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Passions Update Friday 12/31/04

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Tabitha and Endora are throwing a party for a bunch of demons. They watch all that goes on in Harmony as the demons dance the conga line and play twister. At the end of the night, they all toast the new year in and celebrate all the murder and mayhem that is wonderfully alive in Harmony that night.

The Hospital:

Ivy tries to console Gwen as she watches Ethan and Theresa hugging. Gwen is in a zombie state and tells Ivy that she knows Ethan will leave her for Theresa. Inside the NICU, Ethan realizes that what he is doing is wrong. Theresa tries to convince him that it isnít wrong. Even though he is married to Gwen, he wants to be with her. She knows that he does.

Ethan tries to deny this and turns to realize that Gwen has been watching him. He tries to rush out to explain to Gwen, but Theresa still pleads with him to admit what he feels for her. Gwen tells Ivy that she wants to take a walk and tells Ivy to tell Ethan that everything is okay. They will talk about this later. After she walks away Ethan and Theresa come out of the NICU unit and ask where Gwen is. Theresa explains that Gwen went for a walk. Ivy tells Ethan that she promised Gwen that Ethan wouldnít fall for Theresaís crap again and that he better not prove her wrong. Ethan takes off to find Gwen. Ivy tells Theresa that now that it has been proven that she is the mother of the baby, she has something for her. Theresa asks her what and Ivy answers by slapping the crap out of her.

She tells Theresa to stay away from her son. The two of them argue and Theresa tells her that she is going to marry Ethan. She threatens Ivy to be nice to her or she will never allow her to see her granddaughter. Ivy insists that Ethan would never allow that. Theresa tells her that once they are married, he will want to keep his wife happy. Ivy wishes Theresa were dead.

Ethan finds Gwen in the hall and tries to talk to her. He tells her that he loves her, not Theresa. He notices that she isnít acting right as she is very calm and still zombie like. Gwen assures him that she is fine and that they will talk later.

Right now she just wants to be alone for a bit. Ethan gives up and returns to the waiting room in front of the NICU. Gwen continues to zombie around the hallways and stumbles upon a surgical tray that has been set up. She picks up the scalpel and thinks of killing Theresa.

Back in front of the NICU, Ethan returns and Ivy grills him about what he said to Gwen. The two of them argue about what Gwen needs right now while Theresa listens in. Theresa is a bit hurt when Ethan confirms that he told Gwen that he loves her. Ivy goes on about Gwen needing reassurance from him right now. They all face the NICU as Ivy and Ethan continue to argue. When Ivy turns around, she is horrified to see Gwen standing behind Theresa and Ethan with the scalpel raised above her head. Ivy yells out to her, but Ethan and Theresa donít realize that she is behind them. Gwen quickly jumps forward and stabs Theresa in the back. Theresa falls into Ethanís arms and yells for him to help her. Suddenly, Theresa stops breathing.

Ethan yells at his mother that Theresa isnít breathing anymore. A terrified Ivy looks at Gwen and yells at her that she has just murdered Theresa. Gwen is still zombified and has no reaction to this.

The Church:

Paloma goes into the Sacristy and checks on Katherine and Martin. She canít tell them if Sheridan is upset or not, because she doesnít know. She leaves them while Katherine again worries that something terrible has happened. Martin again assures her that Alistair is the only other person that knows she is Katherine, and he is comatose. Katherine is thankful for Martin.

In the chapel, Beth, Edna, Precious, Luis and Pilar all react to what the card says. Pilar is silent as she listens to the conversations. Beth revels in the chaos that is playing out.

Luis tells a very upset Sheridan that it is obviously a lie that Alistair has set up before hand. If it was true, it would mean that Sheridan would forgive Mrs. Wheeler and then he would never forgive her for that and there would never be a wedding. Beth chuckles while Edna hisses. Sheridan finally agrees that it does sound like some lie that her father would come up with.

Pilar thinks to herself and isnít so sure that the card is a lie. Sheridan tells Luis that she needs to freshen up before Father Lonigan returns and they decide to go into the Sacristy since it is closer than the brides room. Paloma learns from Beth that Sheridan and Luis are going into the Sacristy and tells her that they canít. She admits that she has hidden Martin and Katherine there. Martin and Katherine see Luis and Sheridan heading for the room and start to panic about how to get out of there. Paloma stops them and convinces Sheridan that the lighting in the Sacristy isnít right for her to fix her makeup and tries to lead her back to the brides room.

Beth steps in and pretends to Ďlet it slipí that Paloma doesnít want them to go into the Sacristy because Martin and Katherine are in there. Luis, Sheridan, Pilar, Paloma, Beth, Edna and Precious all file into the Sacristy to confront Martin and Katherine. Paloma tries to explain that she only did it so that Martin could see his son get married. Luis doesnít want to hear any excuses and demands that they leave. Pilar and Sheridan both wonder silently if Mrs. Wheeler really could be Katherine. Sheridan drops the card on the floor and when Katherine picks it up to give it back to Sheridan, she notices what the card says. She is horrified and tells Martin that the card says she is Katherine Crane. When Martin and Katherine start to leave, Sheridan stops them and asks why she reacted the way she did when she read the card. Sheridan demands to know if Mrs. Wheeler really is Katherine. Katherine denies it, but Pilar doesnít believe it. She tells them all that she remembers about the late Katherine and all the clues that they have had lately that the card is telling the truth.

Katherine begs Pilar to stop, but Pilar wonít let up. Sheridan finally asks Katherine point blank if she is her mother. With Pilar yelling at her to admit it, Katherine finally admits that she is Sheridanís mother to the gasps of everyone in the room. Sheridan stares at her in disbelief.

Back in the chapel, Sam approaches Liz and asks where T.C. is. She tells him that T.C. went to the car to get his phone. Sam asks Liz if she egged Eve on earlier, and Liz tells him that she didnít. He doesnít look like he totally believes her, but asks her to tell T.C. that he is looking for him when he returns. T.C. comes back in and Liz tells him that Sam Ďaccusedí her of provoking Eve. T.C. gets angry with his best friend. Liz tells him not to worry about it and kisses him before going downstairs to get something to drink. Sam finds T.C. and T.C. immediately jumps his friend about accusing Liz. He angrily tells Sam to stay away from Liz and that he should be talking to Eve about her death threats. Sam tries to explain to T.C. the conversation he had with Liz, but T.C. is too angry and wonít listen. Sam tells him that he does plan on talking to Eve.

In the basement, Rebecca still waits with baited breath while Eve Ďalmostí drinks from the glass of poison several times. Julian continues to reason with Eve. Eve finally seems to understand what he has been telling her and promises to calm down. Julian tells her that he is going upstairs to see if there is any news of Father Lonigan returning after making sure she will be okay.

Liz has come downstairs and hides when Julian leaves. She then approaches her sister and again tries to push her buttons. She brings up Lizís past, and how she is ruining her present. That Eveís children will soon be her step children. Eve stays calm, but gets her digs in also. Liz brings up again that Eve left her alone with their molesting father. Eve is tired of Liz using that for an excuse, but notices that Liz has no problem jumping into bed with T.C. Rebecca thinks that Eve will dehydrate before she will take a drink of the poison punch.

Liz and Eve continue to take jabs at each other. Liz gets angry and slams the poison drink on the table breaking the glass. Rebecca quickly comes up with a new plan and goes in and shooís everyone else out of the room telling them that the Father Lonigan is returning soon and the ceremony will continue. Once everyone is gone, she pours another drink and slips more poison in while Liz and Eveís backs are turned. Rebecca hides again to continue watching as Liz and Eve continue to argue. Liz pours herself a drink also and then sets it down beside Eveís drink. Rebecca realizes that the two could mix up their drinks easily and starts to panic. Eve starts to cough and picks up her drink as Liz picks hers up too. Rebecca realizes it is too late for her to rush in and break both glasses. After both women take a drink, they both start to cough. We then see one glass fall to the floor with a hand beside it twitch. We donít see who the hand belongs to. Rebecca runs over and is shocked at what she sees. She rushes upstairs.

Back in the Chapel, Julian has come in looking for news of Father Lonigan and overhears T.C. and Sam talking. He tries to talk to T.C. and make him see that it is Liz that is scheming and not Eve. The two of them start to argue and it almost comes to blows when Sam stops it. He reminds them that T.C. is with Liz now, and Julian is with Eve. They both need to leave the past in the past. He tells them that he just wants all of the arguing to stop. He is willing to issue restraining orders on all of them if he has to. Eve and T.C. seem to listen to him and stop arguing. Rebecca comes running up the stairs and breathlessly tells them all that Ďshe is dead!í.

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