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Passions Update Monday 1/24/05
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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan pushes Theresa and the baby up to her house as he brings them home. She is having a good time, coming home with her baby, and then realizes there is a wheelchair ramp at the front door. She asks how that happened, and he tells her he had the ramp and a few other modifications made inside so she could get around easier to take care of the baby and Little Ethan, when he comes to visit, until she is up and around. Theresa tells him that is so nice of him, then shows her daughter what he’s done, telling her she has the best daddy in the world. As she talks to the baby, she stops and looks like the light just came on in her head. Ethan asks what’s wrong, and she looks at him as if he were a new species. She tells him that he didn’t do this to be nice, he did it because he wants something from her. He looks puzzled, asking what she means, and she tells him she will never be up and around again, thanks to Gwen, and he just did this hoping he could convince her to change her mind and drop the charges against Gwen.

In her cell, Gwen is walking around her cell like a zombie while Rebecca moves from place to place as if she’s running from her, telling her she can’t hurt her, she’s her mother.

She runs to the bars and says Theresa has driven her daughter into a matricidal rage, and then screams as Gwen walks up behind her and puts her hands on her mother’s shoulders.

On the wharf, Fox asks Whitney how she can keep a secret like this. Chad asks what’s going on, what secret, and Whitney looks trapped, fearing Fox has overheard her saying the baby she’s carrying is Chad’s. She remembers finding out she is pregnant with her brother’s baby, then comes back to the present to hear Chad ask again what secret she’s keeping.

In the churchyard, Luis asks Martin to just leave them alone, saying he’s already done enough damage to their family. Pilar tells him to stop, to calm down and let his father speak, that he was about to tell them the whole truth.

Luis spit’s the word “truth” out of his mouth like it’s poison, then asks why they should believe anything he says since he’s done nothing but lie to them all along and he’s been living with another woman for 20 years. Martin tells him if he would just listen he will explain everything, and Pilar begs him to let Martin speak, for her, since she wants to hear what he has to say and it could change their lives forever.

Katherine walks into Sheridan’s bedroom at the cottage, calling her name and telling her she needs to speak to her. She sees no one is there, then notices the bear on a chair across the room. She recognizes it as the one she gave her daughter as a child, and goes to pick it up, saying she hopes it gave her daughter some comfort after she left her. She hears Sheridan scream outside and runs out to find her. Sheridan is lying in the snow as Alistair watches her while holding a gun and his aide, Tina, tells him she can’t believe what she just saw. Katherine sees Sheridan and runs up to her, turning her over and feeling for a pulse. She feels none and says that her daughter is dead. (commercial)

Outside her house, Theresa is still upset. She says Ethan did the remodeling so she would drop the charges against Gwen. He tells her yes, he wants her to do that, but then starts to tell her this has nothing to do with that, but she cuts him off, asking how he could do this. She tells him Gwen stabbed her in the back twice with a scalpel, paralyzing her and putting her in the wheelchair. Ethan tells her he knows this, then goes into the whole “she was out of her mind….found out the baby isn’t hers….last chance to be a mother…..” routine, asking if she remembers that. Theresa tells her she does, but that doesn’t give Gwen the right to try to kill her. He says of course she doesn’t, but when her mind snaps she can’t be held responsible for what she does. Theresa says she is holding her responsible and she will make sure she goes to jail forever. Ethan says he doesn’t believe that, then asks if she has any pity for Gwen at all. Theresa thinks for a minute, then says yes, she does, that she would have given anything to have both babies, Gwen’s and her own, but the doctor said she couldn’t carry both babies to term and she had to sacrifice one to save the other. She reminds him she didn’t want to do it, that he and Gwen had begged her to have it done, so she agreed, leaving it up to God and the doctor, and the baby that survived was hers, not Gwen’s. He tells her he thanks God for their baby every day, but Theresa asks why he thinks he can bribe her into dropping the charges against Gwen. Ethan tells her he’s not bribing her, that he had the changes made to help her to take care of the baby. Her anger has upset the baby and she starts to cry, causing Theresa to try to calm her, but she continues telling Ethan that she hopes he is telling the truth, because if not, then just take the ramp away right now and get rid of all the other changes he made. She continues to try to calm the baby as he tells her she’s being ridiculous. She tells him to just get rid of it because she won’t change her mind and she won’t drop the charges against Gwen. She continues to try to calm her daughter.

Rebecca tells Gwen she needs to calm down, then reminds her that the guard told her if she didn’t behave she’d have to go to solitary, and she knows she doesn’t want that. Gwen, with an evil look on her face, continues to walk toward her mother, who hops across the cell, and when Gwen turns to stalk back the other way, Rebecca hops away again, telling her to stop, that’s enough, and that it was bad enough she tried to kill Sheridan, her best friend, but she gave birth to her, although she’s beginning to doubt her judgment about that, so she can’t want to hurt her, she’s her mommy. Gwen continues walking around the cell as Rebecca hops around, too.

Fox asks Whitney if she wants to tell him what’s going on, and Chad joins in, saying Fox said something about a secret and asking what it is. Whitney asks Fox what he heard her say, if he heard her talking to Katherine. He says he didn’t hear all of it, and when Katherine left he heard Whitney mumbling to herself. She asks if he heard what she said to herself, and he says no, which relieves her somewhat. He tells her what he did hear disturbed him a lot, and Chad asks him what he heard. Fox tells him they were talking about Whitney terminating the pregnancy. Chad is stunned, and Fox turns to Whitney, asking if she was talking about getting rid of their baby.

Martin tells Pilar he never would have left without good reason, that he never meant to hurt her. Pilar says she knew there was more to his leaving than just wanting to protect Katherine, then asks what it was. He says he had no choice, and Luis, unable to keep his mouth shut any longer, yells that it’s bull, asking if he is saying he had no choice but to leave a wife who loved him and five kids who needed him. Martin repeats to Luis that he had no choice , but Luis tells his mother not to listen to another word. She tells him she wants to hear Martin out, but Luis tells her it’s just all lies, that they are not going to hear any more of it. He turns to his father and tells him to shut up, saying he will not hurt Pilar again.

Katherine continues to try to wake Sheridan up, praying to God that her daughter will be all right. Tina asks Alistair if she’s dead, but then Katherine hears her daughter moan and realizes she is ok. As her daughter starts to come to, Katherine asks her if she’s ok. Sheridan remembers the night she heard her father and Martin in the garden. Katherine keeps trying to awaken her, not realizing she is sleepwalking. She asks her daughter what happened to her, and behind the bushes, Tina asks Alistair the same thing, saying she just sank to the ground like a stone and he hadn’t fired a shot. He tells her she passed out, and she acts as if she wants to say she knows that, then asks if it’s because she was sleepwalking, saying she didn’t think anyone could pass out if they were already asleep. He tells her the mind is a strange thing, that whatever was going through Sheridan’s mind right then must have been so horrible that he mind just couldn’t take it. Tina asks if that caused her to collapse, and he tells her there are so many things about the brain that the best psychiatrists in the world can’t figure out, but the one thing he knows is, two of his biggest problems are only a few feet away from him and he’s sure he could take them both out with a single shot, then aims his gun at them, acting as if he shot it. (commercial)

Ethan tells Theresa that she is getting upset over nothing, that he only wanted to make things easier. He tells her it’s hard enough to take care of an infant without being in a wheelchair and he only wanted to help her be able to take care of their daughter. She asks if that’s the real reason, and he tells her it is. The front door opens and Little Ethan comes out, hollering “Mommy!” and running to her arms. Theresa is surprised to see him, but very happy, and she tells him she’s missed him very much. He says he’s missed her, too. She asks Ethan if he arranged for her son to come see her, and he said yes, just for a visit, but maybe to spend the night, too. Theresa is thrilled at that, and thanks him profusely. Little Ethan asks if the baby is his little sister, and Theresa tells him yes, it is. Ethan asks if he wants to meet her as Theresa turns the baby’s face to him, asking if he thinks she’s beautiful. He says yes, then remarks that she’s kind of small. Theresa says that she is, but then tells him that he was once that small, too, asking if he remembers that. He says no and watches as she calms the baby. He asks if they can have some hot chocolate now, and she tells him they can. His nanny is standing outside the door, watching, and says if they don’t need her now she will go. Ethan says he’s sure they will be all right, then thanks her and says she can go. Theresa thanks Ethan for bringing Little Ethan to visit her and for everything he’s done. He gets ready to push her inside and wonders to himself if Theresa will ever stop hating Gwen and forgive her so she can be set free or whether she will let Gwen spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Gwen is still pacing and Rebecca is still running around whining about her daughter killing her. Gwen stops and acts like she’s picking something off the floor, then pretends to toss whatever it is and starts hopping, as if she’s playing hopscotch. Rebecca watches her, then asks what she’s doing. Gwen tells her she’s playing hopscotch, that it’s very important she teach her little girl to play it and says not to get in her way. Rebecca tells her she won’t do that, and Gwen, still hopping, tells her that’s good because it’s very important that her daughter learn how to play it.

Martin tells Luis and Pilar that he is not interested in hurting Pilar again, and that he has something very important to tell them if they will just listen to him. Luis says he’s not listening, then asks what the heck he’s still doing here, that he thought they were leaving Harmony. He asks his father if he decided to stay so he could torture Pilar or so his mistress could torture her daughter. Martin tells him not to say that, that Katherine loves Sheridan very much. Luis scoffs and says yeah, she loves her so much that she abandoned her and left her thinking her mother was dead, just the way he left his family. He tells him he is nothing but a coward. Father Lonigan has walked into the courtyard and hears this, then asks about the raised voices, telling them this is a place of peace. Luis tells him it’s Martin who is disturbing the peace and for some reason he came to the church to tell more of his lies. The priest tells him to calm down, that he asked to meet with him to discuss the rescheduling of his wedding, but that he thinks it’s more important right now to try to heal the family. Luis tells him Martin isn’t a part of his family so their will be no healing. He tells them he and his mother are leaving. She tells him no, trying to pull away, but he tells her he won’t let her stay there and listen to any more of Martin’s lies. He tells Father Lonigan that when his father leaves Harmony, they will get together to discuss the wedding. The priest says very well, and Luis tries again to leave, but Pilar tells him to wait, then asks if he doesn’t care that she wants to hear what Martin has to tell her. Luis tells her he’s sorry, but no, he doesn’t care, that all Martin wants to do it make excuses for the inexcusable, then tells her to come on and leads her away as she struggles to stay. When they are gone, Martin tells Father Lonigan he only wanted to tell her the real reason he left Harmony, but maybe it’s better Luis took her away, since it’s better not to burden her with it. He says it is best that no one knows, since it’s so horrible.

Katherine is still trying to get Sheridan completely alert as Tina and Alistair discuss the situation behind the bushes. Tina asks him if he’s really going to shoot his own daughter. He tells her yes, Sheridan will be dead if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut. He watches Katherine working with her, then chuckles to himself. Tina asks what’s wrong, and he tells her maybe they should just wait for a while, that Sheridan is still in her sleepwalking trance and Katherine doesn’t know that, so maybe if he waits they might see some real fireworks and he won’t need his gun. Sheridan finally opens her eyes and Katherine is glad to see that. She asks if she’s hurt, then if she can help her up. She helps her daughter stand up, then tells her she was so afraid when she saw her lying there so still. Sheridan says nothing, doesn’t even look at her, and Katherine asks what’s wrong, why she won’t say anything. Tina, watching the exchange, tells Alistair that it looks like Sheridan is still sleepwalking, then says the poor woman must be carrying around a lot of anguish. Alistair reminds her that if she values her job she had better start concentrating on his anguish, and Tina, knowing which side her bread is buttered on, quickly agrees and apologizes to him. They watch Katherine still trying to get a response from Sheridan, asking why she won’t say anything. Tina asks Alistair if it isn’t dangerous to awaken a sleepwalker, and he says it is very dangerous, that right now, Katherine has Sheridan’s life in her hands. (commercial)

Fox asks Whitney again if she’s thinking about terminating the pregnancy. She tells him he doesn’t understand and he asks what he doesn’t understand, that he heard her telling his grandmother that she had considered terminating the pregnancy. Chad asks if that’s true, and she tells them that she doesn’t even remember what she talked to Katherine about, that she was the one saying things about how she must have been horrified thinking that Alistair’s evil blood is in her child. Fox asks if she had felt that way, saying he had never considered she might be afraid of carrying Alistair’s great-grandchild. She tells him that she hadn’t thought of it, either, and that it was just a conversation. Fox seems to accept this, saying what other reason could there be since she’s not in this alone, that he is going to provide everything the baby needs and it will grow up strong, healthy, and very loved. Whitney tells him she knows that, and he asks if she was having second thoughts about keeping the baby, about terminating the pregnancy. Chad jumps in then, telling him to stop badgering her, that she already told him she what he heard was their grandmother questioning her. Fox tells him he’s not badgering her, that he just wanted an answer to his question. Chad again tells him he got his answer, then asks what it would matter if she had considered terminating it, what business is it of his. Fox repeats his question, then tells him it’s his business because it’s his baby. The two are getting more upset. Chad tells him it’s her body and her choice. Fox explodes, asking what this has to do with him anyway and telling him to stay out of it. Whitney says it does have to do with Chad, too.

Father Lonigan asks Martin what the horrible secret he is keeping is. He tells the priest that he wanted to make Pilar understand, but in a way it’s good that Luis stopped him. Father Lonigan tells him it’s always right to tell the truth, no matter how hard it might be or how frightened he might be. Martin tells him not in this case. The priest pushes on, saying he knows Katherine was being abused by Alistair and they both left to save their lives, and Martin tells him that’s true, and the priest says that Pilar knows that much already so what more is there. He tells him there is a lot more to the story, so Father Lonigan tells him if it will ease his burden, tell him the truth. Martin agrees to tell him what’s blackened his heart for more than 20 years. Inside the church, Luis tells Pilar they need to get as far away from that man as they can, but she tells him he was wrong to stop his father from talking, that he was about to tell her the real reason he left them. Luis tells her that Katherine Crane is the reason, but she tells him there is more, that she can feel it. Luis says he can’t stand to see her doing this to herself, that she is desperately trying to justify Martin’s leaving them. She tells Luis that she knew Martin better than she had ever known any other person in her life, that when he left it never crossed her mind that he had left with another woman. Luis tells her that means she never really knew him, but she tells him she did, that she lit a candle for him every night, that he was a good, decent man who would never have broken his wedding vows, unless……She stops there, and Luis asks her unless what, and she tells him she just knows there is more to the story and if he wants to explain it, she wants to hear it. Luis tells her the best thing that could happen is for Martin and his slut to leave town.

Katherine asks again for Sheridan to tell her what’s wrong. Sheridan looks through her as if she’s not there, saying “it” was right here. Tina, watching them, asks Alistair what he’s doing, isn’t he going to shoot them. He chuckles and says no, because if Sheridan is remembering what he thinks she is, Katherine is about to be eliminated permanently. (commercial)

Little Ethan walks in front of his mother and shows her the changing table. She looks at it and realizes it’s low enough for her to be able to change the baby while she’s in the chair. She thanks Ethan for it, and then Little Ethan asks if he can have a ride in her chair. She says he can, then lets Ethan hold the baby while she sets her son on her lap and takes him for a drive around the living room. When they get back to Ethan, she says she had been worried that she wouldn’t be able to take care of her children in a wheelchair, but now she thinks she will be just fine.

Rebecca asks Gwen if she knows who she is, then tells her she’s her mother and she’ll do whatever she can to help her. Gwen, still playing hopscotch, tells her she can move, then, since she’s standing in one of the squares. Rebecca moves aside and Gwen hops toward her, telling her she was never very good at it when she was little, then tells her mother in an accusatory tone that it’s because she never taught her how. She says she’s going to practice so she can be perfect for her little girl, saying that she has to be the best hopscotch player in the world. As she is hopping, she stumbles and falls, hitting her head on the metal cot and causing a cut. Rebecca gasps, then runs to help her daughter.

Martin asks Father Lonigan if he sees why he couldn’t tell anyone his story, and the priest tells him it is horrific. Martin says it is so horrible, no one would understand. Inside, Luis seems to give up on his mother. He turns away and she runs after him, taking his arm. She tells him to listen to her, then asks if he doesn’t understand that if Martin leaves Harmony now, they will never know the real reason he left. Luis tells her they already know the truth, that it makes him crazy that she wants to believe there is some good reason he left them, but there wasn’t. She asks him if there was a reason, wouldn’t he want to know, but he tells her there is no good reason, that she wants to believe there were circumstances beyond his control but there simply weren’t. Pilar asks how he knows that unless he listens to what Martin has to say, but he tells her he knows it hurts her, that she doesn’t want to believe Martin isn’t the man she thought he was, but he left her, abandoned his family, and he’s a dog, and he won’t let her listen to any more of his lies.

Katherine tells Sheridan she thinks she’s still half asleep. Sheridan goes into a dream state, seeing her mother lying on the ground, bloody. She sees Katherine standing in front of her and asks what she’s doing there, saying she killed her. Katherine is confused, but she tells her daughter no, she’s not dead, she’s there with her, then says she’s sorry for what she’s been through, trying to hug her. Sheridan, pulling away from her, tells her no, she’s dead, that she killed her and she is supposed to be dead. (commercial)

Rebecca is beside Gwen who is sitting on the floor of her cell with her head bleeding. Rebecca tells her daughter she is bleeding, then asks if she’s all right. Gwen looks at her and starts leaning away from her, asking who she is and telling her to get away from her. Rebecca worries about her Gwennie, then curses Theresa for what she’s done. She says she will get her out of this hellhole if it’s the last thing she ever does.

Little Ethan chugs his hot chocolate, then runs over to play. Ethan and Theresa chuckle at how quickly he drank it, then Theresa tells him it’s good to be at home with her son and their daughter, saying she thinks she’s going to be able to manage now, thanks to everything he’s done. He tells her he never had any doubt she would be able to take care of her kids, and that besides, the condition she’s in is only temporary, that the doctors said it will take some time to get the swelling down so she can use her legs. She reminds him they also said the longer she goes without being able to move, the less chance she ever will be able to. He says it’s all a matter of seeing the glass as half full or half empty. She asks if he thinks she’s seeing it half empty, and he tells her not her, calling her the eternal optimist. He says she always thinks things are going to work out in her favor, no matter how much the odds are stacked against her. She says she just believes that Fate will always work out for her, and if she didn’t believe that, she would be lost. He tells her whatever it is, it’s a good thing, that it’s good for the kids to see their mom has a bright, happy future ahead of her. She says she wants to see that bright future, that she wants to be the best mom in the world. He tells her she is a wonderful mother, that he only hopes he can be half as good a father. She tells him he will be, and together they will make sure their daughter has a perfect childhood. The baby cries then, and she says “We’re off!” as they both go to get her from her bassinette. He picks her up, then says he thinks she wants her mommy. He hands her to Theresa, then talks to her, getting a big smile in return.

Fox asks Whitney what Chad has to do with their child, and Chad says he’d like to know the answer to that, too.

Pilar tells Luis she knows why he thinks his father is a terrible man, that she has been angry, too. She says he left them, let them believe he was dead and never contacted them, and she says she understands feeling nothing but anger toward him, but she says she can’t stop her heart from wanting to know the whole truth so they can fully understand what happened to make him leave. He tells her he doesn’t care and he wants to forget about the past, that all it’s ever done is cause them pain, and as far as he’s concerned, Martin Fitzgerald can leave town tonight and never come back.

Martin tells Father Lonigan that he can’t understand how hard it’s been for Martin to carry this secret all these years. The priest tells him he can imagine, but Martin wonders why he ever thought he could tell Pilar the secret, that saying it out loud made it even more horrible. The priest tells him he can’t carry this secret a moment longer, that he has to get rid of it, but Martin says he will carry it to his grave. Father Lonigan tells him it is a horrible story, very shocking, but now that he’s heard it he can deal with it, and that Martin has to tell Luis and Pilar about it if he ever wants to be free of it. He tells the man that Pilar still loves him and Luis wants to love him, saying he has to tell them, that it’s a horrible secret but it will help them to understand him. Martin tells him there is nothing he can tell them that will do that, but the priest tells him he has to try so they can understand the pain he’s been through all these years at not being able to be with his family. Martin says he doesn’t want to burden them with it, but Father Lonigan tells him he’s already burdened them with the belief he left for no good reason, but if he tells them the truth, it will unburden them. Martin considers it, then says if Father thinks it will help. Lonigan tells him it will, it will help them and set him free, that he needs to expose the evil to be rid of it, and that he needs to give his son and wife the respect they deserve by telling them the truth. Inside the church, Pilar tells Luis this isn’t right, that she wants to hear what Martin has to say. Luis tells her it will only be more lies, that she will open her heart to him and he will hurt her again. Pilar tells him she knows he’s trying to protect her, and he tells her he is protecting her, then tells her to come on and starts taking her toward the door. Martin walks in and tells him to wait, that he has something to tell them and he’s not letting either of them leave until he does. (commercial)

Whitney turns away from Chad and Fox, but Fox takes her arm and turns her back, asking what she means by saying their baby concerns Chad. Chad agrees, asking what she’s trying to tell them. She says for one thing, they are both men, and Fox agrees, then realizes what she said and says “What?“ as Chad asks what she means by it. She tells them that they have no idea what it’s like to be pregnant, the pressures she is under knowing you will be a mother. Fox says it’s true they will never know what it’s like to carry a baby, but that he does know what it’s like to feel responsible for the child’s life, and says he still doesn’t know what that has to do with Chad. She tells him that they are brothers, and that makes Chad the baby’s uncle, and Chad agrees that’s true. She goes on to say that she knows their mother messed up by not telling her he was her brother until it was too late and she might never forgive her for that, but that she wants him to know she will never push him out of her or her child’s life because of it. He says that’s good to know, and she says it’s just important to her for the baby to have a loving, extended family. Fox says that’s important to him, too, but then says even if it were only the two of them and the baby, they would still be ok because he loves her and the baby, too, and whatever fears she has about being a mother, he is there for her and they can handle those fears together. Whitney is crying now, and she agrees with him, and they hug. Chad watches them and wonders what Whitney is hiding now.

Theresa says she thinks the baby is getting hungry, and Ethan says she looks hungry. Theresa gets ready to feed her as Little Ethan calls Ethan and asks if he will play with him. Ethan goes to do that, and Theresa tells her daughter this is how it should be, the baby, Little Ethan, Theresa, and Ethan, a real family. She then thinks to herself that Ethan will be with her the rest of his life, while Gwen rots in jail.

Gwen gets upset, thinking someone is after her. She tells whoever it is to stay away from her, that she just wants to see her daughter. She backs away, flailing her arms at nothing, until she is in a corner, yelling for “them” to stay away from her. Rebecca watches this, then curses Theresa and says she will not let her get away with this.

Luis tells Martin he has nothing to say that they want to hear, but Martin tells him that he has something to say to them and they are going to listen to him.

Sheridan tells Katherine that she can’t be there, that she killed her and she isn’t there. Katherine tells her she is there, that Sheridan didn’t kill her, but Sheridan repeats it again. Katherine again tells her she didn’t kill anyone, that she is there, she is her mother and she loves her. Sheridan tells her no, she killed her, then starts choking her as Alistair watches from the bushes and silently urges her on, telling her to kill her mother.


Jessica to strange man: “Where can a person go to have a good time?”

Man’s reply: “How about my place?” Jessica says it sounds good to her.

Luis to Martin: “I remember I found a burlap sack and you freaked out and told me not to touch it.”

Martin’s reply: “There was a very good reason.” Luis says “Why? What was in that sack?”


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