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Passions Update Wednesday 1/12/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Gwen is pacing her cell, wondering where the limo is, saying she’s been waiting there all night. Ethan walks in and starts to tell her something but she runs up to the bars and asks if he’s seen the limo. He tells her he hasn’t and she asks him to call the house to find out what’s happened, saying it’s been hours and the children will be worried about them, that she promised Sarah she‘d take her ice skating. He tells her it will be a while before it gets there, then says he has to go but he’ll be right back. She agrees and goes to sit on her cot. He walks away and meets Rebecca walking in. She asks him how Gwen is and he tells her she’s not good. He says she doesn’t even realize she’s in jail, that she talks about Sarah and the twins as if they are alive, and other times she talks about having to go to the hospital to see her baby. Rebecca worries about her daughter, then says it’s Theresa’s fault, that she has finally driven Gwen mad. He tells her he’s called in a psychiatrist, and she is startled, asking if he thinks this is permanent. He tells her he hopes not, but he’s afraid if they don’t get help for her soon she may never come back to them.

At the door to Theresa’s hospital room, Pilar watches the nurse checking her daughter, who is sleeping. As the nurse walks out, the doctor walks up to Pilar and asks how Theresa is doing. She tells him she’s still sleeping and still can’t move her legs, then asks how long this will go on. The doctor says they don’t know, it’s too soon, and she’s still recovering from the surgery, but they don’t expect a big change this soon. Pilar tells her Theresa’s greatest fear is that she will never walk again, and the doctor says he understands that, since she’s young and otherwise healthy. Pilar tells him she has a little boy and the baby, and for her to be crippled for life would be worse than death. He says he understands and they will have to wait and see. He notices that Theresa is smiling in her sleep, and Pilar says yes, and she hopes in her dreams she won’t remember what put her here. The doctor pats her shoulder and leaves. Theresa is dreaming about her life with Ethan, Little Ethan, and her little girl, and they are all happy, playing in a park. It is pretty much like the dream world Gwen is in. Pilar watches her, then says “My poor little girl.” Her phone rings and it’s Luis, asking about Theresa. Pilar tells him she’s still asleep, then asks about Sheridan. He tells her she’s sleeping, too, and Pilar is glad, saying she’d had a terrible day thanks to Martin and Katherine, and he tells her he wishes they had both stayed dead. She says it must be hard on her finding out her mother is really alive after all these years and Luis says it is but they just want to put it all behind them and move on. Pilar tells him she hopes they can, and he tells her they can. Sheridan is dreaming about her mother being with her when she was sleeping as a little girl. Katherine tells her little daughter she loves her very much, and when Sheridan asks if she will stay with her until she’s asleep, Katherine tells her she will. They tell each other they love one another, and back in the present, the sleeping Sheridan says the words out loud, “I love you, Mommy.” Luis hears her and looks very sad.

In the B&B, Katherine picks up a framed picture of Sheridan and looks at it lovingly. She puts it in her suitcase and starts to add her clothes to it. Martin comes in with tray in hand, saying “Breakfast is served”. He sees her packing and asks what she’s doing. She tells him she’s leaving Harmony for good. He says she just found Sheridan and they have a chance to be together, but she tells him she won’t stay, that she’ll only bring her more unhappiness and make things worse than they already are. Martin tells her the only thing that could make things worse is if Alistair awakens from his coma. She tells him not to say that, that she hopes Alistair stays in the coma for the rest of his miserable, hateful life.

Alistair’s aide is walking down the hospital hallway, smiling at the nurses she passes. She goes into Alistair’s room and says it’s a miracle, he’s awake. He tells her it will take more than a few drops of poison to keep him down. She tells him she was so happy when they called and told her he’d come out of the coma, and says he’s looking wonderful, that no one would ever imagine everything he’s been through. He says he’s alive and well, and raring to go. She says he must be ready to get back to business, but he tells her later, now he has something to take care of. He asks if she brought the newspapers. She tells him she did, she has every paper that has any news about Luis and Sheridan’s wedding. He corrects her, saying their aborted wedding, then gloats over the headlines that talk about the way the wedding ended. He says that he knew when Sheridan found out her mother was alive it would bring it to a dead stop. She tells him they must have been incredibly shocked, and he laughs and says he’s sure they were, then tells her to call for his car, he has to get out of here. She tells him he’s not well enough, that he just came out of a coma, and he yells at her that he knows that, damn it, and orders her to call for the car. She has a bemused smile on her face as she says “Yes, sir”, and then picks up the phone to make the call. Still looking at one of the newspaper headlines, he tells her it’s time he handled this, once and for all. (commercial)

Theresa wakes up, still happy with her dream, saying that’s how it’s going to be, that Ethan, Little Ethan, and her daughter and she will all be a happy family. She decides she needs to go see her baby and tries to get up, then realizes her legs still aren’t working. She calls for her mother, then yells for someone to help her. Pilar rushes in and Theresa tells her she still can’t move her legs.

As Ethan and Rebecca listen, Gwen pretends to be talking on a phone, calling to find out when the limo would be there to get her, that she’s been waiting for hours and hours. Rebecca tells Ethan that if her little girl is insane, she wants the best care for her. Ethan says he does, too, then sees the guard bringing a bearded man in. He tells her that’s the psychiatrist he called, then greets Dr. Sprague and introduces him to Rebecca. The doctor looks over and asks if that’s Gwen, and when Ethan says yes, he walks over to speak with her. Gwen sees him coming and jumps up, running to the bars and saying he must be the limo driver and she’s so glad he’s hear. He looks surprised, chuckles, and then asks Ethan if he can spend a few minutes alone with her. Ethan tells him he cleared it with the guard, who unlocked the door to let the doctor in. Gwen asks what took him so long, that she’s anxious to get home to her children. As the doctor talks with her, Ethan tells Rebecca that this is a nightmare, that he hopes the doctor can get through to her and help her. Rebecca says that after everything Theresa has put her through and starts listing them. Ethan stops her and tells her if he could turn the clock back her would but he can’t, and that he should have known it was Theresa he was making love to when she got pregnant. She tells him he can’t blame himself, that Theresa was disguised as Gwen and she drugged him. She goes on to say that Theresa then found herself pregnant with his child along with the Gwen and Ethan’s embryo, and she bets that Theresa bribed Eve to make sure it was Gwen’s baby that was aborted. He tells her to stop, that he doesn’t believe that, but Rebecca reminds him she is sleeping with Rebecca’s husband so her morals aren’t above doing that, either. He tells her that one thing has nothing to do with the other, that when Gwen found out the baby Theresa delivered was not hers and she would never be able to have her own biological child, something snapped, and that she also thought she’d lost him, too. Rebecca says she doesn’t blame Gwen at all for taking a scalpel to the little tramp, that it was temporary insanity, or at least she hopes it was. Ethan agrees, then says he’s just glad the doctors were able to save Theresa’s life. Rebecca says she wouldn’t go that far, that she just hopes he will be able to talk her into dropping the charges against Gwen. The doctor comes out then and Ethan asks how Gwen is and Rebecca asks if he will be able to help her. He says he will do all he can, but he thinks she’s suffered a complete psychological break, that she’s totally divorced herself from reality. Ethan asks if he thinks he can bring her back, and he says she needs intensive therapy, but her condition will only be made worse in confinement and Ethan has to find a way to get her out of here. Rebecca tells him she’s been arrested, then asks Ethan if it’s possible. He says he doesn’t know if it is or not, but the doctor tells him if he wants his wife to have a chance to get back to reality, he will find a way to get her out. (commercial)

Katherine is pacing the room and says just the thought of Alistair being back in their lives is too horrible to contemplate. Martin says they don’t have to worry about that, he’s still in a coma and the doctors don’t think he’ll live. Katherine says she hopes he’s right, but it’s just another reason for her to leave. She tells him Luis and Sheridan will need each other to fight Alistair if he does recover, and she will only cause a deeper rift between them and cost Sheridan the man she loves, and she can’t take that chance. Martin takes her to sit on the bench and tells her that’s not true. She tells him it is, that Luis hates her for taking Martin away from his mother. Martin tells her he is coming with her, that they both know they could never come back home, that the dream is over and the longer they wait, the more pain it will cause their families. She asks if she should pack for him, too, and he tells her yes, then says he’s going to the lawyer’s office to see how the divorce is coming along, saying Pilar deserves to be free before they leave Harmony. He says he won’t be long, and she says she’ll be right there. He leaves as she continues packing. She sees Sheridan’s picture and picks it up to look at her daughter , telling her she loves her and no matter where she is or whatever happens she will always love her.

Sheridan starts to wake up as Luis brings her breakfast in bed. She asks what it is and he tells her, saying it’s their honeymoon, or should be. She tells him it’s sweet of him, but he tells her he is going to treat her as if she were already his wife, which she will be soon. She tells him she hopes so. He says even though they didn’t get married yesterday, they will do so very soon, he promises. She tells him again that she hopes so, then says they were so close to saying the “I do’s”. He reminds her that a man was dying and Father Lonigan had to see him. She says yes, and then their respective parents were hiding out in the sacristy. He asks what they were doing there anyway, and she tells him they wanted to see them get married. Luis says it’s not like they care, they abandoned them years ago and let them think they were dead, then destroyed his mother’s dreams. Sheridan says she feels so bad for Pilar, to find out her husband is finally home and then find out he’s in love with another woman. Luis says he’s sorry, that he knows Katherine is her mother, but she is despicable, that she stole his father away from his family and she left her own daughter, then says she’s not worth talking about. Sheridan tells him she knows how he feels and wishes she could understand it. She says she knows her father was horrible to her, but wonders why Katherine was so weak, why, like Luis had said, she didn’t go to the police. He says supposedly Alistair owned the police so it wouldn’t have done any good, but he’s not buying it. He says it’s the same old story - a man meets a woman, they have chemistry, they run off with each other leaving their families behind. Sheridan says that’s not going to happen to them, and he agrees, saying not in a zillion years. She says they’ve tried to get married so many times, maybe fate is trying to tell them something. He laughs, telling her the only thing fate is telling them is that they belong together, that they are going to have a wedding, going to be married, and going to spend the rest of their lives together. He promises this will happen. Sheridan smiles and they kiss.

The doctor walks in to Alistair’s room to find him dressed and putting his coat on. He asks why he’s out of bed, and Alistair asks what it looks like, then says he’s leaving. The doctor tells him he just came out of a coma, he needs to be under observation for 24 hours, they have tests to be done. The old man tells him he’s sorry he can’t accommodate his research, but he’s a busy man and he can’t waste time lying around in a hospital bed. The doctor tells him that leaving the hospital is against his best interest, but Alistair says he needs to let him worry about his interests, that he has a car waiting downstairs and he needs to leave. The doctor asks what could be worth risking his life, and Alistair tells him it’s revenge, the only thing that would cause any true Crane man to come out of his coma. He calls it Sweet Revenge, and says he is going to get his, then he and his aide walk out. (commercial)

Theresa asks her mother what if she never walks again. Pilar tells her to stop thinking that way, that she has to be positive and pray to God. Theresa says she can’t believe Gwen did this to her, and Pilar tells her to stop thinking about Gwen and think about her baby girl. She says she has to feed her so she’ll get strong, and the baby will feel it if she’s stressed. Theresa tells her she’s right, she has to think about her baby. The doctor walks in and asks her how she’s feeling. She tells him she still can’t feel or move her legs. He tells her she is still recuperating, that they need to do some tests to see if there has been any improvement yet. She tells him yes, please do the tests. He starts to do them, asking the nurse to help him.

Ethan tells the doctor he understands the need to get Gwen to a place where he can treat her more easily, but he tells him that’s not what he’s saying. He says if Gwen is kept locked up, away from the people in her life she will retreat further and further into her delusions and pass the point of no return. Ethan asks about having her transferred to a mental hospital under his care. Rebecca says no, not one of those places, and the doctor tells them that wouldn’t help, either, since she’d still be confined and the longer she is, the greater the chance she’ll be lost to them forever. Rebecca looks scared, and Ethan does, too. He looks at Gwen and sees she’s pretending to put makeup on.

Katherine is finished with the packing, setting the suitcase on the floor, when she hears the door open. She calls to Martin, asking him how it went at the lawyer’s office, and when they can leave. Alistair growls “When I damn well please!”, causing her to jump and turn around, looking at him in disbelief. He asks her what’s wrong, saying she looks like she’s seen a ghost. (commercial)

Rebecca is watching Gwen and turns to Ethan, asking what they are going to do, saying they have to get Gwen out of there so she can be treated. He says he knows, that he will think of something. She starts blaming Theresa for it, saying she’s been driving Theresa crazy for years and that she wishes Theresa had died. He tells her not to say that, then says if she had died he would have no hope of getting Gwen out. Rebecca says they would because Gwen could plead guilty due to insanity. He explains to Rebecca that if he can get Theresa to drop the charges, they can get Gwen out of here and get her the care she needs. She tells him to go do it, then, that Theresa will listen to him. He says he thought he had convinced her. She asks what happened, and he tells her that it was ok until she found out she couldn’t move her legs. He tells her the scalpel grazed Theresa’s spine and she’s paralyzed. Rebecca looks somewhat sympathetic, then asks if it will be forever. He says he hopes not, but the doctors don’t know if she’ll ever be able to use her legs again. Rebecca says Theresa must have had a fit, and he says she did and now she’s in no mood to forgive Gwen at all. Rebecca says that was last night, that it’s a new day and maybe Theresa is feeling better and can see things in a new light. He says it’s possible, and she tells him anything is possible, that he needs to go talk her into dropping the charges, then says it’s the least she can do after driving Gwen insane.

In the hospital room, the doctor is checking Theresa’s legs to see if there is any feeling coming back yet. She says there is none. She asks what it means, when she will begin to get feeling back in her legs, but he tells her he can’t say. She tells him to try, that she needs to have some hope to hold on to. Pilar shushes her, telling her to be calm. She says she just wants to know if she will walk again, and the doctor tells her it is still early, and that there is always hope. She asks how long she has to lie there, and he tells her the longer she goes without improvement, the less her chance of walking again. Theresa is crying and upset, but the doctor tells her she is just beginning to recuperate, that she can’t give up hope. She says this is all Gwen’s fault and she swears she will make her pay.

Luis takes the breakfast tray to a table, then returns to the bed with Sheridan. She tells him the breakfast was wonderful, and he says it’s just the beginning. She says “The beginning, huh?” and he reminds her it’s supposed to be their honeymoon and turns on Hawaiian music. It reminds her of the islands, and he says that’s where they are supposed to be right now, making love on the beach, under the stars. She says it sounds wonderful, and he asks if he’s ever told her he loves her more than anything in the world. She tells him she loves him, too and then he says he’s sorry she didn’t have the wedding of her dreams, but tells her he promises she will. She tells him she believes him, and he says in the meantime, they’ll just have to practice for their real honeymoon, and they kiss.

Katherine tells Alistair this can‘t be happening, that he’s in a coma. He tells her she knows him better than that and she should know a little poison wouldn’t keep him down. He walks slowly toward her as he says he wishes he’d awakened sooner since it seems he missed all the fun. He tosses a newspaper on the table by them, showing her the headline saying she is really alive. She is horrified to see it, but he rubs it in, saying he applauds her for it coming out on her daughter’s wedding day. She tells him he did this, that he ruined his daughter’s happiest day. He says he didn’t do it, that he had told her she would only bring unhappiness to her daughter, and he was right. She says she never meant to hurt her, but he says she did, and that she calls herself a mother. She says she loves her children, but he mocks her, moving closer to her again, saying she abandoned them to run off with another man, like a cheap tramp. She says that’s not true, that she had to leave because of him. He says that’s bull, moving closer, and that she should thank him for keeping the children from knowing about her, that he created her death so they would never have to know she deliberately dumped them. She tells him that’s not true, that he buried her so he wouldn’t have to admit the great Alistair Crane’s wife left him. He tells her if that’s her fantasy, to live with it, then walks back away from her. She tells him it’s not a fantasy and he knows it, and then says he’s the one behind the news coming out on their daughter’s wedding day, ruining her wedding, knowing it would split them apart. She says she would never hurt her daughter like that, and he replies that nevertheless, she will be the one that turns Luis against Sheridan, the one that tears them apart, not him, as he moves closer and closer to her. She reaches out and slaps him, calling him a bastard, over and over, as he grabs her arms and they struggle with each other. (commercial)

Theresa tells her mother that Gwen got exactly what she wanted, that she crippled her for life. She says Gwen was furious that the baby was Theresa’s and not hers , and she blames her for Sarah’s death. Pilar tells her Gwen was not in her right mind when she did that, but Theresa says she was able to keep her from walking again. Pilar tells her she has to be strong and pray, that they need to keep praying and God will answer their prayers. Theresa says they are her children and asks how she can be a good mother if she can never walk again. Pilar tells her a lot of people cope with that, then says she has to be strong for the baby, she needs her. At that moment she sees the nurse bringing the baby in and says “Speaking of the little angel.” The nurse says that’s right, she has a little lady here who’s looking for her breakfast. She hands her to Theresa who begins feeding her as she says hello to her. She asks her mother if she isn’t beautiful, and Pilar says she sure is, and that’s what it’s all about. Theresa says just looking at her face makes everything else seem so unimportant. The nurse tells her the baby has improved markedly since she’s been nursing her, then excuses herself to go do other things. Theresa tells her mother she knew the baby would be all right, and Pilar tells her she will be, too, if she doesn’t give up hope. Theresa says she won’t, she has to get better for her children, and that now Gwen is arrested she knows she’ll get her son back. Pilar reminds her that he is still Ethan and Gwen’s adopted son, but Theresa says Ethan never wanted to keep him from her so he will send him back. Pilar tells her she hopes the faith she has in Ethan isn’t misplaced, saying he turned his back on her to protect Gwen already. Theresa tells her he’s a lawyer and just did what he thought was right, but that Gwen won’t win, that she tried to keep both her children from her and when she couldn’t, she tried to kill Theresa. She says that she knows she can be a good mother to her kids, whether she can walk or not, and that Gwen will not win.

Ethan tells Gwen he will be right back, but she asks why he doesn’t just take her with him, that she doesn’t want to wait there any longer. He tells her that she needs to stay there for now but he won’t be long. He kissed her forehead as she looks at him petulantly, then he walks out. The guard opens the door for Ethan to walk out and Rebecca asks if she can go in with her. The guard says she can since Ethan is leaving. Gwen tells Ethan about a doll she saw on the wharf, with a red checkered dress and blond hair, and asks if he’ll pick it up for Sarah on his way. He says he will, then leaves as a shaken Rebecca joins her daughter. She nervously asks if she can get a brush and brush her hair, or maybe get some lipstick, but Gwen says she fine as she looks under the cot and all around. She tells her mother that she can’t find her purse and says she thought maybe if she looked at the pictures of her kids she wouldn’t miss them so much. Rebecca agrees with her, still not sure of what she’s gotten into, but Gwen says she must have some pictures with her and asks to see them. Rebecca tells her no, she doesn’t have any pictures of the kids, and Gwen is amazed at a grandmother not having pictures of her grandkids. She tells her when she gets home she will get her some because she needs to have pictures of Gwen’s beautiful kids. She walks away and Rebecca is stunned, wondering what’s happened to her little girl, where she went.

Alistair and Katherine are still struggling, and he tells her that’s enough. She doesn’t stop, telling him that he’s caused Sheridan pain her whole life, telling her that she caused her mother’s death when she was just a little girl. She tells him he’s an evil monster. He says none of it would have happened if she hadn’t left as she pulls away from him. She says he forced her to leave, she had no choice, and he scoffs, saying yes, that’s right, he’s an evil ogre, and walks a few steps away from her. She says it’s true, then he asks her what it makes her, if she could abandon her kids to run off and jump into bed with a loser like Martin Fitzgerald and leave them in the care of such a monster like him. She says it never happened that way, that she meant to come back for them. He tells her she never did. She tells him he has no idea how many airline tickets she bought and plans she made so she could go to the schools he sent Sheridan away to so she could be with her. He asks why she never got on those planes and she tells him it’s because she knew he expected her to do that, she knew he had her watched night and day and that he would hurt her. He says that’s horse pucky, that she had been to busy with her paramour, giving him what she should have been giving her husband. He was walking toward her as he spoke, finally grabbing her again. She tries to hit him again but he has her arms pinned at her sides and she can’t. She tells him to let her go, but he says she’s still his wife and she’s going to give him what he wants right now, tearing her shirt off her as she screams “No”, trying to have his way with her. She tries to run but he holds her back, telling her she’s not going anywhere, not this time, not until he gets what he wants as she cries and struggles against him. (commercial)

Pilar and Theresa are looking at the baby. Theresa says she’s doing so much better, and Pilar says she’s a fighter, just like her mother. Ethan is standing in the doorway, watching them, and Theresa looks up and sees him. She tells the baby her daddy is here as Pilar looks at him in a guarded way, barely saying his name. He tells her hi, then walks to the bed, asking how his beautiful baby girl is. Theresa tells him the nurse says she’s doing much better, and he says that’s good. Pilar asks him if he can stay for a while, that she needs to go home and shower and doesn’t want Theresa to be left alone. He says he can, and she tells her daughter to stay strong and that she loves her, then leaves. He sits in the chair she got up from and asks Theresa how she’s doing, if there’s been any change. She says she still can’t feel or move her legs. He says he’s sorry about that but he’s hoping they could talk, and she says she was hoping the same thing because they have a lot to talk about.

Gwen is sitting on the cot, singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” as if she’s playing with a child. Rebecca wonders what’s happened to her daughter, if she’s lost her. She then has a thought and it startles her. She wonders if this is all her fault, if she’s being punished for trying to kill Eve. She decides that if she tells them what she did, tells them that Eve didn’t try to kill Liz, that she had wanted to kill Eve and had poisoned her punch but Liz drank it by mistake and they let Eve go, maybe God will forgive her and Gwen will be all right again. She starts calling the guard, telling him to come quickly. The guard comes in and asks what the problem is, and she says she needs to talk to Julian Crane, that he’s here somewhere, wherever Eve Russell is, and he needs to go get him right away. The guard says he’ll do it on his next break, but she tells him he has to do it now, she has to confess that she did it.

Luis and Sheridan are still in bed, holding each other. Sheridan tells him she loves their honeymoon, that it’s wonderful. He agrees and says they will have days and days like this on their real honeymoon. She tells him she can’t wait, and he agrees, telling her they need to forget about all the things his father and her mother have done and just focus on being happy. She says it’s amazing to find out her mother is still alive after all these years of missing her and blaming herself for her death. He tells her that’s just all evil stuff Alistair has put in her head, then tells her to look on the bright side, that at least she knows she didn’t kill her mother. She says she understands it intellectually but she’s having trouble with it emotionally. He tells her that even if Alistair was mean to her, she left, and there’s no reason she couldn’t have contacted her in all those years, and the same with his father. She says they were afraid Alistair would make her life and Luis’ family’s life hell. He snorts and says it’s what he has done anyway, and they need to stop thinking about all the horrible things her mother and his father have done and just concentrate on being happy.

Katherine gets away from Alistair again, for a second, and gets to the door, trying to open it. He slams her into it, closing it again, and tells her she’s still his wife and she will give him what he wants now. She tells him to leave her alone, elbowing him in the stomach and running across the room. He winces, but follows her and , grabbing her arm, smacks her across the face, knocking her down onto the bed. He jumps on top of her and they struggle as he tries to rape her.


Theresa to Ethan: “I’m paralyzed because of Gwen!”

Ethan’s reply: “She’s cracking up!”

Theresa’s reply: “So what?”

Gwen to Sheridan: “My life is a dream come true.”

Rebecca to herself: “I am trying to confess to attempted murder, and there’s no one around

to hear it!”

Eve to someone: “Twenty-five years to life?”

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