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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Julian and Eve are on the wharf and he is explaining his remark about a witness to Liz’s poisoning. He thinks he knows who it is and it could be the key to getting the charges against Eve dropped. Eve wonders who it could be.

Alistair is still enjoying his triumph in Sheridan’s living room, getting Katherine to talk Martin out of telling Pilar and Luis his deep, dark secret. He silently tells Katherine she did good work, believing what he told her and then telling Martin those reasons to stop him from talking. He “tells” Martin that reality bites and what he knows can’t be told since he believes that, as Katherine said, Sheridan would be destroyed by it. He says Katherine’s hair would fall out in clumps if she knew the secret, Luis and Pilar would be sickened if they heard it. There is a tap at the window and he sees his aide, Tina, outside. He opens the door and asks what she’s doing there, telling her she is supposed to be in his bedroom at the mansion, waiting for him. She opens her fur coat to reveal a very sexy getup, and says she was there. He drools over her, saying she looks absolutely scrumptious. She thanks him, then tells him the hospital called and Paloma has been taken there after being assaulted. He lets her know he already is aware of that, and when she asks how he always knows before anyone else, he tells her it’s not important, the important thing is that this can be used to his advantage. She asks how, and he tells her his fear of Sheridan exposing the real reason Martin left town has been averted and now he can watch him and Katherine suffer the pain of their own misfortunes. The phone inside rings, and he tells her that’s the hospital calling, inviting her in to listen. Inside, Sheridan tells Luis his phone is ringing, but he says to ignore it, this is more important. Alistair tells Tina that watching them is like having a front row seat to a misery marathon, and they smile about the fact that Paloma is lying in the hospital after being assaulted, beaten, and possible raped.

In the hospital, Sam is shown to be the one trying to call Luis. He leaves another message and then goes in to see Paloma and is shocked by her appearance. He introduces himself to the nurse and asks how the girl is doing. The nurse says her vitals are weak, that she has head trauma and possible internal injuries. Sam adds that she could have been raped, and the nurse affirms this, telling him they preserved her clothes as evidence. He thanks her, then asks if the hospital has been able to contact her family. She says they have tried, and they’ve left messages, but they haven’t gotten in touch with them. He says he hasn’t, either. He looks at Paloma and asks how much more the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s can take, what with Miguel leaving, Antonio dying, Theresa being paralyzed, and now this. The nurse says she will go check to see if the staff has had any luck contacting her family, and Sam thanks her as he sits beside Paloma.

Theresa and Ethan are still waiting for news about the baby. She says they should have heard by now, and he says he will go see if he can find anything out. After he leaves, she decides to go check at the nurses station. In another part of the hospital, Gwen is wheeling around, looking for Theresa, saying when she finds her, she is so dead. She hears a nurse tell Theresa she’ll be right back, then sees the woman sitting in her wheelchair and gets out of her own, holding the scissors behind her back. She walks towards Theresa, and as the woman turns her chair to leave, she sees Gwen coming towards her. Gwen gets a big grin on her face, as if she’s thrilled to see her, but Theresa looks afraid.

Rebecca is still filling out papers to admit Gwen for treatment, complaining all the way. Ethan walks in and sees her, asking what she’s doing there instead of being with Gwen at the jail. She is huffy with him, saying maybe if he didn’t keep running off to see Theresa he would know why she was here. He tells her he didn’t run off to see Theresa, he can to see his sick child, then asks again why she’s here. She tells him that her baby is sick, too, that Theresa drove he so crazy that she not only tried to kill her, she tried to commit suicide, too. Ethan is shocked, and Rebecca says she slashed her wrists, thanks to Theresa.

Theresa asks Gwen why she’s there and why her wrists are bandaged. Gwen says they don’t let you wear real bracelets in jail, and Theresa asks if she’s there because she tried to hurt herself. Gwen says no, she’s here to see Theresa, and she says if she’s hear about her pressing charges against her….but Gwen cuts her off, saying no, she’s here about stabbing her, saying if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Eve asks Julian who the witness is that can help her, saying it can’t be Rebecca because she already said she’d seen nothing. He says it’s not her, it’s his father. She asks how he can help, and Julian tells her that he seemed to know who had tried to poison him at his party when he knew his drink was no good, and she says that makes sense, that he did say “The killer is……” right before he passed out. Julian says if he knows who tried to poison him, then the same person might have tried to kill Liz and that would clear Eve. She asks about how the two poisonings connect with his own shooting, and he says they may not, that there may be two murderers, and that the police only connected her to his shooting because it seemed to fit, but if they can find out who poisoned them, it won’t matter who tried to shoot him because it won’t fit, and that would clear her of all charges and she will be free.

Alistair tells Tina that it’s fun watching those five people suffering. Katherine thanks Martin for not telling his secret and hurting Sheridan. He says it could have done more than hurt her, it could have destroyed her. Luis hears him and calls him lying scum, then tells his mother that Martin came up with the whole “deep, dark secret” thing to justify why he and his mistress ran off, but now he won’t even tell them what that secret is. Pilar says it’s Katherine’s fault, that she stopped him from telling, but Luis tells her there is no truth. He turns to Martin and says he lived with Paloma all these years and could have told her at any time that he was her father and he was the reason she was sent to Mexico to live, but he didn’t, he let her grow up feeling unworthy and bitter that she had been sent away. He adds that now she thinks her family doesn’t love her and never wanted her, saying he did that so she would love him instead. Pilar says it’s true, and now he’s come up with another lie to justify his leaving, some secret, noble reason and not just that Alistair forced him to. Alistair is watching and smiling, silently telling her to pile it on. Luis tells Martin he convinced Pilar that he was a decent man, that there was some big secret reason that he had to leave, but it is a lie, that he just left with that rich woman. He tells him he’s scum, and turns to Katherine, saying she is no better. Sheridan is watching and listening uncomfortably, then thinks to herself that there is still so much more she needs to know about her mother, but Luis and Pilar are so angry at her and Martin that it probably is better for them to leave Harmony. Katherine tells Martin it’s time for them to go, and Luis tells them to just leave, and don’t come back. Pilar steps up and says no, that she wants to hear his reason for leaving. Luis tries to stop her, but she says no, just tell them and then they could decide if it’s true or not.

Ethan tells Rebecca he can’t believe Gwen tried to kill herself. She says she’s surprised she hasn’t tried it before, considering everything Theresa has done to her. He asks if Gwen is ok, and she says physically, yes, that Eve bandaged her up and sent her to the emergency room for a tetanus shot and antibiotics, but because of all the hypochondriacs there, they are having to wait forever. He asks how Gwen managed to slit her wrists in the first place, and she tells him she left her purse in the cell and Gwen broke the mirror and used the glass to slice herself. The guard comes in then and notices that Gwen is not where he left her. He asks Rebecca if someone came and took her to a room, and she says not that she knows of. The guard tells her she is missing, then, and she and Ethan are shocked. Ethan realizes Theresa is there and says they’d better find Gwen before she finds Theresa.

Theresa is trying to keep Gwen away from her, screaming for help. Gwen tells her that in this busy E.R. no one is going to hear her. Theresa asks Gwen not to hurt her, and Gwen tells her she isn’t going to hurt her, she is going to kill her, swinging at her with the scissors. Theresa calls for help again, but Gwen tells her she took her baby from her and now she’s trying to take Ethan, too, but she won’t allow that to happen, stabbing at her with the knife again. Theresa gets away, wheeling herself down the halls, but Gwen is following behind, scissors in hand. She catches Theresa in a corner and tells her she can’t get away from her now. Theresa tells her they are going to get her and put her back in jail, but the loony woman says she doesn’t care where she is as long as Theresa is in her grave. She swings the scissors at Theresa again, but she wheels herself away as Gwen stabs at her again and misses.

Sam is sitting by Paloma’s bed, watching the comatose girl. He tells her she’s been through hell, and her family still isn’t there with her. He says he hates to think his own daughters could have gone through what she did, but tells her to hang on, that they will get the guy that attacked her. He says they will need her help and asks her to wake up and tell him who did this to her. An alarm goes off, and he calls a nurse to come help her. The nurse comes in and checks it, then calls the doctor, saying they have big trouble there.

Pilar tells Martin he’s had a secret reason for leaving Harmony that he’s carried around since he left and she wants him to tell her what it is. Luis tells her it’s nothing, it’s a lie designed to make them forgive him for the hell he put them through all those years. Pilar tells her son she wants to be the judge of that, and he agrees, backing off. Pilar tells Martin to tell them his secret, make them believe him again, then says she dares him. Katherine tells him not to say anything, and Pilar yells at her to stop it, then asks why she’s so desperate to keep him from talking, asking if what he is going to say proves she is even more selfish and even more of a bad mother than she already is. Katherine tells her to think what she wants, then tells Martin they have to go. He agrees, but Pilar stops them again, asking Katherine if she is trying to stop him from telling the truth to protect herself. The woman says no as Pilar goes on, asking if she is afraid if he tells her the truth she’ll take him back and Katherine will lose him. Sheridan asks her mother if that’s the reason, and Katherine just tells Martin they have to go, now. Pilar tells her to stop telling her husband what to do, and Katherine tells her that Luis asked them to leave. He speaks up, saying yes, they really should leave. Pilar asks him to stop, saying Martin may have lived in sin with Katherine all these years, but in truth, she is still his wife and if he has something he wants to tell her, he can. She begs him again to tell her the truth, the secret that made him abandon her. She tells him to follow his heart and tell her the connection between him leaving Harmony and Sheridan’s nightmares.

Eve asks Julian why, if Alistair knows the truth, that he hasn’t come forward to say she isn’t the one who tried to kill him. Julian says knowing his father, he probably wants to exact his own justice on whoever did it. She then asks why he would want to help them, that he’s done everything he can to keep them apart, listing all the horrible things he’s done over the years, then says he hates her and hates Julian for loving her. He says his father hates everyone, and then she reminds him of what he’s done to Whitney and Chad, pushing them into being intimate even though he knew they were siblings. She says no, he won’t help her, that she will be convicted of three attempted murders and will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Theresa is still hollering for help and rolling away from Gwen in her wheelchair. Gwen follows, thinking this is really fun, and laughing about it. Theresa is trying to get to the E.R., figuring there are people there to help her. She manages to run into Gwen again, who smiles and says hello again, long time no see. Theresa tries to distract her, asking if that’s Ethan she hears calling her, but Gwen doesn’t buy it and says he doesn’t know she’s here, he thinks she’s in jail, where Gwen wants her to stay. Theresa tells her if she lets her go back to the E.R. she won’t press charges against her, but Gwen says she doesn’t think so, but she hopes Theresa enjoyed that since it will be her last lie, stabbing at her again as Theresa ducks out of the way.

Ethan, Rebecca, and the guard meet back up where they started, with none of them having seen Gwen. Rebecca tells the guard he’s not very good since he let her poor, demented daughter get away from him. He apologizes, but she tells him if he didn’t fill out his uniform so nicely he’d be in big trouble. Ethan tells her to focus, and she says she is. A nurse comes by and Ethan asks if she’s seen his wife, and she asks if he means the pretty dark-haired girl he was with earlier. As Rebecca barks out “NO!“ at her, he tells her no, she has blond hair, dressed in prison clothes, with bandages on her wrist. She says she hasn’t seen her, then leaves. Ethan is upset, saying they had better find Gwen before she finds Theresa. The guard pulls out his gun and says not to worry, that he hasn’t lost anyone yet. Rebecca is impressed by his gun, and they all take off to find Gwen.

Gwen chases Theresa down the halls and says this is the end of the line for her. Theresa yells for help, and Gwen says she’ll help her, all right, she’ll help her out of her misery. Theresa wheels herself into a room with no outlet, and Gwen says she couldn’t have planned this better herself and that Theresa is so dead.

As the alarm still sounds in Paloma’s room, Sam asks the doctor what’s happening. The doctor says her blood pressure has dropped dangerously low, probably because of internal bleeding. He tells the nurse they have to get this up, then orders another milligram of epi. She does as he asks, and Sam asks what happens if they can’t get the blood pressure up. The doctor says Paloma might die. Sam says he needs to get hold of Luis and Pilar, that they need to get there soon.

Pilar begs Martin again to tell them the secret. Luis tells her she’s wasting her time, that first he told them there was no secret, then that he had a secret reason for leaving, but he clammed up, saying he couldn’t tell them what it was, and now, again, he says there is no secret. He tells her whatever the man says it can’t be the truth. She tells him she wants to hear it, then they can decide if it’s true or not. She says she doesn’t think he will lie to them, that he’s been carrying the burden of the secret all this time, a secret that will explain why he abandoned them, that will explain Sheridan’s horrible childhood memories, and is obviously a threat to Alistair. She says it’s a secret she deserves to know, that they all deserve to know, and asks him again to tell them. Alistair says he shouldn’t be a fool, and Katherine tells him not to do it. Pilar spits out “Stay out of it!”, and Luis tells him that since he can’t convince his mother that the secret is just a lie, he should go ahead and tell it and then get the hell out of Harmony.

Rebecca wonders what it is about a man in uniform with his weapon drawn, ready to fire - “Bang, bang, bang.” Ethan asks the guard to put the gun away, and Rebecca agrees, saying they just want to find Gwen, not shoot her and they just want to keep her from hurting herself. The guard apologizes before saying her daughter is dangerous, but Ethan says she isn’t. Sam comes out and asks what’s going on, and Ethan tells him Gwen was brought in for attempting suicide. Sam asks how she is, and the guard tells him she’s well enough to escape. Rebecca says she didn’t escape, she just wandered away while Rebecca was doing the paperwork. The guard reminds her that Gwen was arrested for attempted murder, and Rebecca says that was a total miscarriage of justice. Ethan asks her to stop, but she replies that it’s a sad day in this country when a barren woman can’t kill the “fertile fajita” who took away her one chance of having a baby of her own. Sam says he knows she’s upset, but the important thing is that they find Gwen before she hurts herself, and Ethan adds before she hurts someone else. The guard says he’s on it, drawing his gun again, but Sam tells him to put it away, that he won’t have his officers running around a hospital waving a gun and caring the patients and staff. The guard argues that Mrs. Winthrop is a prisoner, but Sam says she is also his son’s wife who is temporarily not in control of her faculties. Rebecca thanks to Theresa, and Ethan again tells her to stop. Sam tells them to stop, that the important thing is finding Gwen and having her checked out, and Ethan tells him Theresa is there, too. Sam understands that he’s worried if Gwen runs into her, there could be more trouble. Ethan agrees, saying she’s still on a tear about Theresa stealing her baby. Sam says he’s afraid she might hurt Theresa again, and then tells them they need to go find Gwen and Theresa as soon as possible. They all go looking for the two women.

Gwen tells Theresa not to rush off, that she has something to give her. Theresa tells her she wants nothing from her, but Gwen says she’s lying, that she wants her husband and her baby. Theresa tells her to stay away from her, calling her a freak, and wheeling away from her until she runs into the wall. Gwen tells her that she’s not the crazy one, then saying she should go ahead and try to get out, asking where she’s going to go. Theresa pulls out her phone and says she’s going to call the police and that Gwen had better run before they get there. Gwen says she’s not going anywhere and neither is Theresa, until they carry her cold, dead body out. She goes after her again.

A hospital clerk is calling Luis, and she leaves him another message saying he and Pilar need to get to the hospital right away. She hangs up as the doctor comes out, asking him how the girl is. The look on the doctor’s face is not good, and she tells him not to tell her that she died without her family being there.

Luis tells Martin to go ahead and tell them the secret, then get out and take his mistress with him. Alistair wills Martin not to do it. Luis’ phone rings again, and this time Sheridan takes it out of his pocket and looks at it, then says the hospital has called several times and now Sam is on the line. Pilar takes the phone and answers it, and Sam tells her about Paloma.

She is shaken, and everyone watches to see what’s wrong. She cries out “It can’t be! My God, it can’t be!” and Luis asks what’s wrong. Pilar says it was Sam, that Paloma is at the hospital and they thank she’s been raped. Everyone is shocked and upset. Martin says they need to go to the hospital, but both Luis and Pilar tell him no, to stay away. Martin says there’s no way, she’s his daughter, but Pilar reminds him that’s a fact he kept from her all her life. Martin says she’s forgiven him for that, but Luis says they haven’t so he needs to stay away. Luis tells his mother he will drive her to the hospital, and Sheridan tells him to pull the car around back and she will get dressed and meet them there. Luis and Pilar run out of the house as Sheridan runs to her bedroom. Martin and Katherine discuss Paloma and he says he is going to the hospital. She tells him she will go with him. As they start out the front door, Alistair remarks that the drama never stops with them. Martin tells him to shut up, that his youngest daughter might have been raped. Alistair suggests that maybe her latest paramour was a little to hot for her to handle, then says Katherine can relate to that. She calls him a filthy dog, and he barks at her. Martin tells her to come on, and as they leave, Alistair tells him to keep his mouth shut and then leave Harmony, happy in the knowledge he didn’t kill them. Martin starts after him but Katherine reminds him about Paloma and they both leave. Alistair tells them to enjoy the family outing at the emergency room.

Eve tells Julian that there is no way Alistair will do anything to help her, that she will be convicted and spend her life in jail. He says he will get the old man to tell him what he needs to know to prove her innocence, and she asks him how he will force him to do that. Julian says whatever it takes, he will get the information he needs from him.

Rebecca and Ethan are walking behind one of the policeman, and she is wondering if he wears boxers or briefs. Ethan says he doesn’t like this, but she asks what’s not to like. He says having Gwen and Theresa in the hospital and not being able to find either of them. Sam says he thinks Ethan is right, that if Gwen finds Theresa, she will finish what she started by killing her. Rebecca suggests they go have some tea, then, and Ethan asks if she wants Gwen charged with murder. She says no, and they need to keep looking. Sam says for Rebecca and Ethan to go with him while the two policemen go the other way.

Theresa has the phone to her ear and tells Gwen the police will be there right away. Then she says she can’t get a signal, and Gwen says no police, no escape, and that she’s so sorry for her. Theresa tells her if she kills her she will be convicted of murder and get the death penalty, but Gwen just thinks that’s funny since Theresa is getting the death penalty, too. She goes after Theresa again as the woman yells “No!” and tries to get away from her.

Eve is alone on the wharf after Julian left to talk to Alistair, and she remembers Whitney telling her she’d never by like Eve in a million years, that she would never lie to the ones she loves and hurt her Daddy the way Eve did. She says for that she will never forgive her. Eve comes back to the present and says she can’t believe it’s come to this, with TC engaged to her sister and Whitney and Simone hating her, Whitney pregnant with her brother’s child and Eve charged with three counts of attempted murder. She says at least she still has Julian and her job, then realizes that is something she could do, go to work and wait for Julian to call her, hoping that he will have gotten the information from Alistair that will clear her name.

Alistair says he loves watching Martin and Katherine in so much pain. He says they are damned if they lie and damned if they tell the truth, and then word comes through that Paloma is in the hospital, possibly having been raped. He laughs, saying it’s hilarious and he couldn’t make it up if he tried, then laughs even more. Tina asks if they are going to the hospital to see what happens next, but he says there is no need to, that they can go back to the mansion and watch the whole thing on Crane-cam. He tells her to go back to the mansion and warm the sheets up for him, that the type of lingerie she wears should never go to waste, and he’ll be there shortly. She agrees, then heads off to the mansion. Alistair revels in the pain he’s caused tonight, then hears the door slam and, assuming it’s Tina, asks her what now. Julian speaks up and says they need to talk. Alistair tells him to call his secretary, but Julian says the days of Alistair telling him what to do are over, that he is here to tell him what to do. Alistair asks if that’s so, and Julian tells him to give him the name of the person who tried to poison him.

As they walk into Paloma’s room, Sheridan, Luis, and Pilar all react to seeing her lying there with shock. Pilar goes to her side, saying “My baby girl, my precious baby girl.” Martin looks in from the doorway, saying she looks so frail, and Katherine says she’s so helpless. Sheridan asks the nurse how she is, and the nurse tells her she’s weak, but stable for now. She says it’s possible she has internal injuries. Luis asks if she was assaulted, and the nurse says yes, but they aren’t sure to what degree yet, motioning toward the unused rape kit. Martin says “My God!” at the doorway, and Pilar hears him. Luis tells him it’s all his fault, but Katherine tells him not to say that. Luis tells her no, that he’s been so busy concentrating on them that he’s failed to be there for those he loves, then says they’d better get out of there because if she should die, he will kill them.

The guard finds Sam and calls to him. Sam asks where the other officer is, and is told that he thought he heard something so he went to check it out. Sam says a nurse thought she saw them come this way, but with all the commotion at the E.R. it’s hard to remember what you did or didn’t see. Ethan says they have to keep looking, but Rebecca says they’ve looked high and low. Ethan says they have to keep looking, because if Gwen finds Theresa alone, in her state of mind, there is no telling what she might do.

Theresa tells Gwen she doesn’t want to kill her. Gwen asks if she’s sure, then lists all the things she thinks Theresa has done to her. She says she robbed Sarah of life, stole her embryos, robbed her son of life, and now she’s stolen her baby and she’s trying to steal Ethan. Theresa tells her she’s sorry about Sarah, and about her son, but she says that’s fate’s doing, she didn’t choose it. Gwen tells her that it’s now her turn to decide Theresa’s fate, and a long and happy life with her husband and daughter isn’t in her future. Theresa suggests they go find Ethan and talk to him, but Gwen says there’s nothing to talk about, that Theresa has taken everything from her and now she will take everything from Theresa.


Sam, to Eve: “I just hope we find them before -”

Eve’s response: “Before Gwen does something else she’ll regret.”

(Theresa screams)

Julian, to Alistair: “Now, you tell me who tried to kill you, and you tell me now!”

Pilar: “Please, God, don’t take my Paloma away again.”

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