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Passions Update Thursday 12/23/04

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By Shirley
Pictures by Boo

Chad is in his office putting folders away when Valerie walks in and asks if she can leave early since it’s Christmas Eve. He tells her she can leave, there’s nothing to do there since Julian gave Fox the Damnu Project. She tells him he wrote a good proposal, but he says it wasn’t good enough. She says she doesn’t believe it, that he just got outmaneuvered by Fox, and he asks if she really thinks Fox stole the project from him. She says she’d bet on it, and that she had warned him he would be swimming with sharks, including his own brother. Chad says no matter how much Julian goes out of his way to make him feel welcome, he’s still the bastard son while Fox is the legitimate heir. Valerie tells him Fox grew up around all this and knows how to play the game, but Chad will learn, and he’s got something Fox doesn’t - street smarts. Chad says she’s right, it’s just round one and there will be more chances for him. He says he’s a fast learner, and she says he’s also got her assisting him. Chad looks over her shoulder and asks her to give him a minute, then heads out the door, calling Whitney’s name. He walks out the door and meets her, and she tells him Merry Christmas. He says the same to her, then says it must not feel much like Christmas with her parents finalizing their divorce today.

She says in spite of everything her mother…then stops and says “our mother.” Chad says it feels weird to him to say that, too. She goes on to say that after everything she’s done, and how angry she was with her, she still thought some miracle would happen and things would get back to the way they were. He tells her sometimes miracles happen and sometimes they just aren’t meant to be. She says she really doesn’t want to be there, but she has to support her father so she has to go. He says at least she’ll have Fox there with her for support, but she says no, he was planning to go but he just got some new project and he can’t leave so she has no choice but to go alone. He tells her she does have a choice, she can let him go with her.

Ethan, Gwen, and Little Ethan are decorating a Christmas tree in Little Ethan’s room. Ethan sits and says it’s the most beautiful tree he’s ever seen. Little Ethan tells him he and “mommy” made them, then hugs Gwen as she says yes, they did. Ethan acts as if he doesn’t believe him, but Little Ethan says they did do it. Gwen says he’s been so good they need to take him to see Santa after a nap, and Ethan agrees. Little Ethan gets excited and jumps off the box he’s standing on, running out of the room saying he has to go get his list. Gwen and Ethan laugh at that, and he tells her she seems to be in a better mood. She says she’s decided to put all the ugliness with Theresa behind her for Little Ethan’s sake, since she wants him to have the best Christmas ever. Ethan agrees with that, then asks what she wants. She tells him she wants the DNA results to show the baby is hers and to have Theresa out of their lives for good.

Theresa and Pilar are sitting on a sofa. Theresa says it’s Christmas and Little Ethan is with Gwen and Ethan. She says Christmas is all about a mother and son, and she’s not with hers. Pilar asks her how many times did she tell her, she warned her if she went through with her plan to keep the baby from Ethan and Gwen this would happen. Theresa tells her the baby is hers, and the DNA tests will prove it. Pilar tells her there is no way for her to know that, but Theresa says she knows it in her heart, that Gwen has already taken her son from her and she’s not letting her take another. She says she’ll keep the baby, she’ll get her son back, no matter what.

Tabitha is in her living room moving the huge present that was delivered to her from the foyer to the Christmas tree. She complains about it being heavy, and when she finally gets it where she wants it, she starts talking to Endora about how stupid Beth is.

She says Precious even figured out Alistair’s clue, the word “mother”, meant that Mrs. Crane is Sheridan’s mother, Katherine Crane. She says she thinks Beth has finally grasped the obvious clues she gave her, and once she has it all figured out and spills the beans, Luis will still hate the woman for running off with his father, but Sheridan won’t be able to turn her back on her mother, and a big wedge will be driven between Harmony’s favorite lovers. She picks Endora up and says it will only keep getting wider, and there won’t be a wedding. And, even more than that, Luis and Sheridan won’t be talking to each other. As she laughs and plays with Endora, the big box starts to jump around.

Out on the streets of Harmony, Luis and Sheridan are walking, and she tells him this is going to be one of the best Christmases ever. He adds not to mention their wedding the day after, and she says that will bet the best present ever. He tells her that Julian getting him his job back and all his back pay wasn’t bad, either. She says Julian has really changed. He agrees, then says he is finally going to be able to buy his family a place to live. Sheridan tells him he is so close and protective of his family, and that she wishes she had that growing up. He says she does now, that family is what matters and that’s why he’s so angry at his father for leaving them all those years ago. He adds that he feels Mrs. Wheeler is just as guilty as he, then asks what kind of woman takes off with a man who’s deserted his kids. Sheridan looks uneasy, but says she doesn’t know. He says he wants nothing to do with her and is glad Sheridan feels the same way, despite whatever connection she felt with her. Sheridan tells him that she means nothing to her, he is everything to her, her husband-to-be and her family. She says she loves him, and they kiss.

Beth and Edna are out with Precious and Little Martin, too. Beth tells her mother that Luis and Sheridan are never getting married, and Edna asks why, because she has Alistair’s magic work, “mother.“ Beth says yes, that’s right. Edna laughs and says she doesn’t even know what Alistair meant, but Beth tells her she does now, after what Tabitha told her last night. Edna scoffs at her believing anything the old woman says, especially not what she was saying about Katherine Crane showing up at their wedding. She tells her daughter that Katherine isn’t even alive, she’s a spirit. Beth says she got the feeling she is alive and if so, Luis and Sheridan will be finished forever. Edna looks shocked at the news. (commercial)

Gwen tells Ethan she means it, she wants Theresa out of their lives once and for all, and wants this nightmare to end. She says it’s all Theresa’s fault, that it started when she knocked out their surrogate and had herself implanted with their embryo, and then she tricked him into having sex with her by wearing a blonde wig and Gwen’s perfume. He tells her he should never have gotten drunk, but she says he did nothing wrong and she believes Theresa drugged him, since there is no other way she could have made him believe she was Gwen with just a blond wig and Gwen’s perfume. She says the one good thing about it all is that now she knows he has no residual feelings for Theresa, that he couldn’t have now that he sees what a monster she truly is. Ethan looks like he doesn’t agree with that.

Pilar tells Theresa she should consider the possibility that the baby could be Gwen’s, but she says no, she knows it’s hers and the DNA test will prove it. Pilar says maybe, maybe not, but she’s afraid that if it does turn out the baby is Theresa’s, the reason she did it all will backfire, that if she doesn’t give the baby to Gwen, she will never get her son back. Theresa says she isn’t the one who started it, that Ethan was going to marry her and they would spend their lives together until Gwen got herself pregnant. Then Gwen and Rebecca threw them out of their home, got them fired, and made it so no one in Harmony would hire them, and then they stole her son. Pilar tells her there were other choices, but Theresa reminds her she tried the other choices: she tried to reason with them, begged them to give her son back, and they laughed at her. She tried going through the courts but they owned the judge. She says she did what any mother would do. Pilar reminds her that now there is another child to fight over, and Theresa says she knows, that the baby is hers and she won’t allow Gwen to take her away, too. She says she’s had enough, that she doesn’t care how much money and power Gwen and Rebecca have, she won’t back down again. She says she wants Little Ethan back, she wants Ethan back, she wants the baby she made with Ethan back, that she wants everything Gwen has stolen from her back, and as God is her witness, she will get it all.

Tabitha is curiously looking around the huge present. She says she can’t wait to see what’s in the box, that there is no card anywhere, but she thinks it is from Endora’s daddy, since he has enough money to splurge on something extravagant. Tabitha is laughing and babbling along with her. The clock chimes and Tabitha says Kay will be coming to take Endora on a Christmas jaunt, and Endora yelps. Tabitha says she knows, then reminds Endora that she has to behave, then says if Kay takes her to see Santa, she knows what to do. Endora points her little doll and a bolt of lightening shoots into the floor, and Tabitha laughs, saying “Good girl, good girl.” She says there’ll be none of that “ho ho ho” rubbish for her.

She tells her she has to be discreet so no one will get suspicious. She says she needs to get her into something festive and picks her up to take her to do that. She is almost giddy, saying she has never been so excited for Christmas but now she is because she can’t wait to see what’s in the big present. She walks out of the room with the baby and the box is jumping around again.

Luis and Sheridan are sitting on a park bench when Edna’s voice is heard, telling Marty to look who’s here, then saying “You’re daddy and you’re real……step-mommy.” Beth shoots her a dirty look as Sheridan and Luis walk over to see his son. Edna says he couldn’t wait to get there to see them. Sheridan says they are glad to see him, too. Edna asks how the wedding plans are coming and Luis says fine, then asks if they are still coming. Edna gets excited and says they wouldn’t miss it, asking Beth for confirmation. Beth gives a half-hearted grunt, obviously not liking the subject. Edna says she thinks it’s going to be the most beautiful wedding Harmony has ever seen, and again asks Beth to confirm, again with a grunt. Edna tells them they’ve been through so much, then says it’s just like a fairy tale, love conquers all. She says they are going to live happily ever after, then asks if they are still getting married the day after Christmas. Luis says it’s set in stone, and Edna gets even more excited, asking Beth if she heard that. Again, a grunt, then she says yes, she heard it, all the while looking as if she’d rather be talking about an upcoming root canal than their wedding. Edna tells Luis to go ahead and take his son, and Beth leans down, telling Marty to be good and have fun with Daddy and Sheridan, that mommy will see him later. Luis takes the stroller and he, Marty, and Sheridan walk away after saying their goodbyes. Edna watches them walk, with a loving look in her eyes, and wistfully asks Beth if she’s ever seen a more loving or happy family. Beth tells her to drop it, but Edna continues, saying it’s just like a storybook. Beth tells her to make herself useful and tell her all she knows about Katherine Crane. Edna shakes her head in exasperation, asking if she’s still chasing that wild goose. She tells her that Katherine Crane is d-e-a-d, dead! Beth tells her that from what Tabitha said at the party, she thinks she’s alive. Edna says Tabitha is loony and doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but Beth says she thinks she does, and Edna doesn’t. She tells her she’s going to go see her and by the time she’s through, she will know everything she knows about Katherine Crane and Mrs. Wheeler. Edna tells Beth she’s wasting her time, being as gentle with her as she ever has been, then tells her to come with her and Precious, and after they have their hot chocolate, they will go see Santa because Precious has been on the computer all morning figuring out what she wants. Then Edna tells her maybe Santa can help her figure out what Alistair’s word means. Beth tells her Santa can’t help her, but Tabitha can, that she knows Tabby has the information that is the key to breaking up Luis and Sheridan. She leaves, and Edna starts to go get the hot chocolate. Precious starts making a kissing noise, and Edna turns to see what she’s up to.

Precious points above Edna’s head and the old lady looks up to see mistletoe hanging there. She smiles, then sees Precious pursing her lips and making the kissing sound again and tells her not to get any ideas. Precious points to Luis, and Edna laughs and says she’d like to have him under her tree, too, then tells Precious to give up on that idea since it is never going to happen. Precious makes the noise again, then falls over as if she fainted, and Edna looks shocked. (commercial)

Chad tells Whitney to let him go to the hearing with her, to be there for her. Valerie walks out with some folders in her hand, telling Chad she is taking them to the conference room before she goes, then wishing them a Merry Christmas. Chad takes Whitney into his office and tells her he thought they agreed to be friends. She says they did, and he asks her to let him be there for her as a friend, a brother. He asks her not to shut him out, to let him be a part of her life in the one way he can be. He says he knows the divorce will be hard for him, that she needs someone there with her and if it can’t be Fox, then let it be him. Whitney agrees, saying she definitely doesn’t want to be there alone, then thanks him. He goes to put on his overcoat and she says it’s really happening, that her parents marriage will be over on Christmas Eve. He tells her the court set the date, not her parents, and she tells him she knows, but Christmas had always been such a happy time for her family and now this will be her Christmas memory. He tells her it will be ok, she’ll see, and they leave for the courthouse.

Eve and Julian walk into the courthouse hallway and come upon TC and Liz making out around a corner. Eve stops and stares at them and they become aware of her. TC looks at her and walks into the courtroom, with Liz following behind and turning to give Eve a smug look. Eve marvels that this is the way it all ends, years of marriage, two children, a warm, happy home. She tells him it really was happy, too. Julian says he knows, he saw it. “Til death do us part”, she says, telling Julian that is the vow she and TC made to each other and to God. She walks away and he follows. She says she made so many mistakes, that she should have told TC about her past, their past, about the baby they had, but she says she thought the baby had died and she knew how much it would hurt him. Julian says she kept quiet because of her love for TC, and she adds “Misplaced though it was.” She says that through it all, the separation and divorce, she still thought somehow they would get through it, that their family and their life was so precious to them that although they were going through the rapids, they wouldn’t go down the falls. She says they could have made it if not for Liz poisoning TC’s mind, that he might have forgiven her, might have listened to Father Lonigan. Julian says he might have, but he believes he’s made his choice now. She says yeah, and now she just stands there waiting for some judge to sign a decree to end her marriage, then says “Merry Christmas.” Julian takes her in his arms to comfort her and Simone walks in and sees them. Eve tells her she hadn’t realized she would be there, but the girl tells her she isn’t there for her, only for her father, since it’s so hard on him. Eve reminds her it’s not easy on her, either, but Simone snippily says “Sure” and walks in to the courtroom to embrace her father. Eve watches them and says, “Oh, God, I really have lost everything.” (commercial)

In the courtroom, Eve watches Liz caressing TC’s shoulder. Whitney and Chad walk in. Eve looks at her and she at her mother, but then she walks over to TC and takes his hand. Eve is crushed. The judge comes in and gives his speech about what marriage is and how they try to keep marriages together.

He then asks both of them if the divorce is still their wish, are they completely sure there is no way to save their marriage. TC and Eve look at each other across the room.

Santa is holding Marty on his lap, telling him to put out cookies and milk for him tonight because he gets so hungry after flying all around the world delivering presents.

Luis starts to grab the baby, asking if he’s all set, but Santa says the elf has to take his picture and poses with Marty while the flash goes off. Luis takes him then, and Santa hands him a candy cane. He, Marty, and Sheridan walk over with the elf to get the picture from him. The elf tells Marty he sure has his mother’s eyes, but she says she’s not his mother. He says she could have fooled him, and he sees a lot of mothers and children. Then he says the picture will be ready in a minute and that he will be right back. Luis asks Marty if he wants to get hot cocoa, and Sheridan tells him she’ll wait there for the picture and meet them when it’s ready. The elf comes back and gives Sheridan the picture, saying it’s a great photo and asking if she’s sure she isn’t his mom. She says she’s sure, but he looks unconvinced as he walks back to take more pictures. Sheridan looks at the picture closely and says he does have her eyes and she’d never noticed it before.

Tabitha opens her door to find Beth standing there. She says what a surprise, then mumbles “I don’t think” as Beth rushes in right past her. Beth says she hopes she’s not bothering Tabitha, but the old woman says no, that Kay took Endora and Maria to see Santa so it’s just her and the presents. Tabitha sees the big present jump and asks if Beth saw it. Beth asks what, and Tabby tells her the present moved, and that she could swear that a few moments ago it was over by the wall. Beth says maybe she just had too much Christmas Cheer, and Tabitha forces a laugh and says that might be it. She asks Beth what brings her by, and Beth says she’s trying to find the perfect wedding gift for Luis and Sheridan’s wedding, and Tabitha says to herself “I’ll bet you are!“ Beth continues, saying she thought maybe she could bring a bit of Sheridan’s mother into their lives, but she knows next to nothing about her, and then she remembered Tabby saying at the party that she had been friends with Katherine Crane. Tabby says, yes, they used to hang out together, share a bit of girl talk. Beth asks what she was like, and Tabitha tells her she was very beautiful, that she remembers her very well and would recognize her in a minute if she saw her again. Beth says even after all these years, and Tabby tells her in a heartbeat - unless she’d had as much plastic surgery and Martin Fitzgerald had, then she wouldn’t, but then, no one would. Beth says “yeah”, and looks thoughtful, as if her mind were churning.

Pilar and Theresa are sneaking around the Crane mansion, running down a walk. Pilar grabs her and asks what she’s doing, that she can’t go sneaking around the Crane mansion in broad daylight, that if they catch her they’ll throw her in jail and Gwen and Rebecca will make sure they throw away the key. Theresa tells her they won’t catch her, but that it’s worth the risk.

She says it’s Christmas and she doesn’t want her son thinking she doesn’t care enough about him to come see him on Christmas Eve. Pilar is still worried, but Theresa darts away. She catches her and tells her that if they catch her they will throw her in jail and she won’t get out until he’s all grown up. She tells her mother it’s her son, it‘s Christmas, then asks what she would do. Pilar says she would do whatever she had to, but this is different. Theresa tells her that’s what she’s doing, then tells her to keep and eye out for security, tells her she loves her, and starts climbing the trellis. Pilar stands there watching her daughter doing this dangerous thing and asks God to protect her and not to let anything worse happen to her.

Gwen, Ethan, and Little Ethan are sitting in L.E.’s bedroom, reading his Christmas list. Gwen says it’s quite a list, and he tells her Nanny helped him write it. She says she doesn’t see how Santa could resist bringing him everything he wants. Little Ethan asks if she really thinks so, and Ethan tells him he wouldn’t be surprised, but that it’s going to be a late night so he has to take a nap, and when he wakes up they will take him to the park to make sure Santa gets it personally. Ethan is happy about that and jumps right into bed. Ethan covers him and Gwen tells him sweet dreams. As they leave, Gwen asks Ethan to keep an eye on Little Ethan because she wouldn’t put it past Theresa to try to sneak in there since it’s Christmas Eve. Ethan tells her they should let her see him, but she says she doesn’t want her anywhere near him. He agrees to do that, and she goes downstairs as he turns to close the door. He stops in his tracks because Theresa is in the window, looking back at him. (commercial)\

Ethan and Theresa stare at each other through the window. Pilar sees Theresa has stopped and worries about why she isn’t moving. She asks God to not let things get any worse. As Gwen and Ethan stare at each other through the window, Gwen calls out to him, asking if he’s coming. Theresa hears her and moves to the side, out of the window, and Ethan says he’ll be right there. Gwen walks in, asking if there is a problem. He says no, he just wanted to kiss Little Ethan good night. She is satisfied with that and turns around and leaves. He looks back at Theresa, starting to close the door.

She mouths Thank you at him, and he mouths you’re welcome back to her, then walks out and closes the door. Theresa opens the window and crawls in.

Luis is playing with Marty as he eats his candy cane. Sheridan walks up, looking at the picture and looking sad. He asks her what’s wrong and she says she feels something, that every time she sees Marty she feels a connection. He says he knows, then says that when he was born, Beth wasn’t able to nurse him so she did and she developed something special with him. He looks at the baby and says for him not to put the candy cane in his hair, bending down to get it fixed. Sheridan quietly says she knows the nursing created a bond, but this is so much more.

Beth gets excited, saying that if someone changed their face then no one would recognize them, like with Martin. Tabby agrees, but says you can match the body type. Beth asks what body type Katherine Crane was, asking if she was like Pilar, or Tabitha herself. The old woman says know, not at all, then Beth asks about Mrs. Wheeler, and Tabby says she is very much like her. Beth is impressed, but Tabby tells her that she has been dead for years, since Sheridan was a little girl. Beth says that she thought someone had told her that she hadn’t really died, she’d run off with someone, but Tabby tells her that’s just gossip and rumors.

Beth asks if someone has plastic surgery, how would someone know, and Tabitha says that in Katherine’s case, she has a very distinctive birthmark on her neck, sort of heart shaped. She says if you find the mark, you’ve found Katherine - assuming she didn’t die. (commercial)

Beth is rushing to the front door, putting on her jacket, with Tabitha following behind asking if she really has to go so soon since they hadn’t talked about what kind of gift she would get for Sheridan and Luis. Beth tells her not to worry, she knows exactly what kind of gift she will give them, then walks out. Tabitha closes the door and says she’s counting on it, that her heart-shaped gift will rock Luis and Sheridan’s world like Mount St. Helens. She laughs as she walks back to her living room, then says speaking of gifts, it must be Christmas in some part of the world so it should be ok to take a little peek at what’s in the huge present she got. She starts to lift up the lid to see what’s there.

In the courthouse, the judge asks if TC and Eve are still certain they want to go through with the divorce. TC and Eve are still staring at each other, and Liz gets nervous about it. However, TC tells the judge he is, and then the judge asks Eve if she’s sure. She doesn’t know what to say, looking like she can’t get the words to come out as she begins to cry. She finally says she’s in complete agreement, so the judge declares their marriage legally dissolved.

Liz tells TC congratulations, he’s free, while Eve starts to break down and says “So this is it. My marriage is over, it’s really over.” Julian tries to comfort her. (commercial)

Ethan is walking through the hallway and runs into Gwen. He asks what she’s doing and she says she was just going to check on Little Ethan. He says he told her he would check on him so he will do it, that she should go lie down since it’s going to be a long night. She says she will, as soon as she goes to check on their son. He watches her walk toward Little Ethan’s room, dreading what she will find.

In the room, Theresa is sitting with her son on his bed, reading a book. She tells him that no one can know she was there with him, and he says ok.

Chad, Whitney, and Simone are standing outside the courtroom. Chad tells them he can’t imagine how hard it’s been on them. Simone says she can’t talk about it right now, especially with him, and walks off. Whitney calls after her, but Chad tells her to just give Simone time. She thanks him for being there with her, telling him she couldn’t imagine going through it alone, and he tells her that now they know he is her brother, he can’t be there for her the way he used to but he can be as a friend, and tells her not to hesitate to call him for any problem. Eve and Julian are still in the courtroom. Eve takes off her ring and says “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” Julian tells her he knows it’s hard on her, but maybe the finality of it will allow her to move on and find peace, concentrate on all the good things waiting for her out there. She says it’s hard for her to think there are any, but he says there’s him, he loves her and always has and he’ll always be here for her. She says thanks, and he mentions Chad, saying they finally found him, and even though it’s been painful, and he and Whitney went through hell, he seems to be adjusting well, doing well at Crane, and he and Whitney seem to be managing to strike up a new relationship as friends. He tells her not to give up, that it’s Christmas, a time when everything’s possible. He tells her not to give up hope, that they are all moving on, and promises it will get better. She says even in her darkest hours, he still makes her feel better. He tells her that’s what love means, and she says she won’t give up hope. They walk out the door and find TC and Liz standing there, with Liz looking like she won the jackpot. Eve says her marriage is over and she’ll have to accept that, but she will never accept him being with Liz.

Beth is walking through the park, saying that all she has to do is find Mrs. Wheeler and check out her neck, and if the little heart-shaped birthmark is there, it’s all over for Luis and Sheridan and Luis will be hers.

Luis and Sheridan are sitting on a bench with Marty sleeping in his stroller. Sheridan says it looks like he’s tuckered out, and Luis says it’s all the Christmas excitement. She tells him that when she was young, she always wished for Christmas that her mother would be alive and come home, saying she missed her so much, and still does. She goes on to say now she finds herself wishing the same for their baby. Luis tells her he wishes he could make those wishes come true for her, but he can’t. She says she knows, and he says he will tell her what he can do. She asks what and he tells her he will make her the happiest woman on earth, be the best husband possible and, hopefully soon, the best father. She tells him she knows he will. He says they will have a wonderful life and a perfect marriage, then kisses her. Beth stands across the way, staring in disgust at them.

Tabitha is poking around her present, trying to get a peek at it. She decides that is getting her no where and says she might as well just open it.

She lifts the lid and a Santa-dressed Norma pops up, with axe raised, yelling “Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!” Tabitha recognizes the voice and backs away sputtering that it’s Norma. Norma says yes, it is her, and she’s home for the holidays. Tabitha passes out cold, and Norma laughs.

Previews: Eve to Julian: “I wish there was something we could do to make Pilar’s Christmas a little brighter.” Julian’s reply: “Perhaps there is.”

Theresa, dressed as Santa, holding Little Ethan: “It’s your mommy, but don’t tell anyone.”

Norma to Tabitha while running with her axe raised: “Wait, Tabby, I’ve got something for you!” She throws the axe, sticking it in the door by Tabby’s head. Tabby screams.

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