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The Church:

Pilar joins the group in the foyer to see what the test results are. Theresa and Gwen tell each other that they are the babyís real mother before both open their envelopes. They are both disappointed to read that the results are in, but they wonít get them until the next day. Gwen canít wait another minute. Now that they know the test results have come in, she wants to see them right now. Ethan comments that the hospitalís never close, so they all head out to go to the hospital. Katherine and Martin decide to follow them all there. After all, it could be Martinís grandchild. Inside the chapel, Luis and Sheridan talk again of their wedding and cuddle a bit as Beth watches on. Beth remembers the birthmark on Mrs. Wheelers neck and happily thinks that there will be no wedding tomorrow, or ever. Luis gets a call from Sam telling him that Norma has escaped and they think she is at Tabithaís. Luis tell Sheridan about the call and tells her that he has to get to Tabbyís right away. Sheridan understands and tells him that she is going to the hospital to see Alistair. She knows all the terrible things he has done to them, but Alistair is still her father. Luis understands and tells her he will see her later.


Edna, Rebecca, Precious, and Tabitha are still hiding in the closet. Norma hacks away at the door. Rebecca asks what the deal is with Norma. Tabitha explains that she is a psycho killer that likes Santa suits who breaks out every year at Christmas and tries to kill her and anyone else that is around. She assures the girls that she had all the doors in the house reinforced after Normaís last attempt to kill her.

Norma does manage to hack through the door anyway, and the chase is on again. We see more of the Keystone Cops scenes with everyone running here and there. Sam and Luis arrive outside and hear all the screams in the house. Luis goes around to the back of the house as Sam enters the front. Norma has cornered the three women again and raises the axe to start hacking.

Precious grabs her leg and tries to tip her up. Norma stops long enough to help Precious up into the chair. She says that she wouldnít hurt Precious because she doesnít want those P.E.T.A. folks coming after her. Sam rushes in and shoots Norma with a tranquilizer gun just in time.

All the women praise his heroism, with Rebecca offering to pay him back privately at the mansion. Sam and Luis dragged Normaís body out of the house. Tabitha offers the girls a drink. Edna and Precious take off for home as Tabitha fixes a Ďspecialí drink for Rebecca. As they sit to enjoy their drinks, Tabitha tells Rebecca that she knows that Rebecca came there to ask Tabithaís help in killing Eve. Rebecca gets giggly as soon as she takes the first sip of her drink. Tabitha tells Rebecca that she should find out what kind of poison was used to poison Alistairís cigar, and use it to kill Eve. That way the police will think that the same person that tried to kill Julian and Alistair will also be blamed for Eveís death.

Rebecca is surprised that Tabitha admits to her that she is a witch. Tabitha explains that she isnít worried because the drink she gave her had a spell with it. She informs Rebecca that she will remember nothing about their conversation once she steps outside the door. Rebecca does forget the conversation as soon as Tabitha escorts her outside and shuts the door. She thinks that she comes up with the plan to poison Eve with the same poison that was used on Alistairís cigar all by herself. She is very proud of herself for thinking up the idea and happily heads home.

Crane Mansion:

Eve and Julian are in the front room. Eve looks at the nativity scene and comments on how lucky they were. Even though they were poor, they loved each other. Chad surprises the two of them by showing up and asking if the invitation to dinner is still on. They both happily welcome him.

Whitney and Fox come in with a present from Theresa for little Ethan. Whitney informs a disappointed Eve that the present is the only reason they came by and prepares to leave immediately. Julian steps in and tells Fox that he and Chad were just discussing work, and asks if they can stay and continue the conversation. Whitney agrees to stay for that reason. While the men discuss business in the front room, Eve joins Whitney in the foyer. Whitney again blames her mother for all her troubles. She tells her that Liz is more of a mother to her than Eve ever can be. Chad interrupts to ask Whitney if she is feeling okay. He offers to get her some herbal tea.

Whitney thanks him and then blasts her mother again once he takes off. Eve joins Julian in the front room. Julian tells her that Whitney will come around in time. After all, Chad has started to. Chad returns with Whitneyís tea as Fox and Whitney prepare to leave. Chad watches from the corner as the couple kiss. Fox notices that it is snowing outside and the two of them go outside to enjoy it. Chad sadly watches them from the window and silently wishes Whitney a Merry Christmas.

The Hospital:

Ethan, Gwen, Theresa, and Pilar arrive at the lab and are frustrated to find it closed up. Ethan sees the name of the director on the door and tries calling him. He calls and leaves several messages trying to find the man. Finally the director calls him back and flat out refuses to interrupt his Christmas celebration to come to the lab and give them the results. Ethan breaks the news to the others.

Martin and Katherine come in and see Sheridan in Alistairís room. Martin takes off to find out about Theresaís baby while Katherine stays behind to try to talk to Sheridan.

She listens in as Sheridan talks to Alistair. Sheridan tells her father that she knows that he hates her and blames her for her mothers death. He let her know how he felt about her all the days of her life. She tells him that she is glad he is in a coma because he canít stop her from marrying Luis. She sadly tells him that she will say a prayer for him and starts to leave. She turns back and straightens his covers and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Katherine quickly goes out to the hall and greets Sheridan when she comes out of the room. She tells Sheridan that she is sorry for all that she had to endure during her youth.

She gives her an old miniature bible that Sheridanís mother carried down the aisle when she got married, and knows that her mother would want her to have it. Sheridan demands that Katherine tell her who she is. When Katherine refuses, Sheridan tells her that she never wants to see her again. Luis comes in just then and asks what is going on. Sheridan fills him in on the conversation and asks how things went with Norma. Luis starts to tell her what happened as they walk away.

Katherine goes in an talks to Alistair and tells him that she canít understand how he could have treated Sheridan the way he did for all those years. She knows that only three people know that she is Sheridanís mother, Martin, Alistair and herself.

Bethís house:

Beth is alone and imagines how wonderful it will be when she interrupts the wedding and announces that Mrs. Wheeler is really Katherine Crane. She imagines that Sheridan will be so happy to find her mother, and Luis will be angry. He demands that Sheridan choose between him and her mother, and Sheridan chooses her mother. Of course, Beth rushes to comfort Luis.

Edna and Precious return home, still very upset. Edna tells Beth what happened to them, but Beth doesnít believe her. As Edna pours a whole bottle of booze into the bowl of eggnog, Beth tells her all about what she has found out. She tells her that she can prove that Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane.

The Park:

Ethan finds Gwen looking at the lights in the snow. He tries to prepare her if the D.N.A. results show that Theresa is the mother of the baby. Gwen refuses to listen to that and knows that she is the mother.

Pilarís house:

Theresa tells her mother that tomorrow is a big day. Luis and Sheridan are getting married and she will finally have everything she wants when the test results are revealed. Pilar isnít as sure as Theresa. Theresa tells her mother to get some rest and heads off to bed. Pilar prays and asks that things all turn out for her children the way they want it to.

Sheridanís house:

Sheridan and Luis cuddle under blankets in front of the fire. Sheridan tells him that when he leaves tonight, she doesnít want to see him again till she walks down the isle. She is serious, because it is bad luck. Luis decides they need to make the best of the night then.

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