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Passions Update Monday 1/10/05
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By Boo
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa is in her hospital bed with Pilar and Ethan beside her. She asks her mother what’s going on with her legs, why she can’t feel them. Pilar tells her they may have fallen asleep, but her daughter tells her she feels no “needles and pins.” Ethan tells her she shouldn’t be moving around so soon after surgery and she should just wait for the doctor to come, but she says she just wants to walk down the hall to see her daughter. Pilar tells her they should ask the doctor first, but Theresa tells Ethan to help get her legs off the bed and once she is standing everything will be ok. Ethan agrees, taking her legs. She yells and he asks if his hands are cold or what. She tells him she can’t feel anything, getting upset and telling them that something is very wrong with her.

In her jail cell, Gwen is sitting, thinking about when she stabbed Theresa. She tells herself Theresa made her do it, that she deserved it, and wonders what she expects. The guard is reading a newspaper and she asks him when she can get out to be with her children and her husband. He asks if she has children and she tells him she has three beautiful children. He says fine, but he can’t tell her when she’ll get out, they will tell her after the arraignment. She repeats the word, seeming to be confused. He says her husband is a lawyer and he will tell her all about it, then puts the paper down and leaves the area. She asks who’s taking care of her children, saying she has to see them. She sees a piece of torn newspaper on the floor and picks it up, saying these are her children, Sarah, Ashley, and Nathan. She looks at it and sees her, Ethan, and three children. She waves it at the officer as he leaves, trying to get him to see them.

In Liz’s hospital room, she opens her eyes to see TC sitting beside her. Whitney steps up and says thank goodness she’s awake. Liz looks at her, confused, and asks where she is. The nurse tells her she’s in the hospital, then tells Sam it’s not good to have all these people here. He tells Liz it won’t take long, it’s police business, and she wonders what he means.

He says he needs to get some answers from her before she forgets any details of what happened, then tells Eve if she has nothing to hide she has no need to worry. Eve tells him she has nothing to hide, and Julian says they all know she didn’t try to poison Liz so it will be all right. Rebecca pulls the poison bottle out of her purse and says to herself that Eve thinks she’s innocent, but promises Sam he will have all the evidence he needs before long. She then remembers stealing Eve’s security card and letting herself into the pharmacy closet, where she found the poison used on Alistair. To herself again she tells Eve she is a dead woman, that nothing is going to stop her now, then remembers putting the poison in Eve’s glass as Eve ranted about Liz and the things she has done to her and Julian tries to calm her. She planned to poison Eve but Liz drank from her cup by mistake and while Rebecca first sees it as a mistake, she later figures it will all work out well anyway. Back in the present, she says that Liz thinks Eve was the only other person in the basement with them, so Eve’s goose is cooked. Sam tells Liz he wants her to tell him exactly what happened before she passed out, and he wants the truth. She looks as if she’s not sure what he means.

In the courtyard of the church, Luis asks Martin and Katherine if their story is that Alistair would have killed her if he hadn’t deserted his wife and children to take off with her. Martin says it’s the truth, and Katherine asks them to understand and forgive them. Beth and Edna are still watching and listening from behind a tree. Edna says she’d forgive them anything with a story like that, but Beth figures Sheridan will forgive her mother but Luis won’t forgive either of them, but if he does, then the couple will stay together. She is perplexed by the knowledge that after all her hard work and plotting she hasn’t been able to tear them apart. Martin asks the younger couple again to forgive and forget. (commercial)

Gwen is sitting on her cot, talking to Sarah and telling her she’s very proud of her. She tells her to try a scone since the Plaza is famous for them. Two guards walk in and one asks what Gwen is doing as they watch her gesturing. She asks if someone who’s not there wants more tea. One guard tells the other that he knows who she is, she used to be Gwen Hotchkiss but now she married the guy who used to think he was Ethan Crane. The other guard agrees, saying he’s Chief Bennett’s son and a lawyer. The first guard says she’s going to need a good lawyer since she tried to kill Luis’ sister. The other wonders why she did that. The first one says he doesn’t know, and the other says she should get off easily since she’s so obviously not in her right mind. They walk off, leaving Gwen gesturing in her fantasy. She offers Sarah another scone, then the scene changes to what she is seeing. She and Sarah are having tea at the Plaza, and she remarks on how beautiful it is. Sarah agrees, then says she loves her. Gwen tells her she loves her, too, then turns to see Ethan and the twins coming toward them. They had been to a Yankee game and their team had won, so they were happy. They sit down as Gwen kisses Ethan and thanks him for the trip. She continues to live out her fantasy life.

Pilar walks into Theresa’s room and says they’ve called the doctor. Ethan tells her to calm down until the doctor gets there and they find out what’s going on. Theresa says she can’t feel her legs, rubbing them all the while, then says she can’t walk. Pilar tells her to calm down, that the wound was near her spine and she’s sure it’s just a temporary situation. Ethan agrees with Pilar, but Theresa asks what if it isn’t, and she can never use her legs again. The doctor walks in then, asking what the problem is. Theresa tells him she can’t feel her legs and can’t move them, then tearfully asks what’s wrong.

Liz looks around, still wondering what to say. Eve tells Sam on second thought she thinks it wouldn’t be good to asks Liz about it since she hates her and would say anything to cause her grief. Sam tells her he will take that into consideration, but Julian asks why she would tell the truth about it when she came to town to ruin Eve’s marriage and her life and has already succeeded in destroying her marriage. TC tells Julian to shut up, that no one is asking him. Sam tells them he wants to get Liz’s statement, then tells Eve that if it goes to trial he’s sure the jury will factor in Liz’s animosity toward her. Eve is stunned at hearing there might be a trial and a jury. Julian tells her not to worry, that she hasn’t done anything. Sam asks Liz for her name, and TC gets upset, saying he knows who she is. Sam tells him he needs to make sure she’s lucid and capable of answering questions, then asks for her name again. “Elizabeth Sanbourne”, she tells him. He asks what year it is and she tells him it’s 2005. She asks why she’s in the hospital, and he tells her she was poisoned. This causes her to remember when Eve threatened her, both in TC’s house and at the wedding. Then she remembers drinking the punch and starting to choke. She says she drank some punch and started choking because she couldn’t breathe. Sam asks if she remembers who gave her the punch, and she looks first at him, then at Eve.

Martin asks Luis and Sheridan again if they can forgive them now they know the full story. Beth, behind the tree with her mother, begs Luis to say no. He says they abandoned their families, so no, he doesn’t understand and forgive them. Beth claps her hands in joy. (commercial)

Luis tells Katherine she is one of the richest women in the world yet she had no choice. She says she didn’t, that she was terrified. He tells her she could have gone public, gone to the police and been protected. She tells him Alistair owns everything, the police and the media. Luis says he does here in Harmony, but not nationally, and they would have loved a story like this. He said she made a choice to run away with his father. Martin tells him Alistair threatened to kill Katherine and her children, and even to kill Martin’s children. Luis asks why he would want to kill Martin’s children, if it was because he was sleeping with the man‘s wife. Martin tells him they never had a relationship like that, and Luis asks what the reason was, then, and asks if it was because he was protecting her. Martin says that’s exactly why. Luis asks who appointed him her savior. He says Martin had a wife and five children, why didn’t he protect them instead. Martin tells him he loved his wife and his children but he couldn’t stand by and watch what Alistair was doing to Katherine, that she was a gentle soul who never hurt anyone.

Luis asks if she was so terrified, why didn’t she go to the media or the police. Martin tells him he should know by now how devious Alistair can be, that he would have convinced them that Martin was lying, trying to extort money from him. He says then Alistair would have made Katherine’s life even more horrible than it already was. Katherine tells him it’s true, that Alistair kept her in line by threatening to harm her children. Luis asks if she thought it was better to leave her children in the care of someone so evil. She says she never thought he would be that way with them, that he hated her and once she was gone the kids would be ok. Martin says neither of them knew how bad it would be for any of them. Luis says he’s not buying it, that they left because they were lovers and that’s the end of it. He tells them never to come near any of them again. Beth is thrilled, then realizes that if Sheridan doesn’t forgive her mother the two of them will walk off into the sunset forever. Edna tells her that’s how it should be, and Beth will end up the old maid she deserves to be.

Liz is staring at Eve. Sam asks her who gave her the punch to drink, and Julian steps in to ask if that’s not a leading question. Sam tells him he knows how to do his job, then asks her to tell him what she remembers happening before she passed out. Rebecca is watching with glee, telling herself that good little girls always get what they want, and boy, is she good. She says this has turned out very well for her, that she had wanted to poison Eve but Liz picked up the wrong cup and drank it, and now the police think that Eve tried to poison her. She says Eve will got to prison and Rebecca will remain the very rich Mrs. Julian Crane for as long as she wants to be, while admiring her diamond bracelet. Sam asks Liz to answer him and asks again if someone gave her the punch. TC glares at Eve and Liz is still staring at her, too.

Theresa tells the doctor to tell her this is temporary, that she’ll be able to use her legs again very soon. Pilar asks what could cause this and Ethan tells him it would help if he would just explain it to them. The doctor says her surgeon isn’t in the hospital right now, and he’s the one they need to talk to. Ethan tells him to get him on the phone and get him in there now. Dr. Adams says he will be back tomorrow, but Pilar says they need an explanation now. Dr. Adams says all he can tell them is that the injury was near the spine and it caused edema. Theresa asks what that means, what’s wrong with her legs and when will she be able to use them again. (commercial)

Everyone is watching Liz but she’s not saying anything, so TC decides to take matters into his own hands and give Liz the info she needs to accuse Eve. He tells the room that Eve’s fingerprints were on the glass Liz drank from, the glass had poison in it, and her card was used to get into the room to get the poison. Julian is upset and tells Sam it’s outrageous, that there is no need to Liz to hear all that.

Eve tells everyone that they all know she would never kill anyone, but TC says they all heard her threaten Liz and tells Sam he doesn’t know what he’s waiting for, that he needs to arrest her now. Simone is shocked at that, and Chad says no, they wouldn’t do that, that his mother wouldn’t kill anyone. Fox agrees. Sam says TC needs to calm down, then tells Liz to try to ignore what TC just said, then asks her to tell him truthfully what she remembers. Liz thinks about the times Eve threatened her and the things she said, then remembers getting her own punch at the wedding. Then she says that Eve gave her the punch with the poison in it. Eve is speechless, while Rebecca is thrilled.

Beth is silently urging Sheridan to say she forgives her mother so Luis will be angry and break up with her. Luis tells Sheridan he’s heard enough of this garbage and says they are leaving. Sheridan starts to walk away with him, then turns back and tells him to wait. He asks what they need to wait for, more lies. Katherine tells her they aren’t lies, that she would never hurt her. She says she thought Alistair would leave the kids alone once she was gone and he could stop remembering he only married her because her sister died. Luis tells her she was married to the man and had to have known better than that. Katherine says she never knew how horribly he would treat her and that she’s very sorry. Sheridan cracks, saying “Oh, mother.” Beth starts dancing for joy at that.

Ethan asks the doctor what he is saying, that there is trauma to the spine. Dr. Adams says yes, there is swelling, that the surgeon tried his best to repair it, but then the surgery itself is traumatic, also. Theresa asks if he can tell her what to do to feel her legs again and get back use of them. He says they are going to do some tests to determine the extent of the damage, but she says the extent of the damage is she can’t walk. Pilar and Ethan ask if it is permanent, but he can’t tell them the prognosis, that they will have to talk to the surgeon for that. Theresa asks for the worst-case scenario, and he says worst case, she will never walk again. She begins to cry at that. (commercial)

The doctor tells Theresa not to jump to any conclusions, but she’s already off and running. She says she’ll never be able to walk again, never be able to play with her son or teach her daughter to walk. She says this can’t be happening, she can’t be a cripple for life. The doctor tells her that’s not what he said, and Pilar tells her to listen to the Dr., as does Ethan. The doctor says she asked for the worst case scenario and he gave it to her, but it’s not a permanent prognosis and there’s still a good chance she will be perfectly fine. She tearfully asks if he wants her to build her life around a good chance, and he says absolutely. She asks for a percentage, but he says he can’t give her that now, they have to do the testing and then come up with a plan for her. Theresa, on a self-pity trip, says that all the plans she had for her children, everything she wanted to do, is over before it began.

Gwen is now pretending to play Frisbee with Ethan and the kids. The guards come back and one says it looks like they finished tea at the Plaza, while the other says they are playing Frisbee in Central Park. She continues seeing herself and her “family” playing Frisbee, then they take a break and talk about moving to New York. She says she can’t believe how wonderful their life turned out, asking Ethan if he remembers all those problems they used to have with what’s-her-name. He says yes, she’s just a bad memory now. She agrees, then says they have the most perfect life. In the cell, she is smiling and stroking her imaginary daughter’s hair, and she repeats “A perfect life.”

Whitney says she knew her mother hated Liz, but then asks if she actually tried to kill her. Eve says of course not, Liz is lying. TC says that’s bull, that everyone heard Eve threatening Liz and that she tried to kill her by giving her the same poison that was used on Alistair.

Eve says that’s crazy, that she never tried to kill anybody, and Julian says of course she didn’t. Simone says she knew her mother hated Liz but she didn’t think she’d try to kill her. Chad says he doesn’t believe it and neither should she while Fox says they shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Eve tells Sam this is crazy, how can they believe she would try to kill Liz. She says yes, they both had punch, but Liz poured her own, not Eve, that she didn’t try to poison her. Rebecca tells herself this just keeps getting better and better, and she and Liz both have smiles on their faces.

Luis tells Sheridan to forget about Katherine. He tells her there was no reason for her to abandon her children, that she just didn’t care about them. He then tells his father that he could have told someone what was going on, he didn’t need to abandon his family. He says the only reason he did is because they were lovers.

Martin says they weren’t, and Luis sarcastically asks if he ruined the lives of everyone in his family for a friend, someone he felt sorry for. He says he’s had enough of their truth and tells them to stay away from them and get out of Harmony. Beth is upset as Luis and Sheridan begin to walk away again. (commercial)

TC tells Sam he is a smart man and can’t ignore the facts. Sam asks if he means facts or hearsay. TC tells him Eve’s fingerprints were on the glass with the poison that Liz drank from. Sam says she could have touched it after Liz collapsed. TC then says her security card was used to within the last 24 hours to gain access to the hospital pharmacy, and Sam says it could have been stolen, then replaced in her purse. Eve says that’s it exactly since she hasn’t been in that closet in days. TC then says Eve threatened Liz and people heard her, plus she was there when Liz collapsed. Julian asks how they can be sure Liz isn’t lying, and Eve tells them she is lying, that she would never allow anyone to goad her into violence, not even Liz. Sam tells her he wants to believe her. Julian tells her not to say anything more until she has an attorney, and she asks if he now thinks she did it. He shakes his head no as Whitney asks her how she could do this. Eve is shocked to think they all might think she did it, so she asks them. Sam has taken his handcuffs out of his pocket at this point. No one else does or says anything. Julian tells Eve that if the worst happens he will immediately post bail and she asks what he’s talking about, not having seen the handcuffs in Sam’s hands. She looks around and sees them. Liz sees them, too, and he smile is bigger.

Theresa is whining about all the things she’ll never be able to teach her kids. She won’t be able to teach her daughter to dance or play catch with her son. Pilar tells her not to court disaster, to wait to hear what the tests have to say. Ethan tells her to wait for the tests and if need be they will get the best specialists in the business to work with her.

The doctor agrees, saying he’s seen people with wounds like hers who have recovered completely. She asks what if she doesn’t, then asks how she can saddle Ethan with a crippled wife. Pilar reminds her that he is married to Gwen and has told her he won’t leave her nor marry Theresa. She says he would have, but now he won’t because she’s crippled and it’s all Gwen’s fault. She says she will make Gwen pay for ruining her life, and Ethan tells her to hold on a minute, seeing where it’s heading.

Gwen is pretending to be using binoculars to watch hawks and other birds around the buildings near the park. She shows Ethan and then Sarah looks, too. Back in her cell, she is using pretend binoculars.

Edna is the one dancing for joy now, saying that Sheridan is leaving with Luis after all. She says the angels and the Lord above are responsible. Beth tells her to shut up, then says Sheridan is stopping and it isn’t over until it’s over. Sheridan keeps looking at her mother while Luis tells her they need to go, that those people are dead to them and they have nothing more to say to them. (commercial)

The guards are watching Gwen in the cell as she pretends to be at the movies eating popcorn. They say she’s really out of it. This time the whole family is with her on her cot.

Theresa says Gwen wasn’t satisfied with stealing her child from her, she had to take their home away and make sure none of them could get a job anywhere is town, too. She says now she had to take her legs from her. Ethan tells her Gwen didn’t mean to do it, that she was crazy when she found out the baby wasn’t hers. Theresa tells him she doesn’t care because at least she’s still walking around on her legs while Theresa isn’t. She says she might never be able to walk again, and if she doesn’t, it will be Gwen’s fault. Ethan tells her she drove Gwen to it, that she blames her for Sarah’s death. Pilar tells him it wasn’t her daughter’s fault, it was an accident, and Theresa says she blames her for it anyway and so she took had Theresa declared an unfit mother and took her son away from her, and then she asks Ethan, the man she loves, how he could have adopted her son. He tells her Julian is the legal father and he didn’t want Julian and Rebecca raising the boy so he agreed to adopt Little Ethan to keep him away from them. Pilar says they’ve been over this a million times and it still doesn’t excuse what Gwen has done to Theresa. Ethan agrees but asks her to see it from Gwen’s side, that she blames Theresa for Sarah’s death and the fact she couldn’t have any more children. They got a surrogate and then Theresa drugged her and stole their embryos.

Theresa reminds him that she had to do that so she could trade their child for her own. He says he understands her desperation and all that. Theresa tells him she just had their child and Gwen was angry at that and she did this out of anger and hatred. She tells him not to even ask her not to press charges against her for doing this. Ethan asks her not to make that decision right now, but she tells him she’s already made it, that she will bring charges against her because if she has to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair she will make sure Gwen spends the rest of hers in jail.

Eve says this can’t be happening, then calls Sam’s name. She says he’s known her forever and knows she would never do this. Whitney says she can’t believe this is happening, and Simone says she thought she knew her mother. Chad tells her it’s probably a mistake, but Sam goes to Eve and starts putting the handcuffs on her. She tells him he can’t do this, that she would never kill anyone. He tells her he’s sorry, but he tells her she’s under arrest and recites her rights as he handcuffs her. Eve is crying, but Liz and Rebecca are thrilled at the turn of events.

Luis tells Sheridan they need to go, that they are done here. She looks back at her mother. Beth is thrilled to see her hesitate, saying she is going to forgive her mother and then Luis will hate her. Edna says she won’t because she knows she belongs with Luis and will leave with him. Martin tells Sheridan to tell her mother she forgives her. He says she’s cried her eyes out every night all these years from missing her, and that if Sheridan will say she forgives her they will leave and they won’t have to see them ever again. Luis says he’s right, they won’t ever see them again, then tells Sheridan they have to go.

Sheridan pulls away and runs to her mother, hugging her and saying she’s sorry. Luis just stands there watching. Beth, on the other hand, is jumping for joy, saying at last, Luis and Sheridan are finally over. Edna looks heartbroken as Sheridan and her mother embrace each other, crying.


TC to Eve: “The life we shared was a lie, and now it’s over, forever.”

Beth to Edna: “Luis is so furious with Sheridan he might dump her right here, right now!”

Theresa to Pilar: “The only thing I’m going to concentrate on, Mama, is punishing Gwen for doing this to me.”

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