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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Sam is working at the coffee table in the living room when Ivy brings in a pathetic-looking cake, asking if he wanted a piece. He tells her no, he’s too busy, but she urges him to try it, saying it doesn’t look pretty but she made it herself. He tells her Martha Stewart couldn’t do better, and she is flattered but says she doesn’t think so. She tells him she hasn’t learned how to make Grace’s Tomato Soup Cake, but he says not to worry about it. She confesses she never liked it and asks if he and the girls did. He laughs and says not really, that it was just a family tradition. He says he’s much more in the mood for her chocolate cake, then tries it and says it’s good. She tells him she didn’t even use a mix, and he says she’s more talented than he knew. She tells him she’s glad he’s not still mad at her for telling him about Jessica, and he tells her not to go there. He says he still can’t believe his youngest daughter is prancing around in sexy undies and smoking cigarettes. He says Kay, maybe, but not Jessica, that she’s always been the good girl.

Outside the Bennett house the girls are talking about getting away from the club and wondering what happened to Paloma. Kay says she’s sure the girl is all right and if anyone could talk their way out of getting in trouble it would be her. Jessica still worries, asking if she’s all right why she hasn’t answered her phone. Kay tells her she’s probably still prancing around the club, talking to some hot guy and they’ll hear all about it in the morning. At the club, however, Paloma is still unconscious on the floor of the back room while the police are finishing putting all the guys they caught into the wagon. They figure they got the last of them, and are ready to leave.

At the jail, Julian goes to Eve’s cell and tells her she is free to go, that he’s paid her bail. She thanks him and kisses him in joy, saying she didn’t think she could have stood being there another hour. In Gwen’s cell, in another part of the jail, she is scheming on getting to the hospital to kill Theresa and get “her” baby back.

She pretends to cradle a baby, telling it not to worry, that she’s with her real mommy now and will never have to be around that horrible excuse for a human again. Outside the cell, Rebecca tells Ethan Gwen really believes Theresa’s baby is hers. He agrees, and she asks what’s going to happen when she realizes it is Theresa’s and his, and he tells her they will deal with it when it happens, that at least she’s quiet now. He tells her he has to go to the hospital to see what the emergency is with Theresa. She says his wife needs him, and he tells her that his new-born daughter does, too. She gets upset, saying he is choosing Theresa again, but he tells her that he needs to make sure everyone is ok and leaves. Rebecca watches her daughter cradling the non-existent baby again and says thanks to Theresa her daughter may never be ok again.

In the hospital, Theresa arrives with the baby. A nurse asks what’s going on and she tells her the baby has a high fever and she can’t do anything. The nurse feels the baby and says she is hot, asking how long she’s been that way. Theresa tells her she doesn’t know, jabbering something almost unintelligible about not reaching the medicine and not being able to do anything, etc.

In Sheridan’s living room, she is going crazy, talking about how she stabbed her mother, she remembers it, etc. Alistair tells Martin and Katherine everything is coming back to her and that the money he spent on shrinks was wasted. Luis tries to calm her down, but she still rants.

Alistair asks Katherine if she’s proud of what she’s done to her daughter by coming back to Harmony. Katherine asks Martin what happened that night that caused Sheridan this much pain. He says nothing. Luis tells Sheridan she just dreamed it, that if she had stabbed Katherine she would have a scar on her back, and Sheridan remembers the night she stabbed the woman, then says yes, that she remembers where it would be and then asks Katherine to show her back to her. Katherine agrees, and what Sheridan sees startles her. (commercial)

Sheridan looks at Katherine’s back in horror as Luis tells her she didn’t do anything, pointing out there are no scars. She becomes even more upset, asking Luis what’s happening to her as she burrows into his arms. Katherine wants to console her, too, but holds herself back, knowing she shouldn’t do anything.

Theresa tells the nurse she was so scared, that she couldn’t do anything to help her baby. The nurse tells her it must have been frightening, but that she is here now and they will take good care of the baby. Theresa keeps whining about how she couldn’t do anything, and the nurse calmly tells her not to worry, that she is fine now and the baby is in good hands.

Another nurse comes in and the first one asks her to take Little Ethan to the playroom. He goes with her as the first nurse tells Theresa to give her the baby so she can take her in to the doctor. Theresa tries to tell her she wants to go in, too, but the nurse says the doctor needs to examine Jane alone. She says it won’t take long. Theresa tells her again she wants to go, too, but the nurse rebuffs her again, asking if she doesn’t want the baby to get better. Theresa agrees she does, and the nurse says to give the baby to her so she can take her in right now. Theresa agrees, and the nurse carries the baby out, telling her they will let her know as soon as they know anything. Theresa rolls herself to the waiting room, and Ethan comes in and sees her. He goes to her, asking what is wrong with the baby. Theresa whines that she was burning up with a high fever and she thought she would die, that she was by herself and couldn’t do anything. He says that’s awful, and she goes on to say she couldn’t reach anyone and she hopes she got her here in time. He embraces Theresa as she cries.

Gwen talks to the imaginary baby in her arms, telling her that she will never have to spend one more day with that horrible monster, that there will be no more Theresa in their lives. She daydreams about being in the park with Ethan and their three kids, playing Frisbee and having fun. She comes back to the present and continues to cradle the baby as Rebecca watches from outside the cell. She asks herself why she didn’t try to poison Theresa instead of Eve. She says she didn’t even do a good job of it, asking how she was supposed to know that Liz would drink the punch instead of Eve. She then says it’s ok, that she will be rid of Eve anyway, since everyone believes it was she who poisoned her sister, and Rebecca will remain Mrs. Julian Crane while Eve spends the rest of her life in jail. She hopes Gwen doesn’t have to be in there much longer and wonders why she would have to go to jail for killing the most horrible woman who ever walked the streets of Harmony, wondering where the justice is in that. She walks out of the cell area and Gwen drops her arms, saying Theresa deserves to die. (commercial)

As Eve is finishing dressing to leave, Julian asks if she feels better. She says so much so that she can’t find the words, then asks if it’s true that she really gets to leave. He says they can go this very moment, that he’s signed all the paperwork and the car is waiting for them out front. She tells him she doesn’t know what she would have done if she’d had to stay there any longer, and as they start to walk out he tells her she shouldn’t have spent even one minute behind bars, that he knows she didn’t try to poison Liz.

They stop walking and she tells him he is in a distinct minority, but that she doesn’t blame everyone for thinking she did it. She says as far as she knows she’s the only person in Harmony who had problems with Liz, and that she’d never heard of her having any other enemies. Julian tells her she must have, because someone tried to poison her. He says he’s glad she didn’t drink enough of it to kill her. Eve says he would have had a hard time bailing her out then, and he says he doesn’t know. He tells her this will give them a little time, that since the police aren’t trying to find another suspect they can do some investigating on their own. Rebecca walks in then, and he acknowledges her presence. She asks why Eve is out of her cell, that she had been arrested for attempting to murder her sister. Julian tells her Eve is out on bail, and Rebecca doesn’t look too pleased by that. Eve tells her that she must think it is unfair since Gwen is still locked up in here, and Rebecca tells her she has no idea. Julian tells her he checked again out front but they are still denying bail for Gwen, saying she is a danger to herself and others. Eve tells her she can’t imagine the terrible torment she must be going through, then takes Rebecca’s hand and says to tell Gwen her love and prayers are with her. Rebecca looks confused, not knowing what to feel, but she pulls her hand away carefully and says she will. Julian tells her he will do everything he can to help. Rebecca says she appreciates that, especially in light of their marital situation. She goes on to say they’ve all had their fair share of tragedy since Luis and Sheridan’s wedding fell apart, then gives Eve as an example, ending with “My, how the mighty have fallen.” She just couldn’t help getting a dig in. Julian tells her goodnight, then takes Eve and starts walking away. Eve stops, turns, and calls Rebecca’s name. The woman asks what she wants, and Eve says she was in the basement when Liz drank the punch, then says she wants to hear the real story.

Kay tells Jessica she shouldn’t worry so much about Paloma, that she’s the one that will be in real trouble if their dad sees her in the clothes she almost has on. Simone adds floozing around a nightclub at her age. Jessica protests that she’s only a couple years younger than the two of them, but Simone says that won’t help her if her dad catches her in that getup, that she will be grounded until she’s 80 if he sees her in it. Kay says the only thing they can do is help her sneak back into her room before they see her, then wonders how they can do that. Jessica says she’ll climb up the trellis and starts doing just that, banging it against the wall. Ivy hears the noise and asks Sam if he did. He figures it’s the wind, but she decides to check it out.

With Paloma still unconscious on the nightclub storeroom floor, the police are still leading the guys they caught out to the transport. One asks how many they think they got, and another says they got everyone who hadn’t gotten away before they got there. Another one says he caught a couple of the biggest guys hiding in the ladies room stall. The first says they are real he-men, and another wonders at the fact they thought the police wouldn’t do a thorough search of the place. Another guy says to hold on, and when asked why, he said he hadn’t looked in one of the back rooms and wasn’t sure anyone else had, either. He says he’ll be right back and heads on in. He goes into the room and finds Paloma lying there. (commercial)

Luis tells Sheridan that she never stabbed her mother when she was a little girl, she never stabbed anyone. Pilar tells the shaken woman she will go make her some tea, Sheridan tells Luis she doesn’t understand it, that she saw it very clearly, the blood on her hands and the letter opener. She asks if she’s having another breakdown. He tells her no and takes her to sit in a chair as the others watch. Alistair walks over beside Katherine and asks her if she’s proud of herself, saying her coming back to Harmony has caused more pain for her daughter than he leaving had. She says she can’t stand to see her daughter in so much pain, that she deserves to hear the truth that Martin says he has to tell them. Alistair asks how she can be so selfish, that all the half-truths she’s been telling her have done enough to her, but if Martin tells her all he knows, it will destroy her. He adds that she’s been very lucky so far to bounce back from all her misfortunes.

He walks away, but Katherine follows him, telling him he withheld love, warmth, and any confidence she ever had in herself, and that it’s a miracle she’s survived and bounced back with as much resilience as she has. He tells her not to try to pit her parenting skills against hers, that he may not have been much of a father, but she had never been any kind of mother at all. She says that’s thanks to him, but he says that’s irrelevant now because he thinks she’ll still blame herself for all her misfortunes and all that self-incrimination would kill her. She asks him what this secret is that he and Martin share that is so god-awful that nobody can hear it. He tells her she doesn’t want to know, and their daughter should never know, unless she doesn’t care that it will destroy her.

Rebecca tells them she doesn’t have time right now to talk, that Gwen needs her. Julian tells her to wait, that she can see Gwen in a little while, but right now he wants her to tell them what happened, to go through the whole basement thing step by step. Eve begs her to help, saying her mind is such a jumble about that night. Rebecca tells her she’s already heard it all, that she told her everything. Eve says she knows, but that Rebecca is the only one who was there, then asks if there’s anything else she remembers seeing and that she saw Rebecca out of the corner of her eye but she was too busy arguing with Liz to pay attention. She remembers the words they spoke to each other, with Liz accusing her of deserting her to her father’s abuse and Eve telling her to get over it and that for all the scarring she claims she has from it, it sure didn’t stop her from sweating up the sheets with TC. Back in the present, Rebecca says it’s like she already said, like she told the police, that the two women were fighting so loudly that she didn’t really see anything else, then remarks on such yelling between two sisters. Eve says she must have seen everything, that she knows she didn’t put the poison in Liz’s punch and asks if Rebecca saw anyone else do it. Rebecca asks if she wants to know if she saw someone put the poison into the punch, but tells her there was no one else down there, only Eve and Liz and they were arguing loudly and saying horrible things to each other so she only wanted to get away as quickly as possible. Julian sarcastically says they are well aware of her delicate and fragile sensibilities. Rebecca tells him he can scoff all he wants, but she was only down there for five seconds at the most. Eve says she knows it was confusing , angry, and chaotic, but says she saw her at the punchbowl. Rebecca is unnerved, telling her that she didn’t even drink any punch, then rambling on about how raucous it was upstairs and down and it was just a jumbled mess. Julian wonders about her being so sure of things when the police interviewed her, and she asks if he’s suggesting that she is lying. He says he only wants to make sure she remembers everything, and she says she was only there five seconds. Eve says that might be long enough for her to have seen something she could use in her defense, then asks if she saw anyone put anything in the punch while she was there. Rebecca acts offended and asks if she wants to know if she saw someone dump poison in the punch bowl. She continues, saying that the only ones there were Liz and Eve. Julian adds that Rebecca was there, too, and Rebecca strikes back by saying she can’t think of anyone who would want to harm Liz except…and looks at Eve. Julian tells her that’s enough, and she shoots back that Eve had asked. She tells him he might as well face it, everyone else has, that there is only one person in Harmony that hated Liz and wanted to get rid of her once and for all, and that’s Eve.

Theresa asks what’s taking so long to examine Jane. Ethan tells her they are trying to be thorough, reminding her she wants to find out what’s wrong with her. She asks if he knows what it’s like to be stuck at home with their little girl, unable to do anything to help her. He says it must have been awful, then asks about Little Ethan. She tells him he’s in the play room, then says she’s glad he hadn’t seen her falling apart and had to worry about whether his little sister would make it or not, that she had had to wake him up because she couldn’t leave him alone. He asks how she got to the hospital, and she cries that she had to take a cab and it took a really long time to get one that could accommodate her, then asks if he knows what it’s like not to be able to get his child’s medicine because it’s too high, or not be able to give her a bath to get her fever down. She asks what kind of mother she is since she cant do anything to help her baby. He holds her and tries to calm her down.

Gwen stands in her cell, calm and collected, saying not this time, that Theresa has already gotten away with far too much, there is no way she is going to let her take her baby girl. She paces around, wondering why they took Theresa to the hospital and bemoaning the fact she hadn’t been able to kill her the first time. She says she’s locked in jail and wonders how she can get out to go kill Theresa. She sits on the cot and feels her bottom land on something. She pulls Rebecca’s handbag out from under her straight jacket and is pleasantly surprised to see it. She opens the purse and looks inside, finding a compact, and, looking at it, she decides she knows what she can do. She thanks she mother, then slams the compact against the metal of her bed until the mirror breaks.

She opens the compact, takes out a piece of glass, and starts cutting her wrists, saying that ought to do it. (commercial)

As Jessica is climbing the trellis, Kay tells her to hurry. She says it’s not easy in her heels, and Simone tells her to take them off. She starts to do that and Kay tells her to hurry, if their dad catches them he’ll go nuts. Jessica tells her that her skirt is caught, and Simone is not happy to hear that. Jessica tells her to help her get it unhooked, and then Ivy comes out and catches them. She tells Jessica to get down now, and Kay says they can explain. Simone backs her up, but Jessica jumps down and Ivy is sidetracked by her outfit. She asks Jessica what she’s wearing and the girl innocently says it’s a new outfit. Ivy tells her she looks like a hooker and her father will kill her. Jessica begs her not to tell their dad, and Kay adds he’ll be furious, and Ivy says that’s putting it mildly. Kay asks her not to give them away, to just go back into the house and pretend she saw nothing and they will have Jessica in her room in a minute or so. Jessica promises her she’ll never do it again, and Ivy says she has that right, that her father will never let her out of the house again. Jessica says there’s no reason to turn them in, that they will never do it again, then reminds her that she was young once, too, asking her to have a heart.

The policeman checks Paloma’s pulse, then yells at the other officer to get in there, that a girl is hurt. The other officer says he’ll call an ambulance, and the first one says it might be too late.

Theresa asks Ethan what kind of mother can’t protect her child from a high fever, that Jane could have died in her arms today. He says no, she is fine, that Theresa did everything she could and that she’s at the hospital now where they will take care of her and she will be fine. She tells him it shouldn’t have been that way, that she shouldn’t have been alone. He says he knows, and that he’s sorry she was. She asks how he could leave her there with a wheelchair she doesn’t know how to use with two children to take care of. She asks him why he didn’t stay until someone else got home. He tells her that’s not fair, that he told her he didn’t want to leave her alone but she told him to go. She says that’s because all he could think of was Gwen, that she wanted him to be concerned about her and their baby but he only thought about Gwen. She said she had never needed him more than she did tonight but he just left her.

In her cell, Gwen watches the blood come from her arm and smiles, proud of herself. She then starts to cut the other wrist, too, still smiling. In the other part of the jail, Julian tells Eve it is time to go. Rebecca tells him not to be mad at her, calling him Pookie. She smugly tells Eve that is the name she calls her husband, emphasis on the “my”. Julian tells her that’s not necessary, but Rebecca says it’s not her fault Eve’s hens have come home to roost. She says she really can’t think of anyone else who wanted Liz dead, and the even she is surprised that Eve tried to kill her own sister. Eve tells her she didn’t poison her sister’s drink, and Julian tells her he knows she didn’t and it doesn’t matter what Rebecca thinks. Rebecca sarcastically tells him thanks for his support, that she wouldn’t want to offend his mistress. Eve takes Julian’s hand and says she’s ready whenever he is, and he says he’s more than ready. In her cell, Gwen is still smiling, proud of herself, as she cuts her other wrist and sees they are both bleeding very well. She tells herself that this should get her to the hospital and close to Theresa. She screams, and Rebecca hears her, telling Julian and Eve that it’s Gwen and running toward her. Julian and Eve follow her. (commercial)

Kay tells Ivy the world hates a rat, and she asks what she said. Jessica begs her not to turn them in to their dad, that it will only upset him and she knows Ivy doesn’t want that. Ivy agrees, but says he should know what his daughters are up to and what they are wearing. Kay tells her she already lectured Jessica on what she’s wearing and that she’s promised never to go out dressed like that again. She asks Jess if that’s right, and her sister agrees. Kay asks her to not tell Sam, to just forget what happened here. Ivy says she’d love to, but she doesn’t want to lie to Sam, and he is their dad and he deserves to know what ‘s going on. Kay tries to argue, but Ivy says she’s sorry, she has no choice, and knocking on the window to get his attention she tells Sam to come outside. Jess tells her thanks a lot as Sam steps out the door, asking if everything is all right. As Kay tries her best to hide Jessica so he won’t see what she has on, he sees the girls and asks what the heck is going on.

Sheridan tells Luis she wants to believe him, and he says do it. He says she saw Katherine’s back, that there were no stab marks, that it was a nightmare and wasn’t real. Across the room, Alistair is still working on Katherine. He tells her she knows he’s right, and she asks how she can know that when she doesn’t even know the secret. He tells her it’s a shame Martin hasn’t shared it with her, but the fact he didn’t must give her an idea of it’s potential impact. He says if she never believed him before, she needs to do so now, because if Martin comes forth and tells the secret it will destroy Sheridan in such a way that she may never recover, then asks if that’s what she wants for her daughter. (commercial)

Sam says he asked the girls a question, then repeats it, asking what’s going on. Kay tells him nothing, that they had just gone out and she and Simone were walking Jessica home. He asks Jessica if that’s true, and she asks if he thinks they would lie to him. Sam says he hopes not, but Ivy opens her big mouth and tells Jessica that her father wants to know where they’ve been and why she’s dressed the way she is. Sam tells Kay to move from in front of her sister as he pulls her to one side. He sees the cigarettes sticking out of Jessica’s purse and grabs them, asking if she is smoking, too. She says she only tried them once, but he tells her not to lie to him, that they found more up in her room, and then he asks where she got the trashy clothes.

She protests that they aren’t trashy, that all the girls wear them. He says not his girls, then asks again where she got them. She tells him she bought them. Sam says they are all going inside, and that both his girls are in trouble.

The officer covers Paloma with his jacket, then feels for a pulse again, saying he is barely getting one. He asks what kind of monster would do something like this, then says he has a sister about her age. He hears the siren of the ambulance coming and tells her to hang on.

Pilar gives Sheridan a cup of tea and she and Luis both say thanks. She then moves on over to where Martin is standing and asks if Katherine knows the real reason he left Harmony. He tells her no, saying he’s never told her nor anyone else. Pilar tells him she needs to know why he left Harmony and deserted her and their children. She makes him swear that he will tell her the truth. He swears to her that he will. Across the room, Alistair asks Katherine if she thinks Sheridan looks shook up now, then says once Martin starts spilling his Irish Catholic guts, he and she are going to condemn Sheridan to a life of anguish and suffering. Katherine asks him how he can say that, but he tells her to call his bluff, saying that the truth will drive their high-strung daughter to take her own life, that she won’t be able to live with the knowledge of what Martin is going to say. She asks how bad it could be, and he tells her she doesn’t want to know, that she needs to stop Martin from telling what he knows.

Theresa is still whining to Ethan, saying he left her alone in that house with an infant and a little boy. He tells her again that she is the one who told him to leave, kicked him out. He says he would have been more than happy to stay there until someone else came home. She tells him she wanted him gone because all he could think about was Gwen, the person who did this to her. Ethan tells her to calm down, but she says she won’t calm down as long as all he does is defend her, the person who put her in this wheelchair and took away her ability to be a good mother. She asks if he wants to know how she feels about Gwen, and he tries to say no, but she tells him anyway. She says she hates her and hopes she rots in jail until she’s dead. He looks at her as though he can’t believe what he heard her say.

Gwen kneels on the floor of her cell, looking at her bleeding arms and smiling, very pleased with herself. Rebecca comes running in screaming when she sees her, and Gwen stops smiling, looking worried.

Julian tells the guard to open the cell, that she needs a doctor. He says he will call the hospital, but Eve tells him she is a doctor, to just let her in with her. The guard scoffs, saying the last time he looked she was sitting in cell number 8. Rebecca asks what’s wrong with him, telling him her daughter needs help. He tells her Eve was locked up for attempted murder, just like Rebecca’s daughter. Eve says yes, but she’s still a doctor, then asks if he wants to let Gwen bleed to death or let her in to take care of her. Julian tells him he will lose his job if anything happens to Gwen, and the guard opens the door. Eve rushes in, checks out her arms, and says she needs to go to the hospital right now. Gwen is thrilled, and in her mind she tells Theresa that she will be there with her soon to kill her once and for all.


Gwen, wrists wrapped, sitting in a wheelchair: “Scissors. That’s exactly what I need to kill Theresa.”

Gwen, walking toward Theresa with scissors behind her back: “And this time Theresa is going to die.”

Alistair, to Katherine: “If Martin reveals his secret, our daughter will be destroyed. Is that what you want?”

Ivy, to girls: “So, where is Paloma now?”

Nurse, checking the unconscious Paloma: “BP is dropping, doctor.”

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