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Passions Update Friday 1/14/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

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Theresa sits in the hospital bed, slapping her legs again and again, telling Ethan to look at them, to see what Gwen did to her. She tells him she can’t feel her legs nor move them, and there is no way she won’t press charges against her for what she’s done to her. He tells her Gwen didn’t mean to do it, that she was upset because the baby wasn’t hers, but Theresa tells him she doesn’t care, that she may have to spend her life in a wheelchair because of Gwen’s upset. Luis, pacing the hospital hallway with Pilar, tells her he hopes Theresa will be back on her feet by the time he and Sheridan get married. Pilar agrees, saying she knows Sheridan would want both Theresa and Gwen there. Inside the room, Theresa yells at Ethan that she hates Gwen for doing this to her, then tries to get something off the table beside the bed and falls off, calling to Ethan as she does. Luis and Pilar hear the commotion and run to the room to see what’s happened.

Sheridan, outside Gwen’s cell, asks in shock what her friend just said. Gwen tells her she can’t wait to see her little girl. Sheridan tries to tell her something but Gwen cuts her off, saying her mother went to see why the limo is taking so long. She asks Sheridan if she will take her to the hospital to see her child if the limo doesn’t get there soon. Sheridan asks Gwen if she really thinks she’s waiting for a limo, and Gwen says of course she is, why else would she be in a place like this. Sheridan is dismayed, realizing her friend really has gone insane.

Edna is relaxing on her sofa, reading the newspaper in their living room. She reads the story about Eve charged with trying to kill Liz, Julian, and Alistair and hollers to Beth to tell her Dr. Eve could be the would-be serial killer. Beth walks into the room with Marty and says that’s a shame. Then Edna says Eve was really nice to her and saved her life when she had that stroke. Beth says “Hmmm. What a shame.” Edna gives her an evil look.

Rebecca is running through the jail hallway, then stops and says she has to confess to someone that she tried to kill Eve and she’s the one who poisoned Liz, accidentally. She says God is punishing her for that by making her daughter go bonkers, so if she confesses he will make Gwen better. A guard walks in then and she grabs him, telling him she’s looking for Julian Crane. He tells her Julian is in the room with Dr. Russell and her attorney and she will have to wait. In the room, Julian tells the attorney 25 to life is ridiculous, that Eve didn’t try to hurt anyone. The attorney says it’s better than three consecutive life sentences, but Julian says she never hurt anyone, she’s a doctor and she helps people, she doesn’t harm them. The attorney says the evidence is very incriminating, since it shows she had means, opportunity, and motive for trying to kill all of them. She hated Liz for exposing her past, she hated Alistair for keeping her son away from her, and she hated Julian at the time he was shot. Julian tells him a lot of people hated him at the time, and his father has enemies world wide. The attorney tells him Eve’s swipe card was used to get into the closet in the hospital where the poison that was used on Alistair and Liz was kept, that she threatened Alistair, and she was present in the mansion when Alistair was poisoned. Julian tells him she was there with a lot of other people, all of whom wanted him dead. The attorney goes on, saying Eve was alone with Liz in the basement when she was poisoned, her fingerprints were on Liz’s glass, and worst of all, Liz identified her as the one who tried to kill her. Eve tells him Liz is lying, that she got her own punch, Eve didn’t give it to her. He asks if she thinks Liz poisoned herself to set Eve up, and Eve says no, but maybe there is someone who is setting her up. He asks who would hate her enough to do that. Rebecca runs into the room at that moment, her arms held out in front as if to be handcuffed, and says she has to confess. (commercial)

Julian asks Rebecca what she is doing there, and she says she can’t stand it any more and has to confess. The attorney tells her before she confesses to anything she should retain legal council, then gives her his card and introduces himself to her. Julian asks what he’s doing, that he is being paid to represent Eve, not his wife. She says she doesn’t need a lawyer, she needs to confess. The guard comes in and apologizes to Julian, saying he told her not to come in but when his back was turned, she snuck in anyway. Rebecca tells the guard she is Mrs. Julian Crane and doesn’t need to sneak in to see her own husband. The officer tries to take her out, but she tells him that while normally she would be glad to be in the custody of a man with such a large nightstick, right now she has to talk to her husband. Julian tells her he’s sure it can wait, but she tells him it’s urgent. He goes out with her after telling Eve he will be right back and that he will make sure she doesn’t do time for something she didn’t do. She thanks him, telling him his strength gives her hope, and he turns to go out with Rebecca, telling the attorney to take care of Eve until he gets back. Rebecca tells him to hurry, she has to get back to Gwen.

Beth is looking through the newspaper and finds the article. She says she can’t believe Eve tried to poison her own sister, and maybe even Alistair. Edna agrees, saying she seems so nice, then says that to people without a crazy meter, Beth seems nice, too. Beth tells her to shut up, saying that Precious isn’t there to protect her now. She reads on and says she had forgotten Julian had been shot a while back, but Eve is charged with that, too. She tells her mother that if Eve ends up guilty, if will make what she did to Sheridan seem normal. Edna laughs at that, saying in her demented dreams, maybe. Beth pages through the paper and tells her mother that diapers are on sale at Senior Savers and that she needs to tell Precious to stock up. Edna sticks her tongue out at her daughter, but Beth ignores her. Looking at another section, Beth asks if Edna had seen where Gwen tried to kill Theresa and left her paralyzed, maybe for life. Edna says she hadn’t seen it, then stops to think, telling Beth that maybe Precious had better go by those diapers since she’s sure Pilar will want to stock up for her daughter. Beth tells her they can share, since Pilar and Theresa will be family once she marries Luis. Edna asks if Beth knows that “soon” rhymes with “loon”, and Beth says that’s true, that Theresa is crazy. She says that she had herself implanted with Gwen and Ethan’s embryos, thought she’d miscarried, then seduced Ethan and got pregnant by him. Edna says yeah, then sadly says she had to sacrifice one of the babies so the other could live. Beth reminds her that the surviving baby was Theresa and Ethan’s, not Gwen’s. She says it’s no wonder she went crazy and stabbed Theresa. Edna tells her that sounds like what’s happening on one of her soaps, the one right after “Days”. Beth tells her mother she’s glad Gwen is in jail, that she never liked her anyway. Edna says that’s putting it mildly, that she had tried to kill Gwen twice. Beth tells her that’s what she gets for trying to tell everyone that Beth wasn’t really pregnant with Luis’ baby. Edna says she was right, that Marty is really Sheridan’s baby, not hers. Beth says it’s not like anyone will believe Gwen now.

Gwen asks Sheridan to ask the garage attendant to be on the lookout for the limo. Sheridan agrees, then walks over to the guard and asks how long Gwen has been out of touch with reality. He says pretty much since she got there, and that Ethan had asked she be on suicide watch. She thanks the guard, then walks back to Gwen. She tells her she shouldn’t be worrying so much about the limo, that she needs to rest and work on getting over her loss. She tells her friend she has been there and knows how hard it is, that she hadn’t wanted to eat or sleep, and just wanted to close her eyes and never wake up. She goes on to say that she will get over the loss of her child before long. Gwen is confused and asks what she’s talking about, saying she didn’t lose her baby, she’s just waiting for the limo to come pick her up. Sheridan tries to talk to her but she goes on, saying she knows Ethan is late but it doesn’t bother her, that she is married to the most wonderful man. Sheridan agrees that he is wonderful, and Gwen goes on, saying he is such a wonderful father to Sarah and Nathan and that her baby is lucky to have him for her father.

Theresa yells for Ethan to help her, that he back hurts. Pilar and Luis run in, asking what’s happened, and Ethan says she fell out of bed and he’s trying to help her get up. Pilar asks if she’s ok and she says she doesn’t know, she can’t feel anything from the waist down, she could have broken her legs, etc. Ethan lifts her up and puts her in bed, saying he’s going to go get a doctor to make sure she’s all right. She screams at him that she’s not all right, she’s paralyzed, then moans some more. (commercial)

Luis tells Theresa he hates that this happened to her. Pilar says they all do, and Theresa tells them she appreciates that. She goes on to say she hopes it didn’t ruin their wedding. He tells her it didn’t, that they never even got married. She is shocked, asking what happened. He tells her it turned out that Mrs. Wheeler is actually Katherine Crane, Sheridan’s mother. Theresa says she thought the woman died years ago, but they tell her no, Alistair just faked her death when she ran off with Martin. He tells her Sheridan was so upset they had to postpone the wedding, and Theresa says she’s sorry. He tells her it’s ok, they will get married when everything is straightened out, and by then she can dance with him at their wedding. Theresa starts to cry, but he tells her not to, that everything will work out fine, that besides having him on her dance card, she also has a beautiful little daughter to take care of. She says the baby is beautiful, then asks her mother for confirmation of that fact. Pilar agrees, and he says that now Marty and Maria have a new cousin. Pilar agrees, adding that Little Ethan has a baby sister. Theresa is feeling happier now, and the doctor comes in, telling everyone to wait outside while they examine her. She asks if her mother can stay and he says she can. He asks the nurse to help him move Theresa to her side, and then he pokes her with something, asking if she feels it. Theresa asks what she’s supposed to be feeling.

Edna feels sorry for Theresa, saying she had it bad with her walker, then thanking the angels for letting “this brittle old bag of bones” live to hobble around another day. Beth tells her she can’t wait until her mother dies so she can disinfect and redecorate the house. She says that Luis will want a happy, cheerful home for Theresa to visit, that she will put a ramp to the living room in for her so she can have a front row seat to watch her baby playing with Marty. Edna makes a series of loud squawks, then says “Loon alert!” She says she can’t believe Beth actually believes that Marty is her son with Luis. She tells her he isn’t, he’s Sheridan’s son. She tells her as far as the house being hers and Luis’ after they are married - she stops for a few guffaws - then tells her she is absolutely bonko, bonger, bonkers if she thinks Luis will ever marry her, and she laughs heartily at that. Beth tells her she’s not crazy, that she is patient. She says she got Luis and Sheridan’s wedding stopped by outing Mrs. Wheeler as Sheridan’s mother, and now she just has to get her to choose her mother over Luis and she will be choosing her wedding music for her wedding to Marty’s father. Edna tells her she has the music for her wedding - “Living the Vida Loca”, because Luis will never marry Beth, he is going to marry Sheridan. Beth continues reading the paper as she shakes her head no, while Edna smiles and shakes her head yes.

Gwen talks to Sheridan about how she can hardly wait for her baby to be strong enough to leave the hospital and go home with Ethan and the other kids. She tells Sheridan her heart will melt when she sees her, that she is beautiful and she thinks she’ll be a piano player. Sheridan, playing along for the moment, says that would be nice. Gwen tells her they haven’t even chosen a name for the baby yet, that she should talk it over with Ethan, but then asks Sheridan how she likes the name “Ashley”. Sheridan tells her it is a beautiful name, and Gwen laughs, saying she knows her mother will want her named Rebecca, but one Rebecca is more than enough for Harmony to handle.

Out in the hallway, Julian asks Rebecca what all the nonsense about having to confess is all about. She tells him that the worst thing has happened to Gwen. He asks if she means on top of finding out the baby isn’t hers and then stabbing Theresa in the back. Rebecca says yes, then tells him she’s gone out of her mind and is stark, raving mad. He asks if she’s trying to find out what he thinks about an insanity defense, and she says no, that Theresa made sure Gwen would lose her mind by never being able to have her own child and that now Ethan hired a psychiatrist who says that Gwen needs to get out of jail if she is ever going to be right again. Julian asks if she wants him to get her released, and she tells him no - well, maybe - then says that she has realized that God is punishing her for all the bad things she’s done in her life and she thinks that if she confesses God will make sure Gwen is all right again. He tells her he believes she is trying to do the right thing, and he applauds her for that, but he says in his limited dealings with God, he doesn’t think He works that way. She says she doesn’t want to take any chances so she wants to confess. He asks what it is she wants to confess to, getting a little frustrated with her. (commercial)

In the visiting room, the attorney is on the phone telling someone he wants a list of everyone who was at the wedding, who went down to the basement, and when, including church staff, guests, and caterers. Eve listens to him, then wonders how this could have happened, that she knows she didn’t try to kill Liz, then wonders who did. Outside the room, Rebecca starts to tell Julian what she has to confess to, then remembers the night in the basement, watching him give Eve some punch, seeing her set the glass on the table and walk away, talking to Julian about hating Liz and wanting to hit her. Rebecca snuck over and put poison in Eve’s glass, unseen, then hid behind the column as Julian and Eve continued to talk. Back in the present, Julian tells her he doesn’t mean to be rude but he has to get back to Eve, that the attorney just told her she will probably get 25 years to life if she’s found guilty, and that news stops Rebecca in her tracks. She is stunned to learn the punishment she might face if she tells them she is the one who put the poison is Liz’s glass while trying to kill Eve. She asks Julian why so long since no one died, and he tells her he doesn’t know why the legal system does what it does, but the attorney is the best in the business and he says that’s what she will get if he can talk them down to a lesser charge, and if not, it would be three life sentences. That nearly knocks her socks off.

Beth is holding Marty, and Edna talks to him about his F-A-K-E mommy, saying she is really a prize. Beth tells her to shut up, that Luis is the prize and she’s going to win him yet. Edna scoffs at that idea, but Beth tells her that unlike her, who wishes Edna were dead, Sheridan wants to get to know her long-lost mother and she’ll develop feelings for her, that Luis won’t stand for her to love the woman who broke up his family and it will be a sore spot with them and will turn into a full-fledged sore. Edna spells out N-E-V-E-R, but Beth tells her Luis will be hers, then tells her mother to just watch.

Luis and Ethan talk was they wait in the hallway outside Theresa’s room. Luis tells him that Pilar told him Ethan had come to talk to Theresa. Ethan says he came to try to talk her into dropping the charges against Gwen. Luis asks if he’s kidding, saying she stabbed his sister in the back. Ethan tells him she was out of her mind with grief and felt Theresa had robbed her of her last chance to ever have a child of her own. Luis says he doesn’t care how Gwen felt, that she stabbed Theresa and she can’t walk now and asks if he just expects her to forgive and forget. Ethan tells him she was going to do just that before she found out she was paralyzed. He says he was hoping she would reconsider. Luis tells him she won’t, not if he has anything to say about it, that Gwen will pay for what she’s done.

In the room, Theresa asks the doctor what they are doing , since she can’t see behind her and she can’t feel anything. The doctor tells the nurse that’s enough, then asks her to help roll Theresa back over onto her back. Once she is turned, he tells her the good news is falling out of bed hasn’t worsened her condition, and the bad news is that she hasn’t improved any, either. He says he had hoped there would be some improvement by now. She asks if that means she will be like this the rest of her life. (commercial)

Theresa asks if she’s going to be paralyzed for the rest of her life. The doctor says they don’t know because there is so much swelling around the spine. He says he wants to start her on a new steroid that should reduce the swelling faster, but she’d have to stop nursing the baby. She asks why and he tells her it could affect the baby adversely. She tells him no, the baby needs to continue nursing and gain strength. Pilar tries to talk her out of it, but she reminds her that the children come first and she has to keep nursing the baby. The doctor agrees and says they will just wait and see what happens, then. After he leaves, Pilar tells her she is proud of her for being so noble and strong. Theresa tells her she doesn’t feel that way, that she is afraid for herself and her baby. She asks who will take care of her kids if she is paralyzed. Pilar tells her not to think like that, to concentrate on getting better so she can be the mother she wants to be for her kids.

Ethan tells Luis that Gwen has paid, that she has lost her mind. He says he was so worried about her that he called in a psychiatrist who says that the longer Gwen is in jail, the less likely she is to ever get back to who she was before. He says he can’t let that happen any more than he can ignore what’s going on with Theresa. He says she’s his daughter’s mother and he will do whatever it takes to make her better, the best neurologists, surgeons, whatever they can do to relieve the paralysis. Luis tells him that’s what he owes her for what Gwen and Rebecca did to him and the whole family. Ethan says he knows they were wrong but he couldn’t do anything about it without being a traitor to his own wife. Luis tells him is a traitor and he’s weak, that he had been weak with Theresa in L.A. and that’s what started this whole mess. Ethan tells him he’s going to stop it, and Luis says that’s good. Ethan says the only way he can stop it is by doing right by everyone, that Gwen is his wife and Theresa is the woman…. He stops there, and Luis finishes, saying she’s the woman he loves. Ethan says no, she’s the woman who had his baby, but Luis tells him to admit it, he was going to marry her before Gwen turned up pregnant. He finally does, saying he does still love her. Luis asks what about Gwen, and Ethan tells him he loves her, too. Luis tells him he has a problem, then, and Ethan agrees, saying he just wants to do right by everyone. Luis tells him that is part of his problem, and Ethan tells him he has no idea what it’s like to be caught between two women at the same time. Luis says that’s because Sheridan is the only woman for him.

Edna tells Beth her brain is gloppier than the food she feeds Marty if she thinks Luis will ever come running back to her. Beth says “Oh, yeah?” Edna says yeah, because even if they do split up because Sheridan runs home to her mommy, Precious will have a better chance of landing Luis than Beth will, laughing like crazy. Beth tells her she stopped listening to her a long time ago, that she told her she’d get caught after she kidnapped Sheridan, but she didn’t, that Marty would only bond with Sheridan, but he loves her too and will never know that Sheridan is his mother. She sticks her tongue out at her mother, who does the same back to her.

Gwen tells Sheridan she is so glad she came to see her but she really has to get going. Sheridan tells her she’s sure the limo will be there soon. Gwen says she’s waited for the limo long enough and she’s just going to call a taxi, trying to walk out the cell door but finding it locked. She asks what’s wrong with it, why it won’t open. Sheridan tells her it’s locked, and Gwen asks her to unlock it since she has to leave. Sheridan tells her she can’t, that Gwen is in jail, but Gwen says that’s ridiculous, then calls to the guard, calling him the garage attendant and telling him to let her out, that she needs to be with her baby. He tells her to sit down and shut up, that she’s going nowhere any time soon. She gets upset with him, asking how dare he speak to her like that. She tells him to let her out right now. Sheridan asks her to stop but she just tells her she’s no help, then tells the guard to call her mother, that when she speaks in this town, people listen.

Julian asks Rebecca what it is she wants to confess, and she acts as if she never heard the word before, having changed her mind. She thinks fast, telling him she can’t stop thinking about Eve spending 25 years to life if she’s convicted. He says there’s no way a gentle woman like Eve could survive prison. Rebecca daydreams about her being in prison, lying on a cot looking at a beefcake calendar. A large woman comes in with a mop and pail, telling her to get up and help her clean up. Rebecca tells her just a minute, but the woman doesn’t want to wait and pulls her off the bed. She lies down and hands Rebecca a sponge, telling her to start scrubbing and don’t stop until she tells her too, then puts her foot up for her to scrub. Julian brings her back to the present by asking again what she wants to confess about, but she says nothing. He is upset that she brought him out there for nothing. He says he doesn’t believe her, then asks what she’s done this time. (commercial)

Rebecca asks why he doesn’t believe her, why he thinks she’s done something. He says he knows her, that she was genuinely upset when she barged in on them and then he asks her what she wants to confess. She tells herself that she cannot risk going to prison for 25 years, then tells him she has to confess she is a money-hungry gold digger. He says he knows that, and she goes on, saying that helping Gwen regain her sanity and fight charges if Theresa brings them against her will be mighty pricey, so he shouldn’t be surprised if his checkbook takes a hit. He tells her he knows she will do whatever it takes to help Gwen and there’s no confession necessary. He says he has to get back to Eve now, but she says to wait, then asks if she will really get 25 to life if she’s convicted. He says yes, and he doesn’t know what he’ll do if it happens. She tells herself that it’s better Eve than her and she’ll have to find some other way to help Gwen.

Gwen is shaking the door of her cell, asking to be let out. Sheridan tries to calm her, telling her to stop this, but Gwen asks her why she’s on the guard’s side. Sheridan tells her she isn’t, that she’s in jail and then asks her not to make things worse than they already are. Gwen tells her she doesn’t have time to listen to this crazy talk, then asks if they will let her out of here, shaking the door and yelling “Come on!” Sheridan asks her to stop it as the guard comes over and tells her she will have to be restrained if she doesn’t calm down. Sheridan asks him to let her handle it, that she can calm her down, and he goes on a ten minute break, saying if she’s not calm when he gets back he will have to restrain her. Sheridan tells him she understands, then tells Gwen to calm down or she’ll have to suffer the consequences. Gwen tells her she’s not supposed to be in here in the first place, and Sheridan says she agrees, that she is just upset over losing her baby. Gwen tells her she didn’t lose it, that it’s in the hospital and is just fine. Sheridan tells her that is Theresa’s baby, and Gwen goes even more crazy. She tells Sheridan that’s a lie, then says she thought she was her friend and accuses her of supporting Theresa. Sheridan tells her she is her friend, but Gwen asks why she keeps saying she lost her baby and that the next thing she’ll be saying Sarah and her brother aren’t at the mansion waiting for her. Sheridan tells her she just wants her to be realistic, that the sooner she can accept that Sarah and her brother are dead and the baby in the hospital is Theresa’s, the better off she’ll be. She then says she and Ethan can adopt a baby. Gwen tells her she loves her, but she’s the one who needs a reality check. She says she and Ethan have a brand-new baby in the hospital and don’t need to adopt a baby. She tells her that she is just jealous because she lost her own baby and bitter because Luis didn’t marry her last night. Sheridan tells her that’s not it, but she says Sheridan is jealous and bitter, just like Theresa, and to hell with her because there is no way she will let her take her baby, that she won’t let her kidnap her baby.

Beth tells her mother she’s right about one thing. Edna asks if it’s that she will grow old alone, but Beth says no, that a lot of things happened in Harmony last night; Gwen stabbed Theresa, Eve tried to poison her sister, and Luis and Sheridan’s wedding was a no-go. Edna says they may not have gotten married last night but they will real soon, and then they will be spending a lot more time with Marty and they will realize Sheridan is his real mother and it will be bye-bye, Bethie. Beth tells her it won’t happen that way, that Luis and Sheridan are going to break up because she is going to want to be with her mother, and then Luis will marry her and they will live happily ever after. Edna raises her hands and yells “Oh, Gwen! Make room for Bethie!”

Theresa tells her mother that Gwen will pay for this, that she’ll make sure of it. The door opens and Luis walks in. Theresa asks him where Ethan is, but he tells her he can’t say. She says he probably ran to Gwen’s jail cell to empty her drool cup. Pilar tells her there is no need to be cruel, but she says she’s pressing charges, no matter what Ethan does. There is a knock on the door and it opens to let Ethan and Little Ethan in. The boy runs to his mother’s bed, calling her name. They hug, and Ethan helps him up on the bed. He asks her how long she will be here, and she tells him she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t think it will be too much longer because she wants to go home and help him build a snowman. (commercial)

Eve muses on 25 years to life, then says she can’t believe this is happening to her. The attorney says he can get her a cup of tea if she likes, and she says she’d love to have some herbal tea. He tells her he doesn’t think they will have a choice. She says she never dreamed this would happen to her in a million years. She tells him she’s done some bad things in her life, but she never tried to kill her sister, Julian, nor Alistair, and she swears it’s true. He says he will do everything he can to help her, but right now it doesn’t look good for her. She asks what if they could prove she was framed. He tells her she’d be off the hook, but wonders who would want to frame her for attempted murder.

Rebecca tells Julian that 25 years to life is a long time and she had no idea it would be that long. He says it’s terrible. She says the worst thing is there are no conjugal visits for violent offenders, and he tells her he’s well aware of that. She tells him to look on the bright side, at least if she goes to prison, Rebecca will still be around to take care of the wifely duties. He wonders to himself who would have the bleakest future, him or Eve.

Edna is playing with Marty and says Beth is as dumb as she looks, asking him if he knows why as Beth tells her to stick a sock in it. She goes on to say that one day Sheridan and Luis will find out that Sheridan is his mother, not Beth. She then tells Beth that Gwen stabbed Theresa over a baby that wasn’t even hers, and then asks what she thinks will happen when Sheridan finds out that Beth stole her boy. She says the bones Sheridan doesn’t break, Luis will.

Luis and Ethan walk out of Theresa’s room as she reads him a book. Outside, Luis asks Ethan if he brought Little Ethan to soften Theresa up. Ethan says he hopes having Ethan there will make her see the big picture. Luis asks how so, and he explains that if she realizes that he and Gwen are willing to let her spend time with Little Ethan, maybe she will be inclined to drop the charges against Gwen and put all her energy into beating the paralysis. Then, once Gwen is herself again and sees that Theresa has dropped the charges, maybe she’ll be inclined to give Little Ethan back to Theresa. He says that’s what he’s hoping, that he will get his wife back and Theresa will get her kids back and they can all live happy, normal lives. Luis tells him that’s what he wants, too, a happy, normal life with Sheridan, and he figures once they get over all this stuff with his dad and her mother, that’s what they will have. He says he can’t imagine his life without Sheridan in it.

Sheridan tells Gwen she doesn’t want to kidnap her baby, she just wants her to get better. Gwen says she is a liar. Sheridan sees she is upset so she tells her she will come back when she is calmer. She turns to walk away but Gwen reaches out through the bars and grabs her throat, choking her and telling her she will kill her before she’ll let her kidnap her baby.


Sheridan to Gwen, as she is being strangled by her: “Gwen, stop…uh-uh-ergh-ergh….”

Pilar, cradling Martin: “Oh, my God! Martin, my own husband!”

Julian, to Katherine. “Mother?”

Katherine’s reply: “Yes, Julian, I’m your mother.”

Tabitha to Endora: “What in heaven is wrong with you, child?”

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