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Passions Update Monday 1/31/05
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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Sam and Ivy march the three girls - Kay, Simone, and Jessica - into the Bennett living room while Sam says he still can’t believe it, then asks Ivy if it’s true she caught Kay and Simone helping Jessica sneak up the trellis to her room. Ivy says yes, and adds a snide remark about Jessica’s clothes, making sure he didn’t forget about that. He asks Jessica what she was thinking, and why she had cigarettes in her purse. She tells him she’s sorry, but he tells her that’s not an answer, that an answer would be that they aren’t hers, that she’s holding them for a friend, or yes, Dad, I do smoke and they’re mine, then asks which one it is. She tells him she only smokes once in a while, but he asks her why, since she knows the harm smoking can do to a person. He says he thought she was smarter than that and then asks about the way she is dressed, telling her to zip up her jacket. He then asks where they had been tonight. Kay says they just went out, that it was no big deal. He says it is to him when her sister is dressed like a hooker, and Ivy butts in again, as if it’s her business, asking if it’s no big deal, why sneak her sister back in, and that they didn’t want Sam to see Jessica is dressed like a hooker. Sam says he was a fool to trust her, because there she is, sneaking out and smoking cigarettes. He asks where they had been at again. Kay tells him they went to a club, and he asks if they had been drinking, too. All of the girls gave him an adamant “NO!” in reply. He then asks who else was with them and if their boyfriend put them up to it. Simone swears to him they weren’t with any guys, and Kay tells him it was just an innocent girls night out. He asks again if anyone else was with them, and Kay says that Paloma was with them. Ivy asks where she is now, and Sam repeats the question.

In the emergency room, the paramedics roll Paloma in and the nurse tells them to put her in one of the cubicles. She asks if there are any obvious broken bones, and is told no. The doctor comes in and asks what happened, and they say she was beaten, has a head injury, and hasn’t regained consciousness. They tell him her vitals are weak, with BP at 100/62. The doctor tells them to get an IV running, do x-rays, a full blood panel, and maybe an MRI. He asks them to get the on-call neurologist in there right away. The nurse tells him her BP is dropping and he says to get the fluid running right away, that they are losing her.

In Sheridan’s living room, Pilar tells Martin to tell them the reason he left them, that it was a matter of life or death and he had to leave to protect them. She says they want to hear it now. He says he will tell her, that he’s been burdened with the secret all these years and he didn’t tell them because he wanted to spare them pain, but they’ve suffered anyway. She says yes, they have, so he needs to tell them what his secret is right now. Across the room, Alistair is working on Katherine, trying to convince her that she has to stop Martin from talking or Sheridan will be even more of an emotional wreck than she is now. She is sitting by Luis with her head in her hands, looking miserable, and Katherine sees that. Alistair says if she lets Martin tell the secret, it could put her over the edge and they’d never get her back. Katherine tells him to let her know what the secret is, but he says he can’t, that Sheridan can never know what it is or it will destroy her. Luis asks Sheridan if she’s feeling better, but she says she can’t believe she tried to choke her own mother. He tells her she was sleepwalking and didn’t know what she was doing.

She says she was upset by seeing herself stabbing a woman, and then she sees it again in her head. Luis tells her she never stabbed a woman, that it was just a nightmare. She tells him she saw herself holding the letter opener, saw blood on her hands, but he tells her it’s not real, that Alistair put those thoughts in her head and she never killed anyone. Alistair tells Katherine if Martin reveals the secret, it will destroy Sheridan, then asks if that’s what she wants.

In the hospital waiting area, Theresa is still whining about being left alone with an infant and child, and she couldn’t do anything to help when the baby got so sick. Ethan tells her she’s the one who told him to leave, and she says that’s because all he did was defend Gwen, the person who paralyzed her. He tells her to calm down, but she says she won’t because he only thinks about Gwen, the person who took away her ability to be a good mother. Then she asks him if he wants to know what she thinks about her. He says no, but she whines on anyway, telling him she hates her and hopes she rots in jail until she’s dead. He walks away from her, and she tells him to look at her, that she’s in a wheelchair because of Gwen and he left her alone with two kids to go be with her. Again he says he would have been happy to stay with her until someone else came home, but she kicked him out, and she whines that it’s because he was only thinking of Gwen, the person who put her in the wheelchair.

He tells her he is worried about Gwen, that she’s in jail and half out of her mind, but Theresa continues to whine that she belongs in jail because she tried to kill her and left her in a wheelchair, then asks why he worries about Gwen when he should be worried about her and their baby, that the baby was sick and she couldn’t do anything, etc. Ethan tells her she could have called 9-1-1, but she tells him she did and it was busy. He tells her he’s sorry about all of it, but that she got the baby to the hospital and she’s being taken care of. Theresa tells him that if anything happens to their baby, she will make Gwen pay for it for the rest of her life.

In Gwen’s jail cell, she sits on the floor by the cot, watching herself bleed from the cuts she made on her wrists, as Rebecca, Eve, Julian, and the guard come running in. Rebecca is calling her, then, when she sees the blood, she screams about her baby and getting her help. Julian tells the guard to open the door and let Eve in, that she’s a doctor, but he says the last he knew she was in another cell for attempted murder, just like Gwen. Rebecca tells him to open the door and let her help her daughter, and Julian says if anything happens to her the guard will lose his job, so he opens the cell door. Eve runs in, looking at Gwen’s arms and asks for a first aid kit, then tells the guard to call an ambulance, that she needs to get to the hospital right away. Julian tells him to hurry as Eve starts trying to help Gwen. Gwen tells her no, to leave her alone, but Eve keeps on trying to stop the blood. Gwen keeps fighting, but Rebecca tells her to let the doctor look at her, to no avail. Eve asks Rebecca to hold Gwen still and examines her arms. Rebecca asks how badly she’s cut and Eve tells her it looks bad, that she has to stop the bleeding somehow. Julian takes out his hanky and tears it in two, saying maybe this will help, and Eve starts wrapping the cloth around Gwen’s arms. Rebecca asks if she can save her and Eve says she’s going to do what she can but she needs to get to the hospital right away. Hearing this, Gwen smiles and thinks to herself that it’s good, that she needs to get to the hospital right away because Theresa is waiting there for her, waiting to die. She starts to laugh and evil laugh, and the others all look at each other in surprise and dismay. (commercial)

Martin says he hopes telling them his secret will put an end to all their suffering. He says it has caused him so much pain over the years, but mostly he hates what it’s done to them. Pilar tells him whatever it is, it can’t be worth keeping any longer, not after it ruined her life and left her without her husband and their kids without a father. She says he was never a man who would abandon his family for any reason, then asks what happened. He says he is going to tell her the secret and he hopes it helps her move on with her life, that he wants to do the right thing for her. Alistair tells Katherine she has to stop him from telling his secret because it will cause them to lose their daughter forever, then asks if that’s what she wants. She says of course it isn’t, but she still doesn’t believe him and thinks he just doesn’t want Martin to tell his secret. Alistair admits that’s true, and she says of course, he’s only thinking of himself again. She then asks if telling the secret will destroy him, and he says it would, but so what? He asks if she’s willing to risk her daughter’s life and sanity or if she wants to protect her and keep her safe. On the sofa, Luis tells Sheridan she has to believe him, that it was all a nightmare. She says she wants to believe that, but she’s been having sleepwalking episodes and nightmares most of her life. He tells her it’s time to put an end to that, then says that before she woke up, his father was about to tell them some secret, and judging by the look on Alistair’s face it was something that would destroy him. She asks what kind of secret, and he says it is the reason his father left them. She says she hopes it helps his mother to know, and that she hopes her mother has nothing to do with it. He tells her he thinks this secret is going to tell them a lot of things, including why she has nightmares and sleepwalks. Alistair, still trying to get Katherine to stop Martin, asks her if she’s ready to risk her daughter‘s happiness, because when the secret is out there will be no turning back. She asks why he won’t tell her what it is, but he says it’s not something she wants to hear, especially if she loves her daughter. She says he knows she loves her more than anything in the world, and he says she has to stop Martin, then. She walks over to Martin and tells him he can’t tell the secret. Martin is shocked, and asks what she means. Alistair looks on anxiously.

Ethan tells Theresa that they need to not imagine the worst, that Jane is going to be fine. She tells him she has to be, because she doesn’t know what she’d do without her. He says he’s sorry for everything that’s going on, that he knows it hasn’t been easy for her. She jumps on the word “easy”, telling him the Gwen got exactly what she wanted when she stabbed her, that her life is ruined. Ethan has had enough and tells her they need to concentrate on their baby, then asks if the doctor said anything about what was wrong with the baby. She tells him no, the nurse took her into the cubicle and no one’s come out yet. He says he’s sure they are doing everything they can, and she says she doesn’t know why she’s surprised the baby is sick, that she just got her out of the hospital today and she should have left her there until she was stronger. He tells her they wouldn’t have released her if there had been any danger, but she says the baby was so hot and there was nothing she could do. He says he knows, and she tells him she’s been through so much already and she doesn’t know why she has to suffer more. He says he doesn’t, either, and he really wishes he did. She tells him if anything happens to her she doesn’t know what she’ll do.

Eve says at least the bleeding has stopped and Rebecca asks if she’ll be all right. Eve says she should be, but she still needs to go to the hospital. Those words bring another smile to Gwen’s face, and Eve goes on, not noticing, saying she needs a tetanus shot, some antibiotics, and stitches. Rebecca thanks God and Eve. Eve says she feels so bad for Gwen and all she’s been through, and Julian says it’s been a tragedy all around. Rebecca riles up at the word “tragedy”, saying all this is Theresa’s fault, and Gwen wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t driven her insane. Julian says they all know she has reason to hate Theresa, and Eve says that finding out the baby wasn’t hers, but was Theresa and Ethan’s was just to much for her to bear. Rebecca gets on her high horse, saying she’s been trying to drive Gwen insane for years, ever since she decided to stalk Ethan and steal him from Gwen. Rebecca says her daughter is not someone to be thrown out like trash and she will come out of this and deal with Ethan after she’s out of this horror. Eve says the ambulance will be there soon, and Julian tells her she’s spent too long in there already, that they should leave. Eve asks Rebecca if she will take Gwen to the hospital, and she says she will. Eve tells her the danger’s passed, and Gwen silently tells herself that the danger is over for her, but for Theresa it’s just beginning. (commercial)

Sam asks the girls to tell him what happened, then says Paloma was with them and asking where she is now. Kay tells him they don’t know, and he gets upset, asking what she means they don’t know, that Paloma is younger than they, why didn’t they keep an eye on her. He asks what they aren’t telling him. Kay remembers watching the girl dancing in her trashy way and telling Simone they should keep an eye on her because she doesn’t seem to realize how much trouble she could get in. Simone says she doesn’t really know how sexy she is and that she could be giving that guy the wrong impression, but Kay says she knows exactly how sexy she is and what she’s doing. She then remembers Jessica being led out by the guy she was with and hitting him on the head with a bottle to get her away from him. Then the fight started and they managed to get out, but Paloma didn’t make it out with them. Back in the present, Kay says they are hiding nothing, and Jessica says she’s probably still at the club. He gets upset, telling them they should have taken care of her, that she’s new in town and innocent, asking how they could just leave her there. Simone says when they were ready to leave the club, they couldn’t find her. Ivy incredulously asks if they just left her there, and Sam says he can’t believe it, that they are in real trouble. Jessica says “Thanks a lot, Ivy!” Sam says not to blame Ivy, that she didn’t dress her up like that and drive her to the club. He turns to Kay and says she’s her older sister and should know the dangers of going to nightclubs. Ivy tells Jessica she wasn’t trying to get her in trouble, that she was just worried about her, but Jessica snaps that she can spare her the concern. Sam tells her he won’t allow her to talk to Ivy that way and tells her to apologize right now. Jessica says she won’t, then tells Ivy she’s not her mother and she needs to stop acting like she is, then says she wishes she’d get lost, just go back where she came from. Sam gets upset with her, but she tells him she means it, then asks why she can’t just go away.

Paloma is lying in the hospital, unconscious, with machines hooked up to her. The doctor asks how long it’s been since she was knocked out, and the paramedic says she can’t say. She says the police found her unconscious in a back room at a nightclub when they raided after a brawl broke out. The doctor asks if she was involved in it, and she says she doesn’t think so, but it looks like she was attacked. She tells him she was beaten around the head, she has bruises on her wrists, and he clothes were torn. The doctor says it looks like she could have been raped, too. (commercial)

Eve and Julian are walking on the wharf. He asks if she’s warm enough, and she says yes, the cold air feels good. She says she hopes he understands why she didn’t feel like going home, that she just wants to be outside, feeling free. He says he does, and she tells him even though she wasn’t in jail a long time, to her it felt like an eternity. He says it did for him as well. She says thanks for being so good to her and for being there for her, and he says he never wants to be anywhere else. She says it’s awful about Gwen, that she tried to kill herself. He tells her they will have to hope she gets the help she needs. She agrees, then says it seems like everyone they know is going through hard times. He says the one he worries most about is her, because he loves her so much. She says she will never be able to thank him enough for getting her out of that cell, and he says she didn’t belong there, that he knows she never tried to poison Liz. She wishes there were a way to prove it, and he says they will have to find a way. She says she wants to believe him, because if she were to be locked up forever she would lose her mind, like Gwen. He tells her he promises it will be all right, then pulls her to him.

Sheridan sits on the sofa, looking totally drained, and Luis sits beside her. Alistair walks over to get a better look at Katherine and Martin talking.

Martin asks her what she’s talking about, and she says he can’t tell Luis and Pilar his secret. He tells her she doesn’t even know what the secret is, and she says whatever it is, he can’t tell them. Again he asks why, and what’s gotten into her. She says that Alistair told her that if he tells the secret it will destroy Sheridan, and she asks if that’s true. He looks taken aback, but says that’s why he’s kept it a secret for so long. She is shocked to learn Alistair wasn’t lying, then says he can’t tell anyone the secret, ever. Martin tells her he promised Pilar, swore to her he would tell her, and he can’t back down now. Katherine is more upset, telling him he can’t tell her the secret. He tells her that he’s hurt his family very deeply and he has to tell them why, he can’t back down now, that he owes them the truth. She tells him to look at Sheridan, see the shape she’s in, then asks how he can tell the secret if he knows it will only hurt her more. She tells him he can’t tell Pilar the secret. Pilar overhears and asks how dare she try to tell her husband not to tell her why he left his family.

Theresa asks God to make their baby well, and Ethan says she will be fine, that she’s going to be all right. Theresa says it better be, or it will be Gwen’s fault for all the things she’s done to her. He asks her to not say that, but she repeats it, saying she hates her for what she’s done to her and that their baby is in there going through God only knows what because of Gwen.

Rebecca rolls Gwen into the emergency room, with the policeman right behind her. A nurse comes up to them and asks if it’s Gwen, saying she just got a call from the paramedics. Rebecca tells her it is, and that she needs to see a doctor right away. The nurse says that since it was a suicide attempt, there are forms that have to be made out, a police report to fill out. Rebecca huffily tells her that the man with them is a policeman, it happened in jail, and the nurse says she knows but the paperwork has to be done and it will only take a minute and then she can see a doctor. Rebecca says it’s outrageous, but the policeman tells her to just do it. She agrees and goes with the nurse after parking Gwen’s wheelchair beside a desk and telling her to stay right there. She looks around and sees scissors lying on the desk, thinking this is perfect, just what she needs to get Theresa, and this time she won’t fail, Theresa is going to die. (commercial)

Sam tells Jessica she is acting like an obnoxious brat, then asks what’s come over her, that she’s never acted this way before. Jessica says she’s sorry, but she’s sick of Ivy trying to be like her Mom. She says she’s always fussing over him, trying to keep house, trying to cook, adding that she stinks at it. She says she’s always looking over her shoulder, trying to see if she’s studying, and that she’s trying to be her Mom and she isn’t. Ivy says she never tried to be her mother, that she only wanted to be her friend. Jessica tells her she has a lot of friends and Ivy isn’t one of them. Sam says he won’t allow her to be disrespectful of Ivy, telling her that when Grace left them, he didn’t know what he was going to do, how he was going to raise a family by himself, but that Ivy has helped him tremendously. Jessica shoots back that she certainly helped herself into his bed in no time, and Sam tells her that’s enough. She goes on, saying it’s true, and asking why he’s being such a hypocrite. She says he’s always telling them they have to be good girls, and making sure they stay virgins until they marry, but he’s shacking up with his old girlfriend right in front of his kids, telling him he’s setting a great example for them. His phone rings and he answers it, giving Kay a chance to tell Jessica to back off and not make it worse on herself, that this is not the time for this stuff. Simone says she hopes he doesn’t realize they were involved in the police raid, and Jessica says yeah, he would never let her out of the house again, telling Kay she’s lucky she lives with Tabitha. She tells her sister he will find a way to ground her, too, and Simone says her dad would go ballistic. They hear Sam say “Oh, my God, are you sure?”

The doctor tells the nurse to get a sexual assault kit and call in one of the counselors, that he thinks she will need one. The nurse says “Poor kid!”, and the doctor agrees, saying if and when she wakes up they may finally find out what really happened.

Julian sits Eve on a bench on the wharf and tells her not to say any more negative things, that he won’t let anything bad happen to her. She tries to object, but he says she’s innocent and he will do everything in his power to prove it. She looks sad, and he asks what it is, lifting her chin up. She tells him she did want Liz dead, that she hated her with a passion. He says she had good reason to hate her, that she destroyed her marriage, her family. She agrees and says she desperately wanted her dead, then cries out his name, saying she did it, she’s guilty. He looks at her, stunned and disbelieving.

Pilar tells Katherine she can’t believe it, that just when she thinks Katherine can’t get any more evil, she proves her wrong. Martin says “Please.“, and she asks please tell his mistress to shut the hell up, that she has waited 20 years for her husband to tell her why he left her and his children, and asks how dare she tell her husband not to tell her the truth. Luis hears his mother getting upset and comes over to find out what’s going on. She tells him that this woman is trying to keep his father from telling her the truth. Luis doesn’t believe it, but Pilar says it’s true, that she is trying to get his father not to tell them his deep, dark secret, whatever it is. Luis asks if he’s going to listen to her, telling him he promised he would tell the truth. Katherine begs him not to tell them, and Alistair, smiling evilly, quietly tells her to pour it on, keep him from telling the secret. Katherine again tells Martin not to say anything, but Pilar tells her to shut up, then begs Martin to tell them the truth like he promised he would, for her sake and their children’s. (commercial)

Theresa asks Ethan what’s taking so long, why haven’t they told them anything. He tells her he just talked to a nurse who said there was a pileup on the Interstate and they are busy in the E.R. right now. She asks if they are working on her, and he says yes, a pediatrician is with her right now. She tells him she loves the baby so much, and he says he does, too. She says she has to be all right, and he tells her she will be, they just have to pray. She says there has been so much tragedy lately and she doesn’t know how much more she can take. He says how much more any of them can take.

Gwen, in another part of the hospital, grabs the scissors off the desk and hides them under her shirt. She says to herself that it’s all over for Theresa, that this time she’s going to finish what she started and won’t stop until Theresa is dead.

Pilar asks Martin how he can listen to Katherine, that he promised he would tell them the reason he abandoned the family, then asks how he can not tell them. Luis tells him to prove he isn’t the coward they think he is, just stop stalling and tell them. Alistair, talking to himself, tells Katherine to stop him, that he can’t allow Martin to destroy him. Martin tells Luis and Pilar he’s sorry, but he just can’t do it. Luis is dumbfounded, and Martin says he just can’t do it. Alistair smiles and says to himself that Martin is being a good little dog. Pilar is distraught, asking if he really isn’t going to tell them the truth after all this, all the hours she’s begged him to do it. He says to trust him, it’s better this way, but Pilar and Luis don’t believe that. She tells him that he promised, said he was going to do the right thing. Luis, however, says why should they expect anything from him, that he’s proving he’s the liar and coward they knew he was. Martin tells him it’s not what he thinks, but Luis says it is, and he thinks he’s full of it. Pilar points at Katherine, saying she’s doing it, that he is doing what she wants and ignoring what’s right, all for her. Martin tells her it’s not for her, but Pilar asks who it’s for, then, saying he does his mistress’ bidding. She looks at her and calls her a monster, saying that Sheridan tried to kill her and she must have had a good reason. She adds that she wishes she had been able to finish killing her. Martin asks her not to talk that way, and even Luis seems to be trying to stop her. Sheridan tells her not to say that, please. (commercial)

Sam is still on the phone and asks if they are sure it’s Paloma. The girls are upset at the mention of her name. He tells the person on the phone to get a counselor over there right away, and that he is on his way. He hangs up and Ivy asks what happened to her. He tells them all that she is in the E.R., that she was found in a club after a police raid. Kay says uh-oh, and Ivy asks about the raid. Simone asks what happened to her, and Sam says she was beaten up. The girls are stunned, and Ivy asks how she is. He says she’s in bad shape and she’s still unconscious. Kay says “Oh, my gosh”. Sam says they know where she was, that they were there with her and when the raid happened they just ran off and left her. Simone says they looked for her, they wanted to get her out of there, but the police came, and Jessica adds they couldn’t find her. Sam tells her maybe they should have looked a little harder because she might have been raped. Ivy and the girls are shocked by the news, and Sam says he has to go and they’ll continue the discussion when he gets back.

The nurses bag Paloma’s clothes and shoes, saying they may be evidence so they have to be careful with them. One asks the other how she’s doing, and the other says she’s hanging on by a thread. The first asks if she thinks the girl was raped, and the other says the doctor ordered a rape kit and an ob-gyn is on the way to do the test, but from the way she and her clothes look, she would say yes, she’s been raped.

Sheridan is still begging Pilar not to say such horrible things, and the woman begrudgingly apologizes to her. She doesn’t want to cause her more pain. Luis tells Sheridan that Pilar didn’t mean it, that his father and his mistress just pushed the woman too far. She says his mistress is her mother, and Pilar again asks her to forgive her. Alistair is still gloating over his victory, but he silently mocks Pilar by saying she is so close but yet so far, but he can’t let Martin tell anyone the secret. Pilar tells Katherine she feels sorry for Sheridan for having a mother like her, that she is a monster and she had no right to keep Martin from explaining the reason he left them. She tells Sheridan she’s sorry again, but says her mother is an evil, despicable woman. Luis asks her to stop, but she tells him she needs to know the truth. He tries to calm her down again, but then turns to Katherine and tells her she is right, that Katherine is a monster and he wants her to stay away from them, including Sheridan, saying she has no place in their lives. Alistair laughs at that.

Julian tells Eve not to be ridiculous, that there is no way she could have tried to kill Liz and then asks why she said she was guilty. She says it’s because she so desperately wanted her to be dead, then says she doesn’t know, that it was just a blur what happened in the basement that night. He says that’s no wonder, that the wedding had been postponed, Luis was fighting with his father, Pilar was attacking Katherine, and it was an emotional jumble, but she did not try to kill Liz that night. She asks how they know that, that she may have done it and doesn’t know she did it. He is confused at that, asking what she means. She says she doesn’t know, that maybe she did try to kill her even though she can’t remember doing it. He asks her how she could have gone to the hospital, used her card to get the poison, then used it on Liz without knowing about it. She says yes, that does sound pretty insane, and he tells her she’s not a murderer, that her life is devoted to saving people and she couldn’t possibly have tried to kill her sister. Eve seems relieved at that, then says she wishes there were someone who could prove that, someone who could tell them she didn’t do it. Julian gets a thought, and says there is someone who could do that. Eve asks what he means, and he says there is someone who can tell them who the real murderer is, that he knows who can tell them who tried to kill Liz.

Rebecca is still filling out papers, and is upset, saying her daughter could have bled to death by now. The policeman tells her the bleeding has stopped, just sign the papers and get it over with. He says he needs to go check in with the station and leaves. Gwen sees her chance and goes to find Theresa, saying she knows she’s here and she’s going to find her. She starts wheeling herself down the hallway. Theresa tells Ethan they’ve been there forever so she thinks they need to find a doctor and see what’s up. Ethan says he’ll go and takes off down the hall. Theresa decides there may be someone at the nurses station who could tell her something, and she starts wheeling herself that way. Gwen is hot on her trail, and as Theresa tries to stop a nurse going by, she calls her by name and says she’ll be right back, and Gwen is close enough to hear her.

She has found Theresa and says that time’s up. She gets out of the wheelchair and walks toward Theresa with the scissors behind her back. Theresa turns and sees her coming, and Gwen gets a big smile on her face as if she’s glad to see her. Theresa knows her, however, and realizes she’s in trouble, but she can’t do anything about it. She says her name, and Gwen walks closer to her, getting an evil grin on her face as she caresses the scissors behind her back.


Luis to Martin: “Why don’t you go? Why don’t you get the hell out of Harmony and never come back!”

Sam, to Paloma: “Tell me who did this to you.” The beeper goes off, and he calls the nurse.

Ethan, to Rebecca: “We’d better find Gwen before she gets to Theresa.”

Theresa to Gwen: “Please don’t hurt me!”

Gwen’s reply: “Honey, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to kill you!”

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