explain….Father Lonigan calls to her, asking if it is her. She says it is, and she’s here with Pilar and Luis. Pilar tells him hello and he says he came right over when he heard about Paloma, then asks if there’s any news. Luis says nothing has changed, she’s still unconscious, and Pilar adds that she’s strong like her other children and she’ll hang on for dear life, too. He tells her that’s the spirit, then offers to join them in prayer for strength. Luis tells him he will find his strength in other ways, and the priest asks what he means. Luis says that when he finds out who did this to his sister, he will take care of it. Father Lonigan says that’s not the way to be, that revenge is the Lord’s, but Luis tells him he has a new detective’s badge that says it’s his, too. An officer comes in and calls to Luis, and as he is going to see what he wants, he hears the priest invite Martin to join in the prayer since he is part of the family, too. Luis steps back over and says he is no longer a member of their family, that he is the one who tore it to shreds, then leaves to talk to the officer. The doctor comes out and Pilar asks if she can see her daughter now. He says she can, and she tells the others she will be right back. Martin tells Father Lonigan it must be a good sign for the doctor to let Pilar go in to see her. The priest asks if it’s Martin, and he says it is, and Katherine is there, too. The priest says in this time of crisis he wishes he could bring some peace and serenity to their souls. Sheridan says he may be able to, then tells him that Martin was just about to tell them the real reason he left Harmony. Katherine tells her no, but she goes on, saying that he mother had tried to stop him, just as she’s doing now. She says he can see how angry Luis is and how devastated Pilar is, then says that maybe hearing the truth will help them, give them peace after all these years, especially with Paloma in crisis. She asks the priest to let Martin speak, to say the one thing that can help his family heal, the truth. Katherine tells her that even she doesn’t know the truth, and her daughter tells her it’s all the more reason to have him speak, asking if she’s not curious. Katherine says not at the cost of causing more pain to everyone, and Sheridan says she doesn’t think that’s possible, then asks if her mother does. Katherine tells her she honestly doesn’t know.

Alistair reminds Julian of the old saying, “be careful what you wish for.” Julian wants the name of the person who tried to kill Alistair, and the old man asks what he would say if he told him it was Eve who had tried to poison him that night.

Sam and Eve run into the guard and ask if he’s had any luck. He says no, and Eve tells them they can’t have gotten out of the hospital without someone seeing them, that Theresa is in a wheelchair. Sam says he just prays they find them before…..and Eve finishes, saying before Gwen does something else she‘ll regret. Sam says she’s already tried to kill Theresa once so who’s to say she won’t try again. Eve asks where Ethan and Rebecca went, and Sam says they may have gone back into the unfinished room again. They go in and see the door on the back wall open. Sam says he thought that door was locked, and the officer says it usually is since they started working down here. They look in and hear Theresa screaming, then run in as Sam says he hopes they aren’t too late. Ethan gets to them and grabs Gwen mid-swing, before she can stab Theresa again. He pulls her off, telling her that’s enough, but she says to let her go, that she has to pay. Ethan tells her not this way, but she says it’s the only way, that she killed Sarah and took their baby, and now she’s trying to steal him, too. He tells her he’s not going anywhere, that she’s no losing him to anyone. Theresa says she was trying to kill her, and he says she didn’t know what she was doing. Gwen tells him she knows exactly what she’s doing, then tells Theresa that for the first time she’s going to break the rules like she always does. He tells her that she’s already been accused once, that this is only going to make things worse. Theresa yells at him that she is going to go to jail for the rest of her psychotic life.

Gwen tries to get loose again, but he holds on to her. Rebecca tells Theresa that she is the one who deserves to be locked up for the way she’s treated her daughter, that everyone knows is a lovely person inside and out. She says Theresa has pushed her over the edge, that Gwen has taken it and taken it, more than anyone could tolerate, but that wasn’t enough for her, that she had to steal her only chance of every becoming a mother right out from under her, and then she had to declare to everyone that Ethan is the father of her baby. Ethan tells her that’s enough, but she continues, saying she also had to tell everyone how she had tricked in into impregnating her since he would never cheat on his beloved wife. Theresa repeats the words “beloved wife” in disbelief, telling her that everyone knows she and Ethan would have been married for several years now if it weren’t for her and her daughter trying to punish her and her family, and that they stole her child from her. Ethan tells them both to stop, and Gwen starts struggling harder, telling him to let her go, that Theresa deserves to die. Ethan tells her to forget it, but Gwen calls her a bitch. Sam, Eve, and the officer run in and Sam asks what’s going on. He says he hopes he doesn’t have to file any more charges against Gwen, then asks again what happened as the two women stare daggers through each other. (commercial)

Julian tells Alistair that he knows Eve didn’t try to poison him any more than she took a shot at Julian or tried to kill Liz. Alistair says he’s pretty confident for someone who’s trying to find a fall guy, but Julian says he’s not looking for a fall guy, just the truth, and orders Alistair to tell him who tried to kill him right now. Alistair says he doesn’t like his tone, but Julian tells him he doesn’t care what he likes, just tell him the name. Alistair asks if he wants the truth, then says this is it, throwing his glass into the fireplace. He then says he has no idea who tried to kill him, and he should just take that back to his mistress.

Luis asks the officer if he’s saying Luis’ kid sister was hanging out in a nightclub by herself, and the man tells him he doesn’t know who she was with earlier, but she was alone when the guy attacked her, and she had been dancing with him. He says he doesn’t know how to tell Luis something, and Luis tells him to just spit it out, so he goes on, saying the bartender told him she had been dressed pretty skimpily. Luis says all the kids dress that way now, and the officer says she was apparently flirting with a lot of guys earlier, sending out the wrong signals. Luis tells him he hopes he’s not trying to say it was her fault, and the officer says no, he’s just trying to tell him what they’ve got so far. Luis asks if he’s got any leads on the pig that attacked her, and the officer says not yet, but he’s waiting for a call that might help them and he’ll let Luis know as soon as he hears anything. Luis says the guy is going to have to answer to him.

Pilar is sitting by her daughter’s bed, talking to her as she lies unconscious. She says she can’t imagine the terror she went through tonight, that she just hopes they didn’t take away her innocence as well. She says she was angry at her father before, but right now she could just strangle him, that if he hadn’t put her in the position he did by leaving she wouldn’t have had to send her away and this would never have happened. She says if she had raised her she would have done it differently, that she wouldn’t have gone out tonight and gotten into so much trouble. She asks that God have mercy on her father’s soul for all the time she lost with her.

Katherine tells Sheridan not to ask Martin to tell them something that will only make things worse. Sheridan says she only wants the truth so Luis and Pilar can deal with it and move on. Katherine tells her it’s not that simple, and her daughter asks how she knows that. She reminds her that she said she doesn’t know the real reason Martin left, then asks if she’s hiding it because she’s afraid. She asks Martin if he doesn’t think he’s done enough to hurt his family and if he thinks about anyone but himself. She walks away in disgust, and Martin says he hates this. Katherine says no more than she does, and turns away from him. He asks what’s wrong, and she says she just needs some time for herself, that she will be right back. She walks over to the desk and Father Lonigan tells Martin he knows the man thinks he’s doing the right thing. Martin says he doesn’t know what the right thing is any more, that he’s dying to tell Luis and Pilar the truth, but Katherine is convinced it will only hurt them more. Father Lonigan asks even though she doesn’t know the secret herself, and he tells the priest that Alistair threatened her, saying the truth would tear Sheridan to shreds, and he may be right, so Martin has decided to leave Harmony. The priest says that’s not the answer, and Martin asks what he should do, then. Father Lonigan says he only knows that deserting his family again after coming back into their lives would be the biggest mistake he could make, that they need him. He says he knows, and he wants to help them, but he doesn’t know how he can. The priest asks why not, and Martin says Katherine, that he left Harmony partly to protect her, and she’s the reason he has to leave again.

Sam puts Theresa into her wheelchair, and then Ethan tells him it’s not the way it looks. Theresa says no, it’s much worse, that she had to bring Jane to the hospital tonight because she had a high fever. Sam wonders about the name, and Gwen is in disbelief that she named Gwen’s baby Jane. Theresa goes on, saying she was waiting for word on her baby when Gwen came, and she tried to stab her to death. Gwen is fixated on the baby’s name, telling Theresa they were going to name their baby Ashley, that the baby’s name is Ashley. Theresa tells her she doesn’t have a baby, that she never had one, that she and Ethan named the baby Jane together. Ethan asks her to stop, but she tells him not to defend her, that she is going back to jail and Theresa is going to see to it that she never walks free again. Ethan asks her to have a heart, telling her she can see what Gwen is going through, the condition she’s in now. Theresa asks what about her, that she’s paralyzed, in a wheelchair because of her, and if he hadn’t found her just now, she would have killed her and his baby would have no mother. Gwen asks Ethan what she’s talking about, and he says he’ll explain it later. She tells him to take her to see her baby Ashley, that she wants to see her. Theresa tells her she doesn’t have an Ashley, that she has no baby. Ethan again tells her to stop, but she says it’s the truth. Rebecca damns her, and Gwen asks Ethan to take her to see Ashley, and asks what Theresa has done with her. Again, Theresa tells her there is no Ashley, only Jane, and Gwen goes crazy, screaming that she wants to go to Ashley right now and kicking around, trying to get loose from Ethan’s grip. (commercial)

Julian reminds Alistair that on the night he was poisoned, he tried to tell them who had done it, but the old man tells him he was bluffing. He says he was trying to draw the person out by making them think he saw them, but it didn’t work. He then says he can tell him who he truly suspects did it. Julian asks who, and his father says it’s him, that he’s Alistair’s prime suspect in his attempted murder.

Gwen is still kicking around, trying to get loose, and hollering that the baby’s name is Ashley. She suddenly goes limp, falling to the floor as Ethan tries to hold her up. Rebecca asks what’s wrong with her, if she had a stroke, but Eve checks her and says she thinks she’s just in shock and calls for a wheelchair. Theresa says she can’t believe they are falling for it, that she’s just looking for some sympathy so they won’t press additional charges against her, but it won’t work. Ethan tells her to stop, and Sam says they’ll worry about the legalities of it once they know Gwen’s condition. Theresa tells him it won’t change anything, that Gwen has tried twice to kill her and almost succeeded both times. He repeats that they will worry about all that once Gwen is taken care of, then says they will get her up to the E.R. so she can be with her baby. She is happy with that, and he rolls her out. Ethan and Eve are with Gwen, who is lying on the floor. He asks if she’s all right, and Eve says she thinks so. He says all right, then gets up and starts out, only to be stopped by Rebecca, blocking his way and asking why he’s chasing after Theresa.

He says he needs to go check on her and his sick baby, but she says her daughter needs her husband and asks how the heck he can leave her. He says he’s doing it for Gwen, then asks if Rebecca wants him to try to get Theresa to drop the charges or what. She sighs and moves aside. Sam is helping Gwen into the wheelchair and Rebecca goes over to help. She tells her daughter it’s going to be all right, she hopes. Eve tells her she’s not sure Gwen can hear her, and Sam says that’s a good thing, because in this state she won’t be able to go after Theresa again.

Father Lonigan tells Martin that in the eyes of the church he is still married to Pilar, and Martin says he knows that and will always have deep feelings for her, but he can’t abandon Katherine after all these years and all they’ve been through together. He says he doesn’t blame Katherine for him leaving before or this time, that if anyone is to blame it’s Alistair for putting him in a position that left him no choices. The priest says that might be true, and Martin says it is true, that she needs him and he’s learned from his past mistakes never to leave someone who depend on him. He sees Katherine has walked away and calls to her. She says she’s right here, then walks over to him. He asks if she’s ok, telling her she looks upset. She says it’s Paloma, that Pilar is still in there with her, and Martin says he will go get both of them a drink. He leaves and Father Lonigan says it’s been a dreadful night for so many of his parishioners. She says she feels bad for Pilar and her family, but he tells her she’s not the only one having problems, that Ethan’s wife had tried to kill herself in her jail cell. Katherine is shocked to hear that, and he says she had a complete breakdown when she learned the baby she was awaiting was not hers at all. He says it must be one of the worst things for a woman to lose her dream of becoming a mother. He asks if she will excuse him, and she says yes.

As he walks away, Katherine says quietly that she knows from personal experience, that she wants to stay and be a mother to Sheridan, but she can’t. Pilar comes out of the room and Luis and Sheridan rush over to her, asking if Paloma is awake yet. She tells them no, then asks if they’ve found the person who did this to her. He tells her no, but they are doing all they can to find him. She asks him where she was when she was attacked, and he says she was at the new nightclub downtown. She asks if it’s the one that’s always in the newspapers, and he says it is. She says she can’t believe her little girl would go to a place like that, that she’s so innocent and shy. Luis and Sheridan look at each other, and Pilar asks what’s going on. Sheridan says the first time they met Paloma in Mexico she was at a nightclub, and Luis adds that she was dancing a wild dance. Pilar says that can’t be true, but Luis says it is. Martin returns with coffee for him and Katherine and Pilar sees them. She walks over to them, telling Martin that they were with her in Mexico while she was growing up and asking how they could let her act like a tramp in a nightclub. She asks him what kind of parents were he and his whore. (commercial)

Martin asks Pilar what happened, and she tells him their daughter was attacked tonight and possibly raped while dancing in a nightclub, something she obviously learned while under their care in Mexico. Katherine says if that’s true, they had no idea. Pilar tells her they should have, and that she was her godmother. She asks herself why she should be surprised at the girl acting like a tramp since she obviously learned it from Katherine. Martin tells her that’s enough, and Father Lonigan, who has returned, tells her not to say something in anger that she will later regret. Luis tells him he means no disrespect, but his so-called father deserves everything his mother dishes out to him, that if he hadn’t run off to live with Katherine, none of this would ever have happened, and that it’s all his fault. The doctor comes out and tells them to quiet down, that it is an emergency room. Pilar apologizes, then asks how Paloma is. He says it seems she’s had a turn for the worse, that they had underestimated the amount of internal damage and she might be bleeding internally, more than they had thought. Martin tells him they have to stop it, and the doctor says they are doing all they can, but they need to be prepared. Pilar is upset and says she needs to see her again. She goes in and Luis turns to Martin, telling him if they lose Paloma, it will be on his head, and once he’s found the scum responsible for this, he’s coming back for Martin. He leaves and Martin walks away, too. Katherine calls Father Lonigan’s name, and he asks how he can help her. She says he can offer forgiveness for what she’s thinking. He tells her it depends on what that is, and she says it’s clear to her that everyone would be better off if she had died all those years ago, if she was in that mausoleum. She says she should be dead.

Alistair tells Julian it’s his turn to ask the big question, then asks if he’s the one who tried to poison him. Julian says if he had tried to do it, he would have succeeded. Alistair laughs and says that’s interesting, and Julian tells him he would never let Eve take the fall for what he did. The old man says he keeps forgetting this is the new, emotionally improved Julian, not the little scoundrel who only wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Julian says he was young, stupid, and selfish, but Alistair tells him he’s still stupid, and dumber than he thought. He says that may be from the time he spent with Timmy, the troll. Julian snaps that he had more courage than Alistair will ever dream of, and Alistair scoffs, saying he loves his sensitive side. He says bleeding hearts make him sick, then asks if that wasn’t what Timmy was all about, a heart. He then asks what happened to that, didn’t it kill him. Julian growls at him to shut up, and tells him to never say his name again. Alistair says too bad for his mistress, there are no more “get out of jail free cards”, that the game’s over and they’ve lost. Julian says no, he will find out who tried to kill the three of them, but Alistair says good luck, and that the only way for him to save Eve is to drop the good-guy image and go back to his devious ways. He adds that the only way to save his lady love is to start acting like a Crane again.

The officer takes Gwen to the nurses station with Rebecca and Eve following. Eve tells Rebecca she needs to sign some forms, and Rebecca tells Gwen she’ll be right back. The officer starts to handcuff Gwen to the wheelchair, but Eve asks him not to do that. He says she might be bonkers but she’s still a prisoner. Eve tells him she’s not a danger to herself or anyone else, telling him to look at her bandaged wrist. He says he’s going to have to ask Chief Bennett and leaves to find him. Eve and Rebecca leave, too, leaving Gwen alone in her wheelchair. A nurse rolls Theresa’s baby in behind Gwen and takes her to her mother.

Ethan is there and starts to pick up the baby to give her to her mother. Gwen snaps her head around to watch them as they admire their baby. Eve brings some medicine to Theresa and the girl asks if she can really take her baby home. Eve says she can, and that her illness isn’t that serious. Gwen continues to watch them as Eve tells Theresa to make sure she gives the baby her antibiotics so the infection won’t get any worse and won’t spread. Sam is there, too, and says he has some police business to take care of. Eve asks if Theresa knows about Paloma, and he says no, he didn’t have the heart to tell her after all she’s been through, and besides, Luis and Pilar are with the girl. Eve tells Theresa and Ethan she has a couple of forms they both need to sign, and so Theresa leaves her baby in the charge of the nurse who is there. Gwen sees them go to the desk and gets out of the wheelchair and walks over closer to the baby. She stands watching as the nurse comforts the baby, keeping watch to make sure Theresa, Ethan, nor Eve see what she’s doing. She sneaks the keys out of Ethan’s jacket that is lying on a table and, still watching the baby play with the nurse, says that’s her little girl, her Ashley. (commercial)

Martin stands in the doorway of Paloma’s room, watching as Pilar sits by her side and holds her hand, talking to her about how much time they’ve lost and how she has to get better so they can make up for it. She asks God not to take her Paloma away again. Martin also prays, asking God that there be no more loss for the family. Outside in the waiting area, Luis tells the policeman that they are going to tear the town apart until they find the scum who did this. He tells him he will meet him outside in a minute. He goes to Sheridan, telling her he’s sorry he has to leave her like this. She says it’s fine, she just wants him to find whoever hurt Paloma. He tells her he thinks his father and her mother are partly responsible for this and he can’t wait until they are out of their lives forever. She agrees, but only half-heartedly, then they both say they love each other and kiss, and Luis leaves. Across the hallway, Katherine is looking very sad. Father Lonigan tells her he wishes there were something he could say to ease her pain, and she thanks him. She says she never realized her very existence would bring so much pain to everyone, her children and Martin’s family. She says it’s true, that if she really had died, it would be so much better for everyone. A nurse comes in with a tray that has two scalpels on it and Katherine sees them, then says maybe it’s not to late to right some wrongs.

Julian tells his father he won’t go back to his old ways, cheating decent people out of what is theirs. Alistair asks what’s wrong with that, and Julian says he couldn’t see past his own greed and hatred. Alistair asks if he knows what all this new found morality will get him. He answers himself, saying zip, nada, nothing. He adds that thanks to Julian’s impotent new self his love will spend the rest of her life in prison and he will have lost his true love forever. Julian looks as if he’s thinking about it.

Eve tells Ethan to sign where it says “father’s signature.” Ethan does that and Eve says that’s all they need. Theresa says she can’t wait to take her baby home, and Eve tells her she will send a nurse to get Little Ethan. Theresa tells them she is going to talk to Chief Bennett to press additional charges against Gwen. Eve walks away while Ethan tells Theresa to let it go, please. She says no, not this time, that she almost succeeded in killing her tonight, and he says he knows, then says it’s been a rough day and they should wait and talk to Sam in the morning. She says ok, but she needs someone to call her a cab that can accommodate her wheelchair. He tells her he will take her home, but she says she doesn’t want to put him out, she knows he wants to be with his wife. He tells her she’s not putting him out, he wants to do it. A call comes over the P.A. system for the nurse who is watching Jane to report to the cubicle one. She doesn’t know what to do, go to cubicle one or stay with the baby, but a doctor comes by and tells her to hurry up, there’s been a bad car accident and they need her there, so she leaves the baby alone in the crib.

Gwen is still watching her, and when she sees her leave, she grabs the baby and the diaper bag and leaves the hospital without being seen. Theresa tells Ethan he can take them home, and they go to get the baby. They find the baby and the nurse both gone, and wonder where they are. The nurse runs up right then, saying she was only gone a minute, then sees the baby is gone. She asks where she is, and Ethan repeats her question. Theresa asks if she left the baby alone and wants to know where she is.

In Ethan’s car, Gwen is driving, telling the baby she is taking her far away where no one will ever find them, then sings to her as she drives away.


Luis to guy in cuffs: “You know that girl you attacked tonight? That’s my baby sister, and

if the system doesn’t exact justice, I will.”

Pilar to Paloma: “I can’t lose you again! Please, dear God.”

Gwen to baby: “I am taking you to a special place.”

Eve to Whitney: “You’re trying to starve yourself and this baby!”

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