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Passions Update Thursday 1/6/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

Pilar is at Theresa’s bedside, trying to get her to come out of her coma. She tells her to wake up, that Gwen is in jail and she doesn’t have to be afraid. Ethan walks up and starts talking to her, too, telling her to wake up. Pilar looks at him and then takes his arm and walks outside the room with him. She tells him to look at her little girl, which he does, then she tells him Theresa is in a coma and she swears that Gwen will pay and she hopes she rots in jail. He tells her that Gwen was out of her mind with grief at finding out the baby is Theresa’s. He says she’s stable and they should be thinking about her now, they should say a prayer for her. Pilar looks at him, then walks away to go back to Theresa’s side. Ivy walks in and goes to Ethan, asking him what he’s doing there and telling him that Gwen needs him, not this little tramp. He tells her that Gwen almost killed Theresa and he wants to be here when she wakes up to try to talk her out of pressing charges. Ivy says she thought he had… He asks what, deserted Gwen for Theresa, and she nods. He says Gwen is the most important thing to him right now and if Theresa presses charges, she will go to jail for a long time. Pilar overhears him and says “So?” She tells him if Theresa dies she will be gone forever, and Little Ethan and the baby will have to grow up without their mother. She says he’d better believe Theresa will press charges, and if she can’t, Pilar will do it herself.

In Liz’s hospital room, the nurse tells the doctor that Liz is not responding. He tells Liz to come on, saying they don’t want to lose her. The nurse tells him her heart rate is dropping and the doctor grabs his stethoscope to listen to her heart, then says “Damn!”

Outside the room, Eve asks TC how he can believe she would poison Liz. Julian says it’s ridiculous, that Eve saves lives, she doesn’t take them. Rebecca walks up and asks if Liz has died, then asks Sam why he hasn’t arrested Dr. Kevorkian, pointing at Eve. Sam tells her to cool it as Whitney runs up, asking TC how her aunt is. Eve says her name and then Whitney asks Sam if her mother is still a suspect. TC says it doesn’t look good, that the poison used on Liz was from the hospital and Sam says only the medical staff has access to it. TC remarks that includes Eve, then says her fingerprints were all over the glass Liz drank from and she was the only one with her when Liz collapsed. Whitney looks at her mother and says “Dear God, Mom!”, as if she really did it. Julian tells them all that it’s insane, that Eve would never try to kill Liz. Sam tells them it is easy to determine who got the poison since it was just delivered to the hospital and kept in a locked room. The only access was with a swipe card and the computer keeps track of who goes in and when, so he has asked for a copy of the records for the last 24 hours and they will be able to see who has been in there. Eve says thank God because she hasn’t been near that closet for days. Julian says he never doubted her for a moment. Rebecca thinks to herself that he will soon, that she may have poisoned the wrong sister but it might work out well after all. She smiles and remembers getting Eve’s swipe card and going into the closet to find the poison. Back in the present, Rebecca thinks to herself that poor Dr. Love has some ‘splainin’ to do.

In the church, Beth stomps across the room, away from Luis and Sheridan, and wonders how they can still be planning to be married. Edna whispers to her that true love conquers all, then calls her “Looney Toon”. She says that none of Beth’s evil plots will tear them apart. On the sofa, Luis holds a woozy Sheridan and tells her that he’ll forget his father and she can forget her mother, since they only need each other. She nods in agreement, then he asks if she still wants to get married since Father Lonigan is still there. She nods again and says all she needs is him. Beth hears what’s going on and runs over to them, telling Sheridan she doesn’t look well. She says she should just go home. Sheridan says no, she’s fine, they are getting married and tries to get up. She falls back on the sofa and Luis checks her head, telling her she isn’t well and maybe they should postpone the wedding. She says no, but he says he wants to get married to but he wants it to be perfect so maybe today isn’t the day. He asks if she wants to postpone it. She agrees, and Beth turns to her mother, smirking at her triumph. Edna is furious, but, as usual, says nothing to the couple. (commercial)

Eve tells Sam when he sees the printout he’ll see she hasn’t been near the closet for days. He says he hopes so.

He then tells her not to lie to him, that it doesn’t look good since the same poison used on her was used on Alistair, and it’s no secret she hated them both. Julian is upset and Eve tells to stop it, he knows she couldn’t do anything like that. She says she does hate Liz but she wouldn’t try to kill her own sister. Whitney asks her if she really did it, saying she’s already ruined all of their lives and now she’s resorting to murder. Eve says she knows she wouldn’t do that, but Whitney tells her she doesn’t know what to believe since she’s lied to her all her life, and now this. Eve tells her she would never kill her Aunt Liz. Sam says as soon as he gets the printout he’ll know who his suspects are. They hear the nurse in Liz’s room tell the doctor they are losing her as her heart monitor goes off, then they hear the doctor call for 300 joules.

They all crowd into the room and watch what’s going on, and Whitney says “Oh, my God!” Chad tells Liz not to die since he just found out she’s family and besides, his mother will be charged with murder if she does.

Ivy tells Pilar that she can’t blame Gwen since she was out of her mind with grief and she’s in jail now. Pilar says she doesn’t care, that Gwen isn’t the one in a coma and she must pay. Ethan tells her that when Gwen stabbed Theresa she had just found out that the baby wasn’t hers, that the baby they aborted had been her only chance to ever become a mother and it destroyed her. Pilar tells him not to try to defend Gwen, that she stabbed her daughter twice in the back with a scalpel. She asks what will happen if she dies, then tells him Little Ethan and Ethan’s daughter will grow up without a mother. She asks how much can one family stand. She turns and walks back to Theresa’s bed and Ethan follows, telling her that if Gwen were in her right mind she would never hurt anyone. Pilar reminds him that she tried to kill Theresa once before with a baseball bat, but Ivy says Theresa stabbed Gwen in the back with scissors. Ethan agrees and asks if she remembers the stress Theresa was under when she did that. Pilar tells him that if the worst happens, she will make sure Gwen pays. Ethan tells her that he has to do all he can to make sure Theresa doesn’t press charges against her. The doctor walks in, goes over to Theresa’s bed and calls her name. Ethan asks if she is ok and Pilar asks if she will live. He tells her he’s not going to lie to her, that her blood pressure didn’t spike when he called to her and the fact she hasn’t come around isn’t a good sign. He says if she doesn’t come out of the coma within the next hour she could die.

Beth watches Luis and Sheridan together and walks by her mother, telling her it’s time to up the stakes and motioning at her to follow her across the room. Edna does, then asks what fiendish plot she’s hatching now. Beth says the same thing, that she has to get them to postpone the wedding permanently. She says she can’t stop until they are split up for good, and the only way that will happen is if Sheridan and Mama Crane bond. She tells her Luis hates the mother’s guts and he will never forgive Sheridan for getting close to the woman that seduced his father into leaving his family, that he will dump her, and then it’s goodbye Sheridan, hello Beth. She walks over to the couple, looking very sad, and says she’s sorry they had to cancel the wedding but it was the right thing to do. She talks about what a horrible day it’s been, that it must have been awful to find out that Mrs. Wheeler really is Katherine Crane, the mother they had thought was dead all those years, the mother who abandoned her when she was just a little girl. Sheridan groans. Beth goes on, saying what she did to his family was cruel, unimaginable, and so selfish. She says there are so many questions, but Luis, looking angry, tells her there are no questions, that they aren’t going to have anything to do with either of them and they are dead to them. Beth says she’s sorry she rubbed salt in his wounds. Sheridan coughs and Luis asks if she’s all right. Beth tells her she’s probably dehydrated and asks when’s the last time she drank something. Sheridan tells her she doesn’t know and Luis tells her he’s going to get her some water. He tells her he will also tell Father Lonigan the wedding is cancelled and then tells her they will have the perfect day and they will get married. He walks out to get the water and Beth goes to her mother and whispers that she needs to watch and learn, that she got rid of Luis so she could work on Sheridan, just like Julius Caesar. Edna reminds her they murdered Julius Caesar. Beth walks toward Sheridan, wondering what to say, then sees she’s trying to lie down. She hurries over and steps on Sheridan’s wedding dress just as she’s trying to pick it up off the floor and it rips. Sheridan is distraught and Beth apologizes for being a klutz, helping her gather the skirt up. Then she says “Thank God you’re not getting married after all.” Edna, seeing all this, looks to heaven and asks God to strike her down with lightening bolts until she’s good and crispy. Sheridan is in tears, which pleases Beth no end, and she tells her mother to go get something for Sheridan to put on. Out in the courtyard, Martin tells Katherine he will call her when he has any news, and she thanks him, then they kiss and he leaves her alone. She talks to herself about all the years they dreamed about being reunited with their families, but says not like this. She says Martin’s kids hate him and she’s ruined Sheridan’s wedding, then says it wasn’t supposed to be like this at all. Back in the chapel, Beth calls to Sheridan, asking if everything is all right in there. Sheridan says it is, and Beth tells her she’s sorry for ripping her dress, not at all meaning it, and Sheridan tells her it wasn’t her fault. She says it can be mended and she doesn’t need it today anyway. Beth then says she must be devastated, finding out her mother deserted her. Sheridan says she thought she was dead and here she’s been alive all these years. Beth is really uninterested, but needs to keep needling her. She says it was a shock, and for Katherine, too. Sheridan comes out of the changing room and says she doesn’t care. Beth asks if she really means that about her own mother, then says it doesn’t matter and that she bets she really missed her and wanted to reunite with her at some point, just not like this. Beth walks to the window as Sheridan tells her she can’t imagine how she feels. Beth looks out the window and says she sure looks sad, so Sheridan walks over and looks out at her mother. Beth tells her they have so much to talk about, that she must need a lot of answers, and that maybe this is a good time to do it while everything is fresh on her mind. Sheridan looks unsure of what she wants to do. (commercial)

Ethan tells the doctor they knew she was in a coma but they thought she’d stabilize. The doctor says she’s getting worse and if she doesn’t come out of the coma soon her body will shut down. Pilar tells him they have to wake her up, they can’t let her die, then she walks over to her and starts trying to wake her up, begging her not to die and crying. Ivy walks over and lays her hand on Pilar’s back to comfort her. The doctor says he’s done what he can, that he’s prescribed a drug he thinks is safe but it’s not working. Ivy tells him there must be something else he can do for her friends daughter. He says there is nothing else, that there is so much they don’t know about the brain and they need to keep talking to her, try to through to her before it’s too late. Pilar says she will and watches the doctor walk out. She sees Martin standing outside the door and walks over to him, closing the door after her. She asks what he’s doing there, hadn’t he listened at the church. He says he did but he wants to be there with his daughter. He asks how she is. Pilar tells him to get out of there, that she doesn’t want to see him and neither does Theresa. He tries to talk to her but she slaps his face full force.

Sheridan is still watching her mother from the window and Katherine looks up and sees her. She says she can’t stay any longer, can’t cause her any more pain, and starts to leave. Sheridan sees her walking away and says she can’t leave. She excuses herself, saying she has to go talk to her. Edna tells her she’ll freeze out there but Beth says there’s nothing more important than talking to her mother. Edna hands Sheridan her coat and tells her to wear that, at least. Sheridan takes it, thanking her, then walks out to see her mother. Beth turns to her mother, angry, and says a little pneumonia, and little death could have solved all her problems. Edna tells her she’s going to barbecue in the fires of hell. Beth says that was step two of her plan, pushing Katherine and Sheridan together, a little talk, and little bond, mother daughter love, blah, blah, blah. Then she says Luis is going to explode and walks over to watch the two out the window, leaving Edna about ready to explode before she joins her. Sheridan runs out the door, yelling at Katherine to stop. She walks to her and says it’s true, she really is her mother, and Katherine nods. Sheridan asks her why she left her. (commercial)

Pilar tells Martin he is a pathetic excuse for a man, that he deserted her and their children for over twenty years and now he comes back and wants to play the concerned father when her life is on the line. He says he cares about all his children, he loves Theresa. She tells him to go back to his mistress and asks him if he doesn’t realize that Theresa hates him and doesn’t want to see him, that if she knew he was here it would only make things worse. She says if he cares about her at all he will leave. She then tells him they don’t need him, they never did. Martin, with tears in his eyes, says he will go, and leaves. Pilar walks back into the room to find Ivy and Ethan watching her. She asks if they heard and Ivy says they couldn’t help but hear. Ethan asks if she’s all right and she tells them it’s Theresa they should be concerned about, then asks what the nurse is doing as she raises the head of Theresa’s bed up. At that moment the doctor walks in carrying Theresa’s baby. Pilar asks if it’s ok for the baby to be out of NICU, and Ethan tells her it is his idea. The doctor says he agrees, that the bond between a mother and child is strong so maybe the baby’s presence will trigger something in Theresa. Pilar says ok, and the doctor goes on to say it’s her only hope, and the baby’s. Ivy asks if there is something wrong with the baby, and he tells them the formula isn’t working for her and she needs to have Theresa nurse her if she’s going to survive. They all look worried, as does Martin who is standing outside the door again.

The doctor is checking Liz with the stethoscope as the nurse closes the curtains and everyone walks out. Eve wonders what will happen if she dies. Rebecca says she didn’t mean to hurt Liz, that she wanted Eve to die, then asks God not to hold it against her. She stops and asks Him if it’s why he’s punishing Gwen. TC damns Eve for doing this, but she tells him she didn’t do anything and no matter what she did to her she was still her sister.

TC gets upset at her talking about what Liz did to her when all she did was expose Eve’s past and she hated her for it and wanted revenge, and now she decided to kill her. Julian says there’s no evidence of that, but TC explodes, saying that Eve threatened Liz, her fingerprints were all over the glass that had the poison in it, and that the poison came from the hospital. The doctor walks out and says “Excuse me.” TC asks how Liz is, and Whitney decides she must be dead, then turns to her own mother and says she murdered her.

Katherine takes some steps toward Sheridan but she tells her no, that she needs to know everything, then asks why she left her. Katherine tells her she’s sorry, but Sheridan doesn’t want to hear it. She says that she thought she was dead, that she went to bed one night and she was there and she woke up the next morning and she was gone and her life became a living hell. She asks why she didn’t come back for her. She tells her mother she needed her. Katherine says she wanted to come back very much. Sheridan tearfully asks if Alistair kept her away, but Katherine says not specifically. Sheridan then says she must have been like a broken toy that Katherine got bored of and just never got back to, then asks if she was that bad a child that her mother couldn‘t bear to be around her., that she had to leave her and had never loved her. Katherine assures her it was never that, that she’d always loved her and that leaving her and Julian was the hardest thing she was ever forced to do. She opens her arms and takes Sheridan in them, the two women hugging each other and crying. Sheridan calls her mother and says she’s here, and Katherine tells her she is really here. Inside the church, Beth is watching from the window and starts jumping up and down and laughing at the sight of the two women bonding. She jumps off the couch and starts bouncing around the floor saying Luis is going to freak and he’ll never marry her if she gets close to her mother, the slut who wrecked his family. Edna acts like she’s happy, too, and asks if she expects he will get close to the slut who ruined his wedding, then says “NOT!” She goes on to tell her daughter that when you are bad, God punishes you, but good, then tells her to look who he gave her for a daughter. She says absolutely everything she’s done today will catch up to her. Beth tells her it won’t and they argue back and forth for a minute. Beth says it won’t happen as long as Luis doesn’t come in here and catch Sheridan and her mother talking, then starts jumping up and down and squealing that everything is going to be fine. Luis walks in and asks what they are talking about. (commercial)

Theresa is sitting in bed with the baby tucked in her arm. Pilar tells her to wake up and see her baby, to feel who is in her arms, as Ivy, Ethan, and the doctor look on. The doctor walks up to Pilar and tells her it didn’t work, but Ethan tells him to give it a couple more minutes. The doctor tells him the baby needs to be back in an incubator in NICU and the nurse takes her from Theresa. The baby is crying as they take her out, and Pilar cries, too, and prays for God to leave Theresa here because her babies need her. As the doctor walks out of the room, Theresa very softly says “My baby……she’s crying. My baby’s crying.” Pilar tells her yes, she is, and the doctor takes the baby back to her mother. Pilar thanks God as Theresa takes the baby and talks to her. Ethan is crying and says it’s a miracle, and even Ivy looks moved. Pilar rubs her daughter’s head and welcomes her back, thrilled that she’s awake, but Ivy walks to Ethan’s side and says she’s glad Theresa’s awake, that it’s good for Gwen and the baby, but that now he needs to leave Theresa to her mother. She tells him not to let her suck him in again. He snaps at her, telling her Theresa almost died, then tells her not to worry about that, that he is just glad she’s ok and he will try to get her to drop the charges against Gwen. Ivy agrees.

Beth tells Luis they were just talking about how hard it must be for him, having to cancel the wedding and all. Luis says yeah, then looks around and asks where Sheridan is. He starts to go into another room and Beth runs to stop him, saying Sheridan is asleep in there. He says he needs to give her the water, but Beth tells him she needs to sleep.

Edna, however, tells him to wake her up, that Beth said she was dehydrated and you don’t want to mess with that. Beth says it’s best to let her sleep, then tells Luis that if he needs anything he just needs to let her know, pushing him down on the sofa. He tells her he’s fine, that he’s only worried about…then tells Beth to be good to Sheridan. He says she’s having a hard time right now, that he knows how hard it was on him to find out about his father, and now she’s found out her mother is not only alive but she’s a home-wrecking slut and once the realization of that sinks in it will kill her. Beth thinks to herself “From your mouth to God’s ears”. Luis goes on, talking about the image Sheridan has always had of her mother, the great lady, Katherine Crane, and this is a real blow to her. Now she not only doesn’t have Alistair for a father, she’s going to be estranged from her mother for the rest of her life, just like he is with his father. Beth says to herself “I wouldn’t bet on that, Luis.”

Sheridan says “Mommy”, and Katherine says she’s here, calling her a sweet, sweet girl and telling her it was so hard leaving her. Sheridan pulls away from her and says that she did, she left and she never came back. Katherine tries to talk to her but Sheridan goes on. She says there was not a call, not a message in all these years, and Katherine tells her it wasn’t safe. Sheridan tells her it was so hard for her to leave but asks if she ever thought of what it was like for her, that she thought she had died. Katherine tells her she didn’t know how hard it was for her, that she thought it was better for her to stay away.

Sheridan asks her how it could be better for a child to lose her parent, especially when Alistair kept telling her it was her fault her mother had died, that her birth was the reason Katherine had gotten sick and died. She is getting more and more hysterical as she talks. Katherine tells her she didn’t know about the hateful lies her father had told her. Sheridan steps away from her, holding her head, and asks what she’s done to her. She says she remembers the morning Alistair came and told her that her mother had died, that he had sent her off to Europe and hadn’t brought her home for years. She says when he did bring her back, she was raised by Pilar who told her what a saint on earth she was, yet she would hear all the servants whispering about how she had killed her mother and to Alistair she was just the child who’d killed his wife. Katherine tells her those were lies and asks her to let her help her find the truth. Sheridan talks about the blood-drenched nightmares she would have, then asked her mother if she knew how lonely it was for her. She talks about going to doctor after doctor , in Switzerland and all over Europe and Boston, and having all these treatments, like ice baths and injections, strange medicines and experimental drugs, all to try to stop the nightmares. She is getting more and more upset as she talks about it. She said her life was hell and she wanted to die. Katherine tells her she wanted to die every day from missing her. Sheridan gets really hysterical, crying and yelling that this isn’t about her, that she left her. She says its about the little girl she used to be whose mommy died and who everyone blamed for it. She covers her face and screams “Oh, God”, then drops to her knees and cries “My God!” again and keeps wailing. Inside the church, Luis hears her and asks Beth and Edna what it was. Beth acts like she didn’t hear it, but Edna says she did and it sounds like someone bawling her eyes out. He says it sounds like Sheridan, then jumps up and runs to the room Sheridan is supposed to be sleeping in and sees she’s not there. He tells the women and Beth acts like she’s shocked, saying she and her mother went into the chapel to say a little prayer and she must have left then. He then sees Sheridan and Katherine outside and asks what the heck that woman is doing to her now, then takes off running to help her. Beth looks scared, but Edna is happy and tells her daughter that it looks like the hugs and kisses are over. Beth says no and runs out after Luis. He goes out and asks Katherine if she’s deaf or just stupid, that he told her to stay away from Sheridan, then he takes Sheridan in his arms. He tells Katherine she’s done enough. (commercial)

Theresa is holding her baby and telling her to stop crying as Pilar is at her side. Pilar tells Ethan to look at his family, then says not to tell her he can walk away from that. He looks happy, but Ivy looks at him warily. Theresa calls to him, then tells the baby that he is her daddy. She looks at Ethan and says she is so beautiful, and he walks around to her side to see the baby better. Ivy still looks wary. Theresa tells him to touch the baby, saying she won’t break. He touches the baby’s cheek and Theresa says she loves her daddy, then tells her he will never leave her. Ethan looks torn, but Ivy and Pilar shake their heads, one in anger and the other is sorrow.

Sam asks the doctor if Liz is dead. He says no, they’ve stabilized her, and Eve says “Thank God!” Rebecca thinks to herself that at least she didn’t kill anyone, then asks God to please let Gwen cheer up a little. The doctor tells them that Liz is not out of the woods yet, that she’s very, very sick and just barely stable, still unconscious. He tells them to stay calm and clear out of his E.R. Eve calls him by name and asks if he can see her, but Sam speaks up and says that’s not a good idea. Eve tells him she hasn’t been in that closet for days and he knows she couldn’t do anything like that. He tells her he’s just doing his job. The deputy comes out and hands him the list and Eve says good, now he’ll know she hasn’t been near that closet. Rebecca says to herself that someone did and they used her card to do it, then pulls Eve’s card from her purse and looks at it.

Beth tells Edna that she thought Sheridan and Katherine were going to kiss and make up and the Luis would dump Sheridan for good. She asks her mother what is wrong with these people. Edna tells her to ask her shrink the next time she’s locked up in the nut house. Katherine tells Luis she’s sorry, that she didn’t mean for this to happen, that Sheridan came out and she tried to explain to her why it was so hard to leave and go away. He tells her to shut up and just go back to being his father’s whore. Martin walks up then and tells Luis not to dare to talk to her like that. Luis just looks daggers at him. (commercial)

Ethan and Theresa are admiring their baby, and Pilar is watching them. She says it’s a father, mother, and child, just as it should be, but Ivy doesn’t like that idea, saying that with Theresa, that’s the way it will be in hell. Theresa says the baby is beautiful, and Ethan agrees. She says they are a family now, a real family. He looks at his mother who is giving him the evil eye, then turns back to Theresa and tells her he needs to ask her something. He says it’s important and he needs her to agree not to press charges against Gwen.

As Sam looks at the printout, Eve tells him he will see that she had nothing to do with poisoning Liz. Julian says he knows. Rebecca puts Eve’s card back in her purse and says those computers - garbage in, garbage out. Julian asks who’s on the list, that once he knows that he’ll know who could be the killer. Sam tells them that the last person to use their swipe card to get into the closet was Eve.

Whitney says “Oh, my God!”, while TC damns her, again. Chad looks startled, and Rebecca acts like a clown, saying “Eve Russell, a serial killer? Who would’ve thunk it?” Eve just looks confused.

Luis asks his father if he said something about the slut, and Martin tells him to shut up. He asks Katherine if she’s all right and she tells him she is, then he tells Luis that he won’t allow him or anyone else in town to say things like that about her. Luis asks how he’s going to stop him, and Martin says he’s going to tell the truth. Katherine says no, but he says he doesn’t care, he’s had it. He tells her they’ve let this go far too long and tells her to look what happened because everyone believes a lie. He says it’s time for both of them to learn the real reason Katherine left Harmony. Beth, standing behind a tree with her mother, wonders what the heck is going on now. She says she thought they were two lovers on the lam. Edna tells her whatever it is, she bets that when they find out what it is, all will be forgiven and her plotting will go right down the toilet. She tells her to save the rice, there might well be a wedding here tonight after all.


Eve to Sam: “You find the person that has my security card and you’ll find the person who tried to kill both Liz and Alistair.”

Pilar to Theresa: “You have to press charges. You can’t let her get away with this!”

Katherine to Sheridan: “Alistair raped me, Sheridan, that’s why I had to leave. Your father raped me.”

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