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Passions Update Monday 1/3/05
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By Boo
Pictures by Amanda

At the hospital:

Gwen has stabbed Theresa in the back with a scalpel. Theresa falls into Ethanís arms and yells for help. She then passes out. Ethan yells for Ivy to get a doctor. Theresa starts to wake up again and Gwen panics. She grabs the scalpel and pulls it out of Theresaís back and stabs her hard again. Ethan, still holding Theresa in his lap, manages to push Gwen away and asks her what the hell she is doing. Ivy freaks out again and canít believe what is happening. Ethan yells again for Ivy to find a doctor, that Theresa isnít breathing. Ivy bangs on the door of the NICU until the nurse comes out to reprimand them for making too much noise. She sees Theresa on the floor, and Gwen standing with the scalpel in her hand. It slowly dawns on her what has happened here and she runs to call for an E.R. team to come to the fourth floor. She then rushes to Theresaís side and feels for a pulse. She tells them that there is a pulse, but she is losing a lot of blood. Gwen stands stoically by holding the scalpel through all of this. Every now and then Ivy, Ethan, or the nurse will look at her as if they arenít sure if she will stab again. The E.R. team arrive and the doctor announces that there are two stab wounds, one of which has hit a major artery. They put Theresa on a stretcher and rush her off to the O.R. Ethan takes the scalpel from Gwenís hand and lays it on a divider wall. He notices the nurse getting ready to call security and begs her not to. He tries to suggest that all of this is not what it looks like. The nurse knows what she saw when she came out of the NICU. She tells him that she has already called the police and now must call security. He promises that he is an officer of the court and will take full responsibility. The nurse reluctantly agrees not to call security.

Ivy tries to convince Ethan to say that Theresa attacked Gwen and Gwen had to defend herself. Ethan doesnít go for that at all and tells his mother that he doesnít know what he will do if Theresa dies. Ivy gets upset that he is worried about Theresa and not his wife. He tells her that of course he is worried about his wife. If Theresa dies, Gwen will face murder charges.

Ethan goes to Gwen and tries to ask her what is going on with her. Gwen very calmly explains to him that Theresa made her do this. She had no choice but to stab Theresa, she had to stop her from taking another baby away from her. When two police officers arrive, Ethan tries to talk to them and tell them that there was a problem before, but it has all been handled. The officers arenít so easily put off though and start to question him about the stabbing.

Gwen interrupts holding the scalpel and tells the officers the same thing she told Ethan. That she had to do it because Theresa made her. She is still being chillingly calm. the officers take the scalpel and read Gwen her rights, asking her if she understands them.

In the O.R., the doctors and nurses work frantically on Theresa. They are having a hard time repairing the damage and comment on how much blood she has lost. Her blood pressure starts to drop dramatically. The doctor announces that they are losing her.

At the Church:

In the Sacristy, Katherine admits to Sheridan that she is her mother. Luis doesnít believe it and Sheridan is shocked. Beth and Edna watch from out side the room through a window. Katherine tries to explain, but Luis wants nothing to do with it.

He insists that Katherine is lying. Everyone knows that Alistair Cranes wife is dead. He tries to convince Sheridan that Katherine is lying. Sheridan doesnít know what to believe. She wants her mother to be alive, but wants to believe Luis too. She demands that Katherine explain to her why she would lie about something like this. Paloma yells at them that it is all Pilarís fault. Pilar wouldnít let up on Mrs. Wheeler until she had to claim to be someone that she isnít. Martin steps in and tries to calm everyone down. He explains that Mrs. Wheeler didnít mean to Ďlieí, she just got wrapped up in the moment. He reminds everyone that Mrs. Wheeler does have daughter of her own that she is unable to be around. Beth is throwing a fit outside because things arenít going the way she wants them too, while Edna enjoys taunting her about it. Katherine apologizes and tells them that what Martin is saying is true. Pilar is quiet through all of this. Katherine, Martin and Paloma decide to leave and Martin tells them all just to pretend none of this ever happened. Luis tries to comfort Sheridan. He tells her again what a monster Mrs. Wheeler is, and reminds her that they are there to get married today. He wants the ceremony to finish up, and then they can put all of this behind them. Sheridan finally seems to calm down and agrees to let Luis go to see if Father Lonigan has returned yet. Beth is devastated that her plan didnít work. Edna tells her that she will never have Luis, she should just accept that. Pilar gives Sheridan a glass of water and apologizes to her for causing such a scene. Sheridan understands that she didnít mean to cause problems. Pilar offers to go and find out what is going on with Luis and Father Lonigan and makes sure Sheridan will be okay left alone. Sheridan assures her that she will be okay and Pilar goes in search of Luis. Outside the church, Katherine tells Martin how wonderful it felt for just a split second to tell Sheridan that she is her mother. Martin reminds her how much heartache that would bring Luis and Sheridan if they knew the truth. He tells her that it was a good thing that Luis convinced Sheridan that she was lying. Katherine knows that he is right, but in her heart she wishes things could be different. Sheridan sits and remembers all the times she has been alone with Mrs. Wheeler. All the times she has felt a connection with the strange woman. She then remembers being a little girl, and her mother tucking her in at night. She realizes that Mrs. Wheeler really is her mother. She runs out of the room and runs into Luis who asks what is wrong. She tells him that she has to catch Mrs. Wheeler before she leaves the grounds. Sheridan runs outside to find Martin and Mrs. Wheeler with Luis in close pursuit. Katherine asks for Martinís strength when she sees Sheridan coming. Sheridan begs Mrs. Wheeler to tell her that she is her mother, she pleads with her to tell the truth. Sheridan really needs to know. Mrs. Wheeler looks from her to Martin, undecided what to say.

In the chapel, Rebecca is stammering that Ďshe is deadí. Sam and Julian get a bit frustrated with her because they canít understand what she is trying to tell them. Rebecca finally tells them that Ďsheí is in the basement and she is dead. Julian, Sam and T.C. realize that Eve and Liz are in the basement and all rush downstairs. We see the broken glass and the hand twitching again as all of them rush into the room.

They all stop short and say Ďoh my god!í Finally the camera spans over to show that it is Liz lying on the floor.

Her throat is slit and Eve squats beside her with scalpel in hand. T.C. lunges at Eve and accuses her of murdering her sister. Sam grabs T.C. and keeps him at bay. Eve tries to explain that her and Liz were arguing and suddenly Liz grabbed her throat and hit the floor. Eve explains that she could tell that Liz wasnít breathing and she had to perform an emergency tracheotomy so that Liz could breath. Rebecca stands in the background and freaks out that she poisoned the wrong sister. Sam yells at Rebecca to call 911. Rebecca runs off to make the call. Eve continues to work on Liz while trying to tell them all how strange it was. When the paramedics get there, Eve fills them in on everything that has happened and they take over trying to stabilize Liz. Eve talks to Julian as Rebecca listens in unnoticed. Eve tells Julian that she canít believe that T.C. would believe that she would kill her own sister. Julian reminds her of all the threats she has been throwing around lately.

Eve is upset by this and assures Julian that she would never actually do it. Julian knows this. Eve tells him how strange Lizís behavior was just before she collapsed. Julian asks if it could be a stroke or a heart attack. Eve tells him that they symptoms donít match up. T.C. is anxious to learn what the paramedics think happened and Sam has to pull him away so that the EMTís can do their job. The paramedics ask to talk to Sam alone after coming to a conclusion about what happened. After conferring with the paramedics, Sam announces that no one is leaving the room. This has now become a crime scene. All are shocked at the news.

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