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Passions Update Friday 1/7/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Theresa and Ethan are admiring their baby daughter in Theresa’s hospital room. Pilar is across the room, watching, when the doctor walks in. She asks if the baby is going to be all right now, and he says he’s cautiously optimistic. He says she will still need to be in the NICU for a while longer, but everything is looking good, and with her mother’s breast milk to help her gain weight and boost her immune system and all the love she’s getting, everything should be just fine. Theresa asks the baby if she heard that her love is saving her, just as the baby had saved her. Pilar says she knows the baby’s presence brought Theresa out of the coma, and Theresa tells her it was like a dream, that she heard her crying and followed the sound out of wherever she had been and back to reality. She asks Ethan if their baby isn’t just beautiful. He agrees, lovingly touching the baby’s head and saying she is the most beautiful baby he’s ever seen. He then tells Theresa he needs her to answer his question. She asks what question, and he tells her it’s about Gwen and the charges. Pilar asks how he can even ask such a thing, that Gwen stabbed her and she almost died. He tells her he knows, and he’s sorry, then turns back to Theresa and says he knows he has no right to ask but he wants her to drop the charges, to understand and forgive Gwen for what she did.

Simone rushes into the hospital waiting area and up to her dad. Eve asks what she’s doing there, and she says she is finding out about her Aunt Liz. TC tells her she’s still alive and she thanks God. He tells her she’s unconscious but holding on by a thread, shooting evil looks at Eve the whole time. Simone asks what happened, and TC tells her they were at the wedding for Luis and Sheridan’s wedding when someone put poison in her aunt’s punch, looking directly at Eve while he says it. The girl is surprised to hear she was poisoned and asks why, and by whom. TC tells her to be strong, and she asks what he means. He then tells her that the only person with Liz at the time was her mother and the fingerprints on Liz’s glass were her mother’s.

Simone is disbelieving, but he goes on. He says Eve has threatened to kill her more than once, and Simone tells him that doesn’t mean she did it. He say the drugs came from the hospital pharmacy closet and that Eve’s card was the only one that was used. Rebecca, standing apart from the others, says quietly that it was, but not by Eve. Simone asks if her mother poisoned her aunt and of course TC was more than willing to say she made good on her threat to kill her, then asks Sam what he’s waiting for, telling him to arrest her for the attempted murder of her sister.

In the church yard, Katherine tells Martin he can’t tell Luis and Sheridan the real reason they left Harmony. He says he has to, they have to know. Luis tells him not to bother, he’s already heard it, he didn’t believe it the first time and he won’t believe it now. Martin says that’s because he didn’t hear the whole story because he was so busy trying to protect everyone. He says now he has no choice, he has to tell them why they were forced to leave, and once he fills in all the holes, they will understand everything. Katherine asks him again not to tell them.

Beth, hiding behind a bush, wonders what it could be. Edna tells her she has no idea, but judging from Mrs. Crane’s reaction it must be a doozy, and when Luis and Sheridan hear it they will forgive them and there will be hugs and kisses all around. Beth says if that happens, Luis and Sheridan will be staying together forever, and Edna tells her she’s finally catching on. Beth whines that if that happens, all the hard work she’s done will have been for nothing. Edna feigns pity, saying “Ahh, ain’t that a kick in the pants.” (commercial)

Ethan tells Theresa that when Gwen found out the truth she was devastated and had to confront the loss of the baby that was sacrificed so this baby could live, that she’d lost a second child and with it the chance of ever having her own biological child. He reminds her that was all Gwen dreamed of and hoped for, then asks if she can imagine what that felt like. He tells her she freaked out, that she lost control and picked up the scalpel without realizing it, that she didn’t mean to hurt Theresa. He reminds her that she knows what that’s like and asks her not to press charges and make things worse for Gwen. Pilar becomes upset and asks Ethan what about not making things worse for Theresa. She asks what would have happened if Gwen had succeeded, had actually killed Theresa, wondering if he would then be asking Pilar not to press charges against her. He says no, then tells her he is thrilled that Theresa didn’t die. Pilar says no thanks to Gwen, and Ethan tells her he knows Gwen regrets what she did. She wonders if that’s how he will present it to a jury, but he doesn’t answer, just begs Theresa to forgive his wife and not press charges. Pilar goes off on him, saying it’s crazy, that of course Theresa is going to press charges and she hopes Gwen goes to jail for a long time. She tells Theresa to tell him so.

Whitney walks over to her mother and says she doesn’t understand it at all, then asks how she could possibly try to murder her own sister. She says that she gets angry with Simone at times but she would never murder her. Simone asks if she poisoned her aunt, then asks who she is. TC says she’s a lying murderer and again yells at Sam to arrest her. Sam tells him he has to follow procedures. Julian says it’s preposterous, that Eve would never do something like this, and Sam says he doesn’t want to believe it, either, but then tells Eve she was the only person in the pharmaceutical closet and asks how she explains it. Eve says she can’t, she wasn’t in the closet. A nurse comes out of Liz’s room and Sam asks how she’s doing. The nurse says there is no change so he tells her to let him know the minute anything does change. She agrees. Sam tells Eve that with Liz unable to tell them what happened he has to rely on circumstantial evidence, and it doesn’t look good, mentioning the prints, the threats, and the printout. She tells him the printout is wrong, that she wasn’t in the closet, she didn’t take the poison, and she certainly didn’t give it to Liz. She says she was angry with Liz and she said some stupid things, then looks straight at TC and asks which of them hasn’t said they were going to kill someone when they were angry. She tells Sam they were just words, that they don’t actually plan to do it. Rebecca remembers taking Eve’s card and entering the drug closet to get the poison she was going to use to kill Eve. Back in the present, she tells herself that she had meant to poison Eve to keep her from taking Julian away from her, but laughs that this is working out so much better.

Martin tells Katherine it’s for the best, they need to hear the whole truth. Katherine tells him it isn’t, that Sheridan has been through enough and doesn’t need to hear any more. Sheridan speaks up and says she already knows that Katherine chose to leave her and Julian to be raised by Alistair, that she could have come back at any time but chose not to, so how much worse could it be. Luis is shocked to learn that Katherine had told her she left by choice. Sheridan tells him yes, and she stayed away because she wanted to. Martin tells them they don’t understand, but Luis tells him they understand everything. Martin says no, they hate them for leaving, and Luis tells him he’s got that right. Martin says there was nothing they could do, and Luis mockingly says it’s because Alistair was abusive. Sheridan is shocked and asks what he means, and Luis says it’s the story Martin told him. She then asks Katherine if it is true. Martin says that’s why he wants to tell them the rest of the story so they will know that he and Katherine had no other choice. Katherine asks him to stop, but he says no, it’s time to tell them why they were forced to leave Harmony.


Eve tells Sam she didn’t take the poison, that she doesn’t know why the printout says she was in there but she hasn’t been there since before the poison was delivered. She says there may be a problem with the system and she needs to get her card checked out and starts looking through her purse for it. As she searches, she talks about how important the cards are, saying she knows it’s in her purse somewhere, then talks about how the cards are set so only the person they are issued to can to the places they’ve been cleared for, then realizes the card is not in there. She says she must have lost it. Rebecca pulls the card out of her own purse and tells herself that Eve hasn’t lost it, Rebecca has it, but she is going to lose Julian and everything else.

Pilar tells Theresa to tell Ethan she will press charges, that she won’t let Gwen walk away from attempted murder. Before Theresa can answer, the doctor walks in, saying he hates to interrupt all the warm, fuzzy talk about stabbing, murder, and jail time. Theresa says it’s not really helping the baby, and he agrees, but says he has to take the baby back to NICU. Theresa and Ethan kiss the baby goodbye, telling her to be strong and get strong. The doctor takes the baby out and Theresa tells Ethan she’s there little girl and she’s going to make it. He agrees, then says he has to ask her again and he’s sorry. He says he knows how her mother feels, but he’s asking again if she will agree to drop the charges. She tells him he’s asking a lot of her, and he says he knows that. She says that Gwen attacked her and she almost died, and he is asking her to turn the other cheek. She says if things were reversed, she doesn’t think that Gwen would. He says he’s not asking Gwen, he’s asking her, and Pilar asks her how she can even consider it. Theresa tells her she knows it’s a lot to consider, that Gwen stabbed her in the back twice and put her in a coma, then she asks Ethan if he expects her to just forgive all that.

Luis tells Martin he doesn’t care what his truth is, he doesn’t want to hear it and neither does Sheridan. He says nothing justifies a man abandoning his family or a woman leaving her children to be raised by a monster like Alistair. He takes Sheridan and says they are getting out of there. Sheridan pulls back, telling him there’s no harm in listening to them. He tells her that nothing can change the way they feel, and she agrees and starts to leave with him. Martin tells him he has to hear him out, but Luis tells him he doesn’t have to listen to a word he says, that he lost that right when he ran away with this slut. Martin tells him not to call her that. Katherine tells him it’s ok, and Luis says they never want to see either of them again. Beth tells her mother this is not the way it was supposed to happen, that finding out Mrs. Wheeler was really Katherine Crane was supposed to break Luis and Sheridan up forever, but it didn’t and they are still together. Edna praises the Lord, and says their love can survive the worst thing she can throw at it, so she needs to give up because she will never win. Beth looks like she will blow a gasket. Luis and Sheridan start to walk away as Katherine takes hold of Martin’s arm. (commercial)

Eve asks Julian if he believes she poisoned Liz and he says of course not, that he knows she couldn’t do that but the others do. He says someone else had to have poisoned Liz’s punch. Eve thinks about it and realizes what happened. She tells Sam someone stole her card and got the poison from the closet. Chad asks if she’s saying she was framed. She says whoever took it got the poison to kill Alistair and Liz, that’s the only explanation that makes sense, and once they find who took her card they will know who poisoned Alistair and Liz. They all look at her, as Rebecca stands in the background looking innocent.

Theresa tells Ethan that attempted murder is a serious thing, and he agrees. She says it would take an extraordinary act of forgiveness for someone to turn the other cheek. He says it would and she asks if that’s what he wants her to do, to turn the other cheek and not press charges against her just because he’s asking. Pilar says it’s ridiculous, but he says he wants her to understand that Gwen didn’t know what she was doing and didn’t mean to do it, that she was devastated and upset, and that of all people, Theresa should be able to understand that. She tells him he’s already said that, and again asks if he wants her to do it just because he’s asking her to. Ethan says that’s right. Pilar tells him he has a lot of nerve, saying she thought she knew him. Theresa looks at her mother, then thinks for a minute and finally says “Ok, we’ve got a deal.” She says she won’t press charges just because he asked her to.

Martin runs after Luis and grabs his arm, saying “Listen to me, son!” Luis pulls away, telling him never to call him son again. He pushes past his father with Sheridan in tow, leaving the man to call after him. Katherine tells him to let them go, but Martin says he won’t, not with Sheridan thinking what she does about her. He tells her it wasn’t her fault, it was Alistair’s. Sheridan stops, turning to look back at them, as Martin tells Katherine that she’s a good woman, and they have to find a way to make them listen. He says they need to hear the truth and Sheridan needs to hear it because it would be so much worse for her to go through life thinking Katherine just left her. Katherine yells that Alistair raped her and that’s why they had to leave. Sheridan and Luis both look shocked at that. Edna and Beth hear it, too, and Edna says “Holy Moly! I told you the truth was going to turn out to be something mighty powerful.” (commercial)

Ethan is relieved and tells Theresa thank you, saying it will make all the difference in the world to Gwen and to him. Theresa tells him he’s the father of her child, that she would do anything for him, all he has to do is ask. He says he appreciates that, then reminds her that Gwen is still his wife and will continue to be. She says she knows, that they have a connection and always have, and that he knows that, too. She says their little girl solidifies it. Pilar jumps in, telling her to wait a minute, that Gwen tried to kill her and she and her mother have tried to destroy their entire family. She says she can’t let her get away with this, she has to press charges.

Sam asks Eve if she’s telling him that someone stole her card and used it to get the poison out of the drug closet. Fox asks who, but no one says anything. Rebecca tells herself that she has to find a way to get rid of the card before someone sees she has it and tries to figure out how. TC starts pointing the finger at Eve again, saying she is trying to shift the blame to someone else and it was her fingerprints on Liz’s glass. Eve tells him she never denied being in the basement with Liz, or that they argued. She says she never denied she had punch, that Julian gave her a glass while Liz dipped her own. She says she could have inadvertently touched her glass, but it doesn’t mean she poisoned her. Sam says hopefully when Liz comes to she will tell him whether or not it was her who gave her the poisoned punch. His phone rings and he walks away to take the call. Eve says it’s ridiculous to think she’d poison her own sister, and Julian agrees. She goes on to say she is a physician and took an oath to do no harm. She asks if she had wanted her dead, why did she perform an emergency tracheotomy on her to save her life. TC says it was to throw them off her tracks. She tells him she doesn’t really believe he believes she’s a killer, but he says he never believed she was a liar, either, or Julian’s mistress, but she is, all that and worse. Julian tells TC that’s enough, saying yes, she’s made some mistakes, they all have, but she’s paid for them and lost everything that matters to her. TC retorts she hasn’t lost Julian, and he tells the man that she never intentionally hurt anyone, that she’s trying to put the past behind her and move on. TC asks if she’s doing it with lies, and Julian tells him she was trying to protect those she loved - TC and her girls - and if he’d loved Eve half as much as he pretended to he’d have forgiven her and moved on, keeping their family together. He says TC didn’t do that, he threw Eve away, threw their marriage away, and betrayed her with her own sister. TC retorts that Julian turned Eve into a tramp, then calls him a bastard and jumps on him like an animal. Everyone is screaming for him to stop as he wrestles around with Julian on the floor.

Sheridan walks back toward her mother and asks what she said. Martin tells her that Alistair viciously raped her, and Luis, walking up to Sheridan, asks if he’s serious. Martin tells him that’s part of the reason they were forced to leave, that if she hadn’t left, Alistair would have killed her. He says Alistair turned the mansion into a house of horrors for Katherine, that he had never really loved her but had been in love with her sister, Rachel. When she died, he married Katherine and turned all of his anger at Rachel’s death on her. He became abusive, first emotionally, then physically. He says Alistair began beating her, but not on the face, only where it wouldn’t show, and when the bruises got too bad he would have his personal doctor come to the house to treat her. He began to rape her in humiliating and horrible ways, and when Martin found out what was going on he tried to protect her, but Alistair doesn’t take kindly to anyone nosing into his business so he stabbed him in the back. He says he tried to kill him, and almost succeeded. As he talks about the rapes, they are showing flashbacks of all that happened. Edna, listening with Beth, says that Sheridan will forgive her mother everything after hearing that, and so will Luis. Beth tells her to shut up. Martin goes on, saying things just got worse after that, and it became apparent that if they didn’t leave, he would kill Katherine. He says they didn’t have anywhere they could go for help, and it was either leave Harmony or Alistair would kill Katherine. (commercial)

Pilar asks Theresa if she’s crazy, saying Gwen tried to kill her and she could do it again. Theresa tells her she won’t press charges, and her mother asks if it’s because Ethan asked her not to. She tells her she knows her daughter still loves Ethan, but this is not going to win him back, then turns to Ethan and asks if that’s true. He says it is and Theresa knows it won’t change. Pilar tells her that her fantasy won’t happen so she has to press charges.

Theresa tells her it has come true, that she has her baby girl and she is going to be well. She goes on to say she’s not just doing it for Ethan, she’s doing it because she knows how Gwen felt, how she picked up the scalpel although everything inside told her not to. She says the feud between the two families is wrong and it just keeps escalating. First they do something, then Theresa does something to them, then they do something, then she does, and it’s gone on long enough. She says it will only hurt everyone, especially the kids, and she’s going to end it right here, right now. Ethan thanks her, telling her it means so much to him and she’s doing the right thing. She says she knows that, and that once Gwen finds out what she’s done she will give Little Ethan back and the feud will be over. Pilar says Gwen stabbed her and she almost died, but Theresa said she didn’t die. Pilar tells her that she has lost so much to Gwen and her mother and she almost lost her, and they are not going to get away with this. Theresa tells her mother she understands how she feels but that’s the kind of thinking that got them all to this point, that she’s tired and it has to stop. She says she just wants to live a quiet, happy, peaceful and normal life with her kids. Pilar says usually they are on opposite sides of this argument, and Theresa says she knows, that she finally got what her mother has been telling her all along, that the past is the past and look to the future. She says that’s what she’s doing, looking to a future of raising her kids, of rollerblading and swimming in the summer, of ice skating, sledding, and skiing in the winter, that it’s all out there waiting for her, a beautiful, happy future with her kids.

TC and Julian are still wrestling around on the floor as everyone tries to separate them. Julian asks TC who the potential murderer is now, and then says the truth hurts. Chad tells them it’s not helping as he and Fox try to hold Julian back. TC says “Let me get to him!”, but is told no one is getting to anyone. Rebecca, in the background, is wondering how to get the card back into Eve’s purse and figures this is the perfect chance as she sees the purse on one of the chairs as Eve and everyone else is trying to get the two men apart. She slips the card into Eve’s purse without being seen.

TC tells Julian he ruined his family, but Julian tells him he did that himself, that a real man would have fought to keep it together, but he threw it away like a spoiled little kid. TC says if he wants a fight, he will give him a fight, trying to get to him, but Julian asks him whatever happened to all the talk about how he loved Eve and to “for better or worse.” TC calls him an S.O.B., then tackles him. They hit the chair Eve’s purse is on and it falls on the floor, the card sticking out of it. Rebecca sees it fall, and as Sam and the others try to get Julian and TC apart again, she calls to Eve, asking if that isn’t her security card. Eve picks up the purse and looks at the card, shocked to see it. She says it is, but it wasn’t in the purse when she was looking for it. Rebecca laughs and says it certainly is now, and TC tells them she was conning them, that the card was there the whole time and it was her that went into the closet and tried to poison Liz.

Sheridan asks if her father really tried to kill her. Katherine says yes, that he was furious that Martin had realized what he was doing to her and tried to protect her. Martin tells them they know as well as he that Alistair won’t stand for anyone defying him. He prides himself on his ruthlessness in business but having the world know he was a wife-beater and rapist wouldn’t sit well in the boardroom. He threatened to kill Katherine and also Martin’s family, and Martin wasn’t thinking of himself when he left but of Pilar and his kids.

Katherine tells Luis, who is listening intently along with Sheridan, that Martin is telling the truth. Martin tells them they both know what kind of evil Alistair is capable of , that they both almost died at his hands more than once and Antonio did die. He tells them that’s why they had to leave, not because they didn’t love their families but because they loved them too much to put them in danger. Luis asks if he left to protect them, not sounding like he believes it, and Martin tells him it is true, that Alistair had threatened to kill Katherine and Martin’s family if he stayed, and he might even have killed Sheridan and Julian too, and he couldn’t take the chance he wouldn’t. He says they had no choice at all. Luis and Sheridan look unsure. (commercial)

Eve is looking at her security card, and TC tells everyone that he told them she was conning them. She swears she wasn’t, that it wasn’t there as Sam takes the card from her. Whitney joins her father’s tirade, saying she didn’t think her mother could sink any lower than she had, but she did. Eve is shocked by her outburst, but Whitney says she poisoned Liz, tried to kill her. Simone, not to be left out, asks her mom how she could do it. Eve says she didn’t, telling them she knows how it looks. Whitney tells her it looks like what it is, that she got caught in another of her lies. Chad, who isn’t even related to TC, joins in, saying he finally meets his mother and she is an attempted murderer. Eve tells him she didn’t do this. TC jumps in and tells Sam for the umpteenth time to arrest her. Julian tells them all Eve didn’t do it, that the evidence against her is circumstantial at best. Sam tells them the only way they will know for sure what happened is to wait until Liz wakes up and let her tell them. At that point, they hear Liz calling for TC and the nurse calls for Chief Bennett. Sam says it looks like they won’t have to wait for long, and they all file into the room except for Rebecca, who looks very relieved that Liz is alive. In the room, TC asks the nurse how Liz is, and she says she is through the worst of it. TC tells Liz he’s glad she’s awake, that he’s been worried about her. Then he says now they can find out what happened, and they all look at Eve, including Liz.

A very emotional Edna says “Now that’s a story!”, and Beth tells her to shut up, that they don’t know what is going to happen. Edna asks if she saw Sheridan’s face, that she was very touched and she will forgive her mother. Beth says maybe, but Luis is not an easy mark. Her mother tells her to wake up and smell the coffee, that Martin and Katherine had a good reason for leaving, that Beth’s buddy Alistair forced them and everyone knows it now and they will forgive them and be a happy family. She tells her daughter that she won’t, and that she sees lots and lots of cats in her future. Beth looks like she can see them, too, and then she looks angry. Martin tells his son they had to leave, they had to disappear and not tell anyone. Luis asks if the really weren’t romantically involved when they left and they assure him they weren’t, that came much later. They said the had no one else to rely on and they were together all the time and it just happened. Katherine says that now they know, maybe they can understand and forgive them. Beth whispers “No, no, tell them no, Luis!” Katherine asks if they can forgive them for what they were forced to do.

Pilar asks Theresa if she’s just going to forgive Gwen, that she stabbed her with a scalpel and almost killed her and she deserves to be in prison. Theresa reminds her that she tried to stab Gwen once and she didn’t go to prison. Pilar tells her that was different, that she had a medical condition. Theresa says Gwen does, too - a broken heart. She tells her she lost her baby, she will never be able to have another biological child, and she will have to live with that pain the rest of her life. Pilar asks if she’s not suffering, too, in that bed, but Theresa tells her no, she will make a full recovery and she will have her two kids and it‘s time to move on. Pilar tells her this is not the Theresa she knows, and her daughter agrees, saying this experience must have changed her. She says she’s ready to go see her daughter and asks who’s going to help her walk down the hallway. Pilar tells her she thinks it’s too soon, that she needs to stay in bed, and Ethan says she is right, but Theresa says she’s fine, it’s just down the hall. She starts to get up but stops and asks why her legs are tied down. Pilar says she doesn’t know, maybe they were worried about her while she was in the coma. She asks if they will unstrap her legs, and Ethan starts to do that, pulling the covers back and then stopping. He tells her there are no straps on her legs, and she asks why she can’t move her legs, then.


Theresa to the doctor: “What’s the worst case scenario?”

Dr. Adam’s reply: “You may not be able to walk again.”

Martin to Luis and Sheridan: “Do you understand why we had to leave Harmony? Can you both forgive us?”

Rebecca, to herself: “Eve thinks she’s innocent, Sam, but soon you’ll have all the proof you need.”

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