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Passions Update Wednesday 12/29/04

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Liz and T.C. are dressed and ready for the wedding. T.C. isnít looking forward to it because he knows that Eve will be there. Liz remembers the confrontation that they had earlier.

Martin & Katherineís room:

They both discuss how much they wish they could be at the wedding, but know that they canít. Paloma walks in and overhears their discussion. She insists that they must be there. After all, Luis is Martinís son. He should be there to see his son get married. Paloma has an idea about how they can be there and Luis and Sheridan donít even have to know.

The Hospital:

Eve and Julian stop by so that Eve can check on one last patient before they head to the wedding. Julian wishes that Eve would just let her anger at her sister go. He thinks it isnít healthy. Eve is still fuming though, and again comments that she wants Eve dead. Julian tells her to watch what she says because if anything happened to Liz, Eve would be the prime suspect. Rebecca watches the two of them as she remembers her conversation with Sam earlier. She knows that they have the poison that she needs in hospital pharmacy. She sees Eve lay her badge down on the desk at the nurses station and quietly thanks Eve for giving her the key. She makes herself knows to Julian and Eve and tells Eve how elegant she looks. Eve takes off to check on her patient. Julian turns his back on Rebecca for a second and she grabs Eveís badge.

Julian tells her that he saw what she just did. She hides the badge behind her back as Julian tells her that he knows that she was just trying to upset Eve. Rebecca plays innocent and reminds him that she agreed to the divorce and wished him and Eve well. Julian warns her not to hurt Eve and walks away. Rebecca thinks to herself that she is going to kill Eve. She goes off in search of the pharmacy storage room. Eve comes back and is writing in her patients chart when Whitney walks by. Whitney tells her that she is there to support Theresa. Eve tries to talk to her daughter about the baby, but Whitney lashes out at her again about all her lies. Eve is angered all over again when Whitney tells her that she is meeting Liz for coffee later. Eve tells her that she shouldnít be spending time with Liz. Liz is the one that tore their family apart. Whitney again blames her mother for doing that, all Liz did was expose the lies. Julian overhears the last of the argument as Whitney walks away. He asks Eve if she is okay. Eve answers by angrily damning her sister again.

In front of the newborn I.C.U. unit, Ivy, Ethan, Gwen, Theresa, and Whitney gather to get the test results. Immediately Theresa and Gwen start to argue about who the babyís mother is.

Ethan steps in and tells them that he is going to find the lab technician so they can get this over with. Ivy and Gwen go to one side of the room while Theresa and Whitney go to the other side to wait. Whitney says it is really weird not to know who the mother of a baby is. Theresa is positive that she is the mother and she will soon have her baby, little Ethan and Ethan back. Whitney asks if she is sure that Ethan will leave Gwen. Theresa knows that he will. Ethan returns and tells them that the technician will be there soon. Theresa tells Ethan that she wants to speak to him alone. This sets Gwen off again and the two of them begin to argue again. Theresa reminds Gwen that she is the one that told her that every man really does know who he is sleeping with and that Ethan loves her. She wants to talk to Ethan so that they can pick out a name for the baby. Gwen gets out of Ethanís reach and lunges at Theresa.

She pins her to the floor and starts to choke her. Ethan pulls Gwen off of Theresa while Whitney reminds Theresa that she wants Ethan back. If she doesnít settle down, Ethan will never come back to her. Theresa understands and promises to behave. The lab technician arrives and hands them both an envelope. They both hesitate opening it and glare at each other while the others urge them to hurry up. Finally, they both rip the envelopes open. Both read the contents and both say Ďoh my godí and stare at each other again.

In the pharmacy storage room, Rebecca is able to get in using Eveís card. She searches for a short time before she finds what she is looking for. Once she finds it, she happily slips it into her bag, telling herself how nice it will be when Eve is dead.

The Church:

Sheridan, Pilar, Kay, and Jessica all enter the church together. Sheridan is carrying Marty. They all think the church looks beautiful. Jessica offers to take Marty to the Child care center. Sheridan takes off for the brideís room. Pilar tells her they will be up to help her out soon. Pilar asks Kay if she has heard from Miguel. Kay tells her that she has. He really wanted to be home for Christmas and for his brothers wedding. Kay tells Pilar that she doesnít know how she raised five children without a father. Pilar tells her that it wasnít easy. She admits that even though she prayed all those years for Martin to come back, now she just wants him to leave Harmony forever. Sam and Luis come in.

Pilar reminds Luis that he isnít supposed to see the bride before the wedding. Luis goes to the hallway and yells towards the brides room to Sheridan how much he loves her. Sheridan yells back that she loves him too. Edna, Beth and Precious come in. Precious is dressed in white and runs to Luis side, clinging to his leg. Sam calls Precious a monkey and Precious yells at him. Luis holds Preciousí hand as he explains that Precious doesnít like the word Monkey. Luis tells Precious that it would never have worked out between the two of them. Precious puts her hand over her eyes. Pilar tells Luis to wait in the basement until it is time. Sam and Luis head to the basement. Pilar and Kay go to the brides room to help Sheridan get ready. Edna wonders why Beth is in such a good mood.

Beth tells her that she has figured out how she is going to tell Sheridan that Katherine is alive. She finds a computer in one of the church offices and explains to Edna that she has ordered a nice flower arrangement and she is going to put a card in it from Katherine. Edna hisses at her how evil she is.

In the brides room, Kay puts Sheridanís make up on for her. Kay, Jessica and Pilar wait patiently while Sheridan puts her dress on. She comes out in a beautiful gown and takes a couple of turns so they can see the whole dress. The girls all tell her how beautiful she looks. Beth comes in with Edna and Precious. When someone knocks on the door, Beth offers to get it. It is the florist with the arrangement that Beth ordered. Beth quickly slips the card that she made into the flowers and shows them to Sheridan. Sheridan wonders who they are from and Beth shows her the card that is in the arrangement. As Sheridan goes to open the card, first Eve and Julian come in to wish her well.

In the basement, Luis and Sam talk about what a happy day this is. Luis thanks Sam for standing in for his son as best man. He tells Sam that he will understand if he also wants to go to the hospital to find out the D.N.A. results. Sam tells him that Ethan wanted him to stand in for him, and that is what he is going to do.

Back in the brides room, Sam brings Father Lonigan in to wish Sheridan well. Paloma finds the Father and tells him that the organist needs to see him. Paloma also tells Sheridan how beautiful she looks. Pilar comments that soon Paloma will find a man and will be the one getting married and Pilar will be there to help her. Paloma coldly tells Pilar that she wonít be helping her get ready. Palomaís tia will be helping her. She turns and leaves the room. Sheridan apologizes to Pilar for Palomaís rudeness. Pilar tells her that she is not going to let anything make her unhappy on this day. Beth tries again to get Sheridan to open the envelope when another couple comes in to with the bride well. Beth gets really frustrated. Once the well wishes stop piling in, the girls rush Sheridan to sit down so that they can put the veil on her. Beth again thrusts the envelope into Sheridanís hands. Finally Sheridan opens the envelope and reads it. She is surprised at what she reads and puts her hands over her mouth. Beth asks her what the note says. Sheridan tells everyone that it is a card from Luis telling her how much he loves her. Beth is really beside herself now. Sheridan explains that this card was laying on the dresser, it wasnít the one that came with the flowers. Pilar, Kay and Jessica leave to get ready for the ceremony. Edna and Precious also take off to find seats. Alone with Sheridan, Beth again hands the card to Sheridan and tells her to find out who sent the flowers. Sheridan starts to open the envelope.  

Back in the foyer, Katherine and Martin arrive. Paloma comes in and tells them that Father Lonigan has agreed to let them watch the ceremony from the Sacristy. She quickly takes them there when she sees Luis coming. Once she gets them settled, she rushes back and scolds Luis for roaming around the church. She reminds him that it is bad luck for him to see the bride. She pulls him back down to the basement where she also scolds Sam for letting Luis get away from him. Sam apologizes saying he had to take Father Lonigan to see Sheridan. Paloma leaves the two of them alone again.

In the chapel, Eve and Julian arrive just before T.C. and Liz come in. Eve yells at Liz to stay away from her daughter. Liz tells her that Whitney has no one else to turn to now that she knows Eve is a liar and a whore. Julian holds Eve back as she yells that she will kill Liz. Rebecca sees the exchange and smile. She looks in her purse to see the vial of poison she stole from the hospital and thinks to herself that it will be Eve that is going to die.

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