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Passions Update Tuesday 12/28/04
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By Boo
Pictures by Amanda

Tabitha’s house:

Tabitha comments to Endora about the house being too bright and closes all the blinds. Endora zaps up a pot of coffee for Tabitha. Tabitha drinks the coffee while Endora has some bats milk. They share breakfast as the two of them enjoy watching the mortals of Harmony in Tabitha’s bowl.

Crane Mansion:

Julian and Eve enter the front room in their robes. Julian gets coffee for the two of them. Julian understands when Eve tells him that she didn’t sleep well last night. He knows that divorce is hard no matter what the circumstances are.

Rebecca comes in still in her robe also. She starts to go to the kitchen when Julian stops her and tells her that they need to talk. Eve excuses herself to go upstairs and get dressed. Rebecca sits with Julian on the couch and Julian tells her that it is time for them to talk about the divorce. He tells her that he will be more than generous with her if she will just not contest the divorce. He wants her out of the house.

Rebecca surprises him by telling him she would be happy to sign divorce papers. She just wants him to be happy, and if that means he is with Eve then that is what she wants also. Julian is touched by her generosity. He leaves to get dressed also. Rebecca has other plans for Eve though.

Upstairs in Gwen in Ethan’s bedroom, Gwen is frustrated that the lab still isn’t open. She is told that the director is having problems getting to work because of the snow. She is going stir crazy waiting for the test results. Ethan convinces her that she should go to the cottage and help Sheridan with the wedding. It will help to keep her mind off of it. He promises to keep trying the lab, and to let her know as soon as it is open. Gwen takes off for the cottage while Ethan heads to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house to help Luis get ready for the wedding.

Sheridan’s cottage:

Sheridan wakes up and realizes that Luis is still there. She worries about him seeing her before the wedding. She watches him sleep for a little while and remembers the two of them watching the snow fall the night before. She is very happy that today is their wedding day and tells Luis how much she loves him.

When he starts to wake up, she quickly puts her hand over his eyes and pushes him out the front door. He stands in the snow with nothing but his underwear on. Sheridan throws his shoes and clothes out to him and tells him that she will see him at the church. Sheridan starts to fold up the blankets when Gwen knocks on the door. When Sheridan lets her in, Gwen asks why Luis is running around in the snow naked. Sheridan laughs and tells her that it is a long story.

She asks Gwen if they have heard from the lab yet, and Gwen explains that they are waiting. Sheridan then runs to the back room and brings out a little suit for Marty. She wants to surprise Luis by having Marty act as the ring bearer. Gwen questions Sheridan and Beth getting along so well. She tells Sheridan that she doesn’t trust Beth. Sheridan tells her that Beth has been great lately. She has even helped with the wedding plans. Gwen still doesn’t trust her at all.

T.C.’s house:

Simone looks at the tree and finds an ornament that has a family portrait of her, T.C., Whitney and Eve. She thinks back over the past year and acknowledges how different things are now. Liz enters and overhears her talking to herself. She tells Simone that she knows that she can never replace her mother, but she is there for her and Whitney if either of them needs anything. Simone is touched and hugs her aunt Liz. T.C. sees the two of them hugging and stops to enjoy the sight for a minute. He finally makes himself known to the two of them and the three talk about what a wonderful Christmas they had this year. T.C. tells Liz that he has something to ask her. After stumbling around with the words for a bit and finally pulls out a jewelry box and asks Liz to marry him. Outside Julian and Eve have arrived to bring Simone and Whitney Christmas presents. They watch through the window as Liz jumps into T.C.’s arms. Inside, Liz accepts T.C.’s proposal and Simone hugs them both in celebration.

Eve and Julian come in and Eve is furious when she overhears Simone comment that she will have to start calling Liz ‘mom’ now.

She calls Liz a bitch and a home-wrecker and tells her that she can’t have her children. Eve is Simone and Whitney’s mother, and always will be. Liz tells T.C. and Simone that this is the real Eve, not the sweet quite person that she pretended to be. Eve lunges at Liz, but Julian holds her back. Eve yells that she will kill Liz herself.

Pilar’s house:

Theresa is also driving herself nuts trying to call the hospital every five minutes. Pilar tries to calm her daughter down and tells her that she has to have faith in God’s plan. Luis shows up and starts getting dressed for the wedding. Ethan joins them and brings the ring with him. Just as they are all getting ready to head to the church, Ethan gets a call from the hospital lab. Theresa is anxious to hear what the caller said. Ethan explains that they won’t tell him over the phone. He has to call Gwen and all of them have to go to the hospital. Luis tells him not to worry about being his best man. He understands, and if Ethan doesn’t make it back to the church on time, Luis will ask Sam to stand in for Ethan. The two men wish each other luck as Ethan takes off to call Gwen.

Beth’s house:

Beth goes over her plan to split up Sheridan and Luis in her jimmies. When Edna and Precious come in and see her wedding dress hanging on the door frame, Edna goes after her for her crazy plan. Precious goes to the dinning room to make a pot of coffee. Beth spells it out for her again exactly how it will happen. She will tell everyone that Mrs. Wheeler is Sheridan’s mother. Sheridan will then rush to her mothers side, and Luis will never forgive her for it. Edna doesn’t believe that Katherine Crane is even alive. She tells her crazy daughter that even if Katherine is alive, and even if she really is Mrs. Wheeler, Luis will hate the messenger.

Beth realizes that her mother is speaking the truth. Gwen and Sheridan knock on the door and Precious lets them in. They are both a bit weirded out about having a ‘monkey’ in the house. Edna tells them that Precious is an orangutan, they don’t use the ‘m’ word in their house. Sheridan shows Beth the little suit she has brought for Marty. Beth tells them that Marty is coming down with something and she doesn’t think he should be in the wedding. Edna comes out from the back carrying Marty and announcing that he is doing just fine and would love to be in the wedding. Sheridan dresses him in the suit and they all admire what a cutie he is. Edna comments that he takes after his real mother. Gwen notices the wedding gown and asks Beth why she has a wedding gown laid out. Beth makes a silly excuse that she always does that when there is a wedding going on. She just likes to dream that she will be the bride someday. She grabs the gown and takes it back to her room. Sheridan tells her that she will find ‘Mr. Right’ someday. Sheridan gathers up Marty and Gwen and starts to head to the church. Gwen gets the call from Ethan telling her to meet him at the hospital. Sheridan understands and tells her good luck, she will see her later at the church. Gwen rushes out as Sheridan says her good-byes to Edna and Beth. She leaves with Marty to go to the church. Beth tells Edna that she realizes that she can’t be the one to tell Sheridan or Luis about Mrs. Wheeler. She is determined to figure out a way for the news to come out though. She heads upstairs to get dressed for the wedding.

Police station:

Rebecca stops by to talk to Sam and probe him about the poison that was used on Alistair’s cigar. Sam tells her that they are all working 24/7 on the case, but he can’t disclose any details to her. All he can tell her is that the poison that was used can kill someone within 15 minutes of ingestion. He gets called away from the desk and Rebecca snoops through the paperwork on his desk. She finds the name of the poison and makes plans for Eve’s next cocktail drink.

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