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Passions Update Wednesday 1/26/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room, Theresa is playing with the baby as Ethan and Little Ethan play Battleship. Ethan gets a hit and celebrates, while Theresa watches happily and thinks to herself that now he’s here, he will never want to leave them. She tells Ethan the baby was really hungry, and he says the baby is lucky to have a mother as selfless as her, too. She asks if he means because she refused to take the steroids so she could keep nursing the baby, and he tells her yes, that the steroids could have helped with the swelling in her spine and maybe alleviated her paralysis, and sacrificing her own welfare for her baby is huge, then says he and the baby thank her for that. She tells him she wouldn’t have it any other way. Little Ethan tells him it’s his turn, so he picks a number and is told it was a miss. He acts disappointed, but Theresa tells herself that their turn is next, and they are going to win. She tells Ethan it’s time, and he thinks he needs to change the baby, but she tells him no, it’s time to name the baby since they can’t keep calling her baby Winthrop. He asks if she wants to give her his last name, and she tells him he is her father. He is happy about that, and asks Mommy what she wants to name the baby.

In Gwen’s cell in the jail, Rebecca rubs the cut on her head with a cool cloth, telling her that should keep it from swelling. She thinks to herself that Gwen doesn’t want to look puffy and crazy. She asks her daughter how she’s feeling, and Gwen tells her she can’t decide. Rebecca says “Good, bad, hot, cold….”, but Gwen tells her those are awful names. Rebecca is taken aback, then realizes what she is talking about. Gwen tells her the Ashley sounds good with Nathan, causing Rebecca to ask her who they are. Gwen laughs and says they are her babies. She continues, smiling as she talks, saying she knows Ethan will have to agree with it, but she thinks it sounds good - Ashley Winthrop, Sarah and Nathan’s little sister. Rebecca looks distraught as she tells herself that her daughter has gone completely gaga.

In the club, Kay and Simone stalk over to where Jessica is hanging all over the man she picked up and asks what she’s doing here. Jessica, surprised to see her sister, asks them the same question. Simone tells her Kay asked her first. The man pulls Jessica closer and asks if these are her friends. Kay yells at him to get his hands off her sister, and he likes the idea of them being sisters. He suggests the three of them go back to his place and make a man sandwich, then looks Simone up and down and tells her she can watch while she waits to be served.

Kay says, “Oh, well”, and slaps the snot out of him as Jess watches in surprise.

At the mausoleum, the sleepwalking Sheridan is still choking her mother, telling her she’s supposed to be dead, that she killed her. Katherine begs her to stop, telling her she loves her, but Sheridan continues strangling her like a mad woman, determined to see her dead. She tells her to just stop fighting and die. Luis, Martin, and Pilar are looking for her after hearing her scream, but they can’t tell where the voices are coming from as Sheridan tells Katherine to die and Katherine begs her to stop. Sheridan calls her a wicked woman, refusing to let go of her throat. Pilar finally figures out where they are and they head that way as Alistair watches them, hoping Sheridan kills her mother before they get there. Sheridan tells her mother she has to die because she hurt her father , but Katherine replies that she didn’t, that he hurt her. Sheridan tells her she’s lying, choking her and telling her to just die.

The three get there as Katherine is passing out and going limp, and Luis pulls her off while Martin tries to wake Katherine, asking her not to die. Alistair, still watching, damns Luis for stopping Sheridan before she could kill her mother. (commercial)

Sheridan tells Luis she can’t let that woman hurt her family any more, that she has to die, and Pilar is shocked by her ferocity as she struggles with Luis, trying to get loose and go after Katherine again. Luis is hard pressed to control her. Pilar says “Poor Sheridan!” and Martin reacts by saying she was trying to kill her own mother. He tries to get her to respond to him, calling her “my love” and begging her not to leave him. Pilar watches in pain as her husband professes his love for the other woman. Alistair watches and laughs, saying it’s a wakeup call for Pilar, watching her husband moon over another woman. He calls them both pigs and says they both should be slaughtered. Luis continues to try to calm Sheridan down, telling her she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and she says no, only her, that Katherine has to die. Martin is shocked, asking what she’s talking about, why she wants to kill her own mother. Pilar tells him she doesn’t know what she’s doing, and Luis adds that she’s sleepwalking and won’t remember any of this when she wakes up. Martin says that’s ridiculous, then asks again why she would want to kill her own mother. He returns to trying to get Katherine to wake up, calling her my love and gently caring for her, as Pilar watches, heartbroken. Luis tells Sheridan to close her eyes and relax, but she tells him no, not until Katherine is dead again. Martin is still shocked at her ferocity and determination to kill her own mother, telling them she’s obviously lost her mind. Pilar again tells him no, that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, that she is sleepwalking, something she’s done since Katherine left to run off with him. Luis tells him that Sheridan said she had her first bout of sleepwalking right around the time Katherine left her, and Pilar says it’s the truth, but Martin tells him he can’t believe they are blaming Katherine for that, then asks if Julian does it, too. Pilar tells him no, that he was much older when she left, and then Luis says it’s because Alistair didn’t blame him for Katherine’s supposed death, that he made Sheridan believe she killed her. Alistair smugly says he didn’t make her believe anything, that her guilt is real, then chuckles, as Sheridan continues growling and struggling to reach her mother and kill her.

Rebecca tells Gwen that Ashley is a wonderful name for her little girl, but she does think she is right, that they should wait for Ethan to get there before making any decisions. Gwen, smiling, says Ethan is so happy she is sure he will go along with whatever she wants, then turns to her mother and, in a very happy mood, tells her they should go to the hospital right now to see the baby, saying Ethan can meet them there. She jumps off the bed and runs to the cell door, but Rebecca tells her they should wait there for him. She tells her mother that she is tired of being there, that she will put on her jacket and they can just go. She picks the straightjacket up off the cot and starts to put it on, but Rebecca grabs it and tells her she can’t wear white after Labor Day, and they should just wait there for Ethan. Gwen says he’s been gone a really long time, and Rebecca agrees, but says they are having fun without him. Gwen says he should be here, he should come and take her to the hospital to get the baby and take her home to see Sarah and Nathan. She wants to know where her husband and her babies are. Rebecca looks like she wants to hide as her daughter looks to her for answers.

Ethan tucks the baby into her bassinette, telling her to sleep tight. He looks at her for a minute, then tells Theresa she is really cute. He sits down on the sofa and asks Theresa what they are going to name her. She tells him she has been thinking they should keep it kind of simple, because when she was trying to learn to spell her name, three syllables made it kind of tricky. Ethan asks if that’ right, and she tells him it is. He says he guesses Anastasia is out, then, and she agrees with that, laughing. He tells her that they will keep it simple, then. She says she also thinks they shouldn’t name her after relatives since she is a miracle baby and deserves a name of her own, a special one. He agrees, saying they have simple and they have special, so they need to go from there.

The man Kay slapped holds his face and calls her a bitch, telling her spanking is one thing but don’t mess with his face. She tells him it looks like someone beat her to it, then tells him to get lost.

Jessica tells her to stop, saying she can take care of herself. Kay tells her great job so far, that she’s underage in a nightclub making out with Pepe LePew, here, then leans in and asks if that’s smoke she smells on her breath. Jessica says it’s none of her business. The bartender comes over and tells them to lose the drama or take it outside, and Simone assures him they will behave themselves from now on. He tells her they better or else, then goes about his business. Paloma runs up, asking what’s going on, and Jessica asks what she’s doing there. She tells her that Kay brought her, which causes Jessica to remark that she’s younger than Jessica is. Kay tells her to give it a rest, saying at least she’s not giving mouth-to-mouth to gramps, here. She then asks what she’s dressed as, a hooker. The man quickly tells them he’s good for breakfast and cab fare, that’s all, and Jessica tells her to back off. She tells her sister she’s hardly one to question her morals since she’s an unmarried mother out clubbing to pick up guys. Kay testily tells her she is not, she’s just having fun with her friends, and Paloma speaks up, reminding her about breaking men’s hearts. Jess jumps on that, saying she knew it, but Kay calls her Sergeant Schultz and tells her she knows nothing. She tells her she still loves Miguel, then sarcastically says she’s sorry for wanting to go out for one night instead of changing diapers and wiping baby drool. Simone adds that Maria is at home with Tabitha and Endora, and Kay jumps back in, telling her little sister to stop changing the subject, that they are talking about her, not Kay. Jessica tells Kay she can talk, but she won’t listen. The guy drapes his hand over her shoulders and tells her to go with him back to his place. They turn to walk away but Kay grabs Jessica’s arm, saying I don’t think so, and that she’s not going anywhere with this jerk. They stare each other down. (commercial)

The man asks Kay who she’s calling a jerk, then calls her Slutty Mama. Jess tells her to back off, that she doesn’t need her to play party police. Kay tells her she does if she doesn’t have enough sense to know this guy is bad news. Jessica tells her she’s over 18 and can do what she wants with whoever she wants. Kay says that dressed like that, it’s no wonder the guy thinks she’s easy. Jessica looks at herself, then says there’s nothing wrong with the way she’s dressed. The man totally agrees, almost salivating on her. Kay asks if their dad has seen her get-up, and Jessica says no, then stammers, saying not that it matters, that he can’t tell her how to dress any more. Kay tells her he can as long as she’s under his roof, and Jessica asks who she thinks she is, their mother. Kay tells her that’s it, that she’s taking her home, then reaches for her arm. Jessica tells her no she isn’t and they trade “Am too”, “Are not” back and forth for a while. The man steps in and asks if they can’t just all get along, and Kay asks if he doesn’t have a bridge somewhere to crawl under. The man says it’s not wonder the guy who knocked her up didn’t marry her, and she starts to crawl all over him, but Simone pulls her back and a few steps away. Paloma tells her they are there to have a good time, so let Jessica have some fun, too. Simone agrees, saying it’s only one night, then asking what’s the worst that could happen. Kay says she could get a disease or get pregnant and ruin her life, that’s what. The two girls look at her as if they just realized that.

Ethan asks Theresa how she feels about the names Yvonne or Yvette. Theresa says no, and he tells her they are down to the Z’s now, and all that’s left are Zelda and Zoe. Theresa laughs and so does he, then he tells her they’ve done the whole alphabet, so now what. She thinks about it, then says there is one name she really likes, and he asks what it is. She says Jane, telling him it’s from her favorite book in high school, Jane Eyre. She says she it was sad, but completely romantic. Ethan tries to remember the book, then says Jane Eyre had a lousy life, then went to become a live-in governess, and Theresa says that’s right, she went to Thornfield Hall, to take care of Adele, Mr. Rochester’s ward. She says Jane and Mr. Rochester fell madly in love and were going to marry. Ethan remembers that they didn’t get married, and she tells him no, that he was married and his wife was locked up in the attic because she was crazy. Ethan gets the point and tells Theresa once again that Gwen is crazy because she lost her baby and will never have another one, etc. He tells her she can name the baby Jane if she wants to, but not to do it as a way of making a point at Gwen’s expense.

Gwen asks her mother where Ethan and the babies are. Rebecca tells her she doesn’t really know, but she’s sure Ethan will be here soon, that he loves her, even when she’s…..then stops herself. Gwen catches it, however, and asks “Even when I’m what?” Rebecca searches for something, then comes up with when she’s very tired. Gwen buys it, telling her that’s why she needs to get home, that it’s late and she needs to put Sarah and Nathan to bed and go to the hospital and check on the baby. Rebecca tells her to just close her eyes and rest until Ethan gets here, then, and Gwen agrees, asking her mother to put her jacket on her shoulders because she’s cold. She lies on the cot as Rebecca puts the straight jacket over her and tells her “Sweet Dreams.”

She goes to the bars and calls the guard, asking him to call Ethan to see why he’s running late. The guard agrees, and Rebecca goes to sit on the cot beside her daughter. She quietly tells her that if Ethan doesn’t get her out of here soon, she won’t be the only one to lose a daughter, that she will lose Gwen as well.

Luis is still trying to calm Sheridan down, but she keeps struggling to get to Katherine and yelling that she is a wicked woman and she has to die. He finally says she’s not calming down, that they will have to try to wake her. Pilar tells him that’s dangerous to do, but he says it’s more dangerous to leave her in this condition. Pilar tells him to let her try and she starts talking softly to the girl, urging her to wake up. Sheridan continues fighting them, saying that wicked woman has to die. Alistair, still listening, says indeed, her mother is wicked, and he hopes she killed her before Luis got there. Martin cradles Katherine’s head, telling her not to die, calling her my love and telling her not to leave him now, not after all these years and all they’ve meant to each other. Pilar watches him, listening to his words as if they were knives through her heart. Luis also hears him and scoffs at his protestations that he actually left them for reasons other than Katherine. She starts moving and moaning and Martin thanks God she’s alive, while Pilar doesn’t look so happy and Alistair curses the luck, wondering what it will take to kill her. (commercial)

Katherine sits in Martin’s arms as he tells her he thought he’d lost her, that Sheridan had killed her. The girl is still fighting against Luis’ arms, trying to get to her mother and grunting with the effort. He asks if she’s all right and she tells him she feels weak and sore. She sees Sheridan looking hatefully at her and trying to get to her, then asks what’s wrong with her, why did she try to kill her.

Luis tells her she’s sleepwalking and doesn’t know what she’s doing, but Katherine says she sounded pretty clear to her, that she kept saying Katherine had to die because she had done something to Alistair. He walks up right then, speaking as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth as he says he sees they found Sheridan. Then he tells Katherine he sees she’s still a wretched excuse for a mother, asking how she could let her daughter run around outside in the snow with no shoes or coat. Martin tells him it wasn’t Katherine’s fault and he says he sees the man is still defending his unfaithful wife, then apologizes to Pilar. Luis tells him to shut up, saying that Sheridan tried to kill Katherine and it’s all his fault. Alistair smirks and says yes, and he’s to blame for the polar bears being cold, too. Luis tells him that the reason she sleepwalks is because he made her believe she had killed her mother when she supposedly died from kidney failure. Katherine tells him Sheridan kept saying she had to die because she had tried to hurt him, and he tells her that as much as he applauds Sheridan’s love and devotion to him, he is surprised she tried to kill her. Katherine tells him he’s a liar, that he made her like this by blaming her for her mother’s death, then asks how he could do this to his own daughter, telling him to look at what he’s done as Sheridan struggles to get free from Luis’ arms and go after her again.

Simone tells Kay they get her concern about STD’s and unplanned pregnancies, and they really appreciate it, but…then Jessica jumps in saying that what she means is they aren’t out trying to trick men into sleeping with them to get them pregnant in hopes of forcing them into a committed relationship like she did with Miguel. Paloma is shocked to hear this, asking Kay if that’s what she did, but Kay says “Heavens, no!” Simone says it’s more like “Hell, yes!”, and Kay walks away from her as Paloma stares in disbelief. The man grabs Jessica and says they need to go, that he has plenty of protection at his place, and again she starts to leave with him. Kay yells for him to get away from her, calling him a perv. Jessica excuses herself to the man, then walks over to Kay and tells her not to hold her own mistakes against her, that she only wants to make out with the guy, not make it with him, and she doesn’t need her sister acting like her Mom so she should just go hang out with Simone and Paloma and leave her alone. Kay tells her she thinks she does, and Jessica tells her their mother wasn’t much of a role model, leaving their dad for David Hastings, and neither is Kay. Kay tells her she knows she made mistakes, but she doesn’t want Jessica to go through the same things she did, the pain of being an unwed mother and the shame of raising Maria alone. She tells her not to get her wrong, that she loves Maria and Miguel does send money to help take care of her, but it’s still really hard and she doesn’t know how she’d make it without Tabitha. Jess tells her she said she’d be careful, but Kay tells her that’s good, but she should just go home before the missing link has his way with her. Jessica tells her she didn’t know Kay cared so much about her, and Kay says not to tell anyone, it would ruin her reputation, but she does care, a lot. She’s her sister and she loves her. Jessica says she loves her, too, and they hug each other.

Theresa tells Ethan she suggested the name Jane because she loves it, not to make a dig at Gwen. He says ok, whatever, then says he likes the name Jane and if that’s what she wants to name her, it’s ok with him. She asks Little Ethan what he thinks about the name and he says it’s a lot better than calling her baby girl. They laugh at that, and Theresa says it’s settled, and Ethan agrees. Theresa says now they have to think about the christening, but Ethan tells her before they go any further he has to go check on Gwen. She asks if he can stay there for a few minutes more so she can take a shower and he can watch the kids. He says he can, then asks if she can manage on her own. She says yes, he had one of the bathrooms made handicap accessible, so she’ll be fine. He tells her to call him if she needs him, and she rolls her chair out of the room, telling Little Ethan to keep Ethan company while she’s gone. He says he will, and once she’s out of the room they start playing Battleship again. Ethan calls a number, and Little Ethan tells him it’s a miss. He says this is fun, and Ethan teasingly tells him it’s fun for him because he’s winning. The boy tells him that Mommy said he will be spending all his time there with them before long, but Ethan says sometimes his mommy forgets he’s married to Gwen.

Little Ethan says if he weren’t married to her, he would be married to his mommy, and Ethan goes into a daydream about him being Mr. Rochester and Theresa being Jane. It ends with them kissing as the wife bangs on the attic floor. Little Ethan tells him it’s his turn again, bringing him back to reality, and he takes his move. In the shower, Theresa tells herself that before long Ethan will be with them all the time, that he will never leave her, Little Ethan and the baby, that he would have to be as crazy as Gwen to do that and he’s not. She figures they will be a family soon. She remembers him saying if she needs help to call him, so she decides to lower herself off the seat in the shower and pretend she slipped off and couldn’t get back up, then calls Ethan to come help her.

Ethan runs to the bathroom and opens the curtain to find a naked Theresa sitting on the floor. He is taken aback, but he lifts her into the wheelchair. After asking if she’s ok and checking to make sure her bare legs are ok, he asks for an explanation of what happened.

She tells him she slipped, then tells him she’s so glad he was there to help her. He tells her he thinks everything is ok, no broken bones and only some bruises. She says that will match her ego, knowing he has to see her like this. He gives her a towel and she tucks it around her, then says if she’s ok, he should go see Gwen now. He asks again if she’s ok and she says yes, he should go. He then asks about the kids, but she assures him she will be fine. He still thinks he should wait until Pilar or someone else gets there, but she reminds him that physically handicapped people manage just fine and she will, too. She gets her robe as he leaves the bathroom. He stops to tell Little Ethan to watch over his mother and baby sister while he’s gone, then runs into Theresa as she’s coming out of the bathroom. He tells her he will be back soon, and she says she will be fine, go ahead. He says he knows it upsets her, but Gwen is his wife and she is out of her mind, etc., and asks her to understand. She says that she is in this chair because of Gwen, and that she’s glad she’s in jail and hope she stays there the rest of her life, then tells him to get out and go to her. He is upset, but he leaves. After he closes the door behind him, she tells him to go back to his wacky wife.

Rebecca is telling the sleeping Gwen that this is all Theresa’s fault, that she stole Ethan from her, then Gwen got him back, then she followed them to L.A. and caused her to lose her baby and any chance she had of having her own child, then she stole her embryos and had them implanted in her, then seduced Ethan and got pregnant by him, too. She says she knows that when Theresa found out she couldn’t carry both babies to term she sacrificed Gwen’s baby to save her own, and now she’s trying to steal Ethan from her again. Gwen sits up, asking what she just said.

Sheridan is still grunting and groaning like a banshee as she tries to get away from Luis and get to her mother. Katherine tells Alistair he is to blame for what’s happened to her because he made her believe she had killed her mother, then she tells him she doesn’t know how he sleeps at night. He says it looks like Sheridan is the one who can’t sleep. Luis tells him to go to hell, and Katherine tries to get to him, telling him she will help put him there. Martin holds her back, telling her he’s not worth it.

Alistair tells them that someone in Harmony thinks he is and the evidence points to Eve Russell. He says she’s a tart, like Katherine. Sheridan yells at her mother that she should be dead, and Luis tries to calm her again, telling her to relax. She finally does, going limp in his arms, and he tells the others she is finally in a deeper sleep and he’s taking her back to the cottage. Pilar tells him she will come with him, and he agrees, then tells Martin he’s coming, too, because he wants to hear this big, dark secret of his. He starts toward the cottage, with Pilar and Katherine behind him, but Alistair gets to Martin before he can leave, telling him no one can ever know about that secret. Martin says they can and they will, that he will tell them everything about the burlap sack he had him bury beneath the gazebo. Alistair says “Oh, really?”, and Martin says yes, and there’s nothing he can do to stop him. He walks away after Luis and the others, as Alistair stands where he is and says “We’ll see about that”, then laughs.

Kay asks Jessica if she will come home with them, and Jessica says she will, but asks if Kay will help her sneak in. Kay says she will, that if the dad saw her like this she’d never hear the end of it. Jessica agrees, and then they start to leave. Paloma’s guy came to her and said they should dance some more. She tells him to wait until she sees if her friends are all right. She goes to the others, where Kay tells them Jessica is going home with them. Simone says that’s good, since this really isn’t them, and Paloma tells her to speak for herself, that she was having a good time dancing. He guy friend agrees with her, but she brushes him off, telling him to wait for her. Kay tells her she doesn’t want to leave her there alone and she doesn’t think her mother or brother would approve. Paloma says she doesn’t care what they think, but if the girls are leaving, she will go with them. She turns to leave and tells the guy she’ll see him later, and he gets upset, asking what kind of tease she is and grabbing her. He says she can’t get him all worked up on the dance floor and then leave, but she tells him she will give him her number and he can call her sometime. He tells her not to put him on hold, that this is one call she’s going to finish. Jessica’s guy tells her they are going to finish what they started, too, and he stops her. Kay says the two men can finish up with each other for all she cares, that she and her friends are going home. The man tells her to back off, that this is Jessica’s big night, and he does mean big, putting is arm around her and pulling her to him. Kay tells him to leave her sister alone, but he tells her she’d rather he leave her begging for more and starts dragging her away. Kay grabs a bottle from the bar and smacks him on the head with it. Jessica runs from him as he staggers, then he turns and takes a swing at Kay, who ducks and the swing hits Paloma’s guy. They start fighting each other and the girls watch and scream. (commercial)

The fight is still going on, and Simone yells at Kay to look at what she started. By now, every guy in the place is into it. Kay tells her it’s not her fault, that she needs to blame Jessica and Paloma for flirting with these lowlifes. She says her heart still belongs with…and Simone says Miguel, they know. Jessica says she has so much to write about in her diary tonight, while Paloma says if she had a nickel for every time guys fought over her…but the bartender cuts her off, telling the girls he knew they were trouble the minute they walked into the place, then takes a swing at a guy who comes at him, and then tells the girls he should have thrown them out then. Kay says he didn’t, so live deal with it, and he tells them he’s starting to right now, then jumps at them. They all run, screaming, and he misses.

Rebecca tells Gwen she didn’t know she was awake. Gwen says “Surprise”, then asks what she was saying about Ethan leaving her for Theresa. Rebecca says it was nothing, she didn’t mean anything by it, and Ethan walks in. Gwen sees him and asks if it’s true that he doesn’t love her any more. He tells her of course he loves her and asks why she is saying that. She asks if Theresa is trying to steal him and her babies from her. Ethan is confused, asking about the babies. She says Sarah, Ashley, and Nathan, and he tells her there are no babies. She asks where he’s been and where the babies are, and he tells her he’s been with Theresa.

She says she knew it, but he explains he was trying to get her to drop the charges so Gwen can go home. She says she’s sure Sarah and Nathan are wondering where she is, but they have to go to the hospital and check on Ashley. She walks away and Rebecca goes to him, asking if he managed to get Theresa to drop the charges. He says no, and she damns her, calling her a tramp. He tells her she is being stubborn right now, but he’s doing everything he can to get Gwen out of there. Then he asks what she’s doing locked up in the cell with Gwen. She tells him she wanted to be with her poor, demented daughter. Across the cell, Gwen asks what that was. Ethan asks what she’s talking about, and she says their baby is crying and she needs to go to her. He tells her he didn’t hear anything, and Rebecca says she doesn’t, either. Gwen yells at Ethan to hurry up and let her out of there, that their baby is crying and she needs her.

Little Ethan asks if Theresa is ok, and she says yes, then asks why. He says that when Daddy Ethan left, she looked upset. She tells him that’s just because she doesn’t want him to leave them, but soon he won’t have to. He says good, that he loves him, and she tells her son she does, too. She says he needs to go to bed now, but he tells her that Ethan told him to take care of her. She tells him she can take care of herself and tells him to go to bed, then says to brush his teeth, and say his prayers, then gives him a kiss. He says he will, and runs off to bed. Theresa says she will be just fine on her own, and then the baby starts fussing and she looks a little wary.

Luis tucks Sheridan into bed, telling her to sleep and kissing her softly. He goes out to the living room where the others are, including Alistair. He tells him he doesn’t remember inviting him to come with them, but he tells him he’s there for Sheridan.

Luis tells him it’s his fault she sleepwalks in the first place, and then tells Katherine it’s her fault she started it again tonight. He says he’s no shrink, but he thinks she couldn’t handle the news that Katherine is still alive after being blamed for her death all those years by Alistair. Katherine says Sheridan kept saying she should be dead, and that she hated that she was upset. Martin tells them that’s why he and Katherine were going to leave Harmony, to save everyone more pain. Luis tells him he’s going nowhere until he tells them the real reason he left in the first place. (commercial)

Theresa is holding the baby, patting her back and trying to calm her down. She kisses her head and realizes she’s burning up with a fever.

Gwen asks if either of them hear her baby crying, that something is wrong with her and she needs to go see her. Rebecca says that Gwen was doing better, that she had actually calmed down, but she says now look at her. Gwen tells Ethan to take her to the hospital, that she needs to be with her baby. Ethan tells Gwen it won’t be much longer. Rebecca says if Theresa doesn’t drop the charges soon, Gwen may never come to her senses and Theresa will have finally succeeded in destroying her Gwennie. Ethan watches her pacing, then sit down on the cot.

The girls run out of the club, glad that they made it. Simone says she’s glad they got out before something horrible happened. Kay realizes that Paloma isn’t with them and asks where she is. Simone and Jessica tell her they thought she was right behind them, and Kay says the bartender may have nabbed her and she’s going back in to get her. She tries to open the door but it’s locked. They panic, pounding on the door to try to get someone to open it. Inside, the guy Paloma was dancing with has her by the arm and is dragging her to the back. She tells him to let her go, that her friends are waiting for her. He says he’s been waiting, too, and he’s not waiting any longer, then pulls her into a room and slams the door shut. She screams “NO!”

Sheridan is writhing in bed, moaning and saying she killed her to protect her father.

In the living room, Luis tells Martin there are no more excuses or interruptions, that he’s going to tell them why he really left Harmony and what this big, dark, secret is that he’s carried around with him all these years and what it has to do with Sheridan. Martin looks at Alistair, and he looks back.


Man, to Paloma: “Bad idea. Nobody likes girls who tease. I’ll make sure you deliver.”

Martin, to Luis: “I can’t live with this anymore. I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything.”

Gwen to whomever: “I want my baby now!”

Theresa to baby: “Please let me get you to the hospital in time.”

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