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The Hospital:

Ethan, Ivy, and Whitney wait impatiently for Gwen or Theresa to tell them who the mother of the baby is. Gwen finally hands the letter to Ethan so that he can see for himself. He reads it and also only says Ďoh my Godí looking at Theresa.

Theresa finally tells them all that she is the mother of the baby. Gwen freaks out and canít understand how this can be happening. While Ethan tries to comfort her, Theresa is trying to pull him away from Gwen to go in and see their daughter. Gwen yells and cries and canít understand how God can do this to her. The NICU nurse comes out and tells Gwen that she is going to have to keep it down. Theresa watches on with no feeling on her face.

Whitney asks if she doesnít feel sorry for Gwen. Theresa tells them that she doesnít. She knows the exact pain that Gwen is in. She felt it herself when Gwen stole her son from her. She tells them that this is Gwenís karma. She brought this on herself. Gwen gets even more upset and ends up collapsing on the floor. The nurse from NICU rushes out and runs to get the doctor. They put Gwen on a stretcher. The doctor tells them that it is probably the shock from learning that she isnít the mother of the bay and wheels her off to give her something to keep her calm. Ethan starts to go with her, but Ivy stops him and tells him that she will go with Gwen. Theresa convinces Ethan to come into the NICU and meet his daughter. He reluctantly goes in and softens quickly when he sees the baby. He and Theresa talk about how beautiful she is and how she has Ethanís eyes and Theresaís nose. Once Ethan says how incredible the baby is, they put their arms around each other. Theresa puts her head on Ethanís shoulder and they both stand admiring their baby.

In the exam room, Gwen lays stoically on the bed as the doctor explains to Ivy that she is grieving and she needs her mother with her right now. Ivy tells the doctor that she has tried calling Rebecca on the phone, but canít get through to her. She promises to stay with Gwen until Rebecca can be reached and told the news. When the doctor leaves, Gwen tells Ivy that she knows that Ethan will leave her now too. Ivy assures her that Ethan loves her and will stand by her. Gwen knows that the only reason Ethan married her instead of Theresa is because she was pregnant with Sarah. Ivy tells her that if that were true, he would have left her when she lost Sarah. Gwen starts to listen to Ivy as she guarantees Gwen that Ethan will not leave her. Ivy knows her son, and she knows that he is devoted to Gwen. She tells Gwen that they should go and find Ethan and she will see that Ethan will not leave her. Gwen agrees and they head back to NICU. As they are walking down the hall, Ivy is still reassuring Gwen that Ethan loves her when they walk up to the window of the NICU and see Theresa and Ethan holding each other and admiring the baby. Gwen looks crushed all over again.

The Church:

Eve yells at Liz again that she will kill her before she lets her take her daughters away from her again. Father Lonigan comes in and admonishes Eve for talking like that in a church. Eve and Julian both apologize. Father Lonigan tells Eve to distance herself from her sister if she canít control herself. Eve apologizes again. Rebecca watches Eve and thinks to herself how soon Eve is going to die. Father Lonigan announces that they need take their places. Everyone goes to find a seat. Sam tells Luis not to let Eveís outburst ruin things for them. Luis tells him nothing will ruin it. Rebecca sits next to T.C. and Eve. T.C. asks her why she is sitting there.

Rebecca tells them that she is a big fan of drama and wants to be close to the cause of it. She has a good view of Eve from her seat also. She hugs her purse and again thinks of Eve dieing. Julian tries to get Eve to see that she is making matters worse by threatening her sister in public. Eve continues to glare back at Liz and swear vengeance on her.

In the Sacristy, Paloma assures Katherine and Martin that the loud voices they heard was Eve and Liz. It had nothing to do with the ceremony. Katherine and Martin are both happy to hear this.

In the brideís room, Beth anxiously awaits Sheridan opening the envelope. When there is a knock at the door, Beth offers to answer it so that Sheridan can read the card. Edna and Precious are at the door wondering if Sheridan has read the card. When they hear Sheridan cry out, Beth tells her that she just read it. She goes back into the room and ask what is wrong. Sheridan tells her that she canít marry Luis now. Pilar, Jessica and Kay come rushing back into the room to see what is wrong. Sheridan is crying and carrying on that she canít get married now. Beth notices the card still in Sheridanís hand realizes she hasnít read it yet. Sheridan tells them all that she has a spot on her dress and the day is ruined. Jessica and Kay have come prepared and they fix the spot quickly. Julian arrives to escort his sister down the aisle. Sheridan tells him how much she loves him and how thankful she is to him. Julian apologizes for working with Alistair for so long to split her and Luis up. Sheridan tells him that is all in the past now. Paloma arrives and announces the beginning of the ceremony. They all file out as Edna laughs at Beth and Beth starts to panic that she is running out of time.

Katherine and Martin watch as the ceremony starts. They talk about how happy they are that their children are finally going to be married. Precious comes down the aisle first and goes straight to Luis. Sam says that he didnít know Precious was in the ceremony. Luis tells him that she isnít.

He explains to Precious that he is marrying Sheridan now and takes her back to the seat with Edna. The bridesmaids all file in with Beth following carrying Marty with her.

When she gets to the front, she lets Marty hand the ring bearer pillow to Sam an then hands Martin off as she takes her place for the ceremony as Matron of Honor.

Julian walks Sheridan down the isle as all stand for her. He gives her hand to Luis and wishes them happiness. Father Lonigan tells the congregation that because Luis and Sheridan have had so many problems in the past, he is going to break with tradition and marry them first, then have the mass after that, if no one objects. Sheridan and Luis look around. Precious nods her ascent and smiles at them. Father Lonigan starts the ceremony and gets almost through it when a lady runs into the church and tells them all that her father has been in a boating accident and is dieing. She needs Father Lonigan to come immediately and give him Ďlast ritesí. Reluctantly, Sheridan and Luis tell the Father that they understand. Father Lonigan apologizes and tells them he will be back as soon as he can. Beth is so happy that the ceremony has been delayed. Luis and Sheridan talk with Julian and Sam about the possibility of this all being Alistairís fault. Julian tells them that it isnít Alistair. He is in a coma. It is just a bad coincidence and they will still be married soon. Beth realizes that Sheridan is still holding the card in her hand about the same time Luis notices it. He asks her what it is. Sheridan tells him that it is the card that came with the flowers he sent her. When he tells her that he didnít send flowers, she finally opens the card to see who sent them. She is shocked when she reads the card. Katherine and Martin see that something is wrong and Katherine worries that their ceremony will be stopped again. Martin assures her that no one else knows that she is Katherine Crane and that is the only thing that could stop the wedding. Beth is happy, but pretends to be concerned. Sheridan tells them that the card says that her mother is alive.

Liz approaches Eve and goads her into blowing up at her again. Julian interrupts and whisks her downstairs to get some punch to calm her down. Rebecca follows them. Downstairs Julian tells Eve that she is just playing into Lizís hands by allowing everyone to think that Liz is the victim. He pours them both a drink from the punch bowl, but Eve sets hers down and walks away. Julian follows Eve and continues to try to get her to see reason. While they are talking, Rebecca slips the poison into Eveís glass and sneaks away again. Julian finally convinces Eve that what he is saying is true and she calms down some. She returns to get her drink and several times almost takes a drink but then stops right before to say something else about her sister. Rebecca starts to get frustrated that she hasnít drank the poison yet.

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