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Passions Update Tuesday 1/11/05
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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Sitting in her hospital bed, Theresa tells Ethan that Gwen is going to pay for what she did to her. He reminds her she agreed not to press charges, but she says that was before she knew she couldn’t walk. Pilar says she never agreed to that , and Theresa tells him that because of Gwen she will never be able to walk or run with her kids again, and for that reason she is going to make sure she spends the rest of her life in jail.

Gwen is still sitting on her jail cell cot imagining she is watching Shrek and eating popcorn with her family which includes Ethan, Sarah, Ashley and Nathan. The guards watch her and one remarks that it looks like she really is in her own world and not faking. Gwen continues in her delusion, talking to her children and Ethan about the movie and about how much fun they are having. The guards watch her seeming to stroke her children’s hair.

Sam tells Eve her rights as he handcuffs her. She is crying, as is Simone. Sam tells her heís really sorry, and Eve tells Sam she canít believe this is happening, but Rebecca, in the background, whispers to herself that it is happening and smiles about it. Liz watches Eve, thinking she couldnít have planned it better herself, also smiling.

Eve tells Sam she didnít do it, then begs Liz to tell everyone the truth. Julian tells her it will be ok, that he will post bail as soon as itís set. She cries, saying she doesnít want to go to jail, and TC tells her it wonít be Camp Cupcake, like Martha Stewart, that sheís going to a real jail for a very long time.

Sheridan is hugging Katherine, telling her Alistair treated her horribly and telling her sheís sorry. Luis looks on, upset that she is falling for the story.

Beth, hiding in the bushes with her mother and watching everything, says this is it, exactly what she wanted to happen. She says Sheridan is forgiving her mother for running away with his father. Edna tells her that doesnít mean he will break up with her, but Beth tells her to look at him, heís about to explode because he hates her for forgiving her mother, and he wonít be getting over it. She says she canít believe it, beside herself with joy. Sheridan tells Katherine she canít believe what the woman had to live through as Luis watches and Martin watches him. (commercial)

As other doctors and nurses watch from outside Lizís room, Eve says itís humiliating. Sam tells the people to leave and Fox helps him. Whitney jumps on her mom again, asking how she could have tried to murder her own sister, and Simone asks why. Eve tells them she didnít do it, that itís a setup and Liz is lying. Julian turns to Liz and asks if she hasnít done enough already, that sheís taken her life from her, then tells her to tell Sam Eve didnít give her the glass of punch. Liz asks if he wants her to lie, and he says heís asking her to tell the truth.

She tells him she already did, that she and Eve were alone in the basement and then asks who else could have done it. Rebecca, talking softly to herself while gloating over her handiwork, says that she did it, then says she was there to kill Eve but no one ever has to know that. Eve turns to her daughters and says she doesnít know how it happened, but she didnít have anything to do with it. Whitney snippily asks if she means like she didnít have anything to do with TCís accident, then says she just keeps sinking lower and lower. Simone tells her to stop it, and Fox tells them both to calm down. Whitney asks how she can calm down when her mother is an attempted murderer. Eve says thatís not true, and Chad tells her the law says a person is innocent until proven guilty. Whitney, taking over for TC as head prosecutor, says that Eveís fingerprints were on the glass, Eve had threatened to kill Liz, no one else was around at the time, and her card had been used to get the poison from the hospital, and that Liz had said Eve did it. She asks how much more proof they need. Eve tells them again that she didnít do it, it was a setup and Liz is lying. Simone tells her she wants to believe her, and Julian tells her to do so, that she knows in her heart she didnít do it, that Eve couldnít do anything like that. TC says the hell she canít, then tells Simone Eve is exactly the type of lowlife who would do it, that she was a drug addict and a drunk so why not a murderer, too.

Whitney says ďOh, my GodĒ, then turns and walks out of the room. Eve calls to her, trying to follow her, but Chad and Sam stop her. Chad says he will go after her, but Fox says he will go instead. Chad tells him heís her brother, but Fox says heís got it. Sam tells Eve he has to take her down town for processing. Eve cries and begs someone to tell her this isnít really happening. She runs to Julian, who tells her not to say anything to anyone, that he will follow her to the station.

TC says sheís finally getting what she deserves, and she asks how he can say that to her after everything they shared, the life they shared. He tells her the life they shared was a lie, and now itís over forever. Liz is still smiling as Sam takes Eve away. Simone runs after her, calling ďMommy!Ē Chad stops her and tries to comfort her as Rebecca gloats over what sheís done, saying itís perfect, that thereís no way Julian can stay with Eve now, not when she will be spending 30 or 40 years in the slammer.

Gwen is still imagining she is at home with her “family”, watching a movie. She says she will make them all hot chocolate after the movie and maybe Ethan will make more popcorn. She continues to eat the imaginary popcorn as the guard comes with her dinner. He calls to her, telling her he has her dinner, but she ignores him. He opens the cell and takes the tray in to her, tossing it on the floor by her feet. This brings her out of it, and the guard tells her he doesn’t know what she was eating in her imaginary world, but now she has Salisbury steak with gravy. She looks upset.

Theresa tells Ethan she will make Gwen pay no matter what she has to do. The doctor tells her she has to calm down, and Ethan tells her she might get better, that they don’t know because there is so much swelling and they need more information. She tells him she has enough information, that Gwen stabbed her and now she is paralyzed. Ethan tells the doctor to tell Theresa she can recover, but he tells her to calm down, that she was in a coma and her blood pressure is spiking and she can do serious damage to herself if she doesn’t calm down. She asks if it would be more serious than being paralyzed. Pilar asks her to calm down and the doctor tells her if she doesn’t he will have to sedate her. She asks what will happen then when she wakes up, if she will be able to walk down the hall to see her baby. He tells her he’s serious, and she says she is too, then tells him to go ahead and sedate her, asking where he wants to do it at. Pilar tells her to calm down, saying she has to take care of herself for Little Ethan and the baby, that they need her. She says they don’t need her like this. Ethan says she is getting herself worked up for nothing, and she tells him it’s easy for him to say since he isn’t the one Gwen turned into a cripple. Ethan tells her again that Gwen didn’t mean to hurt her. Theresa yells at him not to try to tell him not to press charges because she is going to make sure Gwen goes to jail and then she’s going to sue for everything she and Rebecca….then looks startled, calls for her mother, and faints. Pilar jumps up, cradling her daughter’s head as Ethan asks the doctor what it is. Pilar says her baby is dead as Theresa’s eyes roll back in her head.

Martin is talking to Luis, telling him he knows it doesn’t change anything, but he and Katherine were between a rock and a hard place. He said they knew if they stayed Alistair would kill Katherine, that he had already threatened to kill Sheridan and Julian as well as Martin’s family and they felt the had to leave to protect them all. He says Sheridan understands, then asks if Luis can, if he can forgive him. Over behind the bush, Beth quietly urges Luis to say no, that he and Sheridan have to break up over this. Edna says in her dreams, and Beth tells her to shut up. She says Luis and Sheridan can’t stay together, that he can’t forgive Katherine and Martin. Luis doesn’t look very forgiving, either. (commercial)

Fox catches up to Whitney at the docks, asking if she’s all right. She says she can’t believe she saw her mom being carted off like a common criminal. Fox tells her he doesn’t know what to say, and Whitney tells him that when she was little, people used to stop them and say that Whitney was just like her mother. She says she was proud of that, because she thought her mother was the smartest, most beautiful, most honest woman in the world and she knew she wanted to grow up to be just like her. She says now she wonders what if she turns out just like her and does some horrible crime like her. Fox tells her he doesn’t really see that happening, and she wonders why not, since she’s her daughter and everyone said she was just like her. Then she has another thought that upsets her. Fox asks what’s wrong, and she asks what if those genes are passed on to the baby and it turns out just like Eve.

Sam takes Eve into the police station and tells a deputy to book her for attempted murder. Julian is with her, and TC, Liz, and Simone are following. The deputy roughly takes hold of Eve to take her to a chair, and Julian jumps forward, telling him to be gentle, she’s a lady. Rebecca runs in then, asking if she’d missed anything. Sam tells her it’s not a party, and she says to herself that yes, it is. The deputy takes Eve’s fingerprints as everyone watches. Simone says it looks like she’s really going to jail, and Chad says he can’t believe their mother would try to kill her own sister. Simone says she did, and she hates her for it, then runs out. Chad follows her, calling for her to wait. Liz is thrilled to see it. Eve watches them leave, feeling bad for her children. She turns to Julian and asks what’s happening to her life.

Luis walks closer to Sheridan and Katherine, with Martin right behind. He says Sheridan is thrilled to have her mother back in her life, saying surely Luis loves her too much to keep them apart again. Luis, seeming to at least be willing to think about trying to understand, takes offense at Martin’s seeming manipulation. He turns on him, looking as if the light has come on, and tells him he’s a manipulative bastard. He tells him to stay away from him and to get the slut away from Sheridan. In the bushes, Beth tells him he can’t just blame them, he has to blame Sheridan, too, and break up with her. Martin says he’s told him not to call her that, but Luis reminds him he told him he’d say whatever he felt like saying. Martin tells him that Katherine is Sheridan’s mother, but Luis tells him she’s not any more, and he’s not his father, that they lost those rights when they ran out on them. Katherine sees Luis’ face and jumps up from the bench she and Sheridan had been sitting on. Sheridan asks what’s wrong, and Katherine tells her it can’t be. She asks what she means and Katherine tells her she has to go with Luis. Sheridan says there is so much they need to talk about, but Katherine tells her no, they can’t, then runs away. Martin calls to her and starts to run after her, as does Sheridan. Luis stops her and tells her no. She says she has to go after her mother, but he tells her she doesn’t, that they need to work some things out. Beth jumps for joy, saying this is it. Edna scoffs and says she could win the lottery, too, but Beth tells her to start buying tickets, then, because Luis is so furious with Sheridan that he might dump her right there and then.

As Beth watches, Sheridan tells Luis she already knows what he is going to say, and he tells her he doesn’t want her taken in by their lies. She says they aren’t lies, that Alistair treated Katherine horribly, that he raped and abused her, then asks why they would lie about something like that. He tells her they knew it was the one way they could get to them, that they are manipulating them. She asks if he thinks her father isn’t capable of that, saying they both know he is. Luis says no, then says maybe he did abuse her mother, but they had all kinds of options other than abandoning them. She says they had to run away because Alistair was going to kill them. Luis tells her that her mother was rich and they could have gone to the police or the FBI for protection, but she reminds him her father is even richer and they probably felt no matter who they turned to he would still be able to carry out his threat. She says they had to run and hide. He says he’s not buying it, and asks what good running away was, how that would protect them. She says because Alistair threatened to hurt them, too, but Luis asks how abandoning them protected them, since they were simply leaving their kids with Alistair, making it easier for him to hurt them. Sheridan turns, walking away a few steps, saying she doesn’t know, that all she knows is over and over her father blamed her for her mother’s death. She says all she ever wanted was for him to love her, but he made her life hell. Luis tells her that he loves her, then says he knows how confusing it is for her to have believed her mother was dead all those years and then suddenly she finds out she’s really alive, and how she wants to believe Katherine did what she did because she loved her. He says she didn’t, that she left her there, knowing what kind of man Alistair was, that she left her there to be tortured by him with no one to protect her. She smiles and tells him that was until she met him. Beth is steaming, listening to this, while Edna is smiling happily as Luis and Sheridan gently embrace. He tells her that his father and her mother didn’t care about them when they ran off and left them and suddenly they come back and are loving parents. He says he doesn’t buy that, that they weren’t there to protect them all those years and they don’t need them now. He tells her he is going to take her back to the cottage, draw her a hot bath, and then tuck her in bed, saying once she’s rested she’ll feel much better. She agrees and they walk off, arm in arm. Beth and Edna come out from their hiding place as the couple leaves, with Beth in a foul mood and Edna almost flying on air. She tells her daughter it was some roller coaster ride, but in the end their love won out, just like it always will. Beth tells her to shut up, then wonders what it is going to take to split those two up.

Gwen looks around her cell, wondering where she is, as the guards chuckle about the movie being over and that maybe she’ll give them some of the leftover popcorn. They leave as Gwen stares at the food they left her, then kicks it away. She tells herself she can’t keep going off into a fantasy world, that she has to start dealing with reality and be strong, right now.

The doctor is checking Theresaís pulse as Pilar strokes her hair. He tells her that the girl is not dead, then starts to leave the room. Pilar thanks God her daughter is alive. Ethan stops the doctor and asks what happened, whether she slipped into a coma. He says no, that her blood pressure was spiking and she fainted from the stress. Ethan asks if sheíll be all right, and the doctor says yes, but he thinks it would be best if he werenít there when she wakes up. He says all the talk about pressing charges and not pressing charges is too much for her now since she is still processing the information that she may be paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Ethan reminds him he had said he wasnít sure about that, and he agrees that he isnít. His pager goes off and he excuses himself to go to the ER. He walks out, telling Pilar he will be back, then telling Ethan to leave before Theresa regains consciousness. Ethan walks over to Pilar, telling her that Theresa will be fine, that she will walk again, he is sure. She gets up and tells him he doesnít care about her nor the baby they created. He asks how she can say that, and she tells him that he only came there for one reason, to talk Theresa out of pressing charges against Gwen. She tells him she will press charges for attempted murder and assault. He tells her she doesnít understand, but she says she does, perfectly well, and she has nothing more to say to him. He tries to argue but she wonít let him say anything, just telling him to get out before she has to call security. He reluctantly leaves, and once he is gone, Pilar caresses Theresaís face and asks whatís going to happen to her baby girl as she cries.

Fox tells Whitney to stop talking crazy, that their child is not going to grow up to be a common criminal, and that as for her committing some horrible crime, that’s ridiculous since she’s the most honest, moral woman he knows. She tells him that’s the same thing her dad used to say about her mother. He says ok, her mother lied to her dad, but that’s not going to happen to them since they have no secrets. He tells her he doesn’t believe in passing bad genes, that it’s all in how you’re raised and they are going to raise their baby to be a decent, upstanding citizen. He tells her to stop thinking about genes and think about the wonderful, beautiful little baby they are bringing into the world. She flashes back to her and Chad making love and then to when she found out she was pregnant. Back in the present, Fox tells her that even if the gene thing were true, it would only make up a tiny fraction of who their baby is going to be. She thinks to herself that he is wrong, that her baby got it’s genes from both it’s parents, her and Chad.

Sam walks Eve over to where TC and Liz are standing, telling them they are almost through booking her and she will be put in a cell shortly. TC tells him to hurry up and get it done. Sam tells Liz to listen to what Eve has to say. Eve tells her she didn’t do this, that she couldn’t, that no matter what she’s done, she is still her sister and she couldn’t hurt her. She says she’s being framed, maybe by the real murderer. Rebecca looks worried. Liz gets closer to TC, saying his name, and he tells Eve to save her lies for someone who hasn’t heard them before. Eve tells her sister again that she has to believe her, that she would never harm her. Julian tells her he will have her out of here as soon as bail is set, and Sam takes her to have her mug shots taken as everyone watches her, with Liz gloating at her triumphs over her. (commercial)

In her house, Beth pours a drink as she summarizes all she’s done to Sheridan and Luis. She says she kidnaps Sheridan and steals her baby, and they are still together. Sheridan is blown up on a boat, gets amnesia, meets Antonio, marries him, and Luis and she still get back together. Then they find out that Luis’ father and Sheridan’s mother are lovers who ran off together, Beth manipulates it so the truth comes out, and Luis and Sheridan are still together. She gets more an more upset with each point she makes, and ends it by taking a drink. Edna rubs her fingers together, telling her it’s the world’s smallest cd playing “My Heart Cries For You”, then asks if she gets the pattern or if she needs to have Precious come out and explain it to her. She goes on as she pours herself a drink, saying that Luis and Sheridan will always be together, that it is fate, just like her fate is to always be alone and an old maid.

In their room at the B&B, Martin walks in and closes the door, asking a visibly shaken Katherine why she ran off. She tells him she had to, but he says he doesn’t understand, that Sheridan forgave her and wants her back in her life, that she finally has her daughter back. Katherine asks at what price, then asks if he saw Luis’ face. She says Alistair was right, that if Sheridan takes her back into her life again Luis will never forgive her and she’ll lose him forever. She says he will never forgive her for accepting the woman who ran off with his father and it would tear them apart forever. Martin tells her Luis will come around, that it might take time, but eventually he will understand. She asks him what if she doesn’t. She says she won’t risk her daughter’s happiness, her chance to spend her life with the man she loves, just for her. She tells him she won’t do it.

In the cottage, Luis leads Sheridan into the bedroom. She says she is exhausted and confused, and he tells her she’ll feel better in the morning. He says he will draw her a hot bath and make her some tea. She says ok, then goes to her closet as he leaves the room. She opens the door and notices a small teddy bear on the shelf. She calls if Abigail and takes it down, then takes it with her to sit on the bed. She remembers when she was a small girl and her mother gave her the bear. She decided Abigail was the perfect name for it, and Katherine told her the bear liked that name. She says she bought it for her so she’d always have a friend, someone who will watch over her when she sleeps, no matter what happens. Little Sheridan tells her mother she has her, and Katherine tells her she will always have her, but whenever she looks at Abigail she will know how much her mother loves her, more than anything in the whole wide world. Then she kissed her daughter and tells her she loves her, and Little Sheridan tells her she loves her, too. Back in the present, Sheridan wonders if her mother does still love her. (commercial)

Sam tells Eve they have to go, and starts to lead her away. Julian tells her not to worry, that they will get her through this. She turns and runs to Julian, crying. As she passes Liz, the snake feigns fear and asks TC not to let Eve hurt her. TC assures her he won’t, that she will never hurt Liz again. Eve yells at him, still crying, that she didn’t do it, they have to believe her. Sam comes and takes her from Julian’s arms, telling her she’s only making things worse. She says ok, she’s sorry, then tells Julian she’s ok and walks away with Sam to the cell. Julian stands watching her sadly, and Rebecca sidles up to him, saying it must be terrible for him and she’s so sorry, acting as if she cares. He tells her he bets she is and turns away. She says of course she doesn’t want to see him in pain, unless it’s in one of their little bedroom games, but he brushes her off, telling her it’s late, he has to make some phone calls since he doesn’t want Eve spending the night in jail. He walks out the door, then Rebecca gloats to herself that thanks to her, Eve might be spending a lot of nights in jail, maybe even life.

Pilar is sitting at Theresa’s bedside, waiting for her daughter to wake up. She seems to be praying. Theresa comes to and sees her there, calling her name. Pilar tells her she’s right there. Theresa asks how her baby is, and Pilar says she’s fine. Theresa says that’s good, that she had a horrible dream and she really needs to see her. Pilar tells her no, she doesn’t, but Theresa tries to get out of bed. She realizes her legs aren’t working and that it wasn’t a dream, that she is paralyzed. Pilar tells her to calm down. The girl says that Ethan didn’t want her to press charges. Pilar tells her to calm down, that she got so upset before that she passed out and she can’t do that to herself again. Theresa says Gwen will pay for this, and Pilar agrees, but tells her right now she needs to concentrate on getting well. The girl says the only thing she will be concentrating on is making Gwen pay for what she did to her.

Gwen calls a guard and asks him to call her husband, that she really needs to see him. At that moment, Ethan walks in and she tells the guard to forget it. She tells Ethan she’s really glad he’s here. He says she looks stronger than when he last saw her, saying that’s good, and she says she realized she needed to get herself together. The guard opens the cell door and lets Ethan in. telling him to call out when he’s ready to leave. Ethan goes into the cell and he and Gwen embrace. He asks how she is. She says she’s fine, then asks where he went. He tells her he was at the hospital, that the scalpel injured her spine, paralyzing her, and it may be permanent. Gwen says that’s awful, and he agrees, saying she is going to press charges and it could mean jail time. All of a sudden she grabs him and kisses him passionately. He asks what she’s doing, telling her they really need to talk right now. She tells him she only wants to talk about when he’s taking her home to bed. He tells her that’s not going to happen for a while, and she asks why not, then asks what this place is, wondering if it’s a bus station or something. He asks if she knows where she is, and she tells him it doesn’t matter, that she just wants him to take her home so they can be alone with their three beautiful children. Ethan is stunned. (commercial)

Whitney tells Fox she thinks sheís just having a hard time dealing with all of this and canít believe itís really happening. Chad and Simone walk up. Chad asks Whitney whatís wrong, and Simone says she canít believe their mother is really in jail.

Chad says heís sure Julian will do all he can to help her, probably hire the best legal team around. He asks Whitney if thatís all thatís bothering her, then asks if itís the baby. She asks why he would ask that. He says the stress canít be good for her or the baby, and Fox tells him itís ok, that heís here and he can take care of any problems with Whitney and their baby. Chad tells them if they need any help, let him know, and Fox takes offense, telling him they are fine, there are no problems and if there are, he can handle them so they donít need help. They all look at each other uneasily.

Rebecca walks out of the police station and starts to laugh about having gotten rid of Eve permanently. She says she got exactly what she wanted and she didn’t have to kill anyone. She walks away, and through the window TC is seen holding on to Liz. She makes him promise her he will never let Eve hurt her again, and he promises her they will make sure Eve goes to jail for the rest of her life. Liz smiles in glee over having won.

As Sam walks Eve to her cell, all the other women in jail start to jeer at her, talking about her nice dress and all. Sam tells them to quiet down, but they continue anyway. As he walks her into her cell, she is crying and she turns to him and tells him they have been friends for years, their kids grew up together, and asks him not to do this to her. He says he’s just doing his job, that all the evidence points to her. He walks out and locks the door, then tells her he’s truly sorry. She cries more and the other women make fun of her.

Pilar asks Theresa to pray with her that she will overcome the paralysis. Theresa says the only thing she’s going to pray for is for Gwen to pay for what she’s done. She says she’s ruined her life and now she’s going to ruin Gwen’s life, that she will make sure she spends the rest of her life in jail.

Ethan pushes Gwen away and asks what sheís talking about. She tells him just what she said, that she wants to know when she will get to go home with her husband and hold her beautiful Sarah on her lap, build a snowman with Nathan and go sledding with Ashley.

He looks at her as if sheís gone bonkers, and she tells him to take her home, that she misses her children so much and just wants to be with them.

Edna leans in to Beth as she sits in her chair and tells her to accept the fact she’ll never break up Luis and Sheridan, that their love is bullet proof. Beth tells her it isn’t, that there is a hole in the Kevlar vest of their love and it’s name is Katherine Crane.

Katherine stares out the window as Martin sits on the bed. He gets up and walks over to her, rubbing his hands up and down her arms to comfort her. She says Sheridan can’t have both Luis and her in her life so she is leaving town, this time forever. He tells her she can’t mean that, but she says she does, that she doesn’t want to bring Sheridan any more pain, that she can’t. She says she hates the idea of not being in her life, but it’s unfair for Sheridan to have to choose between her and Luis. This way the decision will be made for her. He asks her what if the decision has already been made and she chose her. Katherine looks surprised.

Sheridan is sleeping on her bed, her teddy bear Abigail in her arms. Luis walks in, saying he has a nice cup of chamomile tea for her, then sees she’s sleeping and kneels by the bed, telling her to just sleep, that one day they will get married and life will be perfect, that they will forget about his father and her mother and live happily ever after. He walks out of the room, turning the light off, and in her sleep she calls for her mother.


Katherine to Martin: “I hope that man stays in a coma the rest of his miserable, hateful life!”

Doctor to Alistair: “What are you doing out of bed?”

Alistair’s reply: “What does it look like? I’m leaving.”

Ethan to Rebecca: “If we don’t get help for her soon, she might not come back to us at all.”

Theresa: “She did this to me and I’m going to make her pay, I swear it!”

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