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Passions Update Tuesday 1/18/05
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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Fox and Whitney walk into the Book Café. Beth greets them, telling Fox everything is all set up like he asked. Whitney asks what he’s done now and he tells her to come with him, calling her his little princess, and says it’s teatime. They walk to a table and she sees he has her favorite herbal tea, scones, and clotted cream, all her favorites. He takes her coat and seats her at the table, then tells her Beth had to special order the cream for him. She tells him he’s too good to her, but he says he just wants her to know how loved she is and since she’s been seeming kind of low lately, he wanted to put her beautiful smile back on her face. She looks around and sees a couple of books on the table, then realizes they are baby name books and asks about them. He says her due date is getting closer and they don’t have names yet so he figured they should start batting it around. She stammers, and he goes on, saying he was hoping if they have a boy that they could name him after his father. At that moment, Chad walks into the Café. Whitney seems to see him and says “Oh, no!”

In the jail, Gwen is struggling with the guards who have her in a straight jacket. She is telling them to let her go, that her daughter needs her. Sheridan is distraught to see her friend in this state and tries to get Luis to stop them. He tells her they are doing what they have to, that Gwen tried to kill her, then looks at her neck and tells her she should see the marks there. Gwen continues battling the police and yelling, and Sheridan is getting more and more upset. Ethan is trying to calm her now, telling her she doesn’t have a little girl, that the baby is Theresa’s. She is only more angry, kicking and fighting harder, telling them to let her go so she can be with her daughter, then says every little girl needs her mommy. Sheridan, hearing this, moans over her own mother.

In the B&B, Katherine tells Julian to please not talk to Sheridan about her, that she wants her to hate her, needs her to. Julian asks how she can say that, telling her she’s her daughter and he knows how much she loves her. Katherine says she loves her with all her heart and soul and that’s why it’s imperative for Sheridan to hate her. Julian still doesn’t understand, saying that it makes no sense for her to want her daughter to feel that way about her when they’ve just been reunited. Katherine walks away from him as she tells him she has her reasons, but he asks what kind of loving mother would want to have her daughter feel that way about her.

Pilar is blocking the door of the church, telling Martin he is not going to leave her again without an explanation. He tells her to leave it be, to sign the divorce papers and move on, regain the life he stole from her. She tells him it’s not that easy, that he isn’t walking out on her again until she gets the answers she needs. He tells her what he’s told her before, that it’s nothing she did, it’s him, but she says that’s not an explanation. She says that he married her before God in this very church, told her he loved her, and he fathered five children with her so the least he can do is tell her why he left. He tells her it doesn’t matter, but she says it matters to her and he’s not leaving until he tells her why he walked out on her. (commercial)

Pilar asks Martin if he wants her to sign the divorce papers. He says yes, for her sake, but she says before she even considers that she wants answers. He tells her that Katherine’s life was in danger, and she doesn’t believe that, saying they both knew how badly Alistair treated her, then asks why he had to be her hero. He tells her she had no one else. She gets upset and asks if he wants her to believe the only thing going on was a victim and a rescuer. She tells him she’s not that naïve anymore, that she knows there was an affair. He tells her he swears to God he wasn’t having an affair with her, that he just couldn’t watch Alistair torture her to death day by day. He says Katherine was desperate and frightened and had no where to turn. She mockingly says right, so a married man with five kids decides to ride in on his white horse and save her. He tells her he couldn’t think of anything else to do, that the only thing he could think of was to get her out of Harmony, and once he had he was afraid to come back, fearing Alistair would hurt the family, that he knew Martin was the one who helped his wife get away and he would go to any lengths to get revenge. She tells him no, that’s not enough, that he had said he loved her back then. He says he did, with all his heart, and she then asks how he could have left her, penniless, with five children just so he could be a Knight in Shining Armor to Katherine Crane. She tells him it doesn’t add up, getting more and more agitated, then tells him she wants the real reason he left her and never got in touch, and she wants it now.

The guards and Ethan are still trying to get Gwen to calm down. Ethan tells the guards to let him have her, that he will quiet her down. She becomes very quiet, not even moving, and he realizes something is wrong. He takes her to the cot and sits her down, then sees the psychiatrist come in. He asks what’s happening to her and the doctor says this is perfectly natural. Ethan questions that, saying she’s almost catatonic, but the doctor tells him it’s like her mind and body are in a complete overload , saying it’s like she short-circuited from what has happened. Ethan asks if he means trying to choke her best friend, but he says it’s losing the baby she was so desperate for. Ethan asks what he can do for her and the doctor says nothing. Ethan asks what he means and is told that the best thing he can do for her is to just leave her completely alone, that the more stimuli from those around her she receives, the worse off she will be. He tells Ethan they will keep her under close supervision while she’s there with them. Ethan tells him he can’t just leave her like that, but the doctor says he has to, then again says they will keep close watch on her. Ethan decides that’s his best course of action and tells Gwen that he will be back. Luis tells Sheridan they should get out of there, but she tells him she doesn’t want to go home yet. He says anywhere she wants to go. She suggests going to the Book Café for some coffee. Ethan comes out of the cell and she greets him. He tells her he’s sorry, that Gwen didn’t mean to hurt her, and she says she knows. He tells her she’s Gwen’s best friend, that she would never hurt her, and Sheridan says she knows, that she better than anyone knows how it feels to have your hopes of having a baby destroyed. She says it’s unbearable. He tells her he doesn’t want to leave Gwen but the doctor says he has to, and she tells him to come with her and Luis, since he doesn’t need to be alone now. They all walk out together as Gwen sits on her cot in the straight jacket saying that her little girl needs her.

Julian asks his mother what it is, saying he knows she adored Sheridan when she was a little girl. Katherine tells him she still does, that she loves both of them with all her heart. He asks why she would want to put Sheridan through this now, and she tells him it’s for her own good. He says she’s not making any sense, and she tells him that she knows she hurt both of them when she left, then thanks God that Julian was a little older and could withstand it. He says that he missed her very much, but that Sheridan missed her even more, that she was everything to her. Katherine tells him Sheridan still means everything to her, and that she just found out that Alistair had made her feel it was her fault that her mother had died. Julian agrees that he did, in the cruelest way possible, and that he should have protected her better as he had promised his mother. She tells him he was just a teenager and not to blame himself for her mistakes. She says she doesn’t know if she’ll ever forgive herself for leaving them with such a monster. Julian is still wondering why Katherine wants her daughter to hate her, and she tells him that for the first time in her life Sheridan has a chance to be happy, with Luis. He tells her they love each other very much, and she says their wedding was interrupted because of her and she doesn’t want anything to stand in their way next time. Julian is confused, asking why should it, then saying they will reschedule the wedding, and asks what that has to do with her being Sheridan’s mother. She tells him it has everything to do with it, that her very existence could break them up. (commercial)

Fox asks Whitney what’s the matter, that he was just suggesting they name a boy after his dad. He tells her he wasn’t talking about naming him Fox, that he meant his first name, Nicholas. He asks what she thinks about Nick for a name, then says he had thought of using it in boarding school but liked being the only Fox in the school. He gets up and walks over to her, talking to her stomach and asking the baby if he would like to be named after his old man. Whitney is uncomfortable and asks him if they can not do this now. He asks what he’s done and she tells him it’s just too soon, that she doesn’t even know the sex of the baby so picking names now doesn’t make sense. She asks him to take the books away, and he does. He is deflated, not really understanding why she’s upset. He apologizes, telling her he just thought it might be fun. She tells him she has a lot on her mind right now, if he hasn’t noticed, and he tells her he has noticed and he thought focusing on the baby might take her mind off the bad stuff. She tells him all she does is think about the baby, then stands as if she is going to leave. Fox gets up too and tells her it wasn’t his intention, and then Chad walks over, asking Whitney if she’s ok. Fox is not happy with the intrusion.

Ethan, Sheridan, and Luis walk in, and Luis says it’s freezing. He says he will get the two of them some coffee and give them some time alone. They thank him and sit at a table as he goes off to get the coffee. Ethan tells her he can’t even imagine the depths of her pain to cause her to attack her best and oldest friend like that, but she tells him that losing a baby is a horrible thing, that it not only breaks your heart but it breaks your spirit and she doesn’t think she’ll ever get over losing her baby. She says that she still thinks about her baby every day and keeps hoping for a miracle, and that she prays every night that somehow she will be able to hold him in her arms again. Beth is listening in and says softly that is the reason she can’t let her spend any time with Marty, that the more time she’s around him, the more chance she’ll figure out she’s his mom. (commercial)

Fox tells Chad that everything is fine and sits back down at the table. Chad says it doesn’t look like it. Whitney sits again and tells Fox she’s sorry she snapped at him like she did, that he’s been so good to her and she’s the one who has the problem. Chad asks if she wants to talk about it, and Fox tells him she can talk to him if she needs to. She tells them that if the two of them would stop arguing it would be nice, and Fox tells her that’s fair enough. He then says she doesn’t have to apologize to him, that he knows she’s been through the mill lately, what with her mother being arrested for trying to kill her sister and Theresa being paralyzed. Chad says that would be hard for anyone to handle, and Fox grimaces at his interruption, then goes on, saying there is something else that she’s not telling him and that she can tell him anything.

Marty is heading toward Sheridan with a book in hand when Beth scoops him up and tells him she has a surprise for him, then takes him to see what it is before Sheridan sees him. She carries him to where Luis is getting his coffee and acts like she’s surprised to see him. He is glad to see his son, and Beth sends the boy to go get one more book, saying they will read it before he goes to bed tonight. She turns to Luis, talking about how upset he and Sheridan must be at their wedding being postponed. He says yes, but there is more they are worried about now. He tells her about Gwen attacking her at the jail, and Beth looks at her and sees the marks on her neck. She says she must be a wreck, and he says yeah, but she seems to understand how Gwen feels about losing her baby and all. Marty walks up and says “Daddy”, and Luis says hi and picks him up. Beth tells the boy she can’t read to him right now but she will tonight, then tells Luis he’s becoming quite the bookworm. Luis is impressed, then suggests that if Beth is too busy to read to Marty, maybe Sheridan can do it, that it might be what she needs to take her mind off what’s happened. Beth says no, the marks on her neck might scare him, but suggests that Luis read to him. He agrees, saying she’s talking to Ethan anyway. Beth leads him over to a chair and then hangs all over him as he reads. Ethan sees them and is watching them, and Sheridan asks what he’s looking at. She looks over and sees them, then looks sad. Ethan asks if she’s ok, and she tells him she’s fine, but seeing Luis with Marty always hurts a little because she remembers the child they lost who would be about the same age. He says he knows she’s always felt very close to Marty, and she tells him maybe a little too close. She says that sometimes she fantasizes that he’s hers, that she knows it’s only because of how hard it was when she lost her son. She says the feelings are just real strong sometimes. He asks if she knows he’s Beth’s son, and she tells him yes, rationally she does, but her heart is another story. She tells him not to worry, though, that she’s not going to flip out again, and they chuckle about it. He tells her someday, maybe very soon, they will be able to have another child. She says yeah, but she still can’t help but hope for a miracle, that somehow her baby will come back from the dead or be found alive or something. Then she sarcastically tells him that only lost mothers come back from the dead.

Katherine tells Julian it’s true, that he existence would only break up Luis and Sheridan and she doesn’t want that. He says that makes no sense, but she tells him it does if you understand how much Luis hates her. Julian says it isn’t her fault that Martin left his family, but she says Luis wouldn’t agree with him, that he blames her for his father leaving the family and all the hardships they had to go through, including his mother’s broken heart. Then she says she can’t blame him for that. Julian tells her that Luis loves Sheridan, that he won’t stand in the way of a relationship between them, but she tells him that Luis won’t have to say a word, that she will feel the pressure between loyalty to Luis or to her mother, and that ‘s why she has to leave Harmony as soon as possible. He begs her not to go, and she tells him it’s not that she wants to, and that she thanks God for the little time she’s had with the two of them. She says she knows it’s hard to understand, but that it’s for the best, and she’s glad Sheridan hates her since it will make it easier for her to go. Julian tells her he’ll talk to Sheridan, make her understand why she left, but Katherine tells him no, she doesn’t want her to soften her feelings for her, that it would destroy the chance she has to be happy with Luis and she just won’t do that.

Pilar asks Martin again to tell her why he walked out on her and their children. He stammers and walks away. She says she’s gone over that night ten thousand times, wracking her brain for a hint of how he could do something so wrong and hurtful. She says she kept searching for something that would explain why he left, some clue. She tells him she knew he was under a lot of pressure from the job, and she knew for weeks before he left that something was bothering him, and then she talks about the night he came home really late, with mud all over his shoes. He is pacing, trying to not have to answer her, tell her anything. He remembers digging on the Crane grounds, then asking God to forgive him for what he was doing. Pilar goes on, saying he told her he was tired, that Alistair was in a terrible mood and made him work late. She says she believed him because he had never lied to her, that never in a million years would she have suspected he was involved with another woman, let alone his employer’s wife. She tells him she was a fool, and he looks distressed. She says she never saw the signs, that there was no lipstick, no perfume on his clothes, that there was just that one night with the mud on his shoes. She says he lied to her back then and he’s lying to her now, that she wants him to tell her the truth, tell her what he was keeping from her. He remembers digging again, and then she asks what he’s thinking, then tells him to answer her. He is still pacing around, then heads for the door and says he has to get some air. She tells him no, that he’s not walking out on her again, and she chases him outside. (commercial)

Julian asks his mother how she can stand this, that it must be killing her not to be able to reconcile with her daughter. She says it’s better than the alternative. He asks if that’s true even if she really needs her. He tells her she’s very strong is some ways, but very vulnerable in others, and for her whole life she has been desperately craving her mother’s love, and she mourned her every day. Katherine tells him Luis’ love will see her through, that he is the best thing that’s ever happened to her. Julian agrees he is, but says his love can’t replace her mother in her heart. She tells him not to make it any harder than it already is. He says he can’t believe the sacrifice she’s making, and she says if there were any other way….. He tells her he doesn’t want her to go, asking if there isn’t some other way. She says no, that the cost would be too great for Sheridan. She says she can’t tell him how much his understanding and forgiveness means to her, that she can’t believe he could rind it in his heart to still care about her. He says she’s his mother and he loves her, that he above everyone knows what a bastard Alistair is and he remembers his cruelty to her. He says he can only imagine the horrors her put her through, then says he knows Sheridan will understand, too. He says to give her a chance to make up with her and still keep her relationship with Luis. She tells him it’s better her daughter hate her than to force her to choose between her and Luis. She tells him her mind is made up and asks him to understand that.

Fox asks Whitney again what it is. She says it’s nothing, that nothing is bothering her. She sees someone reading the paper and sees the headline says that Eve was arrested for trying to kill her sister. Whitney points it out to Fox, saying that’s enough to bother anyone, but Chad tells her he doesn’t believe for a minute that she could have done it. He tells Whitney that their mother would never try to kill anyone. She tells him that a few months ago she would have said the same thing, but now she realizes what their mother is really capable of. She apologizes then excuses herself and walks off. Fox watches her go, then says he is worried about her and doesn’t for a minute buy that it’s just Theresa and her mother that is bugging her. Around the corner, Whitney stops and asks her baby how much more of this she is going to put them through, how much longer she can keep the secret that Fox isn’t the father of her baby, Chad is.

Luis sits on a sofa with Marty and a book, with Beth hot on his heels. One has to wonder why Luis isn’t catching on to the fact that although she said she didn’t have time to read to “her son”, she hasn’t left his side since he decided to do it. She tells Marty to go put the book away and get another one to take home to read tonight. He goes, as told. Luis watches him walk away and says it’s hard for him to believe he is his child. He tells Beth she’s a wonderful mother, but she says she just loves him. Luis tells her that’s obvious, but that doesn’t always make someone a good parent. She says speaking of parents, what’s up with Sheridan’s mother and how is Sheridan handling the news her mother’s been alive all these years. He says as well as anyone can after finding out they’ve been lied to all their life. She says she must be excited finding out her mother didn’t really die, that she’s alive and well here in Harmony, with his father. He says thanks for reminding him, and she acts like she wasn’t thinking. She tells him she knows he has real problems with his father, but she thought Sheridan would be thrilled to find her mother. He tells her it’s not that simple, not after everything the two of them did to their families. Beth wonders how she could be so stupid, that of course Sheridan would be upset with her for what she did to his family, since he is her whole world.

Sheridan tells Ethan it was a shock to find out Mrs. Wheeler was her mother, and he says kind of like finding out Sam Bennett was his father. She tells him she doesn’t know what to do with all the feelings, that she’s missed her so much for so long, and that she blamed herself for her death. He tells her he remembers the nightmares and sleepwalking, and she says yes, that’s why her father sent her to all those boarding schools and clinics. Now she finds out her mother was alive and well, living with Luis’ dad down in Mexico all these years while she was blaming herself for her mother’s death. She says again she doesn’t know what to do with all the emotions. Ethan says he wouldn’t know, either. She asks how her mother could have just walked out on her and Julian without a word, and he tells her she must have her reasons. She says Luis thinks no reason is good enough, that he hates her and thinks she should, too. Ethan asks if he’s told her that, and she said yes, he has, more than once, and she would hate it if he thought she was taking her mother’s side over his. Ethan tells her it shouldn’t be that way, no matter what she’s done. Sheridan tells him she can’t ever talk to her again and that’s just the way it is. He tells her he can’t tell her what to do, but one thing he’s learned with all the mess with Gwen is that the bond between and mother and her child is very important, and that no matter what she’s done, Katherine Crane is still her mother and nothing will ever change that.

Gwen is sitting quietly on her cot as the guards come in. One says she bought a ticket on the buggy to the funny farm, and the other agrees, saying wherever she is now, it doesn’t look like she’s ever coming back. (commercial)

Katherine and Julian are walking arm in arm along the wharf. He tells her that his marriage to Rebecca should never have happened, that Eve is his heart. She says she’s so proud of him, that he’s so different from his father. He tells her that she wouldn’t have been proud of him for many years, that he had been just like his father. She asks about his little friend who helped him see the light, and he tells her that Timmy and Eve had saved him, made him see he was going down the wrong way in life. He says Eve has saved him in so many ways and he only wishes he could save her now. Katherine tells him she is sorry, that he must be so worried about her. He says she would never try to kill anyone. Katherine tells him to look ahead as Chad, Fox, and Whitney are walking toward them. Julian tells them hi, then says he assumes they’ve all heard the news. Fox grins and asks if this means they get to call her “grandma”, and she says he can call her whatever he likes, giving him a big hug. Chad looks on, feeling a bit left out, but then she turns to him and gives him a big hug, too.

Pilar finds Martin sitting on a bench outside. She asks him what’s wrong, saying he looks tormented. He tells her it’s just his head, that he’s still a little dizzy. She tells him she’s sorry for hitting him, but he tells her never to apologize to him, that he deserves that and more. He gets up and walks a few steps, telling her she’s a good woman, she always was. She asks what about him, that he’s a good man, or at least he was when she met him. She says she’s been wrong about so many things in her life, but she finds it impossible to believe she was wrong about him, then asks if he did love her when they were married. He says with all his heart, and she goes on to say that she couldn’t take it if their marriage had been based on a lie all along. He tells her it wasn’t, that he loved her then and , although she may not believe it, he loves her now. (commercial)

Beth tells Luis she doesn’t know what she was thinking, that Sheridan would never take Katherine’s side against him. She tells him she loves him too much to ever betray him that way. He agrees, and she goes on, saying when they think about what her mother’s actions did to Pilar and the kids, how they were just barely scraping by, getting food on the table, because Martin just left them high and dry….. Luis says yes, and he will never forgive him for that. She goes on, saying she wouldn’t, either, then telling him she doesn’t know who to blame more, his father or Sheridan’s mother, since they both treated the ones they were supposed to love with such heartless abandon. She says it’s no wonder they ended up together. He tells her that Katherine says they weren’t lovers until long after they left Harmony, but Beth asks who would really believe that. He asks what kind of fools they think they are, then says it doesn’t matter, that Sheridan doesn’t want to have anything to do with her mother just as much as he doesn’t want to have anything to do with his father. She twists the knife by saying she doesn’t see how any woman wouldn’t stick with him through thick and thin, even if it meant rejecting her mother’s love.

Sheridan tells Ethan that she has the warmest memories of her mother, that she was so warm and gentle to her as a child. Ethan says she loved her with all her heart, but Sheridan asks if that were so, why did she leave her the way she did. Ethan says he doesn’t know, but what he’s learned from her, Theresa, and Gwen is that the love of a mother for her child is an unbreakable thing. She agrees, but says she can’t forgive her. He asks if that’s because of Luis, and she says Luis is her life and she would never do anything to risk losing him. Ethan tells her it sounds like she’s afraid of her mother coming between them. She tells him no, that’s ridiculous, but she looks unsure, and Ethan looks like he doesn’t buy it for a minute.

Katherine lets go of Chad and turns to Whitney, saying she hears she has a great-grandchild coming soon. Whitney looks nervous, but says yes. Katherine tells her she can only imagine how excited they are, and Fox says they are counting the days. Whitney agrees, then Katherine says she must be pretty worried about her mother and what she’s going through. Whitney tells her she doesn’t give a damn about her mother. Katherine is startled, then says she can’t mean that. Whitney tells her she does, that after all her mother has done to her, she can rot in jail forever for all she cares. She excuses herself and walks away, leaving everyone staring after her in shock.

Pilar tells Martin if all he says is true, if he truly loved her, then he has to tell her the whole reason he left her without a husband and their kids without a father. He says her name, but she goes on, asking him to tell her why she’s spent the last 20 years going to bed by herself and waking up alone, why she’s cried herself to sleep because she had no one to hold her, to make love to her, to laugh with her. She asks him please to explain how he could betray their wedding vows. He tries to stop her again, telling her not to do this, but she continues, asking if he knows why she lit the candle for him. She tells him that it’s because she knew, deep in her heart, that if he were alive he would come home to her someday, and then he’d tell her how much he still loved her, so much so that he had remained true to her as she had to him. She says that’s why she was willing to go through all the struggles, because she believed in them, in him. She says that never in a million years had she thought that he was alive, in some other woman’s bed instead of hers, and that is the worst betrayal a man can do to a woman. He tells her she doesn’t understand, and she says he has to make her understand, then, not to stand there and withhold the truth from her. She says he has to tell her the words, he owes them to her, he owes her the reason why he left Harmony with her heart in his hands. She begs him to tell her.


Whitney: “How much longer can I keep the truth about my baby’s father a secret?”

Sheridan to Luis: “I’m just afraid if we don’t get married now, we won’t get married at all.”

Martin to Pilar: “I want you to move on with your life, please, sign the divorce papers.”

Liz, as she holds Eve’s hands to her throat: “Guard, guard, please help me! My sister’s trying to

kill me again!”

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