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Passions Update Tuesday 1/25/05
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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

In the Bennett kitchen, Ivy tastes the sauce she’s making for dinner, saying it’s not bad and she’s really turning into a good cook. As she goes to finish setting the table, Sam walks in the back door with his laptop and paperwork in hand. She goes to him, telling him she’s glad he could make it for dinner and giving him a big kiss. He tells her something smells good and asks if it’s pasta sauce. She tells him it is her very own, and that the noodles will be ready in a minute. He says the word “noodles” and gets a far away look on his face as he does so. Ivy asks if there’s something wrong, but he says no, he just can’t stay very long. She asks about it and he tells her things are busy at the station, then tells her about Gwen being in jail for stabbing Theresa, and Eve for trying to kill Liz, Julian, and Alistair. He says the Governor is on his back and wants answers yesterday, then says it’s because he’s in Alistair’s back pocket. Ivy tells him she will go call Jessica and they can eat right away. He agrees, still working on his laptop. She steps to the door and calls Jessica, telling her to come down for dinner. Up in her room, sweet little Jessica is dressed like a street walker, putting on a ton of makeup. She says she can’t take any more of Ivy’s spaghetti sauce, that she’s going out and nothing is going to stop her.

At Tabitha’s house, Kay is finishing the final touches of her look, then asks Tabby if she really doesn’t mind watching Maria while she, Simone, and Paloma go out for the evening. She tells her of course not, two babies are no more trouble than one, and that they are young and need to go out and have fun while they are still young. Kay says they aren’t exactly ready for Medicare yet, and Tabby agrees, then says they will be surprised how the years fly by. She says before they know it they will be old like her, with all their best years behind them. Paloma tells her she’s not so old, but Tabby chuckles and says thanks, then says some days she really feels her age, and they’ll no all about that before long. Kay tells the girls they should get out of there and go bring some of Harmony’s men to their knees before Tabby has them walking with canes. They agree and start to leave as Tabitha tells them good-bye and to have lots and lots of fun. They walk out the door and she says she thought they’d never leave. She tells the babies now that they are gone, it’s time for them to hit the night and do their thing.

Luis tells Martin to tell them his big secret, why he was forced to leave Harmony. He tells his son he will, just take it easy, that he had hoped to save them from the burden, protect them from harm but it seems like it’s too late for that now. Luis impatiently tells him to hurry up and just tell them his secret. Pilar tells him to stop, then tells Martin he is scaring her. Luis tells her there is nothing to be scared of, that he’s just trying to make it seem worse than it is. Martin assures him that there is nothing worse than what he’s about to tell them, that it involves life and death and they aren’t going to like what he has to say.

The sleepwalking Sheridan stares at Katherine with dead eyes, telling her she canít be here, she killed her, sheís dead. Katherine asks her to calm down, that no matter what sheís been dreaming, Katherine is here and Sheridan didnít kill anyone.

Alistair, watching them from behind the bushes with Tina, quietly warns Katherine itís not safe to argue with a sleepwalking person. Sheridan tells Katherine that she isnít here, that she killed her, but Katherine again says she isnít dead, Sheridan didnít kill her, sheís her mother, she loves her, and is alive, that sheís here for her. Sheridan gets a look like she realizes sheís talking to her mother and is happy, then grabs her by the throat and tells her she should be dead because she killed her. They struggle together as Sheridan keeps her grip on Katherineís throat while the woman tries to talk her into letting her go. Alistair quietly roots Sheridan on, telling her to go ahead and kill her mother. The struggle and arguing goes on. Tina tells Alistair she canít believe Sheridan is still sleeping, wondering why she hasnít awakened yet. Alistair tells her itís a protection mechanism, that if she woke up and found herself killing her mother, her mind would snap. Tina asks if heís really just going to let Sheridan kill her mother and he tells her of course he is, that he canít have Katherine running around telling anyone the truth because it would ruin him. He quietly urges Sheridan on, telling her to kill the lying bitch. The two women continue to struggle with each other as Sheridan tries to choke the life out of her mother while the older woman begs her to stop, telling her sheís alive and she loves her. (commercial)

Pilar asks whose death caused him to leave them. Martin asks if they are sure they still want to know, and Luis snaps at him to stop being so dramatic and spit it out, that of course they want to hear it. Martin tells him he just wants to make sure Pilar is prepared for it, and Luis tells him to stop trying to scare her with his ridiculous tall tale.

Martin assures him it is no tall tale, that he never intended to tell anyone about it but they deserve to know the truth. Luis tells him to tell them his story, and he starts by asking Luis if he remembers when he helped Martin build the gazebo on the Crane estate. Luis is upset that heís talking about the gazebo again, but Martin goes on, reminding his son that he hadnít wanted him to help because it was too dangerous. Luis says he remembers, that he couldnít get rid of him, and Martin says he wishes he had never allowed him to help. Luis remembers helping his father, bringing him wood as Martin cut the pieces he needed. Luis was happy helping him. Martin had to go get some more wood and he told Little Luis not to touch the saw while he was gone. As he left, Luis walked over to the freshly spaded earth, seeing something sticking out. He pulled at it, asking what it is, that it looks like a bag, and Martin came rushing back, yelling at him to get away from it, not to touch it, then started burying it under more dirt. Back in the present, Luis says he remembers that burlap sack and how freaked out Martin had gotten, telling him not to touch it. Martin tells him thereís a very good reason for that, and Luis asks why, what was in the sack. Pilar looks warily at her husband.

Katherine is still trying to get Sheridan to realize she is still alive and she loves her, but her daughter keeps on choking her, telling her no, she’s dead, she killed her. Alistair is still urging Sheridan to kill her mother, but Tina asks why Katherine isn’t fighting back. He tells her it’s because she’s a fool who loves her daughter so much she’d never do anything to hurt her, even if it meant losing her own life. At that moment, Katherine gives Sheridan a big push and knocks her backward. Sheridan falls and her head hit’s a rock, knocking her out. Katherine is horrified and kneels by her daughter to try to wake her up. Alistair is urging his daughter to wake up and finish it from his hiding place as Katherine keeps trying to bring her around. When she sees she isn’t going to be able to do that, she decides to go get help, standing and running away. However, before she can talk two steps, Sheridan reaches out and grabs her mother’s leg, pulling her down, then starts pulling herself up her leg, telling her she has to die. (commercial)

The three girls arrive at the club and work their way to a table as men are watching them. The waiter comes over and Kay and Simone ask for diet sodas. Paloma asks if there isn’t something more interesting and he asks what she means. She says a tequila with a slice of lime, but he tells her sorry, come back when she’s 21, then asks if she wants regular or diet. She sulkily says regular, then tells the girls the rules are much stricter here for drinking than they are in Mexico, and she is shocked that they have to be 21 before they can drink. Kay tells her it’s true, then says she really doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, anyway. Simone agrees, saying she does like champagne, and that their parents let them drink that sometimes on special occasions. Kay says she doesn’t even like the taste of that, either. Simone tells Paloma if she’s desperate she can get a fake ID, and Paloma acts interested, but she tells her it’s a hassle to do, and besides, they don’t need to be drunk to have a good time anyway. Kay says that’s true, and Paloma goes along with them. Kay tells them she can get high just from dancing, anyway, and Paloma says sometimes, then tells them to remember their pact, that they are there to break some guys hearts. Simone agrees, adding “Before they break ours.” Paloma says ok, and Kay tells them to have fun. Paloma asks if she’s not interested in boys, and Kay tells her not these boys. Simone explains that Kay is still in love with Miguel and thinks he is coming back to her, and Paloma tells her she’s sorry. Kay tells her not to be, that she and Miguel have a baby together and he will come back to her. Simone tells her friend to stop living in a dream world, that Miguel loves Charity and he’s not coming back until he finds Charity and convinces her to come back, too. Kay says no, sooner or later he will tire of chasing Charity around the country and working as a gardener to support Maria and he will come home. Simone says “Sooner or later….it’s more like later, if ever.” Kay asks her to remind her why she still likes her since she is always putting her down. Simone tells her she likes her because they’ve been best friends since they were kids and she’s just trying to bring Kay back to reality so she can move on with her life. Kay says her reality is that Miguel loves her and will come back, then says to lay off. Paloma tells them this is not the place to fight, they are there to have fun. Simone says she’s right, then asks Kay if she thinks they should have asked Jessica to come along. Kay is stunned she said that, telling her no way, that she doesn’t know where her sister’s head has been lately but ever since she stopped selling Mark she’s been really moody. Simone asks Kay why Jess stopped selling Mark since she seemed to really love it, and Kay tells her she doesn’t know. She says Jess made a lot of friends, and she made a fortune, but for some reason she has become a total flake, acting like a teenager again. She tells them to forget about Jessica, that they came here to have some fun and the fact she’s wearing perfume instead of baby spit-up is a definite upper for her. Paloma says “There you go”, then tells them to get the fun started, excusing herself to go on the dance floor and wiggle around. A young guy spotted her and started dancing with her as Kay and Simone watched, shocked. Simone asks Kay if she’s sure Paloma was raised up in a strict Catholic school in Mexico, and Kay says yes, but those nuns would be having a cow if they could see her now. The waiter brings their drinks and they thank him, then Simone tells her friend that they were really provincial, never in with the fast crowd. Kay agrees, saying their parents wouldn’t allow it. She goes on to say they were expected to be the good girls, get the good grades, respect their elders and dress appropriately for their age. Simone adds “Stay virgins until we married”, and Kay says at least Simone is still a virgin. Simone tells her it wasn’t by choice, that if Whitney hadn’t stolen Chad from her she would have slept with him as fast as she could. Kay says she is just like Miguel and herself, when love is involved, there’s no stopping it from happening. Simone reminds her that she only got Miguel to sleep with her by making him think she was Charity, and Kay says that’s in the past, that she’s a woman now. Simone says she’s a woman with a baby and no prospects for a husband, but Kay tells her Miguel is coming back to her. Simone says sometimes she thinks Kay lives in an alternate universe, and her friend tells her to stop picking on her so they can start having fun. Simone agrees and changes the subject. She asks Kay if she can believe how some of these girls are dressed, saying they look like hookers. Kay agrees, and Simone tells her that her mother would kill her if she left the house looking like that. She says that’s some joke, considering her mother turned out to be worse than a hooker herself. Kay tells her not to think about her mother tonight or they will never have any fun. Simone agrees, telling her not to think about her mom, either. Kay says she forgot about her a long time ago, then says if her mom had her way, she and Jessica would have gone through life dressed like nuns.

In her bedroom, Jessica surveys herself in the mirror and likes what she sees. She says her slutty look is hot, then leaves her room, hoping no one will see her. Downstairs, Ivy calls to her again, telling her to come to dinner. When she gets no reply, she complains to Sam that she could at least acknowledge her. He is still trying to do his work and is only halfway listening, but he tells her that she may be in the shower or have her music on too loud. She says she will give her a few more minutes and Sam says she should be down by then. Ivy tells Sam she hopes she’s not butting in but she warns him to keep an eye on Jessica tonight. He asks why, and she says she’s not sure, she just has a feeling. He seems a little upset as he asks what she means, and she tells him she doesn’t know, that women just feel things. He asks what things, but she tells him never mind, she’ll just get dinner ready. He looks at her, shaking his head as if she’s a pain in the neck, then finishes what he’s doing and closes the laptop to get ready for dinner. She starts draining the pasta, saying she can’t believe Eve has been charged with trying to kill three people. He tells her he can’t, either, that he’s known her for a long time and he can’t picture her trying to poison anyone. Ivy says she can’t either, but it’s been in all the newspapers. As Sam pours the wine, he says he wishes he could spare Eve the ordeal of a long, drawn out trial, but he can’t. He adds she’s been through so much already, and Ivy agrees, saying they haven’t always been friends, but she does respect her. He asks if she feels that way even though her ex-husband is in love with her, and she tells him she doesn’t begrudge Julian being with the love of his life. As she finishes serving the spaghetti and sauce on the plates, she tells him she certainly doesn’t believe Eve tried to kill Julian. She tells Sam that she could believe Alistair, and she certainly had reason to want her sister dead, but not Julian. Sam agrees with her, but says unfortunately, the circumstantial evidence against her is overwhelming. He says she had access to the poison and Liz identified her as the one who gave her the poisoned punch. As they sit at the table, Ivy asks if Eve didn’t say someone was trying to frame her, and Sam says yes, but then asks who it could be. He says Alistair wouldn’t risk his own life to put Eve behind bars, and Liz almost died so he finds it hard to believe she would have done it. Ivy says that’s true, then adds that Liz had no reason to want to see Alistair dead, unless it was to frame Eve. Sam agrees, but asks why poison herself, saying it just doesn’t make sense. Ivy agrees, then says there are enough people in town who want Alistair dead, including her. Sam tells her he’d watch who she talked to like that in this town, and she says yes, she certainly wouldn’t want the Chief of Police to start suspecting her. He tells her he thinks she’s safe for now, then toasts her with his wine glass, saying “Cheers.” She tells him she thinks he’s going to figure it all out, then asks where Jessica is. She says she will go get her, and he says ok. As she heads out the kitchen door, Jessica sneaks out through the back door.

As she is trying to sneak away, Tabitha walks up with the two babies in a double stroller. The old woman says her name and the girl shushes her, telling her she doesn’t want her dad to know she’s there. Tabby asks where she’s going dressed like that, and Jess tells her she’s going to a club and she’s dressed just like her friends will be. Tabitha asks if all her friends dress like hookers, and the girl tells her she needs to keep up with the times. Tabby says she’s sure Jessica’s father would be interested in seeing her all tarted up like that, and Jessica gets nervous, telling her not to tell her dad and offering to baby sit Endora and Maria for free if she won’t tell. Tabitha looks like she’s thinking it over, and Jessica asks if she wasn’t young once. Tabby remembers years ago, sitting with Rasputin as he gives her a Faberge egg. She is impressed, and he tells her it was meant for Czar Nicholas of Russia, but he won’t be needing it now. She asks why, saying they are on a par with the Medici’s when it comes to conspicuous consumption. He tells her not for long and she asks him to tell her what he has planned. Timmy comes in and serves them drinks as Rasputin says he is ridding Russia of the Czar and his family. Timmy scoots out, saying he had better put in for a vacation, quick, in a Russian accent. She tells him she has a better idea, that he should leave one of them alive and that would cause problems for years to come. He tells her he likes the way she thinks, and they kiss. Back in the present, Tabitha tells Jessica to go on, she won’t say anything. Jessica leaves, and Tabby tells herself that it’s a turn-up for the books, that Jessica used to be a goody two shoes, the last of the goody two shoes, but now it looks like she’s coming over to their side. She tells the babies it could be just a temporary flash of independence, but they will see. She says they need to get to their business of spying to see what the Police Chief has been doing tonight, that she might find out something she can use later on.

Inside the house, Ivy comes back downstairs to tell Sam that Jessica isn’t in her room. Sam, trying to do his work again, says she may have gone to her friend’s house and forgotten to tell them. She says she thinks there are a lot of things she’s forgotten to tell them, then holds up several things she found in Jessica’s room, including some cigarettes, some racy undies, and other things. He asks what they are and she says they are Jessica’s. (commercial)

Sheridan is pulling herself up Katherine’s leg as the woman tries to get away from her. She looks like she’s demon possessed as she tells her mother she has to die. Katherine tells her she doesn’t know what she’s doing, but her daughter keeps telling her she has to die. Katherine keeps telling her to stop this, that she loves her and asks her to let her go. Alistair, watching from the bushes, tells Sheridan to kill her. Tina tells him Katherine is getting away as the woman pulls her foot out of Sheridan’s grasp then gets up and starts running. Sheridan is right behind her, and Alistair is feverishly telling her to kill her mother, then tells Tina they need to follow them as they run.

Luis asks his father again what was in that burlap bag and why he pulled Luis away from it and bury it back up again. Pilar asks him what he did, but he tells her he didn’t do anything, he was just following orders. Luis asks him from who, and he tells him from above. Luis asks if he means Alistair, and Martin starts to answer when Luis’ phone rings. He answer it to find a Crane maid on the other end telling him Sheridan had gotten a call from Gwen’s doctor and she had tried to call her but got no answer so she came to the cottage to tell her in person. However, when she got there, Sheridan was nowhere to be found. Luis tells her she is sleeping, but the maid tells him no, her shoes are by the bed but she’s not there anywhere. Luis gets worried and says he hopes she’s not sleepwalking.

On the Crane grounds, Katherine is running, then stops and looks back, asking why Sheridan is doing this. She starts running again as Sheridan comes into the clearing, yelling for her mother to come back, that she has to die. Tina asks Alistair where they are going, and he tells her it’s ironic, just perfect, as he laughs at what he’s seeing. He tells her they are heading for the mausoleum, where everyone thought Katherine was buried all these years, and now she’s really going to die there. He laughs like a madman at the thought. Meanwhile, Katherine arrives at the mausoleum with Sheridan right behind, and the girl grabs her and starts choking her again. (commercial)

Looking in the Bennett’s window, Tabitha sees the things Ivy is holding and tells the babies it looks like Jessica’s outfit wasn’t an aberration at all, that she’s really defying her father and they might be able to use her on the dark side after all.

Inside, Sam asks Ivy if she found those in Jessica’s room. He is dumbfounded. Ivy tells him that’s where she found them, but he says he doesn’t know where they came from but they can’t be Jessica’s. Ivy tells him they certainly aren’t hers, that she found them in a shoebox sticking out from under Jessica’s bed, and he asks in disgust where she would get things like this, looking at the undies. He tosses them onto the table and asks what the heck is going on. Ivy tells him she doesn’t know, but she told him something was wrong. He says he knows she did, then wonders what’s wrong with his daughter. She tells him she doesn’t know, but ever since she stopped selling Mark cosmetics….and he cuts her off mid sentence, stunned that she stopped working for them. He asks Ivy about it, and she says she doesn’t know why, that she was good at it and seemed to enjoy it. He tells her that’s what he thought, too, and she says that it may be a phase she’s going through, reminding him that peer pressure at her age can be hard. He has an idea, mentioning the girl she used to hang out with, Dara or Cara. Ivy says it’s Dara and that he never liked her very well. He says that’s true, he never did, that he thought she was a bad influence and it looks like he was right. He says those things must be hers. He tells Ivy that Jessica went through the DARE program, that she knows how dangerous these things are, then says the cigarettes can’t be hers, she’d never smoke them. Ivy looks doubtful, but goes on to say that Jessica’s name is on the report card. He looks at it and sees she has gotten C’s and D’s. He is stunned, saying she never got below a B in her life. Ivy tells him that whatever she’s going through, she’s going to need their love and understanding, and he agrees, saying he may not have spent enough time with her, or maybe it’s her reaction to Grace leaving town with David. He says he knows she would never wear something like this, and those things aren’t hers.

In the club, Jessica arrives and sits at the bar as several men ogle her. She lights a cigarette as one of the men walks over and asks if he can buy her a drink. She says yes, a Cape Cod. He asks if she has ID and she says of course, then asks if he has. He says yes, he’s definitely legal, then asks for a light. She lights his cigarette and he thanks her, then says he doesn’t think he’s ever seen her in there before. She tells him she’s been there, he just hasn’t been looking. The bartender comes over and tells them they have to take the cigarettes outside. Jessica asks if they can smoke just one, asking him who it will hurt. He says him, that his boss will have his head if he lets them smoke inside. He hands them a glass with water in it and they put the cigarettes in it. He thanks them, then asks what they want to drink. The man orders and the bartender goes to make them. Jessica tells him she is so tired of living in a small town with small town rules. He tells her to try to have a cigarette anywhere in NYC, unless you’re on a boat on the Hudson. She says she’s heard about that, then asks where a person can have a good time. He tells her at his place, and she says it sounds good to her. Paloma is still dancing very sexily when the guy tries to kiss her. She stops him and says they need to wait to get to know each other a little better. He says ok, and they start dancing again. At the table, Simone says it’s weird, that here they are, trying to grow up the way their mother’s wanted them to, being really good girls, and look what happened. Kay says their mothers should have practiced what they preached, and Simone marvels at how the town saint, Eve Russell, would have a past that made Heidi Fleiss look tame. She says she can’t understand how her mother managed to keep her secrets all these years. Kay says her mom was even worse, that she left them for no good reason. Simone tells her that she found out she had a husband and son she’d forgotten about due to amnesia, but Kay tells her she could have annulled that marriage, that she didn’t even remember David and she didn’t have to leave Sam and the kids. Simone says that’s true, but she figures Grace felt she had to do what was right, and that was to go with her first husband. Kay says she is probably right, and the difference between the two mothers is that Eve stayed and turned her life around, living a good life as a good wife and mother all those years, and making up for all the bad things. She says if Aunt Irma hadn’t let the secrets out, their family would still be together and happy. Simone agrees, saying then her parents would be trying to keep her a virgin until she dies. Kay giggles and says that’s true, and the bottom line is, no matter what their parents did to each other, they were always united against the kids. Simone agrees, saying they would still be wanting them to dress and act like ladies. Kay adds that no matter what, they would make sure people always saw them as good girls, then said if their parents ever saw them dressed like these girls, they would send them to Siberia. Simone tells her to forget about how the girls dress, look at how they act. She tells her to look at the girl across the room hanging all over some guy. They don’t realize they are watching Jessica. (commercial)

Sheridan again tells her mother she must die as she chokes her. Katherine tells her no, that she loves her and Sheridan doesn’t want to kill her. She begs her to stop, but Sheridan keeps right on choking her. Sheridan remembers being a child and hearing a woman tell Alistair she was going to kill him as they struggled. Little Sheridan came into the room, telling her she wasn’t going to kill her Daddy, and she started stabbing the woman in the back with scissors. In real life, Sheridan starts beating on Katherine’s chest as if she were stabbing her, over and over again, telling her she’s dead. Katherine asks what she’s doing, but she just keeps on “stabbing” her, telling her she’s dead. A smiling Alistair stands where he can’t be seen and tells Tina that it’s perfect, it will only be a matter of time before Katherine is actually lying in the family crypt. Sheridan keeps pounding on her mother, grunting with the effort to kill her.

Luis, Martin, and Pilar enter the cottage with Luis calling her name. They go to the bedroom and find no one. Pilar asks if he’s sure she was sleeping, and he tells her yes, she was sleeping when he went to talk to Father Lonigan about their wedding plans. Martin checked the bathroom and found no one, then asks Luis if he had said something about her sleepwalking. Luis tells him yes, then realizes she might be out there with no shoes or jacket, freezing to death without even knowing it. He runs out the door, calling her name, as Martin tells Pilar they should go around the other way. (commercial)

Tabitha tells the babies that Officer Sam is certainly getting a wakeup call about his little Jessica. She says he’d have a heart attack if he saw the way she was dressed tonight. She says that even she didn’t dress that trashily when she was a hottie. She remembers calling to Attila the Hun as he ran out of the tent, then chasing him around it, and, after catching him, telling him to come back to bed. He cries “no, not again!” but she drags him back into the tent and has her way with him. Tabitha tells the girls they didn’t have clothes like they do now back then, that they were more stuffy back then. She tells the babies they are lucky to live in this century, that it’s much more fun, but says that she and Endora being witches, they have to not draw attention to themselves so they have to dress more conventionally. She says she does like the hooker look, though. Endora zaps her and turns her clothes into a tight dress with red feathers, and Tabitha laughs, asking Endora what she’s done to her now. She continues laughing at her new look, telling her daughter that she must turn her back immediately, calling her a naughty girl, then laughingly tells her she will be the death of her.

Sam tells Ivy he can’t believe these things are Jessica’s. She tells him the report card has her name on it, and he says yes, but he’s talking about the other things, that Grace didn’t raise the girls to wear trashy clothes and smoke cigarettes. Ivy says Grace didn’t raise Kay to get pregnant and have a baby out of wedlock, either, but she did. Sam gets angry and asks if she is criticizing Grace, telling her that if she is, he wants her to stop it. She tells him no, but he continues anyway, telling her Grace was a great mother, always there for her kids, while Ivy’s girls won’t even come home for the holidays because they don’t want to see her. Ivy is hurt, but tells Sam he’s right, she has no room to criticize, but she just thinks he’d better pay attention to what’s going on because where there’s smoke, there’s fire. He tells her no, he won’t believe it, then says he has work to do and leaves. As he leaves, Ivy quietly says he can run but he can’t hide, and this day will come back to haunt him.

In the club, Kay tells Simone they need to keep an eye on Paloma, that she’s on the fast train to trouble. Simone says she doesn’t think Paloma knows how sexy she is and she could be giving guys the wrong impression. Kay tells her to grow up, Paloma knows exactly what she’s doing. Simone says she can do what she wants, that they aren’t her keepers, but Kay tells her she’s Miguel’s baby sister and she feels responsible. Simone says that’s true, but at least she isn’t carrying on like that girl at the bar, again not realizing she is referring to Jessica, who is still all over the guy she just met there. Kay asks if she could be any more trampy, and Simone says not unless they had a bed in here. Kay looks at her again and decides she looks kind of familiar, and Simone looks again and says sheís right. Kay gets up, still watching the girl, and she has a worried look on her face.

She walks over closer to the girl and Simone follows, and they finally realize itís Jessica.

Sheridan pushes Katherine up against the side of the mausoleum, still choking her and telling her she’s going to kill her, that she won’t let her hurt anyone else, that she won’t let her hurt her daddy. Katherine tells her she doesn’t want to hurt her daddy, but Sheridan yells that yes, she does, and says she has to die, acting like she’s stabbing her again. In Sheridan’s house, Martin and Pilar meet up and Pilar tells him they have to find her. Martin says they should split up so they can cover more ground. As they run outside they meet Luis, still looking for her, too. They hear a blood curdling scream from her, and take off running toward the sound as Luis hopes they aren’t too late.


Theresa, in the shower, smiling smugly: “Ethan said that I should call if I need help. I do.”

Man in club to Jessica, Kay, and Simone: “What do you say the three of us go back to my place, make a manwich.”

Kay’s response: “No”, as she slaps his face.

Rebecca, as Gwen sleeps on her cot: “If Ethan doesn’t get you out of here you’re not the only one who’s going to lose her little girl. I’m going to lose mine, too.”

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