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By Shirley
Pictures by Amanda

In the operating room, Theresa is on the table while the doctor works on her. An alarm goes off as Theresa’s heart stops beating. Outside the O.R., Ethan and Ivy listen as the police officers read Gwen her rights. Ethan hears the alarm and starts to run in to see what’s happening with Theresa, but Ivy stops him and tells him to forget about her, Gwen needs him. He reluctantly goes back to Gwen’s side and tries to get the officers to not put handcuffs on her. He tells them she is not dangerous nor a flight risk. The officer says Theresa might not agree she’s not dangerous and reminds him that Gwen confessed to stabbing Theresa in the back. Ethan tells her not to say anything else, but she says it’s ok, she doesn’t mind telling them what happened. The officers start to take Gwen to jail, but Ethan stops them and says he won’t allow them to take her.

Fox and Whitney are walking on the wharf when he stops and asks if she’s cold. She says she’s fine but he takes off his coat and gives it to her, telling her she needs to stay warm for the baby. He goes to get some coffee while she thinks about the lie she’s told.

She remembers her mother lied to her all her life and hopes her lie doesn’t hurt as many people as her mother’s has. She wonders if her mother was right when she told her to tell the truth now, thinking it might be best to tell the truth now and let everyone know the baby she is carrying is Chad’s, not Fox’s. She wonders if it would be best to face the pain now rather than worrying about whether the truth will come out later. As she is thinking, Chad and Valerie walk up, arm in arm.

In the church basement, TC tells Eve she finally did it, she made good on her threat and killed her own sister. Eve is shocked, telling him she’s done no such thing. TC tells her he doesn’t believe her and that he doesn’t even know who she is any more. Julian tells him Eve did nothing but try to save Liz, and TC tells him he wouldn’t believe a word from him. He turns to Liz, lying on the floor unconscious as the paramedics ready her for the trip to the hospital, and tells her it’s all going to be all right. Eve swears to Sam that she did nothing, that they were arguing and then Liz just stopped breathing. TC pops up hypocritically and says it’s just a coincidence that she threatened Liz’s life at his house, that he heard her and so did Simone.

He says Eve was furious at her, blaming her for their marriage breaking up and for the fact he was going to marry her now. Sam is shocked by that news, and TC tells him yes, they are engaged. Rebecca, in the background, looks innocent and says “Oops!”, but no one hears her. TC says Eve threatened her and now Eve killed her, but Sam tells him she isn’t dead. The paramedics are ready to take Liz to the hospital, and Eve offers to go with them in the ambulance. TC tells her to stay the heck away from her, and Eve tells him he can’t possibly believe she would try to kill her own sister, that he knows her better than that. He says he doesn’t know her at all anymore. Sam says he will ride with her to the hospital, and Julian takes Eve in his car. They walk out, leaving Rebecca watching them.

Sheridan walks up to Mrs. Wheeler in the courtyard of the church and demands to know if she’s really her mother. Paloma says it can’t be true, but Sheridan goes on, saying she had remembered about all they’d been through since Mexico and how she had felt a strong connection to her all along. Martin tells her they are just kindred spirits, but Sheridan says no, it’s more than that, then asks where she got her mother’s bible, the one she gave to Sheridan. Mrs. Wheeler tells her they were friends, then says there is no other connection between them. Sheridan tells her she’s lying, but Katherine says it’s not true, that she just wants to believe her mother is still alive and it’s natural. Sheridan again tells her no, then says if it’s true, tell her she doesn’t care about her, that she and Martin are going back to Mexico and she’s going to forget all about Sheridan. Katherine says she can’t do that, then admits that she is Katherine Crane, Sheridan’s mother. (commercial)

Sheridan asks if she means it, she really is her mother. Pilar tells her that just because there are physical similarities doesn’t mean it’s true, and Luis says that’s because it’s not true. He asks Katherine why she keeps telling these vicious lies. Katherine tells Sheridan that she wanted to tell her from the first day she saw her in Mexico, wanted to throw her arms around her and tell her how much she loves her, and Sheridan asks why she didn’t. Katherine says there are reasons and she didn’t want to confuse her and cause her more pain. Sheridan says she knew there was something there from the beginning, but Luis steps in and tells her not to fall for it, that the woman is a monster, not her mother. He tells her that she ran away with a married man and took him away from his family, that she is many things, but not her mother. He tells her she is actually a garden-variety, home-wrecking whore. Sheridan tells him not to say those things about her mother.

He looks at her as if he doesn’t know her, while in the background, Beth is smiling like a Cheshire cat, saying “Hallelujah, things are looking up!”

Chad and Valerie walk up to Whitney and he says hi to her. She says hi to both of them, and he tells her he is keeping Valerie warm since it’s freezing out here, then asks if she’s cold. Whitney says she has Fox’s coat and he went to get them coffee. Valerie says it’s colder by the water than it is in town and she shouldn’t have left her coat in the car. Chad offers to go get it, but she says she will. As she walks off, he asks Whitney how she’s doing. She says she and Fox are walking so she can clear her head. He tells her he understands, that between the baby and her parents divorce it can’t be easy for her. She agrees, saying he’s right about that. Fox walks up and says he thought Chad would be working at the office instead of wandering the wharf.

Liz is wheeled into the hospital with TC beside her and Sam close behind. Eve follows them in and starts to go with them into the exam room. TC stops her, but she says she’s a doctor and asks if he wants Liz’s life saved or not. TC says he does, but not by her, since she’s the one who tried to kill her. Julian damns TC, and Eve says she doesn’t know how he could think she would do anything to hurt her own sister. TC tells her both he and Simone heard her threaten Liz’s life.

Julian tells the hot-head to blame Eve for not telling him about their past, but not for things she never did. Rebecca, arriving and standing off to the side, tells herself that “Pookie” wouldn’t be defending her so staunchly. Sam says they need to calm down, then says until he gets all the facts they shouldn’t be talking to each other. He then says he agrees that they should get another doctor to work on Liz, and Eve protests his lack of trust in her. He tells her that’s the way they are going to do it. Eve walks over to Julian and tells him she didn’t do anything to Liz, and Julian tells her once everyone calms down and thinks clearly, they will realize that. Eve is upset that her own husband, TC, would think she could do something like that.

In the operating room, they are still trying to get Theresa’s heart beating. Finally, the nurse says she hears the heartbeat, and the doctor tells them to sew her up, then says that was too close. In the hallway, Ethan tells the officers to get their hands off Gwen, that he will take her to the station for questioning later. One officer laughs at him, saying he must not be much of a lawyer. Ivy huffily tells him her son is an excellent lawyer, but the officer says he should know how it works with murder cases, then. Ethan reminds him Theresa isn’t dead, but he says no yet but they are taking Gwen in, anyway, since it’s still a capital case. Ethan says he won’t let them do that, but Gwen tells him to let them do their job.

Ivy tells him not to argue with them since it will only make it worse for Gwen, then apologizes for Ethan, saying he’s under a lot of stress. She says they must understand that, but the one officer says he doesn’t, since his wife hasn’t stabbed anyone with a scalpel yet. Ethan says that’s real nice, but Ivy tells him to shut up, then tells the officers they just don’t understand what’s going on here. He tells her they know his wife stabbed another woman and even admitted it to them, but Ivy says Theresa drove her to it, that she kidnapped their surrogate and stole their embryo, that she is the criminal here, not Gwen. They roll and unconscious Theresa out of the O.R. then, and Ethan asks the doctor how she is. He tells him that the scalpel grazed some nerves between her vertebrae and they won’t know how much damage it did for a while. Ivy asks if that means Theresa will live or die, but they say they stabilized her but they won’t know the answer to that for a while, that it’s just wait-and-see for the next 24 hours. A wooden Gwen asks if Theresa is still alive and Ethan says “Yes, thank God.” She stares at Theresa and says she thought she’d killed her, then says she wants her dead. Ethan looks at her like she’s an unknown insect. (commercial)

Ethan asks where they are taking Theresa, and a nurse tells him they are taking her to recovery for a while, but they will let him know when and if they take her to a room. Ivy tells Gwen not to say another word, but she says Theresa isn’t supposed to be alive, she wants her dead. Ivy looks sick and Ethan asks Gwen to stop, but she says it’s the only way they’ll ever get their lives back and she doesn’t deserve to live. She pulls away from the police and jumps on top of Theresa on the gurney, grabbing her by the throat and choking her. Ethan grabs her and pulls her off, then tells the police she didn’t know what she was doing. The police tell him to save it, they are taking her now, and he says he is going with them. They say he can suit himself, and as he starts to leave he tells Ivy to get a hold of Rebecca and let her know what’s going on. She agrees, then wishes him luck, and he says he’s going to need it.

In the hospital, TC runs in and asks Sam how she is. He tells him they don’t know, they are still trying to get her stabilized. TC turns on Eve, walking towards her and saying “So help me, if she dies…” but Sam says he needs to get a clear picture of what happened, then asks Eve who was the last person to see her standing. She tells him she was, that they were arguing and she was standing there, then all of a sudden she just collapsed and she could see she was having trouble breathing. TC whines that then Eve started to work on her with a knife, but Sam tells him to cool it. He asks if anyone else was in the basement with them and Eve says she doesn’t think so. Rebecca speaks up and says not when she got there. She explains that she thought she heard a fight so she went down and found them arguing. Sam asks if she saw Liz fall, and she says yes, she went down without warning, like a ton of bricks. Julian asks if she saw Eve do anything to Liz and Rebecca says no, then she talked about how angry Eve was. Julian says he’d stake his life on the fact that Eve did nothing to Liz. Rebecca says to herself that he just might have to.

Chad tells Fox he and Valerie were working late, that they had decided to take a walk and get some fresh air to get their second wind. Fox makes fun of that, laughing and asking why that sounds so lame to him. Chad says if he has something to say, just come out and say it. Fox says he was in the middle of saying something, then says it was really nothing, and asks if he got his second wind so he can go back to the office and work. Chad tells him it’s up to Valerie, and Fox pokes fun at that, saying Valerie is his “assistant.” Whitney, seeing the tension, says that even though Fox gave her his coat, she’s still cold so they should go. Fox says that’s a good idea, as Valerie returns. She tells Whitney that she had turned on her radio in the car and heard that her aunt Liz had been rushed to the hospital. Whitney asks why, but Valerie tells her they didn’t say what happened. Whitney says she has to go there, and she and Fox leave, with Chad and Valerie staring after them.

In the church courtyard, Edna tells Beth she’s a wicked girl, but Beth tells her to be quiet so she can hear. Luis tells Sheridan he understands she’s upset but she’s not thinking straight. He tells her Katherine is not her mother, but Pilar tells him she feels it in her heart. Katherine tells her there is so much to explain, but Luis goes on to say she doesn’t even look like the pictures of Mrs. Crane. Pilar says she could have had plastic surgery, that Rebecca had thought she had, but Luis says a lot of women have that and it doesn’t change the way they look.

Pilar says it did exactly that for Martin. Katherine tells her it is true, she is her mother. Luis tells her she isn’t, that he had run her fingerprints had been run through the Crane computer banks and would have matched Katherine’s if she were her. Martin tells him the fingerprint program wasn’t there until after Katherine had left. Luis says he remembers when Katherine Crane died, that it had been in all the papers and on TV. Edna backs him up, saying she remembers it, that the Governor was there and the President sent flowers. Luis asks Sheridan if she believes him now, that Mrs. Wheeler may be just about anyone, but the one person she isn’t is Sheridan’s mother. Beth is upset, wondering what it will take to make him believe it. (commercial)

Edna says the entire world saw Katherine Crane laid to rest. Beth says they saw a casket and a funeral, but no one saw who was in there. She asks why Mrs. Wheeler would claim to be Katherine Crane if she wasn’t. Luis tells her there are lots of reasons, and one could be that she is trying to extort money from Alistair, or even Julian or Sheridan, that there is no way to know how a mind like that works. Katherine says she never cared about the money, that the money is what turned Alistair into the monster he is, that she ran away to get away from him. Sheridan says she left even though it meant leaving her. Luis tells her not to believe it, it’s all lies. Beth pops up saying what bothers her is that Mrs. Crane died just days after Martin went missing, and asks Luis if that’s not right. Pilar answers, saying it is true, that she had died a few days after Martin left. She says she was right, that she is Katherine Crane, and that she wasn’t satisfied with everything she had, she had to steal her husband and her children’s father.

At the police station, Ethan sits beside Gwen. The officer asks her if she cares to make a statement, but Ethan says he’s her attorney and he’ll speak for her. She starts talking, however, telling the policeman she doesn’t know what more there is to say, that she already told them she stabbed Theresa, that she should have done it years ago and it might have saved her a lot of pain and she might even still have her first born child, Sarah. Ethan tells her not to say any more, that she doesn’t know what she’s saying, but she keeps on talking. She tells him she does know what she’s saying, that she did nothing wrong, that Theresa is the one who committed all the crimes against her and Ethan and the family they would have had by now. Ethan tells the policeman this is completely off the record, it’s not an official statement, then tells Gwen he is trying to protect her and asks if she understands.

Sam comes out of Liz’s exam room and Julian asks what had happened to Liz. He says she had a toxic reaction, and Eve asks about it. Sam tells her Liz was poisoned, and TC shoots daggers at Eve with his eyes. (commercial)

TC says it proves Eve tried to kill Liz, that a doctor has access to poison. Julian tells TC he was married to Eve and yet acts as if he believes she could kill anyone, even her worst enemy. TC tells him she blinded him with love, too, and now it’s his turn. Whitney walks in and hears that Liz was poisoned. She asks about it, and TC tells her how they were all waiting for Luis and Sheridan’s wedding to start when Eve and Liz went downstairs and had a fight. Eve tells her she collapsed without warning. Whitney asks if she’s still alive, and Sam says barely. Julian tells Whitney she has to believe her mother would never do anything to hurt her sister, but TC spouts off saying there’s no one else around here who hates Liz. Eve tells Whitney that she knows her daughter knows her well enough to know she would never hurt Liz, but TC smarts off again, saying just the way she would never betray him or her daughters. Sam tells him that’s enough, then asks about the punch bowl on the table and if either of them had taken a drink. Eve says yes, Liz did right before she collapsed. Sam says he will call the officer in charge at the church and have him bring all the information to the station. TC says a lot of people drank punch from that bowl, but only Liz got poisoned, and Fox asks if he thinks someone set out to poison Liz. TC says it looks that way, shooting accusatory glances at Eve. Julian thanks God there was no poison in her glass. Sam comes back and asks Rebecca if she’s sure no one else was in the basement before Liz collapsed, and she besides herself, no. Whitney looks at her mother and says “Oh, my God!” Rebecca acts like she’s trying to help by saying “Just because she’s an adulteress doesn’t mean she’s a murderer”, and Julian sarcastically thanks her for “helping”. TC tells him not to blame Rebecca, that the evidence speaks for itself. The Dr. walks out of the cubicle then and calls to Sam. He whispers in his ear, and TC asks if Liz is ok. Sam says she’s stable, then tells them the poison is the same stuff used on Alistair and they might have an attempted serial killer on the loose. Of course, TC, Whitney, and Fox turn and look at Eve.

Ethan tells Gwen he is trying to get her out of this, that she won‘t be there one minute longer than necessary. She tells him she’s not afraid. The officer comes out and says it’s time to book her, and that Ethan can speak to her later.

They show them taking her fingerprints and mug shots.

Martin tells them not to blame Katherine, that he is the one who talked her into leaving. Pilar tells him to shut up, then tells Katherine that all that time she had felt sorry for her, feeling that she had a much better marriage with Martin than Katherine did with Alistair, but all that time she had been sleeping with her husband behind Pilar’s back. She says no, and Martin tells her he swears that’s not true, but Pilar doesn’t buy it. She says she was too busy with their five children and too stupid, that all those nights he had gone out after dinner she had thought he was going back to the office at Crane Industries, but he was actually with her. She says she would call and call, never getting an answer, and he told her he was on a business call. Paloma tells her to stop it, that her daddy would never do that, then asks him to tell her it isn’t true, that her aunt isn’t really Katherine Crane, but Martin tells her it is true. In the background, Beth makes a touchdown signal to her mother. (commercial)

Luis asks them to give him a break. He says if it were true, and she is Mrs. Crane and she fell in love with his father, why wouldn’t they just run off into the night, why fake her death. Martin says they didn’t do that, Alistair had done it. Katherine says they were going to go settle someplace and then contact the families to let them know where they were, but once they realized Alistair had declared Katherine to be dead, they couldn’t do that , that Alistair would never stand for anyone knowing his wife had run out on him. Luis says that’s convenient, that the ones who loved him wouldn’t know if he was alive, they could just wait and wonder, and all for a sordid affair. Katherine says it wasn’t like that, then swears to Pilar that she and Martin were never together “like that”, not for a long time, and that Martin took her away so Alistair wouldn‘t kill her. Luis doesn’t buy it, but Martin swears it’s true, then tells them that there were times when he was at their house and he heard Alistair beating the heck out of her, then says he was cruel and violent and that Pilar knew that. Luis asks why he had to be the knight in shining armor, why not let the cops handle it, but Martin tells him that there was no way the cops would do anything against Alistair Crane. He says the only way to save her was to take her far away. Luis says that means he chose to leave his family for her, and asks why he doesn’t just admit they were lovers. Martin says no, they were just friends, and only became lovers much later. Sheridan looks at her mother and tells her she cried for her every day and asks why she didn’t come get her. She tells her daughter that she was afraid for her, that she heard that Alistair had tried to kill her and Luis and she knew it would only have been worse for her if Katherine was there. Sheridan asks why she didn’t tell her after Mexico, and Katherine tells her she wanted to tell her so badly but just couldn’t, that she had wanted to tell her she loved her and ask her forgiveness, but she knew she couldn’t do that. She says she can only ask her to try to understand, and Sheridan faints into Luis’ arms.

Fox looks at Sam and asks if there’s really a serial killer in Harmony. Sam says it looks that way, same M.O., same poison. Rebecca perks up, thinking to herself that this could work after all, that although the wrong person was poisoned, she could make it look like Eve’s fault and then she would go to jail or - even worse - fry. Julian asks what the motive is, that everyone in Harmony wanted Alistair dead, but what about Liz? Rebecca pops up with the fact that Liz only had one enemy and that was Eve, then acts like she misspoke and says “Oops!” again. TC, of course, says it all fits, that Eve hated Alistair because he kept her son away from her and got him involved with her daughter and everyone knows she hates Liz because he just asked her to marry him. Julian says even though she was upset, that doesn’t make her guilty of anything. TC comes up with another gem, saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” He says he doesn’t trust Eve at all anymore and doesn’t think anyone else should, either. Rebecca’s phone rings and she answers, saying whoever it is, she’s too busy to talk. Ivy tells her not to hang up, that Gwen has been arrested for stabbing Theresa. Rebecca asks why she did it now, and Ivy tells her the results came back and the baby is Theresa’s. Rebecca then asks her to tell her that at least Gwen did a good job and Theresa is dead. Ivy says no, she’s hanging on by a thread. Rebecca hangs up and tells everyone she has to go be with Gwen, that the baby is Theresa’s and Gwen stabbed her. Whitney is upset about Theresa and says she has to go be with her, so Fox takes her to the hospital. Chad tells Valerie he should go, too, since Liz is his aunt also, but he will take her home. She asks if he really wants to be there for Whitney but he acts like he doesn’t know what she means. She tells him it’s ok, it’s not that easy to stop loving someone. He protests, saying no, she’s his sister, he just wants to be there for the family. He says he can’t believe she would believe something like that, then tells her they need to go.

At the hospital, a nurse is checking Theresa when the doctor comes in and asks for her vitals. She says they are still weak. As the doctor is looking at the chart, Whitney runs in. The nurse tells her she has to leave, but Whitney tells her Theresa is her best friend, then asks how she is. The doctor says she’s in a coma and it doesn’t look good. Whitney asks if she can at least sit with her, and the doctor says she can, then tells her that sometimes it helps when they talk to them, but they don’t know how much gets through. Whitney thanks him, then sits by her friend’s side and tells her not to die. (commercial)

Ethan tells Gwen he will get her out as soon as possible after they put her in her cell. Rebecca runs in, calling her daughter’s name, then says not to worry, she’s with her and that Theresa deserved to die. Ethan tells her to cut it out, but she tells him it’s true, that Theresa is the one who should be punished, but her baby is behind bars and it’s a travesty of justice. Gwen tells her it’s all right, but she says it isn’t. Gwen tells her she knows she did the right thing, that Theresa killed Sarah, then she killed the baby she was carrying for her, and then she killed her only chance to become a real mother, and Gwen just couldn’t let her get away with it and end up with everything. Rebecca turns to Ethan and says that Theresa has won, that Gwen is behind bars and Theresa is going to have everything.

Whitney is holding Theresa’s hand, urging her to wake up. She says she has to wake up, her kids need her and so does Whitney. Fox is standing behind Whitney with the doctor and he asks what the prognosis is. The doctor tells them it’s too early to tell, that she went into cardiac arrest in the O.R. but that she’s stable now. Whitney is upset to hear that, but the doctor says the next 24 hours will tell. Whitney keeps trying to wake her friend up.

Eve asks Julian if he thinks she really could have tried to kill Liz. He says of course not, he knows her even if TC doesn’t and she’d never poison anyone. She wishes her family could believe that and then tells him that if Rebecca had “helped” her any more, she’d be behind bars now. He tells her to ignore Rebecca, that she’s jealous because she knows he’s going to divorce her and marry Eve and that he won‘t let anyone railroad her, then says they should go home now. TC pops up, saying they can’t go anywhere because they don’t know if Eve is going to live or not. Sam agrees, saying that until they know more, no one is going anywhere, and then he tells Eve he needs more information from her.

Luis is holding Sheridan, trying to wake her up, as Pilar helps. Katherine asks to help, but Luis tells her to get away, and Martin says Sheridan has only fainted and will be ok, to let Luis handle it. Father Lonigan finally returns to finish the wedding, but they tell him there is a little problem, that Sheridan has fainted. He asks if anyone has called the hospital, but Luis says she’ll be fine. Father Lonigan asks if they are still going ahead with the wedding, but Beth tells him she doesn’t think so, as the others all look at each other and at Sheridan.

Previews: TC to Sam: “Sammy, arrest her! Half the town heard Eve threaten to kill Liz, and she made

good on her threat!”

Rebecca to Ethan: “Look, I hate Theresa, but now that she has your baby are you going to go

back to her?”

Luis to Martin and Katherine: “I’m never going to let either one of you hurt us ever again.!”

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