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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

The show starts with a re-run of the escape from the club by Kay, Simone, and Jessica, then their realization that Paloma didn’t make it out with them. They are trying to get someone to let them back in or to send their friend out, but no one is listening. Meanwhile, inside the club, Paloma is being held by the guy she was dancing with and he means to make her go through with her “promises” she made on the dance floor by the way she was dressed and the way she danced. All the yelling she does can’t be heard by anyone else and she seems to be in a lot of trouble.

In her living room, Theresa holds her daughter who is burning with fever. She needs to get the baby cooled off but realizes there is no way she can get to the cabinet where the medicine is, and even if she could, she couldn’t reach it. She thinks about a cool bath, then realizes she can’t do that, either. She wonders what she is going to do then regrets throwing Ethan out of the house to go see Gwen. She damns Gwen for doing this to her, then tries to calm the baby.

In the jail, Gwen asks Ethan to get her out, that she hears her baby crying and knows that she needs her. She gets more and more agitated, and Rebecca tells him that she was doing so much better and now she’s getting worse again. She says if Theresa doesn’t drop the charges, Gwen will never get out of there and come to her senses. Ethan tells her that Theresa is adamant, and she gets more upset, telling the guard to let her out so she can talk to her son-in-law. The guard grants her wish, then tells Ethan that if it were up to him, he’d let Gwen out and keep Rebecca locked up. She tells him she heard that, but he doesn’t care. She tells Ethan that he is Gwen’s husband, that they have to do something. She tells him to look at her, and they see Gwen sitting on the floor, quiet. She tells him that Gwen is fine now, but she goes in and out of madness, one minute lucid and the next, violent. He says he knows that one minute she realizes the baby is Theresa’s and the next she thinks it’s hers, and Rebecca adds that it breaks her heart when she talks about her dead babies as if they were at home waiting for her. She asks him whose fault it is, then says “Theresa, Theresa, and - oh - Theresa!” She says the girl has finally won, that she’s finally destroyed her daughter. Ethan tells her she has to remember that Gwen tried to kill Theresa, but she says it was after Theresa drove her crazy, that if she were in her right mind she never would have been caught by doing it in front of witnesses. She says her daughter will be tried for attempted murder and end up locked up in jail or in an institution for the criminally insane. He tells her that won’t happen, that he will get Theresa to drop the charges. Rebecca asks hopefully if he really thinks that will happen, but he tells her no, not really, that she’s paralyzed, can’t stand or walk, and she wants Gwen to pay whether she meant to do it or not. Gwen says she should have killed her when she had the chance, that she stole her baby and it’s her fault she doesn’t have her child. She says she will make her pay, that she will kill her.

In her bed, Sheridan is twisting and turning, dreaming of when she was a child and heard a woman telling Alistair that she was going to kill him. She went in, saying she wouldn’t let her hurt her daddy, and picked up a letter opener, stabbing the woman in the back with it, over and over, until the woman falls to the floor and the girl says she killed her. Sheridan wakes up, still half- dreaming, then realizes where she is and tells herself it was only a bad dream. In the living room, Luis tells Martin to tell them the truth, the whole story of what happened and why he left his family, with no excuses and no more delays. Alistair tells Martin not to say anything, but Luis tells him to shut up, then tells Martin he has to tell the truth, there is no reason not to now. He gets upset, talking about Sheridan sleepwalking again, how all the bad things that happened to her as a kid are coming out, and when Katherine touches her throat, Luis tells her yes, she tried to kill her and she’s lucky they got there when they did or she might well have choked the life out of her. Luis says it’s a good thing he got her to sleep because there is no telling what she might have done next. He goes on to say that if what Martin has to say has anything to do with what happened to Sheridan to cause her to sleepwalk, he’ll beat it out of him if it will help her. Alistair says nothing will help her, but Luis tells the old man to shut up, then turns back to Martin and tells him it’s time for the truth right now. Pilar steps up and begs him not to make them wait any longer. Martin thinks about it, then says he can’t keep the secret any longer, that he will tell them all about it. (commercial)

Gwen says she’s going to kill Theresa, and Rebecca tells Ethan that sounds rational, maybe she’s better. Gwen goes on to say that trash stole her baby and she’s going to kill her. Rebecca says “Oops, spoke too soon.” Ethan tells Gwen to stop talking like that, it will only make things worse if the guards hear her. She asks how it could get worse than it is, saying Theresa has her Ashley, then asks where Nathan is, wondering if he’s in the car. Ethan tells her Nathan is not here and she explodes, asking where he is, then saying she has to get her Ashley away from Theresa. She goes on, saying if she won’t give her back, she will just have to kill her. She says she has to get out of here and get her Ashley away from Theresa, and if the only way to do that is over Theresa’s dead body, then so be it. Rebecca gets worried, telling Ethan that if they hear her Gwennie talking like that they won’t believe the attack on Theresa was premeditated and they won’t buy the insanity defense. Gwen is more agitated now, running toward the cell door where Ethan is standing and kicking at it, yelling at him to let her out of here, that she has to go get her baby from Theresa because she kills babies. She is acting like a wild woman, and he tells her to take a breath and calm down. She screeches at him, asking how she is supposed to calm down when her Ashley is with the Queen of Infanticide, then asks him why he’s not upset, too. He tries to tell her the DNA test showed the baby is Theresa’s, but she won’t listen. She storms around the cell, yelling louder and louder, saying Theresa has their Ashley and they need to get her back before the woman kills her, and then she is going to kill Theresa for what she’s done.

Theresa is on hold with 9-1-1, and she calls the doctor’s office to try to get help. The person on the other end sounds dismissive, saying babies run high temperatures and not giving Theresa a chance to explain that the baby just came home after almost dying and isn’t like other babies. She tries to get her to understand it is an emergency, and the person finally tells her to take the baby to the hospital. Theresa agrees, then realizes she can’t drive and no one else is there to take her. She tries to calm herself as she’s calming the baby, but she’s very worried, wondering how she will manage to get the baby to the hospital.

Alistair tells Martin to keep his mouth shut, that he won’t like the price he has to pay for telling his secret. Katherine tells him to shut up and let Martin speak. Martin says he can’t keep it to himself any longer, that it cost him his wife, his children, and forced him to run from Harmony. Pilar tells him not to stop, that the only thing she needs to get on with her life is the reason he really left her. Luis tells him to get on with it, that they’ve waited enough years to hear his excuse. Alistair sidles up to him and whispers that if he talks, it will be the biggest mistake he’s ever made, that he won’t allow anyone to destroy him. Martin looks at him, then tells the others that what he’s about to say is not something he’s proud of, that it has hung over his life like a dark cloud ever since….then he stops and asks how he’s going to say this. He tells Pilar that she has a right to hate him, but when she hears the guilt he has been living with all this time she will realize it’s worse than anything she could ever dish out. Alistair walks up behind him, pokes him in the back, and says “Silence, imbecile!” Katherine looks at Martin and tells him she loves him, whatever it is, just say it. He tells her he hopes she still loves him ten minutes from now. He talks about “that night, that horrible night”, but right then Sheridan calls out Luis’ name and comes into the living room and into his arms, telling him she just had the most horrible nightmare. She looks around and sees all the people, then asks what’s going on. Then she sees the marks on her mother’s throat and asks what on earth happened to her. Katherine just looks at her, and she looks from one person to another and asks them to please tell her what’s going on here. (commercial)

Outside the club, the girls are still trying to get back in and find Paloma. Kay hollers at her to hurry up and come out, and Jessica yells that in America, nice girls don’t get into bar fights. Kay seizes the opportunity to get on to her again, saying they don’t dress like hookers, smoke, and give lap dances to men they don’t know, either. Jessica asks what’s up, that 10 minutes ago she was saying she loved her. Kay tells her she’s been acting incredibly stupid tonight, that she doesn’t even know those guys and one of them could be the next Ted Bundy. Simone pops up, telling her not now, and besides, she’s the one that started the bar fight, anyway. She tells Kay to try the door again, but the girl snaps that it’s still locked, then shakes it to prove her point. She hollers at Paloma in Spanish, telling her to hurry up. Simone says she may be in real trouble, and Kay tells her they have to do something. They ask what, and she says there is one thing, but they aren’t going to like it. Inside, the man is still trying to force Paloma to give him what he wants. She struggles and tries to fight but she’s not strong enough. She gets away for a minute but he gets her again and starts tearing at her clothes, pushing her over a desk as she struggles and screams to let her go.

Sheridan again asks Katherine what happened, who did this to her. The woman remembers Sheridan telling her she should be dead because she killed her, and Katherine replying that she killed on one, that she is her mother and she loves her. Then Sheridan grabs her throat again and starts choking all over again, telling her she is supposed to be dead because she killed her. Back in the present, Sheridan looks at Alistair and asks if he did this to her. He tells her not to use that tone with him, then says he never touched her. Pilar starts to tell her the truth, but Luis pushes her aside, saying no and taking hold of Sheridan’s arm. He goes on to say that everything is ok, but Sheridan tells him no it’s not, telling him to look at Katherine’s neck. She says it’s not ok, that she remembers having a nightmare, then waking up and coming out there with them and finding her mother like that. Luis tells her it will all be ok, but she says it won’t, telling him not to talk to her like a child, and the words cause her to pause, thinking. She looks at her hands and asks how she got so filthy, then realizes she was sleep walking again. She asks if it’s true and Luis says yes, but it’s ok. She again tells him not to talk to her like a five year old, that she remembers dreaming she was out on the grounds and realizes that Martin was there, saying he was going to build a gazebo. She says she had blood on her hands, and asks why she can’t remember it, then realizes she is the one who hurt Katherine. The woman tells her it’s fine, but she says it isn’t, that she is the one who hurt her, and then asks what’s happening to her. Across the room, Alistair quietly begs her not to say anything more, for her own sake. He almost sounds worried about her. (commercial)

Gwen repeats that she is going to kill Theresa for what she’s done to her and her baby. She asks Ethan what if the woman hurts Ashley, what if she tries to kill her, then tells him she needs to stop her before she can do anything to her. Rebecca tells her to stop, that she is frightening her. Gwen says she’s sorry, and Rebecca tells her it’s ok, she is just worrying her, and then Gwen spits out that she’s sorry she can only kill Theresa once. Rebecca tells Ethan she prefers her playing hopscotch with her imaginary children because at least she’s happy, but when she’s violent like this…. Ethan says either way it’s not good because she’s lost touch with reality. Rebecca says she knows, that when she’s violent like this she could hurt herself again, that Theresa deserves whatever she gets but when Gwen is like this she is only making things worse for herself. Gwen spits out that she’s really tired of waiting for the two of them to get her out of here, but Ethan tells her they are trying. She says trying doesn’t cut it because she needs to get out of there and go to Ashley, that she’s crying for her. She asks if they can’t hear her crying, and Rebecca tells her she’s stopped, that maybe Nanny got her a bottle. Gwen asks her if she’s insane, saying she hasn’t, then telling them if they won’t get her out she will find someone who will. She starts calling for someone to come get her out, and Rebecca tells her not to do that, that someone could see her like this. She tells her to get her out, and Ethan tells her to stop, that calling anyone in there would only be a mistake. She answers that the only mistake she made was not killing Theresa when she had the chance, saying she had the scalpel in her hand and should have cut her in half and pulled her guts out. She says that way her baby would be with her where she belongs and not with Theresa. Rebecca tells her someone might hear her, but she only screams louder that she wants her baby now.

Theresa calls her mother and leaves a message for her, saying that the baby is sick and she needs to take her to the hospital but needs someone to come take them. She adds that if she knows where Ethan is would she please call him and let him know. She hangs up, then tries 9-1-1 again, finding it busy. She wonders how that could be, then keeps trying to calm both the baby and herself down. She figures maybe the nurse put her medicine in her diaper bag and manages to roll herself over to it and hold on to Jane, too, but when she gets there and grabs the bag, it spills out and the medicine rolls under the sofa. She has no way to get it and tries to think of what she can do, saying she is alone and no one can help her so she has to figure something out.

Kay asks Simone how they can help Paloma when they are locked out, and she tells them there is only one way - call the cops. Kay tells her there is no way, but Simone says there is no other way, people are being hurt in there and they have to get Paloma out. Jessica reminds her that their father is the Chief of Police, and Kay adds that if he finds out she and Jessica are there he will kill them. Jessica says he will go ballistic if he finds out they are there dressed like they are. She adds that they don’t know for sure that Paloma’s in trouble, but they hear fighting and yelling and Simone tells them they got out but she didn’t and she’s worried, then says they know they are worried, too. The sisters look at each other as she goes on, saying their dad never needs to know, and besides, they can’t just desert her. Jessica says she’s right, and Kay agrees that Paloma needs their help. She says to call the cops, but then they are getting out of there, there is no way their dad can find out they are there. Inside, Paloma is still trying to fight the guy off, but he likes her struggling, saying he likes when girls like the rough stuff. He says he’s good at that. She manages to hit him and get him off her, but before she can get out the door he grabs her and tells her that’s a big mistake, one she will pay for, then slugs her and knocks her back across the desk. He jumps on and starts to rape her.

Sheridan is horrified by what she’s done to her mother. Alistair speaks up and says she’s a Crane, that she wanted justice and took action. He asks who knew she had such strengths. Katherine tells him to shut up, then tells Sheridan that she was asleep and didn’t know what she was doing. She tells her it’s not alright, that she hurt her and that’s not something she does, she isn’t a violent person. Pilar tells her of course she’s not, telling her she was dreaming. Suddenly she says she remembers her nightmare, all of it. She remembers being a child and hearing a man and woman arguing as she walked down the hallway. She says Father was the man and he needed her help so she picked up a letter opener and ….then she realizes she killed someone, that she stabbed them with the knife and there’s blood all over her hands. Luis tries to calm her but she tells him no, she killed someone, that she saw her lying on the floor and she wasn’t moving. She turns to her mother, saying it was her, that she stabbed her, she killed her, then talked about all the blood. (commercial)

Kay says the cops will be here any second and they need to leave. Simone says they need to stay until they are sure they get there to help Paloma. Jessica tells her she’s right, but Kay’s right, too, that all the cops in town know to be on the lookout for Chief Bennett’s daughters, that it’s like living in a police state. Kay chastises her, telling her to stop it, that they’ve been pretty lucky to have so many people to look out for them, then says Jessica had it easy compared to her, that Mom and Dad watched her like hawks. They hear the sirens of the police cars and Kay says they need to get out of here. She asks Jessica if she can run in her red, spiked heels, and she says she’ll try as they take off. Simone stands there for a minute, saying she hopes Paloma is all right, then she takes off, too. Inside, the man is still having his way with the girl while she cries and yells. He tells her to make all the noise she wants to, that she can’t get it better than him. (I’m not sure about these words, but it’s the closest I can figure them out to be.) He hears the sirens and says he’s out of there, getting off her. She gets up and heads for the door, yelling for help, but he grabs her and asks where she’s going. He tells her there’s no way she is going to rat him out to the cops, then slams her against the wall, hitting her head and knocking her out. She falls to the floor as he watches. He stands over her and asks himself if he killed the little skeeze, then turns and runs out, leaving her there.

Luis is trying to calm Sheridan down but she is too upset, talking about stabbing her mother. She walks away and he follows, and Alistair goes to Martin telling him that night is all coming back to her, asking if he sees what it’s doing to her and saying she is a soul in torment. Then he says apparently all the money he spent on therapy for her was wasted. He walks away and Katherine asks Martin what happened back then, what happened to her little girl. He looks wary, but says nothing. Sheridan is rubbing her hands together, trying to get the imaginary blood off them. Luis tries to stop her, telling her she didn’t kill anyone. Alistair asks if Martin is proud of himself now, and Katherine asks what is it, what is she remembering. Sheridan asks Luis why the nightmare was so real, and Luis tells her it’s because that sick old man planted it in her head all those years, convincing her she killed her mother. He tells her it’s no wonder she had n8ightmares, and even sleepwalked. She stares at her mother, then remembers again stabbing the woman. She tells Luis no, it was real, she remembers stabbing her and she remembers exactly where it was, too. Luis tells her it didn’t happen, that it’s all in her mind, then says if she stabbed her, she would have scars. Sheridan agrees there would be scars, and Luis asks Katherine to show her there are no scars, that this terrible thing didn’t happen. Katherine just looks at them. (commercial)

Theresa is on the phone with a cab company and gives them her address. She tells them she is in a wheelchair and needs a cab that will accommodate that. She then says she can’t wait that long, telling them her daughter is very ill and she can’t wait that long. She asks them to send it as soon as possible and then hangs up, telling the baby they will be at the hospital before long. She complains about not being able to do anything on her own, not even take her baby to the hospital. (Her words are all jumbled and I can’t make out what she is saying )

Gwen says she wants to see Theresa dead, to see her cold, hard body thrown into a hole in the ground. She asks why they are just standing there, that she needs help so she can get her baby back from Theresa, saying God only knows what she’s done to her. Ethan says “Honey, please”, but she yells at him to not sweet talk her, to get her out of there. Rebecca tells her she’s not making any sense and Gwen goes ballistic. The guard finally comes in, asking what is going on, and Gwen tells him to make himself useful and open the gate so she can get her baby back from Theresa. Rebecca tells him not to pay any attention to her, saying she’s just a teeny bit upset, and Gwen screeches again. Rebecca thinks quick and tells the guard that it’s Primal Scream Therapy, then describes it to him by saying just a few good screams and all your tension melts away, then demonstrates a scream for him, acting like it helped. He tells her to tell Gwen to scream quietly next time, then tells Ethan he has a message at the front desk, saying someone called and it seemed like an emergency. Ethan tells Rebecca he’d better go see what’s wrong, and she tells him she will stay with Gwen and see if she can get her to rest. He hollers at Gwen that he will be right back and she ignores him. After he leaves, Rebecca tries to think of something to do, then decides they should look at Mommy’s diamonds since it always works. She shows her a square one, describing it, but Gwen says she doesn’t care about diamonds, sending Rebecca into shock. Gwen says she needs to get her baby back and she doesn’t care what she has to do to get her back, even if she has to kill Theresa again and again and again. She says that bitch deserves it, leaving Rebecca looking dismayed. (commercial)

Theresa tells Little Ethan that the baby is going to be just fine. She says she’s sorry she had to get him out of bed, but he’s been a big help. He touches his sister’s face and says she’s really, really, hot, then asks if she’s going to die. Theresa says no, she isn’t, then asks him to do her another favor and go watch out the window for a big van. He does, and she tells the baby to hang on, then asks if he sees the cab yet. He says no, then asks where Daddy Ethan is. She tells him he’s doing something, but she’s left some messages for him and he will be there soon. She asks again if he sees the cab, and when he says no, she tells him to keep looking because it’s going to be here. She hopes it will be here and asks God to help her get the baby to the hospital on time.

Ethan goes to Rebecca and tells her he has to go but he’ll be back. She gets upset, saying Gwen needs him here, but he tells her it’s the baby, that she’s sick. Rebecca says yes, but it’s not Gwen’s baby so he needs to stay right here. He tells her he needs to go to the hospital, that he needs to see Theresa there. Gwen overhears and asks if Theresa is at the hospital. Ethan says yes, and Gwen tells him that’s fantastic news, that she hopes she has something horrible, something that hurts a lot. Rebecca tries to ask her to stop, but she continues, saying she just hopes she drops dead with a heart attack, a stroke, or - and she gets very excited - a brain aneurysm because it’s quick and it hurts like hell, and then she can get her baby back. She laughs, saying Theresa will get no flowers from her, that the only thing she will do is have a big fiesta to celebrate when Theresa is dead.

The girls arrive at the Bennett house, thanking goodness that they got out of there before the cops came. Kay asks if they can imagine what their dad would do if they got hauled off to jail, then shivers. Jessica notices the lights are on, saying that means Sam and Ivy are still up, then asks now what. Kay tells her not to ask her, she’s going home to Tabitha’s house. She then tells her little sister that if she wants to dress trashy and sneak out to party, she’d better learn how to sneak back in again. Jessica tells her she wouldn’t know how to, either, but Kay says she did it a lot of times, she just never got caught. Simone says she hopes Paloma is ok, and Jessica says she hopes she didn’t get arrested along with those guys at the bar. Simone tells her she never even thought of that, then tries to call Paloma on her cell phone. There is no answer, and Kay jokes that they may have taken it away from her at the jail. Jessica tells her that’s not funny, but Kay tells her that Paloma can take care of herself, that if the cops try to arrest her she’ll talk her way out of it and she will be just fine.

Paloma is still unconscious on the floor of the back room as two policemen head that way. One says he doesn’t think anyone is back there, but the other says they have to do it by the book. He tells him he is going to go out help load up the guys they arrested and he should keep searching. He leaves, and as the other cop is about to look in the room where Paloma is, the first one calls him to come out, quickly.

Sheridan tells everyone that there will be scars on Katherine’s back. Luis tells her it’s a dream, a nightmare, saying she’s had dreams before and this is no different. He says she didn’t stab her mother. Pilar asks Katherine to please get it over with and show Sheridan her back. Luis tells her for Sheridan’s sake, please show them her back. Sheridan begs her, telling her she needs to know if she did this. Katherine tells her of course she’ll show her and starts to lift her blouse. Alistair tells Sheridan to be careful what she wishes for, that it could be very bad.


Sheridan to Luis: “What’s happening? Am I losing my mind, am I having another


Gwen, to imaginary baby: “I promise you, from now on there’ll be no more

Theresa in our lives.”

Eve, to Rebecca: “You were in the church basement and I want the real story.”

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