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Passions Update Thursday 1/13/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa is sitting in her hospital bed, nursing her baby as Ethan sits beside her, trying to figure out how to ask her to drop the charges against Gwen. She is talking to the baby as he starts out talking about when they were in Sunday School and were taught about forgiveness. Theresa decides the baby needs to change to the other side, and she tries to lift her up, but yelps in pain as the motion causes pain to her back. Ethan asks if she’s okay, trying to help her hold the baby and get herself settled back down. Theresa is upset, telling him she can’t even nurse her baby by herself. He tells her it’s ok, but she asks why this is happening, why she’s paralyzed. The baby is crying now, and Theresa tells herself she has to calm down, that the baby needs to eat and her being upset causes the baby to be upset. She talks herself into a calm state, then asks Ethan what he was going to say. He remembers telling Rebecca that if he can get Theresa to drop the charges against Gwen, they can get her out of the jail and get the help she needs to get better. Theresa is calm now, and looks at him expectantly. He thinks to himself that it won’t be easy, but he has to do it for Gwen.

Rebecca is outside the cell, watching her daughter rocking on the cot. She turns to the guard and asks if he didn’t hear what she said, that she needs to talk to Julian Crane, for the first time in her life she is going to tell the truth and she needs the guard to find him now. The guard tells her he will see if Julian’s available, but Rebecca asks if he’s Julian’s social secretary. She tells him she doesn’t care if Julian is available, that she is his wife and wants to talk to him right now. The deputy shrugs, then leaves, presumably to find Julian. Rebecca turns back to Gwen, asking her to talk to her mother. She says God is punishing her for trying to kill Eve by making Gwen lose her mind. She then tries to justify herself by saying she hadn’t even killed her, that her sister had…..and then she realizes that might not be the way to go right now, apologizing to God. She says she will fix everything, that she will confess to Julian and get Eve out of jail, and then God will make Gwen all right. She watches her daughter carrying on in her fantasy world and says she has to get it done right away, before Gwen gets any crazier.

Eve, in her prison orange jumpsuit, walks into a visiting room with Julian, telling him he has to get her out of here. He tells her the judge last night was a total idiot, that he will get her out today as soon as possible. He tells her he hired the best lawyer there is, that the Crane jet picked him up this morning. Eve is dismayed by lawyers and judges, saying it’s unbelievable. Julian hushes her, telling her he loves her and won’t let her be tried for something she couldn’t possibly have done. She tells him that’s what’s so impossible, that she does hate Liz but she would never kill her or anyone. The door closes and a man walks in. He claps his hands and says that was great, to save that emotion for the jury. He introduces himself as Mike Beragose. Julian introduces himself and thanks him for coming on such short notice. Eve says she’s heard of him, seeming to be impressed, then says he defended that horrific murderer. He tells her the jury didn’t think so, that he’s never lost a case and he doesn’t intend to start now.

Sheridan is sitting on her bed, playing with the teddy bear. Luis comes out of the shower saying it’s a wonderful day, then telling her he loves her and kissing her. She thanks him for trying to give her a taste of their honeymoon, and he hears the “but” in her voice. He asks her about it and she tells him that they still aren’t married , yesterday really happened, and they still have all the things they learned out there waiting for them. He tells her not to worry, but she says it was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives but it was a disaster. She tells him Gwen tried to kill Theresa and she’s in jail while Theresa is paralyzed, that Eve was accused of the attempted murder of Liz and she’s in jail, and then they find out that Mrs. Wheeler is really her mother and she’s been alive all these years. She tells him she just can’t handle it all. He says at least the worst is behind them, and she says she hopes so because it sure can’t get any worse. He calls her honey as he takes her in his arms to comfort her.

In the B&B, Alistair has Katherine straddled on the bed, telling her to give him what belongs to him. She manages to get him off and tries to get out the door. He catches her and slams it shut, telling her he’s her husband and she needs to respond to him. She tells him he’s hurting her, but he struggles with her, telling her this is how a real man makes love, not like that loser Fitzgerald. He asks if she remembers how to make love to a real man, then tells her like this, as he tries to force himself on her. (commercial)

Julian paces the floor as Mr. Beragose explains to Eve that there are three elements to consider - opportunity, means, and motive. He tells her that as to the poisonings, the first case opportunity - that she and Liz were in the basement arguing before she drank the punch, and the fact that Liz identified her is a problem. Eve tells him she didn’t do it. He tells her that her fingerprints were on the broken cup, and that will be hard to explain away. He adds that she was in the mansion when Alistair smoked the poisoned cigar, and the D.A. will be able to argue opportunity in both cases. He says they will prove that early and she doesn’t have a leg to stand on there. Secondly, he talks about means. He says the same poison, Flataxes, was used in both poisonings, and that was only available locally from a locked medicine cabinet at the hospital, that she had access to that cabinet and her card was used shortly after the shipment of that drug arrived, so the D.A. will be able to convince the jury that she had the means to poison them both. Julian asks about his use of the word jury, telling him he certainly can’t think this preposterous case will make it to trial. The attorney asks him to let him continue, then moves on to motive. Eve jumps up and says she knows what he is going to say, that she hated both of them, Liz for ruining her marriage and Alistair for stealing her son and making her think he was dead, but the fact is she didn’t do it twice. Julian tells him they need to get things straight, that he knows Eve didn’t do it. The attorney chuckles and says he finds that very strange. Julian asks why, and the attorney says that Liz and Alistair aren’t the only attempted murders she has been charged with. He says she’s also charged with the attempted murder of Julian. Julian and Eve both look confused.

Alistair is still struggling with Katherine, trying to keep her from running out the door so he can have his way with her. He tells her to smile at him, respond to her husband. She tells him no, never. He tells her she ran off to Mexico with that loser Fitzgerald, then asks how many others there have been, asking about border guards and grape pickers. She says no others, only Martin. He tells her she is a liar and a slut, that she deserves to be treated like the slut she is. He pushes her across the room and onto the bed, jumping on her again, saying now it’s his turn. She tells him no, still struggling, as Martin comes running in and pulls the old man off her, throwing him across the room and wrestling with him as Katherine sits up, watching and catching her breath. (commercial)

Sheridan is crying, and Luis tries to help her stop. He tells her she’s cried enough to float a lobster boat, but she tells him to try a battleship. He says he hates to see her so unhappy, telling her they will put this behind them and they will have the perfect wedding, the perfect honeymoon, the perfect family, and the perfect future, that it’s all out there waiting for them. She says she wants to believe that, and he tells her she just has to believe it. She sees the teddy bear on the bed, then apologizes for how she’s acting, saying she’s being so selfish, that Gwen and Eve are in jail, Theresa is paralyzed, and she’s crying over a spoiled wedding. He says it’s not just the wedding, it’s discovering that her mother is still alive and she ran off with his father and destroyed his family. She tells him that’s not the way they tell it, that they said Alistair was going to kill them and his family, but he says that’s because they are liars. He says he has to get dressed now to go see Theresa in the hospital, then asks if she’s coming. She says she will in a while but she has to go see Gwen. She says she feels horrible for her, that she must be devastated knowing the baby is Theresa’s, then says attempted murder is just not like Gwen. He kisses her and says all right and they both start to get dressed.

Gwen, sitting on her cot, looks up to see her mother standing outside the cell. She asks when she got there, and Rebecca tells her she’s been there a long time. Gwen walks over to her, looking very pleased with herself, and asks her mother to come over tonight and help Sarah bake some oatmeal raisin cookies. Rebecca looks confused, then says she doesn’t think so. She turns away, saying to herself that Gwen really is crazy, that she thinks she would bake cookies. She says she has to find Julian and tell him everything, that she’s the one that poisoned Liz. She says it was an accident, she was trying to kill Eve, but then she tells God she is going to make things right and then he will make Gwen all better. She says she really has to get this done quickly, because the doctor said the longer she stays in jail, the harder it will be to get her back to reality. Gwen tells her all her pacing isn’t going to make the limo get her any sooner, and when Rebecca tries to speak to her, she tells her not to worry, that the limo should be here soon, at least she hopes so, since she doesn’t want to wait around the bus station all night. Rebecca tells her they are Cranes, they don’t do bus stations, and Gwen tells her to call the limo, then, and tell them to get a move on. She says she can’t wait to get home to her children, then says she must have done something right since she has the perfect life, and that she hates to be away from her family for even one minute. Rebecca listens to her in shock, then turns around and tells God he drives a really hard bargain. She says this Karma stuff is really hard, but she’s going to get rid of all her bad Karma really fast because otherwise Gwen will have to pay a higher price, then she thinks about it and wonders why He isn’t making her pay for her own sins, since he really believes in the “reap what you sow” thing. She says she knows the punishment is supposed to fit the crime so why didn’t he just make her have to pay off the rack for a while instead of making Gwen lose her mind. She says she was trying to kill Eve, and he knows she deserved it. She hears Gwen laughing as if someone is there with her, and realizes she has to find Julian really fast and confess to him what she’s done. She turns back to Gwen and tells her she’ll be right back, and Gwen tells her ok. Rebecca starts out the door and Gwen yells after her that if the limo gets her before she gets back, they will meet her in valet. She then goes back to talking to no one.

As Theresa plays with the baby, Ethan tells her she’s been through so much and he could never imagine what it’s been like for her. She tells him it’s been horrible, then talks to the baby, telling her she’s been the one thing that made it all worthwhile. He tells her he’d never downplay what she’s been through, and it’s an awful and painful reality, but then he says there’s another painful reality they have to deal with, and it’s a life they can’t ignore. She tells him she knows exactly what he’s going to say, and he is relieved, asking her if she really does. She says yes, and she was hoping they would be able to talk about it and clear things up as she continues to play with the baby. He says he’s glad to hear her say that, that she has no idea how glad he is to hear her say it. She asks the baby if she’s through and if she wants to try to burp, so she puts her over her shoulder and starts patting her back. She tells Ethan that last night was completely surreal, that she found out the baby is hers, then Gwen stabbed her in the back and put her in a coma and now she’s paralyzed, and they haven’t had a chance to talk about their baby yet. He says “Our baby?”, and she says yes, that there are so many things they have to discuss. The baby burps loudly then, and Theresa makes a big deal about it, telling him that this is certainly a life they cannot ignore. Ethan watches her play with the baby, looking disturbed. (commercial)

The nurse has come for the baby and is holding her beside Theresa’s bed. She asks how she did and Theresa tells her she ate like a linebacker, then gave them a big burp. The nurse laughs, then says that’s good, that she needs to put on some weight. She leaves, telling them she’ll bring her back later for another feeding. Theresa tells Ethan they are sharing a miracle, then says they have so much to talk about, that they haven’t even picked out a name, and asks for ideas. He agrees that there is a lot they need to discuss about the baby, and it is a priority, but they need to talk about something else, that in all honesty, he came here to talk to her about something different. Theresa asks if he doesn’t want to talk about the baby, and he says no, that he came to ask her to drop the charges against Gwen. Theresa looks somewhat upset.

Gwen is still rocking on her cot. Sheridan runs in, asking her what she did. Gwen tells her it’s good to see her, and Sheridan asks what she can do to help. Gwen calls her Mrs. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, then apologizes for not being there. She asks if it was everything she wanted her wedding to be. Sheridan explains they stopped the wedding before it was done, and Gwen tells her she’s sorry, but they will have their wedding soon. Sheridan tells her she found out Mrs. Wheeler is really her mother, who isn’t dead, after all. Gwen thinks that’s great for her, asking if everyone was surprised and asking what she was wearing. She says Katherine is beautiful, just like Sheridan, and she should have known who she was from the first. She says it must have been a great day for her mother, seeing her little girl get married, then asked if Sheridan knows she is a new mother. She tells her the baby is in the hospital and she’s on her way to get her in a few minutes and take her home. Sheridan is stunned.

Julian asks the attorney what kind of nonsense this is. He tells Julian that it’s right there, that Eve is being charged with the shooting of Julian Crane a few years ago at the Crane Cannery. He says he finds the idea that he is paying for her defense under the circumstances a little strange and asks if he cares to explain. Julian tells him there is nothing to explain, that Eve would never try to kill him. Eve says she would never do that, that she loves him dearly. The attorney apparently isn’t impressed by her declaration, telling them that the two of them are great, then telling Eve to save her expression for the jury, that all that love garbage always goes down well with them. Julian tells him to wait a minute, then asks what he’s talking about. Beragose goes on, saying it’s a good thing she loves him, because she had motive and opportunity then, too, that she was seen that night at the Crane Mansion carrying a gun that could easily have been used on him earlier. He says it’s to her advantage that she was in love with Julian at the time he was shot so she would have no motive to kill him. He sees that Eve is looking sickly and asks what is wrong. She says Julian’s name, and he tells her no. The attorney asks what’s wrong, but Julian tells her not to say another word, she doesn’t have to say anything more. Beragose tells him that he’s her attorney and he has to let her speak. She tells him that at the time the attempt was made on Julian’s life, she not only didn’t love him, but she wanted him dead. The attorney looks defeated, saying that’s just great.

Martin and Alistair are still fighting, and Martin tells him he will kill him. Alistair tells him to go ahead, that he says that every time they meet but, typical of “his kind”, he never follows through, and he is laughing about it. Martin gets even angrier, trying to kill him, but Katherine yells at him to stop, not to do it. He says the man should have been killed long ago and continues choking him, but she tells him to stop, that Alistair is simply goading him. Martin realizes she’s right and let’s go, saying Alistair isn’t worth it. He tells Katherine to sit down, then asks if she’s ok as Alistair straightens his tie and clothes up. She says she is, then thanks him for getting there when he did, saying she doesn’t know what would have happened if he’d been any later. Alistair mockingly tells him yes, thank the lord he got there, otherwise she would have given him, her husband, what she’s been giving to half of Mexico all those years, then asks if she charged for her services. Martin tells him to stop talking about her like that, but Alistair says she’s his wife and he has a right to have her when he wants her, where he wants her. Martin says he’s disgusting, that no man has a right to rape a woman. Alistair says making love to a man’s own wife isn’t rape, that Martin is the one who turned her into a sleazy whore. Martin tells him they will see what the police think when he calls them and tells them Alistair ripped off a woman’s clothes and forced himself on her, that he had to have heard her saying no since Martin heard her halfway down the block, then says he will call the police and tell them and they will arrest him and throw him in jail for attempted rape. He picks up the phone and starts to dial as Alistair looks at first him and then Katherine with a sleazy grin on his face. Katherine looks scared. (commercial)

Martin is holding the phone to his ear, telling Alistair that he should have done this years ago when he first t raped his wife. He tells the old man he will pay for it, then hears a voice on the line. He starts to say he wants to report an attempted rape, but before he can finish, the line goes dead. He looks up and sees Katherine with the phone line in her hand, unplugged from the wall. She tells him he can’t do this, and he asks why not, since he tried to rape her. Alistair tells him the little tart is making sense for once, and Martin yells at him to shut up, calling him a pig. She says she’s not doing it for Alistair, that she doesn’t care if he dies and that it would be sweet to see him rot in jail. Alistair tells her not to take that tone with him, but she goes on to say it will never happen, that he owns all the judges in the state and half the judges in the country. Martin tells her they can’t let him get away with it, but she says they can and they must, that she can’t stay in Harmony one minute longer than they have to and if they press charges and there is a trial, they will be there for months or years and she doesn’t want to cause her daughter that much pain. She tells him it would cause pain for his family, too, and she simply won’t do that. Martin tells her that now their secret is out they have to go through with it, that they can’t let this sadist off, he has to go to jail. She reminds him it will be a rape trial, that they will paint her as a sex-crazed fiend and him as a poor, innocent husband. Alistair mockingly tells him to wait until he sees his “poor elderly husband“ routine, laughing. Martin lunges for him, and Katherine stops him, telling him to stop. Alistair tells him to take his hands off him, and Katherine tells him they will turn her and the love they share into something dirty and she can’t put her children through that, that Sheridan and Julian need to get on with their lives and Sheridan needs to be with Luis, since it’s her destiny. She tells him she is clear about one thing, that she is the only thing that can come between Luis and Sheridan and ruin their lives, and she won’t do that. She begs him, as Alistair looks on, still smiling that evil smile.

Rebecca is running through the halls of the jail, looking for Julian. She stops, saying she knows he will be angry with her, but asks what else could she do. She remembers pouring the poison into Eve’s glass at the wedding, then yells that she admits that she did it, that she, Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane, did it. She looks around, waiting for someone to appear.

The attorney is trying to understand what Eve is telling him. She says that at the time of Julian’s attempted murder, they were not together and she hated him. Julian tries to stop her, but she goes on, telling him that at the time, she thought Julian had wronged her badly and she wanted him dead. Beragose says “Isn’t that peachy”, then walks around them, saying in the case of the attempted murders of Julian, Alistair, and Liz, Eve had means, opportunity, and motive. He says he will level with her, that she has dealt him a bum hand, and that she is in big, big trouble. (commercial)

Luis is sitting in the hospital waiting area, holding Pilar’s hand. He tells her not to worry about them, that he and Sheridan will be just fine. She asks if it will, telling him that finding out that woman is her mother only made things worse, that now it’s not just that she ruined their family, but she’s Sheridan’s mother. She says that’s what worries her, finding out that the woman she thought she knew so well, respected and admired so much, ran off with her husband. She asks how she could be so deceitful and two-faced. He tells her as usual, Alistair is behind it. Pilar nods her head in understanding, saying it’s the abuse, but he tells her it’s more than that, that Martin and Katherine claim the monster raped her and that’s one of the reasons they had to run. He tells her he’s not sure he buys it, that he always knew Alistair was behind his father’s disappearance, but he never thought it would be for that reason. He says the story doesn’t add up, that she could have gone to the authorities. He says he can’t blame Alistair for what they’ve done. He says they want them to feel sorry for them, but he says not in this lifetime. He says he never knew what hate was before, but now he hates his father, he hates that woman, and he’ll never forgive them for the pain they’ve caused everyone he loves. Pilar looks pensive as he’s talking, then tells him no, it has to stop. He asks what, and she says it stops right now, all the anger, hate, and all the pain they have caused them. He says no, he will never forgive them, but she tells him to listen to her, that her marriage was destroyed, her children grew up with nothing, and Paloma has practically disowned her, Antonio is dead and Sheridan had to grow up without her mother. He tries to break in but she tells him to please not let this hatred continue. He says ok, and she tells him to promise her, that it can’t affect their happiness. He tells her it won’t, that their love is too strong and nothing can tear them apart, no chance.

Ethan begs Theresa to drop the charges against Gwen. She asks how he can ask her to do that, that Gwen stabbed her in the back twice and she’s paralyzed from it, maybe for life. He tells her he knows, but that Gwen didn’t mean it and that she should understand how that feels since she stabbed Gwen with a pair of scissors right after she gave birth to Little Ethan because she wasn’t in her right mind. She tells him she remembers, and that it shames her, that she wanted to drop the charges and let it drop until she learned she was paralyzed, and that now every time she tries to move her legs it hits her like ice water. She tells him she’s paralyzed, and that while she did stab Gwen, she is fine, she’s not stuck in a wheelchair, she’s perfectly fine. Ethan tells her she’s not fine, that she’s suffering and has suffered a lot from what’s happened. She says yes, and it’s coming right now, that Theresa stole Gwen’s embryo’s, blah, blah, blah. She tells him no one ever remembers that Gwen and Rebecca stole her son, and she asks what she was supposed to do, say “bye-bye” and send him a card for his birthday. She tells him she’s his mother, and she was desperate enough to do anything to get her boy back except murder. She says she didn’t try to kill Gwen, Gwen tried to kill her.

Gwen tells Sheridan to wait until she sees her baby, that she is perfect. She says she looks a lot like her, but the smile is 100% Ethan. Sheridan tries to tell her the baby is Theresa’s, then Gwen says she is Sarah’s little sister. She tells her being a mother is the best job she’s ever had, that he life is perfect now. Sheridan reaches through the bars and lays her hand on Gwen’s shoulder, gently telling her she’s scaring her. Gwen tells her not to worry, that he life will be just as perfect as hers is really soon. She tells her she has a handsome husband who loves her and a beautiful baby girl. She tells her she was born a little underweight, but she’s doing better now and she’ll be going home any day. She says as soon as she’s home, Sheridan has to come over to see her because she wants her best friend in the whole world to join in her happiness. Sheridan looks like she wants to cry or run away, and Gwen notices, asking her why she’s not saying anything. She says she’s just so happy for her. Gwen asks if it isn’t amazing that their lives turned out so much better than they ever imagined, that she has a baby and Sheridan has her mother back. She tells Sheridan that being a mother is the best thing in the world, that it changes everything and your whole life is just perfect. She tells her to look at her, that her life is a dream come true. (commercial)

Katherine is holding Martin as he tries to get to Alistair. He tells her they can’t stop until he is in his grave, but she tells him they have to stop it now or Luis, Sheridan, and his family will never find happiness. She says they have to leave Harmony now. Alistair starts laughing, and Martin asks what’s so funny. He tells him that he is, then asks if the plastic surgeon nicked their brains when he lifted their faces, saying leaving Harmony won’t take care of anything. Katherine tells him not to try to keep them there, and he says he wouldn’t even try, that they can go anywhere they want to, that the whole world knows she is Sheridan’s mother and he will use that to his advantage. Katherine tells him there’s nothing more he can do to them, but he laughs and says they know Katherine is her mother, that she is responsible for Martin abandoning their family, and that they will hate her and each other and there’s nothing she or anyone else can to about it.

Pilar tells Luis she is sorry his wedding was messed up, that the love he and Sheridan share is very special, and she tells him not to let anyone or anything break them apart. He says she shouldn’t worry, that nothing is going to break them up. He tells her the fact Katherine turned out to be Sheridan’s mother won’t affect them at all. He says he hates his father and her for all the pain they’ve caused his family, and he will never forgive them. He says Sheridan won’t, either. Pilar begs him again to stop the hate.

Ethan tells Theresa to try to forgive Gwen, that she has won, the baby is hers and he’s praying every moment that her paralysis will be temporary, that he can’t stand to see her like this. He says he doesn’t condone what Gwen did, but he knows she didn’t know what she was doing and didn’t want to hurt her. He asks her to try to forgive her, then says she should see her, that she isn’t herself. He says she’s in another world and the doctor says every minute she’s in jail she will just get worse. He says she is suffering a lot. Theresa says “Good!”, and he yells her name in shock. She tells him she’s not one bit sorry that Gwen is suffering because she is suffering, too, that she is paralyzed and may never be able to play with her kids again, and never do the normal things a healthy woman does. She says she’s paralyzed, maybe for life, because of Gwen. He tells her Gwen is cracking up, and Theresa says “So what?” She says Gwen can still walk to her electric shock treatments while she can’t walk anywhere, thanks to Gwen, and maybe never will.

Gwen asks Sheridan where the limo is, saying she’s been waiting all day for it. She tells her she just wants to get back to her family. She says Sheridan’s mother must be thrilled to be back, too, and asks where she’s been, wondering if it was just a long vacation. Sheridan asks her to come back to them. Gwen asks what’s wrong with her, that she’s right there and has been there all day. She says she wants the limo driver to hurry and get there so she can go home and be with her baby.

Rebecca is running through the halls of the jail, calling Julian. She stops and says this is typical, that she’s trying to confess for once in her life and there’s no one there to hear her. She tells God that she didn’t mean to be flip. She says God is punishing her for trying to kill Eve, but she’s going to make everything right and then He will make Gwen all right.

Julian asks the lawyer what he can do for Eve. Beracose says he never lies to his clients, that with the evidence against her and what they’ve told him tonight, he can see that she is in big trouble, “big house” kind of trouble, and that it’s a good thing no one died since the death penalty in their state is alive and well. Julian is upset at that, asking him if he’s gone mad. Eve says she thought he said he’d never lost a case and she thought he was supposed to help her. He tells her there is one thing he can try, and they ask what that is. He tells them he can try to plead her down to a lesser sentence and then if they are lucky she might get a lighter sentence. They ask what that would be, and he tells them 25 years to life. Eve and Julian both recoil at that.


Rebecca to Julian: “I’m afraid she’s lost her mind. I mean, she’s gone stark, raving mad.”

Gwen to Sheridan: “What are you talking about, Sheridan? I didn’t lose my baby, I’m

waiting for the limo to pick me up right now to go see her.”

Theresa to Ethan, as she rubs her legs violently: “I hate her for doing this to me, Ethan. I

hate her!” She tries to get something from the table by the bed,

screams, then falls on the floor.

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