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Passions Update Wednesday 1/19/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

On the wharf, Whitney is standing away from the others there, looking out at the ocean. Fox watches her and says he needs to go be with her. He starts to move her way but Julian stops him, saying she probably needs to be alone. Chad, saying he knows her, tells him that Julian is right. Fox agrees to wait, and Katherine tells everyone she’s sorry, that she didn’t know mentioning Eve would affect Whitney that way. Fox tells her not to blame herself. He says she usually doesn’t go off like she did, but she’s been through a lot lately. She says she should have realized that, that having her mother in jail, accused of three attempted murders can’t be easy on her. She tells Chad it must be hard on him, too. He says it is, but he’s handling it ok. He says unlike Whitney, he doesn’t believe their mother did it. Julian says of course she’s not, that she couldn’t kill anyone. He reminds them that she saved Alistair’s life when he was shot, asking what sense it would make to try to kill him a few weeks later. Chad says he agrees, but that Whitney sees their mother differently. He tells them that Whitney and Simone grew up thinking their mother was perfect, and when they found out that she had been a drunk and a drug user, then had him and lied to cover it up, it changed their perception of her. He says they find it hard to trust her anymore, and having her mother accused of trying to kill Aunt Liz right after TC had proposed to her, on top of being pregnant, is just to much for her right now. On the other end of the wharf, Whitney talks to herself, saying if her mother had just told the truth, she would never have slept with Chad and she wouldn’t be having to pass his child off as Fox’s now. She says she hates her mother and is glad she’s in jail.

In her jail cell, Eve sits on her cot and puts her head in her hands, saying she hates having to wait to eat, wait to shower, wait to hear about your bail. She hopes there isn’t a problem since she hasn’t heard from Julian all day. The guard comes in and tells her she has a visitor, and she jumps up, thinking it’s Julian. She calls to him, asking if bail has been set yet. Liz walks in, smirking, and says she certainly hopes not. Eve tells her if she came there to gloat, just go away, or better yet, go to hell. Still smirking and quite proud of herself, she tells her that’s not a nice way to talk to the sister she tried to murder.

In the church yard, Pilar asks Martin again to tell her why he had to abandon her and their children, and why, in all the years he was gone, he had never tried to contact her or the children. He tries to get her to stop asking, but she reminds him he told her he still loves her, and he says that he does. She goes on to tell him that at the very least, after all the heartache he’s caused her, he owes her the truth and asks him to tell her why he left with Sheridan’s mom.

Sheridan is lying on her bed as Luis talks to her about the fact she is worrying him. He says she’s been on an emotional roller coaster, that first, they didn’t get married as they planned, then she finds out that her mother is still alive and is the woman who destroyed his family, and then all that’s happened with Gwen and Theresa. She agrees, saying it certainly is overwhelming. He tells her that the doctors will do what they can to help Gwen and Theresa, and they just need to stay away from his father and her mother. She doesn’t look too sure about that one, but says nothing. He tells her he will get her some tea and leaves the room. She looks over at her bear and then gets up and goes to pick it up. She remembers when she was little and her mother gave it to her, telling her whenever she holds it she will remember that her mother loves her more than anything else in the world. Back in the present, she says that every daughter needs her mother, even her, then hugs the bear to her heart as she looks to see if Luis is watching. (commercial)

Martin tells Pilar that they left Harmony because Alistair threatened to kill Katherine, and him for helping her. Pilar tells him there has to be something more, then says to explain why he walked out on the people he claims to love, how it’s possible to throw away everything he claims he held dear. He tells her he can’t, to forget about it because he’s not worth it. She asks if that means she was a fool for loving him, for marrying him and waiting for him for all these years. He says not to blame herself, to just let him leave for good since he doesn’t want to cause her more pain than he already has. She picks up on that, saying there is more that he’s not telling her, and he tells her he is more sorry than she will ever know for things he’s done, and she asks what things. He tells her things he regrets, things that will haunt him forever. He tells her it’s his cross to bear and he doesn’t want to hurt her more than he already has. She asks if that’s because she doesn’t know about them, and he tells her to just forget him, sign the divorce papers and move on, that she has a nest egg to fall back on, that she should have the life she deserves, the life she denied herself while she waited for him. He says she needs to forget him because he’s not worth it.

Sheridan walks to her full length mirror and looks at herself holding the bear. Luis walks in and is upset that she’s not resting, then sets her cup of tea on a dresser. She tells him she was thinking about what’s gone on lately, how the lives of everyone they know are in such turmoil. He says yes, especially Theresa and Gwen, and she says she was thinking that instead of waiting for things to get better, maybe they could help things along. He asks how, and she says by doing something upbeat to get everyone’s minds off their problems. He chuckles and asks like what, and she says by getting married. She jumps into his arms and begs him to get married right away, the sooner the better.

Eve tells Liz she didn’t try to kill her, saying she would have needed a mallet and a wooden stake to do that, not poison. She tells her to just go away and leave her alone. She turns away from her, walking toward the cot, when Liz tells her just one more thing. Eve turns to see what it is and Liz is pointing a camera at her, taking her picture. She looks at the screen on the camera and says it’s perfect, and it’s a shame she didn’t have it to send out with her Christmas cards, then says that’s ok, she’ll send it to the tabloids and she can just see the headlines - “Former whore, ex-addict, the good Dr. Eve Russell is behind bars for attempted murder. Eve tells her to go to hell, and Liz retorts by asking if she said to send a copy to Aunt Irma. She tells her it’s her pleasure, then asks if she wants to make a frame for it in prison or if Liz should buy one. Then she tells her never mind, she’ll just use the frame from her wedding picture, that TC put it in a box out in the garage of “their” home. Eve tells her as evil as she is, on some level she knows Eve didn’t try to kill her. Liz feigns innocence and asks if that’s true, and Eve says it is, because otherwise she wouldn’t have told them that Eve gave her the punch she drank when she knows very well that she got it herself. Liz tells her that what she knows is that Eve threatened her, several times, in front of witnesses. She says “I’m going to kill you, Liz”, then asks how many times she said that, saying she lost count. Eve tells her she said that, but she would never do it, and Liz knows that. Liz tells her she doesn’t care if she did it or she didn’t, but she knows she loves seeing her behind bars, waiting to get what she deserves. Eve tells her she doesn’t deserve this, that no one deserves to be falsely accused of committing a horrific crime. Liz gloats, saying yes, yet here she sits, all locked up, with no where to go. Eve yells and motions at her to get out. Liz, trying to rile her sister as much as possible, tells her that when she first came to town she wanted to destroy her, and she did. She tells her that her marriage is over and she’s engaged to her ex, that her daughters hate her, and her reputation as the perfect wife, mother, and doctor is destroyed. She says that seeing her there, locked up and accused of three attempted murders is more than she could ever have hoped for, and that the best part is, Eve can’t blame that on her because she did it all by herself, inching closer and closer to the cell as she talks. Eve reaches out through the bars and grabs her shoulders, calling her a bitch and shaking her. Liz is thrilled, asking if that’s how she wants to play it, then saying she likes this game and taking Eve’s hands in hers and holding them to her throat. She starts yelling for the guard, saying her sister is trying to kill her again as Eve tries to get away from her. (commercial)

Julian tells his mother that he has to leave, that Eve must be wondering what happened to him since he’s been gone for a long time. He tells her he’s so happy to have her in his life again and that he loves her very much. She tells him she loves him so much he will never know, then they hug each other closely. He pulls away from her, telling her to promise she and Martin won’t leave right away. She nods yes, but looks unsure. He tells Chad and Fox to keep an eye on her for him. They are both watching Whitney with concern, but they agree to watch her, and he leaves. She walks over to Fox and asks if he’s worried about Whitney. He says yes, that she doesn’t seem that excited about the baby. Chad tells him she’s going through a rough time right now, and Fox says he knows but he wishes she would turn to him instead of shutting him out. Katherine tells him it’s only her opinion as an outsider, but she thinks it might be hard for Whitney to turn to him when she’s so upset that her mother is with his father. Chad says that makes sense, and Katherine tells Fox that she knows he loves her and he’s there for her and at some point she will turn to him. He says he hopes so, that it has to be so hard on her having her mother in jail accused of trying to kill Alistair, Liz, and his father. Chad reminds him he’s his father, too, then adds that it doesn’t help to have her best friend stabbed in the back and paralyzed. Katherine says it’s horrible what’s happened to Theresa, and Fox agrees that Whitney has been hit from all angles lately, but he says there’s something else going on. Katherine asks what it is and he says he doesn’t know, but whatever it is, it’s tearing her up inside. On the other side of the wharf, Whitney tells herself she doesn’t know how much longer she can keep the truth about her baby’s father a secret. She tells herself that maybe she should have told the truth from the beginning.

Eve tells Liz to let go, to stop it. Liz looks at her and laughs, then says she will, in just a moment. She turns her head around and yells for the guard again, asking for help. The guard runs in and tells Eve to back off. Liz says thank God he came in, that if he hadn’t Eve would have killed her. Eve calls her a liar, and the guard tells her to back off again. She tries to tell him it isn’t what it looks like, that Liz put her hands on her neck to make it look like she was choking her. The guard doesn’t believe her, asking Liz if she’s all right. Liz says yes, thanks to him. Eve calls her a vicious, lying bitch, and the guard says he’ll be sure to add the name-calling to his report. Eve tells him she is sorry and it won’t happen again. Liz looks at her innocently and says she wishes she could believe her. Eve tells her to shut up and the guard tells her if she keeps it up she will go to the hole. She and Liz say “The hole?” at the same time, and he tells him it is solitary confinement. Eve is horrified, crying “No!”, but Liz looks like she has found a buried treasure, giving Eve an evil, threat-filled look, her sick smile on her face. (commercial)

The guard is gone, and Eve tells Liz she is repulsive, worse than she could ever have imagined. Liz replies that she did attack her, then says not to be such a sore loser just because her husband and her daughters, and her home all belong to Liz now and she has nothing. Eve says she’s wrong about that because she has Julian’s love, but Liz says it’s not done her much good. She pretends to care that Eve won’t be around to see her living the life that used to be hers. Eve asks what she’s talking about, and Liz tells her she plans to do everything she can to make sure Eve is sent to prison for a long time. Eve protests that she is innocent, and Liz snippily tells her to take comfort in that, while she takes comfort in being TC’s wife and the girl’s stepmother, then smiles her evil smile and walks away, leaving Eve devastated at the thought.

Whitney paces the wharf and tells herself that her mother had told her to tell the truth, admit that Chad is the father, but she couldn’t do it. She then realizes that now, if something is wrong with the baby, her mother won’t be around to help her, and she wonders what she’s going to do. Across the way, Katherine tells Fox and Chad that she knows she’s just landed in their lives, but she’s there Grandmother and she has a lot of life experiences, both good and bad, and offers to talk to Whitney, saying sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger than to someone you love. Fox tells her he’s all for it, go ahead, and Chad agrees. Katherine tells them that she will do that, and Fox asks if she thinks she can get her to open up. She tells him she will do her best, and he tells her he really loves Whitney and he would do absolutely anything for her. Chad listens to him, then thinks to himself that is a good thing, that as long as Fox’s mind is on Whitney, it will be easier to boot him out of Crane Industries.

Martin again asks Pilar to divorce him and get on with her life, find a man who’s worthy of her, but mostly, just be happy. She asks him to tell her the truth, that she can’t move on until she finds out why she lost the happiness she found with him. He tells her he already told her what happened, but she says no, not everything. He turns away from her as she continues talking, telling him he forgets how close they were, how they shared absolutely everything, that sometimes they didn’t have to speak to know what the other was thinking, that’s how close they were. She says they shared the same bed night after night for all those years, and that she loved making love to him, as their five children bear testament to. She says they were building a wonderful life together and that’s why it’s been so difficult all those years, that she knew what she and the children were missing as they grew up. She tells him that despite how wrong she was about his commitment to her and their children, she still knows him, inside and out. She says she knows there is something he’s not telling her, she can see it in his eyes, and despite all the years they’ve been apart, all the years she believed in him when she shouldn’t have, she still knows him and she knows there is more to his leaving than he has told her. She begs him to tell her what it is, to unburden himself to her. He looks like he’s ready to crack, but trying hard not to.

Luis is in the bedroom at the cottage, and Sheridan comes out of the bathroom in her pajamas, ready to sleep. He tells her he just left a message with Father Lonigan, telling him they are rescheduling the wedding. She is thrilled to hear that. He tells her he just hopes Theresa will be ok with what they are doing, that he really wanted her to be part of her wedding. She agrees, then says she really wanted Gwen to be there, but who knows when she will gets better, and Luis adds when Theresa will walk again. She goes to the bed and hops on it, saying at least their immediate family will be there, except her father, and he adds his father and her mother. He tells her he just wants them to stay the hell away from them. She looks torn by that, but says nothing. He tells her maybe they should wait until Theresa gets out of the hospital, but she gets off the bed and walks to him, telling him she knows he wants his sister there and she doesn’t want to sound selfish, but she’s just afraid if they don’t get married now, it may be they never will. (commercial)

Katherine walks up to Whitney, calling her name. She tells her she’s sorry she upset her earlier, but Whitney tells her she doesn’t have to apologize, that she’s sorry for snapping at her, that she‘s supersensitive about anything having to do with her mother these days. . She says her mother’s lies and secrets have turned her world around. Katherine tells her being a mother who’s lied to protect her secrets, she understands what her mother was doing. She says she was trying to protect those she loved, and that’s the same thing Katherine did. She says it doesn’t make either of them right, but she’s sure Eve never meant to hurt them anymore than she herself meant to hurt Julian and Sheridan, but she adds that she did hurt them. She tells her that Sheridan is very angry with her, that she made mistakes, just like Eve did, and that her mistakes might threaten Sheridan’s future happiness. Whitney tells her that her mother’s actions have put her in the same boat. Katherine tells her she’s about to become a mother, and that she knows she would never hurt her baby. Whitney agrees that she wouldn’t, and Katherine tells her that no mother would, including Eve. She says she knows her mother loves her, and that deep down, she knows Whitney loves her mother, too.

Eve is stunned to learn from Julian that Mrs. Wheeler is really his mother, Katherine Crane. He tells her it’s true and he can hardly believe it himself. She says that explains the time at the mansion when he thought she was his mother, and he agrees, then mentions that she tried to kill his father twice, saying “Talk about a dead giveaway!” Eve laughs at that, and he goes on, saying she hates him for what he did to her and also for what he has done to him and his sister. The mention of the word sister makes her pensive, and seeing her mood change, he asks her what is wrong. She tells him they will talk about it later, that now she wants to hear about his mother. She says it must be like a dream come true for him, but he says it’s nothing short of a miracle. She asks what really happened, and he tells her that his father faked his mother’s death to cover up the fact she had left him, with Martin Fitzgerald’s help. He tells her that Martin saved her from being abused by Alistair, and after that he was a marked man, so they fled Harmony in fear for their lives. He says that after that he took out his anger on Julian, Sheridan, and the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s. Eve says that Sheridan must be ecstatic to find out her mother‘s not really dead, but he tells her that while he hasn’t talked with her yet, his mother says her being here has put Sheridan in a terrible position. Eve asks how so, and he says that Katherine is afraid that if she has any kind of relationship with Sheridan it will drive a wedge between her and Luis. Eve realizes that he blames Katherine for Martin leaving his family, and Julian says yes, that he hates her with a passion, and Katherine doesn’t want to take the chance that she will come between Sheridan and Luis so she and Martin are leaving as soon as possible, and for good. Eve says that’s awful, and he says he can’t lose her again, that he’s just got her back. She tells him to go talk to her, and to Martin, and convince them to stay. He says he’s already talked to her, and anyway, Alistair is still an issue. Eve realizes he is still trying to get to her, and Julian says he is, but even worse than her fear of him is her fear that by staying in Harmony it will cause Sheridan and Luis to never get married.

Luis tells Sheridan that she doesn’t have to worry about them not getting married, that they love each other, always have and always will, and nothing will stop them from getting married. She tells him she loves him and knows he loves her, but she doesn’t want to wait any longer, then asks him to promise her they won’t have to wait. He asks her to relax, telling her they will do whatever she wants. She says as soon as Father Lonigan can perform the ceremony she wants to get married, and he says that’s what they will do. She jumps into his arms, thanking him. He tells her not to worry about it anymore, that before she knows it she will be Mrs. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. He tells her to drink her tea and get some rest, saying she will need it for their honeymoon. They laugh and she says she can’t wait. He takes her to the bed and tucks her in, giving her a kiss on the head and wishing her sweet dreams. He then leaves , telling her he will check on her in a little while and turning out the light. She lays there for a second, then gets up and goes to get her bear, taking it back to bed with her. She remembers her mother’s words again from when she gave her the bear, then closes her eyes to sleep. (commercial)

Pilar begs Martin again to tell her why he left her, why he stayed away and stayed silent for so many years. He tells her he already told her why, that Alistair had threatened to kill him for protecting Katherine. She tells him that’s not it, that there is more to it, and that she needs to know before she can put all this behind her. He asks her to stop, but she reminds him that he said he still loves her, and he says that, God help him, he does. She tells him if that’s so, then to tell her what she needs to know, the one thing that can help her find closure. He begs her to let it go, but she says she can’t, that she wants it over and that she’s tired of asking why and she needs to know if there was something she could have said or done that would have changed things. He tells her there wasn’t. She begs him to please tell her the truth, as his wife. He remembers burying something/someone on the Crane estate years ago and asking God to forgive him for doing it. He tells himself that telling her the truth wouldn’t ease her torment, it would only make it much worse.

Katherine follows Whitney to a bench and they sit down together. She tells the girl she knows her mother hurt her, but says there must be a part of her that still loves her. Whitney says no, actually she doesn’t, that Eve had killed the love she had for her. She asks if she’s saying that Eve set out to make her hate her. Whitney says no, that her mother lied to her and her family to protect her secrets, and they are all paying the price now, especially her and Chad. She tells Katherine that she and Chad were in love, that by Eve keeping her past a secret, Whitney had become intimate with her own half-brother, then asks if she understands. She says she can’t just forgive her for that. Katherine tells her maybe not now, but later she might be able to. Whitney asks her why she would, and Katherine tells her she’s about to become a mother, that it’s not easy, and mothers all make mistakes. She tells her that Eve might have made the mistake of keeping her secrets, but she was probably convinced that she was protecting her. Whitney tells her that’s what Eve had said, but she doesn’t think…. Katherine interrupts, telling her that she did the same thing with Julian and Sheridan, and they day may come when she may think she’s protecting her baby by keeping a secret. Whitney breaks down, crying, and says she didn’t know what else to do, then says she’s sorry. Katherine puts her arm around her, then asks if there is some secret she has. Whitney says “Oh, God!“ and Katherine asks if it’s about her baby. Whitney looks like she’s considering telling her.

Eve says that Katherine leaving Harmony has to be devastating for Sheridan. Julian says yes, but his mother’s greater fear is that Sheridan will lose Luis because of her. Eve looks like she just thought of something, then asks Julian if Katherine is aware of the psychological problems her supposed death caused Sheridan, and he asks why. She says because even though Alistair knew the truth, he convinced Sheridan that she was responsible for the death of her mother, and she’s lived with that guilt her entire life. He asks if having Katherine come back doesn’t take care of that, but Eve says partly, telling him it is imperative that Katherine and Sheridan sit down and talk about the past because Sheridan needs to understand what she may have witnessed as an impressionable child. He tells her he doesn’t know if his mother would want to take the chance of talking to her and causing problems between her and Luis. Eve tells him that she has to because Sheridan needs to understand everything that happened when she was a little girl. Julian realizes she’s talking about the nightmares about blood on her hands and the body under the sheet. Eve says yes, and that she remembers a coffin in the living room and Alistair’s voice telling her she’s a wicked little girl, then reminds him that she had confessed to killing Martin. Julian thanks God that didn’t happen, and Eve agrees, but says there may be a lot more that didn’t come out during hypnosis. She says she needs her mother to help her sort it out and make sense of it or she could be tormented for the rest of her life. Julian worries about that thought.

Sheridan is sleeping, dreaming about being a little girl, having blood on her hands and seeing a body under a sheet. A voice tells her she’s a wicked little girl, but she says she’s not. He tells her she is, and she again tells him she’s not wicked. In the present, Sheridan moves around in her bed. (commercial)

Pilar tells Martin she is praying to him, asking him to tell her the truth of why he left Harmony and stayed away all those years. She says she’s begging him as his wife to tell her why. He tells her she’s right, that he put her and their children through hell and she deserves to know the truth. She is relieved that he is finally going to tell her what really happened.

Fox asks Chad if he thinks their grandmother is getting through to Whitney. Chad says it’s hard to tell, but they are still talking. Fox tells him that he’s really worried about her, that she’s been down in the dumps since way before her mother was arrested and Theresa got stabbed. Chad says he’s known her a long time, a lot longer than Fox, and something is sure bothering her and it ain’t just hormones. Fox agrees, then says they need to hope Katherine can get to the bottom of it. Katherine asks Whitney what has her in such terrible pain. The girl is crying and says she can’t do it anymore, that she thought she could, but she can’t and she thinks she’s going to go crazy. Katherine asks if there is someone she can call, that she has to talk to someone about it because stress is bad for her and the baby. Whitney tells her she can’t keep it to herself any longer, and Katherine wonders about her talking to her mother. Whitney tells her she can’t, that she’s got her own problems and can’t help her right now. Katherine tells her she knows Whitney barely knows her, but she is Chad and Fox’s grandmother and she’d gladly let her confide in her if she wants to. Whitney looks like she wants to tell her.

Eve tells Julian that Katherine has to talk to Sheridan and answer all her questions, that it’s vital for Sheridan’s happiness and well-being. He tells her he will do what he can to get them together but that convincing Katherine that Sheridan’s mental state is precarious may be hard since she seems fine. Eve tells him looks can be deceiving, and he says she certainly can’t argue with that. Eve tells him that Sheridan has been lied to so many times and having Alistair hire all those psychiatrists to convince her she was only dreaming that night is the root of her nightmares and sleepwalking. Julian thanks God she is no longer doing that, but Eve tells him with all the stress she’s under, it could start up again, and if it does, she fears for her. He asks why, and she tells him that in the past she managed to get through it without hurting herself, but if it starts up again, she may not be so lucky, and Eve fears for her life.

Luis walks into the bedroom as Sheridan is sleeping. He says she’s finally asleep, then says he’s going to see Father Lonigan about the wedding, setting a note on her bedside table in case she wakes up. He leaves, and she starts dreaming about being little and hearing the voice telling her she’s a wicked girl. She gets out of bed and walks out the patio doors, sleepwalking.


Theresa: “Gwen is in jail and she’s going to stay there until she gets just what she

deserves: prosecution to the fullest extent of the law!”

Pilar to Luis: “Your father was about to tell me the real reason he left Harmony.”

Sheridan, looking at her hands as she sleepwalks: “No…”

Alistair to, watching her, with a gun: “She’s recalled far too much. She has to die.”

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