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Passions Update Friday 12/24/04

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The hearing has wrapped up and everyone is leaving. Julian canít stand seeing Eve so down in the dumps and tells her he is going to see if he can cheer her up. They leave together. Whitney comes out of the courtroom to find Chad waiting for her. He gives her a baby book for a Christmas present. She thanks him and apologizes for not getting anything for him. He tells her that there is still something she can give him as a present. He wants to be a father to her child. He explains to a shocked Whitney that he wants to be the babyís godfather because he wants to be connected to the baby. Whitney thinks to herself that he is connected to the baby.

Fox rushes in and tells Whitney that he is sorry that he couldnít be in court with her, but he was tied up at work. He has now taken the day off so he can spend the rest of the day with her. Chad tells them that he has to get back to work himself. Whitney thanks him for being there with her for her parents divorce and for the baby book. Chad wishes them both a Merry Christmas and heads off. Fox asks Whitney if she is okay. She tells him she is just a bit queasy. Fox reminds her that his mother told them that the first trimester is the worse, and that things will get better. He leaves Whitney in the hall while he runs off to pull the car around. She thinks to herself that she hopes Fox is right. She isnít sure, since she is having her half brotherís baby.

Crane Mansion:

Ethan tries to stop Gwen from going into little Ethanís room. He knows that Theresa is in there spending time with her son. Gwen gets suspicious and accuses Ethan of covering for Theresa again. She opens the door and says Ďoh my God!í. Ethan thinks that she has seen Theresa in there, and starts to explain. When he enters the room though, he realizes that Theresa isnít in there. Gwenís reaction was because she sees that little Ethan has his clothes laid out for the Christmas Eve mass that they are going to. She apologizes for jumping to conclusions and tells Ethan that she knows that he now sees Theresa for the monster that she is and will never cover for her again. Ethan just listens and doesnít respond. Gwen tells little Ethan that she will help him get dressed. She tells Ethan that she called the lab and they have promised her that the test results will be there soon. She is certain that she is the babyís real mother and then she will have all she has ever wanted. Her baby girl and little Ethan. Outside on the window ledge, we see a relieved Theresa. She knows that was a close call, and that they will be taking little Ethan to the park to see Santa. She starts to climb down so that she can be at the park also to see little Ethan again.

The Park:

Beth watches on as Luis and Sheridan play with Marty. They talk about how nothing is going to stop them from getting married this time, and kiss. Beth remembers Tabitha telling her about the birthmark on the back of Mrs. Craneís neck as she sees Katherine, Martin and Paloma enter the park also. She starts to run and Ďaccidentallyí runs into Katherine. As she apologizes for messing up Katherineís hair, she tries to get a look at her neck. When that doesnít work, she tries to look at Katherineís earrings. Katherine sees Luis and Sheridan and tells Martin that she wants to leave before they see her. Martin agrees that it would upset Luis to see him too. They exchange Merry Christmas wishes with Beth and take off. Beth sits on the bench and wishes she could have seen Katherineís neck. Julian brings Eve into the park and tells her that he thought seeing all the Christmas decorations would cheer her up. She thanks him and then sees Pilar with Sheridan and Luis. She tells Julian that she feels so bad for Pilar. Losing her job, then her house, then finding out about Martin. It has been such a rough year for Pilar.

She wishes they could bring some Christmas cheer to her. Julian tells her that there might be a way. He tells Eve that he will explain on the way and leads her out of the park. As they are leaving, Rebecca enters the park carrying shopping bags. She goes over the list of presents she has bought herself. When Julian and Eve brush past her with only a slight acknowledgement, she is disappointed. She wonders how she can get rid of Eve so that she can keep Julian. She remembers that everyone says that Tabitha is a witch and thinks maybe Tabitha can help her if she really is a witch. She heads for Tabithaís place. Theresa enters the other end of the park and finds Santa sneaking a drink from a flask. She chastises him for drinking. He tells her that he couldnít listen to all those screaming brats if he wasnít drunk. She tells him that he canít be Santa like that. He tells her that there isnít any other choice. She tells him that there is now. Beth approaches Sheridan and Luis. They both tell her what a wonderful time they had with Marty. Beth tells them that she will see them later at Mass and asks Luis if he thinks that his father will be there. He hopes not, but thinks that Martin will probably be there. Beth comments that it is good that Martin ask forgiveness from God for all the pain he has caused Luis and his family. Luis tells her that God may forgive Martin, but he never will. Beth is very pleased to hear this. Gwen and Ethan bring little Ethan into the park. Little Ethan sees Santa and runs to jump in his lap. Theresa reveals that she is Santa to little Ethan and tells him how happy she is to see him again.

She will do whatever it takes to see him. Ethan recognizes Theresa and tells Gwen that maybe they should go get some hot chocolate while little Ethan tells his wish list to Santa. Pilar approaches Luis and Sheridan and shows them a letter that a messenger just handed her. It tells them to go to the house that Pilar lost this year. They are puzzled, but take off to see what it is all about.


Tabitha canít wait to open the big present in her front room and undoes the bow. As she does, Norma jumps out dressed as Santa wielding an axe.

Tabitha faints dead away. Norma starts chanting out Christmas rhymes and throws the axe at Tabithaís head. Tabitha wakes up just in time to roll out of the way. Tabitha runs into the front foyer and asks Norma if she hasnít gotten crazier over the last year. Norma talks to her Ďdaddyí and tells him that Tabby called her crazy.

She throws the axe again, sticking it in the door right beside Tabithaís head. Tabitha screams and takes of running again. She finds the phone and tries to call the police, but Norma chops the phone line before she can tell them what is wrong. We see them running through the house with Norma chasing Tabby all over the place. It looks like a scene from the Keystone Cops. Norma singing her little re-arranged Christmas songs the whole time. Edna and Precious arrive at the front door and ring the bell. Tabitha runs to hide as Norma answers the door.

She tells Edna that Tabitha is in the front room and to come on in. As Edna and Precious enter, Tabitha yells at them to run for their lives. When they turn to run, they find it is too late. They are now also in Normaís killing thoughts. Edna and Precious run to hide with Tabby. There is more of the Keystone Cops show as Norma now chases all three of them around the house. The doorbell rings again and Tabitha and Edna open it to find Rebecca standing there with all her shopping bags. Tabitha pulls her into the house and explains that they are being chased by a crazy santa. Just then, Norma comes running into the room and asks if the presents are for her.

Rebecca tells her that she wouldnít buy presents for someone she doesnít know. Rebecca then joins the others in running around the house screaming and trying to get away from Norma. Norma finally gets them all cornered and asks them which one is going to be the first to die. As Edna and Rebecca both point to Tabitha, Precious swings on the light shade and knocks Norma out. When Rebecca suggests that they all run out now, Tabitha explains that they canít because of the laws of horror films. Rebecca admits that she doesnít watch horror films, she only watches instructional stuff. She then recognizes Edna from one of those films. Edna and Rebecca start laughing. Tabitha tells them both to focus. She tells them that the laws of the horror flicks say that in order to Ďget outí the front door, they would have to step over Norma, and everyone knows that in a horror flick, when anyone steps Ďoverí the monsterís body, it awakens and grabs your legs. Edna agrees that this is true. Tabitha rushes them all to a big closet and they hide as she latches the door shut.

They hear Norma approaching with her little rhymes still going on. Rebecca pulls out a flask and shares a drink with Edna and Precious. They listen as Norma searches for them. Norma finally figures out they are hiding in the closet and starts hacking away at the doors. All the captives scream.

Pilarís old house:

Pilar, Sheridan and Luis arrive outside. Pilar thinks that the new owners have done a good job of turning it back into a home. They see decorations all around the house. Luis thinks that the reef hanging on the door looks like their old one. Theresa arrives still wearing the Santa suit. She tells them that she will explain later. Pilar comments on how many happy memories they all have at this house.

Julian and Eve walk around the corner and tell her that they hope she has many more happy memories there. Sheridan asks Julian what is going on. He hands the keys to Pilar and tells her Merry Christmas. Pilar is shocked and canít believe they would give her home back to her. She hugs them both and opens the door. They all enter the house. Eve thanks Julian for doing this, she tells him that this is what Christmas is all about; the joy of giving. Pilar is surprised to see so many pictures and personal belongings in the house. Julian and Eve explain that they brought some of the stuff that she had stored because they wanted it to be perfect. Pilar thanks them and tells them that it is perfect. Paloma enters, leaving Katherine and Martin outside. She wants to know why she was told to come here. Pilar tells her that they have their home back. Paloma comments that this is the shack that she was told was too little for her to be there too. Pilar explains that when Theresa thought she was married to Julian, she rebuilt it and made it bigger. Paloma is pleased to hear that they let her spend the money to build Pilar her dream home instead of bringing her home. Theresa at first tries to explain to Paloma that they wanted to bring her home, but they thought it best not to tear her away from the only life she had ever known. When Paloma continues to make smart remarks, Theresa is tired of hearing it and tells her that she couldnít be a daughter of Pilarís because she is too selfish. This upsets Paloma and she runs out. Pilar starts to go after her, but Luis stops her and tells her that Paloma will come around some day. They decide to get ready to go to mass. Outside Beth listens in as Katherine and Martin reason with Paloma and tell her that none of this is Pilarís fault. Katherine begs her to give Pilar a chance since it is Christmas. Katherine thinks that every child has a right to know a motherís love. Beth wonders to herself what Mrs. Wheeler knows about a Ďmotherís loveí.

The Church:

Fox and Whitney arrive for the services. Whitney feels badly for Gwen, having to wait for the D.N.A. test results. Fox wants to make a donation and decides to run off to find Father Lonigan before the services start.

Whitney sees the Mother Mary and kneels to pray to her. She knows that she is having her half brotherís baby, and passing it off as his half brotherís baby. She tells the Mother Mary that she knows that there is no Christmas miracle that can change that.

Everyone else starts to arrive and they all go in and find themselves a seat. Julian reminds Eve that last Christmas he promised her that he would find their son, and he has. Eve is thankful for that as they see Chad enter the church. Julian invites Chad to sit with them and he agrees. Luis and Sheridan talk about the next time they will be in the church. It will be for their wedding. Sheridan wishes they had their baby with them too. Luis understands her feelings, but they will have other children,. They just have to accept that their baby is gone now. Theresa tells Pilar that next year will be different. Next year she will have her baby girl and she will have Ethan and little Ethan back. Pilar tells her to be careful what she wishes for. She reminds her daughter that she wished for years that Martin would come back, but now she wishes he had never come home. Before he came home, she could believe that he hadnít abandoned her. Now she has lost her husband and her baby girl. She looks longingly at Paloma, Martin and Katherine. Beth enters the church and is happy that she doesnít smell her mother, or see Precious. She sees a seat behind Martin and Mrs. Wheeler and starts to sit there so she can look for the birthmark. Luis sees her and yells for her and Marty to sit with him and Sheridan. Beth reluctantly joins them. Father Lonigan calls the congregation to order and gives a short Christmas ceremony.

Afterwards, they all stand and sing Hark the Herald Angels. As they sing, Pilar again looks back at Paloma and is happy to see that Paloma blows her a little kiss. After the song, Father Lonigan announces the end of the ceremony and tells all to go in peace. Everyone starts to file out. Julian and Eve invite Chad over for Christmas dinner the next day. He isnít sure what his plans are, but he will think about it. Paloma approaches Pilar and gives her a hug before leaving with Martin and Katherine. Pilar happily tells Luis that Paloma reached out to her. Luis thinks it is a start. Pilar tells them that it has indeed turned out to be a glorious Christmas. Father Lonigan joins the conversation and comments that it will be even better when Sheridan and Luisí marriage is over with. Sheridan agrees with him. Beth overhears and worries how she will break them up. She sees Martin helping Katherine on with her coat and walks closer to get a better look.

She sees the heart shaped birthmark on the back of Katherineís neck and realizes that what Tabitha told her is true. Mrs. Wheeler is the late Katherine Crane. In the hallway Theresa briefly talks to Fox and Whitney and remembers that this time next year, they will have their baby. Little Ethan runs out and into his mothers arms. She tells him that she has a present for him in the car. Gwen and Ethan enter also, and shoo little Ethan off to the car. A messenger comes in looking for Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Crane and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

He hands each of them an envelope. They all know that these are the test results.

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