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Passions Update Friday 1/21/05

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By Shirley

Gwen is struggling with the straight jacket in her cell, asking Rebecca and the psychiatrist to take it off her, and she asks her mother how she’s supposed to hold her daughter with it on. Rebecca asks the doctor to take it off, but he reminds her she tried to strangle her best friend, Sheridan, in this very cell. Rebecca seems unimpressed, telling him they all have their bad days, but he says Gwen is very violent and people like that need to be restrained. He asks if she doesn’t consider trying to murder someone aberrant behavior. Rebecca tells him yes, then says they’d never catch her wearing one of those things. He asks what she means, but she changes the subject, and then Gwen starts grunting with her effort to get the restraints off. She tells her mother to get it off her, right now, but Rebecca asks her if she had to try to kill someone, why wasn’t it Theresa.

Theresa is in her hospital bed, all dressed to leave. The nurse brings the baby to her and she is all dressed, too. Theresa takes her, talking to her and saying they are going home. The nurse tells her they are all happy for them, that the baby has improved markedly since Theresa started nursing her. There is a knock at the door and Ethan walks in. Theresa is glad he got her message asking if he could take her and the baby home, and he says he did, but the only reason he could get away is because Rebecca is staying with Gwen at the jail. Theresa says that’s a good place for them, and he scolds her. The nurse senses the tension and excuses herself, saying she will be back in a moment. After she leaves, Ethan tells Theresa that Gwen is getting worse by the moment, that she needs to get out of jail, and he begs her to drop the charges against her.

Fox and Chad watch Whitney and Katherine talking on the wharf. Fox tells his brother he hopes Katherine can get Whitney to talk to her. He calls her “grandmother”, and Chad says it’s bizarre to think of her as their grandmother, then chuckles and says he has relatives coming out of the woodwork. Fox tells him welcome to the family, saying you never know what you’re going to get. His focus returns to Whitney and he tells Chad to look at her, that she is still upset. On the bench where they went to sit, Whitney tells Katherine she shouldn’t be bothering her, that she is a stranger to her. Katherine tells her sometimes that can be a good thing, that it makes it easier to tell someone what’s bothering you. She asks the girl to tell her what’s wrong, saying she wants to help her. Whitney looks at her intently, then remembers finding out she was pregnant with Chad’s baby. She comes back to the present and tells Katherine she would like that, she needs to tell someone.

In the churchyard, Pilar asks Martin to tell her why he disappeared. He tells her it’s horrible, to prepare herself for a shock. She tells him she can take it, and he starts to tell her, but Luis runs up, grabbing his mother and telling Martin to shut up. He says Martin is a fraud and he needs to stop wasting his mother’s time with his lies.

Alistair (now played by John Reilly) and his aide are standing behind some bushes on the Crane estate, watching Sheridan sleepwalking in a clearing. The aide tells him this is what they had seen on the security monitors. He says good work, then laughs about the fact his daughter is sleepwalking again, saying it’s another bad habit, like mating with the lower classes. The aide says that Dr. Russell was worried about what might happen if Sheridan started sleepwalking again, saying she only does it during times of great stress and she’s been lucky not to have hurt herself before. She goes on to say that even if Sheridan doesn’t catch pneumonia dressed like she is, she might hurt herself some other way. He says there is another possibility - that Sheridan could hurt someone else. (commercial)

Gwen asks her mother again to get the straightjacket off her. Rebecca tries to get Gwen to calm down, telling her it’s for her own good, but Gwen gets more agitated, questioning whether it’s for her good when she can’t move. Rebecca tells the doctor Gwen is going to hurt herself and she wants him to take it off. He tells her again it’s for Gwen’s own protection as well as those around her. Rebecca tells him she wouldn’t hurt a fly, although she might hurt a Mexican cockroach, maybe, but he raises his voice in anger, reminding her that Gwen just tried to kill her best friend. Rebecca tries to wipe that away, as if it doesn’t matter, then says to herself that Alistair and Julian had tried to kill Sheridan many times and they aren’t wearing one of those things. The doctor tells her that Gwen has to get out of jail to be treated and then asks if Ethan has made any progress with the victim. He tells her that if the victim will drop the charges, they can get Gwen out of jail and start treating her, but Rebecca tells him Ethan has been trying but so far has had no luck. Gwen begs her mother to help her, and Rebecca tells her to hold on, she will think of something. She then quietly urges Ethan to talk Theresa into dropping the charges so they can save her daughter.

In Theresa’s hospital room, Ethan pleads with her to drop the charges. He tells her to think about what it’s been like the last couple of months. He says the stress of waiting for the baby to be born was very hard on her, and finding out the baby was really Theresa’s caused her to snap. He says it could happen to anyone. Theresa tells him it didn’t happen to anyone, it happened to Gwen, and she tried to kill her. Ethan tells her that through all their dealings he had always admired her compassion and heart, just like her mother’s, and he asks why she can’t find it in her heart to forgive her, asking if she understands what’s going on. He says Gwen’s entire heart and mind was focused on having this baby, and she tells him it’s her baby. He says she’s right, and it was the last chance for her to have her own biological child, and when she found out the baby that was born was Theresa’s, she went crazy. He tells her to think about what she lost, then tells her to look at the baby and think about what it would be like if someone took her away from her. He asks her to show a little mercy. There is a knock on the door, and the nurse brings a wheelchair in. Theresa asks about mercy, then points to the chair and says her chariot awaits right there. She asks what about what Gwen did to her, saying she can’t move her legs because his sicko wife stabbed her in the back twice, and not to ask her to show mercy again because Gwen can stay in jail until she’s dead for all Theresa cares.

Whitney tells Katherine she can’t keep her secret to herself any longer, that she might go crazy if she does. Katherine tells her that’s why it’s a good thing to get it out, tell it to her, then reminds her she’s good at keeping secrets, in case Whitney hadn’t heard. This makes the girl giggle, and then she says ok, ready to tell all. She tells Katherine that the baby’s father can never know, and Katherine tells her she will keep her secret. Across the dock, Fox talks to Chad about how much Whitney has been through in the last few months, all the problems with her parents and Fox’s father. Chad adds with him, too, and Fox agrees. Chad says Dr. Russell is in jail, but Fox says even with all that stuff going on, he thinks there is something else going on, something with the baby. He talks about all the problems Theresa’s had, and yet she is still cheerful because of the “little nipper”, then contrasts that to Whitney, who seems like ever since she found out she’s pregnant she’s been moody and unhappy. He says having a baby is supposed to make you happy, like he is, not despondent. Chad has an idea and tells Fox he knows exactly why she’s so upset.

Pilar tells Luis to wait a minute, that Martin was about to tell her the real reason he left Harmony. Luis dismisses that by saying “Another day, another story” , then asks who he’s going to blame this time. Martin tells him to just listen, but Luis asks for what, saying it all boils down to the same thing, that he ran off with another woman and mooched off her for the last 20 years. He then tells Pilar not to listen to anything he says, it’s all lies. She looks confused.

Alistair and his aide watch Sheridan walk in circles, mumbling something. The aide asks what she’s saying, and he says they need to move a little closer, without waking her up. They carefully walk closer to where Sheridan is, keeping behind the bushes. They hear her saying “it was here”, then she goes into the past, a little girl hiding in the bushes as her father and Martin talk. Alistair says “right over here”, and Martin says “No one will ever know”, as the girl wonders what they are talking about. Sheridan repeats it out loud, and Alistair, hearing her, says that she can’t remember that, that his whole empire could be destroyed. (commercial)

Ethan tells Theresa she disappoints him, asking what Father Lonigan would say about her having a chance to practice mercy and she turns her back. Theresa tells him using religion to get what he wants is low, and that Gwen doesn’t deserve mercy. She says if it were Gwen, she would laugh in his face, and she’s probably gone crazy because Theresa’s still breathing. The nurse gets spooked, leaving while saying she’ll give them some privacy. Ethan asks Theresa why she’s being so hard, then tells her to look at what’s happened to her, because it’s “sad”. He says all her hopes and dreams were wrapped up in having a baby, and first she lost Sarah, then she had to deal with Theresa not being able to carry both babies and their little boy was lost to save this one, and it turned out to be Theresa’s baby with Ethan. She reminds him she didn’t want to have the procedure, that Gwen and he had forced her, and she had left it up to God, just like he wanted. He says even so, she is broken, in torment, and losing her mind minute by minute. He tells her she should see Gwen in that cell, and she asks him if it’s wheelchair accessible. He begs her not to let her anger and need for revenge keep her from doing the right thing. He says he knows she’s angry, she has every right to be, then lists all the things Rebecca and Gwen did to her. They took their home and their jobs, and they took her child, too. She says he helped them, but he hypocritically tells her that isn’t true, and it’s over now, they have their home back, and Luis is a detective on the police force. She asks about her son, whether she will get him back, too. He tells her the shape Gwen is in, she can’t make that decision and the courts wouldn’t allow her to, either. He says she can’t let Gwen rot in the jail or she may never see Little Ethan again, saying it’s just that simple, just drop the charges.

Chad tells Fox it is so simple, he should have known. Fox asks what he means, and Chad tells him the reason Whitney is so upset is because she’s still in love with him. Fox says that’s disgusting. Across the wharf, Whitney tells Katherine it all started with Alistair, and the woman says his evil is everywhere. Whitney goes on, telling her that she and Chad were in love before they found out they were brother and sister, and that Alistair knew it all along. She tells her he pushed them together, even going so far as to loan Chad money to pay for the Valentine’s Day of Whitney’s dreams. Katherine says he’s malicious and sadistic. Whitney goes on, talking about all that happened to her parents, saying that she was numb for a while, that she and Chad had been intimate for a long time, and that’s when she found out. She says Fox has been in love with her a long time, and the baby…. Then she asks how she can even say this, breaking down as she tries to figure out how to tell the woman her secret.

The aide asks Alistair what is wrong, and he tells her Sheridan remembers far too much, that it is a disaster. As they watch her pace around the clearing, she remembers that night long ago, hiding as she hears Martin tell her father that no one will ever know. Alistair, watching her, says something has to be done before she remembers all those secrets he thought had been buried long ago. The aide watches in horror as he pulls a gun with a silencer from his pocket and aims it at his daughter, saying “Farewell, my love” and pointing the gun at her. (commercial)

Gwen is going crazy on her cot, struggling and roaring in anger against the straightjacket. Rebecca asks the doctor to loosen it again, but he tells her it’s not in her best interests. Suddenly Gwen stops all movement and just sits silently on the cot. He goes to check her as Rebecca calls her to wake up, and he tells her he was afraid of. Rebecca asks what has happened as Gwen just sits on the cot, not moving, staring straight ahead.

Theresa tells Ethan she’s not stupid, that if Gwen is so out of it that she can ‘t make a decision, the courts will turn to him, her husband. He says that’s not necessarily true, but she tells him she didn’t go to law school but she does read the papers, and she knows the court would give him her power of attorney and he could give her son back to her in two seconds, asking how many times he’s told her that would be the right thing to do. She says that unless he is going to turn around and become some lying hypocrite, don’t try to bargain with her using her child. She tells him Gwen is going to stay in jail until she gets just what she deserves, prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Chad tells Fox it’s true, Whitney still loves him. Fox tells him that’s a terrible thing to say, but Chad says that’s why she’s so upset, because she still loves him. Fox says that’s not what she’s told him, but Chad says maybe not, but it’s the truth. He tells him he knows, because he still has feelings for her, too. Fox tells him he’s sick, and he says maybe, but you just can’t turn love on and off just like a light switch. He says he knows they can never be together again, but he still dreams about her, still has feelings for her. Fox tells him he can’t, but Chad says he can’t tell him what he can and can’t do, that he still loves her and he knows she still loves him, too. Across the wharf, Whitney is still trying to tell Katherine about the baby being Chad’s. She says she wishes she could just spit it out, but it’s hard. Katherine tells her she doesn’t have to say another thing, that she understands. She says she can’t believe she has been carrying this secret all by herself, then says “Oh, my poor great-grandchild.” She says it’s a difficult secret to keep by herself. Whitney is shocked, telling Katherine she is amazing, that she understands and Whit didn’t even have to spell it out for her. Katherine tells her Alistair will pay for his evil in the next world, that he will pay for everyone of his evil deeds, then says so many innocent people have been hurt and she is so sorry. Whitney says she can’t believe it affected Chad and her this way, and Katherine is confused, asking what Chad has to do with her baby with Fox. Now Whitney is confused.

Pilar asks Luis to listen for once. He says the time for listening is over, that Martin has hurt too many people. Martin asks him to listen for his mother’s sake, but Luis tells him he has no right to ask him to do anything. Pilar tells him she thinks they are judging too quickly, without all the facts. She tells him his father was about to tell her something very important and asks him to wait just one moment, to swallow his anger and hear his father out.

As Sheridan continues to pace around the clearing while Alistair aims his gun at her, the aide tells him it is one thing to pay someone to blow up his daughter’s car, but it is another to shoot her himself, in cold blood. He tells her if Sheridan is remembering what he thinks she is, she has to be stopped. He tells her the incident she’s remembering right now could ruin everything. He takes aim again, as Sheridan remembers that night years ago, seeing the blood on her little child’s hands and saying “Oh, no.” Alistair tells his aide his daughter has recalled too much and has to die, saying goodbye to her as he takes aim again, getting ready to shoot. (commercial)

Rebecca calls to her daughter, getting no response. She demands the doctor tell her what’s wrong with her doctor, and he says she’s fine - physically. Rebecca repeats the word “fine” to him, yelling it at him, then pushes Gwen over on her side, saying she’s like a statue. The doctor says it‘s not unusual, she’s catatonic. Rebecca sputters at him, and he says she’s under extreme stress and he mind just shut down. Rebecca yells at him to fix her, calling him a quack. He helps sit Gwen up, telling Rebecca that it’s better this way, since she won’t be able to hurt herself nor anyone else, but they have to get her out of there before she gets worse. Rebecca tells him Ethan is working on it, and he says she’ll be ok for the moment, then calls for the guard. He says “Shall we?”, then says he’ll be back to check on her later, but Rebecca tells him she’s staying right there. He is shocked that she would stay with her alone, with no guard, saying she is still potentially dangerous. Rebecca tells him of course she’s staying, and that for a shrink he sure doesn’t know much about motherly love, that she is her baby and she needs her, then says there is no way Gwen would ever want to hurt her. He agrees to leave her, telling her to call him if there is any change or if she needs him. Rebecca pooh-poohs that, saying Gwen would never hurt her, that she is her daughter’s favorite person in the whole world. The guard comes and unlocks the door and the doctor leaves as it is locked behind him, leaving Rebecca and Gwen alone in the cell. When they are gone, Rebecca tries praying again, saying He knows Theresa had it coming to her, then asking him to let Ethan be able to talk Theresa into dropping the charges because she can’t stand to see Gwen in there for one more minute.

Ethan tells Theresa that Gwen’s sanity is in question, but she tells him she doesn’t care, she won’t drop the charges no matter what he says or does. The baby gets upset and starts crying and she tells him to look what he’s done as she tries to calm her. Ethan apologizes, saying he didn’t mean to upset anyone, as the nurse and doctor rush in . The doctor asks what all the commotion is, then asks Ethan why he’s upsetting Theresa and the baby. He says he’s already discharged her, but she’s still a sick woman and she needs all her energy for only two things; to nurse the baby and to recuperate from her injuries. He tells Ethan if he can’t help her with that he had better leave because he doesn’t want him upsetting her again. He says he will leave, but she calls to him and says she’s sorry, it’s her fault too, and she still needs him to take her home, if he still wants to, and he says of course he does. The doctor says his patient’s private lives aren’t his business, but the relationship between him, Theresa, and Gwen isn’t a secret in town, and whatever is going on with them, he doesn’t want it to interfere with his patient’s care. Ethan says he understands and the doctor turns to Theresa and tells her that her paralysis complicates her recuperation, and that she has to follow a strict regimen when she gets home until she heals and learns to care for herself. He says learning to use the wheelchair in itself is difficult, but she has the baby to care for as well. She says there are a lot of people at home to help her, listing them, and adding Ethan. He says yes, he will be there. She says she won’t always be paralyzed, anyway, and the doctor tells her the chances would be better if she took the steroids. Ethan asks about that, and the doctor tells him they will cut the swelling around the injury and help her heal, but Ethan says they could interfere with nursing and could hurt the baby, and asks Theresa if she is seriously thinking of taking them.

Katherine asks Whitney what her and Fox’s baby has to do with Chad, and, still confused by Katherine’s apparent misunderstanding, can’t find the words to explain it to her. She asks the woman if she understood what she was telling her and Katherine tells her she does, that it’s no surprise, that Alistair is so evil Whitney thought his bloodline would adversely affect the child. She asks if Whitney considered abortion, then tells her it’s all right, that just because the baby has his blood doesn’t mean it will be evil like him, that she needs to raise it right and it will be just fine. Whitney, still confused but understanding and feeling disappointed again, says thanks. Katherine asks again what Chad has to do with the child, and Whitney tells her that she was just saying they had been intimate and she thought about what could happen. Katherine tells her not to worry, that it would be just to horrible if Chad had been the father of her child, and Whitney tells her it would be just too much to bear. (commercial)

Fox tells Chad to stop talking about Whitney still being in love with him, that it’s disgusting since he’s her brother. Chad asks if he’s got a better idea for why she’s so upset other than that she‘s consumed with guilt, and Fox says maybe they are on the outs right now but they used to be friends and they are brothers. Chad says half-brothers, and Fox says whatever, then tells him he doesn’t want to fight him, that they have to work together on this and he wants him to stop saying that Whitney still loves him because she has no feelings for him whatsoever. Chad tells him he’s wrong and Fox blows up, telling him to get away from him, that he doesn’t have time to stand there all day talking to him. He says thank God they hadn’t had children as he walks away, and Chad thinks about that, repeating it to himself. Katherine tells Whitney that sharing secrets always makes them seem less frightening, then asks if she’s feeling better. Whitney says yes, and thanks her for listening. Katherine thanks her, saying that she’s given her hope that she might be able to get through to Sheridan before she leaves town. She tells her she’ll see, that having children will change her life forever, and that’s why she’s so sure Eve is heartbroken over what’s happened to them. Whitney tells her she doesn’t want anything to do with her mother, and Katherine says she knows, but she hopes she will understand how painful it is to be separated from her after she has her own baby, that the connection between a mother and child is indescribable. They hug, and Katherine leaves. Whitney talks to herself, saying she is so stupid for thinking Katherine really knew Chad was the father of her baby. She turns and sees that Fox is standing close by her and might have heard her.

Theresa tells Ethan that if she takes the steroids they could get into her breast milk and harm the baby, so she will not take the steroids, even if it means she’ll never walk again. She says she won’t do anything to jeopardize her baby’s health, that she’s had enough to do with hospitals for her whole life. The nurse walks up to Ethan to tell him she won’t take pain killers for the same reason and she’s had some pretty hard nights. He tells Theresa he didn’t know, then asks if the baby can’t take formula. The doctor says no, the baby lost weight when they tried feeding her that way and she needs all the weight she can get now. He says it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. Theresa says she won’t take the steroids no matter what, that she would sacrifice anything for her baby, then begins nuzzling and playing with her.

Pilar tells Luis to listen to what his father has to say, but her son tells her no, saying they have heard his excuses over and over again. He tells her not to buy it and don’t let him weasel his way back into her good graces. Martin tries to talk to him, but he cuts him off, telling him he’s heard it over and over again and he won’t listen to any more of his lies and he won’t let him hurt the people he loves ever again.

The aide tells Alistair he can’t shoot his own daughter, not on his own estate. He asks where better, and she says she can’t watch, it’s his own daughter. He tells her she’s weak as water, that he does what he has to do to protect his own interests. Sheridan is remembering being a child on that night years ago and seeing blood on her hands, then saying no over and over and backing away. Adult Sheridan does what she is remembering, backing into the bushes, as Alistair grins and aims the gun at her. (commercial)

The doctor tells Theresa to take it easy, that she has a hard road ahead. He says she has the steroids and the painkillers in her bag in case she changes her mind. She says she won’t because the baby is the one who matters. Ethan tells her she’s really strong, but she says she’s just doing what any mother in her position would do. She tells him she’s scared, that she doesn’t know how she can be a good mother in a wheelchair. He tells her she has people there who will help her, and she tells him to promise her that the baby won’t suffer because of what Gwen did to her. He tells her he will do whatever he has to do to help her, and she says she shouldn’t worry, that the baby will have everything she needs between the two of them. The doctor asks if she’s ready to go, and she says yes. The nurse takes the baby as Ethan puts Theresa’s slippers on and carries her to the wheelchair, where the nurse gives the baby back to her. The nurse wishes them well, and Ethan tells himself he knows how to help Theresa and their child, but not how to help Gwen.

Rebecca calls out to Gwen, asking if anyone is home. She calls her a poor lost lamb, then says at least now she can loosen the straps of the straight jacket, saying if she has to go crazy, at least she can be comfortable. She does so, then lays her down on the cot and walks to the bars, talking to herself. She asks Ethan to hurry up and convince the “Tartita” to drop the charges, saying surely she knows she brought it

on herself. In the background, Gwen’s feet are seen being taken off the bed and onto the floor. Rebecca doesn’t notice her daughter moving and keeps talking, saying Gwen is not normally a violent person, and saying the shrink is crazy for thinking her Gwen would hurt her. At that moment, she hears Gwen get up and turns to see her as she grabs her and takes her toward the cot. Rebecca squeals, but no one is there to hear her.

Whitney tells Fox hi, then asks how long he was standing there. He says long enough, then tells her he can’t believe it, the secret she’s been keeping. Chad walks up and asks what secret they are talking about.

Martin tells Luis he was talking to his mother and he will tell her what she asked him, and if he will just shut his mouth for a couple of minutes he might learn something. Luis asks why they should listen to anything he says, but Pilar tells him to let Martin talk, saying they need to know the whole story, then asking him to tell them why he left Harmony.

Katherine walks in to Sheridan’s bedroom, calling her and saying she has to talk to her. She finds no one there, but she does find the teddy bear, and she remembers when she gave it to Sheridan as a little girl. She says she hopes the bear gave her some comfort while she was gone. She hears a scream from outside and realizes it’s Sheridan. She calls her name and runs out the door. She continues calling Sheridan’s name as the camera shows Sheridan lying on the snowy ground. Alistair’s gun is still pointed at her, and his aide, at his side, says she can’t believe what she just saw.


Fox, to Whitney: “Are you thinking about terminating the pregnancy, Whitney? Is it true?

Were you actually thinking about getting rid of our baby?”

Rebecca, as Gwen paces the cell: “Oh, God, she’s going to kill me, my own daughter’s

thinking about doing me in!”

Martin, to Father Lonigan: “All right, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you what’s blackened my heart for

over twenty years.”

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