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Passions Update Wednesday 1/5/05

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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

In Tabitha’s kitchen, she and Endora are watching the magic bowl to see what’s going on in Harmony. They watch Theresa lying in her coma and Tabitha laughs about Gwen not having tried to kill her long ago. She tells her daughter that Theresa is a mortal who thinks she does bad things for good reasons, but more often than not she’s driven by jealousy, greed, lust, and revenge. She laughs about the fact that it looks like Theresa’s next drive will be to the cemetery. In the hospital room, Whitney is talking to her friend, coaxing her to wake up and get well. She tells her that if anything happens to her, the kids will be raised by Rebecca, and this causes a spike in Theresa’s heart rate.

At the jail, Rebecca is talking to Ethan about her poor Gwennie and she must be insane to stab the girl in front of witnesses. She says there are better ways to kill her and she should have come to her for help with it. Ethan calls her on it, asking what she means, and she realizes she’s said too much. In Liz’s room, the doctor tells the nurse that the antidote to the poison doesn’t seem to be working, and the nurse tells him her vitals are getting weaker. In the hallway, Julian questions Sam’s order that Eve and he stay there. Sam says until he has finished questioning her she has to stay there. Julian tells him he has to know Eve didn’t try to kill Liz, but TC jumps in and says it’s clear to him that Eve threatened Liz, then poisoned her and slit her throat to make it seem she was trying to save her. He demands that Sam arrest his ex-wife for attempted murder.

In the church garden, Luis is holding Sheridan who is still unconscious. She seems to rouse and he thanks God that she’s alright. Beth tells her mother she won’t be for long. Sheridan calls for her mother, but Father Lonigan tells her she is dead. Sheridan tells him she’s not dead, she’s alive, and Luis says they need to get her somewhere where she can rest. Father Lonigan asks what happened while he was gone, and Pilar tells him she will explain in a minute, then tells Luis to take Sheridan to the sacristy. Luis carries her inside, asking Precious to come help and then adding that Beth should come, too. Edna laughs and quietly tells her daughter that she is a runner up to a monkey. Pilar makes sure Sheridan is gone and then begins to tell the priest the shocking news they had learned while he was gone; that Mrs. Wheeler is actually Katherine Crane. He asks how that can be since he led her funeral mass and accompanied her coffin to the Crane Mausoleum. Pilar says either the coffin was empty or Alistair used a pauper’s body, then says it doesn’t matter which because there is no doubt Katherine is alive. She tells him that she had plastic surgery to change her face, but tonight she had admitted that she is Katherine Crane. Father Lonigan is stunned, saying Katherine was a good woman, almost a saint, and he doesn’t understand how she could be a party to this deceit. Pilar tells her to explain to the priest how she left her children to suffer at Alistair’s hands, how she lured Pilar’s husband away, leaving Pilar to believe the only thing she could do was to send Paloma away, and how they got to live with her and watch her grow while Pilar couldn’t.

Paloma is watching and listening with tears in her eyes. She then say she should tell Father Lonigan how she seduced her husband into breaking his wedding vows and slept all these years in his bed while Pilar slept alone. Katherine asks him to forgive her, saying she has sinned, and he recognizes her voice and knows it is really her. She says yes, she is Katherine Crane, then Martin tries to take her out, telling the priest they can talk later when cooler heads prevail. Pilar moves quickly to them and says they can answer to God later, but right now they will answer to her. Paloma looks confused and heartbroken. (commercial)

Luis talks to the unconscious Sheridan, telling her he knows she’s hurting and saying he doesn’t know how she can get through something like this. He tells her they are together and always will be.

Edna whispers to Beth that it looks like her plan didn’t work, but the truth came out and Luis and Sheridan are closer than ever. Beth looks angry. In the courtyard, Pilar asks Martin why he walked out on her and the kids, asking if it was her money or the promise of an easy life. He tells her it wasn’t like that, that he loved her and the kids and their happiness together. She yells back, questioning his statement that he loved her, then asks him to tell her what kind of man loves a woman and then does what he did to her. Katherine speaks up and says it was her fault, that he had witnessed the full measure of Alistair’s cruelty to her and tried to help her and that caused Alistair to threaten him. Pilar says even if she believed that, it would be one thing, but to abandon his wife and children to help another woman out of the goodness of his heart, especially a woman like her who had been wealthy before she married Alistair. She tells her she could have hired attorneys to help her, or chartered a jet to take her and her children away, then asks her why she had to take her husband. Katherine says she didn’t take him, that it was the situation. Pilar says no, it wasn’t, it was her. Paloma yells at her mother to stop it, that Mrs. Wheeler is a good woman. Pilar scoffs at that and says no, she isn’t a good woman, she’s a rich witch who played Paloma’s father for a fool, and then damns her. Paloma begs Father Lonigan to make her mother stop, but Pilar says she is just getting started.

The nurse tells the doctor that Liz’s vital signs are still dropping, and he answers that if the antidote doesn’t kick in soon it could lead to organ failure. In the hallway, TC tells Sam to arrest her, that half the town heard her threaten to kill Liz and now she‘d made good on that threat. Julian speaks up and asks the psycho how many times he himself had threatened to kill Julian over the years. No response, of course.

Eve says she can’t be the only person with a motive to kill Liz since she was a mean, vindictive person and must have made many enemies over the years. Julian suggests she and Alistair may have a common enemy. TC asks who that could be and Julian tells him he has no idea. TC says he didn’t think so. Sam tells them he has his men going over the church gathering clues and by morning they should have something to go on. He asks Eve again if she’s sure there was no one else in the basement, and she says they all left when she and Liz started arguing. She tells Sam she knows that is bad for her, but she’s telling the truth. Julian says that proves she’s innocent since she admitted the truth even though it makes her look worse. Ivy runs in then and tells Sam the most horrible thing has happened, and he tells her Gwen stabbed Theresa. She seems upset that he knows already and he tells her Rebecca told them before she went to the police station. He asks how Theresa is and Ivy tells them she’s lapsed into a coma and they don’t know if she’ll ever pull out of it. They are all saddened to hear that.

A nurse runs into Theresa’s room to see why the monitor is beeping. Whitney tells her she was talking to her and the nurse says her heart rate spiked. Whitney tells her she said something she knew would upset her and the nurse asks why.

Whitney says she hoped her friend would respond to her. Fox asks if that isn’t a good thing, and the nurse says it is, that she probably heard her on some level and that she should continue talking to her. He says she must be coming out of her coma, and Whitney tells Theresa she has to fight to get better, do it for her children.

Ethan asks Rebecca what she meant by saying Gwen should have come to her for help killing Theresa. The woman says she meant nothing, she was just spouting off. She tells him she hates Theresa because of all the pain she’s caused her daughter, and to cause Gwen to lose her last chance to ever become a mother is so horribly heinous that she might just kill Theresa herself, and then tells Ethan if he says one word to try to defend that little witch he will be saying it an octave higher as she shakes her finger in his face. He tells her that’s real nice, but she goes on, saying she means it, that Theresa killed his daughter, Sarah, she had herself implanted with Gwen’s embryo, seduced him, and then sacrificed Gwen’s baby to save her own. Ethan tells her Theresa didn’t know which baby was being taken, but Rebecca says she doesn’t believe it, that she’s sure Theresa told the surgeon to take Gwen’s baby and save her own. Ethan tells her he doesn’t believe that and Rebecca says he’s defending her again, then asks why and whether now that she has his baby he’s going to go back to her. (commercial)

Gwen tells Ethan that’s why she tried to kill Theresa, that she knew she’d use the baby to take him away from Gwen and then she’d get Little Ethan back and then she’d have everything. She tells him that’s why she wanted Theresa dead, so she couldn’t steal him from her and have the family with him that Gwen was supposed to have.

Ethan tells her he’s not going to leave her for Theresa, that he loves her, but she says he loves his little girl and Little Ethan, and part of him still loves Theresa, reminding him he would have married her if Gwen hadn’t gotten pregnant with Sarah. He tells her that’s all in the past, but she says it doesn’t really matter now, anyway. Rebecca asks what she means, and Gwen says that she failed, that she tried hard to be brave and fight for Ethan and the baby but she failed and now she’s lost everything and she’s failed. Ethan tries to talk to her but she isn’t hearing him. Rebecca pulls him away, asking if he’s hearing what she said and saying her daughter deserves a medal for putting up with all the things Theresa has done to her over the years and instead she’s sitting in a jail cell contemplating suicide. She tells Ethan he has to do something to help her.

As the nurse checks Theresa’s eyes, Fox tells her she has to get better, that she is the crazy glue that holds them all together, that they need her in their lives and they love her because she makes things interesting. He tells her again that she has to get better. Whitney tells her she has to teach her how to raise her baby, and Fox agrees, saying the modern father needs lessons. Whitney asks the nurse if she thinks they are getting through to her, and the nurse tells them to just keep talking and she’s sure they will get through to her. The nurse leaves and Fox tells Whitney she obviously isn’t going anywhere for a while and he asks if he can get her anything. She tells him yes, just whatever, and he leaves.

Whitney talks to her friend about all the pain and heartache over a little baby. She says babies are supposed to bring happiness and joy, but that Theresa misled Gwen and Ethan and now the baby has brought all of them pain and heartache, and she’s misled Chad and Fox about her baby, too, and if they find out the truth, both Chad and Fox will feel like she stabbed them in the back.

Ivy and Sam sit in chairs in the hallway as Ivy tells him he has to help Ethan and Gwen. He tells her he’ll do what he can, then asks where Ethan is now. She says he’s at the station house with Gwen and he tells her he’ll go check on him as soon as he gets the chance. She tells him she never dreamed this was the way they’d be celebrating the birth of their first grandchild, and he agrees. He says Theresa was stabbed and Liz was poisoned the same night. Ivy asks what happened to Liz, and Sam says that’s what they are trying to find out. TC runs up and says Sam knows what happened and he wants Eve arrested right now. Julian tells him Eve is not a killer, that she said she didn’t do it and he believes her.

TC tells him that love is blind and he’s giving Father Lonigan a run for his money right now. Sam tells both of them to cool it, saying until he gathers all the information, he’s not arresting Eve. Chad comes in and asks how Liz is doing. Julian tells him she is hanging on, that she was poisoned. He asks how that happened and Julian says they don’t know, although TC wants to pin it on Eve. Chad says he knew the two women hated each other but he can’t imagine Eve would kill her own sister. Eve assures him she didn’t, saying she hated Liz for trying to keep her apart from Whitney and Simone, but she would never kill her. Julian tells him that if they don’t figure out who did it, Eve will be in a lot of trouble.

Paloma tells Pilar that her father must have had a good reason for leaving, and Pilar says she was there every time they asked him for one but he hasn’t given them one yet. She asks why, then answers her own question by saying he doesn’t have a good reason for leaving and turning into Katherine’s gigolo. Katherine says that’s not true. Luis walks up and Katherine asks how Sheridan is, and he asks what’s it to her.

Pilar tells him she really is Katherine Crane, that Father Lonigan confirmed it so he has to accept it. He asks if she’s come back to pretend she cares about her children, too. She says she cares about both her children very deeply. He asks if that’s so, why did she leave, and Pilar backs him up, saying she didn’t leave to lure Martin away to be her gigolo and asking why he left them. Martin speaks up, saying he felt he had no choice. Pilar calls him on that one, and he says they both saw how cruel Alistair was to Katherine but it was worse than anyone knew. Pilar laughs and Luis tells him to give him a break. He says he could have found someplace for her to go, a shelter or something. Martin tells his son that Katherine wasn’t an ordinary woman, that she was married to one of the world’s most powerful men and no shelter was safe from him and his goons. He says she was trapped and he had to get her out of there. Luis says ok, she ran away, left Harmony, left Alistair, and says he gets that, but then he asks his dad why he left. Pilar asks Martin to please tell them why he left his family. ( commercial)

Tabitha and Endora are still eating cookies and watching the magic bowl. Tabitha tells her baby that as good as the cookie is, watching Martin and Katherine try to explain their actions from long ago is even better. Endora giggles in agreement. She continues, saying it’s true, they did have real reason for their actions since Alistair was abusive and killing her one day wasn’t out of the question at all, and Martin was a marked man, too. She remembers one particularly bloody night when Alistair would have buried him alive if Katherine hadn’t stopped him.

Back at the church, Katherine tells Pilar and Luis that Martin left Harmony because of her. Pilar asks if she’s admitting it, but Katherine explains it wasn’t because they were lovers but because her situation put him in direct confrontation with Alistair, that he was in the mansion one night and heard her crying. He stood up to Alistair when he was being so vicious to her and Alistair made it clear he would pay dearly for interfering. Martin says they were afraid the old man might track them down so they had plastic surgery to disguise themselves. Katherine says they could disguise their looks but they could never disguise the pain they felt at leaving their families. Luis laughs at that, telling her if she loved her children so much she could have taken them with her or sent for them later, or at least let them know she was alive. Pilar agrees with him, telling Martin that in all the years he was gone he could have at least called them, but instead he was living the good life in Mexico. She says she wondered how the Wheelers could live so well but now she knows they were living off Katherine’s money, and during all those years, not once did he send her money for the children, not once did he call or write them to let them know he was alive, that he was with another woman so she could go on with her life. She is crying as she asks him why. Luis says it’s because he’s scum and he never cared about any of them. Martin tries to deny that, saying he understands Luis is angry, but Luis cuts him off, yelling at him to not even start. He tells his father not to patronize him, then turns to Katherine and says that Sheridan thought she was dead all those years, that Alistair blamed her for her mother’s death, telling her that Sheridan has lived with that guilt and suffered all those years because of her, and then says she‘s as bad as Martin is. He goes on to say that he will never allow Martin and Katherine to hurt any of them again. In the church, Sheridan rouses and calls for her mother. Beth and Edna are with her and Beth tells her mother that sooner or later Luis and Sheridan are going to have a big fight because she will forgive her mother for what she’s done and Luis will never forgive her for loving the woman who took his father away from them. In her dream state, Sheridan asks her mother why she left her with Alistair, then says she hates her.

Ethan tells Gwen to listen to him, then says he loves her and isn’t going to leave her for Theresa. He tells her they need to forget about all this, that they need to focus on their marriage and look into adopting right away. Gwen asks if that’s because she can’t give him a baby, then says she’s a failure as a woman and a wife. Rebecca tells her it’s not her fault, that it’s Theresa who is to blame. Ethan turns on her and says she’s not helping. She tells him it’s true and Theresa deserves to die. Ethan explains that if Theresa doesn’t make it, Gwen could go to jail for the rest of her life, or worse. Rebecca asks what could possibly be worse, then realizes he’s talking about death. He tells her he’s going to go check on Theresa and if she’s conscious he’s going to talk her out of pressing charges. Rebecca, still reeling from her realization, says she will stay with Gwen. Ethan goes to the guard and asks that Gwen be put on suicide watch since her mental condition has gotten so much worse.

Chad tells Eve that if it means anything, he doesn’t believe she tried to poison Liz, and she thanks him, telling him it means the world to her. She tries to touch his face, but he backs away, saying he thought Whitney would be here. Eve tells him she’s with Theresa and he assumes the baby is there, too. Eve explains that Gwen stabbed her when she found out the baby was Theresa’s with Ethan, not hers. Chad is shocked, shaking his head and saying what a night. He tells them if they need anything he will be in with Whitney and Theresa. As he leaves, Julian tries to comfort Eve as TC shoots them hateful looks.

Whitney is telling the comatose Theresa that she hates lying to Fox by telling him the baby is his, and she hates keeping the truth from Chad but she can’t tell her half-brother that she’s having his baby. She says she sees what keeping secrets can do, talking about what it’s done to Theresa and her mother, saying it’s ruined their lives. She goes on to say if she tells Chad and Fox the truth they will both hate her, but wonders how a child can be denied it’s real parents. Chad has entered the room and hears her last comment, then asks what she’s talking about. She is startled to see him there. (commercial)

Whitney tells Chad she was just talking to Theresa, that Gwen stabbed her and she’s in a coma. Chad tells her he heard. Whitney tells him they say coma patients can hear so she was telling her she can’t deny her children their real parents, that she has to pull through for their sake. Chad says he hopes Aunt Liz pulls through, too, and Whitney agrees. She says it’s awful, and he tells her he can’t believe her dad believes Eve poisoned her own sister. Whitney says she feels the same way, that she knew her dad was angry at her mother for lying to him but she had no idea it went that deep. Chad tells her he thinks that finding out the truth about Eve was the worst thing that ever happened to him, even worse than getting his knee messed up. Whitney thinks about that, then asks Chad what the worst thing that ever happened to him was, guessing it was growing up without his real parents. He says that isn’t even close, that the worst thing was finding out the woman he loves is his half-sister.

The deputy comes back to Sam saying he has the results of the tests on Liz’s broken cup. He says there are two sets of prints on it - Liz’s and Eve’s. They all look at Eve, but she says no.

Luis tells Martin and Katherine that something about their story just doesn’t add up. He says he buys that Alistair was cruel to her, and that as hard as it is to believe, maybe Martin was really just trying to help her, but that Katherine knew what would happen to Pilar and all his kids if he left, but she let him go. He asks if she was too weak or too selfish to stop him. Martin tells him not to judge her too harshly, that he has no idea how she had to suffer. Pilar cuts him off, yelling “Don’t make me laugh!” She says that even if the woman had suffered a million years it would never equal the pain they’ve endured since he left. Luis tells him she’s right and that the two of them will rot in hell for what they’ve done. Father Lonigan tells Luis to stop, saying God is about conciliation, not condemnation. Luis replies that he’s sorry, but these two are as bad as Alistair. He tells Katherine to stay away from Sheridan, especially now that they are getting married. Martin takes her aside, telling her to do as Luis asks since he doesn’t know how hard she has tried to protect Sheridan so her wedding could go on. She tells him that’s just it, how did the truth come out now. He says he doesn‘t know, that he would blame Alistair but he‘s in a coma, and she says he had help, then asks who it could be.

Beth is staring petulantly at Sheridan, still passed out on the sofa. Edna tells her to let it go, that even Precious is ok with Luis marrying Sheridan. She tells her to look how gracious Precious is being to her former rival as Precious pats Sheridan’s back and blows her a kiss. Edna says “Take a clue from the chimp, chump!” and tells her she has to give up on getting Luis because no matter how hard she tries, she will lose. Beth says no, she won’t, and Edna tells her she’s crazy and clueless, that as soon as Luis gets through giving Martin and Katherine what for, he will come back in love with Sheridan, wanting her to be his bride. Beth says over her dead body, and then tells her mother that Luis is going to be hers. (commercial)

Luis tells Pilar he’s going to go check on Sheridan. As he leaves, Pilar’s phone rings. Pilar listens then says she’s on her way and tells Father Lonigan she has to go to the hospital, that Gwen has stabbed Theresa and she’s in a coma. Martin wants to go with her, but she says no, she doesn’t want him there and neither would Theresa. The priest says he will pray for the girl as Pilar runs out, and Martin quietly says he should pray for them all.

Chad apologizes to Whitney, saying he didn’t mean to make her uncomfortable, but the worst thing that ever happened to him was losing her. She says she hated losing him, too, and tried to say life goes on but can’t find the words. He says he knows, they can never be together again, that he can’t have her, the one thing he wants most. They stare at each other sadly as Fox walks in and asks what’s going on.

Sam asks the deputy to clarify whether Eve’s fingerprints were on Liz’s punch cup, and he says yes, they were. Eve says she must have touched Liz’s punch cup by accident, and Julian says he’s sure that’s it. TC, however, says it proves Eve poisoned Liz and he wants her arrested right then. Sam tells the deputy to find out where the poison came from and who had access to it.

Gwen tells her mother that Theresa deserved to die and Rebecca agrees, saying Theresa is evil, that she killed her baby and cost her a son and any chance she ever had of having a child on her own. She says no jury would ever convict her if Theresa dies. Gwen tells her not to worry about her, that she has nothing to live for. She walks over to her cot and Rebecca turns and talks to God, saying she knows she’s done some really bad things and He doesn’t hear from her much, and she asks him to save her daughter. (commercial)

Tabitha tells Endora it’s time for bed, and the baby jabbers at her. Tabby chuckles and says she agrees, then looks into the magic bowl again and sees Liz lying in her hospital bed, unconscious. She says that her life is hanging in the balance and that it’s ironic that Liz was so full of venom towards Eve before Rebecca poisoned her. She says Liz was a great asset to their side without ever knowing it, and that it’s a pity she might not live through the night. The doctor is checking Liz again and the nurse hands him a paper. He reads it and says he was afraid of this, her vital organs are beginning to shut down. Outside the room, TC is ranting again. He says that Liz accepted his proposal of marriage and Eve couldn’t handle it so she poisoned her, her own sister. Eve says she didn’t, but he says they all heard her threaten to kill her and Alistair, too, and now they are both at death’s door. He tells her to admit she is the attempted serial killer. Julian says Eve never tried to kill anyone, that a wing of the hospital is dedicated to her for saving lives. The deputy walks up telling Sam they found where the poison came from. Sam asks where and he says the hospital pharmacy. He says there’s a bottle missing, and since only doctors and nurses have the keys, only a hospital employee could have taken it. They all turn and look at Eve.

Whitney tells Fox she and Chad were trying to get through to Theresa to help her come out of her coma, and Chad says they tried to talk to her but didn’t know if they got through or not. Fox tells Chad that now he’s back, Chad doesn’t have to hang around any more. He mentions that he’s been hanging around a lot, lately. Pilar rushes in, calling to her daughter, then asks who stabbed her. Ethan just walked in, too, and he says Gwen did. She asks why and he tells her the baby is Theresa’s and Gwen just went bonkers. Pilar says she warned Theresa, told her Gwen was fragile, but she never dreamed something like this would happen. Whitney says no one did, and Ethan apologizes for Theresa being hurt. He tells her Gwen didn’t know what she was doing, that she lost control, and Pilar says that’s right, and now her Theresa might die. Fox tells her they are all praying she doesn’t, but Pilar says if she does, if Little Ethan and her new granddaughter have to grow up without their mother, she will make Gwen pay for this, that she’ll go to prison for the rest of her life.

Gwen is keeping up her crazy act in her cell, rocking and humming children’s songs. Rebecca watches her until the guard tells her visiting hours are over and she can see her daughter in the morning. She tells Gwen to hold on, that she won’t let Theresa get away with this, then stomps out. Gwen starts to cry, whispering mother over and over.

Sheridan is still passed out on the sofa in the sacristy. Luis comes in and asks how she’s doing, and Edna says now he’s back, she’s sure she will be just fine. He kneels down beside her and takes her hand, telling her he’s sorry all this happened with her mother and ruined their wedding. He says they don’t need her or his father to be happy, they only need each other. Sheridan smiles. Edna pokes Beth and says “FYI, missy, that is true love.” Beth turns away and asks what it’s going to take to tear them apart. Luis tells Sheridan the good news is, Father Lonigan is still here, so they can get married tonight if she wants to, and she nods yes, with a big smile.


Pilar to Ethan: “If the worst happens, Ethan, I vow Gwen will pay.”

Beth: “I have to get this wedding postponed, permanently!”

Sheridan stands with her face in her hands, crying loudly.

TC to the doctor: “How is Liz?”

Whitney to doctor: “Oh, my God, she’s dead, isn’t she?” She turns to Eve and says: “You murdered her!”

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