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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Kay is in Tabitha’s living room playing with Maria when a gloomy Simone walks in with Paloma right behind her. Kay sees her friend is upset and asks what’s wrong. Simone hands her the newspaper she’s holding and tells her to read for herself. Kay reads the headline - “Triple Threat” - and wonders what that means. Paloma tells her that Dr. Russell has been charged with trying to kill her sister, Julian, and Mr. Crane. Kay is surprised, while Tabitha pretends to be. Simone asks if it isn’t enough for her mother to be a drugged-out, singing slut, then says no, she has to be an attempted murderer, too.

A policeman is reading the same headline while sitting at the front desk in the police station. Julian walks out from being with Eve, worried about the fact that if Eve is convicted, she will get 25 years to life. He says he has to get her out of here, then asks the policeman how much bail for attempted murder usually is. The man asks if he means anyone, or just Eve. Julian asks what the difference is, and the policeman says “Public opinion.”, then shows him the paper. Julian is shocked by what he reads, and the policeman says not even a crook like Judge Reilly will be anxious to give bail to a triple attempted murder suspect. Julian asks how things could get any worse, and the policeman asks if he’s been in touch with Sheridan lately. Julian says not since last night, and asks what’s going on. The policeman tells him that he might want to look at the bottom of the page. Julian turns the paper over and reads that the wedding of Luis and Sheridan was postponed because she found out her mother is still alive. Julian is stunned at the news.

At the B&B, Katherine and Martin are packing to leave. Katherine tells him she wishes she could have talked to Julian before they left, but says it’s for the best. Martin tells her that their coming back has caused so much pain already, and it’s not over yet. He picks up the divorce papers, and Katherine remarks on them, asking if he’s giving them to Pilar in person. He says he walked out on his marriage once, that Pilar deserves better than to have it end the same way. Katherine says she’s sorry it’s ending this way, and he says he never thought it would, but it has. She tells him she knows how hard it is on him, that she would go with him but she knows how it upsets Pilar to see her. He says it’s better that he goes by himself.

Pilar is in the church, standing in front of a statue of Mary and Baby Jesus. She crosses herself, then says it’s been so many years since she put it there, looking at a plaque dedicated to Martin. She says Father Lonigan put it there, thinking it would give her peace to have somewhere to go to talk to Martin. She says it hasn’t done that in all the years since he left, and not now that he’s back, either. She asks him why he left them. In the churchyard, Ethan waits for Luis, who went inside with his mother. Luis comes back, telling Ethan they should just go down to headquarters since Pilar said she wants to be alone, probably to pray to get over him. Ethan says Martin has kept Pilar on a roller coaster, since she waited all these years for him to come back after he deserted her, and then he came back with Katherine. Luis tells him she’s hurting more than ever now. Ethan tells him he’s sorry, that he can’t imagine what it would be like to lose the person you’ve loved all these years. Luis says it would kill him to lose Sheridan.

In the jail, Gwen is strangling Sheridan, telling her she is not going to kidnap her baby to replace the one she lost, that the baby is hers and Sheridan isn’t going to take her. Sheridan calls for help, but Gwen keeps choking the life out of her, yelling that she won’t let her steal her baby. (commercial)

Sheridan passes out and Gwen lets her fall to the floor. She tells the motionless woman that she is a crazy freak, thinking she is going to take her little girl. She tells her she won’t let her take her baby, nor Sarah, nor Nathan, that they are her children, her family with Ethan. She goes to sit on her cot, then starts whining about where her little girl is. She sees Sheridan on the floor and runs over to her, trying to wake her up to help her find her little girl. Sheridan is motionless.

Julian is talking to himself about his mother’s reappearance, reading that Sheridan’s wedding was stopped because of he appearance of Katherine Crane. He says that’s not possible, that his mother is dead, he remembers his father telling him she was dead, remembers her coffin and her funeral and says this can’t possibly be. Luis and Ethan walk in the front door and see him standing there. Julian sees Luis and asks him, haltingly, if it’s true that his mother is alive. Luis just looks at him and Julian realizes it is true. Ethan asks if he didn’t know that, and Julian says he was busy trying to help Eve. Ethan says he grew up thinking Katherine was his grandmother, and to find out she is alive stunned him, too. Julian is confused, asking how that could be. Luis tells him to go ask her, that she’s staying at the B&B. Julian tells him he doesn’t understand, and Luis says that his mother ran off with Luis’ father. Julian asks if he means that Mrs. Wheeler is his mother, then says when he first saw her he thought it was she, but she looked so different he thought it was his imagination. Luis tells him they both had plastic surgery. Julian says her eyes looked the same, and there were other things, but he couldn’t believe it. Luis asks if he means that he can’t believe that she would leave him and Sheridan at Alistair’s mercy and take off with Luis’ father, and Julian tells him they must have had good reasons. Luis says they are excuses and that he and Sheridan aren’t buying them, and neither is Pilar. Julian asks why they said they had left and Luis tells him to ask her. Julian says he will, then starts toward the door. Luis tells him to tell her to stay away from Sheridan. As Julian walks out, they hear someone yell “No!” from the back, and Ethan says it sounds like Gwen. Luis says Sheridan is with her, and they both go racing back there.

Kay tells Simone she’s sorry her mother was arrested, then sits on the sofa beside her as Paloma inspects a cabinet behind them. Simone says that as much as she hates her mother for what she‘s done, she never thought she’d try to kill people. Paloma asks if, in this country, people are considered innocent until they are proven guilty. The girls tell her yes, and she says they shouldn’t jump to conclusions about Eve. Simone tells her the evidence is overwhelming, that her dad believes her mother did it, and she’s not sure what to believe. Paloma tells her at least she knows her mother loves her, that she always took care of her, while Paloma’s mother threw her away like a sack of garbage and never looked back.

Pilar touches Martin’s plaque and talks about all the years she waited for him, prayed for him, and how she would come there and talk to him about their kids and how proud he’d be of them. She says she saved herself for him, stayed true to their wedding vows, even when need and loneliness tempted her to break them. She says she was a fool. She hears Martin’s voice behind her, telling her she wasn’t a fool. He says she was a devoted wife and mother. She says his name and he tells her he’s been looking for her. She asks why and he hands her the divorce papers. He says after she signs those she can get on with her life and not worry about money so much. She is stunned that he would give her divorce papers in the same church they were married in. He tells her he’s sorry about the circumstances, but that he didn’t want her to be burdened with their marriage any longer. She tells him she sees and he starts to leave. She tells him to wait, that she has something she wants to give him, too. She pulls a screwdriver out of her purse and walks over to the plaque and starts to take it down. He offers to help her, but she tells him to stay where he is, that she will get it down. She works at it, her hands shaking, and finally she rips it off the wall as the last screw hangs up. She hands it to him, yelling at him to take it, that she doesn’t need it any more. He asks what it is, and she tells him it is her shrine to him as a loving husband and father. She tells him to take it, like her did her love, trust, and happiness. He doesn’t reach for it, so she yells at him to take it, then throws it at him, hitting him in the head and knocking him to the floor. (commercial)

As the young women sit in her living room and whine to each other and play with Maria, Tabitha sits with Endora in another area, feeding her cookies and telling her not to be like those girls. She says they are as insensitive as they are insecure. She says they are so easily hurt, yet so quick to hurt others, adding that if something is important, they ignore it, and if something is banal, trivial, or idiotic they have to share it with each other by telephone, computer, or text messaging, wondering what they is. She says they wear each other’s close, and they have to be approved by the “Grand Council of What’s Hot and What’s Not”, that they wear skimpy clothes - the little belly shirts and micromini skirts and what-not. She tells her daughter that their little gaggle of girls have more self-respect . Endora squeals, and Tabby tells her it’s true, they do, and adds that parents nationwide have done their side a big favor by allowing their daughters to walk around dressed like women of ill repute. Endora seems to agree, and Tabitha tells her hooray for decadence and decay, but then says that mortals are to be mocked, not mimicked. Endora finds that funny, and laughs. As Tabby watches, her baby daughter changes herself into a mini-teen, with scruffy hair and punked out clothes. She sits, wide-eyed, clapping her hands.

Pilar walks over to Martin as he lies unconscious on the floor, asking what she’s done. She kneels by him and cradles his head, calling his name and asking him to answer her. She says she’s killed her own husband.

Katherine hears a knock on the door and cautiously opens it. She finds Julian standing there. She says his name, and he says “Mother?” She looks at him and tells him yes, she is his mother. He looks at her for a minute, then tears well in his eyes and he takes her in his arms, hugging her tightly. (commercial)

Julian steps back and looks at his mother, tearfully asking if it’s really she. She says it is, and he tells her he’s missed her so much. She says the same, and he tells her he can’t believe she’s here, that she’s alive again after all these years. She says that Sheridan was shocked too, everyone was. He tells her that when she first came back, her voice and eyes seemed so familiar, and she tells him she had plastic surgery. He says he can’t believe he didn’t put it together sooner, and she tells him she wanted him too, so much, as she leads him to sit on the bed. She says she was afraid her would hate her for deceiving him. He asks what she’s talking about, that he’s thrilled to here her voice and see the love in her eyes again, and it’s one of the happiest, most confusing moment of his life. She says she missed them so much, then laughs and says it seems like just yesterday that she was telling him to stop teasing Sheridan so much. He tells her he’s done far worse, but those hateful days are over and he loves her too much to hurt her again. Katherine tells him she’s hurt her very badly, that she’s very angry at her for leaving her. Julian says he did, too, that he thought he would die when she did and he hated her so much for leaving.

Pilar is still crying and cradling Martin’s head, holding a rag against it to stop the bleeding. She calls out for someone to hear her, calling Father Lonigan’s name. She says she can’t leave him to go look for someone because she has to hold the rag on his wound, then tells Martin she gets so mad at him for leaving her and his family, but not mad enough to want him dead. She says she lost him once and can’t lose him again, not like this. She says he has to live, then asks God to help him.

Gwen is looking at Sheridan on the floor, and she says “Oh, no.” She stands up and backs away toward her cot and sits down as Ethan and Luis come in. Luis rushes to her and lifts her head up, asking what happened. Ethan says Gwen was on suicide watch, then yells, asking where the guard is. As Luis works with Sheridan, Gwen is asking where her baby is. The men notice Sheridan’s neck, seeing that she’s been attacked. Ethan yells for the guard again, and he comes running in, asking what happened. Luis tells him that’s what they want to know, and Ethan tells him to open the cell and the guard does, saying he left to go on break leaving Sheridan there to calm Gwen down, then says apparently it didn’t work. Gwen is still asking where her baby is. Ethan asks her what happened, and she tells him she can’t find her baby, then asks if she’s at home with Sarah. Ethan tells her no, she’s at the hospital and she’s not Gwen’s baby. She yells at him to stop saying that. Ethan tells her the baby is Theresa’s and Gwen yells at him to stop saying that, that the baby is hers and Theresa tried to take her and so did Sheridan. Luis picks up on that, asking what she’s saying, and she says that Sheridan tried to take her baby girl and use her to replace the baby she lost, and Gwen couldn’t let that happen, she had to protect her baby. Ethan asks what she did and she tells him she stopped her cold in her tracks. Luis realizes that Gwen tried to kill Sheridan by choking her. Ethan says no, that’s not true, but Gwen tells him it is true, that she couldn’t stab her like she did Theresa so she just used her bare hands and choked her. (commercial)

Luis, still trying to help Sheridan, tells the guard Gwen tried to choke her and he needs to get a paramedic in here now. The guard runs to do that as Luis tries to talk to her and get her to respond. He tells her help is on the way. In the cell, Gwen tells her that she will kill her before she lets her take her baby, and Ethan tries to stop her, telling her Sheridan is her friend, she wouldn’t betray her. He tells Luis Gwen didn’t know what she was doing, that she wouldn’t hurt Sheridan. Gwen says she would, too, that she was trying to steal her baby and she had to stop her. Ethan tells her to be quiet, she’s said enough. The paramedics come in and Luis tells them Sheridan has been choked unconscious. The paramedic breaks a smelling salts capsule under her nose and she wakes up, coughing. She checks Sheridan’s pulse and says it’s steady, then says she will check her blood pressure. Ethan looks at Gwen in disbelief.

Tabitha asks Endora what on earth is wrong with her, then tells her to change her hair and clothes back. The baby does, and Tabitha is pleased to see her normal again. Endora laughs as a witch tattoo appears on her leg. Kay tells Simone she’s sorry her mother is the talk of the town, saying she knows how it feels. She tells her that when the news that David Hastings was her mother’s first husband got out, her image as the saint of Harmony went down the drain overnight as the police chief’s wife became a bigamist. Simone reminds her that her mother had amnesia and couldn’t remember her life before she met Kay’s dad. Kay thinks to herself that Ivy used that fact to hook her mother up with David so she could have Sam back. Simone tells her that her own mother brought all this on herself, while Kay’s mother didn’t. She tells her that David lured her mother away with promises of an adventurous life, but she was quite happy being a wife and mother until he came along. Kay says it’s true, that Grace would still be here, making her life miserable, if not for that. Simone says if Eve hadn’t met Julian, she might have gone on to become a famous singer, but he seduced her with a life full of drugs, drinking, and casual sex. She says without Julian, her mother never would have had a past she had to lie to TC about, and she would never have blamed Liz for exposing her. She says she’s not saying her mother isn’t to blame for it, but if it hadn’t been for Julian and Alistair Crane, they never would have had those problems. Paloma says she blames Alistair for her family’s problems, too, saying if it hadn’t been for him, her father never would have left his family and caused her to be sent to live in Mexico all those years. Simone says she is right, that all their families problems have been caused by men, that they cause it all and the women get sucked up into it. Kay thinks to herself that she is right, and if Alistair hadn’t broken up Ivy and her dad, Ivy never would have had a reason to pay David to break up their marriage. She tells the girls they are right, but she doesn’t blame Miguel for leaving her, she blames Charity. Paloma tells her she’s the exception to the rule, and she agrees. Simone says men are really jerks and she hates them all, and the other two agree with her, giving each other high fives.

Katherine asks Julian how he can not hate her, asking what kind of mother would leave her children with a monster like Alistair. She tells him at the time, she thought if she left Julian and Sheridan would be spared Alistair’s fury, and that she didn’t think he would take his fury at her out on them and on Martin’s family. Julian tells her he doesn’t really blame her, that he blamed his father for her death and that his years of cruelty had finally taken their toll. She says they had, that the yelling had turned to hitting, and then to rape, more than once. He is stunned, saying how terrible it was for her. She agrees it was, and said Martin hadn’t even realized how bad it had gotten until one day he caught him forcing himself of her and forced Alistair to back off. She says his fate was sealed right then, and if they hadn’t left town, Alistair would have killed them. She says she knows it sounds very self-serving now, but that back then….He tells her he’s not here to judge her, that he has come to realize that people usually have good reason for what they do, then says he wants to tell her why. He says as a child, she taught him to be a good person, but after she died, Alistair forced him to forget all that and become evil and hateful. He tells her he met a young man named Timmy, and he reminded him of what it’s like to be kind and giving. He says Timmy was small in stature but he had a big heart. She says he seems to have meant so much to him, then asks if he’s gone. He tells her he is, but his spirit remains in all of those who were fortunate enough to know him. She says God bless Timmy, and God bless Julian, too, for being kind enough to understand why she had left, and she thanks him. He says he’s glad she ran, and he’s even happier to see she found her way back home again. They embrace each other.

In the church, Pilar prays to the statue of Mary not to let Martin die. She looks at his wound and sees the bleeding has stopped, and he starts coming around. She is glad to see this, and he asks what happened. She tells him she lost her temper and threw the plaque at his head and knocked him out. He says he remembers now, and she apologizes, saying she never meant to hurt him. He tells her it’s ok, that she had every right to do it, and sits up, with her help. He thanks her for taking good care of him, saying most women in that situation wouldn’t have done that. She says she’s not most women, and he agrees that she isn’t. They look at each other and there is a lot of tension between them. He says her name, and they remember getting married. She says his name, and they slowly come together and kiss. (commercial)

As the couple separates after their kiss, he apologizes, saying he got swept up in memories of their wedding there years ago. She says she was, too, and although the tension is still there between them, he gets up and tells her he has to go. She asks if he’s sure, saying it’s because of his injury, but he says he’ll be fine, then tells her that he and Katherine are leaving today. She looks hurt as he tells her he came to give her the divorce papers so she could sign them and hopefully move on with her life. She agrees, and he goes on to say he hopes she and the children only have all the best from now on, then starts to tell her that for what it’s worth, he truly regrets all the heartache that loving him has caused her, stopping and stumbling as he starts to cry. She just looks at him, and he starts to walk out. She calls to him, telling him to wait, then says that being sorry isn’t enough, that she needs to know why he left her. He tells her that he already told her it was because of Alistair and Katherine, but she isn’t satisfied with that, saying maybe Katherine didn’t have another choice, but wonders why he had to leave with her. He tells her to let it go, but she starts to cry, asking if she was just a horrible wife and lover. He tells her no, she was a wonderful wife and an incredible lover. She then asks if it was the kids, were they just too much responsibility for him. He says of course not, that he loved their children and he loved her. She asks how he could have left them, that if he loved her, how could he leave her, telling him she needs to know.

Katherine tells Julian she is glad that at least one of her children is happy to see her. He says he would have given anything to have her with him through the years but he understands why she left. He says Alistair is a cruel man who drove her away and drove Julian to drink and drugs, anything to numb the pain of what he was like. She says she’s sorry, that she just felt she had to go or his father would have killed all of them, and Martin, too. Julian says it seems Luis isn’t very accepting of the reasons for them leaving, and she says he certainly isn’t, that he thinks she seduced Martin away from his family, but that wasn’t how it was, they weren’t in love back then, they were in fear for their lives. Julian says he will talk to Luis, but she says they already have and he’s not willing to accept it. Julian tells her he’ll come around, that right now he’s concerned with her and he sees her bags are packed to move back into the mansion. She tells him no, they are leaving Harmony as soon as he gets back from seeing Pilar. Julian says he won’t hear of that, but she tells him they have to go, that Alistair is going to kill them and he tried to force himself on her again. Julian says he thought he was still in the coma, and she says she thought so, too, but he arrived there expecting her top perform her wifely duties. He says his father is a monster, and she agrees, but says it doesn’t matter, she’s fine because Martin saved her again. She says they don’t know what Alistair is up to next, and Julian tells her he won’t let his father hurt her again. She tells him he isn’t the only one who hates her, that Sheridan hates her, too, thinking that she stole Martin away from his family. Julian tells her he’s sure he can talk to her, get her to forgive her mother, and she says she appreciates that more than he knows, but it won’t work. He says it has to, that he wants her back in his life, to meet her grandchildren and the great-grandchild on the way. He tells her she has to stay and make them a family again.

In the jail, Sheridan is helped up off the floor and sits in a chair, with Luis’ help. The paramedic tells him her vitals are normal and she will be ok. Luis is grateful for that, and Ethan tells Gwen to calm down. She asks how she’s supposed to calm down when Sheridan is trying to take their little girl, asking him to stop her before she does. He tells her she isn’t going to do that, and Gwen tells him he’s right, she’s not going to do it because she is going to stop her. She jumps up and runs to where Sheridan is sitting, grabbing her throat again and choking her as Luis and Ethan try to get her to let her go. (commercial)

Tabitha asks Endora if she believes the tripe the trio is spurting out about men. She says she’s heard the same things down through the ages and the result is always the same; an attractive man comes along and shows the slightest interest in any one of them and all of them go gaga over him. She says she thanks Hades they are above such things. In the living room, the girls are stacking their hands on one another’s, and Kay says from now on it’s females first. Simone says no more heartaches, and Paloma says no more games, then Kay says they will use men before the men use them, and they all say it’s a deal, giving a communal handshake.

In the church, Pilar tells Martin she doesn’t know how she could have been so wrong, that she thought he loved her and the family. He tells her he does, but she asks how he could leave them to fear the worst and hope for the best all those years. He says he’s not proud of what he did, that there was no other way, despite what Luis says, then tells her he’s sorry he hurt her by leaving and then again by coming back. She repeats the words “Hurt me”, then says her heart is broken. He kneels down and picks up the plaque, seeing what it says for the first time. She grabs it from him, and he tells her he’s sorry but he has to go. He tells her to forget about him and enjoy the family, help Theresa raise her children and be there for Luis and Sheridan, help Kay with Maria and pray for Miguel. Then he says that soon enough Paloma will find her way back to her, then says most of all, just be happy. He starts to walk away but she runs to block the door and tells him she can’t let him leave until he tells her why he left her for all those years and he’s not leaving until he does.

Julian tells Katherine not to worry about Sheridan, that they are very close these days, despite what he did to her, and that he will talk to her an get her to forgive her. She tells him he can’t, but he tells her she’s neither hard-hearted nor unforgiving , and once she knows how horrible Alistair had been to her he’s sure she will understand and forgive her. Katherine tells him no, not to talk to her, that she wants her to hate her with every fiber of her being. He looks stunned by this.

Sheridan, sitting in the chair with Luis and Ethan around her, says she can’t believe her best friend tried to choke her twice. Ethan tells her not to hold it against Gwen, that she didn’t know what she was doing since she’s out of her mind that the baby isn’t hers, it’s Theresa’s. Gwen, in a straight jacket, tells the officers and the paramedic not to do this to her, but the paramedic tells her that she did it to herself. She struggles, telling them she is a mother and they can’t keep her from her children, that her that her baby needs her, yelling louder and louder as she struggles harder and harder against them. Sheridan is stunned and upset by it.


Beth, to Luis: “I can’t imagine any woman not sticking with you through thick and thin, even if it means rejecting her mother’s love.”

Sheridan to Ethan: “I have the warmest memories of my mother.”

Martin to Pilar: “Maybe you can’t believe this, but I still love you now.”

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